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  • Deb S.

    Right away - I must tell you that we visited on Valentine's Day and that may make a difference to many readers. The place was packed though our table was ready as per our reservation. We were here to celebrate a major milestone birthday and I had requested notice of such. It never happened, even after I reminded the wait staff. We were surrounded by couples celebrating an evening of Love and the music from the bar worked nicely to set the mood. Service was inattentive, and I felt that not being a regular actually hurt our chances of having a decent meal. Our waiter knew just about everyone else around us and extra helpings of bread and the like went out to them. The food was meh. Decent Italian, but I think I could do the same plates justice at home. Again, I realize it was a special night with a special menu, but warmed over pasta just wasn't that special. I've heard good things about Ruffino's over the years but probably won't dare a second visit.

  • Jennifer R.

    The staff is amazing! Super friendly and very accommodating. They were especially nice to our children. This is a nice old school Italian restaurant but with duck ravioli - and it was great! We're on vacation but I would recommend to locals.

  • Sarah H.

    I love this place. Truly. This place for lunch is awesome. Today I had the complimentary garlic bread And tortellini filled with meat in a alfredo, pancetta, and pea sauce MMMMM!!!! The tortellini was divine! Soft, fluffy meat pillows of deliciousness. Go here. Seriously. $12 out the door for lunch on white tablecloths using real silverware.

  • Angela C.

    I am very disappointed with Ruffino. We used to come in every month or two. However, we had a bad experience on Mother's Day and I wrote a note to the management and still haven't received a response. The service was beyond terrible that day and the place was packed because of a huge first communion party. There was a table of 10 unsupervised children right by us that were loud. The adults were sitting a few tables away and basically ignored them until it came time to serve cake. We asked the manager to do something and were ignored. There were issues with our order, slow service and an unpleasant experience. This saddens me because they have great food, but the service and execution just isn't there. We haven't been back since Mother's Day, and at this point I don't know if we will return because I don't feel like a valued customer. Management should take concerns raised by customers seriously and act on them, or at the very least respond to an email.

  • Bruce N.

    Excellent service! Unparalleled!!! Very friendly and welcoming. They care about their patrons. And the food is fresh. The lighting and music is romantic. And the food is so yummy. You must get the ravioli!!!

  • Adrianna R.

    First time here and it is inspiring to know the chef has been here for over 27 years since 1988. Bravo! The staff was very welcoming and friendly!

  • Sandi B.

    For a wonderful meal, in a lovely quaint atmosphere, try Ruffino's. We have been going there for several years, and it is our favorite Italian restaurant, in the valley. My husband loves the Osso Bucco (prepared in winter and spring, and I am absolutely hooked on the delicious Shrimp Scampi. Oh, and be sure to save room for dessert. If you love Italian Spumoni, their's is the best.

  • Seyhan S.

    My man brought me here for date night and I couldn't have been more pleased. We shared a nice bottle of wine in a quiet private dimly lit area by ourselves an dined on amazing Italian food. I saw another diners plate of spaghetti and meatballs and just had to order it, it was love at first bite. Perfect place for a romantic date!

  • charlie g.

    Boy did we score tonight, we belong to Ruffino's rewards club. We received an e-mail with their summer special menu starting Sunday,as reward members they let us come tonight for the special.We shared an appetizer the quantity and quality that we always get, we had a salad, a main entree and we shared a desert.All that for $37.95. The last time we were there it cost me $100 for basically the same items. The special runs Sunday- Thursday thru September, I know my wife and I are going back.

  • Pam S.

    Enjoyed a luscious combination of Chicken Marsala and Manicotti! It was perfectly prepared. We also love their garlic bread and wonderful house salad. We ordered the fried mozzarella as an appetizer.and it is delicious- not the traditional pre-breaded sticks. It is a large,thick square of mozzerella, deep fried and topped with marinara. The service is excellent -very attentive. There was also live music playing softly in the background. It was a perfect evening!

  • Mary S.

    Stopped in at Ruffino last Friday around 4pm , thought it would be a great happy hour start for the weekend. Our plan was to order a glass of wine & Oysters Rockefeller, and we did. Teresa, whom I believe is the owner, was working the bar and looked like kitchen help. Her black outfit (uniform) was very unattractive and it looked like she'd been cleaning a house all day long. You would think she would look nice since she's serving the guests. The restrooms were playing wonderful Italian Music, Dean Martin was playing when I was in there, but out in the dining area there was THUMP THUMP music...really? This is an Italian restaurant, where's the ambiance? If I wanted THUMP THUMP/ hip hop, I'd not pick an Italian restaurant. Maybe we should have sat in the bathroom? Oh...but it gets better. A young man, teens, brought in the trash cans from outside, as in 'big round trash bins,' one in each hand, right through the lounge where we were sitting in the booth, one of the trans cans almost rubbed my husband's right arm. A few minutes later, the young man went out again and brought a 3rd one in, the same way! No lids on the trash cans, just big old dirty trash cans being brought in through the front door - OMG, REALLY? This would break so many regulations - don't ya think? GROSS! How dirty and germy. The wine was just ok, and the Oysters Rockefeller were the worst ever. There were 6, and they were tiny and pathetic looking. They were edible, and we ate them, for $20 - you better believe we ate them, but they are not in any league to even be called Oysters Rockefeller. My gosh, go to DURANTS and order theirs, THAT'S OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER. Ruffino didn't even have cheese on theirs. The presentation failed drastically. They sat these sad looking 'things' on a wilted bed of iceburg shredded lettuce. You know, the more I think about it, I shouldn't have paid, and I shouldn't have eaten them. We just should have walked out and said "REALLY?" I even left a tip, that's how stupid I am. She didn't deserve a tip, because besides the fact the food was a joke, she didn't come by ONCE, to ask how things were. Didn't even ask if we wanted another drink - nothing. We finally had to flag her down for the check. $33 for what? I felt sick when we left there. Oh well, you never know what you're gonna get, right? We went it happy - looking forward to get our Friday on, and left in different spirits. Felt ripped off and very disappointed. I can tell you that 10 years ago this restaurant was the best in town. It's changed hands long since and is not even comparable anymore. My amazement is, 1. How can you allow food to leave your kitchen looking as this dish did? No presentation at all? 2. Do you not know what Oysters Rockefeller are? These didn't look or taste like them. Call them baked oysters, or something, but not Rockefeller, c'mon. Giving 1 star only because you have to chose at least 1. Otherwise, it's a negative number.

