Raz Inn Bed and Breakfast

37 W Pasadena Ave
Phoenix, 85013
Awesome B&B. We recently stayed here for 5 nights. Felt like we were at a friends apartment. Erin provides a delicious breakfast every morning. Was spacious and very clean.

(602) 803-9575

Bed & Breakfast

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Sedona Dream Maker Bed and Breakfast

Dreammaker Way 322
Phoenix, 86351
This place is absolutely dreamy in so many senses of the word! For starters it is in Sedona and the landscape has to be seen to be believed. Bell Rock is visible from the room we stayed in and what a sight that is! The beds are wonderful and about the best I've had anywhere. It's all very home made from the beds, decoration, paintings, jewellery, breakfasts and cookies in the evening. It takes a while to acclimatise to Sedona time at least it did for me, but not that long and once I did, it was amazing. Dee and Phil built this place and it oozes creativity. You will feel inspired. If you are interested in coming to Sedona to visit the vortices, then you won't need to travel far, because there are several in the garden alone. They also rent out studios for longer periods of timeI'm tempted. In fact I cannot wait to go again!

(866) 563-9134

Bed & Breakfast

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Sunrise Donuts

3536 W Baseline Rd
Phoenix, 85339
Love this place. It's always busy when I visit. My husband refuses to eat any other donut besides here. They have amazing ham and cheese baked inside croissants.
Never disappointed here! Picked up 2 dozen donuts this morning for the office. They were a huge hit! Staff even threw in a few free donut holes for me which I devoured in traffic. So far my favorites are the crumb, blueberry, and caramel with bacon!
Why is it that donut shop owners are just the sweetest? Maybe because they are delivering circular globs of happiness and the sugar just seeps into their blood? Anyway, I'm from California and was visiting Phoenix with my sisters to meet our newest little nephew whose family lives down the street from Sunrise. We just consumed an ungodly amount of tacos at La Santisima- side note that place is my Phoenix addiction! I have to get a mahi mahi taco every time I'm here ( yelp.com/biz/la-santisim… ). Ok, sorry for the fish taco tangent, back to the donuts. My sister who lives here had been telling us about Sunrise and my other sister, who is preggo btw, yells at me to immediately turn when she sees the sign for it as we are driving home. It is literally 7:58pm, meaning 2 minutes till closing, and we are already stuffed to the rafters. Yet I can't help but follow the commanding shrieks. And I'm so glad we did. The girl at the counter was such a doll. We bought a half dozen but she threw in a couple extra since they were closing and she was so personable and friendly. They had a smaller selection since it was the end of the day but our favorites were the cinnamon glaze (there's cinnamon baled on the inside making it taste like a cinnamon roll), the blueberry donut, maple bacon bar, and surprisingly the vanilla cake donut. I prefer cake donuts anyway but this was like a fluffy vanilla cupcake. My recommendation is start your sunrise with Sunrise :]

(602) 687-7688

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ZenYard Guest House

830 E Maryland Ave
Phoenix, 85014
Great location! Love the zen vibe. Very clean and private. The breakfast in the morning was great. Craft pastry and banana bread were delicious. The bed and pillows were clean and so soft. Showers had shampoo and conditioner dispensers in them if you forgot your toiletry. We will definitely be coming back to this location. Wished we could've stayed longer.
It was great staying on the way back from my sedona vacation last. I would love to stay again.
Was everything I expected and more !!! We stayed in the Flagstaff room and it was a perfect location for my husband and I. In the back of the property so no one could venture near your room unless they were suppose to be there. Surrounded by grapefruit trees, we were invited to pick as many as we wanted !! Took home 3 bags of grapefruits !! Nothing better than the real thing !! Nice to have a Keurig coffee maker in the common room just in case you need a cup of tea in the middle of the night !!! We will be back next time we are in Phoenix !!

