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7575 N 16th St,Ste 5
Phoenix, AZ, 85020

(602) 216-0336

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User:Brian B.

Decent food that was just down the street from the hotel where I was staying. I got the ravioli entree and it came with garlic bread and salad. They could afford to spruce up the house salad a little bit, but the raviolis were tender and pretty good, even if the sauce left something to be desired. Attentive service and plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.

User:Byron V.

Amazing food, amazing service, great atmosphere ! Always have an enjoyable experience every time we dine here.

User:Kim C.

Get the Tiramisu! Light and delicious.

User:Nicki A.

Great Italian food and served in a super cute atmosphere. The service was good and our waiter was very attentive to our table. The food was great...we started with the Gnocchi which was wonderful! I had the Chicken Marsala and also tried some of the Lasagna...both were fantastic. The best part of the night was the wonderful Chianti that was suggested to us and the shot of Sambuca that was brought to us after our dinner, compliments of the house. i would give this place a try if you are looking for a great Italian dinner...everyone that has been from my recommendation, LOVED it. :)

User:Jill G.

Wow!! This is amazing... my new favorite place. I went with my mom, brother and his wife to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. My mom had been raving about the ravioli and she was right - they are amazing!! I had looked at the menu and was torn between ordering the homemade ravioli (cheese & spinach filling) with a cream/tomato sauce or the homemade gnocchi with the same cream/tomato sauce. So, I convinced the table to order the gnocchi appetizer (a small version of the gnocchi dinner). It was amazing!!! The best gnocchi I've ever had. Really light and melts in your mouth. And the cream and tomato sauce is really fresh and creamy at the same time. The garlic bread that comes with the dinners is good - even better dipped in olive oil and balsamic (which they will bring you if you ask). The dinners all come with either soup or salad. I had read on Yelp that the soups were really good. So, my mom and I got their soup of the day - a cream of vegetable soup - cauliflower, brocolli, carrots, potato..... Really, creamy and flavorful and light - it was amazing!!!! My brother and his wife both got the salads. They both ate them but said they were just so-so. Nothing special. They should have gotten the soup! Then, we all ordered the ravioli except for my brother who must have loved the gnocchi as much as I did and he got that. We were all suprised he didn't go for a meat dish - he's usually a pretty big eater. The ravioli were just like the gnocchi - light and just perfect - in a cream and tomato sauce. For dessert, my sister-in-law picked the creme brulee. It was a good size, with sliced strawberries on top. Our waiter brought it out with a candle on top and it ended up being free (nice touch from the restaurant). It was very good. And the little shots of flaming sambuca (black licorice flavored liquor) at the end is a nice and fun touch, too. The service was excellent as well. The atmosphere is fine - very cozy, dim lighting and traditional with white table cloths, etc. The decor is a pretty outdated but I've seen worse. It wouldn't deter me from coming back. But, I would probably go even more if it was updated. I'm so excited to have found it - my new favorite Italian place - and really reasonable prices, too.

User:Orjan B.

Genuine italian old-style restaurant where the food as well the service lived up to my high expectations. Well worth the relatively high prices. I'll be back!

User:Nicole H.

I was craving Italian food while on an anniversary trip with my husband. Decided to try this place since it was within walking distance of our resort. Glad we did! I had the ravioli, which was not what I intended on having, but I'm glad I did. I normally steer clear of anything with ricotta cheese but decided to go for it. The ravioli was homemade with ricotta cheese and spinach. It had a mixture of white and red sauce and was delicious. The sauce was just enough to cover the ravioli but not over-bearing. The hubs had the chicken florentine and it was also very good. I'm not exactly sure what kind of sauce it had but it tasted like a wine sauce of sorts. It came with two decent sized chicken breasts covered in spinach and topped with sauce with a side of penne pasta that had what I assume was a tomato-type sauce. Very good! They provide you with a basket full of delicious and plentiful garlic bread. The service was great and the atmosphere was very nice. It's located in the corner of a strip mall. We wore jeans with nice shirts, I saw some people in shorts and others were dressed pretty nice...dresses, collared shirts, etc. If you're looking for good, authentic Italian food, this is the place!!

User:Stacy M.

I just moved to a neighborhood close to this restaurant about 5 months ago and didn't even notice this restaurant in the corner of a shopping center. It was actually Yelp that guided me to this restaurant. We went for New Year's Eve and had their Special NYE menu. Ambiance: romantic, dimly lit with balloons EVERYWHERE! The waitstaff and the customers were getting tangled in the balloons, but it was fun. If you wait in the lobby for a while, you will see tons of celebrity photos of those that have been here including Jennifer Lopez, the Diamondback Coach, Charles Barkley and more. Customer Service: was good, but we went during their shift change, so they almost forgot our eggplant appetizer and didn't ask my husband how he wanted his steak (rare, med, etc). We would have just skipped it and just eat the main course, but the new waiter asked about it and apologized and gave the appetizer to us free of charge and made sure my husband's steak was rare. His efforts helped and we are so glad he brought it out because it was so very good. Food: garlic bread was dry, minestrone was fabulous, dressing on salad was tasty too. The Eggplant with ricotta and spinach appetizer was to die for. Veal Scaloppine was tender and the Steak was juicy. We will definitely visit again.

User:Scott D.

I went tonight alone for dinner. I stayed next door at the Hilton and waled over. I had a Salad with a good italian dressing. They brought Garlic Bread. I had a Soda and water. Each beverage was filled as needed. My main course was Eggplant and Pasta. It was very good. Owner came over and said hello. They brought me a shot of Sambuca after dinner. All for $18 dollars...a great value.

User:Mikey U.

This wasn't the first time, but we went to Tutti Santi for a family Christmas Eve Dinner. All I have to say is that everything was simply perfect. Not only the food, but the service. Which to me makes a restaurant with great food go from good to great. I ate the lamb shank- Angello Dorato, which fell off the bone and was delicious. I cleaned the plate. Dad had the veal marsala with fettuccine alfredo. The veal was fantastic and the alfredo was just right. The sauce was not too thick-not to thin. Dad cleaned the plate. From him being in the food industry for 30+years and eating in many italian establishments both here and Chicago, believe me that says more than alot. Mom had the special of the night, which was a cioppino with tons of seafood. When most italian restaurants serve this dish at least one of the seafood items will be rubbery or fishy tasting (not in a good way) especially the mussels. Not here. Everything was the way it should be. I felt this was the plate of the evening out of 3 great dishes. Mom didn't clean the plate, she has a small stomach. But I will be eating the leftovers in about two hours after I sleep off my meal. Everything from the bread, the calamari fritti, to the tiramisu was fabulous. I'm glad we couldn't get reservations anywhere else for this special meal. Gratzi and Buon Natale. Oh yeah, I didn't get the raviolis this time, but if you've haven't had them it's a must try.

User:Jana S.

I have been to this tutti santi numerous times over the past 5 years. Last night we decided it was time to indulge once more. We ordered the gnocchi as well as the daily special, lobster ravioli. I normally scarf a plate of gnocchi as they are handmade and delicious. Needless to say, I was scared to venture out my box. The gnocchi were divine as usual...handmade daily, with the perfect mix of white sauce and bolognese. The lobster ravioli were delicious. Also, freshly made topped with an awesome vodka sauce. Furthermore, the lobster was so fresh, as if it was still swimming in the ocean. To put the finishing touch on our wonderful dinner experience, our server brought over the signature shots of flaming sambuca, including the "three flies" (as they are called), symbolizing the past, present and future...If I had to predict the near future, I would say that we will be back soon. Finally, our server was awesome and friendly. After all, you can't have a perfect dinner with shitty service.

User:Kbeth S.

My 1st experience at Tutti Santi was over Labor Day . We stayed at Point Hilton Squaw Peak and wanted desperately to eat off the Hotel Property and saw Tutti Santi tucked into a small corner nearby. Everything was amazing! Great ambiance, Attentive Service, maybe too attentive but we were in the Small Room. My Daughter ordered the homemade Ravioli. Raviolis tasted amazing the sauce was rich and pleasurable! My Eggplant Parmesan made my taste buds dance and my other daughter had a pasta w artichokes mushrooms in a garlic cream, sauce little too garlicky for her and a little for me as well but she wouldn't ask for another dish so oh well.. Dessert was a Tiramisu and a Spumoni Ice cream dipped in hardened chocolate. They were both amazing..taste and in presentation. Our attentive and friendly waiter offered a sambuca shot after my meal as an aperitif I gladly enjoyed :) Our bill was pricey but worth every penny. My daughter has proclaimed this is now Her FAVORITE restaurant. I am on board with this as well

User:Joe B.

Drove by many times before dining in one night with 2 kids, and a mother in law. The place is small but well appointed and has dim lighting, just like you'd expect for an Italian place. The house ravioli is excellent, the recommended starter. I think I had the tortellini, it was good, big portion, flavorful. After desert, the trimisu and chocolate gnash desert, our waiter dropped off a round of sambucca on the house. They must do this for everyone, their way of saying thanks. The service was above average and the cuisine hit the spot with me, so I'll be back again.

User:Leslie H.

Had dinner here tonight with my husband, who had eaten here previously. The decor is old style Italian, and the food is amazing. I had the snapper and it was superb. It was served with linguini in a red sauce that had a slight kick. Pasta was perfectly prepared. My husband had the orange roughy which was in lemon caper sauce and was delicious, neither of us had eaten roughy before and we were pleasantly surprised. The desserts were traditional Italian desserts, so we decided to share a canoli, which was a great choice. The shell was crisp rather than soggy as some cannoli's can be. The filling had a hint of sambuca flavor. The only thing missing were the chocolate chips. Delicious meal and very attentive service, we would definitely go back. I would recommend calling for reservations as it is not too big a place and fills up quickly.

