Dosha Ayurveda Cafe & Juice Bar

Yosoy Creative Space,139 NE 1st Ave
Hallandale, 33009
There isn't an Ayurvedic resfaurant in town that feeds your dosha and your soul! Sonia's passion, devotion and love comes through in every bite! We had chai and empanadas with chutney: spinach and paneer, cauliflower and beet. All delicious and filling. I also had a cooling smoothie for my out of balance Pitta dosha! Highly recommend Dosha to everyone who wants to eat fresh and yummy food cooked from the heart. I wish Dosha was in Pembroke Pines...I'd eat here all the time!
A lovely little space with great energy and of course, delicious treats! I took the recommendation of Laura and had the Long Life smoothie, which was exactly what I needed. I'll definitely be back for some good, healthy eats.
I am so glad to have found this health gem found here in Hallandale! My husband and I have come in here many time. You have to try the gluten-free waffles with the most amazing rose petal jam for breakfast, Yucatines Yucca on a salad and the empanadas!

(954) 612-4888

Vegan, Vegetarian, Juice Bars & Smoothies

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El Tayta Restaurant

1721 E Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
Great service, great owner, great food! Love their tacu tacu aji de gallina invention .. Brilliant!! I love their pollo a la brasa too! I haven't had any issues with their quality of meat.. But if you want a really high end restaurant this isn't it- this is just a great restaurant joint with great prices for what you get. Give it a try, you'll be back!
You should definitely eat here - it is Awesome! Walked by while on vacation and decided to give it a shot. Rotissiere chicken was awesome- moist and flavorful. The whole fried fish with garlic... Amazing - moist with a crispy crust, and the garlic flavor was SO good. Prices are fantastic - a great value. This restaurant will be a must on my list whenever we are back in the area.
Made a random visit just to check out El Tayta for dinner with some friends. The only negative thing I can say about this place is the service needs to pay more attention the customer felt like they weren't around when you needed them. Other than that portion sizes are huge and that not even half of it. The food is amazingly delicious! We all order something different and tried each others food. I cannot say there was one dish that didn't make me not want another bite. The all came out looking very presentable and tastes amazing and I believe with some time this place might be frequented by me and my friends.

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Wonton Garden

709 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
Still the best place in town and now they deliver!! the chicken is amazing big fresh pieces!! Love this place everyone in my office eats here now.
The food sell with both decent quality and quantity. My personal favorites dishes are Wonton soup, Boneless Ribs and Sesame Chicken. Also, the wings are good~ Furthermore, the service is sincere and let you feeling welcomed. One of the best Chinese restaurant of nearby communities.
Not a fancy restaurant by any means but the food here is great. We had boneless spareribs, steak with peppers, chicken with oyster sauce, chicken noodle and wonton soups. It was all great! I'm from NYC and it could have been from my favorite place there.

(954) 454-7259

Chinese, Vegetarian

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The Sandwicheer

716 Atlantic Shores Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
A friend took me here for lunch today. She's a regular but it was my first time. I love that all their meats are Boar's Head. I got a footlong "Hallandale Beach" which was turkey, pastrami and salami on fresh wheat roll, deli mustard, the usual veggies and added feta cheese. They were generous with the meats and toppings and ended up leaving with half a sandwich which will probably not make it through the evening. They deliver and was surprised they will come north all the up to Sheridan. See you soon, I'll be back!
The owners are very friendly! We had the clam chowder, meatball sub and chicken parm sub. The chowder was excellent, the meatball sub is my favorite!! Everything tasted so fresh and delicious
Locally own and boars head served. Have picked this place over publix subs quite a few times

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Falafel Benny

658 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
What can I say it's just another falafel joint, serving the same food as all the other falafel joints. I think if your in the area it's worth stopping at. The owner is a charming Israeli gent who wants to please his clientele. So don't be afraid to speak up if your not happy. All the items on the menu are no better or worse than any other falafel joint in the area. So give Benny a try.
The best Falafel in all of the United States. It tastes just like that in Israel. No place compares, trust me, I've tried most places here in South Florida. The shawarma is also to die for. Go early and get it before it runs out. All wholesome natural ingredients and not to mention the love that goes into it. You can just taste it!!!! The prices are also very reasonable.
The owner is very nice, gave me a few samples, the falafel was very good, fresh, crispy outside , one of the best I've had. I also had a chicken shawarma and the flavor was incredible!

(954) 455-2118

Cafes, Middle Eastern

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Hallandale Sushi Thai

1111 E Hallandale Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
Inexpensive, but mediocre sushi. Spicy tuna had an aftertaste, had to return it.. Thai salad was good, although for $8 could have been a bigger portion. Service was fast, friendly atmosphere however, we are not coming back..
The curry here is excellent. I read other reviews indicating otherwise. Red curry with shrimp. Tasted like homemade. The nigiri tune sushi was slso good. Nothing fancy as a restaurant, really delicious food. Price is worth the money for the quality, not the surroundings. Excellent food.
I always order my food ahead of time for pick up. It's always quick and the service is great. The ginger dressing is super good and my go-to roll is the dragon roll. Also they have delicious Thai donuts! Definitely recommend this place

