3110 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85012

(602) 266-1490

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User:Kimberly C.

This place is fantastic! We originally came here with a LARGE group (about 20) after graduation during lunch hour on a weekday. Yikes. This is a build-your-own pizza place that is pretty much like Chipotle for pizzas. On the wall they have instructions for building your own pizza, or you can select from "pre-built" pizzas like tomato and basil (margarita), Hawaiian bbq, meat lovers, etc. It doesn't really matter whether you select a pre-built one or not because after that you can still put on whatever toppings you want. They also have a selection of salads that I would like to try too. My husband and his friends were particularly excited because there is no extra cost for extra toppings. If you build your own pizza, it's 7.75. If you select a pre-built pizza, it's 7.75. Haha. It was a busy weekday and the line was long, however, once you get through line the food comes out pretty quickly. I went to get my drink and sit down and by then my pizza was ready. The pizzas themselves are AMAZING -- one of the best margaritas I have had. The sauce is savory and the crust is the perfect mixture of not too crunchy and not too soggy. Add in the fact that the pizzas are basically $8 -- even more amazingness!

User:Alex R.

It's like going to Chipotle or Subway but for pizza. With that said, it's hard to have a bad pizza because you get to choose what's on it, all at the same price. I like that because I like going mad wild on the toppings and not having to think about how much extra that's gunna cost me. The pizza was pretty good quality wise, everything looked and tasted pretty good. Don't expect top notch gourmet pizzas here, something about the pizzas remind me of Pizza Hut to be honest. But for the price and convince of making a super good pizza for myself, I'll take it. Didn't have to wait long at all for the pizza to cook, they aren't that big so they cook quick and definitely filling for lunch. I will be back for more.

User:Drea A.

Decided to go here before a concert, wasn't sure what to expect. It was a Friday night and I was surprised to see only a fee people in there but was so happy to see that it wasn't packed. The place was very clean and had graffiti art on the walls while music was playing. You walk up to where you order your pizza and the place is like a subway/chipotle; you tell them what to put on it and see what they put on your pizza. Thought this was cool. They brought our pizzas to us and I thought it tasted good I just wasn't a fan of the bunt edges but that's the draw back from having it cooked open flamed. The pookie ice cream/ cookie was very good; caution it's served in a very hot bowl lol learned that after touching it. Thought the lady should have told me this when she brought it to us. I would good here again because you can't beat the price! Also my husband was glad they serve alcohol lol

User:Jamie R.

Obsessed. Maybe because I foolishly had low expectations, or maybe because I can get a bomb thin crust cheese pizza for $6. I went in about an hour before close on a weekend, and was in and out with my cheese pizza and a Caesar salad (I'm a simple gal) within five minutes. Both items were executed as they should be -- solid, although not spectacular, but the price and the large sizes of both are really the selling point. Ample seating, although I chose to get my food to go, and service was pleasant. Will definitely be back soon to build-my-own pizza.

User:David J.

This is an excellent place for lunch and dinner. Plain and simple this place offers you the ability to customize your pizza from sauces, cheeses, meats, and veggies. Quality ingredients and customizing pizza the way I want makes this place one of my favorites! Clean and attractive dining area, clean bathrooms.

User:L C.

This pizza joint has the best concept going! It is basically just like a Subway. They have a menu with pizzas or salads that are ready to be prepared once you say go or you can have it made to your liking. They offer a traditional crust along with a gluten-free & vegan crust. They have several types sauces, cheeses (not sure about soy cheese), meats, veggies and a couple fresh spices to choose from. Once you have selected everything you want they bake it in no time at all. I am not a lemonade drinker but Fired Pie has some really good lemonade along with brewed tea and fountain drinks. My last visit they where getting ready to sell beer and wine so that should be available now.

User:Youri L.

Went with a friend who lives in CenPho. It's more or less a Chipotle version of a pizzeria. You choose your ingredients and they make your pizza from them. Very nice concept and hard to go wrong when you can see and choose what you want. The service is good and the pizza crust as well. We took an Italian salad as an entree and it was apparently a one person portion but easily fed two. I would have honestly never had gone had she not heard about it and hopefully when it's a little more lively and more recognized it can get a bit more street cred and busier (I'm one who favors a good lively restaurant atmosphere as long as you can talk to each other.

User:Jay D.

Tried it on the count that it seems to be the latest rave. Hardly anyone is in here probably because it's 3pm. I guess this is lunner, y'know the period between lunch and dinner. What can I say I didn't roll out of bed until an hour ago At any rate, it's a quick ordering system once you get the gist of the on-demand-counter-ingredients selection process between pizza and salad. I decided to go with the Hawaiian BBQ pizza since this is a trial basis and I didn't want to ''Emeril' my pizza by 'bamming' just any ingredients on it. I got my drink, sat down and a few minutes later the pizza arrived. The first bite was tasty with the BBQ sauce somewhat overpowering everything else. The tartness of the pineapple and the bacon's savoriness followed through but a bit understated though. The crust was good while it's still warm but as it got cold it sort of became like toasted saltine crackers in taste and texture. A thicker crust would probably have made a difference but it's not my concept. Overall, it's a good experience and worth coming back.

User:Amanda E.

Came here on a Wednesday evening and there was only 2 other people in line. We've never been to one of these but figured it was like a chipotle pretty quickly. The girl helping us tried to explain the concept but it was hard to hear her because the music was loud and the glass was pretty high. Anyway, we got the gist of it and went to town! Made our own pizza and salad and got out of there for less than $17 for the hubs, myself and our 3 year old. The pizza was thin crust and was really good. The salad was huge and delicious! I got turned off a little when the girl that rang me up bickered with a slight attitude at the girl that made my salad and told her my salad was too big and heavy. She should've waited to tell her when there wasn't anyone standing right there paying for their meal.

User:Esther C.

I am sitting in the joint as I type. It's a great little shop. Great concept - make your own pizza, thin crust, fired in the oven in front of you. I have never had an issue with service. All of the employees are nice, young folks who do a good job at getting your food to you AND trying to keep the place nice and tidy. They get SLAMMED at lunch but as soon as it calms a bit, they switch gears and wipes down all the tables, doors, glass, counters, their food prep area thoroughly, etc. I for one, appreciate this quite a bit! THANK YOU so much for having MULTIPLE flavored but unsweetened teas! I hate going out and having only soda (we don't all drink it...) and beer (ugh) to choose from. My husband is a huge tea drinker and hates that 90% of places barely toss a generic Lipton black iced tea out as an after-thought. They have four flavors of brewed China Mist, including Watermelon Marula, Blackberry Jasmine, Passion Fruit and Traditional Black Tea. And if you DID want a beer, wine, lemonade or soda, they have those too (a very limited selection of beer and wine but its something). After reading some of the critical reviews, I will agree that they can tighten things up to make it even better. However, they are doing it well enough that now we are just making incremental improvements not fixing something that is broken in any way. 1. Better organization during the assembly process. 2. Better timing so multiple pizzas may be placed into the oven at once 3. Sharper timekeeping to reduce the variable in crust doneness (today was the first time mine was somewhat overdone for my liking) 4. Have a separate set of veggie bins for vegans/vegetarians and/or those with food allergies. Have a scoop/tong in each container to limit cross-contamination. Have a box of gloves dedicated to this station and switch before touching anything in that area. Place a BIG sign up asking that people announce any special dietary needs BEFORE they order. 5. Have more food handling training time for newbies. About the 3rd time I visited, the (obvious) new guy grabbed the refill bag for the fresh garden salad...and placed the bag INTO the drawer that holds the food to open it. O_o Thankfully, before *I* started in on him, his coworker caught him, fussed, had to clean the entire drawer out (good girl...) and then show him how to properly fill it. Sadly, these things are NOT common sense to all... Again, even the items above and nearly splitting hairs. My family and I love this little joint and while some can do the 11" pizza as a single serving, my husband and two little daughters can split the pizza and a salad between the four of us for dinner. Which makes for a SUPER cheap, super yum yum meal with ZERO clean-up on my part! Keep it fired up!

