Number1 Sushi

9617 N Metro Pkwy W
Phoenix, 85051
Love this place amazing cheap sushi thats fresh and delish .... People that work here are so nice and friendly. ...
Cheap sushi. Good sized, especially considering the price. The raw rolls tasted decent, although heavily seasoned. Leaves one to wonder why. Rice was almost dessert level sweet. I've never had to throw out sushi until this place. Ate a few pieces of my rolls and just couldn't continue. Giving them a second star due to the cheap prices. If you want cheap sushi and aren't picky about the quality, then give it a whirl...otherwise, I wouldn't bother.
I'm not sure what they do but this place is AMAZING! I am an avid sushi eater and believe you me when I noticed this place, I assumed there is no way it can be that good! I mean who eats sushi out of the mall and one of the worst malls in Phoenix if that. I'm telling you that you have to try it! The owner is super friendly and their prices are spectacular. I was full after one roll...less than $6. Love it, they have a loyal customer!

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Wild Tuna Sushi and Spirits

805 E Thunderbird Rd
Phoenix, 85022
What a great hole in the wall find! So glad we stumbled upon this place, right down the street from our house. The food was great- not a HUGE selection, but good. Spicy Tuna was a breath of fresh air- it wasn't bathing in mayo. Actually, there was NO mayo. And it had just the right amount of "spicy." I wish the menu had happy hour prices. When we asked, the waitress/owner/wife said, "we'll take a little off." It was pretty nondescript, so we didn't know if happy hour meant "half off" or like, "a dollar off." Either way, the food was good, reasonably priced to begin with, and the service and atmosphere were just perfect for a neighborhood sushi joint. Not showy, not loud, not snooty... just good sushi and friendly owners. I recommend everyone tries this! Minus one star for not having a very awesome happy hour deal :)
Had dinner here last night. Unfortunately the place was empty except for one other person. But the atmosphere was nice and the owners were friendly and helpful. The food was great. I have found it quite difficult to find good sushi in Phoenix and this was the best so far. the fish was fresh & tender. We tried yellowtail, salmon & 2 different rolls. One with yellowtail, the other with shrimp. All were good and I would order again. We will return for sure and would certainly recommend. Enjoy!
Stopped in had sushi a second time this last week and was not disappointed. It's a really fun little spot. Family run business, which I love, and wonderful fare. 5-6pm is their happy hour on, oh I'd say, 1/3 of their rolls. They play fun music and serve beer. I'm definitely making this place our go-to spot when were in this part of town. Our favorite rolls were the tuna, shrimp tempura, and the captain crunch!

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Extreme Sushi

4434 W Thomas Rd,Ste 15
Phoenix, 85009
Hmm what can I say? I've tried other Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurants around Phoenix and this place was "meh" in comparison. The sushi had a starchy taste and I wasn't happy with the sauces they placed on top of the sushi since those weren't specified on the menu (ex: not a big fan of spicy food so when I saw the sushi I ordered have sriracha on top, I was a little disappointed since it wasn't in the menu to warn me). Overall, Id probably pick Senor Sushi which is a few blocks away instead if I wanted fusion Mexican-Japanese. However, they also have a couple good points: staff was friendly and they give you squeeze bottles of eel sauce, their own version of soy sauce (which has a tangy twist), and some sort of chipotle mayo for your table in case you wanted a bit more flavor.
3 times I have returned , each and every time I leave satisfied! I am not a sushi eater but here I eat sushi! its that good. I love how everyone takes pride in the food the serve even the young teen who took our order. He did a fist pump when we said the food was awesome! He also recommended other dishes for the future which sound delicious but the Mango Sweet dish will always be my favorite!!
The Best In The Valley.

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Hillstone Restaurant

2650 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, 85016
Most important...patio weather = patio sitting. Hillstone has a great patio, even if I did have to stalk someone for their table when they left. Lovely wine and the best, best, best spinach dip I have had in a while. So good we ordered a second one! The foccacia bread didn't look like much when it came but it was delish. Super staff, delicious food and drink, and a comfy patio. So fun:-)
Nice place for a good dinner or to grab a drink. The staff is always inviting and willing to assist with entree choices, drink recommendations, etc. Indoor/outdoor seating available. Large bar area and dining hall. Reservations are definitely advised if you're not going to eat at the bar. I love the open kitchen floor plan....not that I sit near there at each visit. But its nice to take a glance on the way to powder my nose! I've always been well pleased with this establishment.
Fantastic!! First and foremost, the service here is out of this world!! When you look up.. Bam!! Some is greeting you with a smile!! Food was awesome!! How dredging to find a great balance of what a true dining experience should be!! Our guest waitress Allison was so courteous and professional!! The general manger heard it was my visit and she brought over two fantastic deserts!! Well, my weekend is off to a great start thanks to everyone at Hillstone!! Ps: the music they play is just so soothing and makes you wanna chill!! Be back next week for sure!!! Shahe

