3603 E Indian School Rd,Ste B
Phoenix, AZ, 85018

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User:Cyn V.

Hidden away on the south east corner of camelback and 36th street you will find this gem! It's cozy and could feel the comforting warmth the moment you step in. We started with martinis at the bar and had crispy pig wars and their yellow tail as appetizers. Every bite was decadent and flavorful. Then we walked into the dining area for our main course. We shared the escargot and squid ink risotto! I'm so in love with their signature dish- squid ink risotto. I'll definitely have to come back and try their other dishes therefore I'll be coming back sooner than expected. Thank you crudo for such a fantastic dining experience.

User:Eric M.

Crudo was a new restaurant my wife and I were really excited and looked forward to trying during restaurant week. Unfortunately, Crudo fell short to our expectations after hearing such rave reviews about it. Service was spotty at best. Our waitress even failed to remember to order one of the dishes we supplemented to our meal. May we suggest to her to simply writing down her customer's order like your fellow colleagues did versus trying to remember everything especially when you decide to stop by other tables on the way to the register? This should not happen at a restaurant of this level. We accepted to pair wines with our meal. I probably should have questioned it when the wines were not listed with the food... I will elaborate later. The first two courses went off with out a hitch. The sashimi styled first course and cheese themed second course were excellent. The food and wines pairings were both enjoyable. However on the third course, things began to go south. My wife and I asked our server what the wine pairings were going to be with our main entees. It was important since our dinners were fish and beef. We had to challenge our waitress when she said the chef paired the same with both dishes. She wanted to bring the same hearty Itallian red wine with both my beef brisket and my wife's seafood dish. We finally got her to discuss it with the chef who understood our concerns and supplemented with a more appropriate white wine with the fish. The dinners included the Chef special - a "yellowtail collar" dish - and and as I previously stated their beef brisket. Both meals barely had any sides with their proteins. The yellowtail collar was enjoyable, but and the brisket dish was underwhelming in taste even with the bone marrow supplement. Unfortunately, the third courses just fell short after having such a great start to our dinner. It was a shame because it caused us to leave earlier than we anticipated and not order desert. It may also cause us to reconsider coming back in the future.

User:Tom R.

Wow what a nice night. We came in for the Wed night polenta board and it was wonderful. It consisted of rendezvous chicken with sausages and four different side toppings. Great food - great wine - great staff on top of the great deal. Only $40.

User:Chris B.

Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the valley. The squid ink risotto, the short rib, the brunch...everything! Sooooooo good!

User:Jennifer W.

Antipastis were good. We had the pig ears and beets with goat cheese. Everything else was meh. From the ahi to the yellowtail, salmon, brisket, and pork belly. It was all meh.

User:Paolo C.

OK. So this may have to be my new hangout. The staff was fantastic and the food even better. It's hard to get "black rice" or Risotto made nearly perfect. They did! You must try it. You won't regret it. You'll go away felling satisfied and happy. And your wallet will thank you too!

User:Bao H.

(Lyrics - MAGIC! - Rude) Saturday evening jumped out to Yelp And put on my best suit Got in my car and raced like a jet All the way to you Came to your door with food in my mind To order from your menu Cause I know that you're in Restaurant Week, yeah Can I have your Risotto for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know You say I'll always get my blessing til the day I write Good luck, my friend, but answer is Bo Bites Why you gotta go to Crud...o's Don't you know I'm hungry too? Why you gotta go to Crud...o's I'm gonna Bo Bites anyway! Crudo's has had quite a reputation in the valley and needless to say I had to make my visit on Restaurant Week! The place itself is oddly located, but that didn't bother me much. I came on a rainy Saturday night with my partner in crime. She's the one and only @ssuze photo extraordinaire on Instagram! She shoots the pictures and I write! We both ordered the 4 course meal. We started with the Albacore with Truffle Watermelon rind and black pepper and the Yellowtail, Controne, Bottanga, Chive. Needless to say, I don't know what the heck it means, but boy was it a perfect start. Eating sashimi with a kick of sweet and aromatic seasoning. Next was the cheese dishes; Burrata-Pancetta Vin, Arugula and the Ricotta Walnut sauce, and Honey. I would say this is my least favorite course since I'm not much of a cheese guy. However, both dishes worked! Sweet honey and creamy ricotta cheese mix over bread; who knew would taste great. The Arugula gave the Burrata cheese a nice subtle taste. Next was the entree round, we went for their famous Squid ink risotto and their pork belly smoked tomato Agrodolce Polenta. I see why their it's known in town as the Famous Squid ink Risotto; definitely one of my favorites of the night and recommended. Cooked to perfection the mixture of tuna, chilis, and tomatoes made this dish a spicy and sweet delight! The pork belly was again cooked well, but didn't really do much for me. We ended of course with dessert; Butterscotch Pot de Creme with Olive oil, Lemon, and Rosemary Shortbread and Chef Cullen's Bread Pudding. The shortbread worked only with the cookie atop. Without it just didn't give much texture and I mainly tasted only the Butterscotch. The Bread Pudding well, it was bread pudding in the end. Not much for dessert in my book. Overall, the service spot on and top notch. The place itself is classic and reminded me of some old southern style home. Great ambiance and date place! In the end, Crudo deserves my love and definitely a hot spot for me! - Enjoy!

User:Steven J.

If you like strange and weird food you might like it? I hated it... The group beside us ate a pigs head. Literally! Yuck

User:Michael J.

Had a great dinner at Crudo last night, while in Phoenix. Amazing food, service and tasty cocktails. Would recommend the Squid Ink Risotto and Buratta Cheese plate. Our waiter was great and the bartenders made our happy hour very fun and entertaining. Highly recommend giving it a try.

User:carol P.

My go to place right now. The food is imaginative and inspired--not to mention delicious. The cocktails are some of the best in Phoenix. the risotto in squid ink-exceptional! They have a great Sunday brunch too.

User:Tori B.

This weekend marked my third time at Crudo, first for dinner. I've experienced brunch at this fine establishment twice and now we finally partook in dinner. After all these meals, I am happy to report the food at Crudo is legit. I love the open feel of the restaurant and the rustic, upscale decor. It can be hard to find though, it is right behind another great restaurant, Beckett's Table. Every time I've come it hasn't been that busy, which is surprising considering the caliber of food. The service has always been great and the staff is extremely knowledgeable about the menu. For brunch, I highly recommend the crispy pork benedict. It is really good... spicy, savory, and just hands down delish. I've sampled a couple other things including a couple of their "jars." I really liked the bread pudding and the cheese with bacon jam. For dinner I had the short ribs and burrata as well as the chocolate cake. Everything was good... the short ribs were tender and cooked to perfection. Oh, we also had the pig ears... who knew they could be so good. I know I'll be back to Crudo, and you should check it out too! It's not too expensive, but you get upscale food for your buck. Give it a whirl.

User:Ryan J.

This spot has been on my ' to eat list' since it opened and, in spite of the slowly building expectations, it definitely lived up to my self imposed hype. The menu and prices are custom made for those of us wanting to more thoroughly explore the Italian dining table. Each dish was expertly crafted and we were in constant amazement that such diversity and execution could come out of such a small kitchen. An incredible experience and definitely a place to take those out of town guests who are looking to truly appreciate how great a culinary town Phoenix has become.

User:David H.

Amazing food! Innovative, interesting, creative dishes. We did the 5 course meal so we could try a lot of different menu items. Some were fantastic, some were just good, none were bad. The pig ear appetizer is great, as was the grana spread. As for the main dishes, the semolina gnocchi was spectacular, and the pork belly was phenomenal. Definitely looking forward to returning!

User:C L.

Delicious. Came here for a happy hour after work and all of the apps were amazing. I wish I could remember the name of these doughy balls with butter and herbs. So good. Amazing cocktail selection and I definitely plan on returning.

User:Monique H.

I'm always looking for recipes that contain ricotta so I totally lucked out when I came across Crudo because so many of their dishes have ricotta. I had an excellent meal here. The cocktail menu did not disappoint. Super friendly service and lovely decor. I can't wait to go back this place is 5 stars all around.

User:Blake B.

The food was amazing. Not one to give out 5s but I thought they deserved better then 4. Price was very reasonable compared to other high end places. Gnocchi,ravioli, yellowtail and of course the amazing butterfish. The owner even gave us a card and said the chef could personalize a meal for us. Best place I've ate at since I moved to az even better then Kai!

User:Dave L.

I was traveling to Phoenix for work and friends dragged me to this place and I was not disappointed. We sat at the bar as we could not get a reservation because it was busy and just started to order drinks; and boy did they have a ton of options for mixed drinks. I like just straight scotch/whisky and I tried the Japanese whiskey that they had here and was loved the taste of it, the bartender got me hooked and I am now looking to purchase bottles from Bev Mo when I get back home. Also I did the 4 items from the menu, where you can pick any 4 items off their menu for a set price. The most memorable of the items was the pork shoulder... it was DELICIOUS and perfectly cooked to where it melted into your fork just as you were taking a bite of it. Also I did end up ordering 2 servings of the crispy pig ear... because when I had the first portion I just could not have enough. The Asian spices in the vinegrette dressing were out of this world, and you could either let the pig ears marinate in it or eat them quickly so you can savor the crispiness of the skin. Overall I would definitely consider this an awesome experience and would highly recommend it to anyone.

User:Jeremy J.

Best bar in Phoenix hands down!! Andrew and Keefer on a Tuesday night is like going to bar college... Most knowledgeable and caring bar experience I've had... Great drinks fare price and awesome staff.... Give them a try!!

User:Jeff H.

This is the best restaurant in Phoenix. The cocktails are especially great and unparalleled in Phoenix. Their cocktail program is world class. The food is unique and delicious.

User:Tom D.

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Smokey, Savory or wait was that Salty, Spicy, Savory, Sweet, Smokey, Sour? Crudo is a restaurant that is a carnival for your mouth. I'm not talking about clown carnival, I am talking about Carnival in Brazil kinda Carnival! Thankfully I had the perfect martini cleansing my sinning tongue as the show went on. Starting with the Antipasta Pig Ears (These strips of perfection play spice with sweet and sour), Ahi Crudo (Unreal, just unreal how good this was), Squid Ink Risotto (Savory with bits of pepper and tuna hiding in darkness), Beef Brisket (A smoked strip of beef that breaks away with the slightest tug of the fork) and to finish that parade of debauchery a strawberry balsamic creation placed perfectly in a shortbread crust. Kudos to Crudo! So excited to come back and taste the rest of the parade of flavors.

User:John S.

The bar menu and care for detail in the mixology makes this a special stop. The staff is very interested in offering a quality product---high quality does not mean high brow. Down to earth and accessible: am I in Seattle or SF. Nice! Restaurant next...expecting to find more of the same quality.

User:Mark C.

This really is one of those places that oozes creativity. Expounding on a number of different influences, but without being married to any one single traditional cuisine. And yet, much of the food feels strangely traditional and familiar. I realize that might not make much sense, but as soon as you walk in the door you walk into a open space that feels unique, yet comfortable. And that feeling carries into the food. It's not cheap, but on a week like Restaurant Week, you can sample some of Chef Cullen Campbell's greatest hits at a decent discount. I came here with a couple of friends during AZ Fall Restaurant Week. All three of us are foodies, but hadn't been here yet. It's located in the rear of a shopping plaza with fairly limited parking (give yourself an extra 5 mins to find a spot as it can be a chore). When you walk inside you notice a very lively bar area to your left, and an open roomy dining room on the right. The booth we were sat in was unbelievably comfortable. Not sure what it was about the fabric or cushioning, but I probably could've fallen asleep in that booth is was so comfy. Now, to the food. We started with a free cocktail for Restaurant Week. It was some sort of a flavored rum daiquiri with lime. Pretty tasty and woke up my tastebuds just in time for the meal. The first course was a yellowtail crudo (essentially a plate of yellowtail fish slices with spices and herbs). The yellowtail was very fresh and the chile flakes on top gave it a pretty good kick. I have to say the albacore crudo my friend had was better as it was a mild fish topped with a delicious buttermilk watermelon dressing. For the second course, I went with the mozzarella with bacon relish and caramelized onions. Fantastic flavor and that bacon relish really stood out in a big way. The burrata cheese with pancetta vinaigrette my friend has was also outstanding. For the third course, I went with the short ribs and added some of their bone marrow. The short rib wasn't the best I've had but it was tasty and tender and the potatoes were a nice smooth butter-filled accompaniment. The bone marrow was actually a big disappointment to me. It was tough to dig out what little marrow there was and it was only enough to enjoy on one small piece of bread. The flavor was pretty good, but I thought there would've been more to it. For the final course I went with the chef's homemade bread pudding with blueberries and a lemon puree. A nice refreshing dessert, though pretty small and didn't really have much of a wow factor compared to some of the other dishes. All totaled, four courses of food plus a free cocktail, tax, and tip came to about $70 for me. I would say it was totally worth it for restaurant week. The main course was probably the only area of any tangible disappointment and the normal price is still pretty steep in my opinion. So I can't give this a full 5 stars. Would it be worth paying more on a normal night? Your call (most Yelpers seem to say yes). Overall I like what Chef Cullen has going here. Creative dishes, a very comfortable atmosphere, and friendly staff. I'd certainly come back for a special occasion to sample more of their menu. And if you're looking for a unique valley destination for AZ Restaurant Week, make this a part of your to do list.

User:Heather N.

My sister and I dined here early so that we could qualify for the Happy Hour, unfortunately it is only available in the lounge. The waiter said that we could move there if we wanted, but we declined. Fortunately for us, he offered us a 3 course tasting menu for $25 each if we said "local love!" which we glad accepted. This restaurant offers that option so that people can try a bunch of food and not feel guilty about dropping cash on cocktails. I - like an idiot - forgot my ID and my sister is not of age yet so we weren't able to partake in any of the alcoholic beverages, but our waiter still honored the deal, which I really appreciated. Crispy Pig Ears -Crispy fried pig ears in a vinegar-y, pickled Asian-inspired sauce. To all my viets - reminiscent of nuoc mam. Honestly, we were too weirded out by the fact that we were eating cartilage - that was still ear-shaped to truly enjoy this dish. Burrata with Pancetta Vin, Arugula -The arugula was spicy almost, and my least favorite part of the dish. However, the burrata was a great texture and I enjoyed it. This cheese dish comes with a bit of meat on top which was nice. Pork Belly with Smoked Tomato Agrodolce and Polenta -Melt in your mouth, buttery pork belly on a bed of polenta (which is a cornmeal porridge). Absolutely scrumptious! If I wasn't so full by this time, I would've polished my plate. Neapolitan Budino -Strawberry cream, vanilla panna cotta and dark chocolate pudding in three layers topped with a chocolate biscotti. Since it was layered based on density, the strawberry cream was light and fresh, and the dark chocolate was moist and rich. My favorite layer was the dark chocolate. The cookie on top was okay - I'm not a huge fan of biscotti. ONE BIG NEGATIVE: The water here is undrinkable. It tastes strongly of chemicals and was so difficult to drink. I know we shouldn't expect much from tap water but this was truly offensive. P.S. Parking situation is the back and the restaurant is located in the very back as well.

User:Travis H.

Beautiful inside... I wish they could separate themselves from the rest of the shopping center. It deserves to stand alone. Unique flavoring and wonderful mixology/fusion. I had pasta with squid ink and it was fantastic. You must stop by!

User:James J.

Worth the money. Special evening with my wife, she loved it. Started in the bar, told the bartender what I normally drink, he made something unique but similar. Very tasty. The food was great, the service was awesome. Will come here anytime.

User:Erin R.

I love Crudo's brunch! If it were a little closer to home and a little cheaper, I would probably be there every Sunday. I had the bacon risotto for the first time a few months ago and was hooked. It is one of my favorite brunch dishes ever! I've never had anything bad there, but the risotto is definitely my go-to. Their dinner menu looks amazing, and I fully intend on trying it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. My only complaint is that it took a fairly long time to get drinks this most recent time. Overall, though, I have always been very happy with my experience at Crudo!

User:Adam B.

Had the tuna and the yellowtail sashimi and both were tasty... more because of the sauce/toppings vs the fish quality. I thought the butterfish sashimi was the best tasting fish but the toppings were less interesting. Had the burrata which was amazing!!!! Great drinks too.

User:Irene V.

A little challenging to find but so, so worth it! I was itching to get out and went on the recommendation of a foodie friend. I'm so glad I did! This is a truly wonderful place to go with friends, family or on a date. You should definitely go! *Everyone* should go! Tucked around the back of the Gaslight Shopping center (really tucked around the far back) is a nondescript entrance.* Upon opening the doors you are greeted with the main dining area, to the right. There is ample seating for groups which looked super comfy. My friend and I ambled over to the bar area on the left side. The bar ambience is super chill. The mood lighting had been turned down and we headed towards the back, where there are low side chairs. I was immediately struck by the menu written on the wall in chalk. Drinks! We scored big time and managed to grab one set of drinks before happy hour ended. (T-Sa, 5-7pm). A bartender quickly greeted us (even though much of the bar was full) and took an order. I figured we'd have to hustle up to the bar, but no! Very nice! Happy Hour: $5 small bites. $5 cocktails. $5 Red wine. $5 White wine. $3 Four Peaks Sunbru & Hopknot. I was a BIG fan of the red. Big! I was overwhelmed by the amount of food options on the menu. There was quite a bit of stuff to look at and we had been gabbing. So I asked the very nice bartender to sum it up for us. A "Crudo" / Raw option (yellowtail) provided the delightfully light sashimi thing I'd been yammering I'd wanted in forever. (Sushi used to be a weekly staple back in NYC for me.) As described by the bartender the yellowtail delivered with a nice bit of spice. Yum! (It's worth noting the price of a crudo plate offers much more than what you'd get at a sushi restaurant.) We followed that with a heartier option from the "Cotto" / Cooked side. The texture of the butternut squash dumplings was a complete surprise to me. For some reason I was expecting an asian style dumpling to come out. Instead the outside layer was a rich, soft layer, almost like mashed potatoes. Different but in a very delish way. This is a definite must to check out! Just be sure to give yourself enough time. You won't want to leave. * It's quicker to enter from 36th street vs. the E Indian School street entrance. There isn't a sign but it's the first business when you pull into behind the buildings. UPDATE: The service is a little spotty. I'm not changing the stars. I'm just updating to reflect that it's unfortunate when your drink order gets forgotten. Tonight I had the pleasure of sitting in the alcove tables (in the bar area). These are wonderful if you want to have a quiet spot to talk. There's a point in the evening when a cocktail server takes over the outside tables in the bar area. (This happened last time.) However, as I was on a date I noticed the gap in service a bit more. Also, my date was the one to point out that our drinks had not been placed. When the bartender came out to check on us, I explained our drink order had been placed. (We then watched our server come out awhiiiilllle later to ask the same bartender where our drinks were. OOps.) Also, it's incredibly (to the point of distracting) loud when the bartenders make drinks. I'm the first to appreciate a good show. (Thank you Tom Cruise.) But simmer down up front. Yes, I'm getting old. But it's hard to hear!

