Pizza Xpress

7804 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, 85051
Great service. Used to be Tony's. Very friendly and good prices. Delivered right to my hotel room. Drivers are very personable too. I would order again for sure. Good specials too.

(602) 246-8454


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Pizza Patron

7602 S Central Ave
Phoenix, 85042
Good food at an affordable price! Great for parties, group gatherings, picnics, or just enjoying at home. The location is great, staff is friendly, the food is amazing, and orders are ready almost instantly!!

(602) 276-9193


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Panini Bread and Grill

4129 E Van Buren St,Ste 105
Phoenix, 85008
Everything I have tried here has been great! Tuna sandwich, jello, desserts, salads..
Delicious Food! Fantastic Services!
It is so nice to have a neighborhood soup , salad, panini place. Everything we tried was amazing. This is a very nice addition to our neighborhood. Support a great family owned business.

(602) 275-5077

Sandwiches, Salad, Pizza

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Pizza People Food Truck

1326 N Central Ave
Phoenix, 85004
I ran off into the night, hair flying, hands clutching both sides of the paper plate. I'd ordered from Pizza People before; my date had not. Ideally, I'd never let him. The perfectly crisp gluten-free crust, vegan cheese that tasted like rich white cheddar & mozzarella (rather than vomit), and the delicious smattering of mushrooms and basil adorning that personal pizza had won my heart long before he could, and that is how it was destined to stay. After giving up dairy and gluten, all that was left of a pizza was the tomato sauce. Somehow, I was enjoying a pizza, sans tomato sauce, dietary restrictions in tact! Crouched behind a graffiti'd wall, I ravaged that pizza with a passion reserved only for the glory that emerges from the Pizza People truck.
Food Truck Fav right here! I've been wanting to try Pizza People's Pizza for a while now. I found out they were setting up at 180 Degree's Automotive and I figured if Bogi was hosting them then I needed to check them out! I finally caught up with them at Local Fest. Bogi was actually there helping them out and she told me that they were only sampling the regular pizza and the gluten free pizza was $8 but she assured me it was yummy! First of all $8 for a 2 item gf crust pizza is a deal! Secondly, Bogi said they were her some of her best friends in the world...and I trust her I ponied up my dollars and waited about six minutes. I ordered my pie with pepperoni and fresh tomato. I took it back to my table to share with my Mama (who is also gluten free) and we both said at about the same time: " Oh, my gosh this is really good!" Something I've only said about twice since eating gf pizza! The sauce is fresh, the dough was the best gf dough I've had to date and the toppings were just divine. I need to put a GPS tracking unit on this truck so I can track it daily! (Oh, wait.........I can just check their facebook page!) Yeah, I'd eat it daily! It's that good!
The company that manages the office building I work in recently started having various food trucks in the parking lot at lunch 2 times a week. Today was Pizza People, several co-workers and I decided to give into the food truck sensation and give them a try and let me tell you, we all are sold. They use fresh, local ingredients and everything is made to order..which means expect to wait about 10 minutes to get your food..not the everyday roach coach food either. I ordered the Popeye with the addition of bacon..OMG. This was probably one of the best pizzas I have eaten. The crust was everything it should be. Golden brown with a crispy but yet chewy crust that had that faint taste of yeast that I love. The only thing I could find wrong with my pie was that after several minutes it started to get soggy on the thinner pieces of crust. I really wish that ricotta cheese was a topping option too. My only regret is that I didn't pay the extra $1.50 and combo it up with a small chopped salad & a time my friends, next time.

(480) 326-8542

Pizza, Food Trucks

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R.Kidd’s Pizza & Wings

3415 W Glendale Ave
Phoenix, 85051
R Kidds has some of the best pizza I've had in Phoenix! Their wings are pretty amazing too! Their prices are more than reasonable and the staff members are super nice! Not too many tables to eat, so it's best to pick up and take home.
Tried this place today for the first time, as I've moved into the area. We got the large one topping and 12 wings special for $15. Called it in, and it was ready in 15 minutes. Pizza was great, and the wings too. Well worth the money, everything was hot and fresh! We will be repeat customers here for sure.
This place has really good pizza and wings. Every time I have to babysit I order R.kidds. They are quick to serve which makes them even better.

(602) 841-4444

Pizza, Salad, Chicken Wings

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The Best Ever Subs and More

21001 N Tatum Blvd,Ste 84
Phoenix, 85050
Best. Ever. Makes a great sandwich! It's located inside the Danny's Family car wash on Tatum and Deer Valley, so very convenient to fill up, grab a quick soda, and get a great sandwich fast. They have a nice little outdoor patio with plenty of shade. By the time I put my drink down on a table today, they had my sandwich made. I've had the pot roast sandwich, and today, the tuna for a change. The pot roast is their signature sandwich, and for good reason.
Omg I can't believe I am writing a review regarding a sandwich place within a gas station, but do not let that deter you!!! The BEST sandwich I have every had comes from this spot! I thought it was cliche to name a sub spot best subs ever, but they hit it spot on!! I got grandmas pot roast...the cheese, tender meat, and crispy onion straws blend together to form the most succulent sandwich of my life. Hate to cut this review short, but I'm on my way to get Grandmas pot roast!!!
I was a little skeptical about going to a gas station for a sandwich. What a surprise!! My sandwich, #10 was fantastic! The service was great and I would defiantly recommend this place to folks who need a quick, but delicious sandwich.

