Telli’s Deli

The Fort,1550 Deep Creek Dr
Mchenry, 21541
I was a little worried when we got to Telli's and we were the only people there. Mainly because all of the other breakfast places seemed to have long lines, but it was a little further down the road, so whatever. We walked in and there were 2 people working. Both were very friendly. We ordered the special (a quiche kinda thing) and a veggie sandwich add egg. We also got the bottomless coffee. Everything was really really good! Fresh food, great ingredients, overall great experience. One thing I would say is that they kept running out of coffee, but they were more than willing to make more for us if we asked. It really seemed like they were just trying to avoid old stale coffee more than they didn't want to make it. Great little place!
Very nice inside, got a late lunch when we first came into town. Good prices and great food. A must when you stay at Deep Creek.
The woman that took our order was very nice. However, the food we ordered was terrible. The fruit cup was very small. The eggs were so over cooked they were barely edible. I won't be back.

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Mountain State Brewing Co.

6690 Sang Run Rd
McHenry, 21541
Went there for dinner last night, after checking in to a vacation rental......3 adults one child....for a brewery I thought they would have more selections than 5. I asked the waitress if she knew if the stout (which was outstanding btw) was brewed with chocolate....she didn't know and just mumbled something about the ingredients on the menu....she was a bit perfunctory in her duties but efficient enough. There seems to be quite a crowd thus indicating popular with the locals. Good place for families. Food was okay, not stellar, but that is usually the case with places calling themselves breweries. The pizza (which they call flatbread) was very very good....the appetizer of nachos was a plate of tostitos with slop dumped on them (would not recommend)......all in all...if you want great beer, great pizza, adequate wait service, then this is the place for you.....
Our party had the lemon and herb chicken salad sandwich,two different flatbreads, and a house salad. The chicken sandwich was oversized on a nice bun. I couldn't taste and lemon / herbs and had to add salt and pepper for a little seasoning. The flatbreads were fire on the mountain and the meat lovers. They were both very good. Service was slow.
So, it was an ok visit. Appetizers were good. Chili was the hit of the table, as was the BLT. I'd stay away from the flatbreads -- my father said he would rather go to Papa Johns. Beer was good -- the ones that I anticipated that I would like I liked. Good stop for a drink or two and appetizers, otherwise, maybe stick to just the drinks.

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Archie’s Barbeque

25259 Garrett Hwy
McHenry, 21541
The barbecue was good, but what left a bad taste in my mouth was the feeling of being taken for a ride. I had one kid who wanted pulled pork. Another one wanted ribs. And I was tempted to get the sampler plate of brisket, pork, ribs and cornbread ($25). But I didn't really want the brisket. They were willing to swap it out for pulled chicken but not the bbq chicken. I'm no fan of pulled chicken, so I decided to come up with another plan. Aha! I could get the pulled pork on a plate ($9) and double down on the ribs with a half rack ($15). My estimation is that for the equivalent price tag, it should be about the equivalent amount of food. In my experience, a half rack of ribs is plenty to share between me and my young daughter. Imagine my surprise to discover a half rack of ribs is only four ribs. I thought they gave me the wrong order. So I confirmed. This is the half rack? Yep. The kicker is that the sample platter plate comes with three ribs. So, perhaps I just ordered wrong. But I also think that Archie's could do a lot more to prevent this kind of menu confusion. And upon closer examination, they price their ribs as a half order and a full order (not a half rack and a full rack). But without a clarification of how many bones you're getting, that feels deceptive. It's hard to get over that kind of disappointment, which is unfortunate. The ribs had a perceptible smoke ring. They were tender enough to pull clean off the bone, but not so overdone to be falling off the bone. Their hot sauce was a good counter to the sweeter finishing mop. And the meat tasted pleasantly porky. Still, at close to $4 a rib, it's hard to swallow. And it's even harder when you think you've ordered six ribs and getting a piece of meat that's only two-thirds of what you were expecting.
We had traveled to the area and were headed home but realized we were starving and were not wanting to wait til we got home and cooked. So we stopped here on our way out of town. The menu isn't extensive, and I found it somewhat pricey, but it tasted amazing. We were greeted immediately by the cashier who told us how to order and answered our questions. She was very friendly and basically made the whole experience great. We both ordered the two hand sandwiches (~$8), one with pulled pork and one with brisket. They don't come with a side, so we ordered mac and cheese and baked beans (~$3 each). The food was prepared quickly and tasted great. There is a reason they call them two hand sandwiches, it felt like there was a 1/2 pound of meat on each. Slightly pricey, quick service, friendly people.
The pulled pork was pretty good. Nothing super special about the sauce. Service was very friendly and they have nice outdoor seating. Wasn't a big fan of people having dogs at the outside part, but that's just me. I'm allergic.

