Dream Dinners

12727 South Dixie Highway
Pinecrest, 33156
Easy, simple recipes. Delicious food!!
Such a fun and different experience. My sister in law purchased a certificate at an auction and brought us along. The steps to prepping your meal were easy and it took us about 3-5 minutes at each station. We each made three meals and I have LOVED how easy it is to prepare them at home. We brought home a few freezer bags that each contained a dinner for 3-6 people. As we are running out the door in the morning my fiance will ask what we should make for dinner and I quickly open the freezer, choose a meal and throw the bag (with all ingredients inside) into the refrigerator. It is ready to go when we get home and usually takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare. The meals are DELICIOUS! I am going back soon with my sister!
Dream Dinners has been terrific. So great to be able to serve and enjoy a home cooked meal after working all day without too much thought or effort. It only takes a little while to figure out which meals are best for your family. Many delicious things to choose from, but some are a little too rich for us. The Staff is fantastic too!

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Specialty Food, Do-It-Yourself Food

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The Cheese Course

11355 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
I love The Cheese Course! Admittedly,the Midtown location is my favorite (it was my first AND it has BEAUTIFUL outdoor seating - win win.) But, the Pinecrest location being closer to my house makes it my home away from home. Had I emerged from under the rock sooner, I'd easily have 50+ check ins here and 100+ at the Midtown location. Its this and Robeks! ;) The Pinecrest location is on US1 off of Killian in the Suniland shopping center. Look for Flanigans, Eurpean Wax Center and a Nose for Clothes (wth?) They have Thursday specials called "Siply Thursday" $3 glass of house wine, $9 bottle of house wine and $3 craft beers on Thursdays from 5pm-10pm (close). They were also running this special today for Father's Day. So I got to try a new cider (new to me) called Samuel Smith's Organic Apple Cider 5%ABV. Regularly $5, but $3 today! I was ECSTATIC to see a Cider in their craft beer lineup because I had never spotted one before. I hope they'll always have it! Speaking of hopes and cheese dreams...I was extremely saddened when the (very nice) girl who helped me answered my question regarding the almost barren cheese fridges. Yes, this is the new lineup she said. Something tl do with the demographics of the area and the low sales. I figured. But I was wishing and praying that it wasn't true. There used to be dozens of cheese per catergory. But I understand, cheese is a very perishable item. And having too many options/inventory increases waste when certain stock doesn't sell. The only way to prevent this? More of the same item instead of less of many! Am I making any sense? Sorry, that Cider is making me a little woozy already. Hey! Don't judge. ..I came here on an empty stomache. I was treating myself to a little indulgent Sunday. It was this or getting my nails done. I chose Cheese...duh. Anyway, back to TCC. Its the perfect quanit little spot for all occasions, really. A romantic date, day or night. Catching up with the girls. Having an afternoon lunch meeting. Why does that always have to be at Starbucks? Boring! They even have a 14-seater table. So bring the whole family. You'll feel right at home. The ladies here know what real customer service is!
I really liked this place. The ham and cheese platters are great. The soups are good. Definitely a repeat. Think of this as a more refined panera and you can have wine :)
Ordered a sandwich for pickup and this place never fails to disappoint! The food is delicious. I only wish i could stay longer to explore the cheese and wine pairing selections. What a wonderful idea--I love cheese!