User:Floyd C.

Yes I can drive all the way from LA to Arizona just to eat here....Well not everyday, but when I visit Arizona again this will be on my must dine list. Enjoyed several drinks, outdoor patio with heat lamps, and plenty of food. We opted for the 5 items for $55. Yes it is per person, but that ended up being 10 different dishes to enjoy. Great to be able to pick several dishes and be able to sample the culinary items here. I also enjoyed the fried pig ears and would put that on a must try list for first timers. On a side note this place is located on the backside of the shopping area it is located in. So if you cannot find it, go around back. I did not notice the large banner strung across the front since it was dark. Last time I was at Crudo it was in Scottsdale. I do not think you will find an item to not like, but I do recommend the short rib, squid ink risotto, and crispy pork ears. Enjoy guys, I hope to be back in a few months to dine out at Crudo.

User:Gabi M.

Crudo is the definition of a hidden gem. This incredible bar/restaurant is literally hiding in the back of a shopping center, but easy to find once you know where to look... and for those that find it, you'll likely feel like you hit the jackpot! Chef Cullen Campbell is known internationally and for good reason. His creative menus along with cocktail creations from mixologist bartender Micah Olson are the talk of the Valley. Now that I've been, I can say with confidence, that the Crudo experience exceeds expectations. These local celebrities, along with Maureen McGrath Campbell (Chef's Wife) who runs the front of the house with ease, and the rest of the Crudo team have done a fabulous job with the space they are in. I dined with a large group at Crudo last night and they took amazing care of us. We had a cocktail paired dinner with three courses: 1st Course was Albacore Crudo with Green Apples, Black Garlic and Truffle Oil *paired with Hophead Vodka, Damrack Gin, Celery Juice, Lime and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 2nd Course was Burrata with Marinated Tomatoes, Pimentos, and Garlic *paired with Maison Rouge VS Cognac, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Cardamaro Amaro, Grapefruit, Lemon, Luxardo Maraschino 3rd Course was Beef Brisket with Pork Sugo, Fonduta and Creamy Polenta *paired with Buffalo Trace bourbon, Cointreau, Reagan's Orange Bitters, Sweet Vermouth All of the courses were divine - I couldn't pick a favorite when asked because I loved them all! The first cocktail was my favorite. The atmosphere is welcoming and the space is gorgeous. The staff is extremely attentive without being annoying: spot-on all around. They also did a really wonderful job catering to the dietary restrictions that certain members of our group had. We sat on the restaurant side, but the bar was pretty happening for a Wednesday night. I cannot believe it took me so long to get to Crudo, but it's definitely going to be a "go-to" moving forward. If you're considering going, make a reservation asap and enjoy!

User:Casey H.

Solid restaurant with excellent food. However, we encountered an order snafu (wrong dishes served in two of the courses) and the brisket was sub-par (two diners at our table ordered it and agreed.) The server did her best to make it right. Enjoy a cocktail but stay away from the brisket.

User:Alana B.

I immediately fell in love with this restaurant. From the secluded and hidden outside to the wonderful decor inside, this is a one-of-a-kind Phoenix place. Food is exquisite. I can't wait to come back and try more of the menu. Started with the Fresh Mozzarella, bacon relish and caramelized onion (portion is small), but extremely tasty and the balsamic is delicious. Time to dip the bread! Next was the crispy pig ears, I was doubtful but after all the reviews about them, I just ordered. Glad I did. It's hard to get my head around of what they are, but the chef puts an excellent twist on these. Try them. Pork belly, risotto, yellowtail and grilled mozzarella are on the list to order the next go around, which is going to be very soon! Happy hour is great here, such a variety on their drink menu. If you're looking for something strong, I suggest a Manhattan :)

User:Bacon B.

Their inaugural brunch was a fantastic success! Terry T and I met 3 of her friends here Sunday morning. We were among the first to be seated. Almost immediately after being handed the menu, I spied three items with bacon. It's one of my few talents: being able to spot "bacon". Anyway, while we were waiting for the rest of the group to show up, Terry and I split the bacon jar. What's a bacon jar? Glad you asked. It's a short Mason jar layered with caramelized bacon, with just the perfect amount of balsamic vinegar to give it a kick, topped with avocados and sprinkled with cheese. I might have omitted an ingredient, but the bacon is what's important here. It's served with grilled bread, but only two slices so Terry and I had no choice but to eat the rest of the jar--that didn't fit on the grilled bread--with spoons. Life can be so tough some times. I ordered the bacon risotto with two sunny-side up eggs on top. Huge cubes of bacon, tender creamy risotto. It was grand. Generally, I prefer my eggs over easy and only the yolks runny. So it was a different experience. But it worked smartly and was delicious! The prices, as I understand, are considerably lower for brunch.

User:Paige G.

I really, really, really have been and was looking forward to coming to this restaurant. It didnt necessarily disappoint, but wasnt what i thought it would be based on opinions of others. Drinks were okay, the food menu was a bit hard to understand for a 1st timer, but the food was good. Definitely recommend the pig ears for a starter and the short rib for main course. Both amazing.

User:Mike M.

I went here on the advice of a hotel concierge. He mentioned it as "Italian Fusion" but it was nothing like that. It reminded me of a Tappas place because you get to choose from several courses. Service was very good and our waitress kept our glasses full. The cocktails were excellent and many to choose from....maybe a good place for after dinner drinks and appetizers. The pig's ear appetizer was on point! The rest of the meal was just average. The table next to us got the roasted pigs head which looked interesting but needed 72 hour notice. My wife and I got the 4 course meal and to be honest the only ones that I could remember was the ravioli (1 ravioli) and the pig ear.

User:Julie S.

We had a wonderful meal at Crudo last week, which was a set menu with cocktail pairings. The decor and the staff were pitch perfect, once we found the place tucked in the back of the shopping center. Ours was a set menu for a special event, which it seems to me they must to on the regular as they had it down pat. The first course was an albacore crudo with green apples and black garlic, which was paired with a vodka cocktail with celery juice and lime. I loved the crisp drink against the buttery albacore, and black garlic is a new one for me! The second course was my favorite, both food and drink. Burratta with marinated tomatoes, pimentos and garlic, served inside a mason jar, with grilled french bread on the side. This was served with a cognac cocktail with cardamom, grapefruit and lemon. I love burratta, and there aren't many places in Oklahoma who serve it, so I only get to have it when I'm traveling. The third course was beef brisket with pork sugo in a creamy polenta, paired with Buffalo Trace bourbon with Cointreau and orange bitters. I loved the cocktail, and I enjoyed the dish. My only concern with the dish was my brisket seemed to have even more fat than brisket normally has. But there was so much food, and the dish was so rich, I wasn't unhappy at all to simply side those pieces over to the side and not eat them. If that had been my main entree, I might have taken exception to it. I'd love to come back here and check out the full menu and see it full of beautiful people on a busy Friday or Saturday night.

User:Jason K.

Excellent bar program. Probably one of the best in the city. Food was on point. Took my fiancee here for her birthday we both loved it. The crispy pig ears and squid ink risotto were fantastic. The crudo stuff was very fresh. Solid wine list. The only downside I can think of is the dining room feels bland and cold and the restaurant is in the back of a strip mall. Overall, a cool neighborhood spot.

User:Cody H.

One of my favs!! The yellowtail is pure perfection. The barata covered in a pancetta vinaigrette melts in your mouth. I highly recommend this place. Great wine selections too. Food took a little long but that is okay cause then you can have more wine;)!

User:Maze O.

Cocktail's are awesome. Squid ink risotto was really good. Off drinks alone Crudo is one of the best in phoenix.

User:Teron R.

One of the best happy hours I've attended! The bartender actually knows what's going on behind the bar, and has great suggestions! Make sure you get the pig ears! S/o to Andrew the bartender!

User:Elizabeth B.

Dined here for Restaurant Week and was impressed with most everything. Service 5 stars Food 3.75-4 Drinks 5 stars We had a group of 6 so we were able to try everything on the prix fixe menu. Course 1 - ALBACORE was the best by far! It needed a pinch of salt, but the pickled watermelon rind was phenom. Yellowtail was good....but see above. Course 2 - Ricotta with Walnut Honey - creamy, nutty salty and sweet. Would make a better 4th course, but was still thoroughly enjoyed. Burrata - OMG! The heavens parted and the angels sang once I put this in my mouth. Burrata is already so good, but the pancetta vinaigrette elevated it to a new level. Mozzarella with Bacon relish - I thought this would be my favorite because I LOVE BACON but the balsamic (I think) on the plate overpowered EVERYTHING! Ease up on that and you have a fantastic dish. Course 3 - I ordered the semolina gnocchi but mistakenly assumed it would be your traditional dumpling style gnocchi. It was good, but wasn't what I was hoping for. More like a polenta cake topped with tomato ragu. Pork belly - tender and delicious! Can't go wrong with pork belly. Short rib - melt in your mouth good....just wish the portion was larger. We also chose to order the yellowtail collar on special but they ran out, so instead the made a huge bowl of mussels with the same broth. I could bathe in this broth! By far the best dish of the night!! Course 4- Bread pudding - a berry bread pudding with lemon curd? It was moist, delicious and surprisingly light for a bread pudding. Butterscotch pot de creme - HOLY MOLY...this dessert blew the bread pudding out of the water! The flavor was more like salted caramel or dulce de leche! I will be back!

User:Asina G.

Wow, wow, wow! The food here is fantastic! My two friends and I each did the 4 courses for $45, which turned out to be a great way to try a lot of food! We started out with the Crispy Pig Ears. We didn't know if we were going to be gnawing on pig ears like my dog gnaws on his, but wow, they were not what we expected! The flavor of the pig ears coupled with the crispy texture was amazing. I also ordered the Square Garden from their bar menu, which was really light and refreshing, with a little kick. Not what I would have expected given that it contains celery juice, but it was really good! Now, on to the regular menu. From the Raw menu we had the Yellowtail, Ahi Tuna and Albacore -- these were the stars of the evening, by far! They are served sashimi-style, but each has its own treatment and light seasoning. Very simple and clean, and very delicious! From the Cheese menu we had the Burrata and Fresh Mozzarella. I loved the bacon relish and caramelized onion together with the mozzarella! Although my friend liked the Burrata (I liked it too when I tasted it), she said it was a little too rich to eat it all. From the Cooked menu, we had the Risotto and the Salmon in Fata. The Risotto is a signature dish for Crudo, and had great flavor! It was really good! Likewise, the Salmon was delish. It's cooked inside of a plastic bag and they bring it to the table in the plastic bag and cut the top off. It is very light, fluffy and has great flavor. From the Grilled menu we had the Short Rib, Brisket and Pork Belly. The Short Rib (sans the bone marrow) was very tender -- no knife needed! The Brisket and Pork Belly were also really good, but the Short Rib was the star in that group to me. The food here is phenomenal and the service is very attentive. I definitely want to come back to enjoy more!

User:Phillip C.

I've been on a kick of ordering "family style" with my friends so we can try as much of the menu as we can. This is a great strategy at Crudo because I'd be hard-pressed to narrow down the hits for an appetite of one. Crudo has a great range, in that you have very light and balanced dishes, like the albacore and the yellowfin, to hearty dishes like pork belly and brisket. The albacore crudo (raw) is exceptional, with a bit of truffle oil that complements but doesn't overwhelm. On the heartier side, the pig ear side dish was outstanding. Seriously, if you've never had pig ear before, this would be the one to try first. The only thing better than the food at Crudo is the bar. They have an extensive cocktail list that is creative and original, with a wink and a nod to old classics. I had a gimlet that paired gin and Fernet Branca with graprefruit and cinnamon. It was impeccably balanced and the grapefruit and cinnamon brought out spice highlights in the Fernet that are usually overpowered when consumed straight. I should keep this to myself, but take note bourbon fans: they have a few bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. I had the 15 year served neat. Worth the hype.

User:Reese C.

I am tempted NOT to post this because I don't want everyone rushing there and ruining it. I'm selfish. I was skeptical when I pulled up because it's in a strip mall. What IS it with strip malls here, anyway? This is quaint, cozy, candlelit.. you get the picture. I can only post about my bar experience, not the restaurant. I have a bevy of visitors starting to flood in and we are planning a dinner here. The bar has amazing speciality cocktails and an ecclectic bar menu. Fried pig ears with jalapeno? Just do it. YOu won't be sorry. Truffle popcorn with parmesean? You really won't be sorry. The bar area is pretty small consisting of some nice cushioned high back chairs and a side table and a bar top area. The bartenders were attentive and really helped us select from the drink list based on our preferences. I can't stand 'sweet' drinks and they steered me away from those. I was intrigued by a tequila drink with grapefruit, but can't really drink tequila so they changed it to gin. Delicious! Speaking of gin, get the cucumber, cinnamon sugar concoction they have going on. It's insane. The hype about this place lives up to it!!

User:D T.

The bar is sweet. Great food. Mozzarella was very tasty. Great drinks. Mixology at it's finest. Good tunes. Coming back soon.

User:Mia K.

I have been to Crudo twice - once for restaurant week and another for drinks and appetizers. The food was amazing! We ordered the albacore, yellowtail, squid ink risotto, gnocchi and the salted orange and caramel budino with cream for dessert. Everything was wonderful however the gnocchi was overcooked. The cocktails were also quite good. The ambiance is somewhat comparable to Searsucker minus the frills. Quite surprising considering the location. The waitress was also very helpful and opinionated with her favorite dishes and drinks. As far as the appetizers, I don't remember what we ordered as 2 drinks had already kicked in at the time. However, they were both $10 dishes with toasted bread which was probably not worth the carbs at the time as it was fairly meh and flavorless.

User:Michelle A.

What an amazing adventure for all my senses. I have been waiting to try Crudo and can't wait to go back again. This is not the snobby establishment it could be nestled in Arcadia. This is not the place the beautiful people go to show off being beautiful. This is the place the haves and the have-nots can go to wine, dine, and relax and not worry about being pretentious. Yet, the caliber of food and staff beats most of the poshy places near by. In fact, it exceeds most of the places in Phoenix. Your first stop, is in the bar. Its not the trendy, industrial looking bar. Its just class. And so are the bartenders, ALL of them. Each one stops by to make sure your glass is full and your needs are met. Friendly, helpful, great conversationalists and funny. The Milano Gimlet has a bold, full bodied, unique taste that was a great way to start the evening. The restaurant is done tastefully, with lots of room so you are not on top of the next table. Our server, John, explained their menu. You can order ala carte or by a per person coursing option. Supposedly, the portions are smaller if you go the latter, but they were far from scant. We started with crispy pigs ears that explain the dog fixation but being of Jewish descent, I'm sure my mother was rolling over in her grave. They were crisp, warm, yummy. My first portion was the Burrata cheese with pancetta. The cheese was soft and fluffy and melted in my mouth while the bacon added the right amount of crunch. Then I tried the Semolina Gnocchi that was enhanced with pork jowls and a truffle sauce. I think I licked the plate. I could have stopped there but went on to one more entree of a perfectly broiled brisket that was definitely not my mother's brisket. We closed with an amazing dolce dessert. All I can say is there is a reason it is what it is...possibly the best around. I can't wait to go back and try everything else.

User:Sara H.

We dined at Crudo for first time last night. We have lived here for 17 years and have found no match to this culinary experience. The service and food were outstanding!!

User:Lisa E.

I was here for liquid indulgences and Crudo did not disappoint!!! Also little did I know my bartender was the owner! He made me an absolutely lovely Clover Club with hearts in the 'froth', so beautiful! It was almost so pretty I didn't want to drink it, but alas I was thirsty ;) I have not eaten at Crudo for the record...I did see some amazing looking food pass by though! I will be back for more amazing cocktails, service and I definitely need to try the food...If it is anything like Crudo beverages I am sure it will be spectacular!!

User:Nikki S.

Delicious eclectic American food and excellent cocktails. Full bar features a wide variety of liquors. As a bourbon drinker, I applaud any place that has Pappy Van Winkle (which this one does). Lead mixologist Micah is a part owner and works Tuesday through Saturday. We liked the 1951 (Old Fashioned) and Rebel Son cocktails. Recommend: albacore and truffle oil, yellowtail with chive, burrata, grilled mozzarella, mushroom gratin, risotto with squid ink. Pork belly and polenta, and short rib, are also tasty but not as unique. Bar area is more lively, fun and warm, with about 8-10 dining tables in addition to bar seating. Best restaurant in Phoenix.

User:Nicole N.

My sister and I dined at Crudo on an early Friday evening and opted for the Coursing Option of 3 courses for $35. Crispy Pig Ears - I think I would have enjoyed this dish MUCH more had I not been aware of the fact that they were indeed pig ears. However, they were crispy and were doused in a nice pickled sauce. If you're not as fainthearted as me or a bit more adventurous with your dining experiences, this is a great starter. Albacore with Apple, Black Garlic, Truffle Oil - I really loved the albacore sashimi paired with the truffle oil. The chunks of black garlic were a bit pungent and foreign to my taste buds but after a few pieces, I was used to the flavor and ended up really enjoying it! - 4/5 for taste Fresh Mozzarella with Bacon Relish, Caramelized Onion - Refreshing and light. Completely in love with every aspect of this dish! No complaints here. - 4.5/5 for taste; without a doubt, my favorite dish of the night. Brisket with Peaches, Radicchio, Parsnip, Buttermilk - The dish had a generous portion of brisket. It was melt in your mouth flavor (due to the fact that there were huge blocks of delicious fat mmm). I was not a huge fan of the pureed parnsip; it had a bitter taste and oddly enough, was reminiscent of gasoline, in my opinion. - The grilled peaches balanced out the savory brisket of this dish; the sugar in the peaches was caramelized from the heat, giving it really nice flavor. - 4/5 for taste Neapolitan Budino - A three-layered dessert presented in a dainty, mini mason jar. It consisted of strawberry crem, vanilla malt panna cotta and dark chocolate. The strawberry crem was light and slightly runny but bursting with strawberry flavor. I loved the thick texture of the panna cotta and the dark chocolate. The dessert also came with a dark chocolate cookie. Although it was chocolate-y, it had the texture of dirt, which I found to be really unpleasant. - 3.5 for taste Overall, Crudo met my expectations for what I expected out of this dining experience. We had a really sweet and attentive waiter, who guided us through our first time at Crudo. One thing I will comment on is the atmosphere: I was expecting a hip crowd but the restaurant was bare and predominantly empty.

