Niccoli’s Italian Grocery & Deli

6102 N 16th St
Phoenix, 85016
Very delicious sandwiches and very sweet owners.
Best Italian sub I ever had in my life. Delicious doesn't begin to describe it! Homemade bread with awesome chew and mouthfeel. Spicy capocollo ham. Dressing made inhouse - great pepperoncini heat. Owners are very friendly. I will be coming back here for sure.
What a great find! I went with my wife to pick up a couple of sandwiches at Capriotti's and noticed Niccoli's sign down the street. My wife wanted some Napoleon and we hopefully went in lookibg for some. No Napoleons today but some fresh out of the oven big macaroons. I took a few of those and a half pound of Italian wedding cookies. I looked over the meat case and they have all the legit cold cut brands from NY, DiLusso, etc and beautiful imported cheeses. Nice little selection of grocery items too. They make their own Italian sausage too, like I used to do in my dad's butcher store. They have the traditional hot and sweet but on request, you can order skinny cheese sausage (romano, Italian parsley, etc) in 10lb increments. Trust me, cheese sausage is the BEST on the grill and slide it into some nice Italian bread to make a hero. The owners are there and take care of you when you come in. They are super nice and do a great job helping their customers. I will definitely be back for lunch, it seems as though they have a restaurant attached to the deli called Poppy's Place. Have to check that out soon!

(602) 279-5335

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Caffe Daniel

3115 E Lincoln Dr
Phoenix, 85016
Sadly Caffe Daniel has closed. We will miss the quiet vibe, great food and awesome service.
Came here with my wife and one of her girlfriends. They were excited to try out a new place and it was recommended by a friend. Even heard some nice things about this restaurant on a Saturday radio show. We were happily greeted by Daniel as we entered the front door. He was very polite and made us feel like we were in his home. Our table was near the wood fired oven and it was fun to watch items being cooked right before our eyes. The inside decor was very elegantly done and used the very basic concepts of comfort and simplicity. There was also a very nice Specials Menu on the chalkboard and a smaller Dinner menu to select your choices. We started off with some Braised Snails in Garlic Butter and a plate of dried Figs stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese and then wrapped with Pancetta. They were both very tasty and left us wanting more. For the main course the ladies split an order of Pappardelle in Bolognese Sauce and yours truly went with the stuffed Chicken Breast. They also bring you fresh baked bread and a mini pitcher of olive oil to the center of the table. Food was very good and the ingredients were very fresh. The ladies did mention to me that the Bolognese sauce could have used a bit more seasoning and tasted a little flat. My Chicken was cooked perfectly and I had to stop short at licking the plate. Service was very friendly and most helpful during the whole experience. Might be more of a elbow rubbing place for the typical PV crowd. Seen a lot of regulars being welcomed as they were being seated. Might even see me back for a tasty lunch. Thanks Daniel for such a Swell Dining experience. TALLY HO! 4 STARS
In searching through reviews, I decided to give this place a chance during my business trip in Phoenix. This is truly a hidden gem here. The waiter addressed me immediately and was extremely friendly. He provided much appreciated details on each dosh, including the daily specials. He made recommendations based on my personal taste and this place didn't dissapoint. I got the stuffed portobello much room appetizer cooked in their wood fire stove, a duck risotto entree and their house made lemon cocktail. Would order all again.