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Cheese Shops, Sandwiches

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Original Big Tomato

12447 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
The big tomato is a small restaurant on US1. They have pizza, wraps, paninis, and salads that come in a bread bowl. The pepperoni pizza was delicious! It's a deep dish style pizza and they make it really well! The philly panini was not very good. There was barely any meat on it and not much flavor. They also didn't put tomato on it when in the description it said it had tomato. The salads in the bread bowl were great. I tried a bit of the cob salad with ranch and the Greek salad with chicken added and both were delicious although I did find it a bit weird for a salad to be served in a bread bowl since most people choose salad as a lighter option. But nonetheless it was very good and I guess if you don't want the bread you don't have to eat it. All in all good restaurant with good food and pretty fast service.
What a difference. We ordered our free pizza from here last night after the fiasco we had at Mellow Mushroom and it was divine! They gave us the Great White that we had originally asked for, and I'm glad we gave it a second chance. They were having issues with the oven (and maybe this was the issue they were having last time? Not sure, but if so they should have told us) so the pizza took a little longer to make. It was worth the wait. It was really good pizza and I'm glad that we got to taste what we should have gotten the first time around. It was cooked all the way through and really tasty. SO happy that I could update my review just a week later and turns out it was a fantastic experience. Thanks for the great customer service and for making sure the issue was resolved.
The whole reason I wanted to come here is because I read the rave reviews about the whole wheat crust, so I come here . . . AND FORGET TO ORDER THE WHOLE WHEAT CRUST!!! Ugh, of course!!! I was starving, though, and a little overwhelmed by the options! Still, my husband & I decided on a 10" "most popular" and took a seat. I believe we got our pizza in under 10 minutes or so, which was great. I do think that almost $10 is a little much considering the size of the pizza, but it's made fresh, totally customizable and tastes really good! We will be back and next time I will remember to order the whole wheat crust! Oh & they have a M-Th lunch special from 3-5pm that is only $5, which is a much better price! Great deal!

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Pizza, Sandwiches, Salad

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Miyako of Dadeland Japanese Restaurant

9533 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
I went to this restaurant, trusting the rating... I was extremely disappointed... We order the ramen, some sushi and dumplings... The ramen and I quote my boyfriend "the worst ramen I have ever had"... The broth was tasteless, the pork was overcook and the noodles might as well had been from noodles in a cup... The sushi was average... Overall not a good experience!!!
Food was overpriced and...whatever. We asked the older, more plump Korean lady how many ounces the wafu steak was; she didn't know, but she said it is "big". I think they should at least know the size of their steaks. People are interested in portion sizes, you know. It wasn't that big, actually. It was long, but not big. The best part of the meal came when I signed the check, and the plump old lady came to collect it. She looked at it, hesitated and came back to our table. "Can you put the amount of tip on this line?" I had written the total, but not the tip separately. I took the pen and wrote, "2.90" and gave it to her. She glanced at it, and asked disgustedly, "two dollars tip??" and walked away. Actually, closer to three dollars, you idiot. And you don't go examining your tip and questioning it right in front of your customers. We went home feeling like the entire experience had been shat on, because of this woman's rudeness. Those smiles and being asked, "how is everything?" will cost you a dollar a piece. Oh, the joys of our stupid American tip system, which by the way doesn't even exist in Japan, even though service is five times better there.
I have been here twice now. After rave reviews from local friends, I went once and then tried it again to make sure I wasn't missing something. The 1st time I went I got sushi and it came as 2 pieces for 1 order. The 2nd time I was told that the price on the menu is for 1 piece. So did the waitress from the 1st time make a mistake? I ordered similarly both times and the bill was $10 more because of the sushi miscommunication. Between the 2 times I was there I also got the atomic roll, the spider roll, an eel roll and a spicy tuna roll. The sushi is fresh, no complaints there. The service is inconsistent. The food is overpriced. I'll only go back if I'm with my local friends who seem to really like it there.

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Japanese, Sushi Bars

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Keg South

10417 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
it's all been said before - great burger, cold beer, low price. I can't wait to go back and try the wings they looked great.
I'm not going to rank on this place because, honestly, I wasn't there that long. But I guess you can come to your own conclusions as to why I wasn't there that long. For anyone planning on going, forget using your GPS because, like Area 51, some things can't be found. When you're driving down S Dixie Hwy, on 104th, there will be a Shell gas station. You make a left there and immediately make your first right after the station. It's underneath a billboard. This place seems like it's more for people who just want to have a drink and not be bothered AT ALL. Which, don't get me wrong, that's cool. But if you're with a group, you might not want to go here for fear of being hated by everyone who wants peace and quiet as they delve into their depression. I mean, the beer is cheap, and the crowd is nice. So, overall not a bad place, just not y type of place. P.S.- They have a sign outside the bar that says "Please don't throw your bottles on our roof, it clogs the drains." I guess you can take whatever you want from that.
I came here for the famous burgers and let me tell you that I'm not disappointed. Their burgers have a homey feel as if you just had your moms homemade BBQ burger. The setting is one of a typical American bar with booths, pool table and large screen TVs to watch sports. The staff was very friendly and it seems like its a family own bar/restaurant.

