La Piazza PHX

1 N 1st St,Ste 103
Phoenix, 85004
You need to eat here, you have to. La piazza is absolutely incredible. Their pizzas, appetizers, desserts - all of it. I've been to plenty of Italian restaurants around Phoenix, and until I had La Piazza, The Parlor was my favorite. The next part may sound ridiculous to you, but the moment I bit into a slice of the Diabolo, I was hooked. Seriously, I couldn't believe how good it was! I couldn't believe I could be surprised by pizza, an item I've had millions of times, but not like this one. The dough, incredible. It tastes fresh, like my grandmother hand rolled it in the back there. The sauce, amazing. You could taste each ingredient in it and it was as fresh as picking a tomato and taking a bite right out of it. I don't know what else to say, other than the food is phenomenal. I recommend this place to EVERYONE. My friends are probably getting tired of me talking about it lol but it's something you have to experience. Do it.
We visited La Piazza for lunch on a visit to Phoenix. We ordered three pizzas, the Bianco, Italian Stallion, and cheese pizza for the kiddos(Margherite minus the basil). The pizza had a nice charred crust and was flavorful. The Bianco needed salt, which was a surprise; however, I prefer more salt on my pizza than most. We also had the warm spinach salad, which was very tasty. I would come back here, I can appreciate real wood fired pizza, which is miles better than those "fast fired" pizzas at those popular chain pizza joints.
The first pizzeria that doesn't play Sinatra - thankfully. I'm always skeptical of places claiming to be "certified real artisan Neapolitan pizza" but I have to say this pizza is pretty damn close to the real deal - without going to Naples. First of all, it's not fair to compare a Neapolitan pizza to a standard Italian-American pizza. A Neapolitan pizza has a few, high quality ingredients. Italian-American pizzas tend to have a glop of sauce, cheese and no less than four other crappy ingredients. He landed at La Piazza after bailing on a 2 hour wait at Arrogant Butcher. Everyone at the table was very surprised and pleased with our meals. Definitely go back.

(602) 795-7116

Pizza, Italian

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Stumpys Pizza

1331 E Northern Ave
Phoenix, 85020
We've had takeout and delivery, and it's good pizza! Woodfire oven baked goodness! Definitely will continue to frequent this shop - especially on nights we're too pooped to cook for ourselves. So glad to have them around!
We're out of towners using Yelp to eat in tonight. We were really happy with The Works from Stumpy's - excellent flavor, nice bready but crisp crust periphery, complimentary fresh garlic :), and fast delivery. I'd recommend and definitely order from again. (Please send napkins with delivery). Did I mention the great fresh garlic?
I've never had a bad pizza. Their crumbly sausage is so good and their service can't be beat. Yummy!

(602) 997-2727

Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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Bell’ Italia Pizzeria

4909 E Chandler Blvd,Ste 506
Phoenix, 85048
Mario makes great food. We always feel welcome and relaxed here. Salads have Mozzarella chz, cucumber, croutons and onion. House Italian dressing is great. I love the veal franchese (a light lemon white wine sauce on lightly battered veal-they also gave it in a chicken version). I also love the stuffed shells. My son loves the linguini in white clam sauce and my daughter the chicken Alfredo. My husband likes the sangria and veal Milanese and veal piccata. It is hard to find a place to get veal for under $30 without having to get all dressed up and drop a lot of money. Drinks are affordable, service great and the veal entrees come with salad and a pasta side which leave enough for an entire meal of leftovers. I like that there bread is soft and doesn't have a crispy crust. We ash for olive oil to dip it in and parm chz. We have not yet tried the pizza because we love e everything else do much. It looks like they serve it on a special pedestal platter with bumps on the bottom so the crust stays crispy. I always feel welcome, leave happy and feel appreciated for supporting a family owned restaurant.
It's been two years since my last review of Mario's neighborhood gem. We love the food and the service...and feel like family here. Yes, we're regulars--every member of our family has 2-3 "go to" menu items here. My wife has three food intolerances which can make ordering tricky. Mario and his entire staff handle her needs with grace and aplomb. This place is a gem. I can't say enough!
I just ate the best slice of pizza since I am living in Arizona. I also had the eggplant parmigiana the other night. Simply said Il meglio, the best.

