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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Marj G.

    Sadly Caffe Daniel has closed. We will miss the quiet vibe, great food and awesome service.

  • Mark R.

    Came here with my wife and one of her girlfriends. They were excited to try out a new place and it was recommended by a friend. Even heard some nice things about this restaurant on a Saturday radio show. We were happily greeted by Daniel as we entered the front door. He was very polite and made us feel like we were in his home. Our table was near the wood fired oven and it was fun to watch items being cooked right before our eyes. The inside decor was very elegantly done and used the very basic concepts of comfort and simplicity. There was also a very nice Specials Menu on the chalkboard and a smaller Dinner menu to select your choices. We started off with some Braised Snails in Garlic Butter and a plate of dried Figs stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese and then wrapped with Pancetta. They were both very tasty and left us wanting more. For the main course the ladies split an order of Pappardelle in Bolognese Sauce and yours truly went with the stuffed Chicken Breast. They also bring you fresh baked bread and a mini pitcher of olive oil to the center of the table. Food was very good and the ingredients were very fresh. The ladies did mention to me that the Bolognese sauce could have used a bit more seasoning and tasted a little flat. My Chicken was cooked perfectly and I had to stop short at licking the plate. Service was very friendly and most helpful during the whole experience. Might be more of a elbow rubbing place for the typical PV crowd. Seen a lot of regulars being welcomed as they were being seated. Might even see me back for a tasty lunch. Thanks Daniel for such a Swell Dining experience. TALLY HO! 4 STARS

  • Christa M.

    In searching through reviews, I decided to give this place a chance during my business trip in Phoenix. This is truly a hidden gem here. The waiter addressed me immediately and was extremely friendly. He provided much appreciated details on each dosh, including the daily specials. He made recommendations based on my personal taste and this place didn't dissapoint. I got the stuffed portobello much room appetizer cooked in their wood fire stove, a duck risotto entree and their house made lemon cocktail. Would order all again.

  • Mary B.

    Food was delicious, well prepared. Salmon was great, pork tenderloin special exceptional. Bread and tomato cucumber salad were also really good. Our only complaint is about the service. They seemed overwhelmed although there were only two other tables there besides us on a Saturday night at 700. Forgot request for more bread and another item. Still thinking we'll come back because food was so good.

  • Doug H.

    Cafe Daniel has the best pasta and paella around. Great service with a nice casual feel. Daniel's special night are a real treat, try him out....won't be diappointed

  • Kris A.

    What a great time tonight. Amazing food, flamenco and incredible energy in this place tonight. Paella was delicious and the entertainment was really special. Looking forward to another evening like this here again soon.

  • Ray D.

    In keeping with my "Review Strategy" (Good review after a minimum of two visits - NOT so good Review after only one visit, as I am NOT going back) I am VERY dissapointed to have to write this Review, as I looked forward to Café Daniel with GREAT ANTICIPATION, based on so many stellar Reviews here. To say this was an underwhelming dinner experience would be an understatement. The Restaurant is quite lovely and the menu so promising. I had two dishes, which were presented quite nicely. The problem? Each dish lacked taste, although they were certainly unique enough . NOT at all certain if Café Daniel is French or Italian, but seems to have failed on each count. Pate had very nice texture but was virtually tasteless. Candidly, I have enjoyed Farmers Liverwurst more! The stuffed figs? OMG, dried would be an understatement. Try eating the sole of your shoe! One note regarding The Proprietor, who as previous Reviewers had mentioned, was in attendance. With only five tables active he managed to visit each of the other four tables, but apparently an older man dining alone was of no interest to him. NOT A WORD. Sorry to be so negative.

  • Doug D.

    The food at Caffe Daniel is consistently amazing and the menu has enough variety that everyone is going to find something they want. The decor is almost as attractive as the artistically created dishes. Check out the oven if you want to see something truly beautiful. While I haven't been lucky enough to attend, friends have raved about the seafood and paella themed nights. I plan to give them my email address next time I'm in so I'll be the on list and first to know about upcoming theme nights.

  • Joe X.

    The food and service were great. It is too bad that they were not more busy. That has got to be a tough location.

  • Colt L.

    This place is great! My wife and I came here to celebrate our anniversary. The place is beautiful inside! It's in an upscale part of Phoenix (close to the Biltmore). We've been wanting to check this place out for awhile now and I'm glad we went! Their bruschetta was amazing. Seriously. SO GOOD. I ordered chicken parmesan. The chicken was nice and juicy. The mashed potatoes were so creamy. My wife ordered lasagna and she liked it a lot too. I had a bite. I'm not much of a lasagna fan, but hers was really good. Of course, we finished it off with tiramisu. It was good too. The service was great. The owner came up to us to greet us! It's pricey, but worth it!

