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2336 W Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85015

(602) 262-9999

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User:Jessica B.

I went here last week for a take out order. It is small, seats about 20 people, the lights were dimmed, it was cozy and the gentleman at the counter was very nice. He suggested to me what was popular so I ordered the Margarita Pizza with prosciutto. It was a brick oven place and the pizza was finished in about 15 minutes. The crust is to die for and it's also a hand tossed/thin crust. They have a good selection on the menu as well. It's in a small strip mall and it looks as if it's in a bad area, but it is worth it. I will go back!

User:Rebecca P.

I got a small Margherita pizza and a side mixed green salad. It was amazing! Great dressing on the salad and the pizza was perfect too. I will definitely be back.

User:UK V.

Me + Pizza A Metro= FOODGASMS!!! My boyfriend and I stopped into a local aquarium and just before leaving the man who worked there suggested Pizza A Metro to us as we had been talking about lunch the whole time. Unfortunately that day we already had lunch in the car so we went back Saturday evening. I am going to send the guy at the aquarium a pizza or something. Literally. Our server was more than helpful, brought out the bread bruschetta style and that set the tone for the evening!!! The attention to detail was outstanding. We ordered an appetizer of Calamari fritta, the marinara was so fresh you could distinguish every ingredient and was bright and vibrant. I am one who doesn't really like to go out to eat. I know I am very picky, and pretentious, and I will be less than nice if the food is bad... So that whole ugly picture- I like to avoid. Hard to because I come from a long line of properly trained French chefs, and myself am a chef/ restauranteur as well. I have NEVER EVER given a restaurant 5 stars, but today I would give this little eatery 6! From the moment you walk in, the interior is not what you would expect from the so often mentioned neighborhood. OK, so! The colors are a warm neutral tone, and flow well into the wood wine rack that spans the height of the wall to your right of the door, the blinds match up to that rack and there is an overall harmony throughout. When you walk into this 8-9 table restaurant you are greeted first by the smell of fresh pizza being fired in the wood oven, and then by a friendly waiter who made sure every thing we could want or need was taken care of before we had a chance to want for it. Our pizza, thin crispy crust without being dry or crunchy was topped with mozzarella, artichoke, black olives, and prosciutto and was heaven! For desert I ordered a slice of their tiramisu, and was again blown away. The flavors were balanced and sung together like an orchestra! Oh amazing! I was impressed by this little gem, and the icing on my tiramisu, another table asked the waiter to let them pay for my dessert! The overall atmosphere was warm, and inviting- even the other patrons were awesome! At the end of our meal and after having eaten all of that I expected to feel 'heavy and drowsy'. I instead felt sated, comfortable and overwhelmingly satisfied in the experience. This place rose above with the atmosphere, (warm + inviting) exceptional food, (I am still eating the pizza!), and with the customer service which was also exceptional! We will be customers for years to come.

User:Christopher B.

I'm not quite sure what all the hype is all about. Sure, they offer fresh and authentic Italian food, but they are also in a ghetto, run-down area and the prices are not competitive for the overall value ($8 for a small sandwich and salad). The service was surprisingly good, and the bread was superb, but the cons will prevent me from coming back.

User:P. T.

Don't eat the anchovies! I went there on 8/3/13 in the afternoon ordered a 16" with anchovies on half. Place was cool, had a Rolling Rock and kicked back till it was done. Didn't think much about it when the guy making my pizza and another kitchen guy were having a discussion about a blue and white rectangular can, ended up being the anchovies. He used them on my pizza and threw them away, opened a new can. Obviously the fire wasn't hot enough cause he kept putting more wood in it. I took home my under cooked, germ ridden, toxic pizza and ate half of it. The fun kicked in about thirty minutes prior to catching a morning flight on 8/4/13. It's now 8/7/13 and I've been in constant contact with many different restrooms since then, it just will not stop, missed some work, had an IV for dehydration. At least the headaches, sweating and vomiting has stopped.

User:Colby R.

Not great. Been here twice and not impressed. The crust of the pizza is unusually chewy and I always find hard pieces hidden in the dough. The Margarita pizza is bland. There are 3 better pizza places in the area.

User:John H.

You can't deny the likability of an honest man running a little Italian restaurant. The 7-9 tables that make up this great neighborhood find, the attentive service by the service staff who was also helping cook in the kitchen, and the unexpected quality food that came out were 3 key ingredients that make this a 5-Star Find! Even though the name of this place suggests ordering pizza, I didn't actually get to taste the pizza. :(...but I saw it and it looked amazing! Next time. What I did find was MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT GNOCCHI!!! I ordered the Gnocchi alla Sorrentina and it was fantastico! The only way to describe this dish (which on this night came with a vodka sauce instead of their usual tomato sauce i guess) was a plate full of little fluffy pillows of deliciousness!!! It was a great dish that I will be coming back for. Thank you Pizza A Metro for a great dinner...and Victor, don't be afraid to expand...a few extra tables might be a nice move for you.

User:Robert G.

In a reasonably late scramble for dinner, this pizza place was quite a find. The location isn't altogether promising, right next to a Circle K and tucked in an itty bitty end in a strip mall. There are only about 7 table. Yet the owner, whose service was excellent, makes the most of the situation. The wife and I split a margherita pizza. Out first, though, is the appetizer, which was small pieces of pita-like flatbread served with balsamic vinegar served over a tomato and celery salsa cruda. Nom. Worth eating in for. The pizza itself was a thin crust... The crust was decent, the cheese was good, and both the basil and tomato very fresh. It must be nice having ready access to fresh versions of both year-round! We were very happy with our meal. Pizza A Metro should be on your short list for a good Italian pizza in the area.

User:Evan B.

Mama Mia! what are you a doing here? I was leery to say the least coming to this part of town with my boss for lunch. It is in a small strip mall where the .99 store even found a need for metal bars on the winnow. This is not your typical location for fine dining. External appearances inside you are met with a small dining room with nice tables and chairs (no table cloths.) Note seating is limited to 4 four person tables and two 2 person tables. The menu us full of Italian food like pastas, not just pizza. Due the name of this place I had to try the pizza, I went with a small vegetarian ($10) It had everything on it, including artichoke, eggplant, olives and more. For a small it is a good size, this with a app or salad would be good for two. Big me only ate half. Meals include and amazing bruchetta, the flat bread is hot straight from the wood oven, the bruchetta is full of flavor and is fresh. My bosses spagetti and meatballs (8.95) were artfully presented and, as I could see the kitchen cooked and sauted to order. He enjoyed his meal as well. If you are looking for some great food in a very unexpected location give this place a try.

User:Mark M.

Curb appeal given the neighborhood and parking -- lots to be desired. (and why the 4 stars only) But once inside and the appetizers hit the table and food appears -- you will be in heaven and not caring what happens outside at all. Numerous visits and it all has been incredibly good. Highly recommended and I an anticipating yet another visit upcoming. =)

User:Daniel T.

I called in a pasta order ahead. I tried two dishes. The chicken parm and one other dish. The sauces were tasty but a bit on the salty side as the other reviews have mentioned. AND I LOVE SALT!! I don't know what it was but the staff (owner and cook) were both very nice but for some reason I felt awkward in that place like I was an unexpected guest. Then again, I'm a younger, sharper dressed, fine watch, imported car kind of American boy and this strip mall isn't in the part of town that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.. It wasn't enough to turn me off but I did feel weird being in there. The food was good overall with the exception of being really salty. At least it isn't bland and has flavor. I will surely give them another shot and try the pizza...

User:Nick B.

Try this hidden gem. I haven't had the pasta yet but the pizza is amazing and have been told from friends the pasta is the same. After talking to the owner last month he is suppose to start offering delivery soon.

User:Kim M.

We love this place! The pizza is phenomenal but the chicken Marsala is to die for!! Always a win ! Love the people who run it and the service is always great!

User:Stormy Suncloud G.

This place is very tiny, not pretentious, but not junky and the people are friendly. We ordered the very big pizza, not sure what it is called, but it is served on a wood plank. The ingredients were fresh and the flavors were good. I have had better pizza before, but I still applaud eating food that actually tastes like real food in restaurants now days. Several people at other tables were ordering Italian dishes that looked and smelled amazing. I would love to come back and try some of those.

User:Reimun S.

Pizza was great! Got the Margarita Pizza. However the pasta was ok and the place was somewhat too small. Services was excellent!!!

User:Kevin H.

Bumping up a half star. Stopped by last night after phoning in an order for pickup on my way home to the oppressive NW burbs of Phoenix. When I arrived I was told that they made the wrong pie, and it would not be ready for several minutes. Before I could tell them no worries, the manager offered to buy me a beer. Why yes you can! Settled in and chatted for a while over an ice cold Moretti, so nice that they have the full gamut of booze now. He tells me that they may be opening a third spot out in Gilbert. Nice to see a cool group of indie owners doing well in times like this. The pie was delicious as usual, and so was the lasagna. The joint was pretty empty though, so if you have not tried them yet, check it out!

User:Jeremy G.

I have been here twice and my recommendation is to have any of the pastas. My friend had the lasagna and said the noodles just melted in his mouth. I had the penne al vodka and the sauce was perfectly creamy. I had the pizza on my second visit and it was definitely good, but not the best I have had in this city. That being said, the tiny restaurant (there are literally only 5 to 6 tables all nestled against the kitchen) oozes charm. This place is hard to spot, but worth the try.

User:Jennifer S.

What a nice surprise! I heard about this place on Open Table and then did some research on Yelp and quickly realized I better get my butt over to this amazing place! I checked it out for a quick lunch and was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside and there are very few tables inside, but the food speaks for itself! The staff was all very friendly and willing to please. The bread and tomatoes were amazing to start and my pasta was just delicious! The 4.5 star overall review for this place is definitely warranted in my book!

User:Stacy M.

Caprese Salad was just so so. The tomatoes were similar to the type that you see on a burger and not enough basil or oil. LOVE the complimentary pizza crust bites and olive/tomato dip. the crust bites were soft puffs that made me excited for what the pizza will taste like. Pizza Meatball was delicious, great crust consistency and just the right amount of sauce to cheese to meatball ratio. I know its a small mom and pop restaurant, so I feel a bit bad for saying this, but I thought the service was too slow.

User:Erin B.

This little tiny restaurant (which I NEVER knew was there!!) is definitely tied for the best pizza I've had in Phoenix. The penne alla vodka was amazing as well. Two small pizzas and two pasta dishes filled up the 4 of us to the brim! Great atmosphere, reasonable prices, amazing food and excellent, friendly service...I'll definitely be bringing my family here the next time they visit Phoenix!

User:Joanna L.

Came here pretty late - - like 30 minutes before they closed but the owner was nice and let us sit in. I ordered the cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce....a little salty and there were only 7 pieces of med-sized ravioli....which I thought was a little pricey ($13.95) but it tasted pretty good. My boyfriend ordered their small Margherita Tomato and Mozzarella pizza ($8.95)...very thin and crispy and pretty decent size for a small and a pretty good deal. The restaurant is relatively small....has about 2 tables that fits about 5 people and 2-3 small tables for 2 people. Most people I think usually order out at this place. It is supposedly located in a shady neighborhood (according to the owner) but we got out fine haha...=X The restaurant itself is located in a small plaza at the very it's possible to miss it when driving at night but they do have a med-sized arrow sign that says Pizza in neon florescence light as you enter the driveway. The owner was the only server...he was very nice and talkative ... learned a little about Arizona from him...since he lived there for 6 years...hehe I guess he was kinda bored too since there was no one else but us. Overall I was pretty satisfied so I would come back to place when I'm in Arizona again hehe

User:Jennifer O.

I went here with the BF and a couple of our friends tonight for dinner and it was mighty tasty. I'm very glad I looked at Yelp before going so I knew where this place was because otherwise I would've been very lost. The place is extremely small which makes it slightly uncomfortable (like everyone can hear your conversation and you are sitting very close to other parties) but don't let this scare you off because the food is very good. They give you free bruschetta (essentially) which I thought was the best part of the whole good! The bread was light and delicious and the topping was vinegary, oniony, and fresh tasting....super yummy. We all kind of shared food, the BF and I got the meatball pizza which was tasty, but a bit heavy on the meatball (can I even say that? ha...) it was thin sliced pieces of meatball on top of a basic cheese pizza. The crust is very good and the sauce is also very fresh tasting. The pizza could have used some basil or something to make it have more depth of flavor, but it was good as is. We also shared the gnocchi which are made in house and were light, airy, and delicious! I love eating places that make their cheese and pasta in house....very cool. Our friends got the penne with vodka sauce which was super bacon -y but good. I couldn't eat a whole plate of it (too heavy) but it is extremely flavorful. They also got a pizza and really enjoyed it. Although I wouldn't say this place is the best pizza in town, it is very good and I would love to eat here again. PS: the prices are awesome!!! So many quality ingredients for so little money....excellent!

User:Edward D.

Well, This is my next stop searching for that pizza I have been missing since I moved here. Even though food here is good, I am still searching! The most amazing thing about this place is the location. Never knew it could exist at that place.

User:Alicia c.

Fantastic calamari and the pizzas were really tasty. Pizza Metro is right around the corner from our new home so this will become a regular spot for Italian.

User:Nadia C.

We ordered a METRO pizza (just pepperoni and cheese) for pick up. HILARIOUSLY huge box. It took up the entire back-seat length of my Honda CRV. The pizza was delicious. I think everything has been said about Pizza A Metro already but it really is some good pizza. I need to go back and try the pasta now. It is really small and warm, so I will need to go in the winter when it's cooler. But I am sure it is worth the heat. I wanted to save the pizza box and use it to store wrapping paper in it but my husband wouldn't let me. booo. It went to the recycle bin.

User:Randy I.

Okay, I have passed this place in the past, no more!!! Capricciosa pizza, all I can say, yummy, yummy, yummy. The side salad was good, the service great. Had the complimentary crust appetizer for dessert (LOL)... Can't wait to go back.

User:nam t.

Truly a diamond in the rough. The pasta with vodka sauce had my tastebuds jivin' and toes curlin'

User:Mike L.

Jackpot! Pizza a Metro is that rare joint that gets the basics down right - great food at an excellent value, paired with a charming interior (albeit tiny) and an owner who understands service and customer loyalty. My only fear is that the place will change as more Phoenicians get wise to this gem. Robert O. put it best, you'd have to be a stone cold douche to think that this place isn't [great]. \

User:Anaima R.

Don't be deceived by the neighborhood of lack of curb appeal, this is a great restaurant! I was out on a business trip and used Yelp to guide me... I was not disappointed. We ordered the small (12") Margherita & a small Siciliana (cheese & eggplant pizza) they were both amazing. Though friends Siciliana was tastier, you can't go wrong with either one. The table next to us ordered pasta dishes and all we kept hearing is "delicious"! They stared at our pizza when it came and remarked on how good it looked... they were right. The Italian Wedding soup we ordered as an appetizer was a but bland but not terrible. They brought a complimentary appetizer of pita slices & a type if onion relish dip - very yummy! The tiramisu was also quiet yummy. Overall a good experience - totally worth a visit... or multiple visits.

User:Mandy O.

Was here for the 2nd time the other night. The food here is awesome! The pizza definitely has more of an authentic Italian feel to it. Got the prosciutto and arugula pizza last time I went. The crust is perfect - it's not super crispy thin - but still light and perfect. Oh, the dessert is pretty awesome too! We ordered a cannoli and tiramisu. Whatever the stuff that's stuffed in the cannoli tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough without being overwhelming. The service wasn't the greatest which is why I'm only giving it 4. I think it was the owner who took care of us, and maybe cuz it was the end of the day or something - but he didn't seem to be in the greatest of moods and wasn't all to welcoming or friendly. We didn't let it get to us. This place is definitely tucked away in a random tiny strip mall on Thomas. You miss it if you blink. But definitely worth the stop to check out.

User:Karin M.

At first we weren't so sure about this place but reviews on yelp convinced us to try it. Absolutely no regrets! Love the food!! Great service!

User:Cher T.

don't get me wrong, I'm still a HUGE fan of this place!! Whenever I'm on that side of town, I whimper at the thought of not being able to go here. Damn economy! *sigh* But recently, I had my chance... to yet again dwell in the goodness that is Pizza a Metro. and GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY!!! That's a HUGE pie!! A good friend and I went there when he said that he wanted a LOT of food. "I want to order a small have a whole trough come to the table!" Not feeling the Heart Attack Grill, I convinced my friend to try PIzza a Metro. We did and it was wonderful! A little to loud for our liking - we really needed to shout to hear one another. But we loved it. We shared the gnocchi with vodka sauce and I could just feel the world being lifted off my shoulders!! haha! He never had gnocchi before I feel I may have ruined him for it forever. Then we had the Pizza a Metro with three different types of toppings! THREE feet of pizza ya'll!! It was a shit load of food!! I couldn't believe it! Three feet of Sausage w/broccoli, arugula & procutto, and various meat toppings! It took up most of the table! We dug in and by the end of the night, most of that bad boy was gone! I couldn't believe we ate that much! Oh and if that wasn't enough - our waiter told us of the various desserts! Desserts he said... we had to try the creme brulee - my FAVORITE dessert ever! and it was burnt! And undercooked at the same time! I couldn't believe it. I was so disappoitned! But I didn't let it ruin our great night. We still talked until most of the lights were out. And we laughed over everything. It was a great night. I'm so glad we went. The food was as good as I remember it. To my yelpers I say GO!! but skip the creme brulee!

User:Teresa S.

I have been to this place several times now. Always unbelievably good! We ate there once,quite cute and quiet. Very small inside, It smells wonderful inside as well. I love to get it to go though. The Pizza crust is amazing. Love everything we have ever ordered here. Salads, pasta and the Pizza. It is located in a rough little shopping center, but so worth going there. My most favorite Pizza shop.

User:Daren C.

We took mom there for her b-day tonight. Just a chill evening with good food, nothing pretentious, nothing outlandish, nothing crowded, nothing chain. We loved it. She choose Margarita pizza, Cheese ravioli, Cesar salad. The bread they serve before the meal was amazing. The salad was cold and crisp with a perfect amount of dressing. The Ravioli was the best I have ever had. We even had a surprise Penne Pasta with artichoke and marinara arrive at the table. It was a typo when entering the order. It was really good too. Then for dessert they brought out Creme Brule with a candle! Thanks for the great evening tonight, we loved the food and appreciated the service.

User:Jimmy U.

It's all about the oven! Wood fired brick oven I'm guessing. Excellent Pizza!! If you ever wanted to prove the saying "don't judge a book by the cover" this would be the place! I've driven past here a hundred times a didn't think twice. Then I got hold of a Pizza Top 10 list and this was on it. I even tried coming here twice before and left without coming inside. I wish I would have. I will definitely be back for more! Also the interior isn't what you would expect, it is very tasteful. Woohoo, I got a new pizza destination.

User:Albert H.