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Barbeque, American (Traditional)

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72 Fort Dr
McHenry, 21541
I guess this place gets great reviews because it's one of the few options in the Deep Creek area, but I was less than impressed. When we first walked in with our group of seven, we were welcomed by a surly hostess who proceeded to sigh loudly when she saw the size of our group, and then began to berate the bartender telling he he'd have to help wait tables because she was too busy. But to give credit where it's due, the bartender was great....very friendly and he did a pretty good job of taking care of us. As for the food, it was just mediocre. The Asian chicken wrap was actually pretty tasty, but the Thai skewers were a bit bland and the chicken was dry. The wings (which we'd been told were the best in the county) were just OK, nothing special. But I guess for the location, it was OK. After eating, we decided to try out some of the games. Here again is where the bartender was a gem......he shared with me that by buying one of their game cards, I'd actually get enough of a bonus to practically get our meal for free, which was great and earned him a nice tip! But then we headed out to mini-golf, which is where the chaos ensued. First of all, there was nobody manning the mini-golf section, so we had to go across the parking lot to the laser tag area to pay for our golf. The course was very crowded, with lots of rude people pushing their way past who didn't want to wait for you to finish the hole. Then we moved on to the go-karts, where the guy working apparently thought he was a state trooper....sucked the fun right out of it. It's called a raceway, so why yell at people for going fast? Isn't that the idea? Finally, we decided to go inside and get some ice cream. They had ONE person working the ice cream counter, and there was a line at least 10 people deep. And the person working the counter was in no rush to move it along. We ended up leaving without the ice cream and going to the ice cream shop near the grocery store instead. Maybe the employees just get tired of dealing with vacationers, or maybe my expectations were just too high, but Smiley's was not the highlight of our trip in my opinion.
Food unexpectedly good for a place with go karts. The kids were happy, service was good. I would go back if in town for vaca again.
Good food service and fun. Wings and cheese fries were top notch when I was there. The atmosphere is one that is family oriented ad arcade games, go carts, mini golf are also attractions at the restaurant. Sat on the deck with a great view of the lake and the golf course. Had a great overall experience and will definitely be returning.

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Ledo Pizza

24465 Garrett Hwy
McHenry, 21541
Inviting atmosphere, fast and wonderful service, great food. Vegetarian and gluten free options that are pretty delish. Thumbs up
Racist. We were passing through on vacation and wanted to grab a bite to eat on the way home so we stopped here. Big mistake. It ruined the last part of our trip. The hostess was shifty-eyed and tried to tell us we had to wait 40min for a table when tables were empty. She was nasty toward us right off the bat for no reason we could see other than that brown skin didn't mesh with her idea of human beings. They don't get many folks of color out in these parts so I guess it's par for the course. If you are not of European descent, just pack food with you or just drive 1hr east and eat fast food. It'll save you some dignity.
Blinded by a whiteout snowstorm and no other open restaurants, our hunger was satiated by Ledo. Quick to place an order at the counter and wait for carry-out; only took about 15 minutes from ordering to walking out the door with our piping-hot order to feed 8 adults. Front counter girl was efficient and friendly. Your mind won't be blown by the atmosphere or the food itself, but Ledo does have a surprisingly-varied menu selection; it's more than just pizza. They even cater to the gluten-free crowd as well as the vegan/no cheese crowd with their Viva la Vegan pizza, which we ordered and definitely enjoyed. Square pizza is their thing, and there are two sizes. Our crowd definitely enjoyed the big square covered in sausage and pepperoni, and it didn't get soggy, quite a feat for a big greasy meaty pizza. Hubby and I ordered chili as well, which tasted great while we were eating it, as did the vegan and non-vegan pizza. However, there must be a serious sodium quotient in the chili and/or the pizza. Not sure if it was just the chili, or compensating on the non-buttery vegan crust by adding lots of extra Na, but we were both waking up throughout the night to down H2O, and into the next day (no, we didn't drink that night). Granted, we were all ravenous after a day full of skiing and hot-tubbing, and there was a blizzard, but no one complained about the food.

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Pizza, Chicken Wings, Salad

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Pine Lodge Steakhouse

1520 Deep Creek Dr
McHenry, 21541
This place was great!! Nothing served from a can or box at this restaurant. I love food and this place filled that hole. I had the half-rack of ribs with sweet potato casserole and my GF had the gouda prime rib sandwich. Every bite was excellent. I love places like this and the restaurant is a really cool log cabin and provides a view of the lake. Our server Serena was excellent (five stars just for her). Also, could get expensive but it could also be affordable. Our dinners were under 50 dollars but we also didn't get drinks or expensive cuts of meat either.
We've been here about a dozen times in the last 20 months. The consistency of the food is very high. Salmon is good but a bit plain. Chicken wing appetizer is very good. Homemade sauce and great flavor. Grilled chicken breast is juicy and well seasoned. Our kids always get the "oak barrel steak". Order it medium to actually get medium-well. Portions are actually normal sized. Don't expect chain restaurant portions. Prices are a bit high but our service has always been wonderful.
My group of nine had a pretty terrible experience here last weekend. Service took a very long time, after about 30 minutes we had to ask for the waiter to bring bread- they don't offer it automatically. The pricing scheme is ridiculous- everything is a la carte. The waiter upsold us on everything. When I ordered my steak he asked if I wanted it blackened. I was ambivalent but he said it was much better that way. Well the steak had no blackening at all when it arrived, but the bill showed a dollar extra for the blackening. A dollar is nothing- but it shows how this restaurant works. I will not return.

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