  • Sara P.

    Heard about this restaurant from a friend and thought we would give it a try. Nice urban bistro feel without pounding, pulsing music so we could actually have a conversation. Would be an excellent place for a date or a group of friends for dinner. Both of us had trout almondine with mixed vegetables, one of that night's specials, cooked in their wood fired stove. We agreed that it was the best we have ever had. We also had a delicious duck pate for an appetizer. Food presentation was excellent. Service was excellent. Helpful in choosing an entree and wine. Made us feel welcome and pampered. We'll be back and bring our friends.

  • Frank W.

    Gone due to arrogant owner with no people skills...too bad...

  • Neil C.

    We are longtime fans of Chef Daniel dating back to his days on Camelback. We were so disappointed to see him leave us. However when we learned he had returned we couldn't wait to try Cafe Daniel. We did wonder if this might be a cae of when you have fond memories and when you experience someting again, it's never quite as good as you remember. Well I am thrilled to say that Chef Daniel hasn't missed a beat and his food is as good as ever, maybe better. We have dined here 3 times since he opened and each time was a fantastic evening, from the quality of the meal to the warmness of Daniel and his staff. On our last visit, he had a duck risotto special, which the table next to us had. When we asked how it was, the woman offered us a bite, and it was fantastic. I ended up having their branzino special, likely the best branzino dish I have eaten, including Mario Battagia's. My wife had the grilled prawns with mushroom risotto. Fantastic!! I couldn't resist the dolce de leche crepes and my wife had a pineapple coconut tart that she said was perfectly cooked. It's great to have such a reliably delicious restaurant back in the valley.

  • Jason A.

    This place is special. Daniel is a true artist and takes pride in giving you an experience not just a meal. Flamenco and paella night is a must. The seafood is incredibly fresh, the entertainment is soulful, the staff is friendly and Daniel is always gracious and happy to see you. Wonderful - an instant favorite!

  • Teresa F.

    Quiet little place for lunch would have been great for a lunch meeting. Owner Daniel and server were both very attentive. The melon cucumber and crab salad was refreshing. The melon was the best I've had all season. The crepes; you've got to try them. I'll definitely be back can't wait to try wine and dinner.

  • Dee E.

    First time visit tonight, and it was fantastic! I went with my Mom, and I ordered the chicken breast w/ roasted veggies. It was absolutely outstanding, perfectly cooked with lovely vegetables. Mom had the pasta, and although I cannot recall which one it was, it was delicious. Daniel personally greeted us, and then checked with us to see how our food was. The service was impeccable, and the atmosphere was comfortable , with a gorgeous view of Squaw Peak. I will be back for sure.

  • John R.

    Saturday night was my first visit to Caffe Daniel. My girlfriend has been friends with Danny for many years, and had raved about his food so I set up a reservation for "date night" and was SO IMPRESSED! Danny greeted us at the table and after a couple of informational questions as to likes and dislikes the food began to arrive. I started out with the snails...not your typical rubbery escargot! These tender morsels are braised in butter, fennel and garlic, and are just melt in your mouth delicious! My girlfriend started with the sun dried figs stuffed with Gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto - so good! Danny brought me a taste of the Duck Pate, so simple with just the right hints of black truffle and cognac. I could have made a meal of it on bread drizzled with olive oil. A butter lettuce salad with orange sections, hearts of palm and asparagus dressed in a simple citrus vinaigrette came next. Refreshing and just right. Next came main courses...Spaghettini Sorrentino - think simple Italian comfort pasta with tomatoes, basil and mozzerella - for the lady, and Duck Confit for me. Perfectly tender, fall off the bone Duck Confit in a Creme de Cassis sauce...AMAZING! Then came coffee (Danny's own blend and served in a small French press) and crepes with a heavenly Dulce de Leche sauce that Danny's grandmother used to make him as a child in Buenos Aires. Props to Chef Marcel and the kitchen staff and to Danny - the ultimate host! We will be back...often!

  • Stacy M.

    I never thought I would be writing this horrid review but here it goes. Dined here tonight and ordered the porchetta . 50% of the meat was moist & tasty & the other 50% well, not so good for that matter. I thought I would leave my feedback to the server (not my original server) and he told me he had been there 7 weeks with no complaints... Yeah and? He said "are you full?" I said I'm fine. He then proceeded to tell me to come back next week & that there will be paella! Uh, what??? He also said he would have the chef come out. No chef came out so I went in. Met the manager who was a complete arrogant human being! He said "what would you like me to do?" I said I guess nothing! He went on and on telling me he was taking some porchetta home for dinner tonight & telling me I was wrong! Hmm the waiter just told me you were sold-out of the porchetta. I will NEVER return here agai. What horrible bed side manners & food not worth paying for when there is far more better in town. Also update your menu on your website! We went there for 2 items that are not even on your menu!

