Domino’s Pizza

325 Se 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
My family's favorite pizza by a lot. This location is consistently efficient, friendly and delivers outstanding pizza. We don't order anything other than their pizzas and we always take advantage of their coupons. Super Bowl? New Year's Eve? Civil War games? No worries. This location handles the demands with ease and professional service.
Ok - so it's dominoes - how does it get to 5 stars? 1) the pizza is always good, freshly made and they've never screwed up an order 2) the people are attentive and cheerful 3) the prices are amazing 4) the options are varied 5) the parmesan breadsticks are out of this world amazingly good. So yes, I might prefer some other, more expensive pizza in terms of creative options and taste. I do generally prefer to sit and eat at the place I order my food - this isn't going to happen at Dominoes. Having said that, for take out pizza, at a great price, I just don't think you can beat these guys. This evening I ordered online, as I usually do, ran some errands that were completed sooner than I expected and so I showed up 25 minutes early to pick up the pizza. They had my order, I paid for it and I was out the door in less than 10 minutes with three large pizza's(3 toppings each), a large order of parmesan bites and it cost less than $30 for everything using there monday-thurs pickup specials. That by itself rates 5 stars in my book. These guys had their plan disrupted by me showing up early but they didn't grumble - they got right on it. They were laughing and encouraging each other behind the counter while I was waiting to pick it up. When it was done, I was on my way and there are 7 very happy pizza consumers that were very satisfied with their food. (well, to be honest, there are only 5 people here, but the way two of them eat, you'd have to count it as seven "normal" pizza eaters.) Well done Dominoes. Keep up the good work. I'll bee looking forward to seeing you again some monday-thursday evening.
Service is always quick and friendly! Love my Canby Dominos!

(503) 266-4944

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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The Human Bean

318 SW 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
I love Human Bean, and this by far is the best one. I have never had a problem with a drink or an order like I have at the Wilsonville and the Newberg location. I have been getting coffee at this location ever since it opened. I just wish the other locations were as good as this one.
I liked my Mocha very much. It was iced and so refreshing on a hot day. The chocolate was light and I was so excited to find that there was no thick pool of it at the bottom. The coffee had good flavor, the beans were roasted well. It wasn't too sweet which I love! I like to be able to taste the coffee over the chocolate. I feel like so many places destroy the coffee flavor with too much chocolate. Human Bean used the chocolate in a way to compliment the coffee. Really, I will drive through whenever in town. I recommend them.
Always a great, friendly stop for good coffee. I've been dropping by here for the last six years, and it's consistently excellent. Plus, HB supports local teams and activities through small sponsorships. Gotta appreciate giving back to the community.

(503) 263-2326

Cafes, Coffee & Tea

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Thai Corner Cuisine

1109 SW 1st Ave,Ste A
Canby, 97013
Food was very fresh and delicious. A wonderful meal for being in the middle of no where. Very authentic and made to order. Also the pinot by the glass was not bad! Absolutely loved this place.
This unassuming little restaurant in a strip mall in Canby is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere in the greater Portland area--great food, great service, low prices and you never have to wait for a seat. 5 stars from me.
I didn't have very high expectations since the last 2 restaurants in the space went under. Well I can honestly say it's the best Thai food I've had in a long long time. The price, portion sizes and quality was exceptional. Hooray for a great Thai restaurant in Canby! Let's hope it lasts.

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Wranglers Western Bar & Grill

