305 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd
Hermitage, 37076
Fast and friendly. Food is always tasty and fresh! Even though they may dislike gays, the food is still good!!!!!!!
The best chik fil a I have ever been to. The owner/manager is the most friendly person you could meet. He made us feel so special and even bought us milkshakes for our graduate. The food was perfect as was the service. This place changed my view of what fast food could be.
I love Chick-fil-A. I know I shouldn't, but I'm a sucker for that Christian chicken. I've been to more than a few locations over my years. This location is not one of the better ones. The staff is more worried about getting you in & out than being friendly. It would be okay if they were actually fast. The restaurant seems clean when I've been inside. My whole issue with them is little things like, when you order "extra pickles," they give you a small container with pickles. They don't make the sandwich to order. The chicken usually tastes as if it's been sitting around for an hour or so. Another gripe I have is with location is when you order a value size fry, you end up with a regular size fry in a value size package. They never fill up the fry sleeve. The only positive aspect of this location is the text alerts that let you know when receipt day is.

(615) 889-2177

Fast Food

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Donut Palace

3920 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, 37076
This small little donut bakery is located in one of Hermitage's oldest shopping centers! I can imagine baking donuts is a hard job, let alone running the's one of those jobs that starts in the wee hours of the morning so that the donuts are freshly made daily! Yeu, the owner, serves not only your common popular donuts, but he also serves donuts with bacon on top, apple fritters, pigs in a blanket, breakfast pastries, and addition to these yummy treats...he makes doughssants....they are what seems to be a scandalous marriage of a donut and a croissant...!!!!!!!! Need I say more? heard me. A doughssant! Worth the trip just to eat one of these! Prices are considerably cheap! The doughssants are only $1.99 each! The regular donuts are about $.60 each! These sweet donuts are my favorite treats to buy for my kid's school teachers...and they love them! Coffee also served here!
Note to donut owner: You might as well just close at 10am. No sense in staying open until 2pm if you only sell the rejects left over from breakfast. For my 1st experience I admit it wasn't a normal donut eating time but I figured heck they close at 2:00pm it's only 11:45am I'll give it a shot. I asked for their specialty croissant donut (cronut) that I have seen on reviews. I was told, oh we sold those this morning. I thought to myself, hmm you are open 2 more hours you can't fry some up for me? I should have asked but I didn't (shame on me). Instead of offering to make some now. The donut worker said he can make them for me tomorrow and save them so they are left for me. Arg, not making me happy Mr.! I said no thank you with a smile and left. It's a shame cuz I really wanted to give this little local shop a try. Why can't local shops run like a Krispy Cream 'hot and fresh' all the time?
We had the cronuts/doughssants as they call it here in the Donut Palace. We waited while he fried some. So worth the wait! It is just heaven. You have to go and taste it yourself. We also had a sample kolaches, it was so delicious! Highly recommend this unassuming gem of a place in Hermitage.

(615) 206-7813


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Gondola House

4613 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, 37076
My family and I have been to Gondola 5 times. Each time has been fantastic. Excellent service, kid-friendly, clean, and the decor is pretty cool. Pizza is a tricky business. People seem to have a specific preference for certain types of crust, so I'll try to describe it: The crust is thin. Made with imported Italian flour (it says in the menu). It's kind of a dense/soft, not tough, with a thin crusty coating. It reminds me if a flattened buttery pretzel! The toppings are just right. Not too little, not too much. The meatball appetizer is delicious as well. I have not tried other items on the menu, such as sandwiches, because the pizza is so good, I can't seem to order anything else. The kids cheese pizza is just a miniature version on their regular pizza. Very good.
Gondola house was recommended to me by a coworker and referred to as a great little local Italian spot. Needless to way, it was quite a disappointment after that great recommendation. The prices were high for the value and service level, and the food left a lot to be desired. It wasn't bad, just definitely not good either.
I had the Chicken Cacciatore, and it was wonderful! We had the Tiramisu for dessert, something we had never tried before. It was indescribably good. We had the most enjoyable evening and had a very fine waitress. She helped us with suggestions because we were new there. Can't say enough about this restaurant. Atmosphere was marvelous, dark and romantic, warm and cozy. Will be back for sure!