  • Annie M.

    Went with husband, we both remember thinking everything was delicious (been a while since we went). Nice atmosphere and great service too.

  • Gilles K.

    Big supporter of local businesses, I decided to get Ruffino a try after recommendations from friends. Alone, I opted for a seat at the bar. The bartender did a great job accommodating my special vegetarian requests, and was attentive through the whole process of my dinner. The beautiful manager came around all guests, and engaged in a friendly conversation. The food was good, great value. Good food, good wine, good service, no complain. Overall a good experience, I understand why it is a local favorite. Will go back.

  • Will G.

    Ruffino Italian Cuisine (affectionately referred to as Ruffino's) is my my wife and I's restaurant. We first found it a number of years ago when I took her out on a nice date. Since then, we have had our rehearsal dinner there and a number of special date nights. The restaurant really doesn't look like a whole lot from the outside. It is in a small strip mall nestled between a Dry Cleaner and a shoe repair shop. On the inside it is a little dated, but the service and food more than make up for it. When it comes to service, the wait staff is always extremely attentive. The owner, Steve, is also great. He is very hands on and always quick to address any concerns that may arise. When we had our rehearsal dinner here, he helped come up with a custom menu and pricing instead of their typical event menu. The food is amazing. The mean starts out with fresh garlic bread that is out of this world. For the entrée, my wife and I are extremely fond of the Filet Mignon, which is always cooked perfectly and extremely tender. Their other entrees, like the chicken parmigiana, are also delicious. All entrees come with pasta and veggies. Dessert cannot be missed either. The tiramisu is the best I have ever had. I will DEFINITELY be heading back here again soon.

  • Sheila A.

    Romantic setting...fabulous food... Entertaining live music! Wonderful surprise in Ahwatukee!

  • Michelle T.

    Wonderful food, people, excellent dining. Exquisite Lobster Bisque!

  • Diana L.

    We love coming here because they know how to treat their customers from the unique house wines to expansive wine menu. ... happy hour...and rustic foods with elegant flairs

  • Rich T.

    Favorite vendor business dinner spot near my work. Someone wants me to sell their products? Meet me at Ruffinos

  • Olga A.

    We had dinner in this restaurant . Everything was awesome! Customer service, food, life music and good Italian vine.I suggest you reserve table before coming. Very nice place!

  • C R.

    They have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, definitely worth a try and the vibe of the people are friendly! Chef been here since day one, tells you something about a place!!

  • Matthew S.

    To say in words would do an injustice to it's amazing craft of Italian food. Try to go during the week when it is not so busy. If you love Italian food, this is the place to go.

  • Olivera D.

    The customer service--awesome! The food from the appetizers to the main meals--delicious & big portions! Saturday night entertainment--phenomenal! Will I go back--YES!

  • Tomomi T.

    Great great great customer service! They remembered us from our first visit. Yummy food!! Lobster bisque is sooooooooo good :-)

  • Logie Z.

    Our friends invited us to have dinner here. I've never heard of this place before, apparently they've been here for years! The food is rustic Italian-American which is very rich and heavy for our taste. First off, the scallops wrapped in bacon, was pretty good, it is an old staple in a place such as this. Hubby ordered the Seafood Ravioli drenched in heavy cream and butter filled with chunks of seafood and cheese. Oh, he had a side of lobster bisque...just too much! He paired it with a Malbec, which I thought should be reserved for red meat, was I wrong. It was perfect for cutting through the fattiness of the meal. I thought I was safe to get the Oyster Rockefeller, that was also topped with heavy cheese and wilted spinach. I could even hardly taste the oysters, which was overcooked for my liking. I've heard of Conundrum that people raved about...blech. The worst wine I've had that cost $10 a glass. That was not their fault, so I drank as to not waste it. Now, the house salad was very good! I don't remember what was in it, because it was cave-like in there. The service was very good, eventhough the food was just so-so. Unless that friend extends an invite, we will go again.

  • Doug E.

    Don't let the strip mall location fool you. The food is excellent, best lasagna I've ever had. Garlic bread was only disappointment, would be better with fresh sour dough. Excellent fish entrees and desserts. Creme brulé is terrific. Good wine selection. Great neighborhood place.

  • T A.

    First visit to ruffinos. Nice atmosphere friendly staff. Food I had the veal parmigian dinner pasta Fajoul soup and fried breaded cheese sticks and calamari for appetizers. . Mozzarella cheese sticks average to good . Calamari average at best. Soup average at best. Veal parmigiana on the chewy tough side with a bland but fresh American style flavor. Pasta bland sauce also. Vegetables first time accompanied that dish not tasty. Add it up for myself waste of money $136 dollars $25 tip for 3 dinners.waitress had the nerve to charge to refill one glass of coke filled with ice. Wife ordered the worst eggplant she ever tasted. Under cooked raw inside. When I took one bite water came out like a water Mellon. yech. SAUER bland and not enough cheese she commented. Our guest from panama had shrimp scampi for her birthday which they didn't recognize her birthday nor give 2 cents about her. She left over the medium to small shrimp, need I say moe. All totaled a total waste of money $136.00 plus $25 tip. If you are looking for authentic italian go eat at AVANTI or ROMA GARDENS FOR NY OR BROOKLYN OLD WORLD STYLE COOKING. They are the best of the best , costs a little more but you get perfectly delicious veal and eggplant and appetizers. I'd rather pay more for perfect than save a little money for average. Ruffino totally disappointed after looking foward to eating there because of reviews. Bland American style is how I sum up the food. Wasn't the worst, far far away fromthe best unfortunate. NOT AN ENJOYABLE DINNER 2 1/2 STARS. Generic ITALIAN COOKED FOR THE MASSES WITHOT FLAVOR.

  • Melissa D.

    I love this spot. The exterior is a bit misleading but the family friendly atmosphere inside and the authentic and delicious food inside make up for that. I brought my very Italian in-laws to dinner here and everyone had amazing things to say about the food. The oysters Rockefeller were a hit, and I think we ended up trying 8 or 9 different entrees and were thrilled with them all. Save room for the cannoli!!!