User:Jack N.

Great Italian food! Tutti Santi is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in AZ hands down. They have a few locations but this one on 16th St. is my favorite. Its in the corner of another strip mall. Inside it is very quaint, lots of candles, dimly lit and inviting. The service has always been superb and even the price is not bad. It seems as almost everything they serve is homemade with the best ingredients. They make the creamiest raviolis that absolutely melt in your mouth. The ravioli sauce is light and very flavorful. I also love the lasagna. The meat, the sauce, the noodles, spice, and size are simply perfection. All of the soups I have had have also been quite delicious. The one item I would not recommend is the leg of lamb. I was not impressed with the flavor, or the price and I would not order it again. If you are in the mood for great homemade Italian and remotely near any of the Tutti Santis locations definitely give it a try.

User:Angela G.

Food ranges from delicious (elegant and lovely beef carpaccio) to mediocre (bland chicken rollatini and what might as well have been frozen vegetables). The servers are lovely and attentive, and sort of distract you from the distinctly geriatric feel in the place. My husband and I felt like the youngest people in the restaurant by at least 40 years. I have no idea where this best ravioli nomination came from - they are abysmally forgettable. I am hard-pressed to believe that a better ravioli cannot be found in Phoenix - there are just way too many good culinary adventures in the area to consider these bland, oversauced pillows of flavorless ricotta worth ordering. Unimpressed by everything, we were bowled over by the bill. How could a meal so forgettable come out to $150 for the two of us? Was the wine that expensive? No. Did we order anything extraordinary? No. Are we going back? You already know the answer...

User:Luna L.

What a great find! We purchased a deal chicken for this restaurant as we had never tried before. We had an absolutely fabulous dinner start to finish. We started with Caprese salad and stuffed mushrooms both were very good, then for entrees, we had Chicken florentina and Pasta romantico. Both sauces were the best we have had! The atmosphere is like you are in Italy. I would have never figured from the location but we will be regulars.

User:Ashley P.

I am so grateful to Deal Chicken for featuring this place, otherwise I never would have come here. I visited here tonight with my husband and another couple. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!! It may have been the wine, it may have been the euphoria of having real Italian food, I don't know, but the conversation was so wonderful, the ambiance was great, and the service was all I could have asked for. I have never had "authentic Italian food" (my only experience was the Olive Garden) and now I know what I was missing. The food was so delicate and quaint, yet full of flavor. I upgraded my penne pasta for the infamous gnocchi, and am so glad I did. The Chicken della Casa was wonderful and I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow! My friend had the lasagna, and it was nothing like any type of lasagna I've ever had in the past. There was more than enough food but I didn't walk out of there feeling weighed down, instead we enjoyed several courses over a period of 2 hours and I felt like I truly could have been in Italy.

User:Stacy M.

OMG. I have not been to this restaurant ion over 3 years and it was always good but never really think about it much. Tonight I visited and it received 5 stars for a number of reasons. The first foremost is the food is outstanding! we sat at the bar like we do at most places and weer quickly greeted by the giddy bartender. I ordered wine husband a lemon drop martini. The bartender made the lemon drop and added a splash of Rasp liqueur in at the end to make it "extra special. Quickly a hot basket of garlic bread arrived. Yay luv garlic bread. We ordered stuffed mushroom to start. Not my choice but hey they were good. It was so difficult deciding what to order due to their amazing menu. I finally decided on a shrimp fettuccine dish that was prepared with cognac, cream, wild mushrooms and shrimp. Orgasmic doesn't cover it. These were huge lump shrimp that tasted like lobster. By far one of the most memorable dishes I have eaten in years. Husband ordered Gnocchi. Wow amazing delicate covered in tomato cream sauce, made hrs before our arrival. The company of the staff mixed with the amazing authentic food bring me back to this place prob in the next week. I advise to to go this place for some amazing hands down top notch food.

User:Hannah Q.

You can't fake diarrhea. These f*rs gave me VEAL parmigiana when I'd ordered CHICKEN. Until then, I'd never eaten veal and had no desire ever to do so. I was so upset and the best both the waiter and manager could do was apologize, say they'd take it off the bill (they better!!! I had two bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then launch an explanation as to how, on a busy night, the kitchen could make a mistake. I don't care WHY it happened. That's the restaurant's business. I care THAT IT HAPPENED. Unconscionable. To top it off, I had total food poisoning that night and the following morning. Yes, I was completely nauseated that I'd consumed veal, but this wasn't psychosomatic. Like I said, you can't fake diarrhea.

User:Francine C.

This is the spot for some of the best Italian food! Hands down, THE BEST RAVIOLI, with a lovely marana and a touch of cream, it melts in your mouth, like nothing I have ever had before, it is one of their specialties, made fresh every day, it is A MUST... The veal marsala is FANTASTIC, tender and tasty, the marsala sauce is smooth and sweet. Linguini w/ Clams is just DELICIOUS, you can taste the freshness in the clams( Hard to find in Phoenix) They end each meal with a sambuca lit on fire, Nice Touch!!! They have a great wine list and a full bar. I love it, have been going for about 6 years, It is a little pricey, so the visits are not as frequent as I would like.

User:vanessa h.

First of all, everything in Arizona closes hella early, so as a last resort at about 9 o'clock we went to this fancy schmancy joint for dinner. Little did we know that the food would not be as up to scale as the dimly lit decorations. My sister and I got chicken Cesar salads with chicken that was very dry and seemed and tasted like end of the day scraps. Also my brother-in-law's salmon and muscles tasted like sea water which resulted in bubble guts later that night. On top of all this, Tutti Santi is also pretty pricey. $15 for a minuscule could-have-been-rat-for-all-we-know Cesar salad. Good luck dinner goers.

User:Tom Z.

Friendly, attentive staff and amazing handmade pasta make this a winner!

User:Dave W.

I ate at Tutti Santi while in Phoenix for a business conference. Met up with a co-workers father-in-law who happened to be in town and he suggested Tutti Santi, which he had visited on previous trips. Had it not been for that recommendation, I don't know that I ever would have found this place. They were quite busy that night due to a special promotion and it seemed that they were not quite used to it. It took quite some time to place our order. We ordered a bottle of wine for the table and I ordered a salad and gnocchi. We started sipping the wine while waiting for our appetizers. The salad was decent and the bread they brought for the table was actually very good. However, due to the slow service, our wine bottle was empty long before the food came. When the food arrived, we ordered another bottle of wine and began eating. The gnocchi was very good, and everyone else seemed to enjoy their order as well. Unfortunately, our second bottle of wine never arrived. When we mentioned it, the waiter apologized, but that was it. This would have been an easy four star review but the sub-par service killed it for me. They may have been busy, but 15 minutes for drinks and 30 minutes for salads is still pushing it.

User:Joseph M.

New Year's Eve: crowded, lively, decent food. The live guitarist was a little tacky and annoying--sloppy and loud Brazilian and Spanish ballads (not especially Italian, or charming). The service was quick and friendly, though. Not bad for a fun family dinner.

User:Scott B.

Fantastic hand-made pastas. The ravioli and gnocchi were amazing. Brought the family in for a nice dinner over spring break. Service was attentive and spot-on. Wine was good but expensive. Half- orders of spaghetti bolognese were plenty for my daughters.

User:Jessica W.

Just went back here and had another fabulous meal - everything was so delicious and clearly homemade with care. Wonderful!

User:Lauren E.

Had a birthday party here, and it was great! We all enjoyed our food, and the servers were very nice when we stayed so late!

User:Nunzio Z.

Excellent food and a great atmosphere. The tortellini in cream sauce is close to the best in the city. The eggplant parm is slice very thin which makes it A+. A must try!

User:Karen T.

When reviewing a business I generally like to give them some room for improvement. I'm not sure how Tutti Santi can improve on perfection. Their wait staff is excellent. Our waiter, I think his name is Brian, was perfect. He checked on us just enough to be sure we were happy without constantly interrupting our conversation. The other wait staff never allowed our water glasses to be less than half full and they did so without really being noticed. The salad was exactly as Brian (Sorry if I got your name wrong) described, greens and tomatoes with the house vinaigrette. I knew exactly what to expect so wasn't disappointed by a boring salad. Oh and the Garlic Bread was perfect. I don't usually like garlic bread. Theirs was crispy and chewy at the same time and not too garlicy. I almost asked for more, but didn't want to fill up on bread. I ordered the Lasagne and my guest ordered the seafood pasta special. My lasagne was excellent, the noodles were very light, the cheese and sauce delicious. I ate every bite and was sorely tempted to lick the plate. I did manage to refrain but just barely. Fortunately someone came and took the plate before I succumbed to the temptation. My guests seafood dish was quite pricey at around $35 but he said it was delicious and full of all kinds of different sea creatures. He managed to eat all of the fishy stuff but couldn't finish his pasta. He was also very happy with the wine he ordered, which Brian suggested. Even though I was about to lick my plate and he didn't finish his dinner we still ordered the Tiramisu to share and an espresso to finish our meal. It was the perfect ending. The Tiramisu was light and delicious and the espresso was dark, slightly bitter and very strong. I've had better, but my guest said that the espresso was very typical of what you would get in Europe. Love, Love, Love everything about this place, can't wait to go back again soon!

User:Alissa M.

