Say Sushi Menu

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  • Alexandria A.

    I love this place i love there chicken bowls and the sushi I defiantly will be going back the servers are very helpful as well I order out in the food was done less than 30 mins...

  • Kimberly P.

    Yum! Yum! And more Yum! This is a great sushi place (and I don't just mean great for Maricopa) I mean great in general! Awesome Happy Hour prices every day and outstanding food. The service has always been above average for us which is a plus. We have tried many rolls on the menu, had their noodles, most all of the appetizers and we keep on coming back. They have a kids menu for those of you with little picky gremlins that won't eat sushi, so not to worry - chicken strips are available. They are great for take out too on nights when you are driving home and just can't deal with cooking. I definitely recommend this place!

  • Billy S.

    My wife and I have been there a few times now since we moved to Maricopa. Every time the food has been really good and the service as well.

  • Randi H.

    Let me just say WOW! I was introduced to this place with the chicken teriyaki. SOOO GOOD and you totally get your money's worth. After several trips and much information I decided to try sushi here for the first time ever, like in my life, and was SOO SURPRISED! the tootsie rolls are amazing the las vegas rolls are to die for! Will go back every chance I get!

  • Eric L.

    My wife and I decided to give this place a go for my belated birthday. Admittedly we have avoided this place because Maricopa resturants typically leave a lot to be desired. Much to my pleasant suprise Just Say Sushi was not a letdown. We ordered the 15 piece sashimi plate, a spicy tuna roll and a dragon roll with cucumber salad as a starter. Everything was quite good and the sashimi had really large cuts. My only complaint was with as busy as it was, with people waiting for tables and getting pickup non stop, a larger space would be of value. All in all Just Say Sushi was quite good. Not the best sushi in AZ but a very good option if you don't feel like trekking to Chandler.

  • T R.

    At first I was going to give Say Sushi 2 stars, as most of the food and service was not very good - with the exception of the Sushi - which was great! And it is, after all, it's reason for being. Ambiance & Decor. The entrance leads directly into the restaurant, which seems a little odd for a full service place. It also has a slightly cramped feel to it. Service. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and sat ourselves, but as soon as we sat down the same waitress asked us if we would mind moving as they needed our table for a large group. Not a big deal, but why not already move the table or mark it reserved? The wait staff was friendly enough, but not very experienced: plates were slow to be cleared, our appetizer and other dishes all arrived pretty much at the same time, and even though we said we were sharing a dish they only brought one plate and no utensil to split it up. Food. - The Monkey Balls (Stuffed mushroom w/crab meat, cream cheese & deep fried). They were OK, but the crab had a funny texture. - Chicken Fried Rice (yeah I know its a Sushi place, but the options for Chinese food in the 'Copa are very limited). The chicken was large pieces of white meat, but the dish lacked ANY flavor. And the veggies were from a frozen mix. Not good at all. - Spicy tuna roll was excellent and a generous portion!! Beverage & Happy Hour. We had a couple of Japanese beers that were good and cold. The Happy Hour is 4-7 every day, and all day Sun, Tue, Thu. Which seems pretty liberal, but the discount is only about $1 for most things. They have a pretty good selection of menu items as well as discounted beverages. All in all, we'll be using Say Sushi as our go-to place for Sushi To Go .

  • Rachel W.

    I went to Say Sushi while visiting a friend in Maricopa yesterday. They have an all-day happy hour on Sundays, so we got a ton of food: the las vegas roll, two tootsie rolls, monkey balls, and the tempura mix. Our food was great! I really, really enjoyed everything that we ordered. The prices were great because it was happy hour, and we had enough food to bring home for a snack later. Service was pretty standard. Location was in a strip mall, next to a Sally's. I'd definitely go back to Say Sushi.

  • Sheila C.

    The food is great, but the service is HORRIBLE! You don't know who your server is. You have 2-3 servers and they bring the food one at a time.

  • Charles R.

    Not sure what all the rave is about. We stopped in to get some tempura and a roll. The roll fell apart and the tempura was greasy. The service was very good! My wife is Japanese and she did not like it. Been to better Japanese restaurants.

  • Lisa V.

    I can't get enough of their food!! Always getting Calamari .. Crazy delish!! The 911 is over the top good!! Hawaiian too !! Little spendy but the food is fresh & plentiful .. Best Sushi in AZ , far as I'm concerned !!

  • Caroline V.

    The sushi was fresh and had good flavor. It's a nice setting when the lights dim during the evening.