User:Nikki C.

OMG!!! I just went here for the 2nd time yesterday and it was still amazing!!!! Each pizza is custom and tastes homemade!!! I love this place, quick like other fast food but tastes nothing like fast food!! Food HEAVEN!!!!

User:Russ C.

Stopped by here on the way back to my hotel (visiting a client). I had read the other reviews on Yelp and thought it would be worth checking out. I have to say, I definitely was NOT disappointed. I was able to not only choose my sauce, I could choose my cheeses (fresh mozzarella and Bleu cheese), the meat and the vegetables. In less than five minutes,.the pizza was being delivered to my table. It was soooo good! Had I not been so full from eating my pizza, I would have ordered a second one. The staff was so friendly and even joked around with my associate and me. I look forward to my return trip in September. I will definitely make it a point to eat here again.

User:Kenneth W.

Quality is starting to slide due to cleanliness issues with the oven. Getting charred bits of something on the crust now.

User:Patty B.

Best $7.75 pizza around!!! All the cheese & topings you want! In a great central PHX location, easy to get to on the light rail as well. Give them a try, you won't be dissapointed! Lunch wth iced tea, less than $11!!

User:Andrew W.

It's like Chipotle/Qdoba/Subway/etc. meets pizza, and the results are not surprisingly delicious. You can't really go wrong--I like to start with one of their prebuilt pizzas and then customize it. I don't really trust myself with the raw power of building one from scratch; I'd abuse the authority. I do, however, allow myself the freedom of throwing some salty, briney, delicious kalamata olives on whatever the hell I'm having them build. As the wise woman once said: "Lay off me, for I am starving!"

User:Mike M.

Love a place where they actually smother Jalapeños over the Entire PIE upon request!! A+++ Just for that fact.

User:Karen B.

Pick one of their creations or invent your own custom 11 inch pie! This place is new in town. Great little concept (think Subway, but pizza and salad) in the Park Central Mall in Phoenix. Not a big sign out front but near Starbucks and The Good Egg. Close to home so stopped in last night for take-out. It doesn't take long for the pizza to cook (thin, crispy crust). My pesto chicken pizza was excellent. Hubs steak and blue pizza rocked as well. We shared a steak and blue salad with balsamic dressing and it was also very good. Good portion of romaine, thin sliced steak, mushrooms, onions, peppers and Gorgonzola. You can add anything else you want as well. Glad this place is near when I need salad or personal pizzas.

User:Kate Z.

Yum! This place is great. They make your pizza right in front of you, with fresh ingredients. You can choose from your standard pizza fare, order one of their specialty pizzas OR you can come up with whatever crazy little combo your fatty little bacon-loving heart desires. Good stuff!

User:Andrew C.

For the price, the quality was awesome and i love building my own pizza. We went for lunch and the line was long but moved quickly. The end result was an awesome pizza for only $7.

User:JR A.

Always good, always generous with toppings, always worth it! Great fresh fired pizza. I love making a meaty Mediterranean with fresh mozzarella, salami, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, caramelizedbonions and roasted peppers and don't forget he capicola ham. Simply some of the best pizza in town your way.

User:Disgusted C.

This place is the bomb! Any pizza you want for around $8. Plenty for an average hungry adult. Toppings are high quality, fresh and scrumptious. I had spicy sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and extra fresh garlic. No problem or charge if you want extra cheese or toppings. The crust is wonderfully thin but crispy on the edges; the exemplar of a very fine pie IMO and unlike some places, not one spot of the pie was undercooked. Spinach and mushrooms are yummily marinated and spicy sausage was perfect. The fresh garlic adds a surprising, but very welcome bite. Salads are the same price roughly and are substantially filling. This is no skimpy dinner salad! The only drawback is that the line can be out the door at lunch; a testament to how good the pies are. I highly recommend going at off times if possible, but go regardless. All other pies I have tried recently cannot stack up for the value.

User:Matt K.

Stunned I loved this place. It's the subway of pizza places but awesome. The pizzas are crazy flavorful, no limit to your toppings. Definately coming back, also very affordable: two pizzas, a small salad, Apple juice and a drink for 22 dollars.

User:A N.

This place is awesome. You can add your own ingredients to your pizza, and they look it right in front of you. We split a buffalo chicken salad, which was an awesomely huge salad and a Hawaiian BBQ pizza. The crust was thin, crispy and cooked to perfection. I wish Tucson had one, because going up to Phoenix to visit Fried Pie is going to get expensive!

User:Nikki H.

This is my new favorite pizza place! They have a lot of competition in the area and might be in a somewhat hidden location, but apparently the word is out because they are always packed! Don't let long lines fool you as they are very fast at making your favorite pizza or salad. The pizza is delicious - fresh as it comes with the perfect crust. The price is not that bad either, especially for the amount of food you get. Pizzas are decent sized and are just under $8. Plus they have a great selection of China Mist iced favorite! Salads are also fantastic. I want one opened by my house now...although that could be trouble. The staff has never been anything but great to me so I'm not sure what the bad reviews are about.

User:Chris B.

Fired Pizza. Take Chipotle and turn it into a pizza place, viola! It was a tasty treat, a choose your own adventure. I decided to choose a red sauce, a couple of cheeses (because I can), pepperoni and bacon (I said because I can!!) And finally pepperoncinis and pinapple (shhh...because I can). They fired it in the oven and I waited like five minutes. Then I had a personal pizza. What made my day was seeing a stack of half pizza boxes for people's left overs. I didn't use one. I ate the entire delicious pie (because I can) My only complaint was the selection of toppings. Not that there weren't enough mind you and not that there were too many. It was that you have other people ordering in front of you. Now you have to wait for them to decide whether to put sausage or spicy sausage on their pesto pizza or if they should get grilled onions. Come on lady, my pizza is done and ready to get cooking. Move!!! Get out the way!!! (BECAUSE I CAN!!!)

User:Bob-o B.

Place is pretty awesome. It's a very unique way to sell pizza. Everything is well priced, and the service is fast. Service is average, nice girls but not all that friendly or welcoming. Food quality definitely makes up for it though! The decor is pretty cool as well.

User:Linda D.

Saw someone carrying out a takeout salad, from Fired Pie. Just had to check it out. Ordered the Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad. Absolutely fresh & delicious! Added tomato slices & sautéed onions (with pepper) as additions. Yummy! You can invent your own custom pie (pizza) or salad, or order from their 'made our way' selections. Located in Park Central with other locations in Chandler, Scottsdale & Deer Valley.

User:M. B.

Second time coming here this week-delicious! I love the topping selection, how QUICK they cook your pizzas (I have a short lunch break), and how everything is a set price regardless of how many toppings you pile on. Yum!

User:Lainie S.

Great idea and well executed. Make your own custom pizza. Great choice of toppings & delicious product. Will be back !!

User:Alison B.