22842 S Hwy 99E
Canby, 97013
Wrangler's has the kind of old west fun that requires a pair of cowboy boots, and an impaired sense of personal boundaries. That's because they feature a sweet little dance teacher man who would rather die than let you leave the bar without learning the dance. Wrangler's is not a short drive from Portland, and to be honest, I wasn't that fond of the homemade margaritas (as many others seem to be), but I did like the all inclusive attitude that brings even the most tightly wound personalities out of their shells. Wranglers brags about their clam chowder, I also wouldn't count this among their accolades, but I do think it's a great place for some freezing beers and bar fare while you get in the spirit of the deep south.
I took my folks over from England to this place not really knowing what to expect but we were all very pleasantly surprised!! Katie and Jeff clearly care about what they are doing because they have created an atmosphere in a place that if you simply want to good ol' American country comfort...this is it!! Sarah was a new lass who served us but let me tell you, she was simply amazing! Attentive to any needs that one has, always available and looked in on us whenever possible without being too pesky and truly lovely to talk to....she's an absolute keeper if the management is reading this :-D! The place is fantastic, whether you just want a meal (burgers are excellent btw), a few beers and a game of pool or darts or to really get involved and learn some line/country dancing! It's basically a truly fun place that takes you away from anything else in the greater Portland area and transforms you nicely into a fabulous Western feel. Well done to all the staff there, the patrons were clearly enjoying themselves and it's a great place to hang out, whether with friends or family. I highly recommend it!!! 5 stars! Mark :-)
Said before, say again. I go for take out. Kid's say Mcdonalds, I say that stuff isn't for human consumption. Just a couple extra bucks per plate gets the real meal deal. Plus, I get to have a margarita while I wait; ya-ya, and the shot of tequilla to follow. The food is worth it; just make sure you ask for the fries well done - can brown the soggyness off the home-made bar fries at home in the toaster oven to finish them off...way good. From what I see while waiting, feels like your regular small town bar.... but everyone knows, this is the the legendary SPINNING WHEEL...with upgrades. No kids are allowed at anytime "huge improvement" and the place looks clean. If you knew it as the Spinning Wheel - same building, different vibe and better food.

(503) 266-9924

Pubs, American (Traditional)

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Joy Kitchen

314 NW 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
Food is delicious and you can't beat the speediness and portion size. They're very friendly and are happy to make accommodations for my kids. I love getting food to go from here as well. Nicely packaged and almost more of a portion than when you dine in. Prices are reasonable as well. I always get the beef and broccoli combo and it's so delicious! Fresh veggies and the meat is so tender. Pretty picky about Chinese food but this place is hands down my favorite in the area and in other nearby towns!
Came into town for a night and this place was a block away. Ordered carry out with lo mein... So bland, pretty much just tasted like a mix of other greasy dishes and the noodles were thin, not traditional lo mein at all. And even with carry out I didn't get a fork or napkin.
I went out to lunch with my Mom on Valentine's Day here. (It's like the 100th time I've gone); but have never wrote a review before. I got to say. This time was as good as the other times. The owners and staff are amazing; and if you go a lot they'll recognize you and start to joke around. The food was amazing (again) and their egg-flour soup is the best I have ever had. I'll go just for the soup if I can. I got the sweet and sour chicken lunch special and it was good. Had extra to take home as well for a small snack. Price was amazing. You want a good Chinese restaurant. Come here.

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Backstop Bar & Grill

211 N Grant St
Canby, 97013
Great little place in Canby right of the highway. The service was quick and many people helped out table. We ordered the appetizer of garlic mushrooms and they were delicious. Our party ordered the BLTA, Chicken sandwich and the roast beef sandwich all were cooked great. We were seated in a timely manner as well. Restaurant was clean and has a sports theme atmosphere. I'll be back. -- comment to owner -- I've heard about this place over and over again from people and I finally just made my way over from OC. Sounds like you might be opening one up here! That true?
Keep it to breakfast here. Dinner is hit or miss. Recently got a prime rib "medium-rare", Not a touch of pink on it. Tough dry meat. This left me with the options of send it back to get a replacement that had been dropped on the floor, eat leather steak, or get a dimmer elsewhere.. The only reasonable option was to eat dinner elsewhere. On a different note, come here for breakfast. It is significantly more edible than the prime rib was.
We enjoyed the food - busy, clean, the menu has a lot of options and the food... very tasty. We appreciated the staff's attention to make sure we had what we needed. I had a burger and it was pretty good. Definately a place I'll go back to.

(503) 263-6606

Bars, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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Rice Time

356 NW 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
You get a lot of food for your money at Rice Time!
My kids and I love this place. Free soup and the A La King Chicken is without doubt my favorite.
I am a fan of Rice Time in Canby. Apparently the owner is the same person who started the one in Wilsonville then sold it and went to Canby to start this one. I believe the story because it's what we got used to several years ago in Wilsonville. The $5.99 lunch special with a drink is a great buy. They also offer free (in house) beef/cabbage soup to warm the belly as well as Kimchee to wet your appetite while waiting for your order. The orange chicken and General Tso's chicken are my regular choices. However I had Kung Pao chicken last time and it was grand. But here's the trick, spend the extra $1 for fried rice; it really compliments the Kung Pao and makes it a very yummy plate. The portions are great as well. I have to say that it's almost too much. Next time I go I will swap half the entree with someone so I could have a change of flavor through out the meal. Wait! There's more.......The do have a full menu on top of the lunch special; egg rolls, tempura, Tofu, Tonkatsu-the works! So don't miss it, in fact make it.