Fantastic pizza, good friendly service, cute inside atmosphere, but the location is a nasty dump next to a Circle K in a seedy part of town with absolutely no parking. I had to get up during my meal to get two teenage "homies" off my car. Since when is it ok to lean on someone's car with a slurpie in your hand? Pizza wasn't as thin as most Neopolitan pies. Crust at the end was rather uniform too, in shape and consistency. No irregularity which is the signature of a hand tossed pie (not that theirs isn't hand tossed). Sauce delivered great tomato flavor and cheese was rich, and clearly high quality stuff. Prices were reasonable. I'm not kidding - there's maybe 4-5 parking spots and about 5 tables inside. It's quaint, adorable, and the waiter seems to have an authentic Italian accent. Food is very good, almost as good as that other famous pizza place in town, but my god this place needs a new location. I thought this over for a few days before reviewing it and the location & parking just ruin the experience here, plus the lack of seating. Unless you go right at the opening you'll have no idea when or if you'll actually get a table. Silly.

User:Shannon N.

I love this place. When I did my last review I had only tried their pizza at a friend's house, but since then I've been a couple times and had the takeout a few times. The pizza is delicious! I really like the pepperoni pizza. The sauce is simple but just right, the crust is light and chewy, and the mozz is so fresh tasting. I've also tried plain margherita (cheese), and the sausage, and was happy with those too. The restaurant itself is very small and has a cozy Italian kitchen vibe (only a few tables for 2, and a couple for parties of 4). The stone pizza oven is really cool. The location is kind of random and not in the best area, but it's right off the I-17 and if you park right in front, it's fine. The owner and other staff are very friendly and accomodating. I've tried the caesar salad which was great. The romaine was chopped and crispy and the dressing and croutons were good. The penne vodka was a big portion and delicious. Excellent sauce with bits of bacon in it. It's an artery clogger but so good. My husband had the chicken parm and he really liked it. The chicken was pounded out flat, had just the right amount of breading on it, and their sauce is so good it tastes great with everything. My in-laws had spaghetti with meatballs and really enjoyed it. My friend has raved about their fresh homemade pastas, but I haven't had a chance to try them yet. Another plus when you dine in is that they cook up fresh bread in the pizza oven, cut it into small strips, and bring it to the table with a bruschetta style tomato/balsamic dip. My mouth is watering! I highly recommend to anyone who loves homestyle classic Italian food and Neapolitan style pizza.

User:Joe S.

We were referred to Pizza A Metro by the hertz rental car girl at the airport. She said that if we didn't mind eating in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood, we would love this place. She was right. If it had turned out to be my last meal, it would have been worth it. Caesar salad and margherita pizza were amazing. Service and presentation of the meal was A++. There are only 6 tables in the joint so I don't know how easy it would be to get in at the lunch hour. If you do get in, you will want to stay and savor every aspect of the dining experience.

User:Greg P.

Wow. Where has this place been hiding? It is located in a ghetto strip mall. but the inside is very nice and the food is incredible! Take a few friends to this place and you will be a hero for finding the best hidden gem downtown.

User:Amy B.

So, my friend Angie and I were looking for a casual place to dine on Saturday night, and I suggested we try Pizza a Metro. I've seen that a lot of fellow Yelpers have gone here, and its recieved quite a few reviews. So, I call the place to confirm where they are located, and what time they are open until. A nice gentleman with an Italian accent answered the phone, and was so friendly and helpful! I loved it! So, I drive there, and like the gentleman said, he was right off the expressway next to a circle K. What shocked me at first was a few things. First, its a tiny little parking lot, and its shared with a circle K. I found this interesting. Fortunately, there was parking available, so I waited for my friend to arrive. The second surprise that I had was just how small this place was. Interesting. I guess if you had a larger party (more then 4 people) you would definately NEED to call in a reservation, as its a very limited seating arrangement. When my friend finally arrived, all the seats were taken, and I was greeted by the gentleman with the thick Italian accent. He told me that it would be about a 7 minute wait, so my friend and I waited outside in the parking lot. The wait ended up being more about 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops. Not bad. When we were seated, we really liked the place. Theres a firebrick oven where people were cooking pizzas. There was also other workers that you could see preparing other foods. Somewhat of an open kitchen feel. the service was great. I believe this place is owned and operated by this Italian family. they most be brothers, because periodically throughout the evening, they were speaking in Italian to each other. I think it really added to the evening, and made the place feel much more authentic. We ended up ordering our food, and even tho I was not extremely hungry, my friend was. I went with a Cesar Salad, and my friend went with the Cheese Ravioli. We were given some complimentary appitizers which were bread chunks and red sauce. Tasty! We both ordered pops, which were brought out and poured for us...but they were from those 20 ounce pop bottles that you would get at a local store...not from a fountian. I found this interesting. Angie really enjoyed her Ravioli, but I felt like my salad was a little soggy. Sitll edable, just a little to much dressing. The food here seems to be good, and I think its also the ambiance and guys that run the show that make dining here worthwhile. I would bring friends or family here who are in from out of town, becuase I think its one of those more authentic experiences. Anyways, the service was wonderful. Truely a gem, and much more fun and authentic then most places I have been for pizza and pasta lately.

User:Julie P.

My BFF and I played hookie today to lunch it up. As always the food is out of this world good. In fact, during desert, she actually schooshed me, because she was having a moment with the tiramisu. Normally I wouldn't add this sort of thing to a review, but seriously... she schooshed me! PAM will now be open from noon to 8:30 on Sundays. They are staffing up for the opening of their Scottsdale location and the place is all a buzz. Although you can generally get in with little or no wait during lunch, you would be smart to call ahead or make a reservation for dinner. Also their liquor license is in process, but you can still BYO.

User:Jonathan E.

A definite gem. We split an order of veal cannelloni in pink (vodka?) sauce, which were beautifully flavorful and surprisingly light. We also shared a medium pizza - the name escapes me but it was tomato sauce, mozz, some nice sausage with a kick and... broccoli. I can't recall ever having that on a pizza - but it worked. In fact I'd imagine most things cooked in a wood fired oven on a great crust works pretty well. Coupled with the delish bread/caponata dish, we ate very well. And there are a few slices left over in the fridge. I know some people aren't fans of the location, size, etc. but some of my fave places in other cities are in the most unexpected areas, strip malls, etc. and you have to give the owner props for taking a chance on a spot that would defy any advice from pricey consultants and created a small, but great chow experience.

User:Brennan V.

I love this place. The pizza is a Neapolitan style with a great thin crispy crust and good toppings. One of my personal favorites is the chicken Parmesan. One thing is it is very small so I always get my food to go.

User:Deb L.

Wow where has this place been and why have I not seen their sign before? I know everyone has already reviewed and oohed and awwed , which it deserves. But I am going to give it a better rating , it tasted great and my daughter liked it! Yeah! My nine year old enjoyed it and it was good for her. Now we have a place to stop for a bite before getting on the freeway.

User:Dolan K.

The Honeycomb and I stopped in for pizza this eve because it's near our house and had great reviews here. Ordered the Penne alla Vodka pasta in tomato sauce with bacon, fresh basil, cream and vodka and damn near blew my load. It's awfully good.

User:Jim C.

A little whole in the wall that serves decent pizza. DEFINITELY not what I expected. Great service too!

User:O.R. C.

Definitely the best Italian we have had in a long time. Chicken Parm finished in the wood fired! That in itself adds a complexity to the dish found nowhere else. Marinara made in house, perfectly cooked pasta, delicate Ravioli, this is one not to miss! Do not be put off by the location, or the funky and tiny interior...these guys can cook Italian! OR...Goodyear

User:Sir William G.

Pizza AND Beer are here atPizza A Metro!! They just got their liquor license and I was apparently the first person to order a beer. I have to say that it went perfectly with my Pizza. I can't really say anything else that the other yelpers have said so I'm keeping this one short. Service was friendly and attentive. The pizza was great. The place was clean. The beer (although the selection was limited to bud light and coors light) was refreshing. Definitely going back.

User:Rebecca C.

Tiny place but delicious! Don't be fooled by the neighborhood. I got the veggie pizza and it was so good! The service was great, the owner himself was out there refilling my drink. Reasonable prices too!

User:Jamie S.

What a great place to have pizza and pasta. You will get surprised by the size of the restaurant. However, you will get more surprised by the taste of their pizza. but,, as a date place? well.. I am not sure about that. when you don't care about the "intimate" mood.. Or if s/he is a gourmet, the taste of food will provide the "intimacy" that you want. lol

User:Levon A.

Pizza crust & toppings are excellent. However the pizza sauce was too salty. I'm willing to try again later.

User:Alexander C.

Been wanting to try this place for some time to see what was up.. the only thing I can say is that I'm sorry.. so sorry for not coming here sooner. Yes, this place is in the hood and is smaller than a postage stamp but is so good that you can brave the seedy location for one night. There are several pasta's on the menu but only a handful are handmade. We had the gnocci in the vodka sauce as well as the cheese ravioli.. come on, these are so good.. like crazy yummy good! The creamy sauce paired well with the perfectly prepared pasta's.. eyes were rolled back into our heads!! For our main course we ordered the meatball Metro.. this pizza is HUGE.. check out the pics! for 25 bucks this monster is worth every penny.. sweet chunky tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella and little chunks of meatball.. the crust was a little bit salty in a good way.. the crust could have been enjoyed on its own! In the end this place so many wonderful elements.. fast personal service, great pricing and wonderful eats. Its a real winner!! Cant wait to try the new location over on our side of town.

User:Jason F.

Pizza was REALLY good. Great ingredients, all the way around. service and attention to detail could be better.

User:Bren M.

Absolutely Fantastic!!!!! When we moved into the downtown area... we ordered a pizza from here to be delivered on moving day. It was so delicious, I almost inhaled it! The crust could have been a little bit crunchier (seemed a tad bit soggy from sitting in the box.) -- but, still NOT BAD. The sauce was delish... the cheese tasted fresh... and the basil on top added the perfect flavor! It was more pricey than a typical pizza chain... but, definitely worth it for the taste. I'd like to visit the actual restaurant sometime soon!

User:Jane A.

Wow! This place is great, and in such an unexpected location. I work over here, and I am thrilled to find a great place to each lunch. Working on the West side means not many lunch choices for sure. I called in my order of a pepperoni pizza. When I arrived, I was greeted with smiles, hellos, offered water and tea. I actually got to watch them make my pizza. I was concerned at first thinking, I called this in, why isn't it done, but it only took five minutes to make. They use fresh dough, fresh homemade sauce, and using the pizza oven took no more than five minutes. I will be back here many times for sure....totally impressed.

User:Robert M.

Yelpers get it right again! The SO and I decided on Salad and Pizza before settling in for a night of disk 1, season 3 of WEEDS. So we head over to Pizza A Metro after a quick yelp search and cruise through the "wes-side" of Phoenix. Pulled up to a mini-strip mall with a Circle K and a unisex hair salon which created great interest for us because we love "off the beaten path" kind of places. We step in, notice a very clean interior with a very nice staff too-boot.Take a gander at the menu and decide on the Antipasto della Casa for starters and the Frescolina fresh Pizza. As we're waiting for our Antipasto, we're served warm flat bread and a spread that appeared to be onions, olives, and peppers. It was great! We were again greeting by the owner who exchanges small talk throughout our night adding to our great evening out. The Antipasto was an amazing array of olives, peppers, basil, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto,and eggplant. It was almost too pretty to eat and more than enough for the two of us. Next was the Frescolina Pizza. Man this was one killer pizza! Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula, the perfect layer of flavor. The sweetness of the sauce, saltiness of the prosciutto, and the peppery/bitterness of the arugula made for a perfect blend. Wait, the crust! This crust was beyond real and there were no ends left on our plates. Now that's great crust! So we both agreed this was one hell-of-a place and we are going to be making our way through the menu along with our standing date with our next in queue Netflix-flick!

User:Ryan S.

Really, where else can you go and buy a delicious, thin charred crust, meter long pizza? It ranks among the top few pizza places in the valley such as Bianco and Cibo. Don't blink driving by or be thrown off by the 7-Eleven adjacent or you will miss it! A must try pizza locale for sure!

User:Dave B.

Fucking GREAT pizza! This place rivals Cibo for my favorite pizza in town. I had a cheese and peperoni pie. The peperoni was spicy but not over riding so. That sauce was very fruity, the crust perfectly crispy yet soft and flexible. Wow. The restaurant is very small and tucked into a dirty little strip mall but the inside is nice. If you love pizza I think you'll LOVE this place. YUM!

User:Lauren G.

Outstanding - I wish I had more time to write reviews of all the places I go - but I just wanted to share a quick review - in a nutshell - definitely a go to place! Yes, the area is kind of shady - and its in a seedy little strip mall - but come on - if you are an adult then get over it. Food was great, service wonderful and accomodating. Only "negative" was there isn't a bar you can sit at while waiting for your table. We sat outside at the little table on the sidewalk and had a drink, The owner told us that the crowd in the rest of the little stip mall wasn't the classiest. It was totally fine. I never saw the bill so I can't say for sure what the pricing was. I am pretty sure it should be 2 $ signs. Some reviews say BYOB - but those reviews are very old and I think before the current owner. You do not need to BYOB/W

User:Kyle R.

We had a really nice time here. The place is small. I was immediately impressed when I saw the wood-fired pizza oven. The owner served us personally and couldn't have been nicer. We had a pizza with mozzarella, meatballs, and sausage. The pizza had really excellent flavor, and I was very impressed with the quality of the meatballs. The little char on the crust from the wood oven was magical. My only complaint is that we didn't leave totally stuffed. We got the 2nd largest pizza, but the pizza is so flat that it isn't too filling. The other dishes and appetizers were really expensive, so we didn't get anything else. We aren't competitive eaters or anything, we just like to be full and have some leftovers. Am I greedy? Maybe. It was delicious, so we would definitely go back. Next time, we'll get two, smaller pizzas. That would be good.

User:Brian T.

We ordered the "Metro pizza" (19" X 39") for one of the guys here in the office.. The look on everyone's faces was priceless. To see this MASSIVE pizza come in was great. I have also uploaded a pic of it.

User:Mario C.

Came here last night to get a pizza to go. Since it was Ash Wednesday no meat. We got a Medium size pizza, The Siciliana with Basil, It was as always fantastic!! THe Pizza here is so good and the restuarant smells so good as well. We also got Salad. This Place never disappoints. We love it. You will find it nesteled in a little shopping center. Look for the Circle K. They even have a wood burning fire Pizza Oven. Again we love it!

User:Robert M.

I ordered the regular (16") pizza with Pepperoni and white onions. It was very tasty. This is some decent pizza! it's better than your average Costco pizza. I will definitely be ordering from here again. Small = 12 ", Reg = 16', Metro = 39 ".

User:Jalayne A.

So Boyfriend's birthday rolls around and it becomes a challenge - with every restaurant he chooses is closed on Mondays . . . a grim evening seemed to be ahead. Alas Yelp to the rescue - "How about here . . . they have tiramisu" . . . "Um ok" he responds. (ok this isn't exactly how the conversation goes, but you get the point). We pull in . . . a little nervous - next to a sketchy Circle K - Really? we both think This small (less than 10 tables, and only 3 that have four seats) Italian place made our night. First the food is really fantastic - clean, not over done, and fresh. I had gnocchi - this was the real stuff. He had lasagna - it made his night - filling a void for a lasagna that he had in Italy (the closest other option is in Seattle - not so feasible!). The sauce was really great fresh - rustic - tomato sauce. Also - the bread starter has us wanting to back for pizza - so tasty! The service was great and personal (nothing like the owner telling you the background of the restaurant) Also - the owner was truly gracious and kind to his hard working staff. Gabriel (the lead chef/waiter/server) seemed to put his heart into service. When he learned it was BF's Birthday he took back the check (even as we said it was not necessary) and removed BF's dessert from the bill. This restaurant deserves support and patronage - it is truly fantastic. Put the sketchy Circe K aside.

User:Andrew V.

Yum! An awesome Italian restaurant in the middle of sketch-ville. Tonight I tried the cheese ravioli (take out), and was pretty impressed... Impressed enough to tell everyone at work they might have been the best ravioli I've ever had. All of their pastas are homemade, and it shows. The pasta was light, fresh and delicious, as was the cheese inside. The sauce screamed fresh, and had the perfect spicy bite to it. An added bonus were the little pita-like things that I suppose come with all entrees. They came from the wood fire oven, which smelled incredible while inside the restaurant. Here's the deal... it's not the best part of town, but you won't get stabbed or mugged here, so park your car and come inside for some gooooooood food.

User:Nasir M.

I should be writing my graduation paper right now but instead I feel like I have an obligation to spread the word on the awesomeness of this place. GPA be damned. I am gonna be honest and admit that my experiences with ethnic cuisine in Phoenix has not been the best. That said there are a number of good Italian joints in the greater 480 and this is probably the best one. By this time I have had an opportunity to try a number of the items on the menu and without doubt the best thing on it is the Margherita Pizza. As Anthony Bourdain has mentioned numerous times on his show good Italian Cuisine is all about effective use of simple ingredients and what better illustration of this then the Margherita. It is a thin crust pizza with marinara, mozzarella, and if memory serves me basil. That's it. But it is effectively put together. You can taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients as they slowly envelop your taste buds in deliciousness. In addition since it is thin crust its not as heavy as your typical pizza meal. This is also the first delivery place I have seen that actually serves gnocchi. They get 10 extra points for just having the balls to do that. Of course their gnocchi and the other pasta dishes of theirs that I tried are not of the same caliber as the pizza. So personally I would just stick to the pizza. On a final note this place has probably the coolest most down to earth owner I have ever met. He normally makes the deliveries too which is a plus.

User:Greekbastard W.

So there are a ton of reviews on this place so there isn't much more I can give praise on that already hasn't been without further adieu, I had the meatball pizza and liked it. Food review done. Now what I really want to write about this place is that I don't think it's not going to be around much longer. It's in a less than desirable part of town, which usually doesn't spell doom necessarily but in this case it really doesn't fit in with the local flavor of pawn shops/payday loans/fast food chains all over the place. This place can hang with the Pizzeria Biancos, Cibos and Humble Pies of Phoenix, but it's not getting the numbers of patrons it needs to thrive. I watched as the owner nervously peered out the the front glass as potential customers just walked on by as if it were the SB 1070 Fan Club headquarters. The owner was great to us. He greeted us immediately, was really attentive and felt authentic with his thick Mediterranean accent. Again, the only problem I observed was that we were the only ones in the place for the whole hour we were there. It was on a Thursday night but still... I'm hoping I'll be able to eat there again in the future.

User:Dan C.

We ordered the antipasti, bolognese pizza, and the vodka sauce penne pasta. The antipasti plate was a big disappointment. The overall general taste was that of food from a can. But, the pizza was tasty. very tasty! Nice crust, fresh tasting sauce, good cheese fired in a wood burning oven. The pasta was very good also. This place is small but comfortable. The owner was there and was very attentive to our table.

User:Chris P.

ordered a pizza an some pasta. Gnocci was ok. not the best we had but not bad by any means. we had a pizza on another trip and it was pretty good. not the best in the valley but wood fired so that is a bonus. Good for carry out.

User:Wesley R.

Very good!

User:Mateusz S.