  • Aimee H.

    I haven't had great Italian in way too long. Thank you to the boss man for suggesting this place for our office dinner outing. Everything was great with Ruffino's, right from the start, from making easy reservations on their web page, to the call back confirming our reservation, to seating us right on time. We started in the bar area for a drink before we sat down, the cocktail server was very nice and got our drinks quickly, you know we needed them after meetings all day. From then on all was great; Our server, John I think, was very nice and made great suggestions, the manager was around a few times to make sure everything went well. Some of the guys at the table wanted to order a few appetizers, muscles and escargot. Oh dear lord they are going to make me eat snails I thought to myself. And to my great surprise, they were great. I have never had them before, and from my understanding, they are only good if made right, and made right these were. Very yummy, i will have them again for sure. For dinner I had the Shrimp Carbenara, suggested by John, and it was awesome! Very tasty, huge portion, and a great leftover meal for the next day. Ruffino's has been around for a long time from my understanding, and I can clearly see why, great service, great food, great time!

  • J C.

    Amazing! Delicious! It was our first time here and we were very impressed! We came here for our anniversary & had an amazing dinner! Everything we had was delicious and the staff was exceptional! Will definitely be back! Don't be fooled by the outside or the location- the inside is superb!

  • Lisa G.

    This is a great place to have a drink at the bar or experience fine food and service in the dining room. We are lucky to have this restaurant in an area where good/unique restaurants are few and far between. The food is awesome... the lasagna is addicting!

  • James B.

    I went her for Valentine's Day dinner with my girlfriend. First off, they were able to accommodate a reservation request day of (silly me forgot to make a dinner plans prior to the big day), which was a pleasant surprise. We started the evening off with a glass of the House Red which was delicious. We then moved to the table fifteen minutes before our reserved time which was another pleasant surprise. This is not a place for a cheap date. The atmosphere is very nice and makes you feel like you are dining at a very fine establishment. The food was excellent and the service was great. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a really nice Italian dining experience.

  • Sean W.

    This may very well be what passes for good Italian food in Phoenix, but Olive Garden is cheaper. The staff is friendly. Don't confuse that with competent. But I suppose the old folks that come here aren't exactly picky. Tacky interior, bland food that is overpriced, and service that moves at the speed of Tectonic Plates. Which would have been saved had the food been good. Sadly, no. Skip that bread too. It's soggy and stale. The table side salad service is just a distraction. The kitchen is in no hurry to serve up what can only be generously called Italian.

  • William H.

    Dined there 18-20 years ago, and thought the food was great then. Had dinner at Ruffino last night, and came away feeling the same again. Waiter David was most helpful, with very attentive service. Wavering between the $35 or the $65 bottle of wine, he suggested their Royalty program which gave us wine for half price (no cost for the Royalty program - just a way for them to get you in their data base.) Oysters Rockefeller were very generously sized and beautifully prepared. House salad (choice of soup or salad) that comes with the entree had a great balsamic dressing and was a generous serving as well. My Veal Picatta was cooked perfectly with a nicely sauteed and beautifully cut green bean and carrot mixture, along with pasta in a light tomato sauce. The plate was most definitely full - not a lot of blank space. She chose Linguini with White Clam Sauce as her entree, and was delighted with her selection. We skipped dessert because we were far too full. Bottom line, good choice on the wine (with David's help) and very good, traditional Italian fare served in hearty portions by pleasant and friendly staff with above average decor. I've paid far more and gotten far less in comparable North Phoenix and Scottsdale restaurants...

  • Betty S.

    We've been to Ruffino's a few times and have taken friends with us each time. Everyone in the group thoroughly enjoyed the fine service and food, and said they would return again. Large, fresh salads are served before the entrees, and we're always surprised with how fresh and large they area. Entrees are always delicious; I seem to order one of the daily specials and my husband always goes for the linguini and clam sauce, which he likes so much here he won't order it any place else. Go and enjoy!

  • Kevin G.

    Ruffino was the first restaurant my family ate at when we moved to Arizona, which means that simple math would suggest I've been eating here for sixteen years! Seriously. I've eaten here several times a year for sixteen years and have been through either two or three owner changes. I love it. From the mildly cheesy, somewhat 80s styling to the tuxedo'd out waiters, I can't get enough. Ruffinos is a classy restaurant where you're more than some random customer and through my years here, the management has practically bent backwards at times to make things right. The food here is incredible, and if you're lucky enough to come on a night they have osso bucco, you'll be stuck coming back for the next sixteen years like me. I can vouch for so many of the food items here, but I'll just make a couple of suggestions. For starters the clams casino and escargot can't be beat, they are both rich and garlicky and the escargot is simply not as chewy as most places, so good. For your meal try the tortellini ruffino, one of my favorite meals of all time, or the veal ruffino or filet medallions if they have them. But the osso bucco is a step above most things I've tried in my life. Expensive and worth it. Look, I don't waste my time on bad restaurants, I eat at good places and me continuing my business here for so long means they're doing something very well, try out Ruffino and see what it is.

  • Rose S.

    Very tasty Italian food. I enjoyed the calamari and stuffed canneloni. Place is dimly lit and a little dated but nice and intimate. Servers were cordial but not overly attentive. Pricey, which reflects the cloth tablecloths and napkins.

  • Pablo P.

    Have never had a bad meal here in the 4 times I've been. We usually sit in the bar. I live just down the street and having a good local italian place is great. The mussels with red sauce and bread is excellent. The drinks are good and the wine selection is more than adequate. Old school interior the way I like it. The servers are attentive and on the nights I've been here, attractive. Live entertainment on fridays and saturdays is a bonus. Not cheap but the food is worth it.

  • Kara J.

    A favorite place of mine for excellent food! Great place for dinner date. I like sitting in the bar having some good wine and listening to the live music and relaxing too, Great service, friendly staff. Did I mention th efood is to die for? Lobster bisque mmmmm

  • Katie R.

