UltraStar Multi-tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle

16000 Maricopa Rd
Maricopa, 85139
Took my son here for his 7th birthday party. They offered up a choice of several different activities and we picked bowling and laser tag. The experience was great, It was a slower Sunday afternoon so we had some parts all to ourselves - the staff was great, helpful and made the experience enjoyable all around. They tried to spice up the bowling and let the kids try some trick shots which they enjoyed - as well as mixing up the laser tag into two half hour chunks. I would happily recommend it to any parents looking for birthday party options in the area.
Nine times out of ten, I have a fantastic experience here. The food is great, the theatre is fantastic (especially the star class seating), the bowling is fun... but the thing that holds back the fifth star is the inconsistent service. Sometimes it's okay, other times you get the impression that the young people there just don't know what proper service is. Example: my most recent trip to see a show in star class... we ordered drinks, an appetizer, dinner, and desert. The desert came out first, then drinks, then the appetizer came out at the same time as the meal. There wasn't enough space to set everything down, so I had to hold the appetizer between myself and my wife while my meal cooled. This was not the first time something like this has happened. Everyone is pleasant to speak with, but their actions are speaking far louder.
This is such a fun place whether you are having a family outing, a date night or group event. The atmosphere is great for all ages and the prices are reasonable.

(520) 494-7827

American (New), Cinema, Lounges

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Say Sushi

21101 N John Wayne Pkwy,Ste E103
Maricopa, 85138
I love this place i love there chicken bowls and the sushi I defiantly will be going back the servers are very helpful as well I order out in the food was done less than 30 mins...
Yum! Yum! And more Yum! This is a great sushi place (and I don't just mean great for Maricopa) I mean great in general! Awesome Happy Hour prices every day and outstanding food. The service has always been above average for us which is a plus. We have tried many rolls on the menu, had their noodles, most all of the appetizers and we keep on coming back. They have a kids menu for those of you with little picky gremlins that won't eat sushi, so not to worry - chicken strips are available. They are great for take out too on nights when you are driving home and just can't deal with cooking. I definitely recommend this place!
My wife and I have been there a few times now since we moved to Maricopa. Every time the food has been really good and the service as well.

(520) 494-2233

Sushi Bars, Japanese

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Raceway Bar & Grill

49237 W Papago Rd
Maricopa, 85139
This is a diamond... located where you may never find it if you didn't know it was there. A funky eclectic bar and restaurant. An open outdoor seating with furnishings that don't match. The most relaxing, home town friendly place. There are 2 pool tables. We were there on Wednesday Pizza and wing night. The wings and pizza are amazing. Someone else in our party had the enchiladas and said they were some of the best ever. The fish tacos are authentic and great. Soup was homemade. It was evident that this is a "local" hangout" which to me just adds to the charm. The owner came to our table and said hello. We got our drinks fairly timely but it took 30+ mins. for our food to arrive...but we knew coming here that this would happen and this is not a issue for us as we like the whole dining visiting experience. Our waitress was great and let us know that it would be a bit of a wait for our food...This is a great leisurely place, we were not in a hurry and it was evident that neither were the rest of the customers. We were told there is a live band in the patio every Friday night, there are fire pits all over the outside that are lit at night. We will definitely be back. They have 12 beers on tap and too many different bottled beers to list. We love this place, it will be our new go to spot. It is a class act of a dive bar with just the right amount of funk!!! If you like relaxing and no pretention then this is the place for you...oh take the time to take a tour of the "boneyard" where there are some old airstreams and other great pieces to look at...
Nothing special about this place. The food was acceptable, nothing more. The service was slow..friendly but slow. The patio looks like a place old furniture goes to die. And it's in the middle of NO WHERE. It's for a specific type of crowd for sure.
Really love this place, awesome decor and the owner was really friendly. Only tried the burger and fries but my dad said the wings were also great.

(520) 568-0808

Pizza, Burgers, Mexican

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Firehouse Subs

21083 N. John Wayne Pkwy.,Ste. C101
Maricopa, 85139
Amazing food and great customer service. Most sandwich places I do not like to eat in at but I really enjoy eating there. It's very clean and the tvs are a great touch. I highly recommend the hook and ladder!
Back on track. Much better than my last visit, they've got the magic back =) The taste of their sandwiches is just simply unparalleled. They must be baking crack into the bread or something because they're just fantastic.
Nom nom, nom nom nom nom nom. Nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom. Nom nom, nom nom nom nom nom mon. Nom nom? Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom. NOM nom nom nom nom! The service is a little slow when they get busy, but that sandwich tho... Nom.