Love! I'm enjoying this trend of Chipotle-like places popping up. The main thing about Fired Pie is that the crust is GOOD. I am picky about pizza crust, and theirs is exactly what I look for: thin and slightly crispy with decent bite. With a great foundation, you can make a pizza to your specifications, and it's such a great deal! I love trying combinations involving pesto sauce, chicken, and whatever veggies I fancy that day. Only complaint is they are only open until 4pm on Sundays, boo.

User:Stacy F.

This place was a welcome surprise. It's tucked away and not easy to see from the road, but it's worth the bit of a scavenger hunt. The staff greeted us warmly the second we walked in and helped us place our order and held our dessert order until we were ready. I had the Pesto Chicken pizza and he had the Meaty Italian. Each was ~$8 each and could easily have been shared with a side salad instead of ordering two pizzas. Pizzas here are all made with 11" crusts. The fire grill flavor was great! The pizza crust was thin and crispy, but not crunchy or cardboard like at all. The pesto sauce was excellent and the meat pizza was exactly what you would expect it to be and they were happy to put pepperoni on only one side since I don't love pepperoni and wanted to try his pizza. We finished it off with the Pookie (pizza cookie - if you've been to BJ's think Pzookie) which had a full side scoop of ice cream for just $3. Delish and cooked only when we asked for it so the cookie part was nice and hot to melt the ice cream. Overall: A We will definitely be back.

User:+TheGeneralofHope +.

The pizza here is tasty and well priced - about $10.00 with a medium drink. The dining area is funky, fresh and fun. The staff was friendly and efficient. Everything was clean and bright. Perfect for group lunches! The restaurant is sort of hard to find - it's located near the Good Egg/Jimmy Johns. It's not easily seen from the parking lot. Just aim for Jimmy Johns and it's next door.They do have outdoor seating.

User:Eva G.

Great way to start the new year!! Pizza!! An 11 inch personal pizza with whatever toppings you can imagine, no limit for $7.95! First time there and a great find here in Phoenix!!!

User:Leighanna E.

The pizza wasn't anything to write home about. Flavor was good just the amount of toppings on the pizza was anemic. (Literally had 1 fragment of Canadian Bacon per slice) Crust was comparable to a Totino's pizza you can get in the freezer section at any grocery store. Won't be back.

User:Andrew E.

Like Subway but for pizza, as in you pick your toppings. It was tasty and I'm sure it'd be awesome before a game.

User:Avery B.

The pizza is never soggy regardless of how many toppings that you get, it is always crispy as well and never burnt or under cooked. Overall a great deal if you want some fantastic pizza in the Downtown Phoenix area.

User:Aften A.

So delicious. One of the best things about this place is that it's a very easy lunch spot to agree on. They have salads and pizzas and the ability to customize makes it so almost anyone can build a meal they enjoy. This is an assembly line type place. There has been a line every time I've gone but it moves along quickly. The doughs are already ready on pans and you get to the front, tell them what sauce and cheese you want, they pass the pizza tray down and you add your toppings. Pizza goes in the oven and comes out super quick (I could guess an apprx wait time but I'm usually chatting away so it would probably be inaccurate). The finished product is a personal sized, crispy, thin crust pizza. For those who are watching their carbs you can also get a salad, assembly works the same way minus the baking part. That would be weird. The best thing about his is they do not charge for toppings so you can always expect to pay around 9 bucks... I retract... The best thing is the delicious food; the second best thing is the price. My pick is a pesto pizza topped with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. If I'm feeling adventurous I may add some chicken. If you are reading reviews to try and figure out if you want to go here I highly recommend you stop contemplating, close your yelp app and experience life... by eating this pizza. ***almost forgot. The restaurant also attracts a lunch crowd from the surrounding offices/business and there is not a lack of handsome well dressed men. I do not object to this.

User:Samantha S.

What you've heard is true!! Amazing salads and pizzas. The staff seems so happy to work there and be hands on. They take great pride in the food themselves :). Loved that I could build my own pizza with dozens of topping choices, including the meats and cheeses ! This is the place for me! I love different types of salami, chicken and sausages...there's no "typical" only offered here! Delicious :)

User:Christina C.

This place has pretty decent food for the cost, you just don't get enough of it, especially if you order a salad to go. Can I not get the same portion of food if I'm taking it to go? It's significantly less salad if you do, and salad is already a cheap cost.

User:Vane M.

GREAT PLACE! It's like a subway for pizza! Came here to eat even though we were having drinks at Cafe Tranquilo where the food is not worth the price, sadly. Anyway, great food great prices. And they have wine and beer.

User:ric L.

the Freshly made pizza is one of the best in the central corridor ! all the fresh toppings prepared daily , and the Salads made to order are the best ! but what's even better than the Fresh Pizza and Salads ? THE STAFF ! This staff run by one of the most caring professional Managers HEATHER is absolutely the best ! I've been in this place at once if not twice a week, and it never fails that one or All will call me out and welcome me as if I were just there ! Heather Anthony and Alma are some of the best customer service members across the board ! the food is Great and the staff is even Better ! Thank You ALL and please keep up the great work and Life is a Pizza ! ciao ciao ! ric Lopez

User:J Marie S.

Really good for fast serve food! Salads were fresh and thin crust pizza really crispy. And, the service was great...very patient and helpful as we took a while to decide!

User:Patricia B.

Well, I came to this place for lunch since I was attending training in this center. I think they have a good thing going on with this concept. I love the pizza because I can choose whatever ingredients I like. Service is friendly and well paced. They get rush hour like at noon and they get huge lines all the way to the door, however, no worries, they are very fast and you will get your pizza in no time. My pizza was a little burnt at a couple of spots on top, but nothing major. Overall really good. Oh, and I love the teas, they black, green and jasmine, passion fruit, and a watermelon option, they are so yummy you don't even need to put sugar on them.

User:Shawna M.

I have to start with saying I LOVE Fired Pie! We eat here all the time. However, as much as I appreciate a special. (Today was $4.15) I would have rather paid full price. I understand they were extra busy especially for the Park Central location, normally it's dead after 5pm. pizza was HORRIBLE today . I was sooo excited about picking it up after work to bring home and now.........I'm just bummed. They slopped it together and hardly put anything on it. I asked for crispy and it's barely cooked.

User:Rich Y.

Went here with a co-worker....I wasn't sure what we were getting ourselves into...but it was amazing. We got it to go. It was the envy of everyone at work. Just a great tasting pizza.

User:Skyler I.

Cool spot! Chipotle meets the Personal Pizza. Choose from one of theirs, or design your own and move down the line like Chipotle.

User:Jennifer S.

I love this concept of a quick, make your own pizza. We stopped in for lunch one day and really enjoyed our pizzas. The restaurant was nice - inside and out - and the staff was super friendly too. This place gets packed at lunch, so beware about what time you arrive.

User:Marshall S.

Service was great, the place was clean, and the food came out fast. The only thing that give this such a low rating was the taste. it tasted almost exactly like a tostinos frozen pizza. and for 8+ dollars i expected quite a bit more. The girls working there did a great job preparing it, but the flavor was mediocre at best.

User:Robert G.

Fast and convenient. Pretty good pie. You can't expect a gourmet experience in the pizza equivalent of Chipolte, but they put out a good product. Staff was very friendly, the store was clean, and the service was quick and courteous.

User:Jacqueline L.