    I'm really giving Ruffino's about 3.5 stars. It is a solid choice for Italian, though for me, the best italian restaurants remain Avanti and Va Bene. My boyfriend and I went on a Sunday evening and ate at the bar. We stopped in on a whim, so we were hoping we wouldn't be turned away for our casual attire (we weren't). The bartender pointed out that happy hour is all night on Sundays, so she suggested we take advantage of the drink/appetizer specials. The wine was meh, but it was $4/glass so I was still pleased. For appetizers, we ordered the calamari followed by the escargot. The calamari was among the best in town - very light, not at all chewy. We didn't care for the escargot - way too much sherry. We also split a dinner on Special - veal with scallops in a mushroom cognac cream sauce over fettuccine. The scallops were great - huge and tender. The sauce could have used a little more salt, and the fettuccine was a tad overcooked. The side vegetables were great. Overall I was happy with the meal, though not doing cartwheels. The gal bartending was great. She gave great service, and also made sure to have us fill out a card with our contact info & birthdays to receive a $25 gift card on our birthdays. Nice touch. I will be back, mostly to further explore their happy hour.

  • Dave H.

    2.5 stars, maybe. I hate to bag on a restaurant because I know restaurant owners work so hard, but this was a pretty bad experience. I know they have live music, too, and that is a sign of class. Fundamentally, the problem with this place can best be summed up by saying that it wouldn't surprise me if there isn't a single Italian involved in the running of this place. If there is, they have gone so American it's hard to tell. Think Pascal in "Big NIght." When I showed up by myself at 7pm, I had not eaten lunch so I should have been pretty easy to please. The restaurant was mostly empty, yet I was sat at a small table right next to the only baby in the restaurant. Really? I probably didn't look Awhatukee chic, but I didn't look like a bum either. And hey, it was Monday and my credit card is paid off. I was sat by the owner (I think). He didn't take a drink order and then I waited a long time to get a menu or a drink. I don't blame the server. It was bad timing as she knew she had a meal for four being plated and a couple of credit cards to run. The owner could have easily handled both the menu and my drink order. Then, they brought the garlic bread. It was that soggy over-buttered, undercooked, nastiness you would never get in Italy or even a high-end Italian restaurant in the states. (Think Fazoli's) The greasiness probably started to take away my appetite which had been sky high when I arrived. I would strongly recommend that Ruffino's ditch the garlic bread and go with nice Italian bread and small bowl of butter. Soon after, the entrees for the neighboring table arrived. They didn't look like $25-30 entrees. Even the osso bucco looked unappetizing.. Then, they brought me a cup of brodo with tortellini. The waitress warned me to be careful because it was super hot. I would say it was just hot enough not to get sent back. It was decent, but kind of puny for four bucks. The bowl would have been seven and I was mostly trying it out of curiosity. The broth was pretty good, but as it got colder it lost any magic it had. I also got a Campari and soda, which was a little light on Campari. It didn't come with a fruit wedge of any type, which is pretty standard when an Italian is behind the bar. So, I asked for an orange. Unfortunately, because I was seated in the farthest corner from the door and the bar, I didn't get the orange until I was over halfway through the Campari and soda. Maybe I'm off base here and I should asked for it explicitly. Sorry, I'm not much of a drinker. The salad was quite good. They make it tableside which is nice because I got to pick my choice of elements. The greens were excellent and the dressing was nice. I think I got two portions even though I was by myself, which was great. Unfortunately, there was a little too much cheese (or something) making it too heavy. Still, not bad. Throughout the evening my water glass was empty, which is annoying when you're paying $20 minimum for an entree. I'm not a stickler about this stuff, but when it happens 3-5 times at a place like this, it's not right. My waitress was very nice and worked very hard. One thing that sort of stuck with me was when I was discussing the menu, she said something like, "They've been here 20 years, it's good." I'm wondering if that was indicative of a place resting too much on its laurels. I got the Fettuccini Ruffino which was a sausage-based dish listed as one of seven signature dishes on the menu and strongly recommended by my server because it was "simple" and tasty. After a pretty dubious performance so far, I convinced myself that this entree was going to hit it out of the park and save the evening. Instead, it was a total failure and I was actually forcing it down by the end. It wasn't simple. It was sloppy. They cooked the life out of the fettuccini and the sauce looked like something Olive Garden would have invented, not like the sausage crumbles with oil, pasta and vegetables I am used to at high-end Italian joints. The sausage was exactly like something you'd buy at Trader Joe's, which isn't bad, but it didn't seem homemade or special. Honestly, if they had put the plate in front of me, my first reaction would have been to tell them they had brought it to the wrong table. Maybe I was expecting the wrong the thing, but whatever the case, it didn't taste very good. Afterward, I went to Enzo's Cafe and Gelato for a cappuccino to make things right. There was more Italian in that cappuccino than a whole meal at Ruffino's. Now, I'm watching Tony Bourdain in Naples just to make up for the rest of the evening.. I hope I can get another chance to go here and have them prove me wrong, but I won't do it on my dime. There was just a little too much Olive Garden in Ruffino's to justify the prices.

  • Jeff R.

    Favorite Italian restaurant in Phoenix. Small, intimate and quaint. The owner takes pride in the food and the service. Both bar and restaurant have an amazing atmosphere. Lobster ravioli and fettuccini are delicious! Love it!!

  • Todd G.

    Been here several times. Food is generally good, happy hour prices could be good if they know how to ring you up. Depending on who waits on you, you will be charged for drinks you didn't order and the prices will be inconsistent on the check for what you actually order. 3 different prices for the same brand of beer. I believe this is padding to compensate for the fledgling revenues and dwindling crowd. Sit at the bar as the service is better. Careful when you bring up the inconsistencies on the tab as the owner is defensive and condescending. They should practice consistency. Long time regulars complain about the shell of this establishment from whatnot was, but come here for convenience. If you really have a choice, go to Garage across the street. Good service and act like they appreciate your business.

  • John S.

    Wonderful Italian dining...great atmosphere, friendly and helpful service, impeccible food. I thought the Veal Ruffino was was one of the best entrees I've ever had. The hostess was a lot of fun, too. Highly recommended.

  • Russell S.

