Dexter Bakery

8101 Main St
Dexter, 48130
Ann Arbor connoisseurism (snobbery?) is seeping into surrounding communities, but Dexter has one firm bulwark against it in the Dexter Bakery. Interior is a blend of pre-Depression woodwork and 1960s linoleum, but atmosphere is beside the point. This isn't a coffeeshop where people hunch over laptops for hours or linger over novels. Though there are a few tables, mostly people come in, grab their donuts, and head out to wherever they're going. And those donuts are fantastic. I've only had a few, but they're always fresh, never oily, soft but not chewy and they always leave you wanting more (another good reason the place doesn't invite lingering). In some locales, their makers could label them "artisinal" and keep a straight face, but Dexter isn't one of those. Its bakery gives you an idea of what you might lose if your town becomes one.
Holy donuts, Batman. Old school and basic, the inside of Dexter Bakery is unassuming until you sink your teeth into their baked goods. It's only then you can appreciate a real donut and a real pastry. I took a huge box of goodies back to work and the following was reported: "This custard goodness with chocolate on top is as good as sex, but you know, my wife's pregnant right now.", "This was exactly the sugar fix worth ruining my diet for." "Damn you, Mary, I'm trying to be good." "This chocolate croissant will be a nice dessert for lunch." "What the hell woman? You know I'm trying to diet." And, me, silent because my teeth were sinking into a cheese pretzel. The staff is always nice here and happy to help you pick out a box of goodness to bribe anyone with.
Love their cream filled donus, seasonal donuts as well. Just remember they don't accept credit cards - a serious blow when your co-workers are expecting you to come back with a dozen ;)

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Terry B’s

7954 Ann Arbor St
Dexter, 48130
My wife and I eat out quite a bit, and I usually don't feel strongly enough to review every single place we visit. Terry B's is an exception, because it was significantly better than our expectations. Almost hidden in a converted house outside of downtown Dexter, Terry B's is unassuming in both location and name, and thus doesn't get the attention that its Ann Arbor equals receive. The night we visited, we received excellent service, ranking with Logan and Paesano's as the best treatment we've received at a regional restaurant. From the hostess to the waitress to the water guy, the timing was perfect throughout the night. We both ordered seafood, and both dishes were cooked to perfection and truly unique. My triple-tail melted in my mouth, and was paired with buttery roasted vegetables and rice that complimented the meal. My wife's ahi tuna was a work of art on the plate, and the meal was cooked rare and delicious. Beyond that, the bread was good, the wine was good, and the beer selection was pretty great. I hesitate to go over 4 stars because we've only eaten there once, but you can bet we'll be back and we'll be preaching the Terry B's gospel to everyone we can. No complaints, our experience was outstanding.
A great place for special occasions like birthdays. Good food and service, and a nice atmosphere. Not only the best restaurant in Dexter but one of the best in the entire Ann Arbor area.
our absolute favorite restaurant. always exceptional!

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American (New), Bars

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Foggy Bottom Coffee House

7065 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd
Dexter, 48130
I love independent coffee houses, and I love a dark roast. Foggy Bottom provided me with both, so I'm a big fan. On a recent summer morning, I checked it out for the first time. The atmosphere is fun- the coffee house is pretty big, with tall ceilings, colorful wall murals and big burlap coffee bags on the walls. The seating is comfortable, with a mix of tables and low chairs and counters with high stools. The selection of coffee is good, with several darker roasts and also some medium ones available on the day I visited. They also carry a large selection of organic and fair trade coffees either to sip in-house or to purchase by the pound. I got the "Big Girl Panties", a really rich dark African coffee. I also got one of their veggie & Swiss breakfast sandwiches. They take a scrambled egg patty, some Swiss cheese, tomatoes, red onion and cucumber, put it between two halves of an English muffin and heat and press it panini style. Coffee plus my breakfast sandwich cost me a grand total of $3.15. There are some coffee houses where you can barely get a cup of coffee for that price, so I was pleased. Bonus features: free Wifi and a cool website.
Nice location, easy to sit here and tick-a-tick-a type away or do some work away from home. The only issues I had: they close early on week-ends. They shut-off the grill as early as 12pm on Sundays! I like the menu, but I am very set in my ways, and order the same thing every time I go anyway. Not a fan of their pastries- they look and taste old. They used to have an absolutely amazing salsa served with their paninis / sandwiches. I'm not so sure it's the same anymore. They add nice artsy flair with the local artist paintings on the walls. Great place to bring kids- there are things to keep them playing and entertained ;)
Good selection of breakfast options - I had a Denali sandwich, which was decent. The coffee was alright, it's no killer coffee from some Bay Area roastery but fine. The space is huge though awkward but that's what happens usually in a shopping center building. I enjoy the fact that they feature local artists works on their walls (my brother and sister-in-laws have had their paintings shown). So if you're OK with all of these things, this is the place to go if you're in need of a caffeine fix.