User:Diane L.

This was our second time at Crudo. We enjoyed the pig ear appetizer and poltenta board the first time that we decided to bring some of our foodie friends with us. I ordered the Brisket Ceci, Sausage, Peppers, Olives, Pumpkin Seeds, Salsa Verde $18 over poltenta. I received it and there were three slices of brisket, two of which were inedible as they were 90% fat. The third slice had approx. half meat and half fat. When the waitress came over and asked how everything was, we complained about it and she said, "It's brisket it's supposed to be like that," in a somewhat rude and acquisatory manner (like we wrong to say something). After trying to find some edible pieces to eat, we realized it was a terrible cut with all fat, we called her over again and told her to take it off the bill - which she did. Lessons learned - although Crudo has some great menu items, it's over priced and doesn't always deliver. The waitress insinuated that we were wrong and that brisket should always be 90% fat. Sadly this changed our opinion and we won't be going there again - off to Fox Restaurant Concepts.

User:Kendall S.

Wow. What a gorgeous restaurant with such a delicate and sensational menu. "Crudo" means "raw" in Italian, and this unique spot specializes in sashimi. Who woulda thought an Italian-flavor inspired restaurant would feature raw fish? Not me, but I'm so so so happy that this is the case at Crudo! We started with the Albacore sashimi, which I must say was my absolute favorite of the evening (and this wasn't an easy decision to make). But oh my gods... this dish is just exceptional. Thin slices of velvety albacore that completely melt in your mouth, topped with frail matchsticks of crisp, bright, green apple. Dotted with black garlic (who knew I could love garlic even more?) and truffle oil... this plate brings together flavor and texture in the most finespun fashion. Perfect. You must order it. Next, we feasted upon burrata mozzarella (which always rocks) served from adorable little mason jars. It was paired with roasted tomato, pimento, chips of garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and served with fat slices of toasty bread (I skipped that last part and ate straight from the jar). So fresh, creamy, and clean. Delightful! Finally, we indulged in the pork belly, which is covered in a rich tomato agrodolce and placed upon a delicious, perfectly-textured polenta. This meat has so much flavor you won't believe it... a simple and fantastic meal! Crudo also has an incredibly impressive cocktail menu and wine list that you must take advantage of. The staff is on point, helpful, and welcoming, and the atmosphere itself is quite "crudo." Basic, spotless, dim, spacious. But the fragrance floating through the air is complex and full and tempting... this is truly a fantastic restaurant that I cannot wait to return to someday.

User:Terry S.

It begins with a great cocktail and ends with salted caramel. The bartenders have some unique variations of favorite cocktails that provide a perfect refreshment for the hot Phoenix sun. Artisanal cocktails are rare as snow in July in Phoenix and this place has them. Perfectly balanced bitters, liquors, and herbs. The dinners provide variations of taste for any- from those who want fresh and light with tuna to a heavier short rib. But the squid ink risotto makes an atheist believe in a higher power. Tart, tangy and rich the balance in the risotto is rarely achieved today. Desert- just do it

User:Hillary S.

We had heard great things about Crudo's brunch and made a reservation for Easter. I wasn't sure what to expect since the restaurant is in a shopping center off of Indian School but you would have no idea once you step inside. The atmosphere is bright, airy, and almost feels exclusive. But more importantly, the food lived up to the hype. Each ingredient used was purposeful and each bite left you wanting more. We're excited to check out their dinner menu next!

User:Sandy S.

The ambiance was described as intimate, think urban chic. Service was excellent and the food was outstanding. You can choose from a 3,4,or,5 course option with small portions. But those are generous, or having entree size. We opted for 3 courses & shared dessert.I had a mixed green salad that was scrumptious , my husband had the ahi and loved it. We both chose the grilled mozzarella, yummy. I had the fish special, a salmon dish. My only dis is that it was served medium rare. My husband had the pork belly and loved it. Dessert was a chocolate mousse cake, easily shareable because it is so rich. If you live in the area and consider yourself a foodie check this place out.

User:Lindsey D.

What a magical environment situated in the most unassuming area! Crudo sits in a small building in the back of the shopping mall on 36th and Indian School and this little wonderland makes you feel as if you've walked into a whole different world. Upon walking in, you're greeted by a warm and welcoming environment filled with romantic lighting, Restoration Hardware-like decor and plenty of inviting seating in three different rooms. It's the perfect setting for a romantic dinner date or a food-filled group dinner. We were with a group, so we worked with Chef Cullen and his staff on a pre-fix three course menu paired with cocktails. With each bite of this meal, I entered taste bud heaven. While sitting at a long wooden table surrounded by glistening tea candles, our first course consisted of Albacore Crudo paired with a vodka & gin cocktail with celery! I'm not typically a raw fish kind of girl, but this was definitely not something I could pass up! The tuna was tender, flavorful and delicious and the salty truffle and slices of apple added just the right amount of flavor. The second course was probably my favorite because it was such a unique twist on a simple concept. I saw that we were getting Burrata and tomatoes so I assumed it was your typical Caprese salad but I was wrong! This came out in a mini mason jar and you dug your spoon in to top the creamy Burrata and flavorful tomatoes on top of a buttery bread. I could have eaten two of these dishes quite easily! This course was paired with cocktail filled with Mason Rouge VS Cognac and was my favorite drink. The third and final course was hearty happiness consisting of Beef Brisket sitting on creamy and cheesy polenta. This was paired with a bourbon cocktail with a serious kick! The brisket was tender and filled with the taste you hope for in brisket. It was cooked to perfection and I gobbled up every bite. The setting, food and service was all excellent and I should note that while we had a pri-fix meal because of the size of our group, everything we dined on is on the menu so you can enjoy it too! The staff was great to work with when setting up the group dinner and I would highly recommend this as an option for a group dinner or if you want to wow a loved one!

User:Alex D.

Visited Crudo again with good foodie friends and were just as delighted as the first time. We had dishes from every area of the menu, including two spectacular desserts, a Key Lime pie and a boudino. Just marvelous. Portion sizes are perfect to allow lots of tasting without getting full. The two cheese dishes we had, a burrata in fabulous olive oil and a Grilled Mozzarella were sublime. One sour note - the house water is literally putrid. Undrinkable with a chemically metallic taste. Obviously drawn straight from the city water supply without any filtration . I would hope they could go to Home Depot a few blocks away and purchase a simple RO filter

User:Nicole B.

I cannot say enough good things about Crudo. The brisket is the best! Chef Cullen is one of the best chefs in the valley. Crudo is the perfect place for a date night

User:Heli M.

Crudo is such a beautiful yet simple hidden romantic gem corned in the back of shopping area. From the minute I walked in, I was impressed with the modern decor dim lighting, and warm atmosphere. My dining companions and I sat at a long dinner table and enjoyed an incredible 5-star 3-course dinner paired with exceptional cocktail concoctions prepared by an impressive mixologist. Each dish was beautifully presented and had several complex unique flavors that really encouraged me to savor every single bite. The Albacore Crudo was my favorite. Its soft texture combined with the crunchy sweet apple was just as lovely to eat as it was to look at. Pair that with a winning celery cocktail and the words crisp, light, and refreshing come to mind. Other notable dishes included the Burrata and tomatoes and a savory beef brisket plate which seemed to be a group favorite. The service was inviting and hospitable, and it added to an overall flawless dining experience. If, and when, I am back in the area this place is a no-brainer for delectable dishes and unique cocktails. If you live here and are looking for a perfect unsuspecting place for date night, this is your spot. From start to finish, a memorable experience. Thanks, Crudo!

User:Howie K.

Slices of sashimi-grade albacore tuna with green apple, black garlic and truffle oil on a white plate. Simple. Elegant. Fresh. Anything but complicated, this opening dish did not have the appearance of something that might kick me in the tastenards (my Yelpy apologies for such a lame expression). Damn, I was SORE after the first bite, and that initial offering really woke me up. It's a rare experience, unfortunately, knowing you're about to be wowed; so often high expectations have such sleepy returns. Not at Crudo. Everything, and I mean each and every bite and sip, was divine. This is one of those spaces where you're already sort of groping the furniture before the food even shows up. It's twinkly, dark and sparse but surprisingly, um... cuddly? The kind of place where a marriage proposal suddenly, unexpectedly and unintentionally falls from a man's lips. The cocktails and the food and the service, it's all so good that you accidentally asked her to marry you on the first date. And she was just drunk enough to say Yes. So what else. Christ, the Burrata. Rat-a-tat-tat, mwah. Excuse my Albuquerque ass for stating this, but the brisket, it wasn't brisket. Brisket's supposed to be smokey and tough, fit for a cowboy. This stuff was delicate and nuanced and bright, nestled with this stuff they called po-len-ta, not the kinda thing you'll find on the range. I kinda felt Brokeback, the way I surrendered to it. Finally, a dash on the drinks. Um... I don't really recall much about them. The first, I remember the celery flavor, again walloped in the tastenards. Second one was a cognac thing, I could actually watch the hair growing on my chest, WOW. And that third one... nope, can't recall it. Not because I wasn't impressed, no... I was just too involved with chair and table groping to note any specifics. Add this place to a very teensy group of restaurants on my long-distance relationship list.

User:Paul H.

I travel to phoenix a fair amount from the LA area and finally found a restaurant I would frequent if it was in LA. The service was outstanding from beginning to end thanks to our waiter John. We all went with the 4 course meal for $45. which turned out to be a little bit too much food if anything. I would probably go for 3 courses next time. I shared the courses with my gf. We had the yellowtail and the albacore. I would go with the albacore over the yellowtail. The yellowtail was not bad, the albacore just had better/bolder flavors. The next course of fresh mozzarella and burrata came out. They were equal to me, so whatever floats your boat go with it. The remaining courses were the risotto, brisket, pork belly, and beef brasato. Out of those alI would say the beef brasato was the best. If you love fat and flavor, well you will love the pork belly. Finally we had the balsamic pie topped with strawberry jam and olive oil gelato which was fantastic. Cocktails: had the rebel's son (think that's what it was called) and thought it was a great drink. I followed up with the bali brew which was a great show drink (comes on fire in a tiki glass) but the absinthe was way too overpowering for the rest of the drink. and yes you can order 4 meat dishes for your 4 course if you really wanted that "value". For a fairly similar price point as the fox restaurants, I don't know how/why this place wasn't jammed and fox restaurants are. The only slight feedback would be to add a few more mains for variety purposes.

User:Molly M.

Food, atmosphere, wait staff, drinks were excellent. Waitress gave us helpful tips which were right on. Had pigs ears (delicious & different), ahi, risotto, sturgeon. All very, very good and presented beautifully. Complaint: This was a Saturday and we used Yelp for reservation that morning. We were informed several different times on website that only availability was at 5pm or 9pm. We went with 5pm, arrived, first ones at Crudo's dining room and when we left just before 7pm there were only a very few tables occupied!! That needs to be corrected. We would have preferred later seating and/or seating at bar first and then into dinner. Will go again but will make phone reservations directly with restaurant.

User:Katie D.

Great atmosphere & wonderful service. My only complaint was when ordering a cocktail I expect there to be a little kick. I had 2 drinks & got not even a buzz. The popcorn is good, albacore tuna was phenomenal, prime rib was fun with the presentation. Overall a fun place that I would love to take out of town guests & visit again to try more of the plates.

User:Luke N.

This was an excellent restaurant. Very unique with their food choices, but delicious none the less. Look for to coming back outside of Resturant week!

User:J H.

Great place, especially if you appreciate independent restaurants. My wife and I sat at the bar and had a small dish and drinks. Excellent, cannot wait to come back.

User:Chris S.

I've been pretty stingy with giving out five stars to higher end restaurants but last night Crudo came through in a big way. We wanted to try something new and the idea of small plates sounded perfect. I'd rather try a bunch of smaller portions than a single large entree any day. Maybe this is why I like sushi so much. We arrived earlier than or reservation yet the hostess was very warm and welcoming and indicated we could be seated right away or enjoy a drink at the bar. We chose the later and really liked the bar vibe. It had a farmhouse industrial feel to it and all of the spacing and seating were just right. The bar was staffed with true mixologists making some pretty complex and wonderful cocktails. They had great cubes with the cocktails which is something often overlooked. Despite being busy, when we walked back up to the hostess she picked right up on us asked us if we enjoyed the bar then guided us to our seat. She also gave us an option of seating which I just loved. (The Service was starting to impress at this point) Inside the restaurant we both went for the 4 plates for $45 and skipped the desert. I added in a side of Crispy Pig Ears on recommendation from a buddy of mine which may have been the world's easiest sell ever. I'm such a sucker when I see something like that on the menu - add in the crispy pork factor and I'm locked. My buddy was spot on and the dish was sublime. The ears had great crispy texture and were in a sweet vinegar and pickled red peppers with just the right amount of heat. Balancing this dish out with the ingredients in there is not something I underestimate which brings me to my tip #1 - Get the side of pig ears! As the evening continued, the exquisite control and balance between flavors, color and texture kept resurfacing. Crudo gets this so well and is up there with the best of the best regardless of city. The main plates then began to come out thoughtfully ordered from light to rich and savory. Raw fish led with very nice Butterfish and Yellowtail. Both were fresh and very well balanced. It is amazing the touches just a few very small pieces of Lardo can add to the Butterfish while not overwhelming such a delicate flavor. Next came the Burrata Pancetta which was simply perfect. If you are like me and never tried this cheese before, it's a more gooey mozzarella that is mixed with some cream. The result is insane particularity when paired with a great hard crusted bread and Arugula. Tip #2 - get this dish! Between the two of us we then moved into the Mushroom Gratin and the Risotto with squid ink. Both were hearty and had more of a "comfort food" feeling to them than the other dishes. The Mushrooms in the gratin were al dente and though I love my veggies like this, I would prefer the woody shrooms to be softened just a bit more. Flavors on both dishes were excellent and the small chucks of Tuna in the Risotto were just the right add to the light brine and sea flavor of the squid ink. Last up were the short rib and the Pork Belly. This is where I have to stop and give special mention to the Polenta served with the Pork Belly. I've had Polenta many many many times and this was by far in its own category. Light and more fluffy with amazing texture and true flavors of fresh picked farm corn. I could fill a tub with this stuff and just sit in it all day. It made me so damn happy and would come back for this alone. The Short Rib was melt in your mouth tender and very well prepared. Our waiter was exceptional and understood the oh so rare talent of giving you your privacy yet accommodating every need before you have it. Water was always full as were our cocktails. Dishes were ordered and timed perfectly having just the right pause in between. New silverware, timely cleaning and clearing not to mention opening the hallway door to the restroom for my wife. Yep - Crudo knocked the service bit out of the park. The only negatives I can recount were a cramped and busy parking lot, and of all things, their water was not well filtered. Seems like such an obvious miss to me but so many places get this wrong. I ended up ordering bottled water with dinner which interestingly enough was a French sourced rather than Italian such as Pellegrino. it was very nice though particularly the gassed option.

User:Jim M.

I have to echo all of the other praise about Crudo, great food, great ambiance, and great service. I'll definitely be back.

User:Alyssa R.

My boyfriend and I ate here last night - it was phenomenal. I had several small plates including the albacore which practically melted in my mouth; the slice of apple gave it a nice crunch and contrasting tartness. Next was the grilled mozzarella plate which tasted balanced and fresh, with just the right amount of balsamic and basil. Then came the snapper plate; this plate had a chunk of tender snapper fish drizzled with some kind of savory sauce. Every single plate was well put together and so carefully flavorful. We ended the meal with the orange olive oil cake. It wasn't very sweet and focused more on the natural taste of the olive oil, pistachios, and orange. If you are in the mood for dessert but aren't into super sweet items, this is definitely for you. It was very unique and enjoyable. During the meal I had a drink called the "Dazed and Infused" which was very lovely. The base was a sparkling white wine; it was light and refreshing, and looked beautiful as it was garnished with a strawberry slice. Wonderful summer drink. The service was great and the restaurant demonstrated a simple yet sophisticated look. I had a great experience here tonight and would definitely pay them another visit. It is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking for something classy for a special occasion.

User:Tj D.

This place is awesome they have the best Decor! I can't stop taking it all in. they have such an interesting menu with things like pig ears and pigs head, and bone marrow. very interesting cocktail menu with real mixologist. this is such a wonderful place to go. they have a happy hour Tuesday through Saturday 5 to 7 which is wonderful someone even showed my wife to the restroom instead of just often does that ever happen?!? great job guys!!!b I would give a 5 if there were healthier menu options

User:Ann R.

Always amazing food and the best craft cocktails in town. My favorite neighborhood restaurant!!!

User:Cherry L.

First off, parking and entrance are in the back. Met up with a friend from out of town here for happy hour (5-7 pm). We had the pig ears, albacore Crudo, yellowtail Crudo, butterfish Crudo, burratta, truffle popcorn, and the seasonal salad (it was called something else but can't remember - it was the only veggie item on the happy hour menu). All were pretty good. My favorite was the butterfish. Never had that raw before. It wasn't buttery when it's raw but still really good. Heads up about HH though- the crudos (raw fish) aren't on special. It's still $12 like the regular menu. Good place overall. Will be back to try other things like the squid ink risotto every one writes about.

User:Yura O.

Mmmm. I went here for dinner with a few of my girlfriends and we all enjoyed the ambience and the food. They are labeled as a "Modern Italian" restaurant and serve food that is very unique and different from other Italian joints. Food was served family style so we got to try a variety of dishes. My favorite was the squid ink risotto and the raw albacore dish. Since it was a girls' night, we all had their cocktails which were all delicious as well. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a place to take a romantic date or just a night out with friends.

User:Dennis H.