Some of the best Italian I've ever had! It was pleasantly surprise! The place doesn't look that great from the outside, but the food makes up for it. The martini's were expensive and not that great. Pasta is made right at the restaurant. Highly recommend getting some pasta! Staff was friendly.

User:Dana N.

I love Italian restaurants, and this one did not disappoint. The atmosphere was outstanding - quiet, quaint and relaxing. The service was great as well. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and right there when we needed her. And the food was delicious. Our appetizers, entrees and desserts were just to die for. I honestly can't wait to go back.

User:Kent H.

The food was alright, but the service at the bar was great. The people who worked there were friendly as well as the patrons. Small bar, but it seemed to be a place where some of the locals used as a place to hang out and catch up with one another.

User:Tracy L.

ATMOSPHERE: Dimly lit. Classical style decor. High ceilings with neat looking light fixtures. Crowded on a Saturday night. Crowd was mostly elderly but I also saw a family dining there with kids. Patio and indoor dining available. FOOD: We ordered: 1. Complimentary bread - already garnished with garlic butter and herbs. Crusty, white bread. It was tasty. 2. Escargo - first time I've ever had this! Very heavily doused in butter. It tasted like butter.... with consistency of mushrooms.... nothing spectacular. 3. Shrimp fettuccine with cream sauce - wow... this is soooooo heavy. Almost tooo creamy. It was overwhelming. I prefer something a little lighter. 4. Seafood special - tomato based sauce with mussels, clams, white fish, shrimp, squid. Nice flavors but nothing spectacular. PRICES: Entrees run ~$20 and up. Appetizers ~$10 and up. Extensive wine list. SERVICE: Spectacular. No complaints here. PARKING: Plenty available in the shopping center parking lot. CONCLUSION: Wasn't too impressed with the food... maybe should have tried the ravioli and gnocchi that everyone raves about. Great ambience and service though.

User:Melissa H.

I love this place. The best ravioli in the city. The gnocchi is also amazing. They are really kid friendly. They prepare a wonderful chicken breast and vegetables for my son with allergies. The decor could use some sprucing up.

User:Greg G.

Had a "company" meal here. The foot was decent but I would not say outstanding. The chicken dela casa OK, the asparagus was cooked about perfectly but the dinner salad was pretty boring. --just lettuce and tomato, nothing else. The dressing was pretty bland too. I don't think I would return on purpose. The only really positive things I can say are 1. I did not have to pay because I was on company business and 2. It was better than Olive Garden

User:Jill M.

The best ravioli I've ever had. And the gnocchi was wonderful as well. The pasta is all so fresh - anything must be good here. Great waiters - and flaming shot of sambuca with coffee beans to wish on at the end...nice touch.

User:A B.

Always good- the pastas are generous and flavorful. The veal dishes are very traditional without being heavy. Cappachio chilled , thin and tasty. I think this is a great place to meet friends or bring out of towners. I have been a fan of Chef Nina and her restaurants for many many years.

User:Lady J.

I love this place -- very romantic and great food. I had to laugh at janette e.'s review --- "Titti Santi?" LOL!!!!!!!!!

User:Veronica M.

WOW!! Some friends of ours invited us out to dinner this past friday. She told me it wasn't far.. LOL!! We live near Anthem.. so to me this was a serious hike. However!!! It was SO- SOOO worth it. I am NOT a big italian fan... or so I thought. My husband had the ravioli, and with every bite he would tell me how incredible it was. :) I went with the salmon and veggies. WOW!! The lemon butter sauce was devine! I rarely am a member of the clean plate club, but I seriously found myself wanted to lick the plate clean. (don't worry I did contain myself) So I have to say... I thought I was not an italian fan. Apparently I just haven't been lucky enough to find some GREAT italian food. 2 thumbs WAY UP!! Warning.. it is a little on the pricey side. The ambience is very nice and it is worth it.

User:Deanne D.

I went here a few months ago for my mom's birthday and I have to say it was great. I live right by Tutti and I had never been inside. I loved the appetizers the wine and that great hot food that was served to us. The best part was the birthday shot that my mom, dad, myself AND the server took.

User:Nick S.

Tutti Santi is a beautiful Italian Restaurant. one of the only true forms of what Italian should be located here in Phoenix. I had my first experience at the restaurant on Greenway and 64th for my birthday recently. I was surprised with the size of the restaurant. Much smaller then what i had anticipated but i loved it. The small place provided the necessary decor and ambiance to really establish bistro as a fine dining Establishment. I had the Veal Marsela which i had to say was fantastic. Just the right amount of sauce to really, and the wine i had went great with the veal. Everyone that i was with loved the food and our waiter was excellent. I even had the host i believe its the owners mother sing me happy birthday in Italian. I love the place 5stars. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

User:Tim K.

We visited the 16th St. location. I gave it 5 stars bacause I can't think of anything to improve. Food and service were both excellent. The signature ravoli almost melt in your mouth. Of our party of five, four had the ravoli. They must have seen me looking at their plates. They left me 1 1/2 ravoli to try. Also try the antipasto appetizer plate. We will certainly go back the next time we are in town.

User:Roberto C.

Went to Tutti i Santi with a group of friends.....the hostess was very nice and we got seated right away even without a reservation. The server was extremely attentive... we got water and the wine arrived at the table a few minutes after we ordered. The group started with the fried calamari with a side of marinara, which I didn't care for. I ordered the linguine with clams in white wine sauce, very tasty, although the pasta was a little overcooked. My wife had the eggplant parmigiana which was good, but not the best she has ever had. The desserts were Bindi desserts imported from Italy. We had the torta della nonna, a lemon cream pine nut tart, which was very good. We finished the night with a shot of sambuca flambe'....nice touch. Overall I like Tutti i Santi, it always feels like you are in an old restaurant in a " piazza"in Italy.

User:S s.

Went here through Deal Chicken...$59 for $144 worth of food with a bottle of wine, seemed like a great deal - unfortunately, it wasn't. White the food and service were both good - portions were miniscule. We both had mussels as an appetizer, and were given a 1/2 portion each, with about 8-10 mussels. The main course was OK, but the side pasta was less than about a cup's worth. Dessert was cheesecake - it was a half-portion cut into two slices- enough for 3 forkfuls. So, what seemed like a great deal was a huge disappointment. In these struggling times I can understand that restaurants need customers, but to say they are giving $144 worth of food when dividing portions in less than half left us feeling ripped off. Perhaps if they would have disclosed beforehand that the portions were smaller than the regular menu this would have been a different type of review. It has certainly given me pause to consider something like this in the future - before purchasing it might be a good idea to contact the restaurant and ask.....live and learn.

User:Milayne C.

This restaurant was excellent. Best Italian cuisine ever. The staff was very friendly, their wine selection very good. Oh! and lets not forget the delicious desserts...yummmmyyyy.I am definetly going back to this place if I am ever in Phoenix again.

User:Anthony B.

Welcome to the set of any authentic Italian restaurant scene. From the staff, to the music (not Muzak), to the delicious food - if you want to take a trip down the Italian American culinary memory lane you absolutely will not be disappointed. I ordered the special, but I couldn't get past the red sauce without writing something down. This is the basic building block of Italian cuisine and they hit it out of the park here. The perfectly prepared veal was something I had between bites of my "side" pasta. All caps DEELISH. If you are anywhere near this spot deserves a trip.

User:Morgan K.

I have never been led astray by yelp until now. I wouldn't send anyone I know here, how it has 4.5 stars is baffling! The decor is probably 20-30 years old, which has its own charms and is passable for a traditional Italian restaurant. The biggest issue was our waiter Andreas, who looks like Ron Jeremy. He wouldn't take our order without making us ask four times as some sort of poor joke. Then he was shouting across the dining room to check that he had our order correct "did you want the white wine sauce or the marinara?" He would toss silverware on the table in passing and remark "everything okay?" Without waiting for a response or caring. I didn't want to ask for things that we needed for fear of him antagonizing us further. The second big issue: the food. We started with the mussles in white wine sauce, they were okay. The salad was super plain, one tomato slice, in store bought balsamic dressing. Not even worth eating. I got the penne pasta and it arrived with chunks of wilted romaine lettuce on it. My boyfriend got the veal in Marsala sauce that was flavorless boiled fatty veal. We each got a glass of wine which was good, on the warm side. Getting a bill for $90 for this extremely sub standard service and food was the final insult to this awful experience. If you're looking for good Italian food I recommend Tomasos or North.

User:George D.

I had dinner at Tutti Santi on July 31, 2015, it was a memorable experience. First off, this place only serves dinner and if you're interested in a reservation do it online because you'll be lucky to get a return call if you leave a message. When you arrive, don't expect flattering service. I suspect Tutti Santi relies on it's regulars because the servers don't go out of their way to make you feel welcome. They're not exactly rude either, but I saw other tables who were almost ignored until they got up and asked for service. Speaking of what I saw at other tables... (YOU GOTTA READ THIS) I was watching the server who was working at neighboring table with a birthday cake and noticed something hanging from his face. "Huh" I thought, "I wonder what this is..." So I watched closer. I saw it again and suspected something gross. On the third sighting I confirmed my worst suspicions, the server had a long watery snot hanging from his nose. Yes, no joke! As the server walked away from the table he wiped the snot away from his face with his bare hand, then wiped his hand on his apron. GROSS! Seriously, I didn't know whether to laugh or vomit, so I laughed. If you can tolerate the mediocre service, and the potential for snot in or near your food, then I encourage you to try the cioppino, it was great! Served piping hot it came with plenty of mussels, oysters, shrimp, fish, and I think there may have been some lobster in there too, all in a delicious slightly spicy broth. The tiramisu was good too, and our server (not the one with snot hanging from his nose) says it was made in house. On the negative side, the salad was very plain and sloppily served. Plus, they serve romaine lettuce which I don't care for. Thanks for the memories Tutti Santi!