Was looking for a good pizza place while out here finding a place to move to from Chicago. Although from the outside, this place looks like somewhere you wouldn't often stop at, the inside is much different. Plenty of seating if you were to bring a date, which I would recommend, as he feel inside is very homely and personal. The owner is a fantastic and extremely friendly guy who greeted us before we had entered the place, our order was taken right away and the pizza was ready in what seemed like absolutely no time. The portions were more than enough, with my wife and I sharing an entire regular sized pizza. The cherry on top was that they offered Tiramisu on the menu, my favorite desert; and I must say that it did not disappoint. The only reason that I felt the place didn't deserve a full 5 stars was because I personally thought that it was slightly pricey for pizza; but other than that, I could not find a bad word to speak about the place.

User:N A.

This place is AMAZING!!! In fact, they make some of the best pizza I've ever had. The owner is Italian and definitely seems to know what he's doing.... they use a wood-fired oven, make fresh mozzarella daily, the sauce is to-die-for, and the crust is absolute perfection!

User:Harrison W.

Not as good as Pizzeria Bianco, but pretty damn good--and you don't have to wait 3 hours. Try the giant metro pizza if you're throwing a party!

User:Joe L.

Finally good pizza in the west, real good

User:Bill V.

Best pizza in Phoenix. We come here to order for our holiday parties, and the food is amazing. The owner is very helpful.

User:Cara S.

Finally made it here for lunch and it was delicious! I never would have tried this place without a friend recommending it, and I am happy they did. I had the spaghetti carbonara. It was absolutely divine.

User:Norma R.

Deceptively fantastic. Like Lady Gaga. Pizza A Metro is the Lady Gaga of mid-range Italian restaurants. It's so unassuming from the outside that I was pumped when pulling up. Oh, man, Ben, we could get in a knife fight at a location like this! Sweeet! It's not that bad. But the food is righteous. The pre-meal bread with the tomato + balsamic + red onion deliciousness was such a great alternative to the typical bread and oil. We split the antipasti (yes, the portions are comically large... we maybe cleared a layer (a delicious, delicious layer) of very fresh, yummy artichoke hearts, prosciutto wrapped canteloupe, and a smattering of other favorites. We then had the pizza with sausage and broccoli. Perfect cheese, perfect crust, yum sausage, perfectly crunchy fresh broccoli. It's clean and warm on the inside. Try it. You like it. And tell no one that I mentioned liking Lady Gaga.

User:Fairbi K.

Have been here a handful of times with my Hubby for lunch. I would have never given this place a 2nd look, but its literally a 2 minute drive from my work so I thought why not? Glad I did because Pizza A Metro is the bomb!! We have tried a variety of dishes but our 2 favs have to be the Penne alla Vodka & the Capricciosa pizza, so freakin delish!! Oh & their salads are pretty yummy too. The bread they give you is tasty as well. We hadn't been here in a few months but on our most recent trip this past Wednesday, it seemed to be under new ownership. Sad-I really loved the spunky, lil Italian dude with pretty blue eyes! If you have never been, give it a try, you won't regret it! :)

User:Jane D.

I've been a bunch of times for takeout and took a seriously picky foodie friend this past weekend. Everything I've had here has been excellent and I mean, excellent. In the past I've had the margherita pizza, eggplant parm and fried calamari. All good. This weekend we had the comp tapenade, beef carpacchio, lasagna and one of the pizzas (can't remember name -- had olives, art hearts, ham and ?). All delicious. The lasagna was so delicate but melded perfectly with the sauce. My very particular picky friend LOVED the place. Seriously loved it.

User:Neuro G.

Terrific wood-fired pizza. Made fast at high temps - as wood-fired pizza always is. That makes it ready in a jiffy for pick-up. However, you need to get there fast, and get home just as quick, to get it in your pie-hole before it turns into a pumpkin. For, as everyone familiar with the Thermodynamics of Pizza knows, the thin units cool fast and sublimate from a combination of different states of matter: crispy good crust. hot liquid sauce and piping plasma cheese into one solid block of cool 'za. The moment is lost like a melted snowflake. You should really be prepared to wish upon that shooting star as you drive home. Anyway, try the Frescolina. It's a classic from Naples with tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula. It is wonderful. You know, it's like eating a pizza with a salad on it. Following the antiquated "Dad-logic", you can tell yourself that the healthy salad negates the ill-effects of the fatty, carby 'za. Really, this pizza is not greasy or fatty, and the crust is thin enough that the carbs are quite limited compared to the standard American faire. It is really, really good gourmet pizza. The best you will ever find next to a Circle K. That I can assure you.

User:Kat S.

Wow, for such a small hole in the wall, there are a lot of surprises packed in here. For starters, don't let the location scare you away. Don't let the size scare you away. We were greeted at the door by the owner who patiently held the door open for us as we slowly made our way in. There were two tables outside with umbrellas and tablecloths. Inside there were 4-6 two top tables, and about 3 four tops. Very tiny. But it turns out, very intimate. Since my son and I went with my parents, we were seated at a four top. Clean and well presented. A small TV hung on the wall with the basketball game on (happened to be Celtics!). Service was quick. We placed our orders with our friendly and informative waiter and were served a plate of bread (didn't think to ask what kind as I did not recognize it) with a chunky tomato dressing on the side. Both were excellent. Since everything is made fresh, the wait for food was a little long, but not bad. I ordered the Margarita Pizza, my son order the same with onions on it, my mother ordered the Chicken Parm, my father ordered the Lasagna. Everyone loved their food. My parents cleaned their plates. My son and I had ordered small pizzas which I had assumed were personal sizes. turns out they were a medium Dominos sized pizza. So we got yummy leftovers! While we dinned, the owner approached the table to ask how everything was. He explained that he was the new owner and was excited to see new faces. We chatted with him for a while. He came over several times over the course of the evening and helped get water for our glasses which never went empty. During our talks my son mentioned that his 11th birthday is on Friday. The owner later remembered that and told him happy birthday 11 year old! That was sweet. We also ordered desert. My mother ordered the Tiramisu, my father ordered the Creme Brulee, and my son and I split the chocolate cake. Guess which was the best? The Creme Brulee! Sweet and yummy. The Creme and the cake had a raspberry drizzle on it. The cake was actually more like a slice of fudge. The Tiramisu was light and sweet. All very good. They also have a Canonli, but we didn't try that. Oh well. I really can't find any fault with this place. Great service, great food, great atmosphere. I am assuming that the new owner changed the plates. Everything was served on plain white square or rectangular plates that I like a lot better than the ones in the pictures. The pasta dishes were served on square plates that were maybe a square foot. Crazy big! It was pricey. I think the total before tip was somewhere around $80 for the four of us. My pizza was $9. I have had better, it wasn't bad though, and the overall experience made up for it. My parents couldn't help but rave about their food, especially the deserts. I recommend Pizza A Metro, especially for a date!

User:Laura T.

I love this place. I only went there because the reviews were so good- its not in the best little stripmall but I live right down the street, so I was willing to try it. I have never had anything there that was less than excellent. The pizza is great, the pasta is excellent and even the stuff like the chicken rollatini, which I usually wouldn't get, was amazing. Everything is super well done and authentic. I loved it all! I wish this place great success, unless it gets too busy and I can't get in anymore :) It is a kind of small space so calling in for a reservation isn't a bad idea.

User:Emily J.

I love Pizza-A-Metro and so does Joe Arpaio. I am quite certain it is the only thing we have in common. This is where I take my foodie friends because they are usually so busy eating they shut up for a while. (I kid, I kid...) I have never had anything here that I don't find super delicious and crave-worthy. The first time I went here my party was personally doted on by Maurizio, who was over-the-top gracious and seemed to truly love what he was doing. While I don't see him every time I am here, the service never suffers. The calamari is crisp and light, which is a nice change from heavy, fried calamari that is so ubiquitous in too many Italian joints. Hands down my favorite item on the menu is the Frescolina. The combination of the arugula and prosciutto makes my mouth water even thinking about it! So next time you are at Pizza-A-Metro, my advice is don't loudly discuss if the portly man next to you is Joe Arpaio. Don't look him up on your Blackberry and pass the photo around to get the opinion of your fellow diners. Don't bring up that his mother died in childbirth, and how that potentially explains a great deal of the man's 'politics.' No matter how much wine you have had, do not forget how small this restaurant is. Because in the end, after he and his bodyguards leave, the server will tell you- Yeah. That was him.

User:Jack N.

How are you going to seriously compare this place to Cibo or Bianco? That is absolutely ludicrous. I have had this place on my list to try for quite a while and I feel not only disappointed but cheated. I wanted to experience what some of you five star reviewers had. Maybe I ordered wrong. I ordered the cheese raviolis with marinara, a regular Margarita with pepperoni, and a garden salad. The cheese raviolis had a nice flavor to them. Not too much sauce, the ravioli itself tasted pretty solid and the whole dish had an authentic taste to it. I personally would rather have Tutti Santis raviolis over them any day of the week as they are creamier and pack more flavor. Also, 15 bucks for 6 small raviolis is ridiculous. They are not hard to make and not even made with expensive ingredients. The poor pizza looked so plain in the box I was disappointed from the very start. I've honestly seen better looking pizza from Rosatis. However, it did have a nice flavor to it. The mozzarella really made it. As for a margarita it wasn't. It was basically a cheese pizza with pepperonis. Maybe a tiny speckle of basil and tomato here and there. And when I say a tiny speckle, I mean it. I was very disappointed. The bread was okay and the sauce was decent. Nothing that screamed it deserved to be compared to the best pizza parlors in AZ. Lets get real here. I'm not going to mention the side salad. It was what a side salad should be. To sum this up. For 45+ with a tip and for the quality and considering my expectations I would give this place a 2.5. Please stop comparing every decent at best pizza to Bianco, Cibo, LGO and others. This place is no where even on that level. I think Spinatos is way better. La Piazza Al Forna murders it. Shoot, even Grimaldis is more impressive.

User:Theresa S.

The pizza was really good had pepperoni and mushroom, another time had the pasta a la vodka, really good a bit salty due to all the bacon, but still really good, will go back. Neighborhood not so great, you will most likely be asked for spare change.

User:Mason H.

This place is a hidden gem, the pizza is amazing. The Ametro pizza is perfect for a dinner party its a meter long and serves a huge hungry bunch of people. Everything is fresh and delish. Im glad they are right down the street from us. Finally a great pizza place in central Phx!!

User:Kristy W.

This place has fantastic food and the service was also great! In my mind that is the determining factor on why I give it a five star rating. I must admit my boyfriend had to literally drag me there because I was unsure about trying out a restaurant located right next to a convenience don't let the location deter you! We ordered mussels for an appetizer, and had the gnocchi (homemade) and the linguine carbonara for entrees. They also serve complimentary bread and dip; I call it Italian chips and salsa. The description doesn't do it justice though; it was really fantastic and the two of us ate the entire serving. The mussels were cooked perfectly; the entrees were wonderful. I can't wait to go back and try the pizza!

User:Lynn G.

I am sad....oh, SO sad...this USED to be "Our Place"...our favortie little pizza joint...our standby "What's For Dinner?" Our home-a away from home-a. But now more. Pizza A Metro has quickly spiralled into a place where they'll take your money, but you are no longer "famiglia"... When it first opened, you were greeted by the owner, served hot, fresh, incredibly delicious food at an incredible price. A family of four could eat a complete meal for under $25, and that was before the economy took the REAL nosedive. Takeout was served fresh, no hassles, any way you wanted. We took incredible pride in sharing Pizza A Metro with friends & family. Now, the prices have shot through the roof - our last order was a large pizza & two pastas...$40. Whaaaaa? We got take out, and even though it was promised in 15 min, when we got there in 15 it had been sitting, was cold & starting to congeal. When we bit into a slice of our favorite pie - A CRIME! Gristlely meat! Stale veggies! Old sauce! Yucky crust! Totally disappointing. Two gloppy pasta dishes I seriously could have made at home didn't make it any better. The only dish made at Pizza A Metro that is still worth the dough is the Carbonara - to die for. Fresh, that is. My last (and final) trip, I watch a kitchen worker scratch his head then grab some cheese toss into a dish. Thank goodness it wasn't my dish...or was it...Well, may we never talk of this again... Too bad...we miss you, Maura. Hope Scottsdale is going well. We miss you.

User:Karl Y.

Woohoo! As good as gets! Probably would give four and half stars but since I liked it a little more than that I'm glad yelp sticks to whole stars and not fractions of them. Great pizza, with broccoli my favorite vegetable, is what you'll find on this menu! And at 10 bucks for a small, which could easily feed two people your wallet certainly won't be giving you grief. Oh, and the vodka penne pasta was so rich is was like a dessert but in pasta form, fantastic-ness-ism-astic!

User:Robert H.

There are two places in the valley that you should definitely write home to mom about when it comes to wood fire oven pizza. This is the other one. This is the one however that you can get into pretty much whenever you want. This is the one that you know has better pizza than 99.9% of the rest of them. I would come here if I didn't have all night to get some really first class pizza. I would bring someone here to give them the experience anytime. Located in what most would consider the fringe of the ghetto... It certainly is a bit out of the way. This small pizza place has limited parking and seating for maybe 20 people max in the entire place. What it lacks in space in certainly makes up for in taste. It's BYOB too if you are into that type of thing... (There is a liquor store with a bad selection next to it... but I certainly would recommend stopping somewhere else). You need to stop in and have one of there BIG pizzas, for me it set a new standard somewhere in my brain. All the quality of something authentically Italian sans all the hype. Prices are reasonable. Owner/staff world class... Tiny... but I have gotten have there a tad early no problem just sitting down... Their crust seems a bit mushy I will admit so a fork maybe in order. All and all one of the best places for Italian and pizza hands down.

User:Bryan B.

Just to be clear, this is a 3.5 star review and I'm rounding up to 4 stars (see below). I finally had the opportunity to try Pizza A Metro last week when I met up with a friend who lives in the area. He advised that we should get takeout since sometime the restaurant can get crowded with the limited seating and a little inconvenient with people waiting for pie with their butts right next to your table. We called in our order for a Margherita and were told it would be ready in 15 minutes. We stopped at the supermarket on the way for some wine and headed straight to pick up the pie, which was waiting for us on the counter when we got there. Headed quickly back to my friend's for the grub. All I can say...I definitely see the promise in Pizza A Metro. I think something got lost, maybe the pizza was sitting on the counter for a bit, maybe the drive took too long to get home, but when I ate, the pizza wasn't piping hot and the crust didn't have a nice crispness to it like I would have liked. Very good flavors and the crust still was good. I could definitely see liking this pizza more than Cibo (which I like better than Bianco). The two leftover slices were quite nice as I used the toaster oven to get a nice crisp on the crust. Usually for a place I'm going to for the first time, i'd round down to three stars. However, the friend I was there with has been many times and loves it and he is pretty spot on I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

User:_ _.

I'd never had these guys, and they had good reviews, so I was excited to try them out. I called and asked if they could deliver downtown. They said "yes, but they were slammed, so it would take 45 minutes". I said that's totally okay, then ordered. An hour later I got a phone call telling me that they wouldn't be able to get it to me in any sort of reasonable time, and asked me if I could come pick it up instead. Quite upset, I said nevermind. I order delivery for a reason: because I don't want to get in my car and go anywhere. If I was willing to do takeout, I'd just dine in. If I'd just been told initially that "no, they're too busy to do delivery at the moment", that would have been perfectly fine. But making me wait an hour to tell me that I was SOL makes me furious. I guess I'll never know if your pizza's any good, Pizza A Metro.

User:Jetta R.

Although I have eaten here twice and absolutely loved it, I have been afraid to write a review of it because I'm afraid people won't take it seriously. Because they shouldn't. I gave a four-star review to Pizza Patron. Because I for one love traditionally awful pizza. The sketchier the better. I like it greasy (like my hair) and cheap (like my thrills). I love it when the pepperoni gets those little pools of oil in them and when there's so much topping that it falls off the pie while you're cutting it and you have to pick it out of the know, I think I'm going to stop here before I lose my Elite Status on principle. There's a reason you don't see me waiting in line for Pizzeria Bianco. Because I would just embarrass myself by asking the waitier if my Wise Guy could come with a side of ranch or brown sauce (you call it A-1, like that makes it classier...stfu). The first time Misty and I went to Pizza A Metro, we took my mother. After having just learned that all that underwear in the laundry was actually mine and not my girlfriends, she really needed the cheering up. So we decided to bring her into a sweaty pizzeria and tell her we were engaged. I say sweaty because at the time the air conditioner was broken. They did have some fans up. A whole lot of good a couple of fans did when we were sitting like five paces away from the fucking oven. We ordered a metro-size margherita pizza, which really hampered our yelping because we spent THREE DAYS eating the damn thing. But fuck was it delicious. Here I was trying to find the craziest, fattiest meats to stack onto my pizza and all it takes is some basil and tomatoes to sate my taste buds. The manager was really nice with a dash of eccentric charm. Which is good, because he spent our WHOLE meal standing over us, striking up small talk and asking us our opinions of the food. Yeah man, the food's great. Now if you'll excuse us, I need to call work and tell them I need to take the week off so I can digest your fucking franken-monstrosity of a pizza. Mom enjoyed it too, I think. With all this life-changing news happening around her, I think I could've said to her "I just saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geico" and her eyes would have filled with tears of relief and joy. The second time we went, we brought my brother, the pickiest, most pretentious eater I have ever known. This is a guy who defends his refusal to try sushi by saying "there are some things I just know I won't like. Like [insert homoerotic sex maneuver]." Yes, I said maneuvers. No go [synonym for "copulate"] yourself. He actually lives down the street from a Pizza Patron and eats it 2x a week. And even HE admitted the pizza was amazing. He didn't care much for the carpaccio, but I did. And this is my review. So whatever. I personally like the intimate space, claustrophobia aside. I'm tired of these reasonably sized restaurants that cater to normal crowds of people. I want massive kitchens that leave little to no room for diners. The smaller the dining area, the higher the likelihood you get to sit by the window. Sit by the window and watch all those other fools, I dunno, do what fools do, like watch MTV and vote against gay rights, I guess. Yeah, phobe, I can see you trampling my rights. You have just been taken off the list for my next party, jerkface. I'm so confident in Pizza A Metro's potential for awesomeness that I'm even going to try something not pizza next time. Gasp. Am I going to violate my "no eating anything not stated in the sign" policy? Yes. This weekend (or January 18, if this ever gets to be ROTD), when I meet with some other yelper(s) for lunch, I will probably order a pasta dish. And maybe a salad. Oh god am I about go through my "salads only" phase? I am NOT looking forward to this.

User:Susan T.

Definitely good pizza. Staff was sOo friendly. Well more like the owner. He was chit chatting with my friend and and was throwing out all these innovative secret menu items since he knew we were from LA and did yelp reviews. lolz Ended with a blue cheese pizza with white sauce, basil, beef carpacchio and red onions. Taste was definitely different from what i've had. Very original and had that amazing brick oven toast to the crust. A joint like this would totally rock in Arizona but wouldn't fly in Hollywood area due to competition. I do hope they get their names out because the owner puts alot of heart into the pizza.Love it!! food is all about bringing people together and here I was. Price gears towards working class. Should definitely expand capacity to accommodate a bigger crowd.