(305) 284-9296

Burgers, Chicken Wings

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Manhattan Chicago Pizza

12715 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
Delicious pizza and very fast service!
This pizza is the bomb. Finally a fantastic tasting pizza in Pinecrest (besides The Big Tomatto which is also the bomb!). I would rate it 5 stars without a doubt except that today they were closed (Sunday afternoon).... no announcements or reason why. They need to be 100% dependable to get 5 stars.... I really hope they don't screw it up!
Great place! I found it by accident while eating breakfast at the Muffin TIn. I went back and ordered dinner there Sunday. Ordered a 24" pie and a deep dish pie. Both were awesome. The guys in there (I assume the owners) were nice too. This is my new spot for pizza.

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12669 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
We are regular visitors to Anacapri and it never disappoints. The food is always fresh and well prepared and the servers and management are nice and gracious. We particularly like the wine bar, as it offers a nice chance to relax prior to waiting for a reservation, and we have even had meals there -- though they don't offer the full menu. This is great local establishment and one of our favorites. I would recommend a reservation on the weekends, but they are also usually accomodating.
This review is about two consecutive weekend visits this month. The atmosphere of Anacapri really gives you a warm impression when you first walk in. The collection of wines and marketplace really sets the tone for your experience. So yeah your expectations are really high and you're totally looking forward to your meal. Once you sit down you being to notice that the staff seem very unhappy and aren't thrilled with their job. This becomes more evident when you have to repeatedly ask for more bread, wine, water, etc. You would think they'd hop on a wine request but not at all. On my first visit I had Italian wedding soup which tasted more like minestrone. I'm a huge fan of wedding soup so I wasn't too impressed. We also had calamari which was pretty standard, The Gnoci, Tortellini and Egglant Parmesan all got rave reviews from our table. My cousin wasn't crazy about the linguini with clam sauce. My partner ordered mushroom risotto which he requested Chicken with. It came without the chicken and was so hot he burned the inside of his mouth. A day later it blistered. Still it was delicious, not sure it was worth the injury. So overall the food is definately pretty excellent. I wasn't prepared to spend over two hours for dinner and having to wait so much for everything you ask for. The service definately is the Achilles heel of this establishment. Miserable staff that really aren't concerned with your overall experience. Some friends I know recommended the place but warned us ahead of time. So you just have to weigh the good food with the bad service.
Good food! Great service. Love their Pasta Tuesday. Great wine bar and tapas. They offer a great variety of specials every day of the week. Always a treat to eat there.

(305) 232-8001


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Sushi Rock

11293 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
Salmon dragon roll and Tuna crunchy roll are must haves! Good food. Good quality Sashimi is good quality too, little pricy for my taste. But I would come back again.
It was the Memorial Weekend when we decided to give this place a try. We were in the area and were craving sushi so we remembered this place was around the corner and decided to go. Obviously the place was empty, just 2 other tables were in the restaurant, we were greeted immediately and led to our table. Our waitress was attentive without being all in our faces. I saw they had Sweet Thai iced tea, I've seen the pictures and it always looked delicious so I decided to try it out... And yaaaaaassssss!!!! I loved it I will order that again... Fo' Sho' ! So we noticed they had some specials and gave that a try, we had the Crunchy Salmon roll and the Crunchy tuna roll, they were quite large, we couldn't finish them, had to take the leftovers home. I'm pretty sure they were bigger than the other rolls, I had such a hard time putting the whole roll in my mouth, I really don't like that, I'm too little to be opening my mouth like that and then I feel like I have to cover my mouth and chew, not a pretty picture I my opinion. But the taste was on point, no complaints there. We will probably be back if we are in the area and craving some sushi and delicious Thai Iced tea
It's our neighborhood sushi joint... Sure, we could be picky and point some things out that need improvement. But, there's a certain charm about the staff that keeps my wife and I coming back. The sushi is as good as you'll get in this price range and the servers are very attentive. We've never had an issue with cleanliness and the timing is quick... Perfect for those week nights when we don't feel like cooking. What can I say? It's not perfect but it's perfect for us :)