User:Julie D.

My family and I were visiting Arizona and stayed at a hotel nearby. We googled "best Italian restaurants in Phoenix" and this restaurant came up so we thought we would give it a try. We had a such a great experience at this restaurant! The vibe is very authentic Italian, which my Italian family loved. All four of us ordered different pasta dishes and we loved each and every one of them! In addition to the great food, the service was fantastic! Our waiter was very friendly, and made sure that we were happy throughout the meal. At the end of the meal, he actually bought each of us a round of the shots that are come out on fire! Overall, a great experience and would definitely come back again next time I am in Phoenix!

User:Yvonne G.

Tried Tutti Santi for the first time ever. Looked at the menu online and figured out that I wanted the Eggplant Parm with Spaghetti. Gee how novel of me! I love eggplant. Was nicely surprised by the complimentary garlic bread. Very fresh and very garlicky so if you like garlic you will delight in it. Found out that I could have either soup or salad with my entree. I didn't know that. I guess I didn't read the menu that carefully. I opted for the white bean soup and my dining companion opted for the salad. Both the soup and the salad were quite nice. Yelpers had been saying that their salad was iceberg lettuce. Nope. It was what they call green lettuce with a few slices of tomato with a very light dressing. We had asked for no dressing but what the heck, we weren't going to send it back. Hubby ordered a chicken cutlet milanese with slices of eggplant with "fra diavolo" sauce (spicy stuff) . It arrived without the sauce but that was quickly corrected. I totally enjoyed the eggplant and the spaghetti. Although, my spaghetti came with cheese on it already. I usually don't put cheese on my pasta. I like it just the way it is--I want to enjoy the complexities of the sauce. Well, I didn't want to complain so I ate it and it was good. Eggplant was good although the eggplant portion was smaller than most. (hey, maybe I could use a reduction in calories!) Hubb'ys dish was very enjoyable as well and with the chianti wine we ordered, we were both enjoying our food tremendously. Wine makes everything taste better. Vincent provided good service and we appreciated the complimentary Sambuca at the end of our meal. We think that we'll be back!

User:Danielle H.

We tried this restaurant because of the number of stars it had. Although we went in a bit skeptical of the service based on some of the reviews. Unfortunately we would have given 4 1/2 stars based on the food, but our experience was tainted by the server. Our first interaction with the server was him walking up saying "sup?".. Not what we expected from a nice Italian restaurant. Then instead of telling us the kitchen was closing and left it at that, he told us if we didn't order quickly the "Mexicans in the back would start throwing pots and pans". The food was delicious though!! The server really spoiled the experience, but with a different server I believe we would have loved the place!

User:Brittany D.

Came here based on the other reviews. We visit Phoenix at least once a year for a race event and decided to try somewhere new tonight. We were all amazingly impressed. Even in the parking lot we could smell the luscious garlic smell radiating from the building. We were seated right away and ordered a bottle of chianti that was to die for! Next came the garlic bread, must have been what we smelt from outside since it was covered in real garlic pieces. We each ordered something different and were each impressed by our food. My gnocchi melted in my mouth and may have been better than my last trip to Italy. My husband ordered the special which was a variety of seafood tossed with pasta sand served in the pan it was cooked in; every part was cooked perfectly, not a chewy piece to be found. Even the veal parmigiana was tender and portioned just right. To finish, we will return next week while we are here and hopefully every year we come back. Hopefully next week we get to meet the notorious "mama" who started this delightful eatery.

User:Cynthia R.

Let me begin by saying.....ohhhhhemmmmmmgeeeeee!!! Ok. Got that off my chest. This was some of the best Italian food that has ever touched these lips. In fact, the entire experience was fantastic. My friend has been coming here for years and is well acquainted with the staff, so it was fun getting to know all the servers. We had like 4 different servers waiting on us, so clearly we got plenty of attention! But I guess that's what a table of 5 ladies will do to a place! Besides the wonderful service, the food was just delicious. We had calamari, good, and carpaccio, which was the best I've ever had, hands down. For entrees one girl got the homemade gnocchi. Holy savior! I cannot tell you how that melted in my mouth. The sauces were just indescribably delectable! Another girl got a seafood Alfredo thing, chocked full of mushrooms. The Alfredo wasn't just thick and intense like most. This was the perfect combination of cheesy, creamy goodness. The other 3 of us got cioppino. Oh my. No words could do this spicy, seafood pack dish justice. We spent a pretty penny, but it was worth every cent!

User:K B.

We've been eating here since it was Nina's on 54th St! We love the food, the friendly and very professional staff! It's a great place to come for a romantic dinner, or bring the kids for a special birthday celebration. The specials are to die for, as are all the items on the regular menu. We have one grandchild that only likes noodles and parmigiana cheese, no problem, and she said, "It was the best noodles ever!" Try the Veal Franchisee, you'll love it!

User:Tina L.

This is a good neighborhood traditional Italian restaurant. The food has been great and consistent. Nice ambience with fun Dean Martin standard music. But the last few times, we've had a "crabby New Yorker" type as a server (my family is from New York, so I feel OK making that generalization) who is not particularly helpful with any questions we ask him, condescending and rude even. While that might work at a hotdog cart in Manhattan, it doesn't work for me. I think we deserve better given that our meal was over $75, and that is without wine. We like the food here but this time we thought we might not come back due to the attitude of the server. If we had a nice server, I would definitely give Tutti Santi 5 stars.

User:Sierra W.

It's in a kind of nice area in Phoenix. The dish I got was gnocchi noodles with a white sauce. Kinda plain but my favorite noodles are the gnocchi noodles so I really didn't care. I went for my best friends birthday with her and her parents and a couple who is family friends of them. It's very cute on the inside. But the waiter we had was nice at certain times but mean and annoyed at others and he made it very obvious. I tried to be very understanding because I used to be a waitress and I didn't like it but still. He had explained the specials that night and my best friend asked later if that was one who thing or separate dishes and if it actually had noodles and instead he just repeated what it was and you could tell he was annoyed. And then I asked about the soup, knowing that he had already explained what the special soup was but I asked what it was because I thought there was more than that and then he huffed and puffed so instead of explaining myself to him I just ordered the salad because he was being rude. I also had the Italian cappuccino which I can't handle non flavored so it was a bit hard for me to drink all of it without having two packets of sugar. I shared with my best friend. For dessert I had the tiramisu which is my all time favorite dessert/cake. It was alright. I know every place makes it different but I would have to say I like it better at Olive Garden. Which is sad cause I don't even know if it's homemade there. There is a chance that it's frozen from there. But if you do go there the food is pretty good. Just be careful which server you get.

User:Stefanie S.

Absolutely one of the best Italian restaurants, hands down! We go here for our birthday dinners and other good date nights. Such a treat!

User:Donna B.

One of the masseuses nearby gave us this place as a recommendation for dinner over the weekend. WOW was it delish! I got the Chicken Imperiale and my friend got the homemade ravioli. Both dishes were incredible. Our server Marco was lovely (anyone who calls me "bella" is :) ). Tutti Santi is tucked away in a corner in the small strip area at North 16th Street and Morten, near the Hilton Squaw Peak. I get my nails done in here and somehow had never noticed this quaint restaurant. I can't wait to come back!

User:Angel S.

I brought someone to show the place off because I love it and honestly I felt embarrassed that I talked it up so much. Tonight 5.8.15 @8:30 Two reasons why i still have this place three stars and only these two reasons. The food was phenomenal as always! And Roberto who I am almost positive was not our server treated us with crazy good service and mad us feel special and welcomed not the same could be said of our "server" who was laughing it up with the table next to us but could even greet us till 10 min after we sat down. The gracious host grabbed us waters. And suggested wine for us which was much appreciated and very sweet. All in all I honestly don't know if I'll be back.

User:Carleen D.

Absolutely loved this place. True Italian ambience. Best Italian food I've had in a long time. Our waiter was the best. Will definitely be going back next time I visit my son.

User:Juvy E.

Best homemade raviolis & veal Canneloni. We will definitely come here again. Thanks Trace for your awesome service

User:Rachel S.

My friend and I ate at the other location in Scottsdale just a few nights ago. We were not very hungry and shared that gnocchi and ravioli and it was amazing. Since we both love Italian food we came back for more at the location in Phoenix. I loved the homemade gnocchi so much I had to order it again. It is made with a cream sauce and has a touch of red sauce on top. For being a slightly more filling type of pasta the cream sauce is perfect. It's light and flavorful without being to heavy. The red sauce is very delicious too. I personally am not a seafood fan; however, my friend ordered the seafood linguine and she loved it. She said that there was an amazing amount of seafood in it. She was able to fill up on essentially just the seafood and only had a small portion of the linguine. She did also loved the flavor of the pasta. Prior to the meal you receive a basket of bread that has been warmed with olive oil and fresh minced garlic. Yum! Upon reading other peoples reviews of the house salad...we knew to anticipate lettuce and tomato with a balsamic dressing. Although it is a very basic salad the flavors are still amazing. The tomato has a balsamic vinaigrette dressing with small bits of basil. I chopped up part of my tomato and placed on the garlic bread and made a small bruschetta :) also added some of the Parmesan to the salad! I'm not a big fan of salad in general and it was very enjoyable to me. We ended our meal with dessert. Although we both like Tiramisu...we love crème brûlée even more. There crème brûlée was very good with a perfectly toasted top and a smooth and creamy custard. It had it diced strawberries on top too. Another thing that made this restaurant amazing, was our server. He was kind, friendly, attentive, energetic, and fun. He definitely made our dining experience better. The great thing about this restaurant is you can order what you want and the food will be good. We finished the night here with a flaming Sambuca shot. This was really fun and on the house!! Did I mention that our server was AMAZING!!! If I lived in this area I would eat at this restaurant all the time. it puts chain Italian restaurants to shame! If I'm ever back in this area I will have to return here. I hope you try it out and have a great experience like we did!