User:Robert O.

pizza a metro is decidely good. I don't think there is any disputing that. You'd have to be a stone cold douche to disagree. I would be so bold as to say that their pizza is amongst the top 10 in the valley. I'm not sure of its rank but it'd definitely be up there in my list. I dropped in last night after class with a rumbling belly and craving some good pizza, I'd read some of it's reviews a while back, and realized it was on thomas, essentially down the street from PC. Pizza A Metro is the definition of a hole in the wall, easily missed by thoughtless drivers and the uninitiated. Thanks to Yelp and word of mouth it wasnt too epic of a quest to find, however I did lose an elderly bearded companion of mine as we battled a giant demon with a flaming whip and the bridge we were standing on collapsed- after that, it wasnt too difficult to get to. I stepped inside, and immediatly I was struck by how charmingly quaint the interior was. Quaint in this circumstance is a euphemism for small, but since when did bigger mean better? (ladies this is not in reference to me, best believe!) Although a little cramped it is very welcoming and warm inside, you instantly feel at home. I stood awkardly next to a full table of women on a "girls night out" until the owner urged me to wait at a table, he grabbed me some water and then waltzed off to chat with the other patrons. The entire time I was waiting he was chatting with the various tables and assumedly ensuring that everything was to their liking. When my pizza was done, I paid at the counter and was impressed with the pricetag: $9 and some change for a rather large "small" Margherita Pizza. The pizza was phenomenal, and the price tag was appreciated as I just bought an $87 text book. I will def. be back soon.

User:Andrew K.

YUM. Seriously. Delicious. The pizza was very good (only the final comparison to Pizzeria Bianco did it in - I would recommend getting the wood-fired oven at least another 50 degrees hotter to really crisp and blacken the crust), the pasta I had was awesome, and the dessert was to die for. Oh yum. Scottsdale location opens next week, apparently, at 90th St and Via Linda. Yum.

User:Kerstin M.

We got to introduce 3 "virgins" to the wonders of PaM tonight- and they all agreed it was tremendous and fabulous. The gnocchi was pillowy and perfect, the saltimbocca was tender and rich, the mussels were fat and flavorful, the carbonara was snatched from its orderer and devoured by his girlfriend who loved what she ordered until she tasted his. The bread was great, as always, and the tapenade bowl was scraped clean. The calamari fritti was light and fresh, and one friend exclaimed that the accompanying marinara was the best she'd ever had. Even though they live in East Mesa, they'll be returning for sure. I think those of us who are regulars were concerned when Maurizio left to open Amarone. After all, he was such a big part of the charm and ambiance of the place. Let me tell you, the new GM Michael more than fills his shoes. Charming? You bet. Awesome accent? Check. Kind, accommodating, cool under pressure? Yes, yes, yes. Remembers you and your problems with tomatoes? Always. Tonight, I also brought in a cheesecake I had made for my friend (her favorite, and she now lives out of state) and without missing a beat, Michael offered to put it in the walk-in, even brought it out with candles, then took it back and served it to us on plates he decorated as if it were his own dessert. I was so impressed with his generosity. That's the kind of service and small town feel you get at Pizza a Metro. As long as we live here and the place is open, we'll continue to be regulars.

User:Matthew K.

Great crust, sauce and cheese. Service was good, but it had to be because this place is f'ing tiny so we sat next to the kitchen door and they had to walk by us every 30 seconds. The parts I didn't care for. ---No booze, sure you could BYOB, but that's a hassle sometime. ---This place has maybe 6 tables, 2 parking spaces, and located next to an oh so romantic Circle K. ---We were brought the wrong pizza, (which I started to eat before I noticed) it had sausage and broccoli. Flavor was good but there was water, NOT OIL, in the center of the pizza. Obviously the center crust sucked but the rest was very good. ---Had some chicken special thingy, good but not 5 star Yelp good. ---The Cappricosa (sp?) pizza we ordered arrived it had canned black olives on it, out of the jar artichokes, and basic cubed ham on it. Oh yes, there was water in the center of it too. WTF? We were given a piece of tarimusu because of the mix up, which was great. Thank you. Some of the items I saw come from the kitchen looked really good so I'd go back and maybe get take out or stop in for lunch. So better than average food, but not the best ever. The location sucks, there is no ambiance at all, and no booze. Three stars from me. I guess I'm a Cibo kind of guy.

User:Eric V.

Pizzeria Bianco what? Oh, you wait 5 hours to get the pizza I get in 20 minutes. That's cool. The owner doesn't have free time to come and chat with you? That's too bad. :) In all seriousness, I do love pizzeria bianco, but this place is better. Hand tossed, wood fired, fresh mozzarella , delicious proscuitto, fresh arugula. I might have to go back tonight. Their pizza is delicious. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for some awesome pizza.

User:Sara B.

You know that episode of Seinfeld where George eats a pastrami sandwich while banging his girlfriend? Well, if he'd been eating Pizza A Metro, I'd totally understand. So. Fucking. Good. My friend and I split the cheese ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce and a pizza with sausage, broccoli and mozzarella for lunch. The ravioli were like little pillows of heaven filled with the silkiest melt-in-your-mouth ricotta I've ever tasted. The pizza had that chewy-crispy crust thing happening, and the tomato sauce was incredible - simple, fresh, still a little pulpy. Everything was homemade. And when I say "everything," I mean they make their own MOZZARELLA, people. Yes, mozzarella. I know how to make a lot of stuff from scratch -- bread, pasta, pastry dough, whatever -- but cheese? I've got no fucking clue. Not only does Pizza A Metro have a clue, but they're so goddamned nice, too. Case in point: After chatting with the owner throughout our meal, he brought out a slice of the tiramisu. No fanfare, no warning. Just set it down and walked away. We practically licked the plate. Go there. You won't be disappointed. But if you see me ordering takeout, just pretend you don't know where I'm headed with it.

User:eva marie d.

95 reviews? Guess there's nothing I can say about this gem that hasn't been said. We ordered the cheese pizza which is a really inexpensive but delicious tasting Margarita pizza sooo good. We also had the vodka penne with tender big pieces of rendered bacon, tomatoes and fresh basil. The vodka sauce was creamy and seasoned very well. They included a ton of grilled french bread and cutlery because they knew I was staying at a hotel. They were really sweet and very fast at getting all that food ready for us. It says on their website and on the yelp search engine that Pizza A Metro delivers but they don't. Not a big deal though the food is totally worth going to get yourself.

User:Z G.

I know Italian food. Why, because I am Italian. I grew up eating Italian food made by my family. My mother made her own pasta from scratch. Now, let's get down to business. I tried this place because of all the rave reviews. Let me tell you this. Simply avoid this unless you enjoy cafeteria type of "Italian food" that is served in school lunch halls across the nation. Yuck! This guy should be ashamed of himself calling this Italian food. Come on Yelpers and get with it. Do me a favor. Understand what it is to be called Italian. It's not egg noodles with ketchup.

User:Wesley C.

The best. Hands down. Found the place by accident. The strip mall is crazy but the food is AMAZING! You'll never waste your time looking for a great Italian place ever again!

User:Robert G.

This is a place you would not normally stop at as it's hidden away in the corner of a small strip in a less desirable part of Phoenix.......yet the food is out of this world!! The started the meal off with this amazing bruschetta and the meals we ordered reminded me of a good italian meal from where I used to live in New Jersey. I am so glad to have found this place.

User:Mike O.

poor execution, no coordination in the kitchen, less than savory ingredients. === What is it about Phoenicians and any pizza not served by Dominos or Pizza Hut? They go gaga for it. They 5-star it. They vote it number one in the nation and it makes Zagat's (clearing throat, then spit). I was excited about this place given all the extremely high reviews and yelp hype; they even have their Yelp window sticker. I arrived without a reservation and my guests and I were seated right away. Service was prompt and the food runner/buser, while very timid, was on the ball refilling our drinks. The thin-crust pizza dough, cut into small pieces for the bread tray was served hot and crispy from the oven, but there was no inspiration, no flavor. The sweet olive salad that accompanied it was the same, sweetened by something, but nothing more. The kitchen needs someone to light the spark, get them to THINK before they just drop the plate for pickup. The caprese salad was beautiful, but arrived with no pepper, no salt, and no olive oil. It was there on the table, but, really? I'm of the camp that the s/p shakers are there for decoration only; the kitchen is supposed to season my order correctly. If the kitchen isn't going to do it, at least offer freshly ground pepper at the table by the server. Is this a do-it-yourself menu? I ordered the grilled calamari salad because I'm tired of breaded-and-fried. Unfortunately the only taste I got from the salad were the flavors from the grill left over from other meat that was "recently" prepared there. I hope recently means just that day, no earlier. No dressing, no tossed-with-anything before plating, zip. Salad mix was straight from the Dole pre-mix bag. The main courses from the kitchen arrived all at once, but we were told the veggie pizza was still on its way. Seven minutes later it arrived, and being polite diners, the rest of us had waited. You guessed it, ours were cold. Lasagna was overcooked and mushy, uninteresting with the gobs of pizza sauce piled on it; I could have done better at the ready-wrap from Fresh and Easy. Cream sauce from the artichoke dish was so rich and thick, it could be called cheese; yuck. The artichokes themselves hadn't been peeled and the outer chewy leaf was still on! The veggie pizza's crust was the same bland bread we had just sampled, its veggies too thickly cut to cook properly, so they were partially raw with cool centers. We were offered a tiramisu as dessert and it was sumptuous. I hope that I get to update this review with a better result next time, but for now, what these cooks need is a good kick in the pants. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!

User:Julie F.

This is a great pizza or it's your fault for not choosing the right toppings. As I like the fresh topoig flavors , the taste and texture of the crust, not a heavy sauce or buttery , overly cheese topped pizza.

User:Neal C.

A guy at our hotel told us to eat at Pizza A Metro. We saw it and kept on driving. Let's just say this place scores a negative 5 stars in drive up appeal. My wife pulled up reviews on Yelp and they were so good that we turned around and went back. In my experience with Italian food, it all tastes pretty good. You can make it at home and it tastes pretty good. You can go to a popular chain and it tastes pretty good. You can go to an upscale place where the servers are mature Italian men and it tastes pretty good. Italian food is just good. I'll eat it anytime at almost any place. For the first time in my life, at Pizza A Metro, I had Italian food that transcended just about every other dining experience I can remember. This was one of the top 5 best meals I've ever had in my life.

User:Bri D.

I've driven by here a few times and never even noticed it was there. The place is tiny and situated at the end of a fairly ghetto looking strip mall. It's so tiny that I even asked my husband as we were pulling in if they only did take-out like pizza hut. Thankfully, this was not the case. We sat ourselves inside the very small restaurant and watched the pizza maker guys for a few minutes before the server came around to us. I have to say, this guy is very lucky that he is Italian and ridiculously adorable, otherwise he would have been pissing me off. He was really absent minded and liked to talk on his cell phone. To make up for it though, he was quite charming and made jokes with the patrons. I admit I felt foolish when I saw a huge pizza being made and asked what it was, but his cute accent and description made it all better. The food we had was calamari fritti and a regular sized meatball pizza. The calamari was not so good. I will warn anyone that orders it that it is a mixture of the typical rings and then the miniature squid bodies. Those make me sick, and I can't eat them. The rings were just too rubbery for me and the batter was way too light. The marinara sauce that came with it was delicious though, and I do not like marinara sauce by itself. The pizza was a little different than I expected. The meatballs were once large and were sliced down to go on the pizza. I was just expecting baby meatballs, so this was still okay. The fresh mozzarella combined with the delicious marinara sauce and the very flavorful meatballs made for a wonderful pizza experience. The husband even ate the crust first. He NEVER eats crust. It was really good crust. I probably won't be back to dine in here, but I will certainly be ordering to-go from them. Maybe I will place an order and then run across the street to occupy myself in the Ocean Floor and stare at the big fishies. Bottom line, excellent pizza, fair prices, and it's better than Bianco's.

User:AMber W.

I had a really hard time deciding between 4 and 5 and I decided to go with 5 because for the first time in my life, I ate my leftovers :) First of all, this place is completely unexpected. Being next to a ghetto Circle K in a not-so-good part of town, I was not expecting the high quality of food and service that we received. Needless to say, I was really impressed. We started with the Margharita pizza and I must say, I have not had better. That is surprising because I ate pizza twice in New York in August. For my entree I had the spaghetti pomodoro. Normally I prefer a capellini pasta with this type of sauce, but I was really impressed. Honestly, I wanted to just sit and smell it all night long! We were so stuffed after the pizza/entree, but Michael insisted (heavily) that we try the tiramisu. It was DIVINE! Normally I would be angry at a server for forcing me to order something I didn't want, but I will excuse him this time. I really like how proud they are that they make everything from scratch, fresh. Even the desserts. I am also excited that they are opening up an additional location in Scottsdale! On a side note, they have REALLY cute plates and bowls!! :) I cannot believe it took me this long to get to Pizza A Metro, especially since it is the first place I ever bookmarked on Yelp! I will be back. Many, many times!

User:arik b.

Why is it that the best places are a little hard to find? In a little bit of a sketched out area? Some people call them diamonds in the rough. I would just call them restaurants in phoenix. Sunday I went to Pizza A Metro. I haven't been to this side of town in awhile. I'm CenPho and I hardly ever venture outside my hood. But I keep hearing how great this place is and was feelin some pizza. First thing I noticed when I entered the door...I've seen larger hot dog carts. The atmosphere is super cozy, seating is comfortable and we didn't need to wait long. Already three good things right? Looked over the menu and listened to the daily specials. We opted for the soup of the day, a Caesar salad, some fried calamari and a small pizza. We were not looking to gorge, but definitely wanted to try different things from the menu. Soup of the day was OMG delicious. It was like a frittata in a bowl of soup. Scrambled eggs, spinach, in a chicken broth with sliced meatballs. I almost cleaned the bowl. It was insanely good. Caesar Salad was awesome. Crispy lettuce not overly dressed. A very good salad. The fried calamari was excellent. Not overly fried, lightly battered and golden fried. Not too dark, not too crunchy. Dipping sauce was good, but found just some lemon and they were awesome. We ordered a small pizza and it had artichoke, olives, cheese, ham and it was awesome. After all the rest of the food I ate, just had a few small slices and took the rest home. Everything was wonderful. I give this place 6 stars. But since 5 is the with it.

User:Khamis H.

I love this place! They usually serve some sort of free bread and spread before your meal for free! Great thing for a small family place. :) This restaurant is totally one of the most hidden treasures of Phoenix. I mean it's right next door to a Circle K! But the food is great, and they've created a very warm atmosphere inside. I have tried a few of the house made pasta's, and while they're good I say go for the pizza. Their pizza has some of the freshest tomato sauce around, and the cheese is to die for. Actually that's all I need on a pizza, no more toppings please. I love the margarita pizza. I came here for my birthday and got some free tiramisu, awesome! Check it out if you love rustic pizza.

User:Sarabear B.

My review for Pizza A Metro is long overdue... I am now a convert. I was convinced that there was no decent pizza in the Phoenix area. I'm not a fan of Pizzeria Uno, and the wait at Pizzeria Bianco is hardly worth it. I had just figured that i wouldn't be eating pizza. Now, I am reborn into the pizza experience. There isn't much in the way of atmosphere here, especially on a hot day when the tables are so close to the wood fired oven. There aren't a lot of tables either, only about 5. No one can eat here and claim they don't get enough attention or service... not with so few tables. Not only is the pizza delicious, I love their pasta, and the salads are wonderful. I've also gone for lunch and split an antipasto plate with a salad. I don't make it there very often, but whenever I have the chance, it's one of the first places i think of.

User:Glenn D.

I really can't say much more than anyone else. It is hidden and you'll probably miss it. It is small and you may not get a table. Service is awesome. The pizza is amazing. Really amazing. It may be the best in Arizona. I don't know if there is better pizza but it sure ain't from Chris Bianco. I just wish they had a no 5 Stars.

User:Nathan S.

There it was; cornered with the ratty Circle K that obviously needs the armed gaurd outside. Their sign in comparison was claaaassssy. Once inside you realize this is going to go one of two ways, and obviously based on all previous reviews it went the right way. Our server had classically italian shoes, and Anthony Bourdain hair. Mixed with his jovial european attitude and accent, he was perfectly cool as all get out. I felt like Tony Soprano, if The Sopranos was written by Kevin Smith and the mobsters discussed comic books with their generally bandanad currently little black dressed friend Amanda B. The atmosphere is quaint and the food would help you get over the death of your italian grandmother. The pizza is divine, The imperfect look of the lasagna says this is going to be better than making out with the head cheerleader behind the bleachers in high school (I assume. I talk about comic books so this has never happened to me). The raw beef whatcha call it, while not for everyone, is it for me. Perfectly lemony, perfectly fresh, perfectly refreshing and tasty. The table behind us had brought their own wine, which I will certainly do next time and assume that if there is a corking fee it is resonable. Speaking of reasonable, the prices were incredibly low for the quality of the food. Must have something to do with the heavily gaurded circle k next door.

User:Karen L.

I, so LOVE Pizza A Metro. It's kind of a misnomer because their's is a complete Italian menu. The pastas are wonderful, the wine is good, and the service is friendly. This is a very classy place in a very dodgey location. But, don't be fooled by the neighborhood. Pizza a Metro is the best place in the city for Italian food!

User:Amanda B.

The emperor does, indeed, have clothes. Nathan and I decided to casually narrate the meal with potential things to write in our reviews during lulls in our usual nerdery. We're that devoted to the cause. I'll bypass all that was said; the most entertaining comments were his and I can't steal his thunder. The poor guy doesn't have internet access at home and I'm a kind person. Between the two of us, we ordered a margherita pizza, lasagna (with homemade noodles!), and carpaccio. I lack sophistication; they left the term "raw" off of the carpaccio description, and that took me a bit by surprise. Oops. Luckily, the greens and parmesan were lovely and I had someone else eat to the majority of the beef. The lasagna was stellar. I tend to order the same thing every time I visit an establishment and it's going to be hard to talk myself out of doing it here. I have an urge to try everything on the menu, but also desperately crave another pizza and slice of lasagna. On the next trip, we are not allowed to dare ourselves to finish the pizza. If the food is this good, there is a great need to test out the dessert menu. The owner/chef/waiter is easily the coolest guy in the world. Perhaps it's the accent and flamboyancy. You need to meet this man. As Misty S. put it, "Go. Go now."

User:Adam M.

Just visited for the first time - previously I had ordered delivery. Pretty cool! Nice little neighborhood Italian place, small and cramped, reminded me of New York a bit. The Antipasto was a mixed bag. The mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, peppers, were great. The eggplant and mushrooms, less so. The bread - delicious! The olives were the terrible sliced canned variety. The proprietor said he is going to make his own from his olive tree - that should be better! In the meanwhile guys - a few good olives are better than a lot of shitty canned ones. I'm just sayin'. I wish they had some decent tomatoes, also. Pasta was superb. I had the lasagna - it was fantastic. She had the special, some kind of linguine thing in white sauce with shrimp. It came with 4 giant shrimp. I felt like it could have had a few more, for the price, but that's just me! The flavor was great. I brought a bottle of wine, the corkage fee was $5. Very nice. They gave us a cannoli, on the house, as a dessert! It was superb. My friend, an ex-pastry chef, was impressed. I am from NY and was impressed. Good stuff. Yum! I will be back! Nice little neighborhood spot, for sure! They are going to stay open, longer - 9:30 during the week, open at 4 and close at 10 on the weekends, yay!