(615) 679-9033

Italian, Pizza

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Levi and Hanks

3424 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, 37076
L & H is the Cheers of Hermitage. On the weekends they rock out with live music. One of the best community bar/grills you will ever visit. Come by and visit Brian & Mel!
I discovered Hank and Levi's about 6 months ago when I relocated to Hermitage. It was near my house and a decent place to grab a drink. My main issue was that it was old and run down and not the cleanest establishment. I just found out that it's now under new ownership and I've already seen the changes. MUCH cleaner and they have already started new construction to make this a place a great neighborhood bar. Excited to see how the new owners transform this place
Not the cheapest place in town, but the bartenders are fast and entertaining. Last Call Poker League has frequent games here and that's what usually draws me in. Frequent live music, BACK LIT!!! And they are new serving some great craft beers!! Goose Island and Yazoo are the couple i've had so far. The bar food is pretty good, better than many other bar's I have eaten at. Pizza is always lazer hot and gooey as hell. And, they don't mind my cigar smoke!!!

(615) 885-5296


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Jersey Mike’s Subs

5506 Old Hickory Blvd.
Hermitage, 37076
Very good sub ( I got a wheat wrap). It had good taste they cut the meat right in front of you I will go back again
I have been a little sub-obsessed lately and Jersey Mike's is helping fill that need. Within a mile from my house I have access to Subway, Firehouse, Penn Station, and Jersey Mike's. I eat at all of them pretty often (eh, Subway not THAT often) but I think I'm finally confident in stating that JM's is my favorite. I like the 8" option. Sometimes 6" isn't enough but a footlong is too much. (get your mind out of the gutter-I'm talking subs here ;) ) They slice your meat and cheese fresh to order and the bread is always fresh and tasty. I love their pickles! They are kind of thick cut and appear to be homemade. I don't know about any other locations but this one always has super friendly people working. They also offer wraps that I've been meaning to try but I can't seem to ever pass up a sub! A regular 8" sub is $7.16. Not too bad.
Been there often, 50/50 success on what I asked for... Tonight long hair in my cheese steak. That's it I'm done

(615) 885-6080

Delis, Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Yogurt Mountain

5225 Old Hickory Blvd,Ste 204
Hermitage, 37076
The atmosphere inside is wonderful with a friendly staff, and their yogurt selection is something to behold. With the variety constantly changing depending on the time of year, you can always get something different. They have tons of toppings (that also change regularly) and a cold bar that has several dessert flavors that really make a difference in your dessert.
Are you Crazy? The cups provided are 16 and 32 ounce yet I filled my16 oz cup a wee bit over half with no toppings and paid 10.58. Let's see if you made minimum wage age you would have to work over an hour to enjoy this treat! The yogurt is fine but I couldn't help feeling like a mark when I checked out! Me STUPID, must shine out on my forehead! I think I'll go anywhere else and retain my dignity next time!
It's awesome with friendly staff and a huge toppings bar however the flavours aren't changed more than every 2-3 months so if you go regularly you will quickly get bored with the choices.

(615) 871-7070

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts

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Gyros Pizza

5751 Old Hickory Blvd Ste 101
Hermitage, 37076
I was looking for some place different to try on a Friday night and I decided to check this place out. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it's pretty much *blah* on the inside. Dated and no apparent efforts to change that. That's ok. I would never plan on staying there to eat anyway. The menu board was kind of hard to understand. I couldn't figure out exactly what pricing was and what was included in the Gyro plates (and didn't feel like asking) so I just decided to try a Stromboli. The owner was nice and made the stromboli pretty quickly. As far as the Stromboli goes, I have actually had better, but this one was still good. Lot's of cheese and pepperoni. I believe he said he was going to load it up with extra since the price included 5 toppings but I only wanted the cheese and pepperoni. However, it would nice if you could just get 2 toppings and only pay for 2 toppings. The only 2 things I might suggest are perhaps using some kind of seasoning on the crust (it looks like there is some on maybe the Calzone I see in other pictures?) and to put the Stromboli on a piece of parchment paper first instead of directly on the box. Perhaps it would help soak up some of the grease? I'm thinking this particular Stromboli was pretty greasy due to the sinful amounts of pepperoni on it. Next time I will decline the offer for extra pepperoni to see if that helps. I'm interested in trying a pizza from here as well but they must be closed on Sundays because when I called a couple weeks ago there was no answer. I'll try again!
I've been coming in here for a while now and have yet to have a bad experience. I love the grilled chicken the owner makes and the lamb is great too. The falafel is really good as well. He makes a mean falafel sandwich. I haven't tried the pizza or calzones yet. But I'll get around to it. The owner is super friendly and genuinely a nice guy. He charged a small flat fee for using a card regardless of the total bill. So if your bill is $5 or $50 you'll get I think $.35 tacked on. No biggie. The place is a dive but it's clean. I've eaten here before but more times than not I just take my food home. No soda fountain so it's cans of Coke or Pepsi or Kroger brand for other flavors. Basically I took the 5th star away for location. It's high traffic and the parking lot is not designed for the three restaurants in the building. Not his fault through so maybe it should be 5 stars.
We love this place and the owner is super friendly! Everything is always fresh and absolutely delicious no matter what you choose. Best falafel sandwiches!