(520) 568-8515

Sandwiches, Fast Food, Delis

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Brooklyn Boys Italian Restaurant

20800 N John Wayne Pkwy,Ste 118
Maricopa, 85139
Maricopa has very few decent sit-down restaurants to eat at and, up until recently, Brooklyn Boys was our favorite to restaurant to patron. My family and I usually go to the restaurant every couple of weeks and always order the same thing, Penne Alla Vodka with Chicken and Shrimp Alla Boys. Usually the food tastes pretty good and is mostly consistent. Our last trip, on Sunday May 17th, however was not a pleasant experience. The customer service is never very good, so we don't really have high expectations there. The Catelope Martini that I ordered was not prepared properly, the drink was warm and the correct flavored vodka was not used. The Shrimp Alla Boys and the Penne alla Vodka were not prepared up to the standards that we are accustomed to. The garlic in the Shrimp alla Boys was still raw, the shrimp was bland, and there was no lemon squeezed into the dish. The Penne alla Vodka did not come with the pancetta bacon that is normally in the sauce and the penne pasta was not drained properly before adding the sauce, which made the dish watery. When we spoke to the server about the inconsistencies that we experienced with the food, she brought the manager/bartender in to talk with us. We explained that we come here all the time and what was wrong with each of the dishes. The manager said that their pizza cook is in charge of the kitchen on Sundays and that's why the food wasn't up to par. She offered to discount our food since we did not want to wait for them to remake the order. When we received the check, we were insulted. The manager "kindly" gave us a $5 discount for our inconvenience in walking into their restaurant and subjecting ourselves to their poorly prepared food. She then had the audacity to wish us a goodnight without looking ashamed of herself. $5 REALLY!!! The only thing that they didn't screw up was my fiance's Stella, so at least the manager/bartender can pour a beer. All the other items that we ordered were awful, so I hope you didn't hurt yourself putting that "discount" in. I wish I could say that we would give Brooklyn Boys another try, but they really don't have anything that makes the restaurant special anymore. I can overlook poor service if the food is good, but it's just a waste of money if a restaurant has poor service and inconsistent food.
I have lived in Maricopa for over 8 years and this is my favorite place to eat. The garlic knots are a must every time we go. There pizza is wonderful just like New York. I have had several entrees and have never been disappointed. Also it's family owned and wonderful to see the owner's son who used to bus the tables at a young age is now old enough now to be a server.
GREAT pizza and service. If you love NY pizza, this is your place. NO one said good pizza was cheap, but if you enjoy good pizza, this is the place. I ordered 2-3 pizza's when we were there and all were excellent.

(520) 868-6800

Italian, Pizza

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21044 N John Wayne Pkwy
Maricopa, 85138
This place is like, if MTV came into town, and Xhibit came and Pimped My Ride, except my ride was a Starbucks. Way nicer than the stores in the Chandler area, big interior and plenty of outdoor space, as well as that cool new coffee machine that pretty much fills your drink with extra deliciousness. Much better than the Kiosks in the grocery store, and honestly the local shops are going to need to step up their game to compete. I hope they do, because our town is more awesome with 3 coffee shops than with just one or two.
I came in today, and the staff handled the morning rush just fine. I see they've picked up some more experienced team members and the difference in customer service is noticeable! The girl who helped me was super sweet and made my drink perfectly. 5 star experience today. Doing much better! Keep up the good work for a 5 star review =)
Not a big Starbucks fan to begin with, but at least I usually know what I'm going to get. However, I've had about 5 different drinks from this particular Starbucks, and they've all been terrible. I don't know if it's a learning curve with new baristas as it just opened recently or what. The staff is nice enough and it's nice and clean inside, although it is brand new. That gains it an extra star.