  • Steven A.

    We love Daniels Café and Daniel is the perfect host he's come over to our table and explained everything to us he is the greatest person the food is excellent we had a great time enjoyed the wine enjoyed the food will be going back often it's a neighborhood favorite love it.

  • Erica T.

    My husband and I are major foodies and have traveled all over the world on eating journeys. We are so pleased to have found this wonderful local restaurant owned and staffed by the most amazing hosts. These people are passionate about food and service and really go above and beyond to make your experience a perfect one. Homemade pasta, pate, ham, etc - not your typical Phoenix fare. Do yourself a favor and come meet Daniel and let him sleect for you. Do not miss the crepe de dolce con leche!! -Bob and Erica

  • K H.

    We just finished our second meal at the charming Caffe Daniel. It was Seafood night and there were so many fresh options it was difficult to choose! To our great delight, the owner, Daniel, personally greeted us and even sat with us to help us make our selections. He was genuinely interested in our enjoyment of the meal, took the time to chat for a while, and even remembered us from last time we dined there. It felt like you were dining with family or an old friend. That sort of warm welcome is what will bring us back again and again. That, and the fact that the food is delicious! We had the seared provolone and red pepper appetizer, which was OUT of this world when paired with spicy fresh arugula. For our entrees we had the Orata fish and Spaghettini w Clams----both were outstanding with wood fired vegetables. The service was equally exceptional. The waitstaff made no attempt to rush us and we appreciated that since we wanted to enjoy our meal at a leisurely pace. This gem will be our new neighborhood restaurant and we are eager to return. Bravo!!

  • Robin A.

    Daniel Malventano (owner) back in the neighborhood and once again...EXCELLENT food! The Biltmore area is known for outstanding restaurants and Caffe Daniel is one of the BEST in it's relaxed, classic..well lit setting. Michel the chef- makes this duck that is so tender and delicious (and I'm not the biggest fan of duck..but Michel knows how to do it right!). Stop in for a panini/salad for lunch or experience Caffe Daniel's amazing dinner menu......

  • Brittany C.

    This is place is a true gem! Daniel makes every guest feel like family, and the service, food and wine were exceptional. I enjoyed the paella, which was to die for. For desert we had tiramisu and the caramel crepes, which were both absolutely delicious. Hands down, this is one of the best restaurants in Phoenix! Great for any occasion- date, night out with friends, or family dinner. Intimate setting with wonderful smells flowing from the kitchen! Farm to table and some organic ingredients which is a huge plus. You will not be disappointed by this place!

  • C H.

    We loved our three experiences at Caffe Daniel. Tonight we each had a special- orata fish prepared in two different ways. I preferred the caper sauce. Delightfully light and perfectly prepared. The fresh veggies in olive oil? Again , perfect! Daniel added a lot to our experience, giving explanations of preparations, his olive oil, and even his coffees. For the personal touch, great service, nice atmosphere , fresh Italian plates with high quality foods, we highly this restaurant. We will go back this Thurs for their fresh seafood night!

  • Erin C.

    Daniel Malventano is back! You may remember his previous restaurant on Camelback: Il Forno/Acqua E Sale/Daniel's. After 5 years off the restaurant scene he is back with a beautiful, cozy (44 seats) new place on Lincoln & 32nd complete with a wood burning oven. Daniel has partnered up with his longtime chef, Michel Rastoll, who is putting out some pretty fantastic food! They have only been open 3 weeks (since May 6) but the place is already packed on a daily basis, mostly from the same folks who know Daniel from his previous restaurants. At lunch there are several delicious salads. Even better are the panini's and pizza's cooked right in the wood burning oven! Dinner is a little bit more upscale and refined with a wonderful pork tenderloin dish and my personal favorite, the duck confit. The house made ravioli is also pretty incredible. There are new seafood specials daily, depending on the fresh product received. They have also brought back the classic whole roasted Branzino dish which is also cooked in the wood burning oven! Once a month they will be doing a Paella special which is a culinary event not to be missed and reservations are highly encouraged for. I can't say enough good things about Caffe Daniel! Excellent food & wine, excellent service, and a beautiful space to enjoy it in.

  • Lauren M.