  • Edgar S.

    Best sushi I have ever had. Highly recommend the spicy baked lobster roll it's delicious. Restaurant is very clean and nice has tv's to watch games or get caught up on current events. Like thus place alot we frequent it often and has never dissapointed. The staff is great and the atmosphere is awsome not one complaint at all.

  • Betty C.

    I want to love this place, I do. I want to love them because they are a small business, and they have a great lettuce wrap. (It's really, really good.) But I struggle, because of the service. My first time in, I called in a to-go order about 8:30 and was told they close at nine I have to be sure to be there. I was there. But really? You are getting an order from a first time customer? Isn't that worth staying a bit late for? Then, we went in and my family had sushi, I again, had lettuce wraps. I ordered a salad, and not caring for seafood and having kids who are allergic, I was shocked that when I asked is it just cucumber and onion, and was given affirmation this is so, when it arrived with crab in it. REALLY? If that had been for one of my kids, you could have killed them. I asked them to make a new one with no crab. No can do. WHAT? You can't mix cucumbers and onions with a dressing? No, because it has to "marinate". Welll....okay. The green tea is alright. Tastes like motor oil, but it is the color green. The fried rice is NOT fried, it is...just not. nope. No flavor. We asked for some things to come out as appetizers, they didn't. We asked for dishes that never arrived. Everything you ask special is met with "no we can't." Hmmm... isn't the customer always right? Then I asked if they make their own, they microwave them. Not at all what I wanted to hear. My husband loves some of the sushi, so the food is not terrible for the most part. But if you want are so in the wrong place.

  • Norm R.

    Really fresh sushi, and nicely priced during happy hour- which is when I came in to try this place. The staff is friendly and efficient and the sushi chef really knows his stuff; the sushi I had here are some of the best I've had in a very long time!

  • Natasha L.

    I will be perfectly honest, I had really low expectations. Unfortunately Maricopa isn't really known for its amazing restaurants. Thankfully, I was very pleasantly surprised! It's a small location and since it was Friday night, it was very busy. But we had some pretty good service and the staff was very nice. We ordered their 15 piece sashimi plate and it was fresh and tasty. The slices were nice and thick. The tuna was a bit on the tough side, but that's a minor complaint. The dragon roll was tasty. I could have done with the actual rice/crab part being so large though. It made the amount of eel seem small-ish. Which it wasnt. I just wanted less of the other stuff so I could enjoy the eel more. Their spicy tuna and spicy crab rolls were delicious! The tuna had a really good kick to it, which I loooove. Their tempura shrimp roll was tasty too. Again, I wish there was less of everything else so I could enjoy the shrimp more. The prices were very reasonable and they have happy hour specials as well. So we were able to stuff out faces without breaking the bank. Always a bonus. This isn't the BEST sushi out there. But for a small little hole in the wall, it certainly is worth trying it out. We'll be back for sure! It's nice having a good place to eat so close to home.

  • Kristin C.

    They made our sushi, saki, cigar night he complete success!!! 20 Sean Rolls and the yellow tail..... Mmmmnmmm it was the best!!!

  • J T.

    Say sushi may not look like much from the outside, but the food is great and the serve staff is always very attentive. We order sushi to go fairly often and they always have our order ready fast. If you're looking for delicious sushi give Say Sushi a try.

  • Maci K.

    I have been waiting to go here since I moved to Maricopa almost a year ago but it seemed like every time I stopped by they were closed. Finally they got new management and somewhat normal hours so I was able to try it. My first impression wasn't as great as I was expecting though. I ordered a Sprite and when it came out it was just carbonation which, if you haven't tasted before, is pretty gross. When the watiress came by again I asked for a different soda which she did bring but there was no apology for the carbonation. I ordered the Crunch Roll and my friend ordered the Flaming Lobster Roll and the Monkey Balls as an appetizer. My roll came out first and it was actually really good. A few minutes later the other roll came out and it was actually on fire which was pretty cool. Then when we were about finished with everything the "appetizer" came out. At this point we were full so we had one and then got a to go box to take the rest. Due to the fact that this is the only sushi place in town I'll go back for the rolls but I'll probably consider brining my own drink and appetizer if I want it to taste right and be there quickly.

  • C. H.

    My husband and I had the 10 roll special. And yes we ate it all. There were large pieces of fresh fish in all the rolls. Everything was tasty and as it should be. I have no complaints and was quite pleased to find a sushi place in Maricopa that was good!