(503) 266-2623

Asian Fusion

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Los Dorados

1011 Sw 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
Hey, this place is easily a solid 4-Stars! Had the Carne Asada with Prawns and Mushrooms. WOW! The Carne Asada wa probably the best, even a little better than my favorite Mexican place in Woodburn. A touch thicker, cooked to perfection and seasoned just right. The Prawns and Mushrooms were equally great and cooked just right. The topper? They put drawn butter with spices in it on the plate. The rice, beans and Pico Degio (sic?), were all good. The place, including the restroom, were clean and the service was first rate. This is a hidden gem worth getting to and I plan on going back more sooner than later. Oh, Yes, the kids menu on Sunday is like $.99 !!
This is a nice place located off the main highway through Canby in a strip mall and has a wide variety of Mexican dishes including several vegetarian options. I always order the gallo vegetarian burrito which has rice, beans and vegetables in a gigantic burrito smothered with chile sauce. I order it without the cheese to make it a really good vegan dish. The service is great. The only thing I would improve is turning up the music a little. It was so low we couldn't hear it, and it would make the atmosphere better in my opinion. We'll definitely go back.
Giant plates of Mexican goodnees. Good prices, nice people, crazy-fast service and good Mexican beers. Que Rico!

(503) 263-3940


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Frack Burger

919 SW 4th Ave
Canby, 97013
Holy Frack. This place is Fracking amazing. Huge Fracking burgers with Frack loads of flavor. Management needs to educate staff on internet promotions though. Tried to get my free drink with check in, but dude didn't know about deal. I just saved the deal for later (thanks yelp). Peace the Frack out.
Nothing fancy at this new burger place, but they do make a good burger. 3.5 stars overall: Pros: - Great value! Burger, fries or onion rings and a drink for $5 (more if you get more patties on your burger). - Pretty tasty burger. It does taste a bit like In N Out, and may have been modeled after their burgers. - Bun held up to the contents and sauce, and tasted good and buttery. - Fresh tomatoes, onions and iceberg lettuce. - Fries were tasty (but cold) Cons: - Small place - only 4 tables, each seating 4 only. No outdoor seating. - The back room smelled strongly of bathroom disinfectant. Not pleasant. - Not super fast. Not really a con unless you're in a huge hurry. - Fries were very thin, and mine were not hot. They did not look like the fries in some of the photos posted here. - Onion rings were overcooked (slight burnt taste) and really greasy. I'm not going out of my way to go back since I don't live or work nearby, but if I'm in Canby and craving a burger, you can be sure I'd pick this place over the large local chain place that starts with a B that is within sight of Frack Burger. This place is better (imo) than B'ville.
Wait, WHAT? Delicious! Wow was I shocked. It's a tiny hole in the wall across from the highschool and from the outside, looks like it should be a trashy biker bar - don't let it fool you! One of the best local burger joints I've had. They have a special sauce - Frack sauce? I don't remember what it's called - but it's like an In N Out / Five Guys sauce (aka - some sort of thousand island). I asked the guy at the counter what kind of fries they had - if they were regular cut, steak cut, etc. His response? Regular, but I can make them extra-crispy for you. WHOA. Bonus points dude. Extra-crispy is my thang and you just made my day. Best part? Everything came back as promised. Love it.

(503) 266-7654

American (Traditional), Burgers

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909 SW 1st Ave
Canby, 97013
Great food, fast and friendly service. They even remade my son's entire turkey burger when he dropped half his bun on the floor! Thank you!
Just an F.Y.I, BV No longer offers baskets as an option. Everything is sold ala carte. How we were told the reason is the cost of meat & cheese prices have risen such to the point where they couldn't offer the basket prices anymore. For $14 we got a 2 sandwiches and 2 drinks. WHAT? For $5 more we could have went to The Wild Hare & gotten better deals. No thank you anymore.
I love the friendliness of this place. The staff are always smiling and very helpful. the shakes are real and thick and delicious! I havent tried anything here I didnt like. I wait anxiously for the walla walla sweet onion rings, fresh strawberry shortcake or the blackberry milkshakes. The halibut sandwich is wonderful. They recently started recycling so the staff wait on the tables. I appreciate a business that is concerned about the environment. This place makes me happy to be a NW gal:)

(503) 266-2568


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