Strolled into this spot on a Friday night after seeing the signs for a few months. Think Chipotle, but for pizza! So damn good. Set price @ $7.75 for an 11inch-any toppings you would like. Plenty of toppings to choose from.. Thin and crispy crust- damn it's good!! A buddy mentioned it can get busy for the lunch crowd, but it was slow on Friday night. Also thats it's best to eat there vs. Take out which makes sense! You gotta try!

User:J C.

This place is great. I really enjoyed my pizza and salad. If you are coming during lunch be prepared to wait a little. They employees move you in and out as fast as possible but most people there are ordering for multiple people (office buildings and such). The ONE down fall I have with this place is they put waaaaaaaay too much dressing on their salads. I've learned to ask for it on the side but on occasion they forget and toss it for me. Not a deal breaker but still a little frustrating at times. The pizza is amazing and the prices are too.

User:Gary B.

Better ingredients. Better pizza. Not PJ's. But seriously, for the price you can't go wrong. Under $10 gets you a personal pizza or a big salad with fresh ingredients from all across the pizza spectrum; NO additional cost! Great atmosphere and friendly service; a shiny new gem in Historic Park Central!

User:Ash L.

I had an amazing experience today here. A young man by the name of Anthony made my visit absolutely wonderful. I am Deaf, and use ASL as my main language. Anthony can sign, and while still performing his very essential job of cooking the pizzas, he was willing to assist me with my order, and made sure that I got what I wanted, and that it was correct. He was AMAZING. I want to thank you for hiring him, and and think all your employees should have such a positive look on life and do their jobs with a smile. He went above and beyond, making this pizza the best I have tasted. #deaffriendly

User:Julie K.

I love this place- the pizzas are great! Love that they have fresh mozzarella. Inexpensive and delicious!

User:D D.

I think this could be the perfect lunch. The portions are just right. The toppings are very good. The staff is fast, polite, competent and plentiful. Prices are appropriate. It is a regular stop for the people in my office. 5 stars well deserved.

User:Howie C.

$8 for a made to order 11" thin crust pizza? Yeah, I'll take that deal. The doughs great, the atmosphere is modern and relaxed, the ladies behind the counter are pretty, they have a million options, and considering they're cooking you a damned pizza, they're quick too. Get there early though, this place is popular and a line forms fast.

User:Dana B.

This is in the same complex as Starbucks and Jamba Juice and is a little hard to find at first. The location is a little strange but as more businesses move in, I'm sure the atmosphere will perk up. Great portions for the price-- $7.75 for any salad or pizza ($2 extra for gluten free crust). The regular crust was the best I remember having locally, and the pizza was baked off in no time. I shared a blue cheese and steak pizza as well as the Italian salad. The salad was underwhelming (although huge) and the pizza delicious. I recommend splitting... One pizza is fairly large! I would definitely return.

User:Robert B.

Never say never. I had posted a poor review of fired pie two weeks and said i would never go there again. A couple of days later I received an email from one of the founders (Fred Morgan) who had offered to replace my pizza. He asked for my address and sure enough he was true to his word and sent me a gift card for another pizza. The pizza was really good. You can tell that these guys have been in the pizza industry for a long time. Their pies are about the same size as you would get at California Pizza Kitchen, but you get to add your toppings similarly to how you would at subway or at Chipotle. Also seeing the way that they responded to my earlier posting shows that they understand the importance of client promoters and detractors which in my opinion is a sign of a great company. Thank you Fred!

User:Milo N.

I LOVE this place. I am a vegan and it's very hard to find a restaurant. I emailed them from their website, asking if the crust was vegan and they responded with "YES". So I tried them. Good selections, good wine and delicious!

User:Larry W.

Thought we would check this out, when we walked in our ears were assaulted by music that was not the best for a dining experience, not sure what they are going for, but they missed out on our business

User:Rick K.

Awesome ,it is so nice to get just what you want on your pizza.

User:Daniel G.

Wow, crazy good pizza! I loved the pizza place that was here before but this place is wwwaayy better. Great service, great pizza, great salads and all in your control to make your own perfect pizza or salad.

User:Cindy C.

Great little place in Park Central. made to order personal pizzas and salads, all for $7.95. Salads are huge, pizzas are made quickly in wood fired oven. We were there on a quiet Labor Day, but on a workday it would be awesome for a quick lunch. Food was great - loved the steak and blue salad. I have to try one of their specialized pizzas next time - pesto chicken or Hawaiian barbecue. Oh, you have to try the Pookie - a warm chocolate chip cookie in a little pie pan with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream for only $3.00.

User:D M.

I was pleasantly surprised!!! I am really glad I discovered this place and that it's so close to work. I ordered two which I invented myself and the other for my friend/co-worker...the steak and blue. We devoured those things...except for the two slices we offered our boss. We all agreed...those pizzas were awesome. In fact, my boss picked up two pizzas at the Agua Fria location on the way home that evening!!! And you can't beat the price!!! Definitely a keeper for my weekday lunch choice.

User:Denise M.

I tried Fired Pie tonight for the first time. After standing in line and agonizing over how I was going to customize my pizza (soooo many choices), I saw that they have house pizzas. The Steak and Blue pizza intrigued me, so ordered it. The dough was brushed with oil and then it was topped with garlic, mozzarella, gorgonzola, sliced steak, mushrooms and roasted peppers and onions I asked for artichoke hearts, additionally. About 8 minutes later my masterpiece was baked to perfection! This was the best pizza, although certainly the most non-conformist, that I have eaten in ages! I would return for this pizza, though I'm fantasizing about the combinations I can create, all for $7.75 each!

User:Rogelio M.

A co-worker told my wife about the new pizza place at Park Central and I knew we had to go. We went in at 6 PM and were the only customers, although a few people trickled in after us. Park Central is vacant after 5PM, so that wasn't surprising. There was another Italian place here years ago, but I can't recall the name offhand. The first thing that catches your eye is the pizza oven, with a raging fire inside. The pizza is about 12" in diameter, just right for one hungry person. The ingredients are all in front of you, much like the counter at Subway, and they build your pizza as you watch (or salad, which my wife had). You can create your own pizza from a variety of sauces and cheeses, and an assortment of meats and veggies, or, order off their menu. I ordered off the menu and had the meaty Italian. Sauce, cheese, toppings, and a minute or two later it's in the oven. My wife ordered the Southwest Chicken Salad, but began customizing as it was assembled, "no, leave off the onions and peppers. Can I have balsamic instead of the southwest dressing?" We sat down and they brought my pizza out a few minutes later. It was piping hot, with just the right amount of char on the bottom of the very thin crust. The sauce, cheese, and toppings were all great and worked well together. I finished it quickly! My wife enjoyed her salad, but wasn't very hungry after a big lunch, so she took most of it home and is going to have it for lunch today. They are not yet serving beer and wine, which was the only disappointment on our visit, but they told us the City permits are taking longer than expected. I'll be back for vino. Pino's on Thomas is within slingshot distance of Fired Pie. They've been serving great pizza for a long time, so it takes balls to open another pizza place this close to Pino's. They can definitely give Pino's a run for its money! Salads and pizzas are both priced at $7.75.

User:Kitty M.

Ordered Steak and Blue salad--definitely not impressed and don't recommend. Tasteless with ground up steak bits, barely recognizable as meat.

User:Jennifer G.

They make 11" personal size pizzas for $7.95 with no limit on the toppings you put on it. The pizzas are ready in about 5 minutes. I happen to like thin crust pizzas and my pizza was great. The staff was very friendly as well. They also do personalized salads, but I didn't try that.