(520) 836-4400

Coffee & Tea

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Alibertos Mexican Food

44480 W Honeycutt Ave,Ste 105
Maricopa, 85138
The young lady working the front could use an attitude check. Not only did she snatch my card out of my hand to swipe it, she had the nastiest customer service I have seen. I was ordering my meal and she stopped in the middle of writing down my order and offered to help another patron. The other customer commented that she could finish my order (I was not taking long I swear!) and I managed to finish up. The floors were recently mopped with a stinky mop that left the floor sticky and I can't stop fuming over the young woman taking orders. They charge $.50 to run your card as well. Food was good. That's the reason for the extra star. Our food was delicious. The same girl taking orders came out next to our table and started sweeping the carpet. I asked her to please stop as we were in the middle of our meal and I didn't feel like having a seasoning of dust on my food. She sulked off to the back and began calling us sucias because we asked her to stop. I speak Spanish fluently and work as an interpreter so listening to her cowardly run to the back to talk about us was insulting. Rather than continue to listen and experience this behavior I left. I'm too tired to get into it with a little girl.
This has to be my favorite quick Mexican place!! We eat here multiple times a week. If only they had a stamp card ;) We are creatures of habit and always get the Super Nachos, Quesadilla, and Taquitos. I think their Horchata is amazing and I LOVE their guacamole. They have a location in my home town and this one does not disappoint my aching tastebuds for that home-like memory. 5 stars all the way. Did I mention very kind service?
Aliberto's. As I was reading the review before me, I recalled the many who came to me and told me the exact same thing. That there used to be two other taco shop franchise that came before Aliberto's. So I wondered if the merely renamed the place? Or they simply switched franchise. But I thought i'd give it a try. I got myself a Arizona burrito to go. And I will honestly say, I did not quite enjoy it. It was A-OK. Considering, it did make my stomach satisfyingly full. However, the burrito itself felt really dry. The burrito wrap, didn't feel like it was even grilled because it was still starchy. I know the reason behind it, but I don't think that clumps of powder is justifiable. I kind of had to wipe it off, before I continued to eat it. The meat was good, and had some flavor, but it got ruined because of the potatoes. You can taste more of the potato skins than the actual potatoes. And the burrito barely had any traces of cheese. I would maybe suggest, that they use french fries instead. It might give their burrito some crisp. I can go on and on about how this burrito didn't make me happy, but that would be unfair. Because in a sense it did fulfill my needs, and that was to make me full. All in all, it is still too early to give my final marks on the establishment, so I will continue to update my opinion as I come more often and try other things. So far, this place is a great value for your dollars. The food will get you full, for not a whole lot of money. So good luck to you Aliberto's. And congratulations on your opening.

(520) 568-6883


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Headquarters Cafe

19640 N Maricopa Rd
Maricopa, 85239
Do not eat at this place! I made this mistake 2 times in the last 6 months once for breakfast and the other for lunch and every time it was the same run down, mildew smelling, gross food, and worst of all THE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE!! Well today I thought I'd give it one last try so myself and some family that was visiting went in today an hour and a half before they closed. We walked into an empty restaurant with only workers sitting and talking to each other. Not one of them cared to stand up and help or even try to serve us they just looked and threw dirty looks at us like if we showed up 2 minutes before closing and now we're going to keep them from going home. We asked for a highchair and menus and the guy literally mocked us like a 5 year old and walked away!!! After 10 min of no one helping, no menu, and no high chair we decided to leave. Never again will I walk into this nasty place again and I will do my best to spread all the bad things about their establishment and horrible service to anyone I can.
I like there food and prices. They have good portion sizes. Hubby likes Machca with eggs. We like going for breakfast. Most of the time it's take out.
I have only eaten one thing at HQ. I love the Mexico City burger. Green chili, bacon, cheese Worth the drive from Casa Grande

(520) 568-2167

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch, Mexican

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Domino’s Pizza

20046 N John Wayne Parkway,Ste 104
Maricopa, 85239
We just went and got one of the new $7.99 pizzas-after reading the other review-I thought well it might be the last. OMG-we loved it and we will do it again. We all thought it was great!
Awesome food, super fast delivery and friendly staff! Highly recommend!! Love the online ordering was just awesome. Picked out everything we wanted and then placed the order. It was very easy. Very cool!
THE second worst-tasting pizza I've ever had, the first being Basha's deli pizza which actually made me sick. The only reason I didn't give it one star is that I managed not to vomit after eating a slice!

(520) 568-3030

Chicken Wings, Pizza, Sandwiches

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Carl’s Jr

21000 N John Wayne Pkwy
Maricopa, 85139
Had a bad experience here last night, it WAS my go to spot for burgers. Now I have to travel for a burger now
I've always had great service and good food. Today was an exception though my guacamole bacon burger was perfection! They took time to stack everything just right! The lady at the window was very pleasant and even made sure to tell me to have a great day. Love me someone who takes pride in their work. Great start to a Sunday morning! Thanks crew!
It's sad to write this as this used to be my favorite burger joint, nonetheless they've steadily declined in food quality, cold fries and even colder burgers.

(520) 568-5777

Fast Food

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