(734) 424-9630

Coffee & Tea, Cafes

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Food Zone Chinese Restaurant

7023 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd
Dexter, 48130
Another great serving of Chinese dishes at the Food Zone. Usually am here for takeout, but this tome enjoyed dining in. It wasn't too busy as it was abiyt 8pm. Service was.prompt, very friendly. For the group, ordered two favorites: swett and sour chicken and beef with broccoli. Requested no M.S.G. in those. No problem. They will put MSG in is you don't tell them otherwise. Sampled the deluxe rice noodles too . They are delicious.
I think we have a new fav chinese place. This was a first visit and though the gal waiting on us was short and a little rude when asking questions, the food was ok. I think she expected us to know the menu and know what we wanted right away and got a little put out that we weren't ready when she was. Wonton soup was light, with good dumplings. They have chips! Which is a plus in my book. I ordered the SzeWei Shrimp, medium spicy. It was alright. I think the shrimp were deveined too! Huge shrimp as well. You don't find that in many chinese places. Can't wait to try other stuff.
I lke this placed values Catherine Ryder Wendell Kendall. I'm in love with London zoo in the factory zone.

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Dairy Queen

8041 Main St
Dexter, 48130
Yeah, after last night, not visiting again. $7.38 was the total, for a small cone, small artic rush, and medium turtle sundae, not in a waffle bowl. the drink came in a tiny cup with an ice cream lid, not a drink cup. the cone was for a 2 year old. (usually when you order a large, you get WAY too much and a small seems just right, but not at this location. a small is the half the small size of the cone at the Ann Arbor DQ) and turtle sundae is supposed to look like the picture. whipped cream was missing. So for that order justified $7+?! I don't think so. We will stick with Twisters in Chelsea. What a rip off. I tried to get the gals attention to either find out if we ordered wrong, and to fix my sundae but they were too busy with the next order to give us any further attention. If the order was filled correctly, the value is not there.
What better place in a Norman Rockwell-esque town like Dexter than a landmark like this DQ. Right across from Veteran's Park, the DQ is a natural stop on another great day in Dexter. A word of warning: Be very careful when crossing the (marked) cross-walk between the DQ and Veteran's Park. Although the crossway is marked, cars will not stop.
Would be five stars but they are usually pretty slow with the service. Also the Ms PAC Man machine takes ur quarters and then game play is all buggy.

(734) 426-8647

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Fast Food

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A & W Root Beer Drive In

8220 Dexter Chelsea Rd
Dexter, 48130
Wow, this drive-in takes me back to childhood when the family would go to dinner and eat in the car, plastic seatcovers and all. One drives up, parks and a server is at your car in seconds. Your order will be taken with a handheld electronic device and a cardboard number placed under your windshield wiper identifies your order with your car. The menu is handwritten on a whiteboard inside but no worries if you can't see it, your server will have a paper copy. Just turn on your car lights if you need anything and your server will, again, be at your service in mere seconds. The food is classic A & W Root Beer fare. The burgers are terrific, the onion rings just right and the fries are well, just fries. Menu has fried cheese curds, mushrooms and an extensive coney selection. But the best is the frosty rootbeer in a glass mug. Nothing beats it! Hours end at 8:00pm on M-Sat and 7pm on Sunday but don't miss this hidden treasure which provides a trip down memory lane.
The waitresses needed a course in race relations. Racist staff!! Stay away from this place!
Who can hate on A&W? Drive up, turn your lights on when you're ready to order, a young waitress will come out to take your order and get a frosty mug of cold root beer. The burgers and fries are pretty standard fast food fare but sometimes that perfectly fills a craving! I'm so glad this place hasn't folded even though they could use a fresh coat of paint! Drive up and step back in time. Gets packed on the weekends when the weather is nice.