    Really great food here. I had the burrata appetizer and it was stunningly good... like I have dreams about it. Order that! It's like a softer mozzarella with some pesto and fresh greens - so tasty :) We also had the bolognese which was better than what I make at home - something that I think is hard to beat. I want to try the paella night - that's supposed to be really yummy! The chef here really knows what he is doing, so I'm sure it's good. I also really liked our waiter... I have been back twice since my first experience and she remembers us every time which is really nice.

  • Don J.

    If you can find a better place, good luck. Friendly staff and the owner is a gracious host. Love this place and the food is exceptional. Treat yourself Great selection of obscure wines that won't disappoint.

  • Tiny K.

    Truly the best restaurant I've eaten at in Phoenix! The service was amazing and the food was out of this world. I was lucky enough to taste the Branzino (Mediterranean sea bass) which was a special. It was perfectly cooked whole in their wood fired oven and seasoned to perfection. It was accompanied by oven roasted vegetables which were done perfectly. I also tasted the veal and lasagna which were also delicious. Daniel came over and greeted us and was very friendly. Our waitress, Amanda, was equally as friendly and very attentive to anything or questions we had. I will be eating here every time I'm in town!

  • Fern M.

    This is the best restaurant in Phoenix. Daniel knows what he is doing. Michel is the best chef The food is fresh and excellent. Everyone is friendly. His specials are extraordinary They are accommodating to picky eaters. Can not wait to go again and again

  • john g.

    Wonderful food with many specials, too hard to choose from. All five of us were very happy and the cost was very reasonable for the quality and portion sizes. The space was great and Daniel is a most gracious host. Go and you will be very pleased.

  • Cory M.

    I have to applaud Caffe Daniel for serving consistently amazing food. I used to lament the fact that Phoenix and the surrounding areas lacked a really good Italian restaurant, but this place changed that for me! The menu has items that appeal to a variety of palates with traditional to a bit more exotic choices. The wine list is very good and at price points that make enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner more commonplace rather than just for a special occasion. The atmosphere is casual and the staff is helpful and friendly. Of course it is always nice to be personally met at the door by Daniel and share a little chit chat. I highly recommend this restaurant for tasty, upscale food in an approachable and down to earth atmosphere.

  • Michael M.

    My fiancé and I went back to Caffe Daniel last night and it was even better than the first time. Frankly, I don't know why we waited so long to go back. Daniel remembered us even though it had been many months since our first visit. It was seafood night last night and the food was amazing. This is a rare restaurant in that every single item on the menu is something I want to try. We are going to make it a weekly visit for now on.

  • Kathy F.

    Daniel truly understands that it is not simply about getting customers to come into his restaurant but even more important that they want to return habitually. That means the food has to be more than memorable and creates a craving to return. Such was the fare we enjoyed from skewered mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto which made our taste buds dance and a complimentary serving of escargot which proceeded to make our taste buds jump for joy. My main course of veal scaloppine with a delicately flavored Marsala sauce and mushrooms presented over a bed of vegetables with scalloped potatoes was a masterpiece of combined flavors. My husband's duck confit was welcomed as the best he had ever tasted. The ambiance of this restaurant is further enhanced by the beautiful view from the expanse of windows. Most impressive was the feeling that we were welcomed into Daniel's restaurant as if we were family entering his home. A remarkable feeling which he obviously shared with each diner. This is indeed a very special dining experience to be repeated many times again. The wine list, culinary fare, service, interior design and attention to detail made Daniel's long absence from the Phoenix restaurant scene worth the wait. Bravissimo for Caffe Daniel!

  • Germain C.

    They use Fresh ingredients either Local or high quality ingredients. Check out daily specials there is great deals out there!

  • Liz S.

    My husband and I frequent this great place. This is a marvelous neighborhood cafe that delivers a great experience, fabulous food that is prepared with care and skill. Ambience is charming, and while the tables look inviting, we choose to dine at the bar where we feel like we are just about at home. Daniel's paella is a regular treat each week, the burrata is exceptional, and the wine list is unique and always perfect with the menu offering. A wonderful place to drop in for wine after work, but you'll end up staying for a bite!

  • Monica F.

    We are neighbors to this restaurant and had high hopes for it. The escargot appetizer was initially very good. But the pappardelle bolognese was overcooked and flavorless. It was bland and had no seasoning. And the pasta was from a box-- not made in-house. The ravioli, which was made in house, was fine. The pork tenderloin was way overcooked and chewy. The owner, Daniel, was initially very charming; that is, until we told him about our thoughts and constructive criticism regarding his food, after which Daniel became argumentative. It was interesting to see the change in his personality: from gregarious and polite to mean spirited and defensive. Perhaps Daniel's food was acceptable and even considered good years ago-- but now, with all the competition (e.g. Claudio, Bianco, Marcellino and the myriad others,) Daniel is a relic and the food he produces simply cannot compete with the new, cutting edge chefs. Instead of dining at Daniel's, take a short drive down the street and go to Bianco's, which is infinitely better. Or Central Bistro would be a nice choice as well.