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3603 E Indian School Rd,Ste B
Phoenix, 85018
Hidden away on the south east corner of camelback and 36th street you will find this gem! It's cozy and could feel the comforting warmth the moment you step in. We started with martinis at the bar and had crispy pig wars and their yellow tail as appetizers. Every bite was decadent and flavorful. Then we walked into the dining area for our main course. We shared the escargot and squid ink risotto! I'm so in love with their signature dish- squid ink risotto. I'll definitely have to come back and try their other dishes therefore I'll be coming back sooner than expected. Thank you crudo for such a fantastic dining experience.
Crudo was a new restaurant my wife and I were really excited and looked forward to trying during restaurant week. Unfortunately, Crudo fell short to our expectations after hearing such rave reviews about it. Service was spotty at best. Our waitress even failed to remember to order one of the dishes we supplemented to our meal. May we suggest to her to simply writing down her customer's order like your fellow colleagues did versus trying to remember everything especially when you decide to stop by other tables on the way to the register? This should not happen at a restaurant of this level. We accepted to pair wines with our meal. I probably should have questioned it when the wines were not listed with the food... I will elaborate later. The first two courses went off with out a hitch. The sashimi styled first course and cheese themed second course were excellent. The food and wines pairings were both enjoyable. However on the third course, things began to go south. My wife and I asked our server what the wine pairings were going to be with our main entees. It was important since our dinners were fish and beef. We had to challenge our waitress when she said the chef paired the same with both dishes. She wanted to bring the same hearty Itallian red wine with both my beef brisket and my wife's seafood dish. We finally got her to discuss it with the chef who understood our concerns and supplemented with a more appropriate white wine with the fish. The dinners included the Chef special - a "yellowtail collar" dish - and and as I previously stated their beef brisket. Both meals barely had any sides with their proteins. The yellowtail collar was enjoyable, but and the brisket dish was underwhelming in taste even with the bone marrow supplement. Unfortunately, the third courses just fell short after having such a great start to our dinner. It was a shame because it caused us to leave earlier than we anticipated and not order desert. It may also cause us to reconsider coming back in the future.
Wow what a nice night. We came in for the Wed night polenta board and it was wonderful. It consisted of rendezvous chicken with sausages and four different side toppings. Great food - great wine - great staff on top of the great deal. Only $40.

(602) 358-8666

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Pizza a Metro

2336 W Thomas Rd
Phoenix, 85015
I went here last week for a take out order. It is small, seats about 20 people, the lights were dimmed, it was cozy and the gentleman at the counter was very nice. He suggested to me what was popular so I ordered the Margarita Pizza with prosciutto. It was a brick oven place and the pizza was finished in about 15 minutes. The crust is to die for and it's also a hand tossed/thin crust. They have a good selection on the menu as well. It's in a small strip mall and it looks as if it's in a bad area, but it is worth it. I will go back!
I got a small Margherita pizza and a side mixed green salad. It was amazing! Great dressing on the salad and the pizza was perfect too. I will definitely be back.
Me + Pizza A Metro= FOODGASMS!!! My boyfriend and I stopped into a local aquarium and just before leaving the man who worked there suggested Pizza A Metro to us as we had been talking about lunch the whole time. Unfortunately that day we already had lunch in the car so we went back Saturday evening. I am going to send the guy at the aquarium a pizza or something. Literally. Our server was more than helpful, brought out the bread bruschetta style and that set the tone for the evening!!! The attention to detail was outstanding. We ordered an appetizer of Calamari fritta, the marinara was so fresh you could distinguish every ingredient and was bright and vibrant. I am one who doesn't really like to go out to eat. I know I am very picky, and pretentious, and I will be less than nice if the food is bad... So that whole ugly picture- I like to avoid. Hard to because I come from a long line of properly trained French chefs, and myself am a chef/ restauranteur as well. I have NEVER EVER given a restaurant 5 stars, but today I would give this little eatery 6! From the moment you walk in, the interior is not what you would expect from the so often mentioned neighborhood. OK, so! The colors are a warm neutral tone, and flow well into the wood wine rack that spans the height of the wall to your right of the door, the blinds match up to that rack and there is an overall harmony throughout. When you walk into this 8-9 table restaurant you are greeted first by the smell of fresh pizza being fired in the wood oven, and then by a friendly waiter who made sure every thing we could want or need was taken care of before we had a chance to want for it. Our pizza, thin crispy crust without being dry or crunchy was topped with mozzarella, artichoke, black olives, and prosciutto and was heaven! For desert I ordered a slice of their tiramisu, and was again blown away. The flavors were balanced and sung together like an orchestra! Oh amazing! I was impressed by this little gem, and the icing on my tiramisu, another table asked the waiter to let them pay for my dessert! The overall atmosphere was warm, and inviting- even the other patrons were awesome! At the end of our meal and after having eaten all of that I expected to feel 'heavy and drowsy'. I instead felt sated, comfortable and overwhelmingly satisfied in the experience. This place rose above with the atmosphere, (warm + inviting) exceptional food, (I am still eating the pizza!), and with the customer service which was also exceptional! We will be customers for years to come.