    I'm glad I finally had the chance to finally eat at Ruffino. Upon entering the doors, the ambiance and decor was nice. We (wife and I) were promptly greeted and escorted to our table. The place was packed. There was also live music playing, which was nice to hear. One thing I really liked was the salad being created and tossed to your liking at your table. I really enjoyed the mozzarella that was on the caprese salad. The chicken parm and pasta I ordered was excellent. I really enjoyed the sauce. Overall, I really enjoyed my meal and felt satisfied after. My wife ordered the rigatoni and also enjoyed the food. I though the meal was a bit dry. A bit more sauce would have been better. One thing I really noticed was the service. The waiter was great and there was also staff filling your water on a routine basis. The manager also personally came by at the end of the meal to check how things went. A nice touch. The noise level was a bit high, but there was a large party a short distance from us, which probably contributed to the higher decibel level. The one downside is the limited parking spots. That's a good thing that the restaurant is busy, but bad if you have trouble finding a spot. My wife and I will definitely be back on a date night in the future.

  • Cookie M.

    Back again with my bookclub. Very friendly service and great happy hour. Get the Shrimp Martini - mmmm!

  • Adrian H.

    This restaurant is a typical (and I mean typical in every sense of the word) American Italian restaurant. Let's see: - Cheesy Italian music subtly playing in background - Check - Wood Paneling and faux crystal light fixtures, reminding you eerily of the 80's - Check - Pleasant but not overbearing waiters/waitresses in black-n-whites - Check - Salad and Garlic Bread with everything - Check Now, as to the food we ordered, the Bruschetta was nicely toasted, with a garlicy tomatoe mix on top - very nice. Then came the salad, which is tossed table side - a nice touch. However, the greens tasted like they were straight out of a bag. No-one takes a free salad seriously any more. This was followed with warm garlic bread - the french baguette they were using for this had been squashed and went cold very quickly. Cold garlic bread that doesn't taste of garlic sounds like cold toast to me. On to the main courses. My companion and I both had "signature dishes" - I had the Duck Ravioli, which was accompanied by a tomato cream sauce, and she had the Shrimp linguine, which was also pleasant. All-in-all, this was a pleasant evening. The food was reasonable, and the environment non-obtrusive. The "free" accompaniments brought the meal down a notch - get rid of the garlic bread and salad unless asked for (and when they are asked for - make them shine - it's not that hard), and you have a five-star place.

  • john p.

    Good location,average food, but too expensive. Drink service is slow. Entertainment is spotty. Should double the bar size and delete dining room. this place has been steadily going down hill. surprised they are still in business. was very good 20 yrs ago. Owners watch people like hawks, desperately waiting for food orders

  • Shimmy O.

    I thought this restaurant was pretty good. It had plenty of Italian Cuisine, but after I left and I was driving home, I hit every red light for at least 2 miles! Why! 5 Stars.

  • Robert P.

    Ruffino is one of those restaurants you first go to and wonder why you haven't been here before. Amazing food, outstanding service -- a favorite destination. Great restaurant hands down! Looking for a great date night impressive dinner local, Ruffino is the place. Robert Pfeifer

  • Chad S.

    Ruffino is definitely the kind of italian restaurant that your grandparents go to when they want to try somewhere nice. The decor is definitely mid-1980s but is well-kept. I ate here for a work function, so I ordered from a limited menu. The only vegetarian option was a fettuccine alfredo, so I asked them if they could give me fettuccine with a marinara sauce. They gladly obliged The marinara sauce was surprisingly good. Lots of chunky tomato bits and very good garlic flavor. The fettuccine noodles were delicious....perfect thickness and just enough taste to make them compliment the sauce. Service is friendly but forgetful; drinks were ordered by several people at the table at different times and were forgotten by the waiter. Would I go here again? Honestly, with so many good italian options available, I wouldn't drive down to Ahwatukee to eat here, but if someone invites you out here, you will get a decent meal.

  • Dee J.

    This place is a hidden gem. Located in an obsure strip mall... I took a date to this place and the dinner, the wine, the dessert... ALL TERRIFIC. The atmosphere is 1980's... The Soprano's... Jersey Italian. Great place to bring a date. Great place if you're hungry and you want a wonderful meal. And don't let the quiet exterior fool you. When we walked in... the bar area was packed and there was a nice mix and old and young dining in the dining area. Their fresh out of the oven garlic bread was delicious and their pasta... awesome. Give this place a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Joseph R.

    Just dined there this evening, and we were fairly disappointed. The food was very nicely prepared, tasted just fine, however the service left a lot to be desired. And the worst thing was that both our dinners, and my coffee ended up at our table lukewarm. if you can't manage to bring items to the table hot, than the rest of this review begins to hardly matter. The waitress was snippy, not friendly in any discernible way. The water and coffee were very slow to be refilled, in fact everything was slow about the service. They brought out our entrees while our appetizer plates were still on the table...and they had been sitting there for some time! One of them never did get picked up. From here, I hardly feel the need to mention the screaming baby, the pretty Italian music that got cut off halfway through our meal, and the confusion/staff bickering that we encountered when we first arrived... but there you go. They told me they have been in business for 20 years, but they still can't seem to get the most basic components right. Overpriced, and not a good experience. Try someplace else.

  • Sarah L.

    I have been to Ruffino's for drinks a few times, but I cannot believe I waited so long before actually dining here! I had an INCREDIBLE dinner last night at Ruffino's - Escargot for an Appetizer, Cannelloni for Dinner...and all I can say is "WOW." My first bite of the Cannelloni was like a taste explosion! Very complex flavors. I've only had Escargot once before at Cafe Boa. I don't remember loving it - but I can say I'd definitely order it again now! It's served in a butter/garlic sauce at Ruffino's inside of mushroom caps. Excellent. I thought the prices were very affordable. It's obvious the pasta is hand made. The sauces are extremely fresh. You get what you pay for! It truly is a sophisticated place. Who would guess by the location in a strip mall?? Fresh flowers on the table, great service, live singer on a Wed. night. Classic. All that was missing was Frank Sinatra sitting in the corner. But the live singer made up for that (on a Wednesday night even!)

  • Helen D.

    I have eaten at this restaurant a few times before and liked it. A nice neighborhood place. So, we thought to go here to celebrate my niece's graduation. We had a party of 10 and the service was terrible. The servers didn't bring drinks or ask if we wanted anything other than our order. They were all in a back room doing something. And the food was not good, either. I had chicken piccata - yuck. It had a thickish cream sauce - like creamy soup. Not light and lemony like it should be. I do not think I would go back.

  • Kris E.

