North Branch Cafe

41 State St
Montpelier, 05602
What a nice little gem of a place. Two of my passions are wine and tea, and they do a nice job with both. In addition, the people are really nice and quite knowledgeable.
I'm a total fan of this cafe. I had a really lovely experience here a few months ago with a buddy of mine. They have a really fun and super fancy wine station, which was a totally new experience for me. One of the owners knows a lot about wine and shared her knowledge with us over samples. I hope they start having events, because I think this place would be a great site for live music and performances.
This is a very cozy, comfortable, and cute cafe! I first time visited Vermont and stopped here at 7 p.m. Saturday. There was a guitar duo live concert. I really enjoyed with a cup of tea here. I had SoHo tea. Here over 30 kinds of tea are available. The cup is really nice, it double glass, so easily can touch the cup, but the tea is hot. I will definitely come back.

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Three Penny Taproom

108 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
The Alchemist's Heady Topper IPA lives up to the hype! It's so fresh, so deliciously flavourful that I might just jump on the hoppy wagon. The brewer's description is spot on: "not intended to be the strongest or most bitter DIPA. It is brewed to give you wave after wave of hop flavour without any astringent bitterness." And fortunately, Three Penny had that stuff. I ran down to the convenience store in search of a case to find out that Kevin and Bart (the bartenders) were right - delivery to retail stores happen once a week and the stock is gone by the end of the day. Otherwise great atmosphere at the bar. The beer selection was pretty awesome.
I normally wait to write a review once I've visited a restaurant at least twice, but this is the exception! While in the area I got a tip on how good Three Penny Taproom was. As soon as I walked in I went straight for the chalkboard to check out the draft list. They have the big three I was looking for, The Alchemist Heady Topper, Lawson's Sip of Sunshine, and Hill Farmstead brews! The service was friendly and great. The kids shared a flat bread and fries. My wife and I shared the buttermilk chicken wings as suggested from other reviews and couldn't believe how good they were! We also had the burger special which included a fried green tomato! The next time I make it to the area, this is going to be my first stop!!!
Type. . . . . . Bar+Restaurant Level. . . . ..Very High Location. . . .Downtown, Excellent Prices. . . . .Low Tap Selection. Very High Bottle Selection. Low Samplers. . . .Yes, Free Full Pours. . . Yes Beer Level. . .Very High Food. . . . . . Yes Food Level. . .Unknown Staff. . . . ..Engaging, Friendly Growlers. . . .Unknown Noise Level. ..Quiet Décor. . . . ..Modern Tavern Good for Kids..In the Restaurant Section Parking. . . ..Street WiFi. . . . . .Unknown Cash Only. . ..No Recommended. ..Yes Comments. . . .Great place to find great local VT beers from Hill Farmstead, Lost Nation, Alchemist, Lawson's Finest

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The Skinny Pancake

89 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
Very interesting place. The food is locally sourced and big kudos for having many options on the crepe material for people w/ food allergies. My partner can't eat hybrid wheat and needs either ancient grain flour (spelt,buckwheat, Farro etc) or the gluten-free kind which is really tasteless! You stand in line and order at the counter which is fine and then they deliver and bus the tables. Very small space and sadly NO internet there. The service workers weren't too friendly so I gave my rating a 3 star. : ( We ordered the buckwheat Lamb Fetatastic crepe which was very good except a little dry inside. The sauce on top was unique (not the Tzaziki sauce I'm used to) but could have used a tad more to moisten inside the crepe. It came with a small side of leafy greens which were yummy. We also ordered a side of hand-cut fries which were yummy and served w/ a choice of sauces for dipping which I chose honey mustard. Loved the fries. Nice selection of local/regional sodas/drinks. Worth another visit for sure.
I absolutely love this place. The food is just delicious and it never gets old. I could eat here all the time. I am a huge fan of the dessert crepes. They also have delicious fries. Its a must place to go. whether you're in burlington or montpelier. totally worth it. the prices aren't bad either and they give you huge portions. if you are a crepe lover, go here. seriously. They also have gluten free options and beer and wine! woohoo!
Things have improved again so I'm gonna give them some well-deserved love: The staffing is uneven at times but generally there is a kinder gentler feel as the Skinny Pancake really settles into our grub community. The food is typically good these days. I still find the crepes a little odd in texture but the fillings really are marvelous. The dessert crepes are often the best dessert in town. They are local local local x 20 so they have a lot of great stuff you can't get everywhere. Rookie's Root Beer, Vermont Artisan Roobios Tea, Wilcox Ice Cream... etc etc. On the downside their pretty cutlery weighs so much that it can set one of their beautiful hand-crafted tables off balance. I definitely work off wrist and finger fat while I eat there.