(305) 259-0022

Sushi Bars, Japanese

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Giraffas Brazilian Grill

9459 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
I visited this restaurant for a quick late night meal. Ordered the picanha steak and the girafao burger. The food was pretty good but overall the portions were a little small. It was definitely nothing outstanding and fit the whole fast food vibe the restaurant was going for. The service was good the cashier was friendly and the food came out pretty quickly however. Overall, it was nothing that would keep me dying to go back to but I wouldn't mind giving it another shot.
First time here I tried the: Quinoa, greens & SALMON (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, small bruschetta & balsamic dressing) Second time: I'm going to try the quinoa, greens & chicken. The service here is friendly. The food was delicious. The atmosphere was bright and colorful. The music was not too loud. On Friday and Saturday they are open til midnight. Great if you work late. If you check in you get an order of Pao de Queijo. Basically small bread with cheese inside. Yumm.
Upon entering, my uncle and I thought it would be a good experience. As far as cleanliness, this place is clean and the staff patient with us first timers who spent about 15 minutes staring at the menu. They explained anything we didn't understand. We both got the Picana with rice, salad and fries. Now, I am a HUGE meat lover. I was excited for this brazilian food but was extremely disappointed when it arrived and I took my first bite. The rice was okay, the beans good, the salad fine and the fries were soggy and looked old (ew) Now onto the steak, it was way too cooked for me and it tasted plain and salty. It had no real flavor to it. It was just like any palomilla from your local cuban restaurant. Not even the chimi churi sauce helped it. It was nasty. We both decided we would never eat that again. It wasn't worth it. We're willing to give it another try but this time we'll go for the burgers. All in all, it sucked.

(305) 728-8833

American (New), Brazilian, Burgers

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Pei Wei

12175 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, 33156
We stopped by on Monday night at 7:30 and were 2nd in line to order. There is a more detailed menu near the cashier which we found helpful to list the ingredients in the dishes, compared to the large marque at the entrance. The cashier was friendly and efficient. You get a huge selection of fountain drinks that you could ever want. I ordered a glass of KJ chardonnay which was a full glass to the rim for $8. The food arrived very quickly and was hot. The server came to our table several times to check on us so we felt it reasonable to leave him a tip. The spring roll was a bit greasy, moderately filled but the sweet sauce had a bit of chili peppers in it. The kung pao shrimp roll is a good size portion. The small shrimp are tender but the tempura chili peanut crumble topping is awesome. The steak dynamite with brown rice as well as the honey chicken were excellent. Tender steak and slightly crunchy white meat chicken chunks with tasty sauce enough to slightly mix with the rice. The brown rice was a good quality, fluffy and nutty tasting. Very delicious food and efficient service makes this spot a hit.
It's been a while since I visited this location, but today I was just disappointed. I ordered a Broccoli Ginger Steak with Brown rice. The brown rice was the star of the dish, and that says a lot. It was fluffy, a little chewy, but for someone who doesn't like brown rice too much, it was enjoyable. The "steak" was mostly dry and tough, with a jerky consistency. Random bits were soft, but the majority were just overcooked and hard to chew. The sauce was very salty, and it didn't help that the broccoli florets and rice were absorbing it. I also got a couple bitter florets, but that's not necessarily their fault. The location itself is pretty clean, but the two cups we were given for drinks were dirty (gross!). Staff was friendly, and food came out in a decent amount of time. However, I must say that, in my opinion, the food is not worth the price you pay. But nice try P.F. Chang's, maybe next time.
Like it! Never been here before Food is exactly like PF Changs as they are the same company Will come back again

(305) 252-6124

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