  • Jose R.

    Always good and fresh. Great prices during happy hour. better and bigger selection of happy hour menu has been added, great little sushi joint, one of the best I have been to.

  • Bill E.

    The best sushi we have ever had. One of our favorite restaurants. Basically I don't like sushi any other place now.

  • J.r. P.

    Great food great service clean environment hands down best place to eat in Maricopa

  • bon t.

    We know our sushi and are not afraid to drive 100 plus miles outside of Maricopa to get it. When we heard of a Sushi restaurant coming into Maricopa we were skeptical. That was eight years ago and we are solid fans of this place. Chef Shaun and his lovely wife are just delightful. The Sushi is consistently fabulous, fresh and tasty. We can and have easily spent an entire afternoon at the Sushi bar due to the relaxed, but dutiful sprit of the place (the majority of the establishment is general seating). With a seemingly endless array of new, special rolls and boundless courtesy from the staff one can say we are lifelong fans of this wonderful restaurant. If you're looking for quality sushi that puts other sushi establishments in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Chandler to shame - come to Say Sushi in Maricopa. We love this place!

  • Owen W B.

    Say Sushi at least appears to have changed ownership several times since they opened. While the food was good, when they first opened the interior decor was similar to what you would expect at an airport. Sparse and uninviting. I understand there was even a buffet there for awhile? Well, the buffet is long gone and they have upgraded the decor vastly since the early days. The interior is now inviting and cozy. The food is good and the service as well. The udon soup is great, the rolls are always well prepared, the salads and bowls are good choices, and the sushi itself is tasty.

  • Mike H.

    This is a nice place to have in little Maricopa. Its the only sushi option we've got, and luckily, it does not disappoint. Let me say right away that I have only had the rolls. The raw stuff has eluded me, so if you're wondering about how that is, sorry... I visit this place whenever I'm in a down mood, because the service and food here is excellent. The prices are normal I guess for sushi places...I haven't been to any other so I don't really know. The inside is quaint, not too frilly. Comfortable for a meal alone or with folks. Every roll that I have had has been above expectations. Absolutely excellent. I never know what to order, so I tell the guy behind the counter what I'm in the mood for and he makes several suggestions. He has been on point each time. Every employee there has been awesome. The cook always smiles and waves when you come in - makes you feel very welcome. I recommend the Maricopa roll (yup that's the name), the Dragon Roll, Killer Shrimp Roll, and the Dynamite roll. Those are all the ones I've had so far and they are all especially tasty. Fresh ingredients, well prepared, and great flavors. The portion sizes are typical I suppose. You might not get full, so you might want an appetizer. Of these, I have only had the potstickers, which are one of the top 3 potstickers I've had. Their menu looks plentiful, so I'm sure you could find your favorite sushi here. If you're a Maricopan and you like Sushi, do not be afraid to go here. Its a great place where you will feel welcome and have an awesome meal. Zero complaints equals five stars.

  • Shayna R.

    We Love say sushi! They never fail us! We have been going here for years and will continue too until we move out of maricopa.

  • Anthony T.

    Okay food, but really only place in Maricopa so for what you get it is fine. Wish it were a little cheaper though, but Sushi usually is expensive.

  • Derek-Timi J.

    Great EVERYTHING!!! we ordered the California rolls, lettuce wraps, spring rolls and the Teriyaki beef dinner LOVED everything will be back for sure!

  • Chanelle P.

    Very nice staff, GREAT food! Try the Monkey Balls!

  • Jeff J.

    I was so impressed by the quality and presentation of the food and large portions! The service was also excellent! I live near San Diego and this ranks up there to the likes of Nobu! Definitely a great find in the middle of nowhere while on business travels!

  • Fernando S.

    Awesome !

  • Chris P.

    This place has some good sushi. Happen to see it driving back from the casino. I wish it was located in Phoenix.