Know this - I am VERY PICKY when it comes to Italian Food (lived in Italy for over 5 years) so when a place bills itself as "Modern Italian" my skepticism meter goes bonkers.... However, this place - what a find! Great atmosphere, fantastic service, and a unique twist on gourmet Italian food. Three courses for $35 is an absolute steal as well. Started with Yellowtail (fresh, delightful and unique truffle flavoring), continued with Squid Ink Risotto ( a very particular dish which was executed perfectly), and finished with the pork belly... Couldn't have been happier. Note - I was also there with Italian friends (I mean, real Italians, not Americans with last names ending in vowels who claim some past lineage to Rome) and they raved about Crudo as well (and they are even more picky than I..). All-in-all, this is fast becoming one of my favorites in Phoenix - and I swear it was motivated by more than the fantastic cocktails to kick off the evening....

User:Evan H.

Hosted a party of five. Waiter was knowledgable, amenable and friendly. He paced our courses perfectly. Food was superb and properly presented. Outstanding

User:Ming C.

I'm from LA, the land of good american tapas type of places. And this place lived up and exceeded my expectations. The service is great. The server explained every single dish on the menu. She answered all questions in an informed way. The prices were reasonable. $45 for any 4 menu items. The food itself was amazing. I really enjoyed the brisket. That one stood out to me although all sashimi was great too. The ambiance was romantic. Lots of open space in the restaurant so you never felt too sardined in or have another table's conversation interrupt your own. I got to say, it was really a great experience in Phoenix.

User:Manny S.

Pigs ears are delicious - who knew? More on this in a minute. Sadly, I've never been here for dinner. I've dropped in a number of times after dinner for a drink and to talk with friends and Crudo never disappoints. They have an extensive list of unique drinks written on a large chalkboard. Do Not, I repeat, Do Not, just order something boring like a beer or a glass of wine. OK, you can but you'll be missing out. A personal favorite is the 1951 (bourbon, amaro, grapefruit cinnamon syrup and bitters). Tasty! OK, the pig ears. Two words - order them. These are fried pig ears with pickled chilis and onions. No, it doesn't sound good but you will love it. You're just going to have to trust me and almost everyone else sitting here.

User:Jeff M.

Went for drinks and dinner. While many people here praise the drinks, I had a nasty one. It was called the Bali something-or-other and came in a tiki mug. This, in hindsight, should have been a clue, but at the time it sounded fun and different. Everyone at our table tried it and made a face of confused horror. They were entertained watching me try to finish it for the next hour or so. I failed. Others in our party liked their drinks for the most part, but it seemed pretty hit or miss. Maybe the bartender was trying his own product a little too much last night. If I go back, I'll skip the drinks. Oh, and they have a giant wall with all their drinks written on it, and after I stood there reading the wall they hand me a menu saying the wall is out of date and to go off the printed menu instead. I get that it has to be a pain to update that wall, but they made the decision to put it in there. Seemed rather amateur to me to make a wall sized menu and then have to tell people to not pay attention to it. The food was much better than the drinks. Went with the 3 dish course, and it was more food than I needed by a long shot. The crudo (raw) part of the menu was fantastic. The risotto was quite tasty as well. Had the pork belly to wrap things up, which was incredibly tasty but about as fatty as you can get. The desserts were all amazing, and I had a few bites of the cherry strudel before giving up out of concern I may explode (and the headache my drink gave me). Service was fantastic, and the decor was nice but spartan. Overall a good place. I'd give it a 4 for Food and a 2 for Drinks. I went with an overall 4 since they are more about the food, and we had no complaints there. If I go back, I'll probably do a few of the tasty crudo dishes and dessert, then grab drinks somewhere else nearby.

User:J D.

Was expecting much more based on the great ratings. PROS: 1. Very good fresh food (yellowtail sashimi was clean and fresh tasting) 2. Amazing cocktails CONS: 1. Small portions 2. Decor. Bare and empty. 3. Waitress unhappy to be there, which made for a less than nice/fun dining experience.

User:Justin W.

Drinks and our first two courses were excellent!!! My entree was a fish that was ultra fishy...couldn't eat it. That being said, the other portions were great, the staff was great...and we would likely go again.

User:R M O.

I love this place. The food was the best. I've been to Dominiks in Scottsdale. So expensive, good but not. Pig ears, amazing. Yellow tail, delicate so fabulous. Buratta with the bread, omg. The bar was perfect. My dirty martini was perfect. A must go.

User:Dirk O.

Oh shoot! This place is legit. Had dinner here with a friend two nights ago and all I can say is WOW. We started off with the Crispy Pig Ears and they were great. Crunchy and flavorful with an amazing sauce. The spicy peppers added a great little kick. These can easily be picked off if you're not into heat. I chose the 3 course option and ordered the Brisket, Semolina Gnocchi and Albacore. Every single dish was amazing. I'm not one to go into full detail about the garnishes and how the different flavors complimented one another blah blah. Let's just stick with.....Crudo is pretty damn good. But the Bourbon on the rocks I was drinking did, however, compliment the dishes very well.

User:Jennifer S.

Fantastic dining experience! I had been looking forward to trying this place for over a year and I was not disappointed! We started our evening off at Bar Crudo and I tried the Dazed and Confused flavorful and beautifully presented. We then moved into the dining room and opted for the 5 course meal...who knew that would be an overabundance of food! I started with the farmer salad with arugula, beets, apples and a fig dressing...amazing! My next course was the fresh mozzarella with caramelized onions and bacon...heavenly! Next, the dumpling with pork and sweet potatoes came out...holy moly, that dish was enormous! Very good, but just too much food - highly recommend sharing this course though. The market fish came out next...mahi mahi with eggplant and panzanella - light and flavorful. I rounded out the meal with the chocolate espresso budino - it was very rich and too large of a portion, but I thoroughly enjoyed every bite I tried! The brunch menu looks amazing too...I already have my eye on 3 dishes I would like to try. Quiet, hidden location, great service, fresh food and beautiful definitely want to check this place out!

User:John A.

Rude hostess, pretentious wait staff, and mediocre food. Great atmosphere but I will not be coming here ever again. Meal: I had the gnocci, pork belly, and ricotta with honey. Fiance had a salad (can't remember the name but was vegetarian). We also each had a cocktail. Again, I forgot the names of them - and yes, we only each had one and the cocktails are not the reason for my memory lapse! Taste: On the menu, the food selection looks exquisite and wonderful, but in practice, it was no more special than Fazolis. The drinks were mediocre as well - lots of fancy cocktails but it had no value what so ever. I suggest going to the Blue Hound in downtown Phoenix if you want fancy cocktails. 3 out of 10. Value: Awful value. Our complete bill, without tip, was over $75. I would expect an excellent meal for this price. The portions were adequate but I didn't feel the food, experience or the portion sizes really worth the price. 2 out of 5. Service/Cleanliness: The staff was incredibly pretentious and approached condescending. The hostess was rude and combative. She had the audacity to say to me (as I arrived at 6:30 pm) that the table we were being seated at was reserved for another group at 8 pm and they needed my fiance and to plow through this meal so that it doesn't disturb the other party's schedule. 1 out of 10. Atmosphere: It was a very nice atmosphere. Nice, understated decor and the almost perfect lighting. But you are periodically reminded that you are in an old 70's/80's strip mall. 3 out of 5. Overall: Go to Chelsea's Kitchen instead. Crudo is not worth the price whatsoever. 9 out of 30 points, 1 out of 5 stars. Awful.

User:Lynn D.

I'm torn with this review because Crudo used to be my favorite restaurant in all of Phoenix til the last time we went with a group of 8. In the past, the drinks & food have all been phenomenal. Loved the crispy pig ears, all the crudo plates (since I love raw fish!), and their squid ink risotto was delish. A great space too. The last time we went though was a major fail on the food. The drinks still held up strong (thus the 3 stars), but the crispy pig ears were soggy & super oily, and the raw fish smelled & tasted horrible. How could you serve unfresh fish raw? If you know the fish ain't good, don't offer it. Or change the menu and cook the fish so I can't tell that you're serving me fish you got last week. Because of these bad dishes we were served (which was kind of embarrassing since I was the one who suggested to everyone we eat at Crudo), I don't think any of us want to go back. This was in early summer and we haven't been back since. Sorry Crudo - you seemed to have loosened up your quality control there.

User:Gilles K.

Ok, we went there 3 times already. The food is always great, we love the bar area, and the extremelly friendly/knowledgeable bartenders. We went the first time for restaurant week, and thought it was great and cheap; so we went back for polenta board Wednesday. We loved it, even though we ordered one polenta board for two and a tasting menu (way too much food, the server warned us). We went back not long ago for another polenta board, and it was again very good. Salad, polenta board and a bottle of wine for $40, hard to beat in Phoenix. It was our anniversary, and they kindly brought 2 flutes, thank you, very nice and highly appreciated. So why 4 stars? Well, still it is not the warmest place, something is missing, the noise level, an atmosphere, a smile, a feeling of "welcome". We will still go back, but it belongs to those place you go for the food, just the food and the bar. Maybe next time we will eat at the bar.

User:Tiger D.

I have to say this is my best Arizona Restaurant Week experience. The food, design, environment are all really good. Suggest to come in around 6pm and choose the table near window, which have a kind of private small hall for 6 people. I would suggest this restaurant to any friend who like to try Italian food with a nice environment and pleasant experience. Sides: Crispy pig ears: I will definitely recommend it. Sour from white vinegar. Crispy but not oily from stripped fried pig ears. Spicy from red sliced pepper. The end, add some chopped green onion on the top. A nice starter. 5 Creamy Polenta: creamy taste, not sweet or salty. The cornmeal tastes friendly to Chinese, for we also eat a lot in the north part of China. 3.5 First course: Crudo Albacore with green apples green apples, black garlic and truffle oil: peak color fish with tender texture. You can definitely small the truffle oil, wonderful taste. 4.5 Butterfish with tomato arugula: although some people feel butterfish should not consider to be a fish, but I like its texture - sticky to teethes. Sweet, salty and rich. 4 Local seasonal lettuces and veggies with house made vinaigrette: Fresh feeling, nothing that impressive3 Fresh Mozzarella with olive oil poached tomatoes: first time to try Mozzarella, interesting feeling, soft, tender and light. Nice combination gives different layers of feeling.3.5 Second course: Riotto with Squid Ink, Tomatoes and Tuna: one of my favorites. Dark soup with risotto to absorb all flavors, combining with some chili pepper to give the overall rich and smooth feeling some exciting spikes. 5 Gnocchi A La Testa Pork Rapini: the bitter rapini does taste like a Chinese vegetable Chinese Kai-lan. Gnocchi is also very familiar to me.3.5 Short Rib with crisp potatoes and truffle vinaigrette: the meat on the rib is really tasty. Tender, sticky, sweet and salty. Truffle gives a more pleasant smell.4.5 Butterfish with roasted carrot and Salsa Verde and polenta: the white fish combine with green sauce gives a nice picture. Salsa Verde contains parsley, vinegar, capers, garlic, onion, anchovies and olive oil. Most of its flavor is from parsley. 3.5 Third course: dessert by Tracy Dempsey Olive oil cake with berry compote and ricotta:good but not impressive 3 Salted orange caramel and chocolate Budino: very tasty, smooth, creamy and rich.4

User:Nadia W.

Nice place. Good wine selection (plenty in the 40-50$ per bottle range).

User:Jon S.

Went in for drinks and dinner. The drinks were amazing! I told Spotty I wanted something with whiskey and let him take over. Each drink was delicious. Drinks= amazing Crispy pig ears= amazing Any of the raw items= amazing Dumpling with pork= so delicious I want to just keep it in my mouth and not swallow it. It was heaven in my mouth. I will be back soon. Found my new favorite spot.

User:Tony K.

Sometime I look in Andrews eyes, I don't a word, and he brings me the perfect craft cocktail. These kinds of occurrences shape me in the human I am today. The human that has an empty iced coffee from 4 weeks ago still in my fridge.

User:Naceem P.

Very flavorable food. We went with another couple and we basically got 4 starters, 4 dinners & 3 deserts and shared it all. I feel like I got a good sample of a lot of items on the menu at once. Yes it was a lot of food but excellent.

User:Thor N.

Giving this spot a 3. I like the space a lot. I feel like with the concept it would be better 'cozier' if that makes sense. Like if there were more tables or something or just a smaller room. But whatevs. That has nothing to do with this review, just a thought. Anyways. Seems like a great date spot or a group dining. They have some awesome looking private\large table spaces. Value. Good. Wife and I did the 4 course tasting so we could try as much as possible. $45 a person was totally fair to me. Coming from NYC, I felt it was a bargain. Our server warned that the portions would be smaller, but as they came out my wife and I were actually surprised by how much food was on each plate! Service. Awesome. The server was super knowledgeable and friendly. Knew the food and drink menu and definitely helped us make comfortable decisions. Checked up in us regularly but not obtrusively. I would give this place 5 stars based in service, Booze. Great cocktail menu. Have the scotch baio and rebel son. Really tasty. Mixed well. Wife enjoyed her mezcal drink and wine (which our server helped her pick). I will definitely come back for drinks. Perfect night cap if you want to end the night right. Food. OK. I think the food just wasn't refined enough. I DO think they are on the right track though. So refreshing to eat something that's trying as opposed to all the places in phx that are burgers, tacos or pizza. My four courses - crudo a little fishy, ricotta was tasty with the pear, risotto felt to wet and messy maybe it was BC we came after 9pm and the kitchen wasn't in their groove?, finished with the loup de mer which was good but felt like something wasn't complete about it. Wife had - crudo was fishy, burrata was good but the sauce a little acidic, gnocchi wasn't anything to write home about, short rib was good. Again. Not to sound like I'm pretentious, but I've had better. But I do like where they are going. I'll definitely recommend to people if they ask based on the service and cocktails we had.

User:Peter W.

Excellent meal. My wife and I went for our anniversary and we each got the 4 course tasting menu. Started with the fried pig ears, which we loved. This could easily be a greasy, heavy dish but the bright, acidic sauce and chilies made for a perfect balance. Then on to two raw fish dishes, the yellowtail (excellent, as others have already said) and the butterfish, which was, for me, even better. Followed by the farmer salad which was also good. The watermelon was a nice touch, but the out-of-season tomatoes were not so great. Greens were excellent though, very fresh. For the starch course we shared the squid ink risotto and the semolina gnocchi. Again, as others have said, the semolina gnocchi are nothing like traditional potato gnocchi. They're larger, flatter, almost like fried polenta in texture. They're also the best thing we ate all night. An amazing treat. We told our server we wanted to lick the bowl, and she brought us grilled bread to sop up the wonderful sauce. We really appreciated that. My god, it was so delicious. The squid ink risotto we ate second, and I must say the gnocchi made the risotto seem pretty ordinary. In isolation, I think this would be a good risotto, but in comparison, it fell short. For the main course we shared the pork belly. It was a tad on the tough side compared to most pork belly I've had, it really shredded when you tried to cut it. I prefer when it slices like butter. But it did taste good. The sweet and sour tomato relish they top it with is too sweet for my taste, but it was still enjoyable. The polenta was good. For dessert we had the fig and goat cheese crostada to start, and it was really, really good. Perfect, I'd say. The pastry was delicious and the filling and gelato likewise. We had wanted the butterscotch budino, but they were out of it (fridge had died, ruining the ingredients) so we got the chocolate olive oil cake. I wasn't especially in the mood for chocolate cake, so I was preparing just to have a bite, but it was just too good. In the end we were too full to finish, but both desserts were terrific, about as good as those spectacular gnocchi. The service was very good, though it did seem unfortunate that our fine server kept saying "mars-capone" every time she meant to say "mascarpone." I liked the wine she recommended, and she was attentive, and her recommendations were solid. The atmosphere in the restaurant is cool, maybe a little on the stark side, especially when it's mostly empty as it was this Tuesday night. The music was a bunch of my favorites (Shins, Spoon, Flaming Lips) played at a subtle enough volume not to interfere with conversation. One suggestion I'd make is that they serve the hot dishes on hot plates and bowls. But overall we loved our meal and we look forward to our next visit.

User:Dustin C.

Yellowtail and pig ears were good but the buzz drink and the dazed were great. Bartender was kind of an elitist but I'm over it.

User:Rudy W.

Great service, the waitress was very attentive and one of the dish that I ordered does not turned out to be what I was expecting, she immediately change my dish with other item in the menu. 4 course of meal today was fantastic. Definitely a place to go next time

User:Necessity S.

Glorious!!!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of the risotto. Dessert was decadent and perfectly sized. Not too small and not too big to make you have sugar hang over the next day.

User:Renee L.

Atmosphere? Awesome! Drinks? They will knock your socks off. Micah has won mixologist of the year for good reason! He does not disappoint. Crispy pig ears were amazing. We also ordered the truffle popcorn; it wasn't awesome. Maybe the popcorn was stale? I'm not sure; had I not ordered it this review would be 5 stars. I really fell in love with this place. My experience was great! I'll be back soon!

User:Vicki R.

This chef is truly something special, Is is he would do cooking classes. We ate brunch here for the second time today and I am blown away. Potato croquettes with poached eggs, crispy pork and hollandaise is fabulous!

User:Ashley A.

This place is amazing. Staff, menu, service, ambiance, all wonderful. Cant wait to go back.

User:Loretta S.

The atmosphere was perfect for an evening of conversation, not too loud, semi-private seating. The food was excellent and the wait staff was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. All in all, a very nice experience.

User:Alexis M.

In town from San Francisco for work and find this place on yelp. Food was awesome and service was fantastic! :-)

User:Charles S.

Crudo was a huge surprise. It's located on the back side of a strip mall. Driving u it didn't look all that appealing, but as soon as I opened the door my apprehensions began to dissipate. The hostess and waitress were super. The Sazerac was great. A tip of the hat to the bartender. The menu was reassuring small. A few things done well. Crudo has selections of salads/appetizers, bruschettas, pastas, and entrees. I went with an appetizer of smoked ollives, a bruschetta with burratta, and a fish. It was terrific.

User:Randy G.

Seriously some of the best food I've had... This place is a little pricey, but worth the taste!

User:Patrick H.