  • Tara L.

    This is a fantastic, cozy yet elegant neighborhood cafe. Daniel is a master of Italian classics with a twist and has a carefully selected wine list. I loved the figs stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in crispy proscuttio. His dessert crepes use dulce de leche flown in from Argentina, which is a bit different from the Mexican dulce de leche. Well worth it. Will go again and again.

  • Mackenzie F.

    Everything was absolutely amazing! The service was perfect, the food was made freshly, and the drinks were at your table the second after you sit down. The food was delicious, I know I will be returning soon.

  • Parker N.

    Excellent food quality...tiny menu. The service here is mediocre but the food very authentic and delicious!

  • Pierre F.

    Tried tonight for the first time and I must say we are lucky, very good and very close to home :) Nice ambiance. Both Daniel the owner and Michel the Chef are really friendly and make you feel amazingly welcome. Everything we tried was good and I was particularly pleased with the duck confit with calvados ... interestingly a mix of ingredients from my mother's region (South West of France) and from my wife's parents region (Normandy). The menu is not extensive but everything had an appeal and I must say I was surprised by the "Roasted Airline Chicken Breast" explanation ... if you visit they will explain! A must try if you leave nearby.

  • Nelson B.

    My family and I had the pleasure to dine here again last night. It's the fourth time we have been there since they opened. We remembered how much we enjoyed Daniel's before it closed and was hoping the food would be as good. As you can probably guess since we have been there four times in a few months the food is fabulous. Everyone we have dined with rave about the food. Appetizers are creative and well priced (We had the snails - awesome!). The dinner menu is as well. I like the trattoria feel inside and have never had bad service. Caffe Daniel is just introducing their winter menu (we got a sneak preview) and it's worth the trip. I had a wood fired steak with gorgonzola sauce that may be the best plate of food I've had all year (and I eat out often). It was served with Au Gratin Potatoes that I had to fight my wife and daughter for. The new menu has at least 10 more things I'm anxious to try on return trips. The rest of the family had the lasagna which is made with a wonderful veal ragu. Absolutely killer! The wine list is smallish but well crafted and priced right. We had the 2009 Monsanto Chianti Riserva (#31 on the Spectator 2012 Top 100) priced at $44 per bottle which is less than twice retail. Very fair. If your looking for a new restaurant to try, this is it.

  • Kyle L.

    Great local gem! Sea bass was off the charts, great wine and wonderful staff!

  • james c.

    We had an excellent lunch. Our only disappointment was that the first two wines we asked for were not available. We were offered a better wine at a slight discount. It was good. Pâté with figs was tasty and greens nice. Toast with it was hard to cut. Acorn squash soup was tasty and needed the pepper we got. There might have been improvement with more salt. The white pizza needed salt but was tasty. The dulce de leche crepes were great. Service was good though not always right there for example, it took about five minutes to get salt from waitress since it is not on table. We checked out the dinner menu and plan to return

  • Frank G.

    the food was excellent. we had a special of pasta with lamb sausage - wow it was great. the airline chicken (ditch the name please) was a little dry but tasty. service was ok, must have been a new waitress. she was not knowledgeable, thus the 4 stars versus 5.

  • Pam E.

    When will people learn? We had dinner at Caffe Daniel's last night and while many aspects of the meal were good we were overwhelmed by the smoking of servers, chef and the owner. To watch the owner and employees stand outside the front of the restaurant and smoke is unconscionable, but sadly, throughout the evening, they returned to the restaurant visited our table and served food without washing their hands. The smell of smoke created such a negative experience it will be hard to return.

  • Andrew K.

    Caffe Daniel is the neighborhood Italian gem that I've been searching for in central Phoenix for years. The food is fabulous, the atmosphere wonderful, and the host/owner/chef personally greets every customer to add to the charm. Daniel, a well known fixture for years in the Phoenix restaurant community, is so proud of his newest venture, and with good reason. We've enjoyed the antipasto, bruschetta, artichoke and provolone appetizers. For our mains, the pork tenderloin, duck confit, and pasta bolognese were exceptional. We have been to the restaurant twice in the past 2 weeks and intend to go back again. We also are now on Daniel's mailing list so that we can take advantage of his special dinners...such as the paella that he will be doing in the coming weeks. My only hesitation in writing this glowing review is that others will soon discover this hidden gem and it quickly will be hard to score a table.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Intimate
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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Caffe Daniel

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