  • Dan W.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this joint back when it was under its old management. The day I showed up and found it shuttered was not a happy one. But it is back open now with all-day hours, so all is right with the world. I've tried sushi places all over the state, and this is about the best I've found. No, it isn't on par with the top-notch sushi joints in San Francisco or LA, but do you see an ocean here? For a landlocked state, the fish here is terrific. Since the new management took over, some of the prices have gone up, but most have gone down. This is terrific for those who like rolls, as most of them are under $9 now. Your specialty rolls average $10, with $10.95 being the highest price for some of the more showy varieties. The dinner plates include chicken, beef, and salmon teriyaki ($10 and $12) as well as sushi and sashimi assortments ($16). The sushi is tightly rolled and flavorful. All sushi aficionados have had rolls where the flavor is masked by won't find that here. The sushi chefs here clearly know what they're doing, and I'm not just saying that because they greeted me warmly in Japanese. The new ownership has really given this place more of a Japanese feel to it. A television set blares NHK, there was sumo wrestling on at my most recent visit, while Japanese music videos were on the time before. (At least I thought it was Japanese. It could have been Lady Gaga in a geisha suit I suppose.) Sake is served hot or cold, and Japanese beer (Asahi) is available and recommended. For dessert you can have Mochi ice cream if you're really feeling the Eastern vibe. For our plant-eating friends, there are some vegetarian options here. From edamame to the avocado salads to the vegetable rolls, you've at least got a few fish-free choices available to you. I like the service here. From the counter staff to the waitress/server, I am treated very well whenever I show up. Others I know who have gone here have reported similar experiences, so it isn't that they're just in awe of The Mustache. If you find yourself in town (and you a drunken haze wearing someone else's shirt, no doubt), make the stop. I think you'll be glad you did.

  • Aziz F.

    Great Sushi and great service overall. My wife and I go there on a regular basis and it's consistently good!

  • Brooke S.

    So happy with our decision to come here this evening. Sushi in Maricopa made me a bit skeptical, but the food and service were amazing!! Strongly suggest the monkey balls.

  • Deborah F.

    This is one of our favorite places to eat in Maricopa. Always fresh, great quality sushi, friendly staff, and enjoyable experience overall.

  • Brian C.

    Been here a couple of times now and have no complaints at all. The service has been above average and the food is excellent. The prices are cheaper than I am used to paying for quality sushi. I wish the dining area was a little larger, but hey, you can't have everything. Every time I am in Maricopa, I know where I will be eating.

  • Michael T.

    I've been here twice since the new management took over. I had an issue the second time, which unfortunately ruined my experience here. On their menu they have a vegetable roll at a certain price (I believe it was $4). I didn't want most of the ingredients in the roll, and just wanted the avocado. The food was decent, but my trouble started after I got the bill. They charged my almost $9 per roll. When I asked about this, they said there was an "extra charge" for avocado only. I asked them why they didn't tell me that when I placed my order since the extra charge wasn't on the menu. They replied by telling me they could comp my drinks to "help out". I told them it was offensive to suggest I couldn't afford the meal, paid the bill, and left. Good riddance to that place. I'd rather drive into town than deal with that BS.

  • Michael S.

    We were really excited that Say Sushi re-opened, but after we came by on a Sunday and they were closed we were disappointed. We wanted to support our small town and have dinner in town so we decided to try again. Tonight the place was busy with only one server. He was running around like crazy trying to help as best he could. We ordered a dinner salad and didn't finish half. The old dressing was rememberable, this was week and dry. Our sushi came and it wasn't horrible, but the rice was a little dry. When I went to the bathroom, the sink did not have hot water and was a little dirty. This place used to be a inexpensive choice with great quality food. Now their prices are the same as going to RA but without the atmosphere. I don't know if we will be back!

  • Greekbastard W.

    Ok, another new owner!!! I've been going here for 5 years and Say Sushi has had at least 3 that I know of. This time I think they got it right. New and larger rolls. Plenty of hired help. I hope the new owners stay. This is the best place in Maricopa by far.

  • Todd P.

    I'm not a sushi expert, but this was pretty good, and the price was reasonable.

  • Wiley S.

    It is official. Say Sushi in Maricopa has begun it's final death throes. No longer serving sushi or sashimi to order. Say WHAT? There is a buffet rack of mostly COOKED items and 3 low grade rolls where the bar used to be. $12 for all you can eat. So 3 months ago they fired a GREAT sushi chef who was the reason i kept coming back and seemed to have talent and vision. Now they have gone to a lackluster buffet style. Too bad. They almost turned it around.

  • Jamie R.

    We are from Philadelphia and, having moved to Maricopa, were looking for good food choices. We stumbled upon Say Sushi and were very pleasantly surprised! Great prices and service but more importantly very good food and portions! We can't wait to go back!

  • Samantha C.

    I'd really like to know when this place is open because every time I go down to Maricopa to visit my mom I want to try the food. No matter if it's morning, noon, or night they are always closed! Sometimes I will see xmas lights on inside and I just don't understand.