Amazing place. I waited a year to try Crudo and it was every bit as good as I hoped it would be! Walking in I was immediately impressed by the minimalist decor. Like the food it was crisp, clean and modern with touches of comfort. We had drinks in the bar and I enjoyed the Rebel's Son cocktail with Bulleit rye whiskey. So many of the cocktails looked great it would be worth another trip to just sit at the bar and try a few more different drinks. Dinner was fantastic. The service was friendly and very efficient. I think the set price 3 or 4 course menus are the way to go. You can order anything on the menu for your choices so you really can't go wrong. We each ordered different things from two 3 course menus so we got to try 6 different dishes! My favorites were the albacore with green apple and truffle oil and the pork belly on polenta. For dessert we shared a chocolate pudding type dish with peanut brittle. No wonder they were invited to cook at the James Beard house. They are doing everything right at Crudo!

User:M L.

Had brunch here a couple of weeks ago and everything was great. There were four of us and we ordered crudo, meatloaf burger, I think I had mushroom risotto.., soo good. The drink I had was just so so. Can't wait to try dinner.

User:Chip J.

Amazeballs. My wife and I started from the interesting cocktail menu, our favorites were the "Scotch Baio" and the "Buckberry". Next, get the Crispy Pig's Ears - which are out of this world! Now I know why my dog like those pigs ears from the pet store! We each went for the 4 course selection, and I chose the Yellowtail, Beef Heart Tartare (chef's special that night) Squid Ink Risotto, and Pork Belly. All fantastic. My wife went with the Ahi, Burrata, Squid Ink Risotto, and the Loup de Mer (European Seabass). She didn't like the Seabass as much as the others. Cherry and Chevre Strudel finished off the night. Put this restaurant on your To Do List!

User:Alana S.

Everything has been fantastic on several visits, but the cocktails & mozzarella are standouts!

User:Tammy L.

Hubby and I were in Tempe for spring training and decided to take a break from sweating, baseball and obnoxious baseball fans by coming to dinner at Crudo. This reminds me to add a Yelp tip but it's a little tough to find, being located on the backside of a decidedly dowdy strip mall. To be exact, it's right behind an antique superstore of sorts. Parking is a little squished especially when they have a mobile pizza oven trailer parked right behind where you're trying to back out. Hubby and I both enjoyed our experience here. In a nutshell, we liked: - High ceilings and tables set well apart from each other is a refreshing change from all those other restaurants trying to make the best use of their real estate for maximum income. - Service was spot on. Friendly (but not chatty) and water glasses are always filled. It was the right amount of checking in and our server also got the bartender/owner to make a drink that they weren't planning on serving anymore. - Food overall was good. Lighter dishes I feel were done better than the heavier dishes. Highly recommend any of the raw fish crudo's. Hubby's yellowtail and my albacore were both impeccably prepared and we hoovered these first couple courses. Crispy pig ears - to die for. Really, even if you don't typically eat pig ears like a lot of Asian people do, I think you'll love this dish. It's reminiscent of Animal's version, minus the sunny side up egg. Cheese courses were also good. The burricotta was a little bland in some spots because the sprinkling of the sea salt on top wasn't very uniform. The burrata, however, was fantastic through and through. Other dishes we ordered: Squid Ink risotto...probably our least favorite dish of the evening...was inexplicably tangy/sour??? I switched with hubby who got it because he didn't like the sourness. He took my gnocchi dish which was served in a red sauce with rapini and shredded pork. Also very tasty! The final dishes we ordered - fish of the day and pork belly with polenta were basically the heaviest and probably least remarkable. TO BE FAIR, we were stuffed by this point. Hubby did end up eating all of his fish, giving me about 1/3 of it while refusing any part of my pork belly. The fish was well prepared but lacked anything that helped it stand out. The pork belly was tender and unctuous while the polenta was creamy and good. Cocktails were fantastic. I ordered the Dazed and Confused first which was delicious and barely tasted of any alcohol so I sucked that baby down in record time. I wanted the snozberry soda which I was told was no longer being made because not many people ordered it. Our server got it made and when I tasted it, I knew why it didn't sell well but it was also the reason why I loved it - it was bitter and herby. Wonderful! Definitely don't recommend the tap water in Phoenix. Hubby, a lifelong tap water drinker, requested bottled water for the first time ever. Our visit to Crudo was fabulous and it's definitely some place we'd consider again the next time we come back!!

User:Madster L.

I am finally getting around to reviewing Crudo. What a great experience! We did the full tasting menu and were impressed by every dish. Our server was amazing and passionate about every dish. The crudo dishes were my favorite - the albacore with black garlic and truffle was RIDICULOUS! I'm still craving it! I told our server how impressed we were and what talent the chef had...and jokingly I said, "Is the chef single?" We laughed our butts off when she said, "well, he's actually my husband" I absolutely love the husband wife team making Crudo such a success. You can taste the passion in their food. Well done Chef Cullen and the entire team. I wish you much success!!

User:Karine K.

Came here last night, and was pleasantly surprised first of all by the tucked away entrance. Very unassuming and welcoming, clean and bright. We were seated at a nice table where to my delight, there was no TVs, no loud groups of bachelorette parties, just a great ambiance to enjoy hopefully a great meal. Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the food, the cocktail creations are well balanced. I liked how the menu was presented, with the course options. We decided to go for the $35 per person for 3 courses and decided to add two antipasti and a dessert after. The pig ears in the antipasti section and the smoked olives were really the highlight of my night. The pig ears are a MUST. We had the albacore and the ahi crudos, which were both stellar, then the semolina gnocchi, the burrata, the egg and caviar special, the brasato (which was a little on the dry side), and for dessert, the weird tiramisu something that was nowhere near a tiramisu. All in all, it started out so strong, but the last course (the brasato and the gnocchi) kinda let us down a little, and then the dessert was quite pathetic. They offered to replace with something else, which we didn't do, but it was nice to offer. Service was perfect, ambiance top notch, and because the pig ears and the albacore crudo were so good, I will definitely be back.

User:Frank S.

Had a wonderful valentine day dinner. Appetizer-Albacore, apple, black garlic, and truffle oil, wonderful. Cheese course-fresh mozzarella, Carmelites onions, bacon relish, truffle oil with fresh artisan bread. Main course-Short rib, braised onions, yams, gremolata, quark. Dessert-Brown butter buckwheat cake with blue berry lemon marmalade with maple cream fraiche. Each course was memorable and the cost was reasonable.

User:Michael U.

The Why: Helmed by Chef Cullen Campbell and highly praised by local palates I respect Crudo seems to have all the things I'd hope for in a local restaurant; high quality sourcing, a strong sense of community, and a unique but focused menu - in this case raw seafood, hand pulled mozzarella, and house-made pastas. The Service: say my service at Crudo was perfunctory would be an understatement. Beginning first with kitchen timing; a 25 minute delay between course 2 and 3 (from pick-up to delivery) with my waitress stopping by twice to say it would 'be right out' is poor form. Additionally, while speaking of my waitress, considering the fact that I was obviously interested in the food it would have been nice if she acted more interested in me as a diner - instead she did not inquire even once as to how I enjoyed a dish and asking questions felt more like attempting to drag forth information while she instead spent time describing the menu at length to a needy woman who wanted all her dressing on the side and modifications to myriad dishes. Perhaps I'm a bit presumptuous here, but if someone is there (with, or without a camera) dining solo they are clearly there because they are passionate about the food and if a server chooses to ignore that it is evidence that he or she cannot read a diner and thus should not be in that position - particularly when the other servers were engaging their tables between each course and even brought the Chef out to say hello. Crispy Pig Ears - chili vinaigrette: Setting the tempo early, this dish is all about flavor and while the texture is largely that of the crackling pork ears and chewy cartilage within the flavor is a bit sweet, a bit sour, a lot of heat and a lot of porky sapor. Can't say I 'get' the price discrepancy (or why it is so difficult for restaurants in general to update their online menu) but this is a good choice at $5 or $7. Butterfish - tomato, lardo, arugula: Call me crazy, but I don't really get the fuss over this dish; sure the smooth texture and mild flavor of the fish are conducive to the overall flavor arc, but with the lardo shaved particularly thin and the oven-dried tomatoes quite intense there simply was not much here that could not have been achieved with a bit of salt and fresh sliced tomato; the flavor something akin to a bland BLT and the arugula not particularly notable at all. Grilled Mozzarella - tomato, grilled date, basil: For my money the best savory course of the night - a strong compliment considering the fact that a lot of the food was quite good - this was simple and intense, each ingredient packing serious flavor and all brought into harmony by the smoky warm mozzarella. Served with olive oil brushed grilled bread I'll note here that if you desire more than a single skimpy slice (with this, or with any other course) you should ask well in advance, and if you have my server ask twice as it is likely to be forgot. Mushroom - mozzarella, truffle, egg: I love eggs, but the overcooked white and half-set yolk in this dish really added nothing to the earthy amalgam of mushrooms and mozzarella. Texturally accented by toasted brioche and meeting with a hefty drizzle of truffle oil (I do not believe any actual truffle was harmed in the making of this dish) this was without a doubt the most texturally interesting savory of the evening and although I only received another slice of bread after the remaining juices had turned cool I still wiped this one clean before sending it back to the kitchen. Risotto - Squid Ink, Chili, Tuna, Tomato: Apparently a bit of a signature dish at Crudo (and the only one my server would offer an opinion on aside from 'everything is really good') I must say that although I've had better risotto in terms of texture, the balance of flavors here was really something else - a subtle sweetness from the tomatoes melding beautifully with light heat from the chilis and the confit tuna' bold flavor standing up admirably in the face of the slightly gummy rice. Porkbelly - smoked tomato agrodolce: Fatty and funky with crackly skin resting atop toothsome and creamy polenta this was pork belly as it should be and showing a deft hand with tomatoes for the fourth of my five prix-fixe courses the smoked reduction here cut the fat perfectly - simply a great dish and a surprisingly large portion. Apple Frangipane Tarte: Outsourcing their desserts to Tracy Dempsey Originals I knew the quality here would be high and with a boring sounding panna cotta vs. a potted Tiramisu that looked quite good as my other options the tarte was a clear winner - the crust a dense shortbread and the filling a rich but light almond paste with caramel roasted apples topped off with a bit of whipped cream. While I personally think any self-respecting restaurant of this caliber should be making their desserts in house it would be hard to quibble with choosing Ms. Dempsey who is now 4 for 4 in my book. Good - but I'm not rushing back.

User:Linda B.

Hubby and I finally decided that Restaurant Week was the opp to make the trek down to Crudo and find out what all the fuss is about...bottom line -- generally quite good, and the highs were REALLY high, so we give it 5 stars even though the food was inconsistent. Crispy pigs ears were delish, but the hands-down best stuff is the crudo...albacore was amazing, as was the yellowtail. Next time, the whole meal will be just plate after plate of those. Cheese courses were disappointing -- burrata was good, but needed either more bacon and arugula, or a smaller ball of cheese, while the ricotta with honey and walnuts was grainy and the bread/toast was scorched rather than grilled. Semolina gnocchi was good, but the squid ink risotto was a disappointment. I know its a Crudo signature dish, but ours was not really flavorful and lacked creaminess. Desserts? Out-freaking-standing! Chocolate olive oil cake was really lovely, but you'd sell your first born for another taste of that butterscotch pot de creme. Yeah, we'll be back.

User:Joni V.

This restaurant is AMAZING!! We went to Crudo for their olive oil dinner. It was a four course dinner paired with olive oils from Italy as well as wines. The food along with the olive oil and wine pairings was absolutely delicious!! The flavors were amazing and harmonious! The whole meal was like a symphony!! My husband and I are eager to return!!! **come early to enjoy one of their signature cocktails in the fun and cozy bar before you eat dinner. The cocktails are excellent!! You will not be disappointed!!

User:Julianna M.

Definitely an interesting restaurant. The atmosphere is nice, and we had a groups of 6 that had dinner in the bar area. The menu was a bit confusing, and mainly consists of over priced small plates however the food itself was good. I ordered the gnocchi, however I was served the pork belly with polenta and didn't realize until I was about halfway through the meal. It was very good, however not what I originally ordered. I would have said something but it was the same price and still good so I let it go. The drinks are VERY tasty, I had the buckberry and it was very refreshing. The bartenders are awesome here and really nice. Some of the group ordered the squid ink risotto which they described as bitter and fishy. The cheese assortments were good as well. The building itself is kind of hard to find if you don't know it's around back. Overall, I would return for drinks but not food.

User:John F.

A very creative approach to an Italian restaurant. My wife enjoyed three of their dishes in a tasting menu style. I had the yellowtail collar and a salad. Everything was executed just right. Broad wine list. Expert and helpful service.

User:Lei C.

I thought the Crispy Pig Ears were delicious, lightly salted with a good amount of spices and vinegar. I thought my brisket was really fatty and too buttery. I would have liked some more starch food like some rice or potato or something that would fill me up more. I thought the decor was very cute and refreshing. It seems like a good date restaurant.

User:Maxime K.

I've experienced both dinner and brunch, dinner was disappointing, I got the pork belly which wasn't crispy and tasted extremely weird (there was an barn animal smell to it which based on experience from eating good meats means it wasn't prepared right) gross. So dinner was a fail but the only reason this place is getting 4 stars is because of their brunch. Everything was amazing! I got the potato croquettes, bacon risotto and the truffle starter jar. All unbelievably yummy especially the potato croquettes! I'll definitely be going back for brunch never again for dinner

User:Allison H.

Belated review after a fantastic evening at Crudo, so I won't be as detailed as I should be, but I loved this place. Really enjoyed the fusion of sushi with Italian. The pig ears are something you just have to get; crispy yet they melt in your mouth. My boyfriend and I each got three courses and then split a dessert, which seemed to be just the right amount of food. Not a bad price if you do it that way, as well. I loved the spacious atmosphere. Wish we were in town more to come back and try the rest of the menu.

User:Monica F.

Beautiful Italian preparations, lovely staff, and terrific bar with one of the best mixologists in the city. Chef Cullen is a master, and we are very fortunate to have him within walking distance to our home. Maureen (front of house and Cullen's wife) is charming and sets the tone for a truly sophisticated, elegant experience.

User:Peace D.

Yes as good as it gets! Fantastico! Fabuloso!

User:Ellie S.

The food is ok - not many tasty vegetarian options. The ambience is bland, cold, and flat. Plants, flowers, or paintings might add some much needed warmth.

User:Amber A.

We have heard so much about Crudo and the stars aligned allowing me and my husband to enjoy a night out. We should have chosen a different place. The food was all right but that was completely overshadowed by the obviously drunk blond lady in the red dress. We first thought she was the hostess but it turns out she is chef's wife and owner Maureen. Our waitress was overwhelmed and we waited for what seemed an eternity to place our order. They seemed understaffed. The drunk lady came by our table and slurred her words as she asked how everything was. Her teeth were stained with wine and looked like she could fall over at anytime. We were completely offended and said nothing. Her demeanor was flippant and dismissive. We will not be back. Clean up your act lady and get some class. Not at all what we were expecting.

User:Christy S.

We walked in the restaurant and I immediately felt calm. Perhaps it was the dark wood floors, exposed ceiling or even the tranquil ambiance - I don't know, but what I do know is that I was excited to be there. We were immediately taken to the dining area where she allowed us to choose the table of our choice. We were then greeted by our kind waiter where she happily took us through the drink menu (offering up their mixologist's specialties should we not see something on the menu we'd prefer) and explained to us the Crudo dining experience. The experience is not like many restaurants; at Crudo your options include 3, 4 or 5 courses. Crudo offers 4 selections for each of its 4 categories, if you will. Crudo/Raw being the first, followed up with Mozza/Mozzarella, then Cotto/Cooked, and then Griglia/Grilled....and lastly (the 5th), Dolce which means dessert if you've saved any room for it which is highly unlikely. We had a hard time deciding (thankfully our waiter helped navigate based on both our preferences), but decided to split four courses as follows: Crudo/Raw - yellowtail - controne, bottarga, iitoi at $12 (who knows what all that means, but I do know I loved it and dreaded the last bite) Mozza/Mozzarella - Burrata - crisp pancetta, vinaigrette and fresh arugula at $10 Cotto/Cooked - Mushroom - mozzarella, truffle, egg at $16 Griglia/Grilled - Short Rib - grilled root veg, shaved horseradish at $18 It was just enough savory bites to leave me content and wanting to try more of what Crudo offers. One thing I do want to note is how our waiter informed us that since we decided to split four courses we would be charged at the a la carte price verse the 4 course cost, and she informed us at order time instead of leaving us shocked when the bill was dropped. Thank you. I couldn't have been more wrong about my initial thoughts on the drive to dinner that evening. Since that night I have been waiting for a reason to return and savor their ricotta, risotto, dumpling, gnocchi and porkbelly dishes to name a few. Thank you, Crudo, for proving me wrong and making a fan out of me and now anyone and everyone I recommend to your foodie loving establishment. And to those who are on the fence about going to Crudo because of the limited menu, just go - you will LOVE it.

User:Allen W.

Our favorite place in the valley. Great for valentine's day as it wasn't very crowded last year. Brought foodies from LA and they came away very impressed!!! A fun, funky hip vibe..... fun inventive cocktails! Bacon truffle popcorn a bit disappointing... have thoroughly enjoyed all of the cheese and crudo courses.

User:Diana Y.

Loved the place, ambience was amazing, very intimate. We went there for a small bday celebration, the place was fully booked so we sat by the bar, which had tables and everything, so we still had privacy! I really liked their drink menu, service is awesome the only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because of their very limited menu, the appetizers were mouth watering, we ordered the albacore, yellowtail, ahi and the grilled bread (must have for bread lovers ), but when we were looking at the main courses every meat dish was made with pork, the only other option was the market fish! I didn't mind , I always get fish but my husband is a meat lover and we don't eat pork, so he had to get the fish! For dessert their chocolate mousse was amazing!

User:Hanan K.

What?!? In Phoenix? I'm so impressed. Lived here for seven years and have continually struggled to find truly good food out here. This place hit the spot. Wow! From the ambience to antipasto to entrees and then the incredible deserts. Well done Crudo. You've truly impressed me. Just lovely in every way.

User:Tracy J.

Happy Hour is a must. Get here before 7pm. Entrance is in the back. The items ( non happy hour ) are a little pricey. But that being said, everything we had was AMAZING. Now it's very dark in the bar area, and I thought the menu was a little hard to decipher for a first timer. Once the waiter explained what the different sections of the menu were I was with the program. So everything on one side of the menu is small items. Like small bites or app. fare. The other side (right side ) are entree sized items. We had Yellowtail from the Crudo or raw small left side and Butternut squash and pork dumpling from the entree side. The Yellowtail was fab. and as good as any sashimi I have had. There are spices on it so I guess not technically sashimi, but the fish was of that grade. The dumpling was not what I expected, not crescent shaped pieces of dough with filling. More like a big "meatball" with dough around it. Regardless, it was delicious ! We were practically fighting over the last bits. Def a must return and eat more of the menu place. Would love to bring more friends here so we could try more items !