User:Vincent L.

I am 100% Italian and grew up in NY, so I feel rather picky when it comes to Italian food. Tutti Santi is my favorite Italian restaurant in Arizona. The owner Robby and his mother Nina are great people and go out of their way to make you feel at home at Tutti Santi's. The food is incredible and rather inexpensive from my perspective. The home made raviolis are made fresh each day and I often bring friends and family in just to try them. Everyone agrees that the Ravioli's are the best they have ever had anywhere! The calamari, mussels, and escargot are also very good appetizers. My favorite entrée is the tortellini panna rosa which is amazing. If you are looking for authentic Italian food and not some olive garden frozen Italian, you have to try Tutti Santi's. Their wine list is very good also and if you have room for desert try the cannoli's.

User:D P.

I had wanted to try Tutti Santi for a long time, and am very glad we got to try it tonight. We shared the gnocchi and the fettuccine mare. Both were exceptional! The sauce on the fettuccine was rich, and I'm glad we were sharing it, but it was delicious. The service was excellent, and the ambiance was nice as well. The house salad was good but aesthetically has room for improvement. The garlic bread was very good as well! Hope to get to go back again!

User:Drew O.

Have eaten here three times: The first for a large family gathering, the second for a dinner with friends, and tonight for a belated Valentines Day dinner. The first time we came it was amazing. The food was great, service was awesome, and it was a great atmosphere for the family gathering. The second time I went the food was good, but the server forgot an appetizer (not a huge deal) and it was a mess trying to get it taken off the ticket. Tonight was again absolutely amazing. We started with the calamari, which had tons of flavor and wasn't overcooked. My wife got the ravioli and I got the chicken della casa. The chicken was cooked well and the sauce was out of this world. The ravioli was as good as ravioli can get. Service tonight was the best service that I have experienced anywhere in Phoenix, reminded me of eating in NOLA. Overall great food, if service is on it's amazing, and the atmosphere is really nice.

User:Brittany M.

I absolutely love this place and these people. Even though they barely know me haha. Ambience is good for dates to dinner parties. The bar is quaint and intimate. The food is fresh and authentic. Ugh the ravioli and calamari are amazing. You won't want any other Italian after you've had some tutti Santi. I send my guests here all the time and they always have a good time and love the food. They never disappoint.

User:Brittany H.

This place is amazing! My family and I came here for dinner before I had to catch a flight back home. Vince was our server and I highly recommend him!! He was so accommodating to the fact that we had less than an hour to eat our dinner. He was so great to us. The food was delicious!! I highly recommend the bolognese with sausage. Very scrumptious and the bread they serve you first is delicious as well. Definitely recommend this establishment if you're in the area.

User:Melissa P.

We went to dinner for New Years Eve and everything was wonderful. We usually go to Tutti Santi in Glendale but it was closed for renovation. We were really happy we got to experience such a magical restaurant.

User:Denise G.

We came here with a group of 13 to celebrate my daughters graduation from ASU and could not have chosen a better place! The food was absolutely delicious. The minute we walked in the door we felt like we were welcomed into the "Tutti Santi" family. We had impeccable service throughout the meal with our server and Robbie continued that wonderful customer service and welcoming our group by entertaining our 12yr old with some special magic tricks. He's amazing and our celebration was made so special because of Robbie and the staff. If this place can impress college students, a grandma (who's bringing all her sun city friends back!), 2 teens and the adults, you know this place has all the right components going for it! Amazing job Tutti Santi! We will be back each time we visit the Valley! You are the best Robbie and staff!

User:Caressa S.

Holy cow. This place has glorious tasting food and the service was very quirky and top notch. My hubby and I went here for the first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was excited after reading all the reviews and went in knowing we "had" to try the gnocchi. I've had gnocchi a few times in my life and it was ok...nothing to write home about. We arrive and the place was cram packed, busy. We had an open table reservation so we didn't have to wait. We were seated in a little room, off the main dining room, that had a few tables in it. It was nice to be off to the side in a more quiet area so my hubby and I could talk and feel more "secluded". Our server was Trace and he was a hoot. So dang quirky that it was totally odd at first. I had never experienced server personalities that were were as if you were their buddy and in their house. The first moment it started was when my hubby asked Trace about their beer selection. Upon listing a good lineup of their beers my husband decided to hold off and not order one. Trace threw his hands up and said "Damnit!" as he went to grab our menus (after we ordered our meals). lol. I was very confused and thought, "that is pretty....unprofessional..." I then began to think that I had remembered tons of yelpers raved about the service as well and figured this "culture" was so unique, like the food, that it just added to the greatness about this place. Trace had come back into the room to care for a few more tables and I just really realized that was truly his server essence and I quickly fell in love with it. He kept all of his customers smiling and laughing. He was a total kid when it came to his customers. He cracked semi-sarcastic jokes about my husband to me and vice versa. Nothing brash...it as all in great taste. He was awesome. The same can be said about the bartender. He was sent over to give a more extensive list of beers that they offered that Trace wasn't/coulnd't rattle off automatically. Even the bartender as totally quirky and I really realized from then on that THAT'S just how it is there. It feels like FAMILY in there. Got the gnocchi app and holy friggen cow. Everyone is/was RIGHT. Uh-may-zing! Their garlic bread was good. Great balance of butter and garlic on it. I got the split pea soup and my husband the garden salad. The soup I liked and my husband thought the garden salad was "ok". For the main courses, I ordered the orange roughy w/ pasta dish. When the plate arrived I was in love with the size of the fish! It was HUGE. Upon first bite I instantly felt like I was eating an omelette. I took a few more bites and wasn't happy. All I could taste was fried egg and no fish. Trace came to check on us and I asked him if the fish was coated in egg then pan fried. He told me they do a light egg wash on the fish before cooking. I told him all I could taste was egg and I was bummed because I absolutely love orange roughy. He gladly brought me a menu to order something else. I tried ordering the ravioli but they had ran out. Bummer. I then ordered the tortellini and was very happy with that dish. Husband got the veal parm and he liked it quite a bit. I had a bite and it was good. All of their food tasted very fresh and the textures were spot on. I can't wait to return to this place soon. It's a 40 min drive from my area to the restaurant but it's so worth it!

User:Angela B.

Let me start this by saying we have been into Tutti Santi for a couple years... and a couple weeks ago were inspired to brag. The Carpaccio ap is wonderful- if there is a prosciutto melon that is just as good. Don't skip on the garlic bread and olive oil...it pairs perfectly with a Caesar with anchovies. Robbie- stop giving us such wonderful super Tuscan's ... or don't... the wine is wonderful as is your hospitality. Have been in the industry for over 15 years and we can't thank you enough for our experiences there. Try the house penne- artichoke and watercress with plenty of garlic... and order the tiramisu ahead of time with your ouzo! It runs out fast. Bon Appetite! Angela

User:H E.

Outstanding food and engaging service. Ordered the amazing linguine with seafood fra diavola (spicy) style. Dish was loaded with fresh seafood (clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari) and pasta was al dente. I sopped it up with the delicious garlic bread that is complimentary. Carb overload but worth it! I also thoroughly enjoyed the authentic, NY style Cannoli. Incredible casing and filling like my days in growing up in New York. The food was a very solid 4.5 stars. What took my rating to 5 stars was the customer engagement and service. My server was Vincent. What an interesting, engaging, and warm human being. He sat down like a friend and we shared stories about New York, kids, movies, and food. He was like a friend who happen to be serving me a delicious meal. He also shared two shots of Sambucca with me to finish a great meal. He was supported by excellent teammates like Andreas, another very genuine and wonderful guy. Just a phenomenal overall experience! Thumbs up and may you be lucky enough to enjoy the service of Vincent and Andreas during your meal! :-)

User:Kirsti F.

I have been to Tutti Santi about four times and each time it gets better. I am so humbled by the generosity and comfort this place brings. Honestly they treat you like family and I don't know about anyone else, but that's a plus. I have no complaints nor has anyone that I have brought here. It's great for first dates, family gatherings, or just a nice dinner. AND their take out is equally amazing, always taking great care of you. Especially a big thank you to Brooklyn and Roberto for a big welcome and fresh warm bread. Oh, and nothing beats their cheesecake! Always a pleasure

User:Rayna S.

Took my dad here for his birthday and OMG, so good!!My lord. The food here has got to be the best I have ever had. To start, the bread was to die for and to kill for. So crispy yet not burned, each bite melted in ny mouth. Their Lasagna was so perfect and flavorful. The tender Lasagna topped with a mozzarella so perfect words cannot describe could easily be called the crown jewel of this restaurant. The spinach stuffed ravioli was second to none. Each bite was a party that started in my mouth and ended in my belly! The service was easily the best I've ever had, anywhere. The waiter was hilarious and a other staff was friendly and helpful. We got sent on the house Sambucas (which my dad loves) and tiramisu for his birthday. I am absolutely in love with this restaurant and highly recommend that if you live in or are visiting Phoenix, you must visit. This restaurant really does make you feel like family.