  • David L.

    I travel to Maricopa a few times a year to look at houses. The last time in town when we came for a closing settlement, which was a few days ago, my wife and I were looking for a sit-down place to eat, and my Real Estate agent recommended us Say Sushi. My first impression before going inside is that it's supposed to be a large restaurant, but once we walked in, we were warmly greeted by the friendly Japanese waitress, and the place is not as big as we expected, but it's just the right size with a comfortable feeling. We ordered the box lunches, and we were surprised about the portion and the freshness of the sashimi. Driving into town from LA, there are plenty of good Japanese restaurants there, but not the prices of Say Sushi. So very pleasantly surprised that this restaurant is smacked right in the middle of Maricopa. We will sure come back the next time we vist Maricopa.

  • Emily C.

    A solid 4 stars, they are usually pretty good but occasionally have an off day. This is my go-to for sushi and I love their all day Happy Hour on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays. The sashimi is usually fresh and tasty, and I'm a fan of Barefoot - their house wine.

  • Tina N.

    We ordered the Insanity Sushi Rolls and California Rolls. Both were very good for my first time eating sushi. Loved the Spicy Chicken bowl and the gyoza. Highly recommend this restaurant. The food is delicious and artistic. The only thing that wasn't so good was the waiter. He never came back to see if we needed anything or if everything was okay.

  • Debbie N.

    I know this is quite late from the first time we ate here but this place needs a review. We moved from SoCal where we were used to top notch sushi. We moved last year and tried a few places in Phoenix Chandler and Tempe and left very disappointed. I didnt realize we had our very own Say Sushi in Copa. And wow!!! Very very delicious fresh, great proportions and the staff is always wonderful. I know my sushi and I know this is the best in AZ.

  • Joe G.

    A solid 5 for a "little" town like Maricopa. Rather small restaurant but serves excellent food, with excellent service. Sushi bar is so tiny as to be practically non-existent, but understand that Maricopa is not a place where thousands of people go to dine and be entertained. Say Sushi has been around for a long time, so maybe they'd like to expand but there's nowhere to expand to on either side of them. So in the grand scheme of things, they rate a 4 out of 5 -- just because of the cramped quarters. But heck, you can always order take-out from there. It's just as good!

  • Dana M.

    I am so amazed at how good this place is! I have driven by it so many times and never even gave it a chance, because I've had so many bad food experiences in Maricopa. One night we thought we would try it for happy hour. It was amazing! We have been back 3 times since then and will continue to go regularly. The sushi is fresh and tastes great! Everything we have had here from the sushi to sashimi to the monkey balls is delicious! I like how you can see them making the sushi at the bar. The service is always very good and they have good happy hour deals! So glad to have a good restaurant in Maricopa! Keep up the good work!

  • Jamie C.

    I was a little apprehensive about ordering sushi in the absolute middle of the desert but they were actually good. The rolls were wrapped well and neatly presented. They even have a loyalty punch card. I can't remember the name of that fried jalapeno roll that I had but it was amazing. Decent Nigiri. Good prices too!

  • Andrea E.

    It is a great sushi restaurant no matter where you go. It's just good with great service. Everything is fresh with great taste. The test for me at any sushi place is spicy tuna - simple it tells you if the chef knows what they are doing. Sean, the chef is fantastic.

  • Al S.

    Tasty. Best in Maricopa, ha ha. Good for take away, but the dinning room smells and has for awhile. If they fix that it would help a lot!

  • Joseph W.

    I mean, it's sushi in the middle of Arizona so one can't expect much. Everything is as I would expect. But I recommend it because it's a local small business, and they do their best to give the market a unique product.

  • Loreli R.

    We just moved out here to Maricopa and the food here is mostly mediocre, lots of fast food so when we walked into Say Sushi, we had low expectations. This place is incredible! Great sushi, and the staff is very friendly. They have great daily happy hour specials and all day HH on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. This is by far the best place to eat in Maricopa and is easily comparable to sushi places back home in San Diego! We look forward to becoming regulars here.

  • Kirsten N.

    Love, love, love this place! Great happy hour specials and the food is very good quality and delicious!

  • Belinda C.

    Their Teriakyi Chicken is to die for!

  • Eugene J.

    Very good food. Nice portions. Friendly staff. Needs a little more noise like from tv or music feels a little like a library it's so quiet

  • Jake R.