User:Erin M.

Outstanding!!! My husband and I dined at crudo for the first time and we are upset we did not try sooner! Not only was the food unique but delicious! Loved the courses concept. We both picked several items and shared everything. The portions were just right for sharing. It will be hard in the future to only dine here for special occasions, might need to make Crudo a habit. Our service was spot on as well! Tiffany was so helpful and super sweet! We enjoyed the yellowtail and ahi crudo. Next course was the barrata, creamy goodness. The mushroom gratin. The last course was the market fish and port belly. Oh and we started off with the pig ears. Yum!!! Thank you for a wonderful evening. You will see us soon!!

User:Char F.

We made our first trip to Crudo's last night to celebrate my son's 44th. Though not recommended for children we took my 9 and 12 year old grandchildren as they are pretty adventurous eaters. Tucked in back of a strip mall on 36th and Indian School, it is great space with a minimalist look. We enjoyed working with our charming waitress to select our dishes which did not disappoint. Between the 5 of us, we sampled the ahi tuna, the yellowtail, the farmer's salad, the beets, the gnocchi, the ricotta cheese, the risotto, the brisket and the pork belly. Everything was uniquely different and delicious and we all oohed and aahed as we shared bites from out plates. I think Crudo is going to be a go-to place for my family. (I want to try the bar food at Happy Hour and Sunday brunch) Bottom line is it doesn't cost much more to go to Crudo than one of the ubiquitous concept restaurants all over town where the food pretty much tastes the same. So take a chance. This place will blow you away!

User:Hyman S.

This was a great experience. There were five of us and what a great evening. The drink menu had a unique wide ranging set of choices. All of the selections were quality and use some very special whiskies and liquors. Each of them were very good and a great way to start the evening. The service was very attentive and efficient. We were looking forward to a relaxed evening and the pace was perfect. The food was excellent, we had a wide range of items, the ahi tuna was our favorite choice, the short ribs were exceptional each choice we made was delicious. This is one of the top places in Phoenix. Enjoy.

User:Nick M.

I tried pig ears and they were so damn good. Actually everything was good. Service, food and the establishment all complimented each other very well. Just need that Fresno chili recipe and I needed it yesterday

User:Brent R.

Service was fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. If the weather's nice, grab a seat in the small outdoor/patio section. The course option was recommended. We chose the 4 course deal which turned out to be a LOT of food and I've got a big appetite. Go with the three if you aren't that hungry. The food is good...not great but very good. You can be very adventurous here if you like. The crispy pigs ears is a favorite. I didn't try. I did get the squid ink risotto which wasn't my favorite. The cheese selections are fantastic. Also, very tasty fresh drinks. They nailed a few of drinks...very creative. The server will point you in the right direction.

User:Gary G.

This out of the way place is worth searching for. Tip:go to the back of the building. I've been three times and have loved it each and every time. I tried something different with each visit with the exception of the yellowtail, which I had all three times....and it never disappointed! This restaurant would be great for a date night or a night out with friends. Not much of a place for kids, which is not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. :) Try what sounds good to you on the menu. I'm sure you'll like it.

User:Nathan D.

Fantastic. I have been to crudo 3-4 times now for dinner and also a handful of times during mid day to have some amazingly handcrafted cocktails. Each time I visited my wife and I tried something new along with some of our favorites. We have yet to have a dish that would dissapoint. This is absolutely a gem. To start, the handmade cocktails are some of the best in the valley. The originality and twist on original cocktails is extremely refreshing. The square garden is hands down my favorite cocktail before, during or after a meal. I have traveled to Crudo specifically for that cocktail. Other notable mentions are the Arcadia Club, 1951 and Triple Lindy. Regarding the entrees, we have tried many different dishes and always been satisfied. The absolutely most suprising and satisfying dish is the Mushroom gratin. A close second is the pork belly and the albacore. The cheeses are all fantastic too. The only dish that I do not order anymore, not because of its taste but because it is too rich to go with the rest, is the risotto. But its still delish. Anyhow, its a great place and very reasonably priced for the menu. Drink though can get a bit pricy.

User:Tereza F.

Went to Crudo with my mother for my birthday last week. It was a phenomenal experience - friendly & prompt service, delicious food, and super tasty cocktails. We were worried about only ordering the 3 course meal, however with two drinks each it just the right amount of food for both of us. One slight snag from our experience... my mother thoroughly embarrassed me when she asked for a flashlight to read the menu. Our server was very kind and promptly obliged her request. Apparently, the lighting is not ideal for "mature" eyes. Nonetheless it was a really terrific experience and I recommend you give it a try!

User:Sunny B.

Crudo, Crudo how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: Butterfish with lardo and lemon Albacore with truffles, apples and black garlic Squid Ink Risotto Pork Belly enough said Short Rib with root veggies Each dish was amazing, an orgasm for the tongue. I didn't want it to end. I could have stayed and ate for hours. Charming building, awesome set up... And the cocktails, ohhhh the cocktails. The modest monk and daring dutchman were crafted to perfection. Cullen Campbell has done it again and having Micah Olson behind the bar was a brilliant combination. This place is a "must try" and reservations are recommended. Last time I was there I forgot to make them and the wait was over an hour (and worth every minute).

User:Tara L.

Great atmosphere, divine cocktails and superb cuisine make Crudo a real hidden gem. (Hidden because of it's unassuming location at the back of a strip-mall) Happy hour runs in the bar area, Tues-Sat from 5pm-7pm and includes $5 select wines, cocktails and small bites. (You will most likely need to ask for the happy hour menu, as it is not well promoted) The pig ears, smoked olives and Yellowtail crudo are not to be missed!

User:Ross M.

Crudo is a fantastic place! Everything I've eaten (or drank) there has been ridiculously good. For me, the crudo (raw fish) course is the best - the albacore tuna with black garlic is my favorite, but the butterfish and yellowtail are also great. The grilled course is my second favorite, and I'm still thinking about the pork belly with polenta. The mozzarella with bacon and onion is a nice light option. In the cooked course, the mushroom gratin is crazy rich and delicious. I've had the squid ink risotto, too; although it tasted good, the rice had been over-cooked into a mushy soup with no bite. You can choose a three, four, or five-course menu and save money or order a la carte. You get a great value in choosing the courses option since the courses are pretty good size. My first time here, my wife and I each ordered the four-course meal (we thought that the courses might be a bit small and we wanted to try a lot of things) and shared an appetizer and dessert, and we ended up taking home two entire dishes. So, yeah, the courses are plenty big. Finally, you can't go wrong with any of the cocktails or the crispy pig ears. Can't wait to come back to Crudo.

User:Anna M.

The girls and I decided to have a nice dinner out and I had been wanting to eat at Crudo for a long time. I had only been there for happy hour before, which was awesome. We showed up for our 8:45 reservation and decided to sit at a table in the bar area. The hostess was very kind and accommodating. We were informed that all food was 50% off that night...score! We ordered a nice bottle of wine and decided we would each get the four course tasting menu in order to taste almost all of the dishes. Our first course came out with no problem...then things went downhill fast. 40 minutes after finishing our first course no one had come by our table. Our water, wine and plates were empty. We all tried to get the servers attention with no luck. (I understand the restaurant was busy, but at least stop by and fill our waters, heck we were even going to order another bottle of wine.) He just blatantly ignored us. I got up to notify the bartender of our issue and he swiftly told me that it was busy because of the food special and to just wait...quite abruptly I might add. So I went to the sweet hostess and she said she would try to get someone in to help us. In comes Maureen. She was AWESOME! After finding out how long we had waited she immediately went into the kitchen and appeared with our next course. She offered a glass of wine to each of us to make up for the wait. I thought that was very thoughtful and really helped save the evening. The food here was wonderful, which is the reason they are getting 4 stars. My favorite courses are the Crudo and the cooked. The grilled was lacking for me. (we tried all of each category). Thank you Maureen and the hostess (wish I had her name) for making our evening awesome after some major bumps in the road. Lesson of the day: If you are going to Crudo to eat a meal, sit in the dining room!

User:Jacob M.

Went to Crudo for brunch this morning. Has the spinach iitios scramble with avocado toast. Simple but with a touch of flavor from the green onions and spinach. My friend had a slight mishap with his meal and the staff were very professional in correcting the issue and going above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. Impressed by their customer service.

User:Bob M.

Recommended from a friend. I have great friends! Every bite was amazing! 3 for $35. The raw items were better than any Sushi place in PHX. I will be back here every time I come to PHX.

User:Alisha B.

Went to Crudo last week to celebrate a friend's birthday. We decided to do four courses for six people but serve it family style. In addition, we ordered a couple of the pig's ear and olive appetizers. When all was said and done, we tried most of the dinner menu and at least a quarter of the hand-crafted bar menu. The pig's ears were not for me but that was due to the fact that they were freaking pig's ears. I'm not adventurous. My companions, however, thought they were outstanding. I enjoyed the pickled peppers and the mushrooms that came as an accompaniment. The next course was a variety of sashimi prepared with different sauces and herbs. Phenomenal! Having worked in multiple sushi restaurants myself, including one in the bay area of northern Cali where standards are high, I can tell you that the quality and presentation were well deserving of the five start rating. We then had cheese galore!!!!! By far this was my favorite part of the night. The cheeses were all mild, white cheeses and were paired with bread in a variety of ways. There was bacon, brandied grapes, figs, et cetera. It was heaven for a fat kid like me. Next were warm plates followed by the grilled items. In my opinion, the dumpling was the best warm plate option although most of my party felt that the squid ink risotto and mushroom dishes were the highlights. Just goes to show you there is something for everyone. Last but not least all the meat. We tried one of everything and doubled up on the pork belly. Thank goodness we did get two pork bellies because it was the best grilled option. It was the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The service was on par with the food. Both of the highest quality. Our entire experience was smooth sailing: perfect coursing, anticipated our needs, friendly and knowledgeable. I wish I could remember the name of the woman who took care of us but I can't. All in all one of my favorite dining experiences this year. The only issue, as I had anticipated, was the price. It was around $100 p/person after gratuity. That said, you will leave full and with a buzz for that price. Great job Crudo. You have added a few more fans to your following.

User:Judi E.

I've wanted to come to Crudo for awhile so I was very excited to eat here but left a bit disappointed. The wait staff was professional and efficient. The interior is pretty and the atmosphere is relaxing. I was very happy with my food but my husband didn't care for his pork belly because it was a bit stringy & not as unctuous as it usually is. I got the burratta, which came with nearly burnt toasted bread. The market fish was nice and light. The salad and desserts were perfect. I'd come back again but can't recommend it as a top restaurant in the valley....yet!

User:Sudeep B.

Great selection of classic cocktails for $5 on hh menu. We tried the yellowtail and ahi, both were light and very refreshing. Seating is very limited, but if you get there early its easy to nab a couple seats.

User:Paul S.

We are foodies and were VERY impressed by Crudo. They are miles ahead of 99% of the restaurants in Phoenix. The food was creative and delicious,but more than that, our server Matthew was patient and knowledgeable. We asked many detailed questions since we enjoyed each dish so much and he was willing to spend the extra time with us on a busy Friday night. The ambience is great too, great date night choice, thank you Crudo!

User:Marisa S.

Here's what we tried. -albacore- I really liked it, hubby says it was "great" -butterfish: Me - okay, hubby "great" -******borretta-both thought it was so delish!!! ****** -risotto squid ink- me - blah, hubby - "okay". He proceeded to spill the ink sauce on his nice white button up shirt, the server got him some soda water, and amazingly it didn't stain! Crazy. -gnocchi -me - blah, hubby - "okay" -pork belly- me - blah, hubby - "okay" -drink Penicillin: Hubby - "too sweet", I just don't like whiskey. :) Overall, we thought it was fun and unique and fancy. Not a place I'd come regularly but a place I'd take out of town guests. The servers were great. It's a but dark in there so bring a little light if you are going with older folks :)

User:Jory G.

What a great dining experience from ambience to unique menu and incredible food! Loved it and can't wait to go again.

User:Kelly H.

This is one of the best restaurants in Phoenix. They have great cocktails and I dream about the salmon at least once a week. The staff is super friendly and knowledgable about the menu. I always bring out of town friends to crudo and they are always happy!

User:Marin A.

Very cool, hip and almost "secret" feel as it is located behind the building. The food is a somewhat pretentious (although I like that) and the menu is not that large. I've joined for dinner a couple times but I'm dying to try their brunch as the menu looked wonderful! I would say crudo is fit for a foodie. Its right down the block from me so Id definitely be back but if it wasn't so close I don't know that I would.

User:Damien F.

It's been a while since I ate here and I have to say, it was excellent.

User:Patrick M.

One of the best meals I've had in Phoenix. Great space, attentive staff and the food is so fantastic.

User:katie c.

Extraordinary Night! Experienced Crudo for the first time recently with good friends. We went about 8pm. Seated at a fabulous table in a small room open to the main room and surrounded by charming french windows/doors. Awesome decor: a true "urban" feel, unlike many places in Phoenix. We walked in and all remarked that it felt like we were transported to LA, Denver or Chicago. Maureen, fiancee to Chef Cullen Campbell, served an incredible selection of "Chef's choice" dishes to us that night...all sensational tastes and preparations. Truly a remarkable experience all the way around. A must-go for those looking for a Chef-driven, food-inspired, urban experience. Thank you, Crudo! Looking forward to our next date with you.

User:Evan S.

Chris was our waiter, the guy was great. Exceptionally personable and helpful. Took a girl who doesn't go out to nice places often so she was more than confused and didn't like any of the food (not the restaurants fault) but she didn't enjoy. As someone new to Phoenix if you're looking for like a cliche pasta oriented Italian restaurant this isn't it. Leaving their spending $100 for two including two definitely didn't feel worth it. No matter who's salary. But I could just not have good taste who knows!

User:Jeff F.

Superb! The single most interesting meal that we've had in Arizona. Highly recommended. Food 5 stars+ Service 5 stars+ Atmosphere 3 stars We had a really terrific meal here. This is the only restaurant I've eaten at in this town that could compete with serious restaurants in NY or LA. We shared 8 dishes (two $45 four-course menus) and followed our server's recommendations exactly on everything. Pig Ears - a salty crispy snack up front Albacore with apples, truffle and black garlic Yellowtail with controne and bottarga Burrata with pancetta vinagraitte Grilled Mozarella Squid-ink Risotto Mushrooms with mozarella and egg Veal breast Pork Belly with smoked tomatoes We loved every single dish. The stand-outs were the burrata, which was just sublime; the mushrooms with mozz and egg; and the pork belly, the perfect crescendo to the meal. The courses build in a very logical progression that is a bit hard to explain. Somehow the whole is greater than the sum of the parts here and it tastes far more impressive than it reads, with tremendous contrast between each of the dishes in each of the courses. Our server, Ashley, was friendly, gracious and very-well informed and we never waited more than a minute or two for anything. All of the support staff were right there with her in terms of professionalism and warmth. Absolutely top-notch service in every respect. A few minor quibbles. Why no bread? Yes, the cheese course comes with a piece or two of bread but since every plate emphasizes such delicious sauces, it is really crying out for some delicious homemade bread to run through that extra sauce. It's a bit puzzling that they don't offer that. The wine list is alright and we enjoyed the $60 Daou Cabernet we had - but a few more moderately priced wine specials would be nice. The outsourced dessert was fine but a restaurant of this caliber deserves a pastry chef. After such a stellar multi-course meal, you really want to be wowed by the dessert. The rather ordinary apple tart seems a bit out of place here. The only thing I just didn't like was the restaurant space itself, which doesn't seem so much minimalist as it does unfinished. Such luxurious food deserves a more luxurious atmosphere. When we walked in, my wife said "Did they just open?" Because it looks like they just opened and haven't had a chance to finish the interior space. Hang some stuff on the wall already! Besides the blank walls, the space is just not that inviting and many of the tables in this cavernous space are directly in front of the kitchen and bathroom doors, which distracts from the food and the total experience. The net effect of the atmosphere is kind of like watching a great actor perform in a garage. It's riveting but you'd love to experience it in a more suitable venue. In a town where the food scene is dominated by multi-million dollar chain restaurants serving comfort food, $16.00 "gourmet" burgers and frat-boy sushi, this place stands head and shoulders above the competition. I'd love to see the chef get the space he deserves. The total bill for a splendid two hour dinner was $204 plus tip.

User:Kaila S.

I had the chance to check out Crudo during restaurant week a few weeks ago. Wow, was I impressed. The albacore tuna crudo was to die for with truffle oil and aged black garlic. The bit of sea salt added texture and dimension that I loved. I also had the squid ink risotto, amazing. I now see what all the fuss was about in the reviews. If you have a chance to check out Crudo do it! Sit at the bar and chat with the awesome guys who serve up unique cocktails or take a seat in the dining area. Very simple and modern decor, great service, amazing overall. I'd go back in a heart beat!

User:Jennifer O.

I was really really looking forward to coming to this restaurant, and, I have to say, it just didn't live up to my expectations. Yes, there were some standout dishes including the pig ears (which I never would have tried, but the husband (who usually is fairly conservative in his food eating) wanted to try it, so who was I to say no?) and the espresso budino....that was ohhh sooo tasty, loved it! The rest of the meal was a mixed bag (and we each had a 3 course meal plus an app and dessert). We had the grilled mozz (good, smokey, but nothing too special), butterfish crudo (good, especially for me - a non fishy fish eater- but I wouldn't get it was super acidic), gnocchi (the gnocchi was good, but they meat they used was odd and neither of us really loved it), dumpling (the dumpling was kind of bland, like a large piece of soggy bread, but the meat in it was really good, just wished there was a little more of it), the brisket (this was really good, really liked the polenta, but it wasn't so good that I would go back for it), and the market fish (it was described as a light, white, mild was super fishy. So much so that we couldn't eat it. I don't think this was the restaurant's fault, but I think the waitress should have described it differently. To be fair, the owner or manager did come by and ended up taking it off of our 3 course meal and adding the dessert instead, so that was much appreciated). Overall, it was ok, but it isn't a place I could see myself going back to for dinner due to the high price and not amazing food, but I could see myself going back to the bar, getting pig ears, a beer, and a delicious espresso budino.....oh ya.