(602) 845-0830

Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses

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Nuevo Burrito

8202 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, 85033
First time at this Resturant. Excellent burrito which I got cooked like a chimichanga then served enchilada style with a red sauce. Very tasty. Re fried beans probably the best I've had. Although I didn't have any additional tortillas, someone in the kitchen was constantly making them fresh.
the best tacos & burritos
Here's to my lucky first review. The best Mexican food I've had in quite some time. I would strongly recommend this restaurant, if you're looking for some authentic Mexican food!

(623) 873-2400

Breakfast & Brunch, Mexican

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Bertha’s Café

3134 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, 85018
I don't know why I do this to myself...How long does it take to make a bowl of delicious and nutritious oatmeal, complete with cinnamon, nutmeg, maple, raisin's...you know something good for me? I'll tell you how long...exactly 180 seconds...from scratch:) But, I got busy this morning and forgot...again! So I ran all morning long on nothing but coffee (which would be enough, some days...but not today:) By the time I got done with power yoga (on an empty stomach), I was feeling decidedly in need of some serious retox...but I didn't go that way:) I decided to try to eat something a little bit healthy...for a change:) And, since I hadn't been to Bertha's in a couple of years, and they have their new location opened up, I dropped by Bertha's to grab a sandwich re-fortify me:) I liked Bertha's prior incarnation, over behind the post office at 40th and Thomas, and I was pretty regular customer there for a couple of years. This location, this version (Bertha's - version 1.5...it can't possibly be what they intended, and must therefore be a mid-release version), is lacking in few areas: * Service - I used to appreciate that I was greeted with smile and a "hi" when I walked in:)...not at Bertha's - v1.5...no "hello"...no "how can I help you"...no response to my "hi"...just a vacant stare until I decided what I was going to have, then writing followed by the total...that was it, followed by a shouted "ORDER" to the kitchen:( * Quality - I appreciated that they always paid attention to details, and that my sandwiches, soup, baked treats, whatever, were always well prepared and tasty...When I got my Ham and Cheese Panini (to go...I was a little busy), no bag check and no napkins when I looked in the bag:(...I asked for them and was handed a wad of napkins with little more than a grunt...I headed down the road and opened up the sandwich...took one bite and found ice crystals in the middle of the ham:(...semi-warm on the outside and still frozen inside (or did the definition of "Panini" change while I wasn't looking?) * Atmosphere - I liked the old space...I realize that Bertha's - v1.0 was small, but it was nice:)...the new release, Bertha's - v1.5 space looks and feels like the "remodeled on a budget" second hand clothing store that this space probably was...not a great room and not well done on the remodel...I was waiting for my sandwich and thinking "why were they closed for 5 months?...I could have done this remodel all by myself over a long weekend, for about $200, including the apartment white paint for the walls" I made a completely legal U-Turn (as far as you know) and went back to Bertha's - v1.5, and asked them, about the ice in my Panini:( No "oh, I'm sorry", no "can we make you another?"...just the blank stare from counter girl... I suggested another attempt at Panini-ing my panini...she took it back to the kitchen, where I heard "It's still cold" and returned a couple of minutes later with my Panini (easily identifiable by my bite marks on the corner of the panini... They microwaved the friggin' thing!!! :-( I headed back to my car, and tried to eat my Panini...do you know what microwaving does to thick crusted Italian rolls?...It turns the crust to concrete, is what it does. I was starving and I still only managed to get through about 1/4 of the Panini. I think I am going to wait until the next release of Bertha's, to reload. It could be that both Bertha's - v2.0 and Windows 7 will surprise and delight me...but I have my doubts.
Just one lunch visit to this oddly angled and hard to find storefront, and I'm convinced Bertha's value and attention to detail exceeds that found at more heralded, pricier luncheonettes. Fresh squeezed lemonade is just that. The best potato salad ($1.95) I've encountered; precisely softened baby reds dusted in dill and not too much mayo. Hefty, succulent curry chicken wrap ($6.50), perfectly balanced and assembled, accompanied by a fresh chocolate nut cookie. $4 turkey chili, which was either 16 or 20 oz, and comes with nice brioche toast. It's absurd to think my mom and me conveniently lunched here for less than $20, and brought home food, whereas later that evening, after waiting half an hour for a table, my wife and I spent more than twice that at Chelsea's, for a decidedly inferior meal.
Wow, what a disappointment Bertha's turned out to be. First off, they need to take the sign down from their old location, which I went to, and drove around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for the place. Second, their online menu is not current. I went here because of the tasty-sounding Buffalo Chicken wrap which they no longer have. (The menu picture that someone posted on Yelp is way too tiny to read) Third, they forgot my fruit salad ($3) which I didn't realize until I had drive all the way home. I called to inform them of their mishap and the woman on the phone was confused as to what they forgot. She kept asking me what I ordered and didn't understand that THEY FORGOT MY FRUIT SALAD. Ugh. Annoyed. Fourth, my salami was served on a stale ciabatta, It was overloaded with goat cheese on one half and skimped on the other. The amount of salami was skimpy as well. Fifth, the sandwiches don't come with chips. I am a firm believer that all sandwiches should come with a side, and I am grateful to places that include them in the price. Sixth, the red velvet cupcakes were dry and the frosting was mediocre. Not cream cheesy at all. 6 mishaps and Bertha's gets one star. On a good note, their cookie that came with the sandwich was delicious, as was their passion tea. Don't waste your time.