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Different Pointe of View

11111 N 7th St
Phoenix, 85020
Last night, I had one of the most delicious meals of my life at Different Pointe of View in Phoenix. I've never been to this gorgeous AAA Four Diamond restaurant overlooking Phoenix, part of the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, and we were immediately treated to beautiful skies and glittering city lights. I went there for the Insider's Point of View dinner, where Chef Anthony DeMuro prepares a four-course dinner tableside for only 12 guests. Attendees are treated to a wine reception with appetizers out at that breathtaking patio before heading in to the chef's table, with each course paired with a complementary wine. The dinner is held every month besides summer months, and this season goes through May 1. Every featured winemaker is different depending on the dinner, and last night, we were treated to the delicious J. Hofstätter wine from Italy, a winery dating back four generations. We started out with Pinot Grigio out of the patio with an artichoke appetizer (Different Pointe of View was kind enough to offer vegetarian alternatives for me outside the regular menu -- they'll work with any dietary needs.) The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with lots of room for guests to spread out and take in the view. As an introvert who gets nervous at group dinners, the chef's dinner was so much fun and low-stress. Diners are spread out around the makeshift kitchen, and Chef Anthony lets diners know exactly how he's cooking dishes -- it's like a live cooking show in such a romantic setting overlooking the city. I love cooking but definitely can use all the tips I can get, and I learned a ton from Chef Anthony, especially in regards to risotto, a difficult dish to perfect, even for the pros. He advised to aim to get the rice crackling when it hits the oil-filled pan, and to treat it like pasta -- get it to the consistency you desire in the broth you're simmering it in, then drain it. As someone who regularly botches any type of rice, I appreciated his tips. I also had purple cauliflower for the first time, in the absolutely amazing course featuring a spinach polenta cake, abalone and yellowfeet mushrooms, and a smoked tomato sauce. It was paired with a great Pinot Noir that was devoid of a heavy oak-y flavor, because J. Hofstätter wine is housed in stainless steel, not wooden barrels. Our first course was light and refreshing but still really flavorful. My seafood-eating companion had lobster tail with a frisée salad with lemon zest, herbs, roasted garlic oil and garlic chips, while I had mine sans lobster. I loved the crunchy texture, and it paired wonderfully with the J. Hofstätter Pinot Bianco, a crisp white wine. My companion doesn't normally prefer white over red wine, but he loved the Pinot Bianco. Like Chef Anthony did a wonderful job at explaining the cooking process, winemaker Martin Foradori talked about the winemaking process and reminded diners how important acidity is when pairing wines with food. His vineyard has altitudes up to 6,000 feet, and it was really neat to hear about making wine in Italy while we sipped his vino. While we noshed on the veggie polenta dish, our companions enjoyed wild boar. My favorite dish of the night was the herb risotto with golden beets, artichoke hearts and a broccoli rabe sauce -- meat-eaters got short ribs braised in veal stock. It was paired with J. Hofstätter's Lagrein red wine, which is generally related to a Syrah, compared to the elegant Pinot Noir. Foradori described this wine as fresh and fruity, and it was a great addition to the tasty dish. Of course, dessert was a treat, a chocolate cherry balsamic cake with chocolate ganache and a chocolate balsamic sauce. The texture was moist and creamy, and I tried to get every last drop of sauce to cover the cake. I loved the cherry flavor, which related well to the red wines, too. The dining experience was more than a two-hour feast, and it was so much fun, in addition to making my stomach so happy. The wine dinner is a great value at $99 a person, because you get unique one-on-one time with the chef and so many tasty glasses of wine in addition to the farm-fresh dishes that are incredibly healthy. The next dinner is Friday, March 6, with wine's from Italy's Tedeschi Wines. Reservations can be made by calling (602) 866-6350.
I dont like this restaurant. The menu is seasonal, and when I went, there happened to be nothing on it that I liked, and I am not at all a picky person. I would have tolerated that and ordered whatever, had the server not practically scoffed at us when we asked if they had this or that. He was clearly looking down his nose at us the whole time, being totally rude, treating us like we were inconveniencing him as if he was some sort of royalty, his personality alone makes me never want to go back there again, even though I have had better experiences before. I wish I remembered his name so others could steer clear.
Amazing restaurant-went here last August (2013), and can't believe I didn't review it. Have been talking about it ever since and have sent several people here-all said the same things about it. Great food, great service, great experience.