User:Thomas M.

Would have given a 6 if possible. A foodie find for sure. Great service - great food and environment. You need to try the pig ears! A very small criticism: we both had the mushroom/egg dish. It was very good, however we both thought the egg wasn't organic - which would have given a richer taste. The egg was also slightly over cooked. For this dish it should have been runny.

User:Michael C.

I had the privilege recently dinning at crudo it is located in the Gaslight district at 36th street & Indian School next to Jennifer's Market. The menu is split up into four categories with a choice of 3 to 5 courses ranging from $35 to $55 dollars per person. I picked a selection from each group. Crudo/Raw (ahi tuna- smoked olives, lemon, egg) Cotto/Cooked (Risotto - squid ink, chili, tuna, tomato) Mozza/Mozzarella (Fresh - caramelized onions, bacon relish) Griglia/Grilled (Short Rib - grilled root veg, horseradish) The first plate brought out was the raw tuna plate it had a wonderful smoked olive flavor with a hint of lemon and small pieces of egg. The second plate brought out was the mozzarella with caramelized onions and bacon relish delicious. The third and the fourth plate were the grilled short ribs with horseradish and the Squid ink risotto simply amazing. Also check out the Crudo bar that opens at 5:00 PM serving the absolute best craft cocktails in Phoenix. My favorite drink is called a Tongue Tied.

User:Brett B.

This restaurant was hard to find, as it is located in the back of a shopping plaza. But this gives it that "hidden gem" appeal. I thought about coming here a long time ago, but I just thought it would be gimmicky: sashimi with an Italian bent. I love both cuisines, but fused together?Thankfully, our great company invited us to go here and I'm so glad we did. I was already impressed upon entering, being hit with the aromas and smokiness in the air. We were seated promptly in the "conservatory;" a cool little separate area with one table surrounded by windows and tall oleanders. We all did 3-course menus, which was great because we could try different plates. FOOD: I'm so glad I listened to our server's suggestions because the albacore and yellowtail sashimi (crudo) were amazing: drizzled with a fruity olive oil with some acid and just the right amount of seasoning. Other standouts were the pork belly, squid ink risotto (finally a restaurant that does it right), and the dumpling. Every dish was very good to amazing. The crispy pig ears were very interesting in flavor, definitely something to try. SERVICE: our server was Tiffany and she was very professional, friendly, and efficient without being obtrusive. Her recommendations were right on. And along with her assistant, we were well-taken care of. Thank you!

User:Luca C.

My friend brought me to Crudo for my birthday and it was a really great experience. From the moment I walked into the entry way I got a feel for what to expect from the restaurant. Theres great attention to detail in the design of each component of the restaurants design. The same attention came with our waitress who walked us through the menu. We got the butterfish crudo which was really good. The fish itself was great, fresh, clean, well cut. The lemon vinaigrette and olive oil combination was great, specs of salt really brought out the flavor. The tomato was a little strong compared to the subtlety of the dish but overall good pairing. Next we each had the squid ink risotto. Generally when I hear squid ink I'm excited, I hoped that the ink was used when making the pasta itself but it was more of a component in the reduction of the sauce. Cooked very well, one of the best technically cooked risottos i've had in this city. Basil was a little strong, but if you like basil it would have been perfect, it did compliment the tomatos well. Last for our entree we had the short rib and the pork belly. The short rib was good, it wasn't my order so it wasn't my taste. Good but not a once in a lifetime dish. The pork belly however was amazing, I was left wanting to eat a giant slab of it. Really good, its what you'd expect from pork belly in any 4 star or michelin star rated restaurant. The polenta was good, above the bar. Desert was a mixed bag. We had the vanilla bean panna cotta and the tiramisu. The panna cotta was good, the grape instead of the conventional berry was a nice touch, the sea salt and the crouton took it to the next level. The tiramisu was the only dissapoint dish of the night. A lot of places are putting desserts in jars, its fun but I think the vessel led to the idea of deconstructing this conventional dessert which brought attention to each component which could have been good but didn't work out that way. The base tasted like chocolate mouse which I love but isn't a tiramisu. Overall it wasn't too sweet which is great but a good tiramisu usually has a splash of acidity for balance. Overall really good restaurant, really good food, pricing, staff, service, etc. Great for special occassions or someone special.

User:Jeff J.

I've been to a lot of great restaurants over the last few years, but Crudo finally tipped the scales to propel me to write my first Yelp review. In short, Crudo is a must-visit. I was on a business trip to Phoenix and found the dining choices somewhat limited for the size of the city. I looked through some of the local Yelp reviews and settled on Crudo for the sake of interest. (I like taco joints and steakhouses as much as the next guy, but Phoenix appears to be clogged with them) A colleague and I got there a little later on a Saturday night and were surprised to be seated so shortly (during Restaurant Week no less!). After a quick round of "Midnight Bramblers" we ordered our food. I'm not going to outline our entire meal, but try to express WHY it was so good. Chef Cullen Campbell definitely knows how NOT to crowd the tastebuds. Everything I ate exhibited a nuanced balance, not unlike the service, decor and cocktail menu (the Gimlet I had on the second night was perfectly, deliciously different). Oh, and the service needs some of the spotlight here too... we spent most of our night talking with the insanely busy, sometimes-hostess, sometimes-server, part owner Maureen. She somehow balanced all of her duties with a natural ability to deal with a bunch of East-coast loudmouths - and made us feel more than welcome to cut loose. That's the thing about Crudo... It looks, tastes and smells like it should be a stuffier upscale place, but it couldn't be more fun to eat there. Keep up the good work Team Crudo, and let me know when you're opening a Philadelphia location! _Jeff

User:Khoa N.

Great place to bring someone. Make reservations though. If not wait can be long. Service was good after the wait. Food was well worth the wait. Had crispy pig ears squid ink risotto and pork belly. Risotto was flavorful and pork belly is just amazing. You gotta eat here.

User:Anita P.

Best restaurant in Phoenix!

User:Lisa D.

Let me explain...the food is great and first two times we were there were great, but the third time was not a charm. We walked in on a Friday night for happy hour - very hip crowd, busy but not crazy. My husband and sat at a table for 10 minutes while servers kept walking past us without any acknowledgement. Even the hostess was too busy to look up from her computer when we walked in. We walked out and went to the Nook where we were greeted when we walked in and it was clear our patronage was appreciated.

User:Rachel B.

We went back to Crudo for another visit, this time to try the food. Oh. My God. Run, don't walk, to have a meal there. Incredible. The boyfriend and I each did the 3 items for $35, and between tasting each others' plates, we were absolutely thrilled and stuffed. I can't wait to go back again.

User:Jessica W.

The food was very, very good. I loved the a la carte selections, and it was difficult to choose entrees because they all looked and tasted so yummy. The atmosphere was great as well. Low lighting. Would make a nice date spot. But it was pretty pricey for me, all things considered.

User:Jamie M.

A personal local favorite! A little pricy but well worth it. It's a great place to meet up with a good friend. Cool vibe. Ultra professional and friendly staff. Don't shy away from a $10 drink. They are worth every penny. Made with fresh herbs & fresh fruit/juice. The Rebel's Son (bourbon & rosemary) is delish! You gotta try the homemade ricotta and the fried pig ears (the vinaigrette they're served with is oh so yummy!)

User:Irine K.

I was so impressed with Crudo! The quality of the ingredients is absolutely top-notch, the combinations of flavors are very innovative and the atmosphere is very cool. My initial concern was that the portion sizes may be too small for my husband, who refers to those places that serve a tiny portion on a huge dish as "foo-foo." But Crudo is certainly not a "foo-foo" restaurant. The portions were perfect and absolutely worth the price. We also appreciated that not all the dishes were truly "crudo." I enjoy the raw food thing, but I know not all guys are into it. The Squid Ink Risotto was absolutely one of our favorite. I thought the presentation and the flavors where excellent

User:Wilt C.

Unique menu providing raw seafood, cheese and grilled items by way of a 3,4 or 5 course selection. The food is pretty good. The squid ink risotto is tasty but the rice has a somewhat odd paste-like texture. The pork belly was the best course of the evening. Wine list is acceptable. Service is friendly but somewhat lackadaisical.

User:Gregg J.

Very nice atmosphere, very bad service. Happy hour took 20 minutes to get drink, they were out of their trademark appetizer - pigs ears, and had no menus for us when we arrived. Food was so so. I wasted my time.

User:Meri D.

I can't say enough about this restaurant! I had never heard of this place before. My husband took my culinary artist/famous tv chef to be 12 year old son and me to Crudo last night. He had heard about it from a friend at work and since it is "Restaurant Week" he decided to try something new. I can honestly say that this was THE BEST food I have ever eaten. Flavor explosions in my mouth!! I got to taste a variety of the menu since we all got different items. Everything was delicious, my entree wast the best. I had the pork belly with soft polenta. AMAZING!!! I will be going back very soon.

User:Jeremy B.

Awesome environment! Great patio with fireplace burning pecan wood that just sets the mood perfectly! Delicious foods and great service!! Mam of many words keeps it brief.

User:Chelsea P.

5 stars? Definitely! Upon walking in, everything from the atmosphere, decor and staff was warm and inviting. We each ordered a 3 course meal, and agreed on different selections. The addition of a homemade mozzarella appetizer and an amazing dessert meant we each tasted 8 dishes that night. 8 amazingly unique and delicious dishes. We tasted from every section of their menu, including raw (butterfish and albacore), cooked (gnocchi and risotto), and meat (short rib and pork belly). Pretty much everything was "my favorite," and a couple of glasses of Barbara complemented the meal perfectly. It was pretty quiet on the night we visited... if I may make a suggestion it would be to GO GO GO to Crudo. Like, now.

User:Kelsey P.

Pretty average food. Nothing special at all. Portions are too big if you're expected to order by course. I'm not sure what everyone is so excited about, but the food is pretty typical.

User:Brian T.

I'd give it 6 if I could! I went to the Old Town Location before they moved, but I think it's SO much better now. It's a bit hidden, in the back of a strip mall on Camelback. But that's just fine. The layout is very nice and comfortable, albeit a tad dark for my liking (can't read the menu in the dark haha) The food is just awesoeme. You can opt for small plates or larger family style dishes. The small plates range from 3 plates for $25 up to 5 for like $45. I'd recommend sticking with 3 as most of the dishes are not super small. I started with the cripsy pig ear appetizer that was EASILY my favorite appetizer in Phoenix. They're tossed in this sweet semi spicy glaze and super crispy...just insanely good. My 3 small plates were the butter fish crudo with black garlic, apple and truffle oil. this is definitely a small dish, but packed with flavor! My 2nd dish was this squid ink risotto that was over the moon! My final dish was this short rib with crisp potatoes and truffle vinaigrette. All in all, an awesome meal with great service and I can't WAIT to go back.

User:Tiffany L.

This was such a great dinner. First, a friend and I started at the bar. They have a great happy hour, $5 drinks and half off their cheese plates. I had a couple of their Gin Tom Collins. Yum. Never thought I was a gin girl until recently. We shared the mozzarella plate. It was sooooo good. It had carmelized onions, bacon bits, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. I'm salavating just thinking of it. Once we got into the main dining room, we sat at the oversized community table. Definitely a really cool, mellow vibe going on in there. They have a 3-course meal for $35. We went through the courses and picked out 3 each so we could taste a little of everything. Perfecto. A few of my favorites were the squid ink risotto and the butterfish? I can't remember which fish course I enjoyed more. But overall, everything was delicious and I'm sure I'll be back. They're tucked away so you can't really see them from the street. I hope it stays that way so it doesn't become over flooded with people, because I'm sure once they get the experience, they'll be coming back time and time again.

User:Nicki O.

hands down, crudo is one of my favorite restaurants in phoenix. everything on their menu is phenomenal. i highly recommend the ahi and the albacore; the fish is so fresh and delicious that i'm practically salivating just thinking about it. i've eaten in the restaurant several times as well as sitting at the bar for happy hour. their bartender micah has got to be one of the best mixologists in phoenix, and will blow your mind with some amazing creations. there's been many times that i've asked him to surprise me with a drink, and he's put together some truly delicious off-menu cocktails. i really don't have enough good things to say about this restaurant. i took my mother here once when she was visiting from san diego, and she now insists that we go here every time she's in town. so if you haven't been yet, go!

User:Barb H.

Say what you will about Arizona Restaurant Week -- the crowds, the not regular diners dining out, etc., but it got us to try Crudo, and wow, will we be going back. First, some location observations -- hard to find since there is not good signage on Indian School. Second, lovely upon walking into restaurant but what is the very strong smell of wood smoke? it dissipated as we went into restaurant, but still odd. My date and I were not seated at an empty booth for two, but by a table of 10, and a table of 6, where a young couple with their baby came in shortly after we started eating. Really folks? I get that you want to have a life once you have children, but don't bring your fussy, crying one year old out to a finer establishment at 7 pm. on a Saturday night. I work too hard to earn my dining dollars. Get a sitter or stay home. (okay, enough soapbox). waiter was friendly, was great about explaining the wine and the dishes. here's what we had: *albacore crudo with apples,truffle,black garlic -- one of the most amazing dishes I've ever had. * butterfish crudo with tomatoes, arugula - also outstanding *Mushroom-mozzarella,truffle,egg -- a great melange of various mushrooms, melted mozz, truffle oil and a fried egg. heavenly. Short Rib-grilled root veg,mashed potatoes and horseradish -- comfort food elevated to a new level. dessert -- Tracy Dempsey's flourless chocolate cake with hazelnuts -- creamy, decadent. in fact, i'm going to go finish my leftovers of it now and dream of next time I can get back to crudo.

User:Mike R.

Burrata cheese, pig ears, dumpling stood out as very good. Squid ink risotto was good, a little heavy. Definitely recommend. Great service. Water needs to be filtered. Water not good.

User:Amy P.

Loved this place. More people should know about it. Great cocktails. Had strawberry infused sparkling wine called dazed and infused. Menu divided into sections and raw food section had interesting selection of fish. I had hamachi special with watermelon radish and chiles. Cheese section had ricotta with grilled figs, burrata and others. Also enjoyed mushroom gratin with egg on top. Great service from winter, Cassidy. Cool space. Hard o ind in shopping mall. Look in back of parking area.

User:kara y.

Understated decor matches simple flavorful dishes. Great service and new bar area could prove popular. Not for hearty eaters but still proves satisfying. All dishes were inspiring: home made mozzarella, raw fish, and gnocchi. Every dish offered new insights into refreshing favors. Quite glad they are in the Arcadia hood.

User:Stacy M.

Amazing cockatils and amazing bartender! a must go spot w/ a date or by your lonseome. The drinks are the best in the Valley.

User:Trish R.

Just get there! Micah's cocktails are amazing. Such a great talent. The truffle popcorn is ridiculous! You can order from crudo's menu as well. Albacore, ahi tuna, polenta and ricotta are outstanding. Love this place.

User:Lauren C.

Wow this place is something special. I was so looking forward to going back after a great experience last summer albeit a bit hesitant to go during restaurant week. Had very high expectations to fill last night and Crudo did not disappoint. I started with the Arcadia Club to drink, loved the egg white foam to top it off. My mom and I shared the pig ears to start; a little too on the vinegar-y side for my taste but can you beat anything that's been fried? For my three courses I went with the Albacore Crudo, Brisket and an olive oil cake for dessert. Oh and had to add the Burrata! The truffle oil and the black garlic on the crudo were divine! So so satisfying. The brisket was the perfect blend of crispy and just the slightest bit of fat for flavor and moisture. Quality is just top notch, everything was so delicious and the perfect portions to get a taste of everything. Only minor complaint would be the pace of the courses, everything came out so quickly as if it had been sitting there ready and waiting for some time. The staff is very attentive; always refilling water and bringing fresh silverware for each course. Thank you for another amazing meal! Can't wait to go back

User:Melissa H.

Crudo closed and then reopened at the strip mall next to Beckett's table and Acacia cafe. The restaurant is adorable. Bright, with chandeliers its like Modern Steak without the boob jobs. The bar is tended by Micah Olson who is a sweetheart and the drinks, especially the "rebel son" are delicious. They remind me of the drinks at Merc bar in its hey-day. The menu is small, but everything is meticulously prepared. If you are lucky they are also doing a $30.00 prix fix which can't be beat. The focus is on impeccably fresh ingredients prepared simply. i.e. if I were doing the cooking at home, but didn't actually have to you know, cook. The standouts for me are the risotto which while technically not a raw item, helped to really complete and round out the meal for me. Definately give it a try. That strip mall is really turning into a food destination which I know, is totally surprising.

User:Sarah W.

a little pricey for small portions, i had the fresh mozzarella plate with caramelized onions and a balsamic bacon relish sauce. it was a delightful, light dish. the mozzarella was very fresh and you could cut it like butter. I arrived at 5 when they open, and they had bay windows with just the right amount of light shining through the bar with the fresh tantalizing aroma of basil in the air from the bartenders readying their garnishes for the evening. I would recommend this joint to a classy couple looking for a nice atmosphere

User:Bob B.

Most would agree that a memorable dining experience is the result of a combination of wonderful food, a reasonable assortment of menu and beverage options, exceptional service and a comfortable and clean environment. Crudo has two of the four dimensions that signal "exceptional dining". Crudo serves wonderful food and provides a a rich assortment of menu/beverage options. Unfortunately, Crudo falls far short with respect to exceptional service and a comfortable environment. Early alert: Do not order "water". Get bottled water or some other beverage. The tap water was absolutely terrible, with a chemical smell and taste. Our server could not answer fundamental questions about the wine list. As a result, we found ourselves with a "tap wine" rather than the bottled wine we expected. When we inquired about it we were told that it was a "sustainable wine", that's it. No offer of an alternative choice, no answer to our question: " as a sustainable wine, does it contain sulfites? Virtually all restaurants that are now offering the "tap wine" alternative clearly identify this "option" on the menu. Crudo does not, but it should. When my wife asked for a black napkin, a pretty standard option in most restaurants, we were advised "only white napkins are provided". When we called to make our reservation for 7 p.m., five days before our dinner, we were told the only time available was 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. We arrived at 6 p.m. and departed at 8:10. As we dined we observed that MANY tables, for two or four diners, remained unoccupied the entire time. What's up with that? Finally, the environment needs to be reconsidered. The high ceilings, uncomfortable chairs, and over-stated roominess"(read "warehouse-like") of the area simply does not work. As five day per week diners we are likely to return to Crudo--the food is that distinctive. We offer this feedback with the hope that Crudo becomes more attentive to the other dimensions that constitute a memorable dining experience.