(615) 889-1400


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Bellacinos Pizza & Grinders

4662 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, 37076
I hate to do this because it was my favorite pizza place but I'm going to have to drop my rating by 2 stars. The last few times that we've been, the place has been left dirty. It's never busy...maybe one or two other tables? They just leave the tables dirty until you ask that they be cleaned. It would be one thing if they were busy but when I look they're talking to each other in the back. I always wash my hands before eating and it's a miracle if they have any paper towels handy to dry off with (though I prefer a dryer - save the trees!). And sadly we always have to ask for silverware and napkins because the containers are never full. I'm SO disappointed! I hope the manager sees this and fixes the problem!
This place has a great atmosphere, and the pricing is awesome too. I only came here though, because a friend had a two for one coupon (which everyone should start collecting because Nashville has awesome coupons!). I got a grinder and it was okay. I wouldn't kill myself or really put the effort to return... However, if I did return, I'd only go back for the grinder of just bread and cheese.. They have THE BEST cheese bread ever! Also, cut down on the sauce please :( It made my sandwich soggy and overpowered everything.
I'm not a fan of Bellacino's Pizza, but that's because I love my pizza with a bit more crust on them. However, their grinders are worth trying if you're ever around a Bellacino's.

(615) 884-3020

Pizza, Sandwiches, Italian

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El Centenario

3410 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, 37076
I got really excited after reading these reviews and tried it last night. I will give it 2 stars for the cheese dip and friendly staff. The food though was not that great... I judge all Mexican restaurants by their crunchy beef taco. If they don't fry the tortillas themselves and buy ready made shells from a vendor, they don't pass my test of authentic Mexican food.
Great little place. The guys are always really nice and quick for takeout at lunch. My favorite is burrito bandera
I cannot figure out these high reviews. Average, flavorless, boring. Had the tacos, enchilada, and chili relleno combo plate. They put my tacos in the enchilda sauce and they were soggy instantly. Yay. I pulled them out and stuck them in the chip basket but they were too far gone. Crunchiness wouldn't save them anyway because the chicken tasted like literally nothing. I could have boiled and shredded it with zero spices and that's what it would turn out like. Oh and the shells tasted like straight out of the box. Think I've had a better taco at Taco Bell. Enchilda was ok. Sauce was bland though. Chili relleno was not terrible, a little soggy because they over did it with the sauce on top. This was the first time in my life I have salted Mexican food at a restaurant (besides chips). Yes, it is summer time- I know. However it was freezing in there! One lady pulled out a fleece jacket and someone else retreated to the patio. Can you take a hint from my goosebumps and shivering?! Also, the music was blaring so loud my ears literally hurt. What the hell? It's Friday afternoon lunch. 3 customers in there. It's not exactly a party situation. Well maybe I know why there were 3 customers. Best part? When walking out I noticed the 77 health score. Praying I don't get some kind of illness now. Suggestions? Improve the food A LOT. Tone down the mariachi music, time and place for that. Have a comfortable dining room temp. Oh and scrub the floors with some bleach! The place looks a little run down, dirty, and dark. Could definitely use some ambiance.

(615) 889-5074


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5760 Old Hickory Blvd,Ste 106
Hermitage, 37076
Great little place! Very fresh fish and great presentations. Inventive rolls... I had the Cry Roll and the Hot Mama roll. Both were wonderful! I especially liked the Hot Mama because of the hot sauce on top... Will definitely be back!
My go to sushi on Friday nights. Is the best in Is it the most affordable, fresh and close to my house....yes. Go for it.
This is my favorite place to go. I love the sushi rolls and in my opinion they have the BEST fried rice. My favorite is the Hermitage roll. The prices are really good for the quality of food. The service is good, I really like the people who works there. They are nice to me and my family.

(615) 883-5519

Sushi Bars, Japanese

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