User:Pablo H.

Excellent food, very accommodating, great family place. Barbecue pizza is the best I have ever had. The sweet balsamic salad dressing was to die for. I would highly recommend this place.

User:DL F.

This place is fantastic! I've been there a few times for business lunches and everyone has always been happy. The pizzas are ample for one person or could be split if you also got a saled (which is huge). Everything looks and tastes fresh and I love that you can ask to have as much as you want piled on and it's still the same price. Although the line can back up at lunch (much like a Chipotle) since everything is made to order, the pizza is done in 3 minutes after being cooked in a hig-powered 550 degree oven. I don't think I've even had a problme finding any seatign even when the line is long. I actually think this pizza is better than 90% of pizza I've had elsewhere. To me, it's worthy of 5 starts. I just wish they had one right where I live.

User:J P.

Live across the street. Love the pizza and ability to customize. People were so nice. Meatball, pesto, tomato sauce, and pepperoni.

User:E B.

Great pizza fast, the place works like a well oiled machine. Go for one of their creations and customize, the taste is top quality. The soda tastes great as well, I'm looking forward to being a regular.

User:Victor G.

For the price, this place is awesome! I work nearby. After hearing all my co-workers raving about this place, I gave it a try. For $7.75 + tax you can get *ANY* pizza. You can buy one of their pre-made pizzas, or create your own. No extra charges for ANYTHING. They really mean it when they say create your pizza. Sauces include tomato, bbq, pesto, alfredo and more. On my last pizza, I asked for mozerella AND fresh mozerella. I asked for the oil and garlic over the cheese (before the toppings). The meat went on next (pepperoni, bacon, sausage) following by the vegies (roast peppers, fresh red onion, roast mushrooms, pepperoncini, heavy garlic). When the pizza came out of the oven, the chopped basil went on. I asked for a side of sauce to go with it. The guy suggested ranch, but I went for tomato sauce. The crust was crisp but soft. The topping were fresh and tasty. VERY fast and very reasonable pricing.

User:Marc C.

Have gone a few more times now. I am so hooked on the Pesto Chicken Pizza! I always add on add'l toppings which is surprisingly NO extra cost! Most pizza places would charge you for each add'l topping...NOT here! So I usually add on artichoke hearts, feta cheese, roasted peppers, spinach & garlic! How can you beat that! I usually go after the big lunch rush, usually like 4 pm, otherwise expect to wait in line at the peak of the lunch rush during the week, but the line does go pretty fast. I like that they are even open til 8 pm, M-F, and even til 4 pm Sat & Sun!.... In a way, it's kind of their advantage to stay open later like that, as people get off work in the nearby area & they can swing in their to get a pizza or salad! On the counter, they have parm cheese, & red pepper flakes to sprinkle on your pizza, but they also have garlic powder, & Italian Seasonings, too! Before this place opened, I would usually go to the nearby Z-Pizza on Thomas, but no more!

User:Jools C.

been here 3 times, their pizza has not let me down. delicious!

User:Dan O.

Heard about this place form a friend and wanted to try it out. The pizza is really good. They press the dough for each pizza, they you can add whatever you want to make your own creation. Then, they fire the pie and it takes only a few minutes to cook it perfectly. I was impressed by the crispness of the crust and the variety of toppings. I also had a salad. The greens were good and all the pizza toppings were available for the salad, too. Oh, and I should mention they serve beer. Kiltlifter and pizza ... Who am I kidding? Kiltlifter goes with anything.

User:Eric B.

This is a great spot where they have a menu with predesigned pizzas but also give you the option to build your own pizza and they can turn it around quick.

User:Dean-Ryan S.

I'm a BIG fan of this place. It's basically like a Subway except for pizzas (they have salads too - whatever). Only one size crust, but from that point you can choose precisely what you want on the pizza, from several sauces, several different kinds of cheese (fontina, fresh or regular mozzarella, more), about ten different meats and plenty of different veggies including caramelized or raw onions, artichoke, black or kalamata olives. You can have them load your pizza with as many or few toppings as you like, they artfully arrange the items on top of the pizza base for you and then once you're done ordering they fling it in their giant oven and it's ready in generally about five minutes. The pizzas I've had them build are usually delicious, but unfortunately the last time I was there they slightly burned the crust. My one minor complaint only has to do with how absolutely NUTS popular this place is. A couple of us walked down at just after 11am to see if we could beat the lunch rush. 11:10am, there were about 20 people already in line. In the 15 mins that it took to get to the end of the line, order and have our pizzas in the oven, enough people had arrived that the line was out the freakin' door. Fired Pie just has an absolutely winning formula; long as they get the bake timing right the pizzas are fantastic and for a great price. They need a second oven though. Desperately. A rare 4 stars from me.

User:Jonathan H.

I'm sorry but I can't support a restaurant where you have a food prep line and they don't change their gloves after every order. Sticking your hands in sausage, mushrooms and cheese then making my salad is not something I agree with. The food is good but from the way it is prepared I will never it here again.

User:Joe R.

Custom designed 11" pizza for only $7.75 with as many, or few toppings as you desire, including premium ingredients like feta cheese, fresh mozzarella, capicola, Kalamata olives and more....At no extra charge. This is a very thin crust, but not a cracker crust, but thinner than I would usually prefer, however the toppings more than make up for it. They also do custom salads and take out. The place can fill up quickly and there have been long lines, especially around noon. The good news is that there are several other places to eat at this location if the line is out the door and you prefer not to wait.

User:Tasia C.

This place is awesome now you can have a pizza with all the things for one low price! LOVE! & they have China Mist tea...uhh double bonus. Friendly staff, yummy pizza, happy girl.

User:Dj K.

Me and my husband eat here at least once a week. This by far is my favorite place to eat pizza. I enjoy the fact that I can put everything on my pizza for $8. The crust is thin and crunchy and the meat toppings are top quality. I like the million different opinions there are for the perfect topped pizza. We saw the size of their salads and we were shocked at how big they were. This place is always busy which is great. That means they will be around for a long time. I HIGHLY recommend this place If you want the best cheap pizza ever.

User:Marty F.

I never thought I'd say this about Fired Pie... but I think this is the best pizza I have ever had. Hands down. Thin crust is my favorite. Along with fresh ingredients, wonderful flavors and a great price; you can't beat this. I had a tried a place like this at USC in CA and this destroys that one. Fired Pie is top notch!

User:Daniel M.

Set up like a Chipotle but for Pizza. I hope it continues to expand! Great for casual dining.

User:Queen Cuisine C.

Customized, personalized pizza shops seem to be the rage right now. Prior to the "Fired Pie" experience, I was beginning to believe this rage to be trendy but not necessarily delicious. Well this place completely changed my mind. The ingredient options were similar to other chains, but these ingredients were awesomely fresh, and the staff really knew how to arrange the ingredients to optimize and balance the flavor, which enhanced the overall pizza experience. The staff was extremely friendly, and so willing to walk me through their process. I got nervous when my pizza was ready so first thought is that the ingredients would not be cooked well enough to mesh....once again, thankfully, I was wrong. That fired pie was fired right!!! Wonderful staff, very clean dining room, and super tasty deliciousness. Looking forward to my next trip to Phoenix and my next bite of Fired Pie.

User:Noor B.