User:Joshua W.

Sashimi was exceptional, service was great. Only thing I didn't like was the fact that I left still hungry

User:William D.

You will not be disappointed if you try anything at Crudo with your smoked olives. We are currently enjoying the Scapetta Rose.

User:Laura S.

Not crazy about the restaurant portion of Crudo, but the bar has a totally cool atmosphere and yummy apps.

User:Jennifer M.

I swooned. And not just because it was a "hot date" night. Every detail in design of the menu and space was as perfect as I wish they could be! From the custom-created cocktail made especially based on my general description of what I like about my liquor to the home made mozzarella appetizer to the yellowtail and albacore crudos that had me grasping my breast plate in ecstasy, and the squid ink risotto that literally found space in my dreams... Crudo is the kind of restaurant that makes me love Phoenix's food scene. I don't wistfully pine for San Francisco or Chicago with service as engaged and attentive as our bartender and servers, food as creatively designed and excellently executed as our tasting menu, and decor as exquisite as the interior space. I think a Phoenix foodie's tragedy of life would be to miss this perfect space. As for the date, well, at least the food was fantastic -- CRUDO was worth the dress! ;)

User:Amy T.

I've visited the Crudo in Old Town and was really excited when the new one opened in Arcadia. Visited with the bestie a nice quiet weeknight to enjoy some girl time. You can get a 3 course meal for $35 and pick from salads, meats or what I would call side dishes. It's a bit pricey for what you get portion-wise, unless you decide to order 3 meats..but who does that? The wine is very reasonably priced. The food is amazing! Everything is cooked and seasoned perfectly, and presented to be delicious. The decor is very simple, feels like you are in a big open warehouse. It'd be a great place to have a group dinner for 6-10 as they have these rooms that are a bit more secluded they could put you in. The service was a bit too good, to the point where we almost felt like she was rushing us even though there was nobody else in the restaurant. I'd visit again, but this is definitely a place to take another food loving girl friend- the boyfriend would be hungry and feel ripped off, it's just not his style...

User:Jaime B.

Great atmosphere. Spotty at the bar is the best - if you like fruity and fizzy, ask him to to make you a "Dazed & Infused": amazing! "Buckberry" cocktail was also really good, along with the meatloaf burger.

User:Linda J.

This place is fabulous! When you walk into the front door you are greeted with the wonderful aroma of bacon while walking past lush greenery and flowers outside. A lovely, tall gal was our server, you can just tell she loves her job. She is a great asset to the place, with her sweet smile. We ordered two of the homemade cheese appetizers and we loved them! My husband and I loved the atmosphere of the bar, hip young, professional types sitting in cosy little vignettes. The restaurant was even more appealing with it's many candle lit tables. Can't wait to go back to try all the exotic cocktails!

User:Rich B.

Wow this place is unbelievable! Pig ears where delicious, the burrata cheese was so good and the albacore is a must. Great work crudo we will be back.

User:Joe X.

Spectacular from beginning to end. The place is beautiful, food excellent. It's a shame the location is hidden so that all might enjoy.

User:Joel L.

Not your typical fine dining cuisine. I had the pig ears, squid ink and pork belly and they were unbelievably delicious. The chef has done a masterful job with the flavor and creativity. They also have a large selection of wine and drinks which are surprisingly priced moderately compared to the food. It was a challenge finding the restaurant as it is located in the back of the plaza. Sitting is very limited so I would recommend making a reservation.

User:Eric R.

I went to Crudo with some friends for AZ Restraurant week and it was one of the best meals I have ever had. I started with the Butterfish and it was really good. One of my friends had the Albacore and said he also liked it a lot and another friend had the Mozzarella and said it was the best cheese he had ever had. I had the squid ink risotto and it was amazing. Dessert was good, but not great. The service was also fantastic and I can't wait to go back!

User:Catherine M.

I'm a fan. This restaurant has a great menu. I really like the freedom to choose your own tasting menu of 3, 4 or 5 courses. The pricing for the tasting menus are reasonable and they do not skimp on the portions. I was stuffed with 3.5 courses (friend and I shared a 3 course and 4 course). Notable dishes: butterfish crudo, squid ink risotto, pork belly, tempura escargot (the day's special). Everything tasted good. Good cocktail choices, although friend did not think they were strong enough. The dining room, despite being a bit bare, was still comfortable and elegant. Sound level was just right - you feel the crowd but can still hear the other party.

User:NO C.

One of my favorite experiences I have had in Phoenix. Food was great and the drinks were very special too. We were sadly not in love with our pasta course, but everything else was great. Will definitely go back to check out the brunch.

User:Sandy W.

Awesome unique food creations. Italian inspired smaller plates. Polenta, short ribs, mushrooms etc. Good wine program. Friendly owners and staff. Nice location off the street. Worth finding. Comfortable open dining room and alcoves.

User:Matt C.

Ate here last night for the first time. Great food. Fresh and creative. Don't be fooled by the menu - these are not tasting portions. Each option is a healthy serving. My wife and I went for for a 5-course experience and honestly, we could hardly eat a bit of our 5th course. All of it was excellent though.

User:T L.

Well the ink squid risotto is still one of my favorite dishes in the valley. And the ahi and yellowtail crudo, along with the short ribs are solid choices as well. That said, the reason I no longer can consider this a 5 star choice is the service, more specifically the attitude of the 'co-owner.' As other reviews have stated, there just isn't a very welcoming attitude and at times she came across as down right condescending. (She probably shouldn't be working the front of the would improve.) Not sure that we will be back for dinner, although the bar side is still appealing on the quality of the experience and the great service and attitude on that side.

User:Janel K.

A must! Everything was amazing! Albacore Tuna was the best!

User:Val L.

Great vibe....Great drinks!!

User:Giancarlo E.

So tasty! Had the four course including yellow tail, squid ink risotto, mushrooms and butter fish. Of the four risotto was a must repeat though all were tasty!

User:Donald W.

If we lived in Phoenix, Crudo would be a weekly stop. Memorable food at an insanely, reasonable price. Pork belly, smoked olives, albacore tuna, polenta, risotto, fresh fish--every mouthful a burst of flavor that you didn't want to end. Don't let the location deter you. While it may be hard to find, once you enter, you'll never want to leave. The service is exceptional as the three owners, the chef, dining room waitress (Maureen is the chefs wife), and bar tender, are at the restaurant so you will get personal service. The portions are generous and the atmosphere is conducive to conversations. Request a sofa booth (for 2 or 4) for an intimate dinner. Can't wait to go back--an exceptional evening of fabulous dining.

User:Jennifer P.

The cocktails definitely lived up to their reputation! The squid ink risotto and mushroom dish were our favs, even over the pork dishes.

User:Blaine L.

Took my mom here w/ my family for a nice dinner out. Incredible, top quality service, nice atmosphere, and awesome food. Would go back here with a date sometime, it was a super classy restaurant.

User:Layla L.

Micah has outdone himself yet again. Not only are the cocktail selections from the menu outstanding and completely unique, but I tempt you to suggest a spirit choice and let the fine gentlemen behind the bar hand craft you something extraordinary. Kudos to Restaurant Crudo for the fabulous apps as well!

User:Patricia C.

You will not be disappointed if you are looking for creative drinks and fun atmosphere.

User:John C.

Before I get into this review, I want to say the food was very good. My problem was not the food. First of all the chairs at the bar were terrible, very uncomfortable. The water is undrinkable, don't even attempt to drink it, order bottle water. The smell in the restaurant was so bad that it gave a headache, when I got home left my clothes on my patio because of the smell, and couldn't wait to jump in shower. Also make sure you don't order the tap wines, I was very surprised I ordered a 42.00 bottle of Copain Pinot noir and it did not come in the bottle, it came in a carafe, I was very surprised at that, waitress said it was tap wine which was never mentioned on the menu. So again the food was very good. If they can at least correct smell I will go back. ,

User:S H.

There is one really big negative factor in dining here and it's not the food. The food in fact is very delicious and some dishes were really outstanding. My issue is the smell of smoke in the dining room- it's so strong that many people who were with me also complained that it made their eyes water. My clothes and hair ended up stinking afterwards. Also the smell probably does not help the flavors of the food or wine... Squid ink risotto and pork dumplings were standouts if you don't mind the smell.

User:Aspen R.

Be ready for nothing run of the mill here! The atmosphere itself is unique - not necessarily romantic, because of it's starkness - appears 'dank' initially, as the ceilings are 2 stories high and the tables are set far and wide apart. We got there at 6:30, way too early for this place. We decided to go into the bar which is adjacent, and you should definitely have a cocktail first from this supreme mixologist! He appeared so busy that initially we thought he was just unfriendly, which is not a good trait for a bartender. But I was asking so many questions, he finally relented and chatted a little. You won't stay at the bar long, because the high wooden stools are ridiculously uncomfortable and real back-killers. It's not contemporary at all - there are 2 mismatched wingback chairs over in the corner that look like someone's grandmother donated them to the cause. Very funky decor. We then moved into the dining room, still pretty emptiy and uninviting. Actually by 8 p.m. it was almost full. The menu is divided into 4 sections so they make is simple, and since the portions are relatively small, you need to order 3 items, no matter what section they hale from. There is Crudo (shashimi), Mozzarella (prepared 4 different ways), the Cooked list, which is mostly a variety of pasta, and then the Grilled offerings (fresh fish, short rib, etc.) The food comes out in a timely manner, and we ordered 6 things on the menu and, hands down, everything was out of this world delicious! With the possible exception of my fresh coho salmon. It had a 'squash blossom pesto' which tasted exactly like ordinary pesto, and the fish was pretty, pretty, pretty strong. I took half of it home (large portion) and it never looked inviting enough in the frig for a repeat performance. My husband was there on a prior occasion in a group of 6 guys and they had a great time, so unless you're a true 'foodie' (I.e. the food is the ONLY thing you go out for) I'd take a few more bodies along. But do be prepared for fresh, fabulous food!

User:Ray M.


User:Christina H.

Had dinner there last week and the food was amazing. Ordered the three course meal and loved everything. The bartender mixed up a surprise drink and I was not disappointed. I would recommend Crudo to anyone who loves great food.

User:Natalie L.

Super cute place. The smoked olives are amazing. Also loved the pigs ears (seriously!). Service was great. We will be back often.

User:J U.

We went for restaurant week. I was a little disappointed in the pork belly; it was dry and mostly fat. Definitely not kid friendly. We were bummed they didn't have a high chair.

User:Bonnie D.

Bar Crudo is FABULOUS!!!!!!! We are from NYC and have been having trouble finding restaurants that are consistently good. Bar Crudo is consistently GREAT!!!!!!! The food is original and as fresh as can be! We have been there five times and it just keeps getting better!!!! I'm so thankful to have a NYC quality restaurant right here in Phoenix!!!!! WE LOVE CRUDO!!!!!!!!

User:Sheila L.

good pizza, fun place

User:Kassee B.

4 1/2 Stars...Sure, it's not easy to find but anything worth it isn't easy people. My first dining experience was after a 14 hr plus beating of a day. I was casually dressed but did not feel unwelcome in the clean, white, modern open dining space. First on my palate's agenda was a glass vino to help me contemplate my dish selection. The menu is small just as Gordon Ramsay would suggest for a newly minted restaurant. I chose the Primitivo and unfortunately just like me, it was passed it's prime so I opted instead for the Barbera which was Goldilock's just right. I definitely wanted to try a Crudo (raw) plate and opted for the butterfish but 86ed the lardo because Hello? its LARD, no matter if you cure the pig's back fat with rosemary & sea salt in a marble vat, it's still pig fat. The butterfish was exquisite in texture and complimented with dried tomatoes and some lemon vinaigrette drizzled over it. For my entree, I simply had to try the risotto with squid ink, tuna and chiles. You can get three plates for $35 which is an excellent value but I opted for the charred broccoli w/lemon vinaigrette side instead. The risotto was perfectly garnished with roma tomatoes I believe and pinch of cheese. The taste was flavorful without being overly spicy. The tuna was evenly dispersed in tasty flakes throughout. It was delish and not heavy..Probably the best risotto I have ever had. The broccoli was cold and under-cooked which was disappointing but edible. I decided on an after dinner drink of Nolet gin at Bar Crudo with the Mixologist & part owner Micah Olson. All in all, a VERY positive experience. I look forward to trying the albacore crudo and maybe attending a wine pairing dinner. (the charming blonde hostess said they will customize items for those with dietary restrictions or those who wont dine on swine or bovine like moi!) WINNER!

User:Jose V.

Great service from Francis. Great wine recommendation from her. Food and environment was great. A must!

User:Brian B.

Amazing food! Strange location with just enough ambiance to feel like it's worth the prices. Our server was knowledgable and friendly though she could have been a bit more proactive in making recommendations to some people who were clearly in over their head. I loved everything I had but the pork belly and crispy pig's ears stand out as clear favorites. I wish I was rich so that I could dine here regularly!

User:Ryan A.

I've been here twice. You cannot order a bad meal. The menu concept is very clever. The servers can explain the menu better than anywhere I have eaten in town. Great place to take a date.

User:Julie B.

Really unique combinations of food. It is essentially Italian sushi. SOO good though. I recommend the squid-ink risotto and crispy pig ears. Also, the Rebel's Son is a delicious cocktail. The only downside to this place is I thought it felt a bit lofty and empty. They are going for the minimal look but it feels a bit bare to me. I am sure they will figure it out in time. They are fairly new-ish.

User:Maria S.

I ate here once while Crudo was still in its Scottsdale location. And I raved about it and vowed to come back (although the strange location in a salon delayed that return). Then Crudo disappeared. And I wondered how a place that fed me one of my best meals in Phoenix could disappear in a town supposedly full of foodies. Now it has reappeared, and in a better location. Oh joy.

User:Robert B.

I really try to not to overYelp a place....when something is stellar, the food speaks on its own without additional help. However, when a stellar place offers a new twist on their own deserves a new Yelp. Today was the first time that Chel Campbell and crew offered a brunch. It was extremely tasty and, from the looks of things, wonderfully received. Eggs vs. no eggs, side dishes...all were well conceived and served professionally and courteously (thanks, Frances!). Brisket, beet hash, poached about pork belly, polenta, arugula, sunny side up eggs? A side order of Noble grilled toast and fig preservers...I mean really... The fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice was a nice touch...and the coffee was just killer. This is a place where you look at the menu and don't see two or three dishes that look interesting....more like 8-10 things that would be interchangeably delicious. The breakfast freaks that we are, Peg and I will definitely make this a return stop. We are hooked on their dinner menu....and their breakfast items are definite contenders for drugs of choice. Thanks again, Chef, Maureen (of course!) and the crew. Dr. B and Peg

User:Christian M.

I was so impressed with the bartender that I had here that I had to yelp about it... These bartenders are craftsmen! Delicious drinks and a very cool atmosphere. It's a very hip and relaxing spot to get a way and have a drink.

User:Lauren K.

My husband made reservations at Crudo for us during restaurant week. We really wanted to try somewhere new in our 'hood. As we walked in I had a feeling this would become a new go-to, and I was right. I loved the space and feel of it. Welcoming, nicely lit, minimal, warm. The food was divine, and not only that but our server helped us figure out the right order to get everything in (we were doing a couple things from each of the first two courses) so that our palettes wouldn't be all truffle-y from a couple of our selections. We had the butterfish and the albacore. I am a sucker for butterfish but actually liked the albacore better of the two. Quality fish and so different to have an 'italian sashimi', if you will. We also had the warm mushroom with an egg on top. To. Die. For. As much as we wanted to try the squid ink risotto neither of us are big fans of squid and the short ribs and pork belly sounded too good to pass up, which they were. They were both amazing. The sauce on the short ribs was a perfect warm comforting sweet bath of tomato goodness and the pork belly had a ton of flavor. The cocktails (we both had an old-fashioned) were strong and well-made. Will be going back (soon I hope!) and bringing friends for sure. My only regret is that we had drinks somewhere else before-- we will be hitting up the bar there next time.

User:Sue H.

The air conditioning at Crudo was not working well the night of my visit. I would have appreciated the opportunity to be forewarned before being seated, but then they probably would have lost my business. There was an exceptionally long wait to be greeted by our server after being seated. Service was prompt after that. Chef's special tasting was a great value, dishes were unusual but not wildly adventurous like at Posh. Fish tartare was interesting with watermelon and mint. Risotto with chicken and mushrooms was a step up from Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, but not a huge thrill. Bread pudding was pretty nifty with crispy edges and a touch of sea salt. Although I thought the meal was fine, I am really not highly motivated to return.

User:Donna I.

I carefully read through so many reviews before choosing to try Crudo. I find that I disagree with most of them. The best thing about the entire evening was the mosaic created on a wall with old painted window shutters. We started with the albacore for an appetizer. Delicious but severely overpriced. I get that it is an appetizer so it does not need to be a substantial serving, but if I am going to be served less than half an ounce, don't charge me $12. Also, the garnishes were lovely but so tiny that it wasn't really possible to enjoy any flavor. My main dish was the brisket. . . . I have created more flavorful versions in my crockpot. It was extremely fatty. . . Enough so that I had keep surreptitiously slipping bits of fat out of my mouth to set aside in the plate. The polenta was tasteless. Actually, polenta is pretty much always tasteless. It is what you do with it that can make it a pleasure to consume. They did nothing with it. Think mush. I left very hungry. My companion had the squid ink risotto. He enjoyed it but said he has had much better. I tasted it and found it had too much heat for the delicate flavors it was combined with. If I had originally chosen to have the three course meals ($35) or the four course ($45), I probably would have complained about what I got for my money. It was seriously disappointing. All smoke and mirrors, and not enough substance. We will not be returning.

User:Janice E.

Dined there for the first time as I had heard many great things about it. This is the only restaurant that has lived up to the praise. We chose the three course dinners and shared all of it. The butterfish was fantastic and I would return just for that dish, so delicate with a perfect balance of flavors. The salad with figs and beets was lite with a lot of flavor. We also had the mixed mushroom dish (fantastic) and gnocchi followed by the short ribs that could melt in your mouth. Each dish had delicate and succinct flavors. The chocolate dessert was not overly rich, just delicious and a perfect end to a great dining experience. Service matched the food