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Asiana House

43 State St
Montpelier, 05602
they always have fresh wonderful sushi, excellent staff and a warm inviting customer area. the sushi is expertly prepared, rice is nutty and fresh... a great experience all around
Asiana House is the Montpelier version of the restaurant of the same name in Burlington VT. Same menu, same delicious Japanese/Korean food. We ate there for the 1st time last night having loved Asiana Burlington at New Years. (And this one is 30 min closer!) We started with their marvelous avocado salad, creamy with avocado and crunchy with cucumber. Then a couple of makis: Snow Maki, fantastic fried soft shell crab with avocado, and Alligator Maki, shrimp tempura with eel (unagi) on top. Goth great, the Snow Maki was a standout. Then my fave, Bi Bim Bab, served in a blistering hot stone pot to keep the rice, veggies, marinated beef and egg cooking (along with the add-your-own hot sauce) as you eat. Asiana is a terrific addition to the Montpelier restaurant scene; I don't know anything else like it and their quality and ambiance is great. Our server was great as well, friendly and attentive.
Formal dining and great food!! The sushi is the real deal and fresh. Great environment for meetings and fine dining. The vegetarian options are great and portions are large

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Asian Fusion

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70 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
Truly as marketed-- an awesomely friendly little dive! Good choice of local brews but also offers the big names; that's always appreciated. Cash only.
Your options in Montpelier are self-conscious "hipster dives" like this or shitty places in Barre. I don't hesitate to recommend the latter over this one. Caters to mouthy "liberated wimmin". Was enjoying my beer when some sow starting yammering about "male privilege" and "punching men in the dick". I normally confront this kind of crass modern fascism, but was depressed enough and just left. Who needs it? One star cause the bartender, a chick, was professional.
I stopped in after a 4 hour bus ride from Boston. The place was pretty deserted but the bartender was super-friendly and the few people who were in there were very sociable. The decor is pretty standard dive bar stuff- pool tables, quirky signs, etc. the only really big complaint I had was that the bathroom seemed to be wrenched out of a New York City squat and installed in a bar in Vermont. They had a great beer selection, cheap-o (for me), and some pricier Vermont brews that they were happy to let you sample. Oh and cash only. Pain in the butt. Other than that. Grade A!

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Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant

38 Elm St,Ste 1
Montpelier, 05602
This is the worst Thai food take out we have ever had! I spent 50.00 and it's in the trash. It was disgusting. The combo app was 95% all tofu. #75 they forgot The noodles...Really? The thaï fish cakes... Had no real fish but fish paste n tasted like rubber. None of this was authentic! So disappointing! And upset! It's rated one star only because I had to for yelp. This place is not worth rating or visiting if you know real authentic, edible, Thai food.
Very good spicy Thai food there! I ordered not spicy, but still felt a bit spicy, but in a good way! Service was good, friendly, the only thing is that need to wait around 20 min for the dish.
This place is fantastic! I have never been disappointed with any dish from here. Flavorful and they cater to your individual spice needs.

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Wayside Restaurant & Bakery

1873 US Rte 302
Montpelier, 05602
This place was terrible. I grew up eating here and always thought it was great. But after eating there for breakfast today I will never go back. Health board or Gordon Ramsey should be called in to whip them into shape. They were not flexible with substituting meat out for sliced tomatoes or fruit but still charged me for the meat and charged me for the substitute side. It took at least 30 minutes to get our food after ordering. The orange juice was tang mix drink, French toast tasted like dirty grill of onions, garlic, and hamburger, the tomatoes were weird and gross, and the side of fruit was even more horrid. It was old squishy cut up honeydew melon that was so sour it could be battery acid. Gross, gross, gross. Shut your doors! Or learn how to not give people sickening meals. Fresh!! It's Vermont for Christ sake. There are farms everywhere. Even the eggs smelled of old rancid egg farts.
You will love this place if you like atmosphere, large portions of mediocre inexpensive food and occasionally cranky service. I adore this place. When they forget that you wanted blueberry pancakes they might just pour heated blueberries on top of your pancakes to remedy the problem. You won't really care though. You came here for the large portions of Atmo. It's so calming. One night I even ate their stellar coleslaw and surprisingly good mozzarella sticks in the dark after some short in the kitchen blew all the lights out. The hand-dryer in the bathroom always feels (and sounds) like it could blow you out the door. Every time I eat here it's eventful and really fun. I've heard from people who have lived here for years that the Wayside isn't the wonderful old timey, friendly, large portioned experience it used to be. But for me it's like happening onto the set of some failed TV sitcom and it's always exactly what I need. And ridiculously cheap too! Where else can you still get a BLT for less than $3!?! *Avoid the French Toast* It's not so much French as it is just really awful yellow tinged toast. No amount of syrup can solve this problem.
I've been here twice now, on two separate trips to Vermont, and I have to say I love it with all my heart. Not only does it supply every great dinner food you might be craving, it also has ones you didn't know you were missing. Last night I ordered the salt port with milk gravy. NOT diet food. Basically it was like chicken fried bacon with a big gooey yummy cup of gravy to dip it in. I ordered the side of broccoli and cheese for something green...but the cheese far outweighed the vegetable in this situation. Where else can you get a cup full of cheddar Goldfish crackers as a side dish? Or get a maple platter with two types of maple cooked meats plus a maple side? Plus, this is where the local basketball team - the Vermont Frost Heaves - can be found eating dinner every Wednesday night. If that isn't small town charm, I don't know what is. Do not miss this place if you are in the area!