Surprisingly good. I thought with the fast, design your own pizza strategy, the product would suffer, but I was definitely wrong. You get to pick out your own toppings and sauce, and the pizza is cooked very quickly. Price is very reasonable, and the quality is very good. This location is a bit hard to find, but I definitely suggest stopping by and giving Fired Pie a try. It's affordable, fast, and yummy. Next visit I want to try a salad in addition to a new pizza combination.

User:Andrew P.

Awesome-ness !!!!! Awesome-ness !!!!! Awesome-ness !!!!! First time here and definitely WILL be going back ... The service was great ! The choices for pizza toppings was phenomenal ! Overall ... Just a great place for some awesome tasting pizza ... And can't wait til the next time ...

User:Alex G.

Great food! Loved that it was one flat price. They gave us the wrong pie and we had to remake ours because they gave ours to someone else. It was incredible food though. It was fast and perfect for lunch.

User:Natalie B.

This place is AWESOME! Especially if you're vegetarian/vegan! I don't eat cheese or meat, so having the opportunity to load up on veggie toppings without any extra cost is so great and so worth it!! Their ingredients are always fresh and they offer fresh basil too (yum)! The pizza is always cooked to perfection too. They have a pretty decent craft beer selection also, which is always a plus!! :D Definitely recommend this place.

User:Katy H.

I give this place one star, due to the manager's horrible customer service. I have to be downtown for a workshop and was excited to go to Fired Pie because I have gluten allergies and they have a delicious gluten free crust. The place was busy, I get that, but the manager was extremely rude. I asked if they could just scrape the little area where they cook my pizza, I wasn't asking them to clean the whole stove. The manager said, "Ma'am, you can get a gluten free crust but we are not going to clean the grill with this crowd." I said, "I'm not asking you to. I just need the small part where you cook my pizza, scraped. That's all." She huffed around and I said I'd just have to get the salad, I guess. When I asked if the salads were gluten free (crazy that some aren't) she replied with, "Obviously, it depends on which one you get." Um...obviously, which is why I asked. I decided to just leave and walked all the way to China Chile, who happily accommodated me. I don't know anyone who would choose a gluten free crust, if she did not have allergies. It is not like regular crust, but I was so excited to be able to have pizza. My experience was ruined and I will never be back to the Central Phoenix location. The Westgate location is much more friendly, and knowledgeable. If you are going to run a restaurant, know your product. If she would have apologized and been at least an ounce of civil toward me, I would have understood. The only saving grace was the super nice young man who was trying to help me and apologized. He deserves to be promoted to manager. Sadly, I did not get his name, but he at least saved me from total disappointment. I believe in giving credit where credit is due...and also where it is not due. You missed the mark, Fired Pie. :-( *****Addendum: One of the co-owner's contacted me and apologized, telling me he has reviewed policies with the manager. I could have had my pizza cooked on a tin, which was not offered to me. It is so nice to have someone take enough care to try and remedy a negative situation. He informed me that he will send me a coupon for a free pizza. I don't think I'll be back to that location, but it certainly is a nice gesture.

User:Kristen B.

My belly is full and my wallet is happy, but there are a few tweaks I would make to convert fired pie to a 5 star fast casual spot. Things I loved: easy to read menu, variety of toppings, ease of ordering & check out, and the pizza of course! Perfect size too! Things I didn't love: no vegan cheese, tad unevenly cooked pizza (one side was pretty burnt & crunchy), also unkept dining room. One factor that makes me prefer their competitor, my pie, is that they not only have vegan cheese, but have a vegan pizza on their menu! Also they have wheat crust which is an added bonus.

User:Brittany M.

Based on so many glowing Yelp reviews, my boyfriend and I decided to try Fired Pie, and it was delicious. Yelp scores again! ;-) We decided to choose the "invent your own" 11 inch pizza option, and it was ready in about 5 minutes. The ingredients were really fresh, the crust was perfect, and it satisfied both of us for just about $8. We definitely shall return!

User:Eric L.

Great place overall. It's hard to go to a pizza shop when I'm eating alone (usually $20, 3000+ calories), but they have a good system in place. Tons of space inside. Very easy parking. It's in the center where you'll find Starbucks, The Good Egg, etc. To be honest I was going to the Good Egg and saw your sign and realized you were one of my bookmarks. The restaurant can't be seen from the street or even the parking lot. I'm glad I changed my mind and went here. The service was very friendly from all of the staff. The pizza was $7.95 and it's more than enough for one person. It could feed two and it's a great price if you choose that route. I'll take my nieces here and have them split one and feed 2 hungry kids for $4 each plus drinks. I ordered the Meaty Italian (pic enclosed). I ordered, got my drink, went to the little island to grab some parm and peppers, say down, took out my tablet, and by then the pizza was ready. Probably under 5 minutes. Very fresh and hard to believe it was that fast. Despite the low price they offered to put anything else on it that I wanted so I chose the sweet peppers. Same price, which is nice because I hate it when you order a pizza and the toppings double the price. The place was clean, they serve fountain drinks so you can refill, and the decor was modern. If you want to grab a pizza and not break the bank and maybe get 2 meals out of it, check out this place.

User:Kelei T.

Perhaps my bar is high, since I'm used to NYC pizza. The sauce was bitter/tangy. I wish I could reverse time and undigest that meal. Hunger is stubborn. Go elsewhere...I have no suggestions though.... The pizza could be worse...but it could be SOOO much better. The second star is for a friendly staff!

User:Jimmy P.

Good affordable food. Salads are huge and pizzas are more that I can finish. Tasty and unlimited toppings. Venue is so so but I always get takeout.

User:Leslie M.

If it wouldn't seem so weird, I think I would start a Fired Pie fan club. I came here today at 10:38a (I get hungry early!). They open at 10:30a and my fiancé and I were the only ones there! Yes - no wait! I walk up to the counter and you can customize your pizza or pick one from a list. I decided to customize mine: Pick your sauce: Tomato Cheese: Mozzarella and Gorgonzola Meats: Pepperoni, Spicy Sausage, and Bacon Vegetables: Mushrooms, Spinach, Artichokes, and Jalapenos They tell me it will take 3 minutes and voila! Two pizzas with a bunch of freaken toppings came out to be less than $20! What???! There has to be a catch, right? Like, the food sucks or something... We sit down and my pizza was delicious!!!! The crust was thin and it was so fresh! I even had to get a to-go box (I still had three slices left). Now, that's value! I am kind of scared to come around during lunch peak hours though. I am sure this place gets packed! I am definitely a fan!

User:Matt D.

If your looking for a quick and delicious pizza, then look no further. I hit up the Central Ave location on Sunday's after church and their staff has always been friendly. You select whatever ingredients you'd like on your pizza, so it's really up to you on how delicious you make it, but they've got plenty of options and they are all fresh and tasty toppings. I also feel like the price is out standing for the quality pizza you get. Always a good experience.

User:Cynthia Q.

WOW! Please try it! It's fresh and delicious! You get to pick all of your ingredients. The options are endless. They can add more of this or that no problem. Salad portions are huge too. I would say this is Subway in Pizza form. Can't wait to take my family.

User:Beth K.

Ok, I think I might be missing something here. I visited this place based on the awesome reviews and I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. Now, it may be partially my fault because I am not sure that creating my own pizza is one of my top talents but the pizza I made was a soupy and oddly bland disaster. It also took forever to get my pizza as it was mobbed. I thin I will leave the pizza creating up to the masters next time and purchase my pizza from some place who knows what's up.