(602) 955-1022

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Maricopa Manor

15 W Pasadena Ave
Phoenix, 85013
Joan at Maricopa Manor (the owner/proprietor) was awesome. If you're looking for an intimate backyard style venue that's as fussy as you make it, this is the place. We received rave reviews from all guest on how pretty, cute, and super intimate the venue was. We went simple with our style and did mason jars with battery flickering tea lights on the table, linens in our colors (soft grey and clover green) and then had Mystic Lites string bistro lights from the trees with paper tissue balls for pops of colors hanging from the trees and strings of lights. It was simple and perfect. We had 60 guests and I feel like we could have fit 90 still comfortably. They only provide the site/location. We provided off site vendors for lighting, table/chair/linen rentals, and catering. If you need suggestions Joan has a list of suggested vendors. Oh and we could bring our own alcohol...a big plus for us! We rented out the 6 suites for the weekend as well, and our family and my husband and I stayed. It was perfect. It was great to be right on property for our wedding day. The suites are super competively prices and very big for the price. Very cute. We had a welcome basket of goodies, and breakfast delivered to our room every morning. I would recommend it time and time again. If you need someone to do a lot of contact and be very attentive this might not be the place for you, Joan is hands off unless you need her. But it was perfect for our simple backyard style wedding. Oh and we hosted wedding ceremony and reception all on property, so no traveling between venues! Easy for us and the guests! Perfefct for the low key and value conscious bride!
A great venue for a bridal shower. I imagine it would be a lovely wedding spot There are 6 rooms for staying over night. They are quirky rooms with antiques all around The outside area where our lunch was served was Very pretty. Palm trees swayed in the wind and it was peaceful. There is a pool. The area Is kinda funky and to find the B and B there is rather strange but it was a fun Place for the party
My wife and I spent a three day weekend in Phoenix last November 2014 while visiting our niece who attends college there. We again stayed at the Maricopa Manor because our brief overnight visit in 2013 was so enjoyable. All I can say is that the longer you spend at Maricopa Manor, the longer you want to spend at Maricopa Manor! It's like having all the comforts of home and then-some but with maid service and the most delicious breakfasts arriving at your door each morning! I highly recommended this B&B in my 7/8/2013 and promised to stay here again if we had another trip to Phoenix planned. I'm so happy to say that we were able to keep that promise and add now that nothing has changed in our review of Maricopa Manor except that after our 3 day stay we're now looking forward even more to our next visit and perhaps a longer stay!