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NECI on Main

118 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
Was here for their Mother's Day Brunch. Bravo! Excellent food, good service, fairly good value. The ambiance was relaxed and civil (I was afraid that it might be loud and crowded, w/ long lines to get to buffet). Made for a special day.
Both the food and the service were superb. I rarely order chicken out. I took the risk and it paid off. Wonderful crispy skin, moist flavorful meat on top of garlicky fluffy potatoes. The price-fixe menu ($27 for 3 courses) is a bargain any day, but can't be beat with the outstanding flavorful, creative dishes. The pots de creme and creme brulee for dessert left us fat and happy. I will definitely go back!
Last night it was one of my classmate birthday so he wanted to have a single malt whiskey so one of the guy here recommend us to try it. The evironment was good and there were alot of people there. Plus there were a large selection of alot of liquor and local beer on tap. So we have a few drinks after that i saw someone eating a burger and it was red in the middle so i order the same burger and it was nice and juicy plus medium rare. The fries was ok but the burger was good. All of the staff was very friendly and i also drink a mojitus (hope i spell that right) Overall view, I like this place but next time i will and order different items on the menu.

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Coffee Corner

83 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
Arguably the best place for breakfast in Montpelier behind the much heralded Kismet Kitchen. Was visiting and wanted to try KK but they were closed, so we ended up here. The waitstaff was friendly, and all the food came out quickly. The chef's special omelette was good - it had goat cheese, spinach, and a few other things. Worth checking out - limited seating.
This is a tiny little place with standard middle-of-the-road diner food. All the good reviews seem to be about breakfast. Unfortunately, we went for lunch. A couple of notes about the interior. My booth seat was WET, I don't know if it was due to being just wiped down but that, combined with the vague almost wet dog smell that lingered in the back made the place unappealing. Also, you could see the employees beverage cups scattered across the back side of the kitchen counter (out of sight for the cooks, but in direct sight for the customers) which just makes the environment seem sloppy. My turkey and avocado sandwich was okay. The mayo was supposed to be chipotle flavored but you couldn't taste anything remotely spicy in the sandwich. Also, for a cold sandwich, having the multigrain bread toasted was weird for me. The fries are freshly cooked but are not all that crispy and are not seasoned with salt at all. Maybe there's some dietary concerns with the general age bracket that visits here, but unsalted fries are bland bland bland. The bill was almost $30 for two sandwiches and a soda & water which, in my opinion, is way overpriced for the food we received. Looking at their online menu, you could definitely grab a better lunch for the same cost at NECI on Main just down the street and at probably any other restaurant within walking distance. (Something to keep in mind)
TERRIBLE! Do NOT eat here. I was lured from advertising saying 'local, local, local', but what i received was trashy food that came from a greasy, dirty, environment. I ordered a lunch special of hamburger & fries for $7 which seemed great until I received it in a styrofoam box & opened it to see too small white bread buns with an even smaller patty & NOTHING else. No mayo. No mustard. No ketchup. Ooooh wait- they handed me another small plastic container w a lid for two tiny pickle slices?! Really? This Vermont. It was insulting. I asked for lettuce, tomato, mayo, etc & they said it wld b an upcharge. (After I had tipped a $1 for a take out order.) I felt so disappointed, knew I wld personally never go back, but here now I decided I shld reallllly make an effort to have people know not to go here. They really do not care about delivering a satisfying healthy meal. Its fast food serving greasy food in un-consciously and irresponsibly purchased containers, capitalizing on 'local' as a marketing scam. So angry! Waste of money- & nothing tasted good.

(802) 229-9060

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China Star Chinese Restaurant

15 Main St
Montpelier, 05602
Our family loves china star! This is not fine dining but it is delicious greasy consistently yummy inexpensive Chinese food. We love it! Something for everyone.
This place was gross. I walked in and it was not clean at all. I put that aside and ordered some food anyway. When I got home the food smelled funny and even my wife was like this has a bad taste to it. After picking through what I ordered we like nothing and I have had a lot of Chinese in my time. I would tell people to go the other way and not bother.
I'm looking forward to eating at the China Star when I visit Montpelier this year. The food is really good, and the people who work there are nice and friendly.

(802) 223-0808


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