    This place is too pricey for the quality and size of their food. I ordered linguine with white wine clam sauce and I'm pretty sure they used canned clams. I would much rather eat at Va Bene which is probably a 10 min drive from this restaurant. The quality of food is a lot better and fresher. Also the waiter here wasn't too competent and service is incredibly slow for a non-busy night.

  • Em J.

    i went here the other night for the first time with a date. i am pretty blown away! i had a glass of the caramel road chardonnay.. which was AMAZING!! and i got the fettuccine Alfredo.. it was honestly the best fettuccine Alfredo i have ever had! they also have this table side salad service where they make the salad in front of you and ask what you want in it which was also superb. will be coming back here and telling friends and family about this great little treasure!! oh by the way our server was GREAT too. I forget his name (very bad with names). highly recommended!

  • John G.

    Our family has been eating here for 16 years. Fantastic food, great service.

  • Mrtneqn M.

    Back in the ol' days.. it was great! I went back last week to check it out.. not so great. Very dated atmosphere and an older crowd. They do have a great wine list. Had one cocktail, looked at the menu, and left. No thanks!

  • Jim Y.

    As mentioned below, this is a great hidden spot. It does not look like much on the outside but it has great food, quick service and Italian all the way. Looking forward to going back.

  • Elizabeth B.

    ABSOLUTELY delicious! We had a very friendly waiter too. Much nicer than it looks from the outside, and the portions were generous.

  • Warren P.

    I've eaten at Ruffino's since they opened, about 3 owners ago. First of all expect to enter a time machine and go back to the old-style restaurant's where the tables are covered with linen and the staff are constantly moving through the room. I took a date there this spring, telling her that the outside isn't much to look at (in a strip mall between a shoe repair and a veterinarin), but when you open the door you find the place packed. I had called ahead for a reservation, and was led immediately to the table. As I wrote above, the service is excellent and the food great (a little pricy, but if you want value go to Olive Garden). I was telling my date about the Osso Bucco being my choice if I ever had to pick a last meal, when the server took the hint and brought us a small plate of pasta with the sauce. You're not going to get that at O-G. So when you want a great meal at a local hole in the wall, I highly recommend Ruffino's. On Friday's, weekends and holiday's you should call ahead for a reservation. Keep the kids at home so you can really enjoy the experience.

  • Erica O.

    Amateur Hour: How Dinner Could Have Gone Terribly Wrong But Somehow Ended Up Being Rock Solid The setting: New Year's Eve, six o'clock, South Tempe and Ahwatukee The players: The ravenous Mr. Man and Me, a Black Mitsubishi Montero on a mission Granted, going out for dinner on New Year's Eve is by and large a mistake. Holidays are the times when it's most likely the stresses placed on the kitchen and wait staff may result in frazzled service and a less than savory dining experience. But ramen for dinner was out of the question. (I've tried to keep that survival food to a minimum since graduating.) So what's a gal to do? Hop into the hooptyville and cruise in search of something better than soggy shoestrings. Doesn't sound like much of a challenge at first until our two players realize that it's New Year's Even and they're pretty fucked for A) Places that still have seats open cuz all the smart folks made reservations, B) Places that are open at all cuz nobody wants to work when there's bubbly to be had and C) Places other than 24 hour greasy spoons cuz even fast food joints close on New Year's Eve. 45 minutes elapse in which our players dart in and out of establishments encountering option A, drive by potential restaurants while encountering option B, and almost succumb to option C. Enter Ruffino's, a humble little Italian Restaurant located in a strip mall dangerously close to the suburbs of Ahwatukee. So we saunter up and politely wait our turn for the hostess to be free. "Two. No, we didn't make reservations." And the flibbertigibbet proceeds to seat two parties milling around us without even informing us whether dining there was a possibility. Again, she turns to us. "Do you have an open table for two? No, we didn't make reservations." Again, she proceeds to seat others. Lots and lots of others. Oh no you did not just rouse the bitch from her slumber. The pursed lips, raised eyebrow and death stare begin to surface. Mr. Man senses the subtle change, "Do you just want to go and find somewhere else to eat?" A cold, calculating response with an edge sharp enough to cut the horrid poodle hair off the twit that's been snubbing us spews out. (I can't recall what it was exactly. The vitriol clouds memory, often with good reason.) Then our savior, a tux dressed waiter out of stage left, greets us with a smile and ushers us to a table for two in the bar area. The bitch circles three times before settling down for a snooze so Erica can enjoy a nice meal with Mr. Man. Since it was a busy holiday they only had three seating times and a truncated menu, but that just makes it easier for an indecisive gal like me to make up my mind. Mr. Man goes with his favorite, the Veal Marsala. I opt for the Veal Ruffino, prosciutto and mushrooms sauteed in a tarragon brandy cream sauce layered over veal medallions. Yes I eat poor caged baby cows. And I do it because they taste goooooood. My meal was perfection, with a side of al dente rigatoni in marinara and perfectly steamed petite julienne vegetables. The marsala wasn't as stellar, but I'm not the one that had to consume it, so to each their own. The meal came with garlic bread, which was respectable, and a salad that was delish! Their house vinagrette was rockin'. We also decided to kick off the evening with a bottle of chardonnay that was chilled in one of them thingys that stands by your table. There were balloons and streamers and live entertainment in the form of a super stellar, pitch perfect showman all tuxed out and belting out classics while playing the piano. Cutesy couples were even requesting songs and dancing with their sweeties. Aww. The sap in me just melts. See that puddle of goo at your feet? That's me. Don't step in it. There was also a nice program they were running that night where they would take you home for a flat rate of 10 bucks within a 15 mile radius so you didn't ring in the New Year with a DUI. Now that's class. I don't know if I'd ever go back here again (leetle on the pricey side at 20-30 bucks for an entree) but if you're in the area and looking for a dining experience rather than straight calories, hit it up!

  • Maggie H.

    my husband and I ate here a few months back and really enjoyed the food. The service was excellent. I found all of the staff to be quiet friendly. It is very expensive. For two people you will spend about $70, depending on what you get. My husband and I had two meals and a glass of wine each. I think as far as Italian food goes this is the best I have had so far in Phoenix.

  • Mark M.