User:billy z.

Great spot to take a date, the food is excellent. Try the chicken imperial and ravioli.

User:Christina N.

This place is a home run every time! Always a nice spot for a date or intimate dinner with close friends and family, Tutti Santi is our go-to for authentic Italian. The service is top notch. Their gnocchi is, in my opinion, the best in the Valley. Try it with their pink sauce (you need to request this as the menu lists a cream sauce with a splash of marinara). My husband loves the Ravioli alla Nina. It's so good. Sometimes ravioli dishes are so darn heavy, but not here! Nina's sauces achieve the fine balance of lightness and flavor and this dish is a prime example. Finally, try the tiramisu. Light, fluffy and packed with flavor, this dessert is a great way to end a wonderful meal.

User:Toby W.

Very nice family operated Italian restaurant. Dinner room is dimly lit - great for a romantic dinner. Service was sub-par (waiter acted new), but the food more than made up for it. Appetizers were very good. Recommend the calamari. All the pasta dishes were delicious - portions were generous. Will definitely be back.

User:Susan H.

Great food and old school Italian food! Went for my hubby's birthday back in Oct, and will go back again when we vacation in Phoenix again!

User:Ash W.

Terrible service. Sat there for almost 2 hrs saw waiter 3x and took an hour to get our soups and salads. Would not go back bc of service. Table was never cleaned off from drinks and water never refilled

User:Jerry R.

Went there for the first time for my girlfriend's birthday, and they did not disappoint. Everything from the wine, the appetizers, the main courses, and the dessert were absolutely delicious. Service was excellent. I highly recommend this place.

User:Brad S.

Amazing Chicken Fiorentina and the Agnello is their lamb shank where the meat fell off the bone. Great time with friends and Sambuca after completed the night. If you ever been to Italy, this was home.

User:Donna E.

Being a Jersey girl, finding decent food in Arizona ( besides Mexican ) is next to impossible. Believe me, 3 stars is very good for this area, especially Italian. Chicken Della Casa was good although a little too salty. Deserts were awesome.

User:Rozie T.

I love the food here!! I have been here so many times and everything on the menu is delicious. If you are looking for authentic Italian food then you should definitely try this place. Besides the food being yummy, staff is super nice and make you feel so welcome.. Love it!

User:Ryan G.

Excellent service and food!! The Raviolis are a Must! I order the chicken parm, which isn't on the menu. Best I've had.

User:Erik T.

Service Service Service!! I'm a NYC transplant who has finally found my Italian restaurant hangout! The food is outrageous- especially my favorite, the gnocchi(I hear made by Nina). The Service is spot on. Was on time for my reservation and although the place was packed, our table was ready- again! Happened the last time I was there... Everyone is attentive but not intrusive! Then there is Robby- the guy really knows how to make everyone feel like they belong there! He really makes the place feel "approachable"

User:Courtney G.

Great food! Friendly welcoming and fun staff. This food is incredible and the servers are so knowledgable! I've eaten here so many times! I know when I'm dining here ill always get the best authentic Italian food In town. My family has eaten here for years we've celebrated birthdays and other special occasions! It's the place you take someone who you want to impress! It's fine dining at its best. We've taken business colleagues to out of town family and plan to continue to recommend it for years to come. Thanks for great experiences! Ralph and Courtney

User:Chetna M.

One of the best Italian Experiences I had in Phoenix.Would recommend to anyone who loves a fine dining place.

User:Amy Z.

We ate there last night- we are vegetarians and had the ravioli and the eggplant parm. Both were delicious! We had Tiramisu for dessert and it was great! Our server was attentive but not intrusive. We will go back!

User:Lori M.

What a wonderful meal. We made a reservation and unfortunately to wrong restaurant - but on a busy Friday night we were squeezed in. So glad we were. Our dinners were fantastic Chicken Parmesan and Pesto shrimp special. It was so good we finished the rest Saturday night. The Service was spot on as well. If your from he North East and are looking for a fantastic Itialian spot look no further. tutti Santi your going to have a few more regulars!!!!

User:Mike C.

Found this place tonight after searching on yelp for a local restaurant. When we walked in we were greeted warmly by the staff. Vincent was his name and he was quite the gentleman, quite the character, and quite the waiter. Our food was fantastic. We tried everything from escargot to a couple of desserts. None of it disappointed. Given it's location in a strip mall, you would never expect to find a gem like this. It is one of the top rated Italian restaurants in Phoenix and one taste you will see why. Make sure to try this place, you will not regret it!

User:Bitsy S.

Amazing food. Service was spectacular and atmosphere was conducive for actually having a conversation.

User:Paul C.

I would say everything was okay. Nothing special. The service was a little awkward. We would have different people showing up at the table asking if we had been served our salad or if we needed anything. That is nice but to have to answer it over and over to different people got old. Past the time I thought we should have been served they came by to tell us that they were out of one of the dished we ordered. They asked us to let them know what else we would like. We had to ask them for a menu to help decide. They guy brought us a menu and disappeared. I flagged down the next available employee and told them what we wanted. The food was fine. My son got the red snapper as an alternative. It was very mediocre.

User:Thomas F.

My lord. The food here has got to be the best I have ever had. To start, the bread was to die for and to kill for. So crispy yet not burned, each bite melted in ny mouth. Their Lasagna was so perfect and flavorful. The tender Lasagna topped with a mozzarella so perfect words cannot describe could easily be called the crown jewel of this restaurant. The spinach stuffed ravioli was second to none. Each bite was a teip to heaven in a buick le sabre driven by God himself. The service was easily the best I've ever had, anywhere. The waiter was hilarious and a other staff was friendly and helpful. Before we left I believeit was Mama Santi walked me out and pinched my cheekies! I am absolutely in love with this restaurant and highly recommend that if you live in or are visiting Phoenix, you must visit. This restaurant really does make you feel like family.

User:Peter P.

So, what do you do when you are an Italian New Yorker on a business trip in Phoenix and yearning for some comforts of home? Why, you head over to Tutti Santi of course!! After 4 days of Southwestern fare (and I'm a fan) on a recent trip out here in AZ, I was really hankering for some flavors of home, and Tutti Santi just happened to be across the street from the Hilton that I was staying at. This is old school Italian just like we get back home...Dean & Frank playing in the background, some tasty chianti ready to be served up, red sauce with plenty of zing, and all the old menu favorites. Fried Calamari was light yet crispy, with plenty of crushed red pepper in the marinara, the potato leek soup divine, and the chioppino special was absolutely loaded with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari, and orange roughy, served in a large skillet with linguini and a white wine & tomato broth that did not skimp on the herbs and garlic. Honestly, I was in heaven and had no room for dessert. All the waiters were as old school as it gets (again, making me feel right at home) and extremely friendly and attentive. The place was quite busy (it was a Friday night) but there was no lag time on getting my food. Seeing as I come out to AZ for business fairly regularly, I will be back!

User:Mike B.

I was staying at the Pointe Hilton and figured to give this place a try after reading all the great reviews and seeing it was close. I had the Chicken Al Momento , with salad and a cup of cream of mushroom soup . The salad was a balsamic vinigerette and it was pretty lame. It only came with one small tomato slice and no onions or pepperincinis like you get at many Italian Restaurants. The soup was ok and the Chicken Al Momento was ok , but it was served on a very small bed of spaghetti , I mean a box of pasta is about a buck and a half , put some more on the plate. The menu at this Phoenix location was very limited and being from Chicago I had higher expectations.

User:Kevin R.

Excellent Great food Strong drinks Excellent service Homemade lasagne was tremendous Definitely worth the drive !

User:Sandy S.

Thank you Yelpers for your review here. I took your advice and had a fantastic meal. Service was excellent and the food was wonderful.

User:Nicki E.

I've been told for a long time that Tutti Santi was a must-try for authentic Italian food in a romantic setting, and I finally got to try it. The Phoenix spot on 16th St. (there are five locations) is indeed romantic, since the restaurant is darkly lit with candles on linen-covered tables, with Italian decorative touches in its paintings covering the walls. The restaurant is divided into three parts-a main dining room, a smaller private area and a small bar area. If you mention you're having a romantic evening, and the place isn't too busy, they might even put you in the smaller room all by yourself, which is thoughtful. The service is top-notch. Not only was our server friendly and engaging and made us feel like his main focus, but all the other servers who came to our table were friendly and professional. We started with the Mozzarella Caprese ($11.95), which had thick hunks of mozzarella and sliced basil atop thickly covered tomatoes, smothered in diced tomatoes. I've never had a caprese dish where diced tomatoes were on top, but I love tomatoes, so I definitely didn't mind! It also came with some spicy peppers and olives, and all the factors complemented each other well. For my entree, I ordered the Homemade Ravioli alla Nina ($15.95), with ricotta cheese and spinach. I was able to get a combo of the tomato sauce and cheese sauce, and you could really tell the pasta was homemade. It was so delicate and almost melted in your mouth, and the sauces were amazing. I felt like the dish was a little too watery and would have preferred the pasta to have been thicker, but I'd rather have thin homemade pasta over pre-made stuff any day. My pal got the special, the orange roughy, which looked and smelled amazing. I really wanted to try it even though I don't eat fish, but the aromas were enough to make me know it was a tasty dish-which he agreed on. We of course had to try the tiramisu, my favorite dessert ever. There was so much mascarpone cream in the giant piece of dessert, and it was served very traditionally, covered in cocoa powder. The ladyfingers were soaked heavily, and the cream was amazing. It was a really, really good piece of tiramisu. Besides the scrumptious food, I loved that Tutti Santi had something for everyone, whether you want a romantic date night, an evening out with a big group or just want to chill at the bar and talk with the bartender. No matter what you go there for, it feels warm and friendly.