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Pacific Gardens

4747 E Elliott Rd
Phoenix, 85044
This is a great Asian food place. Great sushi, great soup, good service.
Great lunch specials!! always get full for about $7. Only complaint is that it is .50 cents extra per roll for brown rice, and no fortune cookies :(
All of the food i ate here was so flavorful and delicious. The spicy dishes were great. Food quality and service excellent!

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Yoshi Bento

7000 E Mayo Blvd,Ste 1086
Phoenix, 85054
The spicy pork ramen and the crunchy tofu, as recommended by yelpers, were quite delicious but my favorite was the spicy seafood udon dish. This happened to be the chef's favorite dish too. Reasonably priced, fast and friendly service! I highly recommend you give this place a try!
For $9, the Spicy Pork Ramen is a great lunch consideration. Food was prepared fast-- taking less than 10 minutes from scratch (we stopped by during non-lunch hours). Soup was just spicy enough by Asian standards, and though the noodle was a bit doughy it was plentiful. Half of boiled egg on top too! They also have a wide selection of Asian beers, and even soju! Ramune for the kids or for reminiscing adults. 3.5 stars. Recommended for quick bite to eat.
It has been a while since we've had the opportunity to enjoy our favorite date night restaurant. Tonight was no less wonderful than it always is. I do not view Yoshi Bento as a restaurant in the traditional sense, but rather its like having dinner at a friends house. The owner and staff are such warm and welcoming people. Tonight I am excited to leak a little secret, my wife and I were treated to a sneak peek at a recipe that we are told will be on the new menu due to be released in October. It is a dish that is similar to the Champon Soup. The Chapon Soup is a delicious sea food and vegetable soup with a rich flavorful broth. The new soup is as of yet not named, but I can say it is a lighter version of Champon, but unique all on its own. It has a wonderful broth with shrimp, fish cake (wonderful) and a bounty of vegetables, it also has a new addition of a chili (sort of like salsa) accoutrement that has the spicy edge with a wonderful pickled like flavor. All I am willing to say is that based on a pickled seven chili mixture and some other spices. I have come to really appreciate the Kimchi that the owner makes in his restaurant. I had the opportunity to be stationed in South Korea during my time in the service. Having come from a very mid-western family I had little to no exposure to Kimchi, but found a small family owned restaurant just outside of the military base, and fell in love with its flavor, and the surprisingly rich and at the same time mildly spicy flavor. Recently as age has caught up to me I have also found the health benefits of Kimchi. Beyond all of that my wife and I now have a dish of traditional kimchi as a part of our meal. If you are looking for a friendly family oriented night out with dishes for every age and pallet, I highly recommend that this restaurant be put on the agenda. The prices are very reasonable, and quite the bargain given the volume of food you receive with your order. If you want a more grown up evening this is also the place to be, the Plum Sake Tea, or my favorite Soju, as well as a large verity of Pacific Rim and domestic beers are available libations.

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Hana Sushi

602 W Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, 85027
I agree with some of the reviewers on here that if you think this sushi joint is the best there is, then you need to get out more. There are TONS of places that are WAY better than this and you will get better sushi for the money. First off, the place is TINY! If you don't mind the people next to you sitting in your lap while you eat, then I guess this is the restaurant for you. The decor and atmosphere leave a lot to be desired. It's very plain and the lighting makes you feel like you're in a hardware store. There is no music playing, just what sounds like a radio for the sushi chefs to listen to. As for the food itself, I ordered the spicy roll combo. Now, when you order something off the menu that says spicy, you expect, well....spicy! Not even a HINT of spice was in these rolls. Bland, bland, bland! Oh, and another weird thing about their menu: there are no prices listed! Very strange! This was my first, and most likely, last time coming to this establishment. For the price the quality just does not measure up.
What a cute little sushi shop. The lovely woman that helped us was so friendly and attentive to every guest there. It was very clean and the sushi was fresh. The price was definitely on par with the food and a little lower than I've paid at other places.
This is our favorite sushi spot. It's casual and cozy and the sushi is delicious and priced just right. Have the Katsu!