User:Leah V.

just finished ordering and the staff was so rude to me. They were upset that I touched the glass and the "pizza topper applied" was obviously upset that he makes 7.75 per hour but he is definitely not a case for raising the minimum wage. I have a food allergy and they were so so so rude about it. Beware of bad customer service.

User:Justin F.

Not a bad pie for a a quick lunch. I don't mind eating there since I work so close it's very convenient and helps add to the options in the area but it's not somewhere I would go out of my way to drive too. Portions are plentiful and you won't leave hungry.

User:Ateh W.

Love this place!!! Chipotle but for pizza! Oh and you get to pick all your own topping and the sauce of your choice for only $8

User:Jeff B.

First time at Fired Pie today. Met my daughter for lunch. We arrived at 2:00 PM on a Monday and there were about 8 other tables. Good sign to be this busy after the lunch rush. I ordered a pie with tomato sauce and pesto, mozzarella and fontina cheeses, pepperoni and spicy sausage, jalapeños and onions. Forgot to get fresh basil on top. My daughter ordered similar but with a couple of topping changes. The line moved very quickly so we built, paid and filled our drinks within seven minutes. The pizzas came about seven minutes after that. I'm not a thin crust guy. Never liked it, never will. I don't like deep dish either. I prefer regular, Hungry Howie's-type crust but thin is all they offer at Fired Pie. We ate here because I just got laid off and I wanted a cheap meal for our weekly dad/daughter date. All their build-a-pizzas are $7.95. Wow, I found a thin crust that I love! It wasn't "cracker crisp" like I've seen at other places, thank goodness. It was cooked perfectly. The sauce-to-crust ratio was spot on. The toppings were toasted and flavorful. You guys nailed it! Came home tonight and told my wife all about it and she wants in on the pie! Our other daughter, who has celiac disease, can't eat here. Even tho they have gluten free dough, they prep it on the same boards and cook it in the same ovens, which is bad for celiac sufferers.

User:Mya T.

Went for the first time and boy was I impressed. I came in at the tail end of the lunch hour. The staff was top notch, all the items were stocked, the iced tea was full, and my wait was barely a wait at all. The food was hot and delicious. You can pick all the toppings and you have the benefit of seeing your choices in front of you. I will try a made to order salad next time.

User:Kyle B.

So good and 11" is a great size for the price. I got what I'll call the Veggie Lava Monster--spinach, onions, grilled onions, artichoke, black olives, bell peppers, fresh tomato, sundried tomato, jalapeño peppers, garlic, cilantro, basil, oregano all on a bed of lots of tomato sauce and GF crust. Staff was very friendly, though towards the end of my visit they got a little too distracted with training a new employee and sort of ignored serving new customers promptly. If the business is going to keep up with increasing demand, the assembly line will need to be more focused and faster. Still, very good experience overall and can't wait for my next visit!

User:Karina H.

I had previously reviewed this place thinking it was the Westgate location! Ah! I've actually been to this Central location and the staff is organized and efficient, especially during the week considering their huge lunch crowd. The pizza was good and made to my specifications. This is one of the better locations to try if you are curious about Fired Pie, as well as the Deer Valley location.

User:Coco L.

This place is awesome. Short wait, delicious and light pizza. The staff was super courteous and helpful. It was clean and comfortable. I'll definitely be hitting this place up again next time!

User:Fahira C.

I was so happy to find out there was one close to me. This was my first time at this location and I must say it was a great experience. Employees were super friendly. Ambiance was great. My favorite layout yet. Food is as good as you build it ) I will for sure go back to this Fired Pie.

User:Marc C.

This place is awesome. Service is always amazing. The manager there is awesome she is extremely friendly and really makes lunch time enjoyable while you wait and order your pizza. The whole staff there laughs with you, jokes with you and they really personalize your visit.

User:Nando M.

Great tasting pizza and affordable. Recommend you split the pie, with someone cause it's huge!!!!

User:Amber B.

Nice place for salads. I like how you can control the ingredients. Pizza is good. I had it once where the crust got too dark, but it seems like an isolated incident.

User:Summer L.

This place is Amazing. If you haven't ate here it's very recommended ! Not only its a personal sized pizza for yourself but you can make it anyway you want it ! You ask what about the toppings ? You can put what you want and how much ever you want ! Mmmmm my kind of place ! I will trick out my pizza every time ! It never gets old as you can make your pizza different every time ! They are opening more and more locations as we keep visiting the central phx location . Well stop reading and go enjoy I know I'm about too .

User:Kenny M.

Closes at 8pm not 9pm.. Walked a mile to be disappointed.

User:Eilonwy W.

The quality of the food has slipped enough that I almost don't care what's happened with the service. Almost. I care enough to update my review. I went on a Saturday for lunch. Restaurant was almost empty except for the 30-something man ahead of me in line, who was an object of fascination to the 40-something female clerk working the ingredients line. Maybe his daily visits are the highlight of her lonely existence. Maybe he's Clark Kent. Maybe they dated, back when she was a wealthy socialite, but he won't recognize her existence now that she's reduced to making personal pizzas. Maybe she was his nanny and hopes he'll recognize her. Maybe he's an eligible bachelor who has promised to marry the woman who makes him a perfect pizza. Certainly, she was trying to make him the perfect pizza. She lavished ingredients on his pizza while picking pieces off mine to make sure I didn't get one single extra piece of sausage. Not one! Gotta protect those profit margins! The result is that I've had $1 frozen personal pizzas with more generous topping distribution. (And yet, the resulting pizza was still greasy, underdone at the middle, and burnt at the edges.) I'd been planning to order a glass of wine, but I figured with the care taken to not overload my pizza, the restaurant's margins were already well-protected. I'd also planned to tip, but by the time the clerk cooed Mr. Wonderful's name to call his order but snarled mine impatiently because I wasn't lingering by the counter but had gone to get a table, that also was a non-starter. The whole time, the young female manager was training another staff member within earshot but was apparently okay with it all. I'm clean, quiet, modestly dressed, and prepared to tip. I have all my teeth, no running sores, and nothing that suggests infectious disease. If I'm by myself, I aim for hours when the restaurant isn't busy, so that I'm not taking up a two-top that's in demand for parties of two (or, worse, a four-top in demand for parties of four). I'm getting really tired of condescending, judgmental clerks for whom even that's not good enough. Y'all are waitstaff at middle-class restaurants, so you have NOTHING to be snobby about.

User:Rashiba T.

Love love love this place! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the pizza is horrible reheated. That being said I ordered pepperoni, olives, sausage in mushrooms with of course the garlic olive oil spread on the bottom. Delicious!!!! Can't wait to go back to Phoenix to stop by again.

User:Khoa T.

Similar concept and price as Pieology in Irvine -- Unlimited toppings on an 11" pizza for $ can you go wrong? From the creative (making 2 different halves on 1 pizza) to the artisanal to the economical (everything on it plz!) you can eat any kind of pizza possible. For ingredients they have a fairly decent selection of meats and veggies but not as much as Pieology. Still, it's definitely enough for me though. And being so close to the hospital, I will definitely be back soon yumz

User:Nathan S.

I can make any pizza I want? Yes, please. I swear these guys stole this idea from Kramer, who wanted to open a restaurant where people could make their own pie, but whatever, I'm not complaining. It actually works. I was trying to think of a reason why Fired Pie shouldn't receive 5-stars, but I couldn't come up with anything. The process is relatively quick and painless and your pizza is ready within a few minutes. For about $8.50 (with tax), this pizza is awesome. In fact, the quality and taste is almost equal to popular establishments like Pomo Pizzeria, Cibo, and Federal Pizza. I absolutely love the fact that I can design whatever pizza I want and add extra toppings for no additional fee. If you want a quick, affordable, delicious experience, I highly recommend Fired Pie to sate your hunger for pizza.