    Lets face it, Maricopa is limited in its dinning out locations. Say Sushi has been a haven out here in Maricopa. The guys at the sushi bar are very friendly and make some great sushi and incredible sashimi. Service is always quick, and the happy hour deals are awesome. Every day from 4-7 and all day Tues, Thurs, and Sun. I love the Tokyo, Insanity, Caterpillar, and Spicy Tuna rolls. Plus the Eel Nigiri is very tasty.

  • Brandy W.

    It's a nice small little place. The staff was very friendly they greet you when you walk in. It is very clean. They are always adding new things to their menu. I enjoy going there and eating whenever I get a chance.

  • Donna M.

    We love Say Sushi!! Food is excellent! My husband loves the Chicken Katsu and the sashimi. I love the teriyaki chicken and the tempura. Everything is fresh. The decor and atmosphere is exactly like a typical restaurant in Japan which makes us feel like we stepped back in time to when we lived in Japan. This is a weekly stop for us!!

  • Idressa C.

    Great food and drink specials. Love the spicy tuna rolls. Sake Boomers specials offered.Noodle soups are awesome.

  • Aliya L.

    Wonderful and fresh sushi. Great staff. Order the Chef special and you won't be sorry

  • Therese H.

    We went to Say Sushi for happy hour and everything was wonderful! The seaweed salad was fresh and tasty, the calamari was wonderful and the sushi rolls (spicy tuna and spicy salmon) were very good. The service was excellent, too! We will definitely return for dinner soon!

  • Mike C.

    Cheap and really good. It's not one of the elite best but really darn good, and a hundred times cheaper, and it's in Maricopa of all places. Not worth a seep rate trip From out of town just for this, but worth regular stops when you're here.

  • Adam M.

    This place is great! I have been going here the last 5 years and watched it change several times but the current set up it great!! The chef Sean is awesome at what he does, like an artist. The food is and has been really good and I have yet to get anything bad there. The waitresses that have been there for a while are great as well. I highly recommend this place, only issue is that sometimes it is a bit cramped and can be packed at peak times for happy hour.

  • Nikkol M.

    Best sushi I have ever had. I highly recommend the crab delight roll & the monkey balls.

  • Lisa B.

    Love that we can get fresh, tasty sushi in town & not have to drive up to Chandler. Always good & great happy hour specials. Only drawback is slow servers when it is busy and... loud children at times, but that is not the restaurants fault.

  • Seth H.

    Been here multiple times, sushi is great, never leaves me looking for more. Would love to see them expand their drink menu beyond saki, beer and wine, but very happy to have food options other then pizza, Mexican and fast food in Maricopa!

  • M S.

    The food is great. The service used to be excellent but the newer wait staff could use a lesson in good customer service. Also it feels pretty cramped. I think a bigger space would do them wonders. I saw so many people walk in only to walk right out when they saw how packed it was. Overall its usually a good experience.

  • Ron B.

    This is the best restaurant in Maricopa and I've heard it's the best sushi joint in the state. The waitresses are very nice and the owners are great. I've never been disappointed with any visit. I recommend the insanity, Tokyo, and California rolls. Best sushi I've ever had.

  • Danielle S.

    I love the Bento Box lunches, such a steal and always amazing!! The sashimi is always fresh, the green tea is wonderful, and recently they have hired more staff that are familiar with the food!

  • Tracy R.

    Delicioso! Friendly and affordable. Happy hour is the best. Crowded sometimes but the food is never disappointing. Happy hour is a nice time to try new things. Our fav as of late is the shrimp tempura roll.

  • Richard B.

    I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good this place was! I am a big fan of their happy hour, and their rolls are quite generous as well. This place is a step above the revolving sushi set in terms of quality. The space they are in is tiny, and they fill every bit of it. If you are waiting for a table, you are likely doing so outside. I know there isn't much choice in this matter, or much else they can do, but it still detracted from the experience. Nevertheless, this place is darn good for a small town sushi joint. We will definitely do date night there again!

  • G. C.

    I am a very discriminant eater when it comes to sushi. I didn't expect to find really good sushi in Maricopa. I grew up in Hawaii and ate raw fish frequently. So, the quality of the fish served here is exceptionally really, really good! Friends have recommended me to eat at other "phenomenal" sushi bars in the Valley. Some were really good and others bad with that film of slime on the slice of raw fish. I don't need to travel far. They make an AWESOME Hawaiian poke salad that is so reminiscent of the poke served in Hawaii. I will admit that in the past the restaurant was not so good. They had different owners back then. But I am so happy with the current owners. They always try to create new sushi delights. My daughter loves the "Titanic".