(602) 274-6302

Bed & Breakfast

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The Lunch Lounge

501 N 44th St,Ste 175
Phoenix, 85008
Tasty selection of sandwiches served by personable, friendly folks that have great personalities and obviously care about their food and customers. Only thing that would have improved my meal was a pepper shaker to flavor up my sandwich .
Excellent little hidden spot. Great menu with fair prices. Had the Breakfast burrito with a cup of coffee. Outstanding burrito! Loads of cheese & stuffings. The menu on yelp is a little outdated but the prices are more than reasonable. Definetly give this place a try.
Great little sandwich shop tucked into the office plaza (Follow the sandwich board signs to find it). I had the lunch roast beef special and it was really good. The red potato salad seemed to be missing something for my palate, but over all it was really good! Meat was tender, taste was good and no overpowering sauces. Its a bit cramped in there so a togo order is a good idea, but its close to my other office so it makes for a perfect stop. Service was fast considering the crowd at lunch and the patrons and employees seemed to know one another. Its a nice place if you are in the area, stop by and have lunch!

(602) 441-0201

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The Nosh Cafe

4855 E Warner Rd,Ste 12
Phoenix, 85044
Great little local breakfast/lunch place. We ordered steak and cheese sandwich, club sandwich, jalapeño bagel with cream cheese, and chicken Caesar wrap, peanut butter protein shake. All of it was pretty good. Decent size portions for the price. We ends up having leftovers. Place could use a POS terminal for cashier in order to make the ordering process a little smoother. We will be back! Nice job!
Bagels were just ok. The flavor is pretty good but the texture is way off from what a great bagel should be. They too thin and there is no crisp outer layer. Instead outer layer is tough and difficult to eat makes me think of what eating dry skin would be like. The real disappointing part of Nosh is that they microwave all their food. They have three microwaves displayed prominently like its a good thing. Flavorless eggs (probably powdered) microwaved doesn't improve the poor texture of the bagels.
This place is amazing! I wish one was closer to me. I would stop here everyday before work. I visited The Nosh on a Saturday. And fell in love with all the bagel selection. The service was fast and the crowd of people drew me in. I ended up with a breakfast bagel that had eggs/bacon and cheese. It was amazing! I thought they would only put like 2slices of bacon. They loaded my bagel with bacon and I was in Heaven. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is very nice. One staff even came from behind the counter to help me hunt down some grape jelly that had ran out. I recommend this place to everyone! I hope they expand the business! I will actually be making a trip to The Nosh this weekend! A+++++

(480) 940-4484

Bagels, Sandwiches, Breakfast & Brunch

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Bagel Gourmet

16845 N 29th Ave,Ste 4
Phoenix, 85053
It's been a long time since I've had a decent bagel, coming from the East Coast. I've never been satisfied with Einstein's, so I was happy to discover this little gem. We had noticed this business before, since we shop at the Fry's it is next to, but never ventured in until recently. Their bagel omelette sandwiches are amazing. I've also had their jalapeno cheddar bagel with jalapeno cream cheese and it was simply delicious and bursting with flavor. Me and my spouse were discussing that what makes their bagels extra special is that they put a lot into the flavoring and creativity of the bagel, whereas a place like Einstein's mass produces bagels, takes a plain one, and dresses it up. Their iced mochas are also delicious as I'm sure their other coffee drinks are. And lastly, their customer service is very friendly. This place is definitely one of our new haunts.
It's ok. Not the best bagel I have ever had but not the worse by far. There was a nice selection of bagel flavors to choose from. Texture was like a bagel. If I go again, I will ask them to toast it more though. I like the golden brown color on my bagels after they have been toasted. You can pick off the breakfast and lunch menu all day. The lady at the counter was very nice and friendly. They had a variety of coffee flavoring and what looked like a cappuccino machine. This place has been here since Fred Meyers was the store. But this is the first time I have ever been. They could use an update/renovation, but the place is clean.
I tried this place for the first time yesterday. I got a bagel breakfast sandwich and it was delicious! It was made fresh. They bagel was soft and moist and I had fresh veggies in my sandwich. This place was so good, I came back today to order again! They offer tons of options for bagels and cream cheeses. Their prices are reasonable. They also take special requests! Love this place!

(602) 942-7786

Bagels, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches

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