User:James A.

I have had their petezer before, and I love the burnt crust. Cheesy goodness, with Pepperoni. I just went back and got their Steak and Blue salad. I'm a bit confused on where the "Blue" part comes into play. No Blue Cheese on the salad. The steak that is crumbled onto the salad was yummy. They tossed some sauteed onions and green peppers. That was surprisingly good. The salad comes with a sweet Vinaigrette, it's to sweet, and really thick. I didn't care for it to much, it's so sweet, it leaves you thirsty ASF. Steak and Blue...Interestingly enough Blue Cheese isn't even an option for a dressing. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The wait to order kinda sucks, the line was out the door and that was at Noon. Get there early or get there late, but don't get there when it's noon, you'll spend your lunch break looking at the back of some schmucks head in line ahead of you. ~Big Daddy Long Strokes

User:Marc C.

LOVE the pizzas & salads here! My favorite is the Chicken Pesto Pizza.... I always get it with additional toppings, & here comes the good part.... THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THE ADDITIONAL TOPPINGS!!! So, keep piling them on! :)

User:Jennifer N.

Food: 11 inch pizza with unlimited toppings. For the sauce, I chose a combination of Alfredo sauce and pesto. Cheese: mozzarella and Parmesan. Meats: spicy sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. Veggies: spinach, mushrooms, red onions, pineapples, and sun dried tomatoes. The crust wasn't too thin or heavy. It was crunchy and soft at the same time. Hands down the best pizza I've ever had. I was pretty impressed with my creation. Lol. Leftovers was just as good! 5/5 Service: Fast and friendly. The guy who assembled my pizza made suggestions when asked. My pizza came out within 5 minutes of ordering it! 11 inch pizza and bottled water for under $10. What a steal! Why go anywhere else for pizza?? 5/5 Final thoughts: This is officially my favorite pizza spot! I loved everything about it! I was legit sad when I finished my leftovers. Lol.

User:Stephanie F.

This place is awesome and I will definitely be back! I had the chicken pesto and added mushrooms-it was very good and a great price, under $10 for a pizza that will fill you up and is great! Two thumbs up for this place .

User:Jaime C.

Love this over other pizza places now just because I can make it how I want from severalllllll options. Great price $7.95 for personal and it could even be split between two or taken as leftovers....unless you are just plain hungry and want it all!!

User:Cyrillie C.

They use fresh ingredients when preparing your pizza. You can pick and choose your ingredients when building your pizza or add unto their already popular creations. The pizza crust is perfectly made in regards to flavor and thinness, not at all chewy and not too crispy like a cracker. I had the pesto chicken with some add on ingredients: garlic, mushrooms, spinach, and spicy sausage. The mozzarella cheese is fresh and not stringy or spongy. From my first bite to the very last, I was in heaven. Delightful, all the different textures and flavors intermingling with one another on that amazing crust. The closest comparison in terms of taste and freshness is Papa Murphy's. However, the crust is phenomenal and not comparable to any other that I have had thus far. Firedpie keeps it simple but blows the competition away with its unique sauces and pizza crust. The customer service at the 3110 Central Ave. location was fast and friendly. The dining area was comfortable and had its own self-service condiment and beverage section. All in all, a great experience.

User:Eco S.

Great location, and lots of space for eating, great environment, great artwork and Best staff ever!!! of course great pizza with the freshest ingredients and lemonade Pesto chicken pizza and buffalo chicken pizza are our favorites !!

User:Christine B.

This place is awesome. Imagine chipoltle but with... PIZZA! I went here on a Friday around 6pm and there was barely a line. The price is very fair for a personal, quick pizza. The only con in my opinion is that the employees did not ask me if I had been there before. So I was a little confused right off the bat. They kind of just stood there waiting for me to talk. I had to say "Ok so this is my first time here, what do I start with??" Overall, awesome experience for some awesome food within minutes!

User:Robyn B.

Best lunch spot in the area. SO many options. All the ingredients are fresh and delicious. I've tried both the pizzas and the salads, you can't really go wrong! Tons of seating, friendly employees, the pizzas come out fast, and the prices are reasonable. Please come to Boston.

User:Haneen O.

First visit! I arrived at 12:15 and the line was so long, but I really wanted to try it and I was already there so I stuck it out. Thankfully, the line moves pretty fast! They make your order in waves: first the crust (reg or gluten-free), cheese and sauce, meats, and then vegetables and herbs. It went quickly and it only needs a few minutes in the oven to bake. I got tomato sauce, mozzarella, and red onions, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, jalapeños, artichokes and spinach. I do wish it was fresh spinach instead of cooked. It was delicious! Thin, crispy crust and the rest was soft. I'm excited for my leftovers. The salads looked really good and they even have a pookie (pizza cookie) dessert. Yum!

User:William P.

Love it. Great pizza. Make your own pizza any way you want it. Great personal pizzas for 6 bucks. Salads r great too.

User:Amber B.

I'm a thin crust fanatic, and this place delivered! Best pizza I've had in a very long time - AND $7.95 for unlimited toppings. This includes meat and cheese. If you love pizza you must run, not walk to FiredPie!

User:Rebecca G.

Tonight my first visit to FiredPie downtown, 201 East Washington (location) to be exact. Pizza was great, beer with a frosted glass just what I wanted. But I was not impressed by the Owner, being verbally agressive to the employees while they are assisting and making an order with our group. That was not professional, I as a customer felt embarrassed for the employee myself. It's a busy Friday night in downtown tonight, that was not needed whatsoever. Before we excited the restaurant, we also witnessed "Fred" continuing the agressive behavior toward a female employee. We had 2 young girls present, and they asked why was he so rude to the employee? We did see him, pull her by the arm and continue to use agressive language toward her. We have been to plenty of eateries in downtown and we have never witnessed anything like this. We will not let this go unheard. Be an encouraging Boss, you were more like a Bully! Very disappointed, and you are not showing your employees workplace manners by you acting the way you did Mr. FRED.

User:Jennifer O.

Having been to another local company with the same concept, this place just didn't measure up. Judging this pizza place independent of the other, it was alright. The concept is great - unlimited toppings for one low price - but, though this place has a lot of toppings, they don't have all of my favorites and the toppings they do offer aren't of the highest quality. I wish they had ricotta or goat cheese. I wish they had more fresh vegetables... even their spinach was already cooked which lead to less than a great flavor. Here is the pizza I ordered: tomato and pesto sauces, mozz cheese (shredded and fresh), spicy sausage, bacon (not cut well, with large chunks that were hard to chew), spinach, onion, peppers, garlic, tomato, and basil. I was impressed with their crispy crust and the pizza had decent flavor on day one. The real disappointment was with the leftovers. There's no way I could eat this whole pizza in one sitting, so I had half a pizza left. The reheated leftovers tasted terrible... the cheese got that weird plasticky quality and it just tasted awful... only one day later. That would be my biggest deterrence to a return visit. While this place is alright, I don't think I will be back anytime soon.

User:Marilyn B.

Really good pizza! Staff was friendly and helpful. Place was clean. We'll go back!



Opening Hours

Mon :10:30 am - 8:
Takes Reservations : No
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Lunch
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : No
Waiter Service : No
Caters : No