(480) 685-5333

Pizza, Sandwiches

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Peter Piper Pizza

2611 W Carefree Hwy
Phoenix, 85085
= = = = = = DAILY LUNCH BUFFET! = = = = = = Entering through an enormous facade (photo) delivers you into surprisingly small but really nice Peter Piper parlor. I stopped in for the Buffet today, finding 3 tossed salads, 8 pizzas and breadsticks at the re
Love this place. Great for the kids and always clean. I can always tell when a restaurant has great management. Our kids never wait for a ticket attendant. This makes the experience for the parent enjoyable.
Great PPP. All the employees are so nice and friendly. Came in for lunch buffet with my daughter and husband. Great pizza and fun family environment!!!

(623) 215-0077

Pizza, Buffets

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Papa Murphy’s

4025 E Chandler Blvd,Ste 72
Phoenix, 85048
I don't review fast food places.. but this is one of those establishments that I need to review because of their outstanding product and i am not alone in this opinion. i first discovered this franchise in Alaska, and then everywhere else. It is plainly good pizza - but the secret is quality AND quantity. Their stuffed pizzas run 4+ lbs (terrible measuring system invented by imperialistic invaders and lingers in our society like a bad fart), and if you make that a family size then you'll come home with a 5+ lbs pizza pie that will feed you amazingly aggressively and violate your diet restrictions so hard and send you on the express train to obesity.. .. but its good, oh-so good. And you can buy it early, store in fridge and unleash flavorgeddon in your own oven when you feel the need. That is why I use this franchise. And this particular store is great because of the mood. The shift manager (I assume) is the happiest guy you meet, and he is quick, witty and happy. That's another plus. try this pizza. They deserve it, and go big - go stuffed, but don't under-cook it.
I love coming to this location. Lori and the rest of the staff is always so nice and cheerful. They are helpful in assisting me with my dietary needs and have never made a bad recommendation. I appreciate them so much for making my experience so great.
Excellent location. Fast friendly. Even honored my punch pass from another store. Great prices and good take and bake pizza.

(480) 706-5500


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Pizza a Metro

2336 W Thomas Rd
Phoenix, 85015
I went here last week for a take out order. It is small, seats about 20 people, the lights were dimmed, it was cozy and the gentleman at the counter was very nice. He suggested to me what was popular so I ordered the Margarita Pizza with prosciutto. It was a brick oven place and the pizza was finished in about 15 minutes. The crust is to die for and it's also a hand tossed/thin crust. They have a good selection on the menu as well. It's in a small strip mall and it looks as if it's in a bad area, but it is worth it. I will go back!
I got a small Margherita pizza and a side mixed green salad. It was amazing! Great dressing on the salad and the pizza was perfect too. I will definitely be back.
Me + Pizza A Metro= FOODGASMS!!! My boyfriend and I stopped into a local aquarium and just before leaving the man who worked there suggested Pizza A Metro to us as we had been talking about lunch the whole time. Unfortunately that day we already had lunch in the car so we went back Saturday evening. I am going to send the guy at the aquarium a pizza or something. Literally. Our server was more than helpful, brought out the bread bruschetta style and that set the tone for the evening!!! The attention to detail was outstanding. We ordered an appetizer of Calamari fritta, the marinara was so fresh you could distinguish every ingredient and was bright and vibrant. I am one who doesn't really like to go out to eat. I know I am very picky, and pretentious, and I will be less than nice if the food is bad... So that whole ugly picture- I like to avoid. Hard to because I come from a long line of properly trained French chefs, and myself am a chef/ restauranteur as well. I have NEVER EVER given a restaurant 5 stars, but today I would give this little eatery 6! From the moment you walk in, the interior is not what you would expect from the so often mentioned neighborhood. OK, so! The colors are a warm neutral tone, and flow well into the wood wine rack that spans the height of the wall to your right of the door, the blinds match up to that rack and there is an overall harmony throughout. When you walk into this 8-9 table restaurant you are greeted first by the smell of fresh pizza being fired in the wood oven, and then by a friendly waiter who made sure every thing we could want or need was taken care of before we had a chance to want for it. Our pizza, thin crispy crust without being dry or crunchy was topped with mozzarella, artichoke, black olives, and prosciutto and was heaven! For desert I ordered a slice of their tiramisu, and was again blown away. The flavors were balanced and sung together like an orchestra! Oh amazing! I was impressed by this little gem, and the icing on my tiramisu, another table asked the waiter to let them pay for my dessert! The overall atmosphere was warm, and inviting- even the other patrons were awesome! At the end of our meal and after having eaten all of that I expected to feel 'heavy and drowsy'. I instead felt sated, comfortable and overwhelmingly satisfied in the experience. This place rose above with the atmosphere, (warm + inviting) exceptional food, (I am still eating the pizza!), and with the customer service which was also exceptional! We will be customers for years to come.

(602) 262-9999

Italian, Pizza, Salad

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Domino’s Pizza

13843 N Tatum Blvd,Ste 7
Phoenix, 85032
Had the sandwich for lunch yesterday. Was such a sad looking sandwich. The top and bottom bread touched each other from lack of ingredients and was SO SKIMPY. Tasted yummy but bread alone does not make a sandwich. Everything we got from here TASTED good but the serious skimping on ingredients is a bit frustrating especially when you're not getting what you paid for.
You guys are seriously amazing. Everything I order, no matter when I order it, is always consistently awesome. I know that's a lot to say about delivery pizza but it's true, they really do pizza here well.
These guys/gals are great. Food is pipping hot when it arrives and all the drivers are engaging, courteous and without being a bunch of "Chatty Cathys" Regardless of pickup or delivery the people and the food is very good. I'm not a big store chain store type but I also realize that each franchise is 100% unique and these people do it right!!!!

(602) 996-3030

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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