(602) 262-9999

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Italian Spoon

6505 N 7th St
Phoenix, 85014
I have ordered from Italian Spoon (Delivery) 10+ times. Never disappointed! Cheeseburgers are AMAZING. Fried mushrooms are a flavor blast and always fresh and crispy. The cheese ravioli was extremely tasty as well. Delivery service is always top notch. Arrives 15-20 minutes early than quoted EVERYTIME ( ). Love this place!
Ordered the fish (cod) and shrimp combo with a side of calamari rings. I placed my order for takeout. It was just one guy working both the counter and kitchen in the evening. He was competent and cordial. Calamari rings were very tender. The calamari itself had a slight sweetness to it. I wish they would've included marinara instead of tartar sauce. I will be sure to ask next time. Fries weren't bad. I appreciated the seasoning salt on them. The taste reminded me of Red Robin's fries. A few that were nestled next to the tartar and cocktail sauces (which I didn't eat) were a little cold. Shrimp were very crunchy (Panko breaking?) and a decent size for the price. Cod was breaded very lightly so it was more like a "skin". No crunch. Fish pieces were large and fully cooked. It was served piping hot. I would hesitate to reorder this though as I like a nice crunch when I bite into my fish, not the squish of what I liken to the basic original recipe coating on KFC chicken. I do miss the clams that the previous fish and chips restaurant here had. They need to get rid of the broken chair, but it was very clean inside. I definitely got a lot of food for around $15 after tax and tip. It's a deep fried calorie bomb, but the food wasn't greasy to the touch at least (though the container liners were definitely soaked through with oil). You do get that very full "I just ate way too much fried food" feeling afterwards though.
Live just blocks from here and came once when it was Marilyn's Fish & Chips! Now it's the Italian Spoon - family owned and operated- extremely kind staff and open to modifications on menu items so we could taste both zucchini & mushrooms in one order so we didn't have two full orders. The menu items are so varied that it was tough to decide. Our to go order ended up with two burgers, mozzarella sticks and the chicken cutlet parmigiana with spaghetti & marinara sauce. Plus our custom 1/2 fried zucchini & mushrooms. Had a diet coke (no charge) while waiting! Excellent food! The Mozzarella sticks were amazing and the burgers were excellent as was the Chicken Parm; we will definitely go back and highly recommend this place. All this for $28.00!!!!!

(602) 265-1999

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Spinato’s Pizza

1614 E Bell Rd
Phoenix, 85022
I was skeptical about "Phoenix Pizza" after growing up with NYC pizza. However, Spinato's didn't disappoint! We had the spinach/garlic/tomato (their house special) and it was delicious. Different for sure than a typical NYC pizza, but oh so good. If you are in Phoenix definitely try it out! Oh, and the wait staff was super friendly and the beer selection great!
Nice place, good taste and good cheese also. At least the specialty is not spicy.
The gluten-free pizza at this place is amazing. In fact, I'd say it's the best gluten-free pizza I've had since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease seven years ago. Unfortunately, I don't live in Arizona, but I can pretty much guarantee I'll be ordering the spinach special gluten-free pizza every time I come visit family. Bonus points: Redbridge gluten-free beer for only $3 a bottle!

(602) 867-1010

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3110 N Central Ave
Phoenix, 85012
This place is fantastic! We originally came here with a LARGE group (about 20) after graduation during lunch hour on a weekday. Yikes. This is a build-your-own pizza place that is pretty much like Chipotle for pizzas. On the wall they have instructions for building your own pizza, or you can select from "pre-built" pizzas like tomato and basil (margarita), Hawaiian bbq, meat lovers, etc. It doesn't really matter whether you select a pre-built one or not because after that you can still put on whatever toppings you want. They also have a selection of salads that I would like to try too. My husband and his friends were particularly excited because there is no extra cost for extra toppings. If you build your own pizza, it's 7.75. If you select a pre-built pizza, it's 7.75. Haha. It was a busy weekday and the line was long, however, once you get through line the food comes out pretty quickly. I went to get my drink and sit down and by then my pizza was ready. The pizzas themselves are AMAZING -- one of the best margaritas I have had. The sauce is savory and the crust is the perfect mixture of not too crunchy and not too soggy. Add in the fact that the pizzas are basically $8 -- even more amazingness!
It's like going to Chipotle or Subway but for pizza. With that said, it's hard to have a bad pizza because you get to choose what's on it, all at the same price. I like that because I like going mad wild on the toppings and not having to think about how much extra that's gunna cost me. The pizza was pretty good quality wise, everything looked and tasted pretty good. Don't expect top notch gourmet pizzas here, something about the pizzas remind me of Pizza Hut to be honest. But for the price and convince of making a super good pizza for myself, I'll take it. Didn't have to wait long at all for the pizza to cook, they aren't that big so they cook quick and definitely filling for lunch. I will be back for more.
Decided to go here before a concert, wasn't sure what to expect. It was a Friday night and I was surprised to see only a fee people in there but was so happy to see that it wasn't packed. The place was very clean and had graffiti art on the walls while music was playing. You walk up to where you order your pizza and the place is like a subway/chipotle; you tell them what to put on it and see what they put on your pizza. Thought this was cool. They brought our pizzas to us and I thought it tasted good I just wasn't a fan of the bunt edges but that's the draw back from having it cooked open flamed. The pookie ice cream/ cookie was very good; caution it's served in a very hot bowl lol learned that after touching it. Thought the lady should have told me this when she brought it to us. I would good here again because you can't beat the price! Also my husband was glad they serve alcohol lol