    Situated on the northest corner of Warner Road and 48th Strret in Ahwatukee (Phoenix). Although located in a strip mall, once inside, you'll forget that your in a strip mall. Ruffino's is quiet and dark inside, great for a couple looking for a good meal or just to talk. The food is excellent, assuming you like Italian food. The service is great and the staff seem to know if you are there to get to know each other. In other words, they know when to leave you alone. I agree with a previous reviewer that the prices are a little steep, so it's not the place to go every week. However, I've been living in the area since 1994 and Ruffino's has always been there, so they must be doing something right.

  • Eugene T.

    Unexciting, bland and expensive! Service was good, if somewhat snobbish. Food was nothing special run of the mill bland Italian fair. All in all its probably not worth it. Especially for someone like myself who is really not Italian fan. "I no like" Eugene

  • David C.

    My wife & I went on a Monday, and Ruffino was not very busy. The service was excellent from the minute we walked up to the door. Our server Tina was friendly, and we had frequent visits from the receptionist and the sommelier, which fit our mood. My wife had the salmon special with caper sauce, and I had the veal piccata; both were delicious. The dinners came with garlic bread, tossed green salad, rigatoni, and vegetables, all very tasty. If you sign up with them, you will receive a card which offers the second entree for half off, or second dinner free on your birthday. We left the restaurant very happy and satisfied.

  • A. L.

    Went here the first time today and I have to agree with most of the comments. The food was good but the decor is definitely from the 80s. The thing that set it apart for me was the service. We were personally greeted from the manager and he came back after the meal to make sure that everything went well. Water was always filled and bread basket was always full. Everyone was great to our 11 month old daughter and put us at ease for leaving some spaghetti on the ground.

  • Jeff P.

    When first walking into this restaurant, I was wowed. It's not your typical Phoenix restaurant. There was white table cloth. The waiters were all formally dressed. It had a live jazz singer. I was a little taken aback because it has the ambience of a fine steak restaurant like a Donovans as opposed to a nice Italian restaurant. It was a nice change of scenery from your usual west coast trendy yet casual Phoenix restaurant ambience. The service was also excellent. Our waiter was hyper animated which was a little annoying yet appreciated because he was attentive. Overall the service was nearly perfect. All the waiters had manners and were old school in their mannerism. Again, this was a welcome change from the trendy young stud or hot girl who act like they are too cool to be serving tables. In regards to the food....DISAPPOINTING. I was really shocked. I really wanted to like this place but the food had no flavor. There is nothing about the food that would make one want to go back. The eggplant parmegan was sloppy and watery egglant that tasted like boiled egglant. The tortalleni ruffino was served in an alfredo sauce that tasted like potato soup poured onto pasta. It was so thick and tasteless. The tortelini had no flavor and it's filling was bland. The restaurant does some things to provide one with a homely feel. They serve garlic bread toasts as free appetizers and constantly refresh it. The jazz music in the background was also a nice touch. Stil the atmosphere was a bit claustrophobic for me.

  • Kimo K.

    Just went there with my family for a late lunch on Wed, 6/29/11. It was about 2:30 pm and we were happy that they were open and still serving. We have been going to Ruffino's for over 20 years, off and on, and still like it. I am writing this review just to give readers some recent feedback. Ruffino has a limited menu, but pretty decent food and prices. Nothing outstanding, but decent and worth your time if you want to try their offerings. My wife ordered their clam linuini, lunch portion, and it was good and substantial. My daughter ordered the lunch manicotti and that too was decent and substantial. Lunch does not come with anything -- no veggie, no salad -- just the entree and bread. I ordered the dinner order of veal masala and it was good and came with veggies, side pasta, and side salad. The price was fair. We ordered and shared an antipasti platter to share first, and it came with two kinds of cheese, two kinds of olives, artichoke hearts, ham, procuitto, salami, mortadella, sweet and hot peppers, and about four big leaves of romaine. Pretty substantial. So I just wanted to report that it was pretty good and we will go back, but next time on a Thurs, since Thurs is Osso Bucco day.

  • A D.

    Went there for dinner. Had a glass of their Atalon, Merlot, Napa Valley California, 2003 wine and Chicken marsala.Loved it. There was live music on Saturday night and a bunch of oldies were having a great time dancing. Great ambience but a bit pricey. Definitely recommended!

  • Daniel S.

    Ruffino's is truly one of the valley's best italian restaurants. Food is delicious, on the expensive side but worth it. I tried all the food at the table and each dish was well plated, appropriate portions and, again, tasted great. The outside was a little deceiving, it looked rough, but the inside is beautiful. Staff was friendly and stayed on top of the service. We will be going here again!

  • Jacqueline J.

    Ruffino's has become our destination for dinner with out of town guests! I am gobsmacked at the reviews comparing them to Olive Garden or other chain Italian restaurants. Those reviewers must have dead taste buds! Made daily with sauce from scratch, I highly recommend the Fettuccine Alfredo. It is comparable to pasta that I have had in Italy, and always consistently delicious.

  • Max A.

    I am just going on record stating that I visited this establishment with one Italian and one Belgium. These guys are tough on restaurants and complained the whole week about the crappy Phoenix cuisine. Ruffino hit a home run with both of my business colleagues. Appetizers - Sauteed Mussels in white garlic sauce. Spectacular. Hint - take the garlic bread and dip in in the sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Bruscheta - old skool and tasty, the only complaint is that true Italian Bruscheta does not have Balsamic Vinegar drenched on it. I loved it, the Euro boys did not. Antipasto Platter - Lots of tasty stuff on this very large plate of goodies. Soup - Reviews for Lobster Bisque were stellar. My take - to much cream, not enough lobster chunks, in fact, none. Tasted like cream soup. Just not for me, I would rate in 2 stars or 5 out of 10, mediocre. Dinner (we shared) Veal Parmigiana - About an 7 out of 10, kind of no flavor. Decent but not the best I have had. Served with grill veggies, which were excellent. Seafood Ruffino - 10 out of 10. Just plain to die for. Lives up to my fellow Yelpers recommendations. Cannelloni Florentine - Excellent. 10 out of 10. Served with a cream gravy. Wine selection is excellent. What impressed the Euro boys the most is the excellent Limoncello to finish off the meal. Very happy eating, indeed.

  • Eric T.