(734) 426-4427

Fast Food

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Alpha Coney Island

7049 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd
Dexter, 48130
I have been coming here for more than a year. The food and service is consistent. Great food and friendly service. Generous portions.. I hope they keep it up.
I had the chicken gyro which was a bit dry but tasty. The fries were good. Service was fast and friendly and the prices were good. I'll be back.
Stopped in to grab a quick breakfast after bicycling on the new Dexter bike trail on a sunny Saturday morning and was surprised to see the place completely filled up with diners. On other occasions that we had been here it was noticeably slow with mostly empty tables. Despite the business of the Coney, we were really impressed with the genuine friendliness of our server. I was wondering if that may have been the change and could explain why the place was brimming with customers this morning. After perusing the typical Coney menu, I was drawn to the Monterrey Omelette which combined sausage, onions, jalepenos and cheddar with sour cream and salsa on the side. At $ 7.50, I found it to be competitively priced and quite flavorful while it brought on the moderate jalepeno heat. I had made a special request of our server when I placed my order to ask the kitchen to cook my omelette soft. Surprisingly, Alpha's cook accommodated my request! I always ask for a soft omelette when ordering but only get my wish about 30% of the time. I know craziness of the kitchens of most Coney Islands...especially on a busy Saturday actually getting my eggs light and soft is a noteworthy event in my book. Nice job on the enjoyable b'fast. Four big ones.

(734) 424-0900

American (Traditional), Greek

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Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill

8031 Main St,Ste 101
Dexter, 48130
Terrible. I ordered the BAT Grilled Cheese and was presented with dry, cold toast that had a hint of boursin cheese smeared across it, some bacon and avocado stuffed inside (I requested no tomato). I actually thought they forgot to put the cheese on. When I finally tracked down a waitress to ask about it (ours being nowhere to be found) I was told that was how it was supposed to be. The manager and wait staff were apologetic (if not attentive) when I said I had thought I was ordering a grilled cheese and would not be interested in eating whatever it was the brought me, but did not apologize for the abysmal food itself. You couldn't pay me to come back here for the food, or the service.
Been here twice now and both times it was DELISH! Love the Margherita pizza! Had it on both visits because it was so good. Also got a side of their shaved Brussel sprouts and kale sauté. Also DELISH! Husband got a club sandwich and frys, both good! Service is friendly and attentive. I wish there was an Aubree's closer to my house :(
I have loved this little pizza place ever since they put a restaurant here in Dexter. I must say I am spoiled. This is not just any pizza place. This restaurant is extraordinary. Their vegetarian pizza is amazing. The flavors are complex and sophisticated. It is not simply a pizza with no meat. It stands alone. I was a huge fan of their artichoke and spinach pizza, as well. They need to bring that back. Tonight, though, I was blown away. I ordered the Smokehouse Macaroni and Cheese. It was profound. Really. My driver was given the wrong address for my house, however, so my order was late. However, when he did arrive, he told me the manager had comped my order, for the mix-up. I was ready to give the driver a tip, but, he very sweetly refused, and told me that he "would be taken care of". I highly recommend this restaurant!

(734) 424-1400

American (Traditional), Pizza

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Classic Pizza

8015 Huron St,Ste A
Dexter, 48130
We have been ordering pizza from Classic for at least five or six years, and we have never had any problems except for a small mix up on the toppings here and there. One piece of advice: Get the breadsticks!
I've had experiences ordering from Classic Pizza that were very frustrating. The person taking the orders always seems too busy to get the order correct. The check out system seems very confusing to the employees and a manager usually has to step in. As far as the quality of the product goes I wish they could keep the pizza in the oven a bit longer since they are never quite done, I'm sure many people in Dexter love this pizza but it gets only three stars from me.
AVOID. Extremely rude employees. I waited an hour and a half for my food, called to find out they never made it! They could care less I was very upset. I tried to re-order and they wanted to charge me more. Outrageous. I told them to forget it. I'm so pissed. I will NEVER order from here again.

(734) 426-1900


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The Dexter Pub

8114 Main St
Dexter, 48130
Worst service ever tonight. Not sure if we'll be back again. Food isn't that great, but I will miss the fish and chips.
Stopped in on a Sunday afternoon during our motorcycle ride. Super friendly waitress gave us some recommendations (big salad, smoked pork and brisket, good burgers) and we picked the Santa Fe salad which was perfect and fed both of us! Also got some sweet potato fries which were thicker cut and yummy. They've got a few craft beers on tap too!
Good food. Had a chicken club salad and a BLT sandwich. Something about the atmosphere is a little off......can't put my finger on it.

(734) 426-1234

American (Traditional)

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