(602) 866-6350

American (Traditional), Italian, Mediterranean

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Nellos Pizza

4710 E Warner Rd,Ste 10
Phoenix, 85044
Happy Hour is the best! $3 drafts and cheap appetizers. We ordered way too much food here and had to take a fair amount home (which made delicious leftovers). For $1, we got roasted olives in a bowl...I could've eaten that all night long. We also got Cheesy Garlic Bread. For entrees we tried the pesto pasta with meatballs, and the Fungji & Formaggio pizza. Everything we ate was delicious! And it was just as good the next day! The service was great - our server was knowledgeable about the food and helped us get creative in our pasta choice!
Yum this place was good! Bunch of friends who live in town decided to try this place out with me while I was in town last. Had the burger since white american cheese was on the menu and it did not disappoint. The staff was friendly and took care of my preggers friends and one of their particularly needy husbands (sorry Ryan if you are reading this, but you know I love you, brah) Will definitely be back.
The pizzas were okay, but not quite worth what we paid for them. They have some nice creative combinations, but they didn't wow me. To be honest, our dining experience was polluted by the woman in the next booth who had no concept of what "indoor voice" means, but that's auxiliary to this review. They do have a gluten free option, which was important to our guests. Service was done well.

(480) 893-8930

Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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Angie & Jimmie’s Italian Pizza

3126 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, 85017
My boyfriend recommended we pick up from here because he come here when he was younger. We ordered the ol pizza and wings last night. A great deal for a large- and I mean large pizza(Hawaiian) and 12 wings(mild) for $21. The pizza crust was was bland like no salt was added what so ever and too chewy. Very light on the sauce. The toppings were good but too few, an average of maybe 3 small wedges of pineapple on a slice(keep in mind a huge slice). Maybe it was an off batch of dough but I won't order another pizza from here. The wings were not your typical breaded or bathing sauce. They were crispy and good quality. But the sauce was all on the bottom of the container and the wings were well naked. If they would have actually mixed the wings with the sauce they would have been And the ranch meh, I've had better since it kind of tasted like the low fat hidden valley ranch.
I tried it for the first time it's the worst pizza ever it make me sick I'll never go back there!
Wow, this place looks bad! The parking is horrendous and the restaurant is located in an extremely shady looking strip mall. I walk in and it looks equally as shady and crappy as the exterior. However, we ordered our food "to go" and it was waiting for us when we arrived. There was a nice woman behind the front counter taking orders and handling transactions. I was surprised when I saw the size of my Italian combo sandwich. It was freaking huge! I only managed to eat half of it. My only complaint is that their cannolis weren't very good and the powdered sugar spilled inside my car. I would definitely recommend this place. They make some of the best sandwiches I have had since moving to Arizona.

(602) 246-7833

Pizza, Salad, Italian

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3159 E Lincoln Dr
Phoenix, 85016
The best Italian restaurant in town! Super fresh seafood salad is to die for! Grilled veggies are perfect. Their homemade pastas are sooo delish. Service is always good and when you get to go it's always hot and quick.
Food and service are always phenomenal. We go out of our way to eat here more than once every time we're in town and have never been disappointed.
Service was poor. Unfriendly atmosphere. Left before we could try food. Very disappointed.