User:karen s.

This is an old school Italian restaurant. They have the best cheese ravioli! My boyfriend really likes the spaghetti bolognese, and pays the extra $3 to add sausage, it's worth it. The house salad the food comes with is very small, but you also get bread so it all evens out.

User:Matthew O.

I have been coming here with my family since it opened, years ago. The food is consistently good. All of their pasta dishes are excellent. If you like soups like the kind served in fine dining, they are known for their excellent soups of all kinds, particularly their lentil vegetable, stratetella soup, and minestrone. On rare occasions they have Osso Bucco roasted veal lamb shank. It is superb. If you are unsure what to try first on the menu, be sure to order the Penne Bolognese.

User:Ryan L.

My wife and I went here for a date night and we absolutely loved it!!!

User:Mary M.

The food was not that great. The salad consisted of leaf lettuce, a slice of tomato, and one dressing selection. And whoever heard of an Italian restaurant that didn't offer minestrone soup?? They offered cream of broccoli ( not Italian ). We ordered the gnocchi and it was way too doughy. The waiter was cocky and screwed up our order too...Overall we were very disappointed.

User:T L.

I'm not going to go into as much detail as I normally do in a review. Bottom line, the food is just really good. We were there on Saturday night and there wasn't a bad dish amongst the four of us. We had a veal special, the Veal Francese, the Cioppino, and the Tortellini Panna Rosa and we loved them all. And I really liked the extra touch of a Sambuca after dessert. And everyone there is family....very personable servers who seem to remember every client like they are old friends. Is the restaurant a bit dated, is the salad a little boring....maybe. But this isn't a chain, its a family owned/operated place, and you'll feel like family too by the time you leave.

User:GK R.

It's a hole in the wall place with big personality. Don't judge a book by its cover. In a strip mall same as gallaghers sports bar but tucked away in the corner. We had Seabass special, grilled chicken special and the tortellini rosa. The Seabass was phenomenal. The service was fast, attentive, and old school Italian with good humor. The owner came over to visit and she chatted a while too. No need to order appetizers as the salad came quickly, fresh hot garlic bread too. The meal portions are hearty. Pleasantly surprised. Concierge at Hilton suggested and was dead on with this one.

User:Nikki R.

Honestly this is the best Italian food I've ever had. The only bummer is that it's ruined Italian food for anywhere else I go. Pretty much anything you order is incredible. The ravioli and eggplant parmesan are my 2 favorites and my husband loves the lamb. Whenever we do go out for Italian, it's only to Tutti Santi.

User:Jim W.

If you are in Phoenix and want a great Italian meal this is it. We are staying at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak, this place is in walking distance of the hotel in a strip mall. What a fantastic meal and the service was as good!! We have a two year old and came in on valentines day. Not only were we welcomed in by a wonderful lady, I assume she is one of the owners but she took a liking to our daughter and made us feel so welcomed. Awesome...Awesome...Awesome

User:Cherry L.

Came here for a graduation celebration. The family has been coming here since the owner has opened - 17 yrs I think he said? We came as a party of 30 people and we had the place to ourselves for lunch since they are only opened for dinner. They knew the owner that well. Everything was great. The owner is definitely a people person and was on top of things. Even his staff was great. We started with appetizers. The ravioli was ok. Think it was handmade. I'm not a fan usually so just ok to me. The calamari was good - pretty standard though. I liked the mozzarella caprese b/c they had it with sauteed peppers and olives. Bt those 3 and the bread, we had a meal right there. For the entree I had the Chicken Imperiale with Mixed Vegetables - chicken stuffed with fresh crab and shrimp topped with a light mushroom sauce. This came recommended by the mom. It was SO good! The chicken with the crab and shrimp were done well but it was the mushroom sauce that had me. It wasn't too thick or overwhelming. So flavorful. I could just eat that with the bread and I'd be happy. I had leftovers and asked the server if I could have extra sauce. He didn't think so since they make it fresh. When he brought me back my food wrapped up, I found out that they had MADE me extra sauce and put it in my container. BIG BONUS and BIG PLUS for them on customer service!!! Oh I was a happy camper. Hence why they get that 5th star. Had cheesecake for dessert that they make fresh there. Yum! Simple. I looked at their website and saw they have other locations with dif. menu. It seems like all the others have the same menu where they do fresh pasta. This location is the only that is different. Will have to try it somewhere else.

User:Alex G.

A+ service the most Real and authentic Italian restaurant . The best ravioli in the world . Vincent took good care of us!

User:Elias M.

The entire experience was exceptional. I travel a lot for work and try new places and gamble on a great experience. Let me tell you, this place was a winner. The host was awesome from when I walked in, the service was awesome. Not to mention the food, it was perfect. I tried a variety of appetizers, the lasagna OMG delicious! And ravioli is to die for.... Dessert was great and had a surprise from our server, a flaming shot a some Dort of liquor with coffee beans inside. A truly great experience, this is my first review but every time I get to Phoenix this is my first choice for dinner always. Love this place

User:Candia M.

Stopped by after a Pilates class in that strip mall and was so pleasantly surprised by this unassuming restaurant. Great service and they were happy to cater to our picky dietary requests. I had a sea bass special and replaced the linguine w perfectly steamed veggies. Delicious. A nice and reasonably priced italian Pinot noir and a complimentary after dinner drink. Oh, and did I mention the garlic bread? Perfection. My friends had a chicken and mushroom dish and a penne dish. Even the caprese salad was special enough to pack up the leftovers. I will definitely be back.

User:Jennifer G.

We found Tutti Santi on Yelp. We are from out of town and were looking for a place to eat on the way to the Phoenix airport. The place was lovely. My daughter had the gnocchi in a light cream sauce. She loved it. My husband had the spaghetti in bolognese sauce. He said it was wonderful. Of course portions were too huge! I had the pasta and vegetables. I ate the entire portion. I can't believe I ate the entire portion! At the end of the meal, the friendly and oh so helpful waiter brought my husband and I a complementary shot of lit Sambuca with three coffee beans. The beans were to symbolize past, present and future. My daughter had the chocolate cake and I had the creme brule for dessert. We had a wonderful experience and the meal was great.

User:Roscoe T.

This place is ok but not worth all the hype. I've eaten here a couple of times and been consistently underwhelmed. The food is ok but not anything to write home about and the service is a little on the arrogant side.

User:Clint E.

Wonderful food and service. Vincent was awesome. May be the best Italian we've ever had. We had the gnocchi, sirloin lasagna, sea bass/calamari/shrimp special. Found on yelp and trusted the reviews. You should do the same. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

User:Peace D.

Homemade fresh Pasta!!!! Great... outstanding food from the beginnings to the grand finale!!!!!!!!! One of our favorite Italian Restaurants in the valley

User:Diana P.

I've been several times and had a great meal every time. Quite formal, table cloths etc but good quality food in appropriate portions.

User:Bill S.

I'm not sure that I've ever post a 5 star rating before. My wife and I decide to have out anniversary dinner at Tutti Santi. The reviews were positive so we gave it a try. We were not disappointed. The meal started with warm garlic bread. The waiter built a rapport immediately. The drinks came promptly. Our food order was the house specialty of ravioli and a veal dish. Both orders were exceptional. What topped off the experience was Trace, the waiter. He brought us sambuka the was lit on fire with three espresso beans in it. He directed us to drink the shot he while leaving one bean in the glass. He explained that one bean was for the present, one for the future and one for the past. You are to leave the past in the glass. The Rocket was successful but I was unable to leave the past behind me. We finished with tiramisu, coffee and espresso. It was a great meal but went well beyond that with the service provided to make a special night epic.

User:Monica V.

This restaurant was recommended by the hotel staff where we stayed while out of town. The place was packed and seemed like it was worth the wait. The food was delicious and everyone at our table enjoyed their meal. Nina, the owner, greeted all the guests and was lovely. Great meal and ambiance. We liked it so much we went back the next night!!

User:Mike O.

Tutti Santi is one of our valley jewels. Nina is so wonderful, I hope you can meet her -- her hospitality and joy in preparing a feast for you and your guests is very hard to match. I went to celebrate a friend's birthday, so I started with a bottle of champagne. I know it's very Reunite of me, but I like Spumanti. And there it was on the list. Excellent. Followed with a bottle of Pinot Gris, but it was too cold. Linguine with Clams was divine. Didn't have the creamy thickness of the lavish dish I had in Venice last month until I dumped half the shaker's Parmesan on top (ok, it was closer to 3/4 of the shaker), but oh, SO good. The sourdough bread was hot and fresh -- mmm, my favorite. We finished off with a flaming shot of licorice liqueur. I wasted so much time taking a picture of it, the glass burned my lips when I actually got to tasting it. LOL. Tutti is not pretentious, just very good food and excellent service. A must try.

User:Chica S.

For years, I've heard how good this place it. Maybe I didn't order the right thing, but I wasn't that impressed. The garlic bread was good, very buttery, so if you're dieting beware. My lasagna was just ok. The salas was very good and I compliment their use of leaf lettuce, not plain old iceberg. Service was pretty good, but I wish they would have come refilled drinks more often or had larger glasses.

User:Belle G.