User:Tom S.

I don't care that it isn't in the greatest part of town, or is situated next to a Tiffany or Nordstrom. What I care about is great food, and this place definitely offers that. The bonus is the price. The value was definitely there, and everything was priced at or below what I felt was fair value. I went with friends, and we shared an appetizer, salad, special, and a meter of pizza. The grilled calamari was fantastic, and the salad it was on was very flavorful with a house dressing. The Caprese salad was good, but not great. The snapper with veggies was the special of the day. While I am not a fish guy, this was some of the best I have had. It was served in a tomato broth with veggies. Cooked perfectly and no fishy taste/smell. It was served with pasta that had a little heat, and was perfectly balanced (everything was nicely seasoned. Finally, the meter of pizza. The cheese and sauce were divine. The bread was very good, but as other reviewers have said, it was a little limp in the middle, due to it being so big. The edges were really good, and the toppings (arugala and proscuitto on half of it) were top notch. I will definitely be back, even if it is on the west side of Central. There are many other menu items I want to try, and that will force some return visits.

User:John P.

The food's been covered before so all this review will be is further social proof that this place does indeed rock. I've missed good veal cannelloni for a while now , looks like I wont need to anymore:) For once it's not the processed grey stuffing that has one texture throughout surrounded by an inner tube ( Cough famous chain) Erin's Pollo Piccata was excellent and the accompanying pasta was perfect. Sadly they fed me too well since I was dying to try the tiramisu but the afternoons plans didn't involve refrigeration. Lastly thanks to all that saw the excellent reviews and kept piling them on it really makes a big difference on how likely we've been to try new places.

User:Mark D.

So curious me, I had to see what all the Yelpabaloo was about (yeah, that's a new Yelp-ism - be sure to jot it down for your next review), and I must admit, this place lived up to the hype for me. It's a little outside my normal dining zone, but since I was downtown with my lil bro seeing a movie at Arizona Center, we decided to stop by on our way home. The vegetarian pizza was delicious. Loaded with fresh veggies, including artichoke hearts, on top of an incredible thin & crispy crust, I just wish I'd ordered a larger size so I'd have more leftovers. Don't get me wrong, the portions are generous, I just wanted more. There's definitely more on the menu than pizza, including pasta and calzones, which, after watching a few being served around me and listening to the oohs and ahhs while they were consumed, I will definitely be ordering next time. The place is small - very small, less than a dozen tables - so I imagine it probably fills up quickly in the evenings. So small in fact that several conversations were restaurant wide - creating quite the communal dining experience - one of which involved Yelp. The owner's a big fan, as several patrons including myself mentioned it as their reason for checking them out. My lil bro's review: "Awesome." The only thing that would have made it better, he said, were video games. Who can argue with that?

User:Kerri R.

Sooooo good! I asked for a side of marinara sauce to dip my pizza crust in. It made great pizza amazing pizza! Don't go with a large group, the restaurant is so tiny inside.

User:Jeff S.

Based on reviews from Yelpers (thanks!), my wife and I decided to eat at Pizza A Metro prior to the U2 concert. The entire experience was excellent. As stated in earlier reviews, the location is in a very small, somewhat ratty, strip-mall parking lot. Inside the restaurant, we were greeted with nicely painted walls, an intimate eating area and an unobstructed view of the kitchen, including the wood fired pizza oven. Our host was the guy in the brown shirt holding the pizza in one of the pictures that were being displayed while I am writing this review. Here's what we had: Bread was brought out with a creative tapenade to pile on. Very nice. Appetizer: Carpaccio. A thin shell of wonderful beef over a pile of fresh greens with just the right seasonings. Mains: I had the halibut special and my wife had pasta with vodka cream sauce. Both were excellent. One minor ding: The sauce with my halibut included olives, capers and artichoke hearts. I think they dumped too much olive juice in and it was too salty as a result. I have a very high tolerance before declaring "too salty". Wine: I had chianti and she had cab. The Chianti was better. Dessert: We passed as we were full from the meal. I would definitely recommend this place and I would go back if I were anywhere near there.

User:Scott S.

Pretty damn good. The salads are pretty average, and so was the gnocchi, but they call it "Pizza a Metro" because they're known for their pizza...and the pizza is delicious. I'd go with the vegetarian, I thought it was a lot better than the margarita, which was also pretty good. Did I mention the people were really cool? They are, and that's important. Plus the bread they give you at the beginning of the meal is awesome. Let's face the real facts here: You can come to a Metro with some friends and get a really good downtown meal for under $10 a person. What more can you ask for?

User:chris c.

I really like this place. It is near my neighborhood and when it opened, the owner brought a few pizzas to our neighborhood organization meeting. That was really nice and of course good marketing. When I have friends and family in from out of town, I always take them there. We walk. Okay, I know the surrounding block is scary, but what do you expect right next to the I-17. One block east, and either north or south from there, you have nice neighborhoods. Like mine. ;-) And it's fun to be able to walk there. Last time I was there, a guy other than the original owner took our order. He claimed that he is the "new" owner. Not sure what to think, but I really liked the first guy because when he is in charge, everything is prepared perfectly!

User:Maggie H.

What can I say that hasn't already been said, so I'll keep this review fairly short. My husband and I split a vegeterian pizza and it was very delicious. Big pieces of veggies and they all tasted pretty fresh and the crust was very good. The service was weird and friendly. First the weird. One of the servers I asked if they had a wine list or served wine and he spoke so quiet I barely heard him, but he did say he would check and then he disappered for a few minutes, reappeared only to walk right by us. About 10 minutes later the owner (I think he is the owner) came by and asked me what kind of wine I liked, but by that time I had changed my mind. I would say the only draw back is how small the place is. We were seated right next to the kitchen and it felt kind of cramped. Other than that I very much enjoyed the pizza and look forward to ordering from there again. Their lasagna sounds very tasty so I would like to try it out sometime.

User:Sara B.

I wanted this place to be good, really I did. I got the cheese ravioli with marinara and it wasn't anything special. Though to be fair, my favorite is the Fazoli's cheese ravioli. It was basically just not worth any hype that I could see. Maybe the pizza or cream sauces are where it's at and I missed out, but unfortunately I doubt I'll be willing to try again. The guy in charge was very friendly but it was annoying how inattentive the original waiter was especially considering how small the place is.

User:Ayesha S.

I've had this place bookmarked ever since it started showing up as a hot spot on Yelp. And, I'd have to say, at this point, this is my favorite find off of Yelp. It is close-ish to me which is super exciting as well. Half way through my meal, I was dreaming of getting take-out nights after a long day at work (it is even closer to where I work). It was just that good! The owner is ADORABLE and provides entertainment through out the meal. An Italian speaking family happened to be in the restaurant when we arrived, and they were throwing around Italian like crazy. I enjoyed this as I got to pretend I knew what they were saying and construct a dialogue in my head. My friend and I shared the caprese salad- standard, vegetarian pizza-delicious and spaghetti pomodora-amazing. I usually don't order things like spaghetti at restaurants but it seemed to be calling my name, and I'm so glad I was listening. The sauce is awesome and had my taste buds dancing. I loved it, and went home very happy with my meal. I feel pity for people who are part of the anti-carb cult and might miss out on such a gem.

User:Paul B.

You wouldn't think of stopping here if you had not heard about it, in fact if you were looking for a Circle K, you might pass the one up in this strip center and look for a more inviting looking one. We parked in front of a dollar store with Spanish signage. Inside, Pizza a Metro was very modern and upscale, with 6 marble tables and seating for 20. A counter for pizza ordering and pickup also displayed an assortment of liquor. The service was lively and friendly. Lorenzo, who was from Naples and the owner's cousin, was running the place and waiting tables. All orders come with a plate of flatbread strips and Caponata. We split an order of Carpaccio, which I thought was great but my dining companion thought needed a little more seasoning. The flatbread was a nice companion for the Carpaccio. We both ordered pasta dishes. I went with the Linguini Carbonara, while she had the Gnochi with Marinara sauce. The Carbonara was the best that I have had outside of Italy, she thought that Gnochi and sauce were wonderful, although she found the Marinara a little salty (should have used some of the salt on the Carpaccio). Desert was a Cannoli and Tiramasu, both heavenly. The Cannoli shells were perfect, the filling ultra-creamy yet nontraditional (chocolate). We did not try the pizza, but observed people coming and going for carryout. The pies come in three sizes, personal, large and metro. Pizza a Metro means pizza by the meter and the metro is an oval 39" pizza. We grabbed a carryout menu and as this is about 1.5 miles from home, we will be trying the pizza. Prices were low for what they were serving but not cheap. We saw a couple of groups that came in, sat down, got menus, then left. Large pizzas are in the $12-14 range. Entrees average about the same. Our meal as described above plus 1 glass of wine came in at $60. Cons: the beverage choices were nearly nonexistent. Due to some equipment issue that would be resolved "tomorrow" there was no diet soda, no bottled water and no coffee. So it was alcohol or plastic bottles of Coca-Cola. If this were more than a temporary issue I would take a star off the review. Given its location and great food, we will be back and look forward to the next visit. ===== So the time came to order pizza for carryout. I called up and they said it could be ready in 10-15 minutes, I asked if they could do 20 and Lorenzo said that would work. Ordered a small Bolognese and a regular meatball. When I arrived there were two boxes on the counter. "Two meatball pizzas?" asked the guy who makes the pizzas. They had the order wrong. Lorenzo intervened and told me it would take 10 minutes to do the Bolognese or I would have to take what was there. So I waited. There was no apology or offer of a discount or some flatbread to munch on while I waited. The second pizza was ready quite quickly. The Meatball Pizza was something I will order again, but it was a little cold from sitting on the counter while the other pizza was made. The meatballs were really tasty. The Bolognese could have been cooked longer, I guess they wanted to get me out of there quickly. These were very good pizzas, fundamentally, they just had logistical issues. I am going to try this again, but it seems like the place could be better managed. Again, my dining companion thought the Bolognese was too salty. If I had more granularity here I would reduce my review to 3.5 stars based on this experience. Going back though, the meatball pizza had real promise.

User:Eric S.

While the entrees that I have experienced at Pizza A Metro (the penne, the ravioli) were merely competent, their pizza is truly a work of art, one that rivals Bianco's. Unlike Bianco's, however, you don't have to wait three hours to get your food. As a matter of fact, if you phone it in, it'll probably be waiting for you when you arrive. And what a treat! A real Neapolitan Margherita pizza, thin, springy crust wood-fired perfectly and topped with a light sauce, creamy fresh mozzarella and basil. This is food heaven to me. As far as the location goes, I don't understand what the big deal is. It's right next to I-17, and everything around is all freeway stuff. Gas station, Circle-K, Jack in the Box and Days Inn. Grubby? Yes. The ghetto? No, not really.

User:Anthony L.

I reserve the word "swell" for truly important matters. This is a "swell" dining establishment. After a terrible day at work, I decided to try a take-out pizza from this location given its positive reviews on Yelp. I made a good choice indeed. Upon entering, the friendly and charming owner immediately treated me like family (and I was only picking up a medium pizza to go!) The intimate and charming atmosphere inside is in striking contrast to the archetypal Phoenix "crudscape" outside. I definitely plan on returning to "dine in" and enjoy some of the restaurant's pasta specialties.

User:Tommy A.

After growing up in Phoenix with summer times spent in NY, it was refreshing that somebody finally brought real Italian to Central Phoenix. Over the years, Central Phoenix has become a great place for true Italian food. There are many great places to choose from with particular items, such as Tutti Santi and L'Amore for the home-made Raviolis, Aiello's for the Gnocci, Gieseppe's for the New York style mom and pop dishes, Spinatos, Cibo and Bianco for their Pizza. The list goes on and on. Then came Pizza a Metro. The 1st time I ate there, I felt like I was back in Trevesio, Italy. You will not find a better and more traditional, tasty meatball pizza anywhere. All pastas are home-made daily. The Lasagna is silky smooth and Canneloni is similar. The sauces are very traditional in flavor and are perfectly seasoned. Even the Spaghetti and Meatballs is out of this world good. The and Puttanesca is completely mouth watering. The Caesar dressing was not at all creamy, like a real Caesar Dressing. The Calamari is very lightly breaded and not over-cooked, which is the way it's supposed to be. You simply will not find any better Truly Authentic Italian Food in Phoenix. In a nut-shell, This place does everything with perfection. The only downside is the location and the size. It would be nice if they were in a place that was at least triple the size (more then 6 tables) and had a decent parking area. The store and video shop that shares the plaza brings in a lot of weirdos. There is no where to hang out if you are waiting for a table. So make sure you get there as early as possible or after lunch. This place would make a killing if it were closer to light-rail. I wonder how they would move the most insane Pizza oven in Arizona.

User:Pierre Trudeau I.

I just came home after eating here and I want to go back already. This place gets my nomination for #1 restaurant in the Avenues. Make reservations. It's catching on fast.

User:Dante S.

There is no way any single restaurant can live up to the 5 stars of so many heavy-hitting Phoenix Yelpers, srsly. This place must be a myth. That's what I thought as we made our way down to the tiny (i mean, tiny) hole in the wall that is Pizza A Metro. We got a pizza in the "metro" size, which basically means "this is the inside dimension of our oven/this is the biggest pizza we can possibly make" size. I had a foodgasm, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was, however, a little ashamed to do it in front of my best friend's mother. "Oh, he's fine, Mom. He just really likes basil." I cannot wait to go back and try everything on the menu. Go. Go now. Your lunch/dinner plans have just been shanghaied. You will thank me later.

User:Elle T.

Il Mio Dio. According to Babelfish, that's Italian for Oh My God. According to me, this is the Best Italian. I've had. In the US. Heck, even better than some Italian I've had in Italy. Do you really need me to carry on, especially considering all the reviews listed here? Pizza A Metro has to be doing something right. That something would include incorporating fresh ingredients (and dough tossed in front of you after you order a pizza or calzone), tasty arrangements (the calzone was magnificient), and very decent prices (lunch for two w/tip was under $30) into a tiny but efficient establishment. The only drawback is that my ass probably couldn't expand enough to accommodate the amount of food I want to eat from here. But Mio Dio, I will put it to the test.

User:Korina A.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon. But dang it, folks are right about this place! We lurked around the front door this morning long enough for Mauricio to invite us in. Pizza A Metro sticks out like a sore thumb in this dirty old stripmall off the 17. It's clean and crisp on the outside, warm and inviting on the inside. Soccer was on the tele, and the kitchen crew was busy prepping for the lunch rush. We sat at one of the granite-topped tables and ordered a few bevvies. FYI, sodas come in 20 oz bottles, so while they are tastier than fountain, they are a bit more money. We started off with a caesar salad. The dressing was spot-on, with just the right amount of anchovy. However it had no croutons, and could use some bigger parm bits. We also enjoyed some really tasty sorta bruschetta things. They appeared to be scraps of pizza crust, accompanied by a sweet onion relish with -- I believe -- eggplant, celery, and a couple of fat capers and olive slices. As an olive-hater, I found this to be a refreshing change from tapenade. Next we had the lasagne and a small pizza with prosciutto, mozz, and arugula. The "small" was HUGE! The crust was kind of on the thin side, and had a delicious chewiness to crustiness ratio. On the downside, I totally got shafted on the arugula. Instead, it was topped with spring mix. Not bad, but the bite of arugula would have been better. The lasagna was delish. The sauce was probably the best part - lots of tomato and basil, and just the right amount of garlic. Sadly, I was too full and tired for dessert. And good news for you Scottsdalians. We were told he's opening another shop up your way.

User:Jaclyn R.

I always see this place because it is right by my work and finally decided to give it a try. Absolutely love it!!! The pizza is amazing! I have also had the Chicken Cesar Salad, which is pretty yummy as well. As an appetizer they give you baked dough pieces with a tomato vinegarette dipping sauce. The staff is very friendly and always smiling. I love Pizza A Metro!

User:Robert Jr E.

On our way to Sedona, AZ from Long Beach, CA we were looking for a place to eat, more particularly a good pizza place. Under these circumstances, one can drive around till you find what seems to be a remotely good pizza place, or log on on yelp! I prefer the ladder. Great place, great food, but not the greatest location. But as one fellow yelper stated, your car is parked in front of your dining table, so one can keep a close eye. Now to the food. The salad was great and there soup of the day was equally delicious. Now came the pizza. There pizza is delicious.. what distinguishes them from the rest is the how there pizza is prepared... everything is fresh, the dough, the cheese, the pepporoni and there tomatoes sauce is not just the regular pizza paste, this is actually prepared with real tomatoes. Throw it in the wood oven and what do you get... An extremely delicious A+ pizza. Would definitely come back if around the Phoenix area!

User:Angelina C.

It's true, the pizza is where it's at. I can only comment on the margharita and the siciliana (eggplant) and they are just really damn good. The sauce tastes like my dad's and the crust is perfectly chewy and yeasty. The mozzarella is there, but it is perfect and not rubbery, greasy or overpowering. They seem to know what they're doing with the seafood specials too. We've done BYOW(ine), but recently they offer a couple selections now. You can still bring your own though! I miss the owner though with the Italian persona that would fill up the restaurant. He seems to have been replaced by the bald awkward one that was usually serving in the past but is now the manager. That's ok. He's a good guy. The owner is still in the picture but seems to be on to bigger and Scottsdalier things at the new location. I will keep coming to this little spot, probably with my parents (parents LOVE this place) and try the home-made pasta next time.

User:Jeane F.

Pizza A Metro is the ultimate hole in the wall! (I love hole in the walls!) Located in a smaller shopping strip marked with a vintage style pizza street sign you can expect to find an Italian oasis. This adorable little restaurant features only four tables inside and two tables outside. (Packed and no time to wait? Don't worry you can take out as well.) Adding to the ambiance was the owner who greeted us upon arrival with a heavy Italian accent and loads of charm. I was impressed with the bread plate that we received shortly after ordering. It was a little preview of the fabulousness that is Pizza A Metro's Pizza Crust. Yum! While everything we ate (salad, veggie pizza, and spaghetti) was divine, I am quite sure their was some kind of addictive substance in Pizza A Metro's spaghetti. I don't usually find restaurant spaghetti intoxicating but this is an exception! Go to Pizza A Metro, take a friend, share lots of food, you won't be sorry!

User:Jim K.

My new favorite italian joint. They had some minor problems when we went for lunch. The air conditioning was on the fritz and the entrees didn't all come out at the same time, but the food & service was awesome. I felt like I was in Italy, which was impressive considering I was on the west side next to a Circle K. I ordered the veal cannelloni ($8.95). By the way, everything is $8.95 for lunch. The portion size was perfect. The pasta and ingredients all tasted very fresh. Delicious. The focaccia bread we started with was also homemade and very yummy. The other guys I went with ordered the pizza with sausage and broccoli and said it was awesome. Sadly I didn't have enough room in my stomach having devoured my entire meal, but I will definitely try that next time. *No liquor license yet.

User:Trish H.