  • Kristina B.

    Great food, great prices. Amazing happy hour! Never have to wait and always nice staff!

  • Corsica w.

    I love this place one of my favorite sushi restaurants in AZ! They also have great customer service.

  • Nancy M.

    Big portions with good prices. Crowded on a Friday evening, but prompt service with attentive staff. The Monkey Balls are amazing! They do offer more entrees than just sushi so if you are not a sushi fan don't let that deter you from dining there.

  • Kenneth S.

    This place is simply the best. The only place actually worth having a meal at in the city of Maricopa.

  • Hands Of Silk M.

    Delicious sushi, great staff and reasonably priced! Our favorite is yellow tail! Our kids even enjoy!

  • Alison T.

    I picked up an early dinner here and while the sushi was tasty there were a few things that bugged me. I was the first to order but got my food last. Plus I didn't think waiting nearly a half hour for two rolls was acceptable when the place was basically empty at 3pm on a Wednesday. I could have forgiven that but when I got home with my order not only were the rolls way too big but they weren't rolled tightly at all. For the first time ever I had to use a fork to eat sushi. Part of the sushi experience is being able to eat a whole piece so you can taste all the components together. Instead I had to eat each piece in chucks due to their lack of rolling skills. I'm a huge sushi fan so this was terribly disappointing. Also it was really expensive, $23 for 2 rolls. Lastly, according to the server they do not keep their shellfish away from the regular fish and utensils which means I won't be going there often since my boyfriend has a severe shellfish allergy and we can only go to sushi locations that are conscious of allergies. All in all it was good and if I need a sushi fix and don't want to leave Maricopa (and my boyfriend is working), I know I can go here, otherwise I'd go elsewhere.

  • Cb S.

    Vanessa was an awesome server..everything was great!!!! We probably ordered too much!! But every roll&app&saki was remarkable!!

  • Mimi B.

    A local Maricopa restaurant that serves great food. A regular stop for dinner for years.

  • Jackie B.

    Yes I was a little weary of eating here especially when it comes to eating Sushi. When my fiancé and I walked through the door we were greeted and had the option where to sit which is nice considering the place is small and my fiance is 6.3. We came in on a good day Tuesdays and Thursdays are all day Happy Hour. The happy hour menu has reasonable prices and has a variety to choose from. Now to talk about the sushi, I decided to wait a day to see how my stomach would react before I give a great rating on the food and presentation. Well its the next day and I'm great. So the sushi is to die for. They have a great spicy selection and a no fish selection. We tried the avocado roll. I highly recommend it for like an appetizer to get you started.

  • Traek M.

    I REALLY want to recommend this place. If you could figure out a way to just get their delicious food with no issues or dealings with the ownership, I say go for it. However, they happen to have the *worst* service I have ever seen. While the servers themselves have always treated me with respect and have been quick to get the right food, the owner is definitely *not* customer-minded. I regularly go here with my brother for lunch and on occasion with my wife. There have been a few occasions -- out of 20+ visits to this place -- where there was some kind of problem and we were treated with complete disrespect. Case in point: today, my brother took someone out here for their birthday. As he went to eat his last piece of sushi, he found a big, long jet-black hair. His server was there and he politely asked for a replacement piece. She agreed and apologetically left him. After several minutes, my brother threw in some money in the tip jar and noticed his server near the back by -- presumably -- the owner. He mentioned the piece he was waiting for and the server said she wouldn't be able to replace it. Surprised, he tried appealing to the owner and she spat back: "You can't eat your food and then ask me to replace it". An argument ensued where he defended his right to hair-free sushi and told her that the server saw it (removed the hair for him... a health-code violation perhaps?). The owner then yelled at the server for "not telling [her]" to which the server responded "well it could have been his hair"! This continued while in front of the birthday guest as they flat-out refused to replace the piece the server took with something fresh (and hair-free). I have to say I was completely floored that this kind of experience exists anywhere in this country with litigation, health departments and in the online world we live in. Clearly this is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS customer service (this wasn't the first time). They are the only Japanese/sushi restaurant in town and again the food is -- for the price -- absolutely fantastic. However, until they up their service game, I can't recommend the place. These guys owe my brother big. I've also recommended he put in a complaint with the local health department.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

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