(602) 381-3159


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Crust Pizzeria & Ristorante

4727 E Bell Rd
Phoenix, 85032
Came here for dinner and got: Meatball sliders with mozzarella: these were very good. The only complaint that I had that it was pretty pricey for an appetizer with 3 meatballs ($12)..... Macaroni and cheese rustica pizza: this isn't on the menu but another yelper wrote about it and we had to try it.....and we weren't disappointed. It was awesome. It's a "personal" pizza but plenty for 2 and it is absolutely perfect. The service was great, the atmosphere was great (there is a misted patio outside that's nice), and the food was excellent. We would definitely go back.....(although all the pizzas are shaped like penises and we don't know why....)
Bad customer service today. Was treated like I had no business there. They have a newly hired employee as an ambassador. She seemed like a nice person, but her body language and voice was quite unordinary for a restaurant establishment. Hope she doesn't treat or talk the same way to other future/present customers. Best of luck Crust On Bell. I'm willing to give this place a second chance if friends or family convince me to. If I see the same rude face who showed me no respect, I'd just start pretend I never met her before.
This was my very first time eating here and we decided to eat here on 7/31 because a friend of mine always wanted to try this place out. I would say overall the food was really good but the space was a little too tight in the dining area of the restaurant. My reasons of rating this a two-star is because of our waitress which I believe her name was Emily (this was the name given to me by the busser). I was there with my husband and another couple, in which we all are in our mid thirties, and I ordered a glass of wine, my friend a glass of wine, and my husband and my friend's husband both ordered a beer. For some strange reason I was the only person she carded. When I told the waitress she had to card everyone else as well in fairness she acted as if she wanted to push my buttons and only continued to ask for mine avoiding what I said without any explanation. From my understanding if anyone looks under the age of 55 then they need to be carded; however, this was not the case. I did feel that she was discriminating towards me in particular and even took everyone else's order first when my friend interrupted her and told her to take mine. While exiting the restaurant I did meet the owner (Michael???) because my friend actually knew him and stopped to chat with him for a little. I did want to express my concern with the owner when he asked how everything was but I didn't feel it was the appropriate time to complain to him since he was there with his family that involved kids.

(602) 494-1000

Italian, Pizza

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Christo’s Ristorante

6327 N 7th St
Phoenix, 85014
This is the neighborhood classic. The food never disappoints and the service is excellent. They have amazing weekly specials and their happy hour is great. The only Italian place we go to!
Went for dinner last night after hearing great things about it. It's was okay. Parking was horrid and food was just okay not wonderful. The soup was wonderful best part of the meal. I might return
Delicious food, reasonable priced,old world feeling, Great night all in all. This is our second time here within two months.

(602) 264-1784

Italian, Wine Bars, Seafood

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Ruffino Italian Cuisine

4902 E Warner Rd
Phoenix, 85044
Right away - I must tell you that we visited on Valentine's Day and that may make a difference to many readers. The place was packed though our table was ready as per our reservation. We were here to celebrate a major milestone birthday and I had requested notice of such. It never happened, even after I reminded the wait staff. We were surrounded by couples celebrating an evening of Love and the music from the bar worked nicely to set the mood. Service was inattentive, and I felt that not being a regular actually hurt our chances of having a decent meal. Our waiter knew just about everyone else around us and extra helpings of bread and the like went out to them. The food was meh. Decent Italian, but I think I could do the same plates justice at home. Again, I realize it was a special night with a special menu, but warmed over pasta just wasn't that special. I've heard good things about Ruffino's over the years but probably won't dare a second visit.
The staff is amazing! Super friendly and very accommodating. They were especially nice to our children. This is a nice old school Italian restaurant but with duck ravioli - and it was great! We're on vacation but I would recommend to locals.
I love this place. Truly. This place for lunch is awesome. Today I had the complimentary garlic bread And tortellini filled with meat in a alfredo, pancetta, and pea sauce MMMMM!!!! The tortellini was divine! Soft, fluffy meat pillows of deliciousness. Go here. Seriously. $12 out the door for lunch on white tablecloths using real silverware.

(480) 893-8544

Italian, Wine Bars

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