So we're driving home from work today; ready to face the nasty rush hour traffic, when my husband tells me that there's a new place we have to try; Pizza A Metro. He's a fan of the New Times, and particularly loves to read Savage Love...Hmmm? He read a review on this relatively new restaurant which had very favorable comments. Anyway, we LOVE to eat and are willing to go anywhere for good food. Lucky for us, we work downtown and Pizza A Metro was within minutes. The question was "should we go home and eat Cocoa Pebbles for dinner or experience, what we would later that evening call "The Best" Italian restaurant in this city? The question; ridiculous; the choice was obvious. First we entered the tiny strip mall just East of I-17 on Thomas where this teeny little restaurant sits. Seriously though, if you blink you might miss it, so keep your eyes peeled. The restaurant inside was really cute and super clean. The few tables in the place were granite...nice touch. Greeting us immediately was the owner, who was so welcoming and highly attentive. We began our meal with complementary flat bread that was fresh from the brick oven with a side of eggplant componata as a spread. Both were so incredibly delicious, and truly set the tone for the rest of the meal that was to come. We had the Calamari Fritti appetizer which was accompanied with the most amazing marinara dipping sauce. My husband ordered a "small" pizza that's big enough for two people to share: a piping hot, beautiful wood fired pizza crust layered with red sauce, delicious, melty mozzarella, amazing sliced sausage and rapini. Needless to say, the pizza was out of this world! Ok, so just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I tasted my eggplant Parmesan that came with a side of pasta with marinara . Honestly, this was sooo good that I thought I was going to cry. I can't even put into words how delicious this dish was. I really had to savor every bite and relish in the smooth eggplant that was covered with a blanket of mozzarella and divine marinara. It was just sinfully good. This was truly a decadent feast with very reasonable prices. I even got to practice my Italian with the owner. If you haven't been, you must go and support this tiny restaurant. Other than it's weird location, I couldn't find anything wrong with Pizza A Metro, as everything was oh so right. Buon Apetito!!

User:Sophie M.

The husband and I decided to stop in here last Tuesday for a bite to eat. After reading about all of the raving reviews on Yelp (and seeing their Yelp sticker in the window), I thought it would be a sure thing. We weren't super hungry, so we only ordered one menu item, so I'd like to go back and try more (hopefully upping the rating!). First of all, the location is super shady. But as most great Phoenix holes-in-the-wall are, it didn't phase me. The place is tiny, only five or so tables, with the kitchen just a few feet away, allowing all-access viewing (unfortunately, the hubby saw a cook wipe his hands all over the butt of his pants then continue to roll dough without washing first). Our server was extremely nice and accommodating. Our drinks were never close to being empty, and we were well taken care of without being overwhelmed. We decided to go with the regular sized vegetarian pizza. The hubby is slightly picky so we had it made half--in-half, minus a couple toppings on his side. No problem, the server said. Great! The complimentary "bread" they serve was tasty, but the sauce was just ok. I wasn't a huge fan of the kalamata olives, or the fact that it was cold. I wondered if it's supposed to be served cold? Anyway, we inhaled the bread and couldn't wait for the pizza. Our pizza was served quickly and the toppings were distributed correctly. Bummer, though, the menu read red peppers and it was served with green. Also, I'm a huge fan of thin crust, but there were several patches of pizza that were so burnt on the bottom I couldn't bring myself to eat them. Luckily, the pizza was large enough so that I still had plenty to eat. But seriously, what was with it being totally burnt? I can see why many other Yelpers love this place - the atmosphere and service are both superb...however, I would like to go back and give the food another chance, as it didn't stand out as anything but average.

User:Bryan N.

This place is really great. I have had pizza and pasta all over the country and I have to say this place is really, really great!!!!! We had pizza, pasta, salads, calamari, capresse (sp?) and a bottle of Italian wine, enough for the 10 of us and it was cheaper than the breakfast we had at Denny's earlier. I don't know about the guy who reviewed it earlier from NY, but obviously he does NOT know what pizza is supposed to taste like, because this pizza was the one of the best I have ever had. In fact,as we are only in Phoenix for one more day, we are going back for dinner tonight and ordering all different items!

User:Kolacka D.

With 89 reviews there isnt much more to say, everything you read below is true, food is truly amazing! Dont be scared away but the 'ghetto' the entire dining area is tiny enough to have your vehical in sight the entire time you eat!

User:Connie P.

Don't get the negative reviews. Yes, the location in the Circle K strip mall lacks the aesthetics. The place is tiny. But the pizza? Beyond wonderful...hand tossed, brick oven baked, melts in your mouth. The friendly waiter told me they also have an upscale place in Scottsdale so if that's important to you, go there. I'll keep going to Thomas Rd and enjoying the best pizza in town.

User:Jen M.

Best pizza in town - get the margarita!!

User:Ben R.

If I didn't have to bring my "gat" to dinner I would have given it 5 stars.... Food - Had a pizza and the gnocchi. Both were very good. One of the better pizza's I have had in phoenix. Definitely fresh, loved the tomato sauce. Nice crust. Not to thin, not too thick. The gnocchi in vodka red sauce was also really good. They serve this great flat is awesome. Almost worth going just for the bread. The Ambience - The place is small. Not like in the "cute, warm and cozy small" way. It is f*ing small. Sort of hot and stuffy the night we went. Besides the few tables (literally like 5 in the whole place) he has done a good job with the inside, especially in the seedy location. The location - In a ghetto strip mall. We had to wait for a table (in my car) and there were some pretty interesting characters. Where else can you see a dude in a wife beater eating his dinner out of a country crock container while on the move to his next score. The service - Good. But the owner (who is really nice and seems to actually be Italian, or at least watched a lot of Italian movies to get the accent down) is the ONLY server. So it is a bit chaotic. He needs some help. But he does a great job. Wine - You wouldn't know they had wine because there isn't a hint of it on any menu. Maybe they are on the "DL" (down low for those less gansta than myself)....anyway, we asked and got a nice large glass of Chianti. Very good actually. Just put that shit on the menu. Seriously, I love my drinky drink. Overall, i will go back! Check it out. Good stuff.

User:Eric S.

For some reason I keep coming back for more and more. I've returned at least 3 times since originally yelping about PaM. That's probably because even after the few snafu's I've had here, the pizza is really good. Probably my favorite take-out pizza. The calzone issue was resolved; it was simply a misprint on their menu. 3 out of 5 for now, though very close to being a 4.

User:Danine D.

Returned on Monday, ate some wonderful Linguini Carbonara, got the gnocchi, had the Calamari salad and the Ceasar salad... Again lovely food. The main reason for this update is that they are opening on Sundays starting August 24th! Whoo -hooo! He is thinking that during the fall it might make sense to be open on Sundays. Let's prove him right. ---- Went again, tried the Seafood Ravioli and another Pizza... Tasty! We're quite hooked on the Linguini Carbonara though. While the Seafood Ravioli was delicious, it was 6 ravioli. We each got two and, portion wise, it's not enough. Quality not quantity, I know. Now my child wants the ravioli all to herself next visit. Will she ever eat Chef boy R Dee again? I don't think so. Just a parental warning. Eating quality foods may diminish your childs ability to be satisfied with 10 cans for 10 bucks.

User:Todd G.

I really liked the food here and it was reasonably priced and not exactly ordinary. Pasta dishes made with care and small twists on recipes, and the pizzas are fired in a brick-lookin oven of some sort. I couldn't get enough of my caesar. I got the chicken dish of the day, and it was clever, saucy and delicate--I recall mushrooms and artichoke hearts, but it's been a few months so I don't recall what it was called. Not the place to take a snooty date, as it's in a nondescript strip mall. But once you're inside it's almost charming, and the food is really good, I'd say. The owners/managers were super friendly, which is always a bonus.

User:Jacqui J.

I finally made it to Pizza a Metro last night, and all I can say is WOW. Dave had the pizza, but I wanted food food, so I ordered the Chicken Picatta. It was frankly just amazing. The chicken was a tender as could be, and the flavor was out of this world. It's not a huge menu, but they have all the standards, chicken, veal, all the pastas, and some fish. No alcohol, but the party next to us did bring in their own wine (I never did find out what the corking fee was). I really don't love their location... not that it's far, but it's in a teensy little strip mall that consists of a seedy Circle K (the one that has an armed security guard posted outside the door after dark) and a hair salon. But inside it's really just lovely. The owner is as Italian and friendly as they come, although please, Signor, I may be a divorcee with a teenager, but still, can't you help a Signora out and call her a Signorina? Prices are more than reasonable too.... I can get my favorite dishes to go for probably less than it would cost me to prepare them at home. Yet another place to keep on my list of go-to places, yay!

User:Tyler B.

I'm notoriously skeptical of any restaurant that resides in some sort of strip mall. You immediately lose 10 points off the ambiance/cool factor. I also am reticent to eat anywhere that doesn't serve booze. I just feel like the restaurant and I aren't on the same page and its a relationship destined for failure. Pizza A Metro exists, if nothing else, to blow up my preconceived notions. Were I to drive by PAM a hundred times I'd never think about going in. But that'd be a mistake. Its actually quite quaint for what it is inside. And while they don't serve booze, they're glad to have you bring in your own wine for a modest corking fee (there's even a convenience store a few doors down if you're in a pinch and need an emergency bottle). And the food was top notch. No question, authentic italian (just like the owner). This is the kind of place you can bring someone and have that 'Look at this undiscovered gem I found!' smirk on your face the whole time. I didn't get a chance to even try the Pizza, but that's all the more reason to go back.

User:Bart S.

My son and I were in town and went by Pizzeria Bianco and didn't want to wait 2 hours, so while on the way back to the hotel, my son used Yelp and found this little gem. The pizza was pretty good, and I had a pasta special that was quite good. The owner was very attentive. The nearby table had ordered a large pizza, and they were served a slab that was 1' x 3' on a wooden plank. Very Impressive! The only negative is that the guy cooking the pizzas should let them get a little browner (maybe even a little char) to make the taste more authentic.

User:Kristin B.

Tiny, almost no parking ... HUGE pizzas for the price! I knocked off a star for canned black olives. Seriously, why would you sully a good wood fired pizza with nasty Thanksgiving nightmare canned black olives? That's heresy. Kalamata. Please. The staff and owner are so nice that I wanted to love this place but unfortunately the pizza just isn't that good.

User:Haz C.

What's not to love about delicious pizza and pasta within biking distance? Don't let the location fool you, tasty food awaits inside.

User:Vincent H.

Average at best.. Nothing that chuckie cheese can't do for half the price.

User:Roberto C.

When I go in an Italian restaurant, managed by Italians, I always hope of having a beautiful experience. It just didn't happen here. It is a shame when an Italian serves overcooked pasta. We ordered an eggplant parmigiana and one margherita pizza. The eggplant was breaded which is nice but was kind of raw, you could see the inside of the eggplant still a little on the green side. The pasta that came with the parmigiana was absolutely gross.... way over cooked and the sauce was really thick and dark in color. The pizza was just ok... i had better, the crust missed any kind of wood flavor... you know that kind of charred flavor you get from a wood burning oven. the sauce was a bit acidic and the cheese tasted cheap. Overall i don't get the hype about pizza a metro. The service was nice but not enough to make me go back

User:Aaron M.

I would love to offer a positive review for a grass roots local joint, but my third and final trip to this restaurant cements my initial impression - mediocre at best and not worthy of another visit. Not sure what other reviews were about - I would love a more Italian, authentic product like they seem to be attempting to provide - wood fire oven is definitely a step in the right direction. But the only good thing I've ordered here was the Pizza Margherita - tough to screw that up - pretty much a glorified Italian cheese crisp...Last go round my pizza was piled with no less than an inch of arugala - most of which was wilted and looked gross - covered with a thin layer of fresh arugala. Asked the waitress about it and her response? It works. Nuff said.

User:Thomas J.

Q: Is it good? A: Yes! Q: Is it REALLY worth trying? A: Oh yeah, for sure. Q: I heard it is in a scary neighborhood? A: Oh yeah, for sure. Q: Why did you give it 5 stars? You are too easy! A: I give 5 stars if it really exceeded my expectations and I plan to return right away. That is my criteria. Any restaurant whose proprietor serves my dinner and drinks a beer in the back is high on my list. BYOB FYI & a 7-11 nextdoor will help you out. We split a Cesar salad that I thought was a little heavy on dressing. I also like a slightly more creamy cesar dressing. Preference. We split the Antipasto and I thought it was light, flavorful and refreshing. My partner found it a little simple. Perhaps I agree. But the Proscuitto was outstanding. Just like Italy or Spain. We split a pizza with a refreshingly light crushed tomato sauce, sausage and Rapini. False advertising really as the Rapini is brocolli. Mauro... we need Rapini!! Please! Then we split a Tiramisu which can be dangerous with all those sharp little forks swinging around devouring such a yummy dessert in the desert. What a fun treat that place is.

User:Fred M.

I'm going to have to downgrade Pizza A Metro after my last visit. It's still one of the best pizzas in town, and the service is still good, but they took away the amazing bread and tapenade they used to give out before the meal. They also raised their prices substantially. The Capriccosa pizza is now $17.95 instead of $14.95 so I still like the place, but five stars is not for a place thats just really good.

User:Richie T.

The food was delicious, the service was friendly and prompt and the price was right. What else do you need to know?

User:Chris W.

We have our new slice of Heaven!!! They also deliver to our house which is even better. After reading reviews on yelp the wife and I decided to check it out. Great little place very friendly people. We were escaping our inferno of an apartment, the ac was not performing up to our igloo like standards. So, we put a bunch of ice in the dogs water bowls and went off on our new yelp adventure. Pizza A Metro was a great choice. They gave us tons of water to calm our sweltering hearts and served us amazing food. To start a pizza crust cut up served with a cold onion bruschetta (the best i can describe) it was very good, but I could not eat a lot of it, however the wife loved it. Salad: next we shared their least expensive salad, nice leafy spring mix with onions, tomato's, and a tangy italian dressing (i would order it on the side in the future) Very good and was more then enough for both of us. Entree: She had a Margherita pizza which she added olives to. She ordered the small and it will last her two lunches in leftovers. I was a bit surprised to see the olives cost an extra $1.50 but other than that she loved it, and I enjoyed it as well. I had the home made Gnocchi, which were very good, and very filling. It comes with your choice of sauce, I ordered the four cheese sauce (how could you not) it was excellent, but if I had to do it again I would get a red sauce with it. Please go there support them they are worth it. We have been searching for a pizza place in the downtown area, and I believe this is the champion!!!!

User:Michelle A.

Oh I'm in love and I didn't even try the pizza. The fam and I ate here for my brother's birthday last week. I remember walking in and thinking I wasn't really in the mood for pasta..then a plate of italian flat bread was placed in front of me and the rest of the night was a complete blur. All I remember was drinking wine, eating bread, drinking wine, antipasto salad, ooo calamari fritti! more wine, delicious chicken special,more wine, tiramisu. All fabulous, all scrumptious. I want to eat here every day, and I want that chicken thing I ate. But I can't remember what it was called. Sorry. I will be back.

User:Frank F.

They make the best cheese and anchovy pizza in the city! Great food in a very interesting location. Try it, you'll love it.

User:Paul R.

My girlfriend and I went here tonight for a pizza. Since she's a vegetarian and I'm not, we decided to get half of it as a margarita and half with pepperoni. The end result is that the pizza is amazing! The ingredients tasted very fresh, and they weren't stingy with the fresh mozzarella. One of the things I really liked was that rather than using tomato slices for the fresh tomato, they used crushed. It definitely made it harder for me to pull all the cheese off the slice because I didn't bite the whole way through the tomato! The only downside to the place was that it was small inside. I wouldn't recommend eating in if you have a large group.

User:William B.

Another staple place for me. This is so good. The staff is nice too.

User:Lisa M.

A friend of my husband's gave him a gift card to this place and told him they had great food. We decided to give it a try. There were four in our party and we were lucky to get a table since it is a very, very small restaurant. Items ordered between the party of four: Italian wedding soup, eggplant parm, pasta with bolognese sauce, house salad and pizza with sausage, onion and basil. The pizza barely had any onions on it. Very little sauce and cheese. I didn't try the eggplant parm, pasta or italian wedding soup but other party members stated the food was average. One of the reasons I'm giving it only one star is due to very poor customer service The waiter could barely speak english then when we presented our gift card the owner came out an told us he would not accept the gift card. He stated the gift cards were purchased when someone else owned the restaurant and he was not obligated to honor it. There was no way we would know this as the gift card we were given had the same restaurant logo as is currently in use. My husband's friend would have no way of knowing this restaurant was sold or when it was sold. This place is in a bad neighborhood too. I didn't feel too safe around there.

User:Christine J.

Italian was my unofficial and official second major in college. I studied in Rome for three months and Florence for three months and went back several times after to experience the magic all over again. While I was there, I learned many things about Italian culture and solidified my language skills, but as you can imagine, the thing that I found the most exciting and educational was the Italians' relationship with food. Regardless of the region I was in, I found Italians united by shared beliefs about food preparation and eating, many of which were foreign to me prior to going. As an example, all the Italians I met took it as a given that: salad comes after a meal, not before it; fresh fruit is a dessert, not a snack or breakfast; alfredo sauce and mozzarella sticks are not Italian; alcohol exists to enhance the flavors of food, not to get drunk; and pepperoni is not thin slices of cured pork, but peppers - you know, the vegetables (this one blew my mind the most!). You get the idea. Of course, these guidelines come across to Americans as strict rules. We love our culinary freedom, and that makes sense - we have many different types of food, types of people, and types of lifestyles. Plus, Italian food changed a lot at the hands of the immigrants who came here. However, even if I'm not going to follow every guideline, I took from my experiences in Italy a sense of genuine appreciation for simple, fresh flavors, a desire to slow down and truly enjoy what I'm eating, and a greater awareness of the way that different dietary components come together to create a balanced diet and better internal functioning. Since I got back, I've found few Italian restaurants that really embody these key principles, refusing to dumb down or speed up their food for the American masses. Well, Pizza A Metro is part of that elite category, and I'm thrilled to have found it here in Phoenix, just a short drive from our house. Maurizio makes it his goal to serve his customers fresh, simple, carefully-prepared food that allows the flavors of individual ingredients to shine. I appreciate that so much. We checked the place out for the first time last Friday night. We had made a reservation in advance, which was a great idea because we only had to wait 2-3 minutes to be seated once we arrived. We were promptly greeted by Maurizio and quickly had our drink order taken by the server. I was a little nervous about speaking Italian, since I'm pretty rusty, but I figured I should, since I haven't got many chances to do so in California, where I grew up, or here in Phoenix. So, when Maurizio returned with our bread basket and to take our order, I worked up my courage and ordered in Italian. Even though he was super-busy, Maurizio asked me a few questions back in Italian (where did I study, etc.) and continued to converse with us in Italian throughout the rest of the meal. It was so much fun for me to speak again, especially when the food was so delicious and really took me back to my study abroad time. We decided to start with the grilled calamari and then have the Penne Amatriciana and a medium Pizza Frescolina. The bread basket was phenomenal, with lightly oiled pieces of Italian flatbread with a cold mixture of eggplant, olives, and onions (almost like an Italian ratatouille). When the calamari arrived, we discovered that it was fried and not grilled (both are appetizer options; grilled is more prominent in Italy), but we decided not to say anything and eat it anyway. We were glad we did because it reminded me of the seafood "fritti misti" you get in Italy - just lightly battered with a hint of seasoning. It came with a tomato sauce, but it was delicious with just a squeeze of lemon. Our entrees were even more delicious. My pasta could have been a bit more al dente, probably because most Americans don't eat it that way, but no harm done - I'll just order it that way next time. The sauce was incredible and truly authentic. It perfectly combined fresh tomatoes, tender pieces of pancetta, onion, garlic, and olive oil without being too thick or sweet. The pizza was also to die-for with a thin, flour-brushed crust, small amounts of milky mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and arugula, and salty prosciutto. Just like Italian pies, all the flavors were balanced and no single one was overwhelming. So you know, the medium was huge and even with our huge appetite we ended up taking 3-4 slices home. All in all, we only spent $30 or so and had an amazing, deeply satisfying meal that brought me back to my memorable time in Italy. I absolutely can't wait to go back and try more things (and practice my Italian again!).