My main course of the tortellini was delicious, that being said, everything else was bad. I think it was because they did not seem to want our large party if 11, that on multiple times they let us know was an inconvenience (the restaurant was only 1/3 full), and when our napkins were mildew smellingand we politely asked for new ones, they treated us like we were rude, smelling the napkin and saying the entire bag came back from the laundry like this (hello, why would you out them on thetable then!) We also asked for new glasses because the store the napkins in the glasses. It was just horrible after that. The bread I was excited about was cold, wrong meals and drinks were brought with no apology. There was a good 30 minutes we saw noone, and we went through 4 different waiters. They over charged the gratuity and when we showed them the math they denied it only after asking for the manager they wrote in a new price. I will never go back. Even after all that we were standing out front at the benches saying our goodbyes when 2 different waiters came out and walked around the group. They seemed like they were trying to get us leave but I can't be positive.

User:Beth S.

I love Tutti Santi on 16th St! The service is always top-notch. The setting is authentic Italian. It is the one place in town where I can get orange roughy-my favorite fish. It is prepared in the most divine lemon/caper sauce with artichoke hearts-truly spectacular. I love the flaming Sambuca at the end of the meal.

User:Lisa C.

Dinner at the bar. I've visited the other Tutti's and enjoyed them, but this, the original, is my favorite. An attentive, accommodating bartender gave me glasses of a wine I love, even though it isn't listed on the menu as by the glass. This immediately won me over. Had the house salad with their own very good balsamic vinaigrette. Opted for the special that night, a ciopinno that was chock full of seafood and a flavorful broth. Didn't eat the bread, but fellow diners told me it was great. They also raved about their pasta dishes, one had gnocchi and the other ravioli. Convivial atmosphere. I enjoyed it very much and would go back.

User:Allison S.

My husband, son and I just had dinner at Tutti Santi. We read the positive reviews and upon seeing that it was right near the pointe Hilton where we were staying we went there for dinner. The ambiance with the low lighting and an intimate setting was lovely. The calamari appetizer was very good and the dinner salad was simple and delicious, the main course was excellent. My husband and I each had veal dishes and my so had pasta. The pasta was perfectly cooked. The veal was tender and very tasty. The service was excellent and they even had a magician to entertain the guests. I would highly recommend this resteraunt for dinner.

User:Mike R.

"Great food and service. Would be good to have a kids menus to make it 5 stars.

User:Mike A.

Can't review the food as we didn't stay long enough to order. We were there for dinner on a Friday evening and the place was empty. My wife smelled Pine Sol and stale smoke as we got to our table. We felt it better to go elsewhere. I've been to the one in Scottsdale on 90th St and it was great.

User:Patrick H.

This is a comfortable neighborhood Italian restaurant. All the staples are here including pasta, veal and seafood. I had the veal marsala which came with a side of fettuccine alfredo. We also ordered a couple of bottles of reasonably priced sangiovese wine. For dessert the tiramisu was large enough that the four of us could share. The service was prompt and friendly. Overall it was a nice experience.

User:Lori A.

From the pastoral wall mural and the wine bottles lining the shelves to the vintage ad posters, Tutti Santi is exactly what you envision when you think EYE-TAL-YON. And by that, I mean the decor is a little cliched. What isn't cliched are the authentic homemade pastas and attentive service. Without a reservation, we were greeted and sat immediately on a Saturday night. The server told us a bit about the place and seemed near bursting with pride as he described the house specialties. I almost expected him to bring his fingers to his mouth and make an exaggerated smacking kiss. He didn't, but that would have been awesome. We started out with salad greens and cream of asparagus soup, both were simple and flavorful. The gnocchi and ricotta spinach ravioli that everyone on here is raving about? The best I've ever had. We couldn't decide between the two, so our server offered to do half and half- brilliant. We also had the special of the night, Veal Oscar (veal cutlets in a Marsala sauce topped with fontina, asparagus, and crab meat), with a side of penne pomodoro. The pasta outshined the veal for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. The portions are on the generous side and left us unable to even contemplate dessert- still we left with enough leftovers for an entire meal. I'm not sure when I'll be back, it's a bit pricey for a casual dinner (for my pocketbook), and the ambiance was a little too lacking to make it a special "date night" spot. I do know I'm going to be thinking about those ravioli for a long time, though.

User:Jose O.

Looking for some Italian food after the cardinals game and found this place on yelp. We were not disappointed at all. This place was beyond good. The service was more than I expected and the food was so delicious. The waiter was great and not to mention hilarious. We left there full and happy. Definitely a must have if you're in the area.

User:Carlos D.

Tutti Santi superb food, ambiance, very attentive waiters!! They gave one in our party a free dessert as it was his birthday!! Just love that place!! Been there twice!! Never got anything less than a memorable experience!!!

User:Al S.

It's simple............. I don't believe I've given 5-stars to an Italian restaurant since Yelping, until now! I can only hope that if you're in Phoenix, and you try any of their locations, your meal will be as great as our's. And for us, the revelation of why this meal was sooo good, went back to the source; fresh ingredients. And how do we know that Tutti Santi cooks with fresh ingredients, like fresh picked basil from their own garden? Because Nina, the 80 year "young" owner shared that, and a few other secrets with us, at our table. It might have been the comment that the gnocchi was absolutely as good as my wife's....... and THAT COMMENT was made in front of my wife! The word must've gone from our lips, to the server, to the kitchen......... to Nina herself! Because from then on, it was more than just a great Italian dinner experience. It was a great Italian dinner experience with "Nina." She left the kitchen, and came to our table, sharing some cooking, and life, experiences, and also sharing how she comes into the restaurant as early as 4am, just to make their fresh pastas..... and that great gnocchi. I couldn't believe her energy and spunk! Waiter........ I'm having whatever Nina's having for breakfast!!! And yes, we started by ordering their "famous gnocchi appetizer." You've got to order the gnocchi; either the appetizer or the entree! Enough said on that. We then followed with one of the specials; Penne pasta with chicken and Italian sausage in a pink sauce. It was DELICIOUS... and I could taste the very traditional Italian sausage, which was perfectly seasoned. And the chicken? It was white meat strips that had an incredibly fresh taste, and wonderful texture. Our other dish was their eggplant parm. And just how good was that? My wife commented that it melted in her mouth; the best version of eggplant parm she's ever had. And it came with a very generous serving of spaghetti pomadoro. The pomodoro is a basic red sauce, and in this case, a very "Roma tomato" fresh tasting sauce. And because I asked about their meat sauces, the waiter brought me a soup bowl filled with the Bolognese sauce, which I liberally put on both their garlic bread and some of my penne pasta. That could've been a meal in itself. Nina's kitchens prove the adage that, "...there's no substitute for quality and freshness!" And she also proved that her affection for great food extends to her affection for her patrons, as she brought us a huge serving of her "in-house" tiramisu. It was such a well balanced dessert; "almost as sweet as Nina!" Enough said.

User:Melissa H.

I often crave the ravioli. Little pillos of cheese in a tomato sauce splashed with a hint of cream. Delicious. The rest of the menu is standard Italian fare. They restaurant is friendly and kind, desserts are good and the bread is always hot and garlickly. (A plus in my book). Give it a whirl, I always called it my "compromise" restaurant when I didn't want to spring for Marcellinos. It's not as tasty, but not nearly as expensive either.

User:Pam R.

Looking for a place to dine with friends from California that was not overly expensive but good food was easy. The reviews of this place were great and when we did arrive a couple at another table were cleaning their plates to the last drop. We asked them what they had and they raved about the ravioli and gnocchi. So that's what we ordered and we were not disappointed! Service was exceptional and food was wonderful. Unfortunately, we did not have dessert since the portions were more than satisfying. Can't wait to try the one on Greenway closer to our home.

User:Brian H.

First, I'm a tough reviewer. A five or even four star review is not common. The restaurant is nothing to write home about from the outside. Very dated entrance and setting. It's a bit like stepping back 30 years to a local Italian eatery. Service was very good. All staff were efficient, friendly, courteous. Food was good. Not exceptional, but solidly good. Wife started with the soup of the day, which was okay. I had the house salad, which was okay. Nothing special so far. I liked the basket of bread, my wife thought it wasn't very good. Had the muscles in a white wine sauce as an appetizer. It was very tasty. The sauce was exceptional. But relatively small portion, and relatively high priced. The calamari, as you would expect in a higher priced Italian restaurant, was very good. Lightly breaded, perfectly cooked, it was tender and tasty. Decent portion. I would definitely order this again. For dinner, my wife had some variation of veal scallopine. My wife thought it was tasty, but the portions were very very small for a $24 entree. Sauce was good... a common theme here. I had their seafood pasta ($25). It was a medium sized bowl of pasta, didn't taste fresh (boiled dried), with a good red sauce and a fair portion of good seafood. My wife had the cheesecake for desert. Very thin little piece, nothing fancy. All in all, we felt that the food was good. Service was excellent. Setting was fair... a very dated but still nice setting. What we had a harder time with were the prices. We just felt that everything was about 30% more expensive than it deserved to be. They obviously don't spend much on the restaurant setting. So I don't see how they can justify it. If I had paid $16-17 for my bowl of pasta, then it would have been fair. But not $25. Not for the portions or the ingredient cost. Perhaps that is why they were near dead empty on a Sunday night (not a busy restaurant night, I know, but still). In other words... I enjoyed my food and time here, but not the check. And so, as a whole, this place gets 3 out of 5 stars. It's very likely I won't be back, but if someone else was treating me and wanted to take me there, I'm sure I would very much enjoy my meal.



Opening Hours

Mon :5:00 pm - 10:
Takes Reservations : Yes
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Dinner
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Upscale
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : Full Bar
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : Yes
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : Yes