(623) 869-7455

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Atami Sushi

13849 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, 85023
The food is excellent, as us the service. A true Mom & Pop restaurant. I was impressed with the size and selection of the menu. Tried 2 of the rolls and had a bowl of chicken udon noodles. The rolls were shared as was a large bowl of hot & sour soup. All was excellent. The chicken in my udon melted in my mouth. By far this is my favorite sushi/Japanese/Chinese restaurant....EVER!
I tried the food because of the reviews on yelp. The sushi was good and made fast. My only issues was that we came about 30 minutes before they had an afternoon closure. As they flipped the closed sign we felt very rushed and the sushi chef even told me they are closing and made us feel hurried. When I spend 50 bucks on lunch for two, I hate being rushed and stared at. Good food, bad manners!
I came across Atami Sushi by chance, as I was looking for an alternative for the regular restaurants. I was attracted by the large sign outside of the establishment boasting their $6.99 shrimp bento box. When I walked in, I was seated and ordered the aforementioned dish. I was told that they didn't have the bento box and were out of salad. I began to leave and they said they could make it for me, just without the salad. When it arrived, it was the worst bento box I've had in the entire World. I've traveled everywhere and grew up in Japan and Korea, and this box had the smallest servings I've ever seen and lacked in the asian flavor many other restaurants can easily manage. The shrimp were small, the serving of rice was possibly one cup, the advertised egg rolls were half spring rolls and, the fried carrots were over cooked, the miso soup was cold, and the california roll was very warm and filled with cream cheese, instead of fish and vegetables. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone based off the location, which is in a questionable neighborhood; the customer service, because of the pushy person who lacked proper english skills; and the quality of the food, which lacked in holding up to its advertising as well as its lack of quantity, value per price, and lack of the traditional asian flavors.

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Sakana Sushi & Grill

5061 E Elliot Rd
Phoenix, 85044
I met some friends here for lunch. I thought the lunch specials were varied and reasonably priced. I had a lunch special--the Sakana Lunch which was a tuna roll (with about 8 good size pieces) seven pieces of sushi, miso soup and salad. Needless to say, I didn't finish the tuna roll. My friends ordered off of the menu, and their food looked good. I rated this four stars for these two reasons: #1--from the outside, the place looks a little scary. It's in a strip mall, and the windows are dark, and there's a neon side that says "open". Once inside, however, there were lots of customers, a welcoming staff and an open table or two to choose from. #2--the other reason for four stars was we asked for separate checks. I paid cash--the other two paid with credit/debit cards. It took forever for the waitress to come back with their cards and my change. Evidently, what she had done was charge my food to my friend's card. Then she had to figure out how to credit the card back. In my opinion, an error like this is inexcusable. If you check in on Yelp, you get free edamame. Be sure to show the check in to the waitress.
Not a fan. Bar is mediocre. They don't know how to make a basic mixed drink. I lucked out by just ordering saki but my partner went through three cocktails that he didn't finish because they were so poor. Sushi is meh. Service could be loads better.
We came on a Friday night, sometime after 8 pm, so the place was still very full.However, we were seated right away, and the staff were very courteous. The first thing one notices about the food, is ....the -ginger-!ZOMGZ, if the ginger is any indication of what the food itself will be, then WOWZA. I do not understand where the negative reviews concerning the quality of the fish come from. I had the yellowtail nigiri, and the yellowtail booty roll[made by the legendary Ramon, I was told by our lovely waitress =)], and both were superb.[I WILL be back for more yellowtail, I'm addicted to it, must.have.more.] The eel[unagi] nigiri was amazing;best eel I have had in Az for sure, with none of that rubberry, gross greasy, floppiness[cough Teharu cough]. We then tried several speciality rolls, all of which were super fresh, creative and huuuuge-I was stuffed, and usually a sushi dinner leaves me not exactly full. Wil ldefinitely be back for the sashimi lunch!

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Sushi Station

1575 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, 85014
I've come here a few times for lunch, as this spot is pretty close to my work. If you're looking for someplace quick to get good sushi, this is it! I wouldn't say this is the best sushi I've ever had but it will definitely satisfy that sushi craving. Some of the names of the rolls definitely crack me up...playboy roll? Sexy roll? LOL! All in all, good place to check out.
Portions are small, most of the food tastes pretty bland, service definitely lacking and on top of that it's pretty pricey for what you get. Save your time and money and go elsewhere.
Best sushi in town!!! Far surpassed any hopes. It's clean, fresh, and Delish. Watch out if you get the saki get a full bottle.

(602) 358-8789

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