User:Russ N.

It's hard to really fault this place. The pizza is so good and the prices are totally down to earth for what you're getting. There are a few places in the upper echelon of pizza making the Valley of the Sun, but, this is one of them. There's not much room for seating so try to get there a bit early if you're trying to dodge a crowd.

User:C R.

Delish! I went here for lunch after a coworker recommend it, and I ended up eating myself silly. I had the Penne alla Vodka, which was wonderful (but if you don't like salty sauces, maybe not for you) and the tiramisu was very light and fluffy. The cons are: the inside is tiny, so there only a few tables; parking is also limited; the service was a little slow. Still, though, the food is phenomenal.

User:Andrew E.

I guess I'm not the first one here.... I'm a fan. I was ready for a change of pace from the usual, and gave this place a shot. I am thoroughly impressed. Very, very small place, with only 20 patrons, tops, able to fit in here at once. The pizza oven is roaring away in plain sight from your table, and I think that added to the overall experience. All ingredients were fresh, with very nice serving plates and accoutrement. Our service was fantastic, probably because there was about one employee for every two patrons. My drink was refilled before it was empty, a plus, and the complimentary bread was delicious. We had a Caprese to start with a Margherita Pizza for dinner. Very traditional, very fresh, and now I consider this one of my go-to places. I'll be back soon. I don't recommend coming here with more than a party of four, tops, due to the size limitations. I hope they expand to a larger location, and bring all the same flavor with them....

User:D G.

Want great pizza, drive an extra 2 miles east on Thomas and go to Pino's Pizaa al centro. Want OK pizza, come to Pizza a Metro. The place is TINY. I mean Tiny. No bathroom. Most of the Restaurant is the kitchen, which, frankly is a shame because the food they put out doesn't warrant that much kitchen space. But my big gripe -- Why bother to put in a wood burning oven if your Pizza is going to be soggy and short on flavor? You could do this right, easily.

User:Jen V.

I have been here many times. Love the pizza, love the pasta, love the atmosphere, love it! The owner is very friendly and greats everyone who comes in. All the pasta is rolled by hand, this is something you do not always find at Italian restaurants. This is a difference in taste and texture between handmade pasta and prepackaged. Tiramisu is to-die-for. The only downside is that you might have to wait for awhile because there is limited seating.

User:Ted S.

While I am giving this restaurant four stars, I must start off by noting that the pizza here is mediocre. If you want spectacular pizza in Phoenix, don't kid yourself that it's at I-17 and Thomas. It's over at Pizzeria Bianco. However, the other items on the dinner menu are worthy of a visit to the 'hood. The Penne alla Vodka ($12.95) offers up pasta in tomato sauce with bacon, fresh basil cream and vodka. It is an excellent starter to split with a dining companion and that's exactly what the BF and I do every time we visit this place. The Cozze Posolipo mussels in garlic white wine sauce ($11.95) are also quite tasty as an appetizer. The complimentary warm pizza dough they serve with an onion and olive topping is a nice touch. For entrees, the Pollo Parmigiana ($14.95) is the classic breaded chicken breast with marinara, mozzarella and parmesan cheese served with penne. The Lasagna della Casa with Bolognese sauce ($13.95) is very good, but the portion is a bit stingy for the price. The BF often enjoys the Gamberi alla Pana ($15.95) that includes jumbo shrimp sautéed with mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce over a bed of fettuccine. Please note that the brandy cream sauce is extremely rich. Another tasty option is the Spaghetti con Salsiccia ($13.95) with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and Italian sausage in marinara sauce with a touch of white wine. The Cheese Ravioli ($13.95) is another great choice with the tomato cream sauce. For dessert, be sure to order a Cannoli Siciliani ($5.95) as it's the very best I have had in Phoenix. The Tiramisu ($5.95) is good as well. The bad news is that this place is no longer BYOB. For whatever reason, the management decided that a restaurant that seats no more than 20 needed a full liquor license. I really hope that the investment in that spendy license doesn't lead to the undoing of this place. Given that they don't even have a bar area and I almost never see anyone order a mixed drink, I think staying BYOB might have been a better choice for this neighborhood joint. The service at this place is also part of the show. The waiter may well be manic as he will either be way up or way down for your visit. The décor here is pleasant enough given the location of this tiny restaurant in a modest strip mall. If you happen to need a trip to the restroom, you will get the chance to traipse through the kitchen. All in all, Pizza A Metro is ironically a great option for everything but pizza.

User:eric n.

I know I have already written a review on PAM but......I received a compliment on said review from someone a few days ago which made me realize I had broken my own rule for trying new places. I will always try a new place twice. You never know, you may have hit them on an off night so its best to give them at least one more shot. Well, all I can say is, who ever sent me that compliment thank you and I love you!!! Due to the compliment I started to think about giving PAM one more shot and THANK GOD i DID!!! I ordered a pizza with sausage and some shrimp pasta to go. The gentleman behind the counter was not only very nice and helpful but also very entertaining. He had a strong Italian accent and filled myself and the customer before me in with how NOT to order a cheese pizza. "Cheese is a family not just one topping" he says with passion. This was after the man in front of me ordered "JUST" a cheese pizza. Shame on him!! LOL! I sat in the very nice little restaurant watching a DVD of wonderful shots of Italy while I waited for my food to arrive. After about 15 minutes i was told it was ready so I took it out to my car and headed home. I could not wait to try something so I reached into the tin where the soft warm bread was and took a bite. Ok, something is different, there is none of the "tap water" taste I tasted before. This bread was very good. I got home and my mother and I dug into the pizza and pasta. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Every single bite was fantastic. My mother doesn't really rave about food, the only way I can tell if she really likes it is she tends to inhale it in a matter of seconds. Well, she finished her dinner in record time. I could not believe how fantastic this was. So much different from how it was the first time. I rescind my last opinion and will be back tonight for another wonderful meal. I recommend PAM to everyone and thanks again to whoever reminded me that everyone deserves a second chance. Thanks, C.K.

User:A X.

Sadly, this place is a considerable drive from where I live, however, I have eaten here twice and both times were an excellent experience. Everything I had was delicious including a very delicately flavored soup that was quite filling despite appearing as though it wouldn't be.

User:Victoria B.

Great light pizza. Visited it on a business trip in Phoenix az. From WA originally. Nice parlor in downtown.

User:Valerie M.

I was excited to eat here after reading all the great reviews I was soooo ready to eat what many people said was one of the best meals ever. Before my food arrived I was given some bread to munch on and it looked really good I took one bite and remembered Patricks review of the dough tasting like tap water. Patrick was right. The pizza dough tasted the same and I was crushed. Is there something wrong with me and Patrick? Why doesn't everyone else taste what we taste? I will be going back to try out the entrees and I will update my review

User:David J.

I love this place. Yes it's tiny, and yes it's in a crappy strip mall and yes it's a tad pricey, BUT it is some of the best authentic true Italian style Neapolitan pizza and pasta in Phoenix. They make everything from scratch, including the mozzarella, from very fresh, high end ingredients. If you know real italian food, you can really tell the difference. I have spoken to the owner and staff many times, and they know they are a little pricey, but they want to maintain the high quality standards. And it's not like they are expensive by any means. I have no problem paying a couple extra dollars for great quality. Someone compared this place to Pinos. Pinos has great NY style pizza, not Italian style Neapolitan, so you cant compare them because they are very different styles. That makes it clear that the reviewer didn't have a clue what they were talking about. I prefer Neapolitan, so I prefer Pizza A Metro to Pinos. The ingredients are much fresher and higher quality. Plus the staff at PIno's tend to be rather rude and they nickle and dime you over everything, so I only go there if I am in the mood for NY style, which they do well. The pizza is excellent and authentic, as is the pasta. The pollo parmesan is fantastic. The sauce is true Italian style and very fresh. They serve fresh bread made from pizza crust with all pasta. I usually ask for marinara sauce instead of the olive/onion mixture and mix it with some olive oil. A previous reviewer says they stopped serving it, but that's definitely not correct. They only serve it with pasta, not pizza, so that may be the confusion. My favorites are the Pizza with meatballs, the pollo parmesan and the capricciosa pizza. And the Vodke Penne is just amazing. The cannoli are delicious, if a bit over priced. Pizza A Metro is truly a gem in Phoenix - an authentic Italian restaurant like you might find in an Italian neighborhood in a larger city. The food is excellent, authentic and fresh. The staff is friendly. I go there a few times a month and have never had a bad experience. Check it out.

User:Sarah F.

Oh my goodness. This place is so, so great. The service: A+. The owner (manager?) was out and about amongst the tables the whole night making conversation, asking if everything was OK, and just making it a welcoming experience in general. It is a very small restaurant - only about 8 tables - but, still. The man made an effort! A really sweet guy who cares 110% about his business. The dinner: A+. The pizza was melt-in-your-mouth delectable. Thin, tasty crust topped with just the right amount of lightly seasoned marinara, fresh mozzarella, and ripe toppings (mine were mushrooms, spinach, ham, olives - OK, I know ham can't be "ripe", but you get the point). I ordered the small, which was still pretty big...I think 12"...and I seriously ate 6 out of the 8 pieces. My stomach was saying no, but my tastebuds craved more and more. My friend also had a pizza, and enjoyed hers just as much. The dessert: A++. This gets 2 pluses because the owner brought us a complimentary piece of tiramisu in addition to the cannoli we ordered! Let me tell you, both were straight out of an Italian kitchen that goes back generations. My grandmother made a tiramisu close to this one...yikes! Did I just say that out loud?? *flushes* Too bad I don't live in Phoenix, because this would be my new favorite place. But, now I have something to look forward to when I go back!

User:Tom C.

I had my doubts. Some family and I had found ourselves in Phoenix somewhat unexpectedly, and when looking for places to eat I turned to yelp. There appeared to be some doubt among my relatives as to the wisdom of trusting people on the internet. This was not helped when we pulled up and realized that the restaurant is in a strip mall attached to a gas station. Luckily, we went in. We then spent the next hour having not only the best pizza I've tasted in AZ, but some of the most entertaining service of my life. A real treat.

User:marc b.

If only I didnt live so far from here. And if only they gave me the recipe for that onion appetizer!

User:Lisa H.

Wonderful food! Don't be deceived by the outside. This is on the end of a mini mart-Circle K. It is one of those holes in the wall locations, but WOW is not a big enough word to describe it. Went in for the pizza and ended up with a seafood pasta dinner that was delicious. It was served in the pan it was cooked in on really nice plates. We were served an appetizer of bread with chopped tomato & onions in vinegar & oil. We were greeted by the owner himself. It is really small inside, so seating is limited. There were a lot of take outs for pizza, and they have this really long pizza that is one of their specials. Can't wait to go back for the wood burning oven pizza!

User:Yeo Gin B.

I spent a couple summers in Italy when I was younger, and although I cannot say the dishes here bring me back, they are definitely a tastey addition to my weekend restauranting. The pastas are hearty, but not too heavy - I highly suggest the gnocchi! My absolute fave is the tiramisu + coffee. As the dessert course, the flavors were delightful enough to make me disregard the interesting ambiance out front in "patio seating." And by interesting I mean homeless/drunk/homeless people at the Circle K. But do not worry, the owner is good about keeping the "ambiance" at bay. It was a fun dining experience. Very delicious and entertaining.

User:Treacy B.

We ate here this past Saturday night. Because I read that it was small, I did call for a reservation and they wrote me down. Which was nice, as it was steadily we did not have to wait long for a table since we called. I had my 7 year old daughter with..she loved the calamari and the bread lasted all of 1 minute. She also devoured my ceasar salad and the penne ala vodka...and she is a noodle/butter/garlic it was so nice to see her eat so much. Although I went home hungry! It's nice and loud which makes taking kids there perfect..not that you can get crazy..but it's not too have to hush them all the time. Other diners were super friendly and every one spoke with everyone else on there. The owner...yummy! His accent and friendliness...oh ya! BYOB...but so worth taking your own wine to go with the good food. Lights could be a touch more dim..I usually stick with the same thing where ever I go..but I will be going here weekly till I try it all..then decide my fave!

User:Happy H.

Great food. I had the chicken parm. Sauce was excellent. As great as the food was the owner Victor even topped that. Nice man. Good luck fellas!

User:karen p.

After reading other yelp reviews of this restaurant, I just had to check it out. My friend and I went for lunch the other day and were VERY pleased with the food and service. We shared the prosciutto pizza and mozzarella, tomato and basil salad. WOW, soo delicious! The pizza was soo fresh and the crust was amazing, very light, almost flaky. We were stuffed when we left, vowing to return!!

User:Terry H.

I cannot believe how fast I wanted to get to my pc and write this review. I'm still a new yelper, and have my list of reviews I need to write, but this was a priority. My dearest friend suggested we do lunch here. She had warned me about the neighborhood. I'm not a snob, and have eaten at various questionable locales, but I have to admit, this made me raise an eyebrow. Had anyone else recommended it, I would have kept on driving. It's tucked away in that corner in Circle K. Just pull in the Circle K parking lot, give it a minute, parking will free up, trust me, it's WORTH IT. Yes it's tiny, about 4 tables, that seat about 4 people each. Very clean, you are pleasantly surprised to walk inside. You are greeted by Chef/Owner/Waiter - he is amazing. I didn't catch his name, but he's it, with a few others in the kitchen - which is at full view. He's pleasant, and makes you feel like he's known you for years. I couldn't decide on the menu. I have not found any gnocci that is decent at restaruants, so when I saw it on the menu it is where I gravitated. My mistake was turning the menu around (2 sided) because not only did my 5 can't decide items on the front, I now had more on the back. Then our kind host offers up specials!! I left it to chef's suggestion, by offering up the gnocci and linguine. He suggested the gnocci, with choice of sauces and he suggested the pink - which is the vodka sauce. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The portion was a dinner size portion (this was lunch time). I pierced one of the gnocci's with my fork, and it didn't resist. I tested another one, and again, perfection, like stabbing mash potatoes - no resistance. Then the taste - WOW. They were like tiny silk pillows in your mouth. The vodka sauce had a very meaty flavor for a meatless sauce, I was surprised that my plate was completely clean and I didn't even use their incredible bread to mop up the sauce on the plate, just the pillows of gnocci. Service was great, by mid meal the place was full, and he took care of everyone, ensuring ice teas were refilled, he even had a delivery - said he'd be right back, and drove off. (Kitchen help remained - who ensured again ice teas were topped off). When we departed, we saw him in the kitchen, busy, so didn't say goodbye, but he came out, and thanked us while we walked the mini mall parking lot to our car. I wish I was in the delivery area - but then again, I really don't need to gain any more weight!! I'll be back, and I sure hope word catches on about this place!

User:Toniann P.

The original owners from sorrento Italy do not own the place now. The prices and new menu may be cheaper, but the quality of their food has deteriorated, along with the service. The blonde server is the owners daughter and had to ask the cook in the back what beef carpacio is. It used to be on their menu. The garlic in the bolognase was too strong. The caprese had mozzarella that could have been bought at your local grocery store. It was not fresh, nor were the tomatoes. The new owners might have the recipes, but lack the basic knowledge of Italian cuisine and customer service. They are coasting on the reviews from the past owners.

User:Monica p.

Reasonably priced, great food!!! The pizza was out of this world, the Vodka Pasta was unbelievable and chicken dishes are flavorful and tasty. This experience is worth the drive.

User:arlena r.

I love this little mom and pop run place. their pizza is oven roasted and delicious. The pasta is very authentic and fantastic as well. If you are not looking for it, you would easily pass it by. I recommend this place to everyone! For work, this is where we go for the really big pizza that feeds everyone. Everything on the menu is mouth watering and I recommend trying everything on it!

User:Jill V.

4 1/2 Stars. I found this little place while searching online and am I ever glad I did. I started with a Insalata Mista (mixed greens) and was thrilled with what came out of the kitchen. Excellent sized portion with super fresh ingredients and the best dressing I can remember eating, not swimming in dressing, not dry, perfect. The vegetarian pizza that I ordered was medium sized and a very good value with a variety of fresh toppings. The eggplant was diced to the perfect size and gave the veggie pizza a "meaty" texture. The only negative aspect to the pizza (and to the entire meal) was that it was a bit undercooked. I would have sent it back to the the wood fired oven for a another few minutes but I knew that I would be putting the leftovers in the oven at home so it would be okay. I took the homemade pasta lasagne home to hubby and have not heard a review yet from him. I will be back. No big groups here...there are only 4 tables for 2 and 3 tables for 4. Note: the neighborhood of this tiny little restaurant is a little sketchy...take a buddy if you go after dark and can't park right in front.

User:Phoenix O.

I pass by this place daily as it is around the corner from my office. I was stuck alone one day, and was looking for a place that delivered, and remembered this place. So glad I did! I had the meatball pizza. Not sure why, but I did, and I loved it! The ingredients were fresh, and it tasted like pizza is supposed to taste? Yum! Don't let the location scare you (in a small strip center, between a Circle K & apartment complex), I think the delivery guy was the owner...Italian man,,,and very nice! I'll be back! :)

User:Brad T.

Going back to Pizza A Metro is a no brainer. Great italian food. Tried a special Grilled Pork with Gorgonzola sauce which was great. I would not randomly select dishes at most places but here there is so little chance of getting a miss. Service and setup is great.

User:Sherry K.

Very accommodating and friendly. Great food.

User:Dave W.

I wrote once before about Pizza a Metro. I went home and days later was still dreaming about the wonderful Carbonara dish. Could it be just a lucky day or can such goodness permanently reside there? Now my wife is not overly fond of Italian food. We went there yesterday and I promised myself a broken promise: I would order a dish other than linguinni carbonara. I had it again and once more the heavens opened and the angels sang. My wife who, did I mention, doesn't care much for Italian food ordered a calzone. It was stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, ham and she was smitten. There was a lot of everything in it. We both ate past the point of not being hungry any more but were compelled to keep eating just because it was so good. While we were deeply indulging in our own culunary heaven, we saw several dishes come out of the kitchen that looked absolutly heavenly. One was a plate of Calamari and the other was a salad of chopped tomatos with cheese. In my previous review, I mentioned that they only had flavored tea. That has been corrected and they now have regular tea as well. If it's not offered, just ask for it. You'll find Victor (owner) and his staff more than anxious to please. Speaking of staff, as before, the service was wonderful.