    Been taking the boys here every year for more than 10 years when we visit Tempe for the Anaheim Angels spring training games. Although it may seem odd, the best item they serve is the garlic bread. It is made to order, thin, with a soft middle, crunchy crust and slightly blackened edges. They use fresh small chunks of garlic and must dip each slice in butter. We had four baskets tonight, including making it our dessert. The chicken Marsala, Piccata, and gnocchi were excellent, but not perfect like the bread. The owner is a nice guy and always there. However, he needs to hire another server and bus boy/girl for weekend nights. Service was slow and I had to ask for my water to be refilled four times before someone actually listened. The server, Warren, tried to be attentive but simply had to many tables to deal with.

  • Veronica G.

    I've dined at Ruffinos numerous times. Great customer service, delicious food, amazing vibe. As soon as you walk in the door you are acknowledged. Servers are very attentive. I had the Chicken Picatta and a glass of White Zinfandel , amazing dish and their wine is also great quality. Sign up for their rewards program and you get a $20.00 of an entree for your birthday.

  • Paul B.

    We come here all the time for the mellow mood, great food and drinks and the the staff. This place has been a staple in Ahwatukee for 25+ years for a reason. Dress well for the dining room, dress down for the bar.

  • Chantal D.

    One of our favorite places! Wonderful service and delicious food! Stuffed mushrooms and escargot are a couple of our favorites to start and we love the Caesar salads and bisque. Every entire we've had has been delicious! Thank you Ruffino!

  • Tom D.

    Great food and a quality staff

  • Doug T.

    My mom went to Ruffino's and thought it was really good so we decided to give this place a shot. When you first walk in there a small bar that looks a little cramped but the dining room is pretty big. Nothing really stood out with the decor. Anyways, we started off with fried calamari and it was a huge appetizer. The batter on the calamari was very light and cooked just right. I thought it was really good. Also, they gave us little pieces of garlic bread. Outstanding. Really good. Everyone gobbled it up so we had to get another basket. So each meal comes with soup or salad. I got the salad and I thought it was really big dinner salad it had mixed greens with cucumber, mushrooms, and tomatoes. The salad dressing was great. Not overpowering because at some places the vinegar is a little too much. Not here. Really good. I had the Seafood Ruffino. It had shrimp, scallops, muscles, and clams over a bed to pasta with a red sauce. I thought it was pretty good. I thought the red sauce could have tasted a little better. It had a good taste but not great. My wife had the chicken primavera. Chicken was moist and she enjoyed it. Hugh dish. To end our meal was tried the chocolate cake and cheese cake. I thought they were good. Not great. I'm used to these Italian restaurant having great deserts. The service was top notch. Server took care of us and he was always checking on us during each portion of our meal (appetizer, salad, entree, and desert). Our glasses were filled on a regular basis. The only thing is the server did his job very good but didn't feel like he had personality. Very business like. Seemed like all the servers were like that. So really good service, good food, and huge portions. Not a bad place. We'll see if we can make it back to this place.

  • Brandi H.

    Tonight was our first time eating at Ruffino's although we have lived in Ahwatukee for 15 plus years. I am so bummed that we have not eaten here before... It was delicious! I had the seafood Ruffino which was amazing with lobster bisque before my meal. The bisque was good (but I have to say that Capital Grill takes the cake for that). However the seafood Ruffino was amazing. Mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, Angel hair pasta with a marinara sauce... Perfection. My husband had the crab stuffed salmon... It doesn't get any better and he loved it. My son had their Alfredo tortellini and if he hadn't eaten so much garlic bread served before the meal (and his own cup of lobster bisque) he would have cleaned his plate. Overall a great value for the quality and atmosphere. A great Friday night end of the week treat. We will definitely be back.

  • Eve H.

    Skip it and go somewhere else. The food is only average. The service was bad . For the prices they charge I expect more. I'm really surprised at all the good reviews. I'm wondering if the others have had good Italian food before.

  • Carolyn S.

    After some juicy stuffed mushrooms and a delicious Caesar salad, the veal saltimbocca was absolutely divine. Great flavors and texture, fantastic service from Pache, and nostalgic atmosphere make Ruffino's an instant favorite.

  • James L.

    Our first visit based on a recommendation. The calamari, lobster bisque, seafood ravioli and oysters Rockefeller were all excellent. We will be back!

  • Alan H.

    Server was very non chalant from the get go. Not saying bad but attitude didn't sit well with me, kind of felt like I was lucky he was waiting on me, rather than him appreciating us as guest. Never even asked if this was our first visit or not. Did the scallop wrapped bacon w/ raspberry chipotle sauce - to bad they use pre cooked bacon to wrap the scallops the bacon was cold. Garnished with lettuce tomatoes and cucumber ( over kill) Bread was really tasteless. Salad was wilted - tasted good Food was fair not a WOW! Okay totally a disappointment dessert TIRAMISU -- the worse that I've ever tasted!!!! Big question: Would I revisit: NO - only as part of a group would I not on my own. Then why three stars - to be fair comparatively to other restaurants that's what they deserve. I can only say try them you might enjoy their food.

  • Suzanne R.

    A little disappointed with this place because we were expecting phenomenal Italian food with all the 5 star reviews, and really it was just average food, no better than Olive Garden or Buca di Beppo, but pricier. We drove 30 miles to try this place because of the reviews, and spent over $60 on an appetizer, two entrees, and two non-alcholic beverages. That was most disappointing because we could have gone somewhere closer to home and more reasonably priced for the same quality of food. The food wasn't bad, it just definitely wasn't 5 star worthy or worth the 30 mile drive or paying $20 more than we could have at another Italian restaurant.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :3:00 pm - 9:00pm
  • Mon : 3:00 pm - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Accepts Bitcoin : No
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Romantic
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : DJ
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Mon
    Coat Check : Yes
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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The immense popularity of Italian cuisine globally isn't unknown. You can find an Italian Pizzeria around every corner of almost every city in the United States. Not to forget that in every house, people enjoy mac and cheese as comfort food. But it would be wrong to believe that Italian food starts with pizza and ends with good pasta as this Mediterranean country has much more to offer other than these two dishes. In Italian Cuisine, there is a high use of fresh tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, great quality of cheese, all types of meat, seafood and fresh handmade pasta. Many find it hard to believe that Italians have been making noodles long back.

Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

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Ruffino Italian Cuisine

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