(602) 266-1490

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3241 E Shea Blvd
Phoenix, 85028
I had seen good reviews for this restaurant, and wanted to try. It's a block from my apartment, but the prices looked a little high. I'm so glad we decided to go anyway. First of all, don't be fooled by the outside of the building. Once you enter, you are transformed--the place is much bigger than it appears, and beautifully decorated. I knew we were going to be happy when the server brought out the most terrific, crispy bread I've had in ages. We split the calamari, which had a light, tasty breading and wasn't greasy at all. Even the tentacle pieces were good (if you don't think about it too much). I got the spaghetti and meatballs, as they did not offer just spaghetti marinara. Rolled those two giant meatballs right onto the plate with my partner's lasagna and every one was happy. I have to admit, though, I would have just been happy eating a dinner size portion of the garden salad that came with the entree. The salad dressing was amazing, the vegetables were fresh, and when I was done I wanted more. Next time, I'll probably just get an order of bruschetta and a side salad, if that's possible. But I will definitely be going back.
We had: excellent artichoke salad, superb oysters Michelina and veal piccata. As for the saltinbocca I was quite disappointed not to find at least one leave of sage in the preparation. I have been eating Saltinbocca from Brussels through Paris, Milano, Bologna, New York and Chicago as it is my favourite veal recipe but without sage it is not a saltinbocca. We'll definitely will return to this restaurant but I will insist on getting the saltinbocca as it should be.
Very good food. Love the bread, salad and stuffed shells w/alfredo sauce. The complimentary after dinner drink is pretty awesome too. Great spot.

(602) 996-8977


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Florencia Pizza Bistro

3646 E Ray Rd,Ste 20
Phoenix, 85044
I'm conflicted about writing a great review because I love this place so much that I don't want it to get too popular! The crust is THE BEST in town. The sauce is not too sweet, not too spicy---it's just right! We love the pantagonian but you can't go wrong with the classic pepperoni. Try the mista salad too. Sooooo delicious. Save room for the pizza cookie. The service is reliable and friendly. Keep it up, Florencia!!!!
I came here because of the good rating on Yelp, but when I arrived, I was kind of put-off by the interior. This is not a fancy place. But... that's not why you're here. You're here because they have awesome pizza. The service is good - nothing to rave about, but friendly enough, and they kept my drink full. The pizza on the other hand, was incredible. I didn't go off of the menu - I created my own, so I won't just brag about my incredible sense of taste, but the ingredients were very fresh, and the pizza was cooked to perfection. A little bit more atmosphere could kick this place up to 5 stars easily, but hey, if you want atmosphere go somewhere else. If you want awesome pizza, stop in here.
We had the antipasto salad and margahrita pizza the food was outstanding and deserves four stars! I am giving the service 3 stars it was almost ok. The server did not even tell us her name and had no interactions with us other than to bring our food! No energy in this place whatsoever! Service definitely needs some work! A little sad that customer service e is lacking! Don't know if we will be back for a while as we feel we should spend our money on good food and great service.

(480) 704-7404

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Tutti Santi

7575 N 16th St,Ste 5
Phoenix, 85020
Decent food that was just down the street from the hotel where I was staying. I got the ravioli entree and it came with garlic bread and salad. They could afford to spruce up the house salad a little bit, but the raviolis were tender and pretty good, even if the sauce left something to be desired. Attentive service and plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.
Amazing food, amazing service, great atmosphere ! Always have an enjoyable experience every time we dine here.
Get the Tiramisu! Light and delicious.

(602) 216-0336


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