User:S M.

We love having this restaurant in our neighborhood. The gnocchi is AMAZING! I have had the pizza prior to the gnocchi, but now I mainly go there for the best pasta I have had in the valley. If you want a high quality authentic Italian, you will never be disappointed.

User:Rodney T.

Pizza A Metro is tha BOMB!!.... to start with this is in a bad area(block). It's hiding in a tiny strip mall with a Circle K in it. This is a bit pricey considering where it's located but not over priced for the food quality. This has a very small piece of Italy inside the doors and great customer service. I ordered the vodka penne and it was GREAT!! I love beacon... (who doesn't??) and cheese!! My guest ordered veal cav???otti... something like that... and it was also awesome. Bread kept coming and our drinks stayed full. I left thinking it was really great food and a very pleasant experience. I did see a HUGE pizza being made while I was eating and next time I really want to try one of those. (Would be awesome for a bear get together)!! I will be eating here again and look forward to that HUGE pizza. The only reason I gave this a 4 star instead of a 5 star was due to location. I have to admit though that I do love to find these out of the way places with superb food and surprise people from out of town. To see the look on their faces..... (PRICELESS)!!!

User:K C.

X-mas eve '09. Many places were closed or stupidly crowded.I ventured into Pizza A Metro on Thomas w/my hungry date & had the best dinner experience the valley could offer.Every dish from apps to desert were delicious. Service was great.You dick-heads that were tortured in some foo-foo joint should be ashamed.Try anything on this menu ASAP.---PS Don't let the exterior fool you. KC

User:Tim P.

I will never wait in line at Biancos again unless it is just for the appetizers. This is really good pizza and worth cramming into the little restaurant. They make the biggest pizza I have ever seen and if you have a small car it probably won't fit for take-out so be prepared to strap it to the roof or something.

User:Alix G.

first of all, thank you yelp!! i never would have known this restaurant existed had i not seen all the positive reviews. i've been here a few times and i always order the vegetarian pizza with a side salad. i will say it's not the best for reheating, but take a few friends along, split the pizza and enjoy!

User:Sherry O.

Yup it's me again.....the person without the picture whos' opinion you might not be abale to trust but I will give my opinion anyway....after reading all the rave reviews on... Pizza Pizza Yelp about it.....I had to give Pizza Metro a was absolutely wonderful...who knew...certainly not me. We made a reservation although on a Tuesday not needed but we were told that it is a good idea for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We took our own wine (only a $5.00 corking fee).....The owner and his manager Michael were VERY friendly and went out of their way to make sure that we were taken care. They brought us a plate of flat bread with a mix of capers, onions, eggplant that was very yummy (sorry to you pleople that it tasted like tap water...I have to disagree).....we then shared a ceasar salad again more than enough for two....we had such a hard time deciding on entrees that we wound up splitting the lasagna and a meatball pizza (not really meatballs but rather homemade sausage)....all of it was out of this world and the lasagna was probably the best I have ever had....the pizza was wood fired with the perfect amount of topping....all homemade. All in all a great dinner leaving us comfortable full but not will become one of our haunts and we are looking forward to trying their new restaurant "Amarone" which we have been told will have a full bar and a larger establishment and a little more upscale.....Thanks to all who wrote their reviews and made us curious enough to give it a try... P.S.....TOTAL BILL ONLY $32.00...and they are working on their liquor license which they hope to have in a few weeks

User:Halley S.

This place is such a great find and so close to my house I can take side streets all the way home:). I love that it is BYOB... Michael and I brought a bottle of wine with us and proceeded to have one the of the best dinners I have had in a long time. We started out with the Calamari Friti which was so tasty! I cannot bring myself to eat the little octopi but Michael has no issues with that and gobbled those little guys up:). I stick to the fried little rings and I am fine. Then we shared the meatball pizza... I was kind of hesitant because I thought it might be whole meatballs on a pizza but it was not and I am still dreaming of this pizza the flavors and the crust were amazing. I cannot wait to come back and try the pasta dishes and the calzones. We ended our dinner with the Tira Misu... I think the moment our waitress set the desert down it was gone in 5 minutes. This was such a great dinner and the price cannot be beat... including the $5.00 corking fee the bill totaled $35.00. Not Bad!!

User:Dreamlyn W.

One of my favorite restaurants in the Valley. I've had a good number of items on the menu and still can't pick a favorite dish. The service is great and the prices are ridiculously reasonable!

User:Ron D.

Suck it, Pizzeria Bianco. There's a new joint in town and you don't stand a chance. A friend pestered us to visit this hidden gem and I have yet to figure out how to thank him. The pizza is a must-have--it equals pies I've eaten in Rome and Torino--but the rest of the menu is impressive as well. One our first visit, the specials were seafood based and we tried 'em both. A sole with with artichokes, capers, and a white wine sauce was perfectly cooked, and the scampi-like shrimp was darn near as good. Others have applauded the complimentary appetizers so I'll simply agree and move on; the pizza Margherita was the star of my meal. A thin crispy/chewy crust covered with crushed tomatoes, dotted with cheese and sprinkled with fresh basil was a gustatory Italian vacation. Oh, and order dessert even if you have to have it surgically implanted. The atmosphere belies the dodgy location. The decor is both upscale (granite tables, tile floors) and mundane (a flat screen tv hovers overhead, tuned to an Italian satellite station). Yes, I wouldn't walk home from here after dark, but parking is close and well-lighted, and the squeamish can use the freeway to be safely back in their suburbs in minutes.

User:Tommy T.

Pizza A Metro, a tiny restaurant in a tiny strip mall, is definitely better than your Olive Gardens, but how the heck it has a 4.5 star average rating on here I don't know. It's just not that exceptional. It started out bad when the water tasted like dish soap. The bread and caponata is the best thing they have going here. Our $10 caprese was cheap mozzarella on pale tomatoes...for that price, I expect burrata mozz on beefsteak tomatoes. The pasta primavera ($13) was very good, in a nice light garlic white wine sauce. Chicken marsala ($15) was good, not great, as was the accompanying pasta alfredo. Everything's about $2-3 overpriced, given that this is just a slightly above average neighborhood place. I won't be rushing back, but I would be okay going here if someone else suggested it.

User:cat t.

Delicious pizza, especially when straight from the oven (versus takeout) - crust is thin and chewy. The sausage used for the pizza is very good. The ingredients are fresh and high quality. The pastas are also good, esp. penne alla vodka and gnochhi. Only negative is that the price is not what you would expect for the location - but the food justifies it. Also, the chairs are hard - but that doesn't matter much when the food is good!

User:Jorge M.

Wow, what a great surprise!!! We moved to the neighborhood about two years ago and always wondered how this little place would be and We were pleasantly surprised tonight. They have a great menu but just in case we ordered the wood fired meatball pizza. We were not disappointed great Pizza, fresh salad and iced tea!!! Next time we will try the dishes everything smelled, looked and tasted great. It's great to have a little place like this close to our Historic neighborhood.

User:Roy G.

Delicious food. A little expensive for the ambiance. The restaurant is very small somewhat clean, but the food was very good. We came to celebrate the Sinaloence's birthday. This is a hole in the wall restaurant which is a good thing.

User:sharon h.

We were in Phoenix looking for a good pizza "joint" and choose this place on recommedation of other yelpers! We arrived at about 9:30 on a friday night and our party of 4 was able to snag the only open table. The place is small with 7-8 tables and next t o a Circle K so it is not much to look at! We ordered and mozzarella & tomato app which was perfectly fine good cheese, ripe tomatos. They offer three sizes of pizzas, small, medium and HUGE (39 inches in diameter) . They were "Sold Out" of the medium size so were were forced to pay much more by ordering two smalls to split instead. We were told they make all the dough crusts in the morning so once a size sells out that is it for the day! We ordered a plain cheese and a sausage and broccoli. The pizza arrived hot and crispy to prefection! The tomato sauce was very tasty. Three of us agreed that the mozzarella, while very tasty and good quality, did not seem to fit as pizza cheese. We were sure it was the same cheese used in the appetizer and seemed better suited fo that kind of nosh. On the pizza it seemed to almost turn waxy! But still it was tasty! The sausage was very good and off high quality. Overall worth a trip here!

User:Red J.

If you've ever thought of traveling to northern Italy just to try the food you can save a lot of money by coming to Pizza a Metro. After living in Italy for 3 years we heard about the food at this restaurant and decided to try it. Very authentic sauces on the cheese ravioli. Very authentic pizza. The crust, the sauce, and the restraint on the use of toppings was exactly the way pizza is prepared in northern Italy. Of all the pizza we've tried in Phoenix there was no other as close to real northern Italian pizza. If you don't like the food at Pizza a Metro, don't go to Italy. if you want an affordable date night , split a saladand a small pizza. My only complaint is the location .

User:Amy Q.

Recently went here for dinner as I've heard many good things about this tiny little place. At a quick glance you would miss this place as it's in a strip of shops (wouldn't really call it a strip mall as there is 4 little places by it with a Circle K at the end). I found some parking because it was early in the evening. Upon walking in I noticed there was a large family eating so there was only about 3 tables inside open. I had some wine and appetizers to tie me over until my dinner date arrived since she was coming from across town. The tomato balsamic mixture they serve with fresh pizza dough is OUTSTANDING! I could eat that stuff every day! The calamari was also very good! I had the small margarita pizza (perfect size to share) and it was GREAT! Then they gave us complimentary dessert! It was the best tiramisu I've ever eaten! The service was amazing and the food was outstanding. I will certainly be back soon. Don't let the exterior fool you...this place is awesome!

User:Mark C.

Welcome to perhaps the teeniest tiniest sit down pizzeria you can find. Seriously, picture a pizzeria half the size of your local Domino's trying to cram in seating for 20 (including an outside patio) and you get an idea of just how small this place is. And yet, it works (for the most part). I was in the mood for a pizza on a Friday after work. And although Downtown Phoenix has a barrage of great pizzerias to choose from, Pizza A Metro has been on my radar of late largely because of the great Yelp reviews. So, tonight was the night to find out what the buzz is about. Pizza A Metro's main location sits right next door to a Circle K on the northeast corner of 24th Ave and Thomas (just a stone's throw from the I-17). And yes, the surrounding neighborhood could be classified as somewhat iffy. Though to be fair the immediate vicinity of the restaurant is quite nice and tucked away (that is if you can get one of the few parking spots available). Anticipating a big dinner rush, I decided to call ahead and order a pizza to go. However when I arrived around 5pm, there were only 2 sit down customers there so file that in your memory banks. Also, a quick note that afternoon rush hour along Thomas Road is horrific so give yourself a few extra minutes if you're coming here around then. The interior of the pizzeria is quaint, but quite nice. The television on the wall is a little out of place if you ask me, but the furniture, the decor, and the open view of the pizza prep area create a pretty intimate feel to the place. For today though, it was grab and go. They had my pizza ready in about 15 minutes from the time I called. For my first go around I wanted to do an apples to apples comparison with other pizzerias I've been to in the area. Among the best I've been to in Downtown Phoenix (and refer to as the "Big 4") are Pomo, Cibo, Pizzeria Bianco, and La Piazza PHX. All have a simple margherita pizza, so a simple 12" margherita it was. Total cost, $10. A few bucks cheaper than the other "Big 4" margheritas. Right off the bat, I noticed the crust is thinner than the aforementioned Downtown pizza giants. The house made cheese is terrific and the basil was a nice subtle addition. The crust was super crunchy (far crunchier than other pizzerias in the area), though it didn't have the soft chewy texture I like from the "Big 4". The sauce was also a disappointment as there was barely any on the pie that I could taste other than the outer edges. All in all, a respectable pizza, but by no means did it blow me away. Perhaps the aforementioned big four Downtown pizzerias were an unfair comparison, because I would probably put Pizza A Metro's version of the margherita behind all of them. That said, I'd certainly come back for a sit down experience here and the pasta menu seems pretty intriguing. And for those of you in the east valley, Pizza A Metro also has a location on Greenfield and Warner. For the rest of you looking to come to the original, don't let the address scare you off. As neighborhood pizzerias go, this place can hold its own pretty well. But for me, the "Big 4" in Downtown are the still the pinnacle of pizza royalty.

User:Kazi H.

There's a bit of history with me and this place. Many moons ago, my family was super close to the former owners of this place when it was called Romans pizza. Then my brother and his best friend bought it from them and ran the ground. And that's probably the best thing that ever happened to this place because luckily after that, Pizza A Metro happened. I always passed by this place but I never bothered to stop because the area really creeps me out. Well, after seeing a bunch of my yelp friends check in to here and reading the reviews, I finally decided it was time. This place is a poster child for "don't judge a book by it's cover" because that's what I did and I missed out. When I walked in, it's tiny. But it gives you a warm feeling. I don't know what it is about it. I got the to-go menu and they had their lunch menu which was incredibly cheap! I ordered the small margherita pizza. I asked the girl how small is the small and she told me 12 I am thinking 8 inches. And it was only $7.95! What a deal! I was stuck between the tirimisu and the creme brûlée. I love both desserts and I love homemade tirimisu even more but the creme brûlée won. I had my dessert before my pizza since I had to wait til it was cooked. The creme brûlée was excellent! It was perfectly creamy and the perfect amount of vanilla flavor. My pizza was ready and I took it with me...I don't usually like to eat in my car but I DEVOURED this pizza before I even made it to school. It wasn't overly salty, had the perfect amount of cheese and sauce. I wish it had more basil but it didn't ruin it. Overall, I was satisfied! I will definitely be back to try the pastas and the tirimisu!

User:Kathryn L.

Great food, great staff, great night. We got the calamari (lightly battered with delish marinara), gnocchi in vodka sauce (perfectly cooked and OMG delicious), bolognese pizza (absolutely fantastic!) - everything was GREAT, with attentive and friendly wait-staff. We will be back!!!

User:C M.

We were in Italy last summer and haven't found pizza that tasted like true Italian until this one. We had the green salad and Marghetia pizza. Both were amazing. Definitely a winner!

User:Laraine J.

Pizza was awesome and the interior was classy for as small of a place it is. The server was very friendly. I don't recommend bringing kids with as the place echos and of course kids can be kind of loud. I wouldn't recommend hanging around after to have a cig as a pan handler may come around and ask for money.... Other than that, great authentic pizza and worth ordering take out!!

User:Master M.

Love this place! Its in a shitty strip mall but reminds me of NJ and some of the great Italian fare found there. Try the vodka penne! Its been 3 or 4 years, nice to see much is the same.

User:John P.

Stopped in to Metro before heading back to the airport for my trip back home. The place was empty at about 2 pm. My usual test for how good an Italian restaurant is - I try their chicken parmigiana. I know this place is mainly a pizza place, but if it's on the menu, it better be just as good. I did not try the pizza. The chicken parm was on the lunch menu. It came with a side of penne. It was a good size for the lunch menu and cost $10.95. The cutlet was pounded thin and was very juicy. There was a square of mozzarella which didn't cover the entire cutlet. Maybe more mozzarella would have been better. One thing I need to mention is that the sauce was a bit spicy. I don't think it was mentioned on the menu, and not sure if it's the same sauce they use on the pizza. It was good, but spicy. People should know this in case they order it for their kids. They passed my chicken parm test. Service was good. I know I was the only customer there, but the waitress was very attentive. Sometimes when the restaurant isn't busy, the waitstaff is even worse. They get into conversations with co-workers, and you never see them. That was not the case here. I took some desert with me to go. Actually flew it back to Los Angeles with me. I bought the Tiramisu and two Canollis. Wife and kids enjoyed the Canollis. Although my wife didn't understand why they would drizzle chocolate syrup over the canolli. I think they should avoid that step. The tiramisu was also very good. Price was $4.95 each (1 canolli).

User:Mary S.

The food has gone downhill since they closed the Scottsdale location and got new owners or cooks or whomever. I had not eaten here in a long time because the last few times I had been in the pizza was not as good as it used to be. I also had found a better place closer to home. Well, I thought I would give them another try tonight since the reviews are still good. It had been a long, hectic week at work. I happen to be driving by and I just wanted to sit down with my new book and eat. This was a very strange and demeaning experience. I have never had anything like this ever happen to me before. It upset me so I was compelled to write this update. This restaurant is very small. Too small for how popular it seems to be. They have only five tables in the place and if you sit at two of them it is very awkward since you are right by the kitchen door ( And in the way) or under the TV. I apparently forgot about that tonight. It is certainly not a place to bring a party of fifteen and then book a party of eight. I walked in and there was a very long table of about 20 up against the wall. They really did not fit in the restaurant at all. The kids with them were very noisy and not being disciplined of course by any adults. The other three small tables were filled with diners looking non too happy at the noise level and squished floor space. I should have left right then and there but I was in no rush. I noticed that two of the "Two Top" tables were finishing up so I waited by the kitchen window to sit. Again, very awkward just standing there. I felt so in the way. The server looked at me and said, "Just give me just one minute. Here is a menu." Well, I stood there for about fifteen minutes. A couple left shortly after that. I assumed the table would be cleared for me but it never happened. I stood by the window for five more minutes waiting. Finally, I sat down at one of the tables. A busser and a staff member walked by twice and no one cleared the table or acknowledged me. I started looking at the menu. After ten more minutes the waitress came back and said. "So are you wanting to eat? I was flabbergasted. I am thinking to myself, "What the heck?" "Well, YES! I do want to eat since this is a restaurant, right? But I meekly look at her, smile, and say, " Of course." Maybe she is having an off night with that crazy 20 top over on the wall. Needless to say I was very confused and starting to get frustrated. I wasn't sure how to answer or what she was trying to communicate. I assumed she forgot that she already asked me if I wanted take out or not. Not being a Harvard attorney I wanted to make sure to not go all postal on her. Well, the waitress finally asks, "Well, do you want to eat here?" I might note that she has made no effort to start clearing the dirty table either. So now I am very confused. Shall I eat here? What is that suppose to mean? Shall I eat here? Well heck no, maybe I will eat in the kitchen, bathroom, or on the floor? In the parking lot? I can only conclude they do not want my business. I am thinking to myself, "Is this a joke? Am I on one of those reality TV shows? What is the problem here?" I have no idea what is going on. She then looks at me and says, "Well, SHE said there is a reservation at eight."( I still have no idea who "SHE" is.) I looked at my watch which said 7:10pm. Again, super confused hungry gal here. Also, what does this have to do with me anyway? The server finally gets her act together to tell me they have a table of eight coming in with a reservation, not a reservation at 8pm. Wow, reservations at this place, Really? Okay, I still had no idea when or why she was telling me this since I was at a Two Top not an Eight Top. The only other tables in the place were Two Tops that all together did not add up to eight. A reservation of eight would not fit anywhere in this place, anytime soon. I finally looked at her, forcing her to communicate. "So are you saying you do not want to serve me? Do you not have room for me?" I hate being a mind reader on a Friday night after working with 8 year old kids all day. To this question the server replies, "No not at all. She says ( Who the heck is SHE?) that we can bring you food. It has to be f