(954) 455-9200

Japanese, Thai

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Yogurtland Gulfstream Park

800 Silks Run
Hallandale, 33009
Much better pricing than Pberry down the street. Yogurtland has a great selection of flavors that changes every few weeks. The variety is huge as well; they offer sugar free, fat free, gluten free, sorbet flavors, and seasonal flavors too. They also have a topping bar so you can choose what you want and how much you want on your froyo. Just remember, it's self serve, and you pay based on the weight of your froyo.
AMAZING and it is self serve my favorite !!! Place is very clean, and the staff is very friendly. When I first walked in they handed me 5 little sample cups to try the flavors. WOW best flavors yet I got red velvet cake batter, oatmeal raisin cookie, peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin. They even had Taro I tried it not my favorite but very interesting flavor. They had plenty of toppings probably around 40 or more. They price is unreal .32 Cents an OZ. I got 4 flavors, and toppings grand total price $2.32 !!! WOW I wish this place was closer to me I would be there all the time.
Yummy and great music, its clean and people are nice...can't go wrong with the price either!

(954) 458-8311

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Links Restaurant & Lounge

501 Diplomat Pkwy
Hallandale, 33009
I've only ever had drinks here. The setting is fabulous, the decor is outstanding, and the service is exemplary. I shall re-review when I've dined. But I expect only the best from the Diplomat, and they haven't let me down yet.
My experience at Links was absolutely grand. I came here for a corporate business dinner and was lavished with the best. The cocktail hour consisted of a huge seafood tower filled with snow crab legs, oysters, mussels, shrimp, and clams - served with both cocktail sauce and a champagne-vinegar mignonette sauce. The calamari appetizer was a-okay, but the best part was my entree: seared florida snapper. You have to get Florida snapper when you are in Florida, yes? Description: "coconut sauce, pan flashed petite string beans, jasmine rice, banana salsa." Okay, so I love rice, but that jasmine rice infused with coconut sauce was the best rice I've ever had at a restaurant. And the trout? Flaky goodness.
I ate with my family at Links Restaurant and Lounge during our stay at the Westin that houses this restaurant. It was, shall we say, uninspiring. We had the misfortune of being a group of ten the same night the resort appeared to be hosting a massive wedding, which it seemed like the rest of the resort population was attending. The service was slow as molasses, and it appeared they had a skeleton crew servicing the restaurant that night with just one server. The server was nice but seriously overbooked, as it took forever just to have our orders taken. Our group ended up taking three hours to finish a meal that probably should've taken half of the time. The food was okay, but it wasn't worth waiting an hour for it! If they were going to put all their resources into the wedding next door then why bother to keep the restaurant open? Yeech! They did, however, have extremely strong margaritas. I was *almost* tipsy enough after two to forget that they took 15 minutes each to arrive!

(954) 883-6000

American (New)

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124 S Fedral Hwy
Hallandale, 33009
I would give this place no stars if I could. My sister and I were looking for a filling lunch so we decided to check out this lunch buffet. We walked in and waited to be seated. A server walks by looks at us and mumbles something quickly under his breath... So we waited for a little while longer then decided to seat ourselves. We sat down and waited some more as some other guest comes in after us and gets greeted by one of the seemingly only 2 servers in the place. And it was not even that busy. So we left. I hate to claim the race card unless there's direct evidence of it, but as the only 2 black people in the establishment and no urgent need to welcome us as other non-colored patrons, racism becomes evident. I guess only white regulars come here.
Great service, cocktails, bruschetta, Caesar salad and pasta. The bread alone was fantastic. A NY Italian restaurant dropped down in the middle of Hallandale. The only item that keeps me from giving it 5 stars was the mediocre chicken parm... Not sure what they did to the chicken but is tasted processed, not fresh like the rest. Stick w pasta and ask to be seated in Gene's section, you won't be disappointed!
Always a hit. This place has awesome food, good wine and great service. The carpaccio was amazing as well as the veal.

(954) 454-2410


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Don Lolo’s

850 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale, 33009
Good food great people, is a family business and they are proud of there business. Love the music o mhm e days Cuban other mana! Us great!
I had never ordered from these people before and I never will again. This is my first and only experience with them. I had made an order and was never told of any delay. They actually estimated about 45 minutes. Which was fine by me since it was lunchtime and can moderately anticipate that they had a rush. I had ordered a simple chicken ready with rice/beans and plantains with a side of fries. I didn't have any idea that it takes an hour to make it and 45 minutes to deliver. After an hour I called them and asked about my order. They said "it just went out and should be there in 10-15 minutes". A half-hour later I called again and the guy on the phone said... Oh it JUST left 2 minutes ago. It should be there in 10-15 minutes. WHAT?!!!????! Didn't they tell me that 30 Minutes ago!!!? After 1:45 later I finally got my food, lukewarm, and the quality not as good as can be expected for waiting over an hour and a half. They obviously had my food just sitting around because they forgot and then sent someone in a hurry. My job is maybe a 10 minute drive at best from their location. They lied to me, whether by accident or on purpose 2x. When they took my order and then again when I called to check it the first time. Maybe 3x if they had lied when I asked the 2nd time. They are not that good, they are not that cheap, and they are not that serviceable to make food worth one hour and 45 minutes wait.
The Cuban food deserves a four star review but it's a dive so three. Visiting from Atlanta GA (all our best restaurants are dives too) this one stuck out as a must-try. Glad I stopped. Delicious grilled chicken topped with onions, side of rice, black beans and fried plantains. Nothing fancy, just a solid Cuban style meal for $7

(954) 455-2191

Latin American

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