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Visit below restaurant in Destin for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Rob N.

    I love the vibe of this place. A great atmosphere (outside) and an attentive staff. They know and like the beers they are pouring which is a plus. This was the first place I heard of and tasted beer from the very new Destin Brewing. The food is great, too, though don't come expecting something fancy. We almost always make our way there after finishing dinner elsewhere because we like the ambience. They were cool with my dog, too, and I appreciate that. Recommend figuring out where the bathrooms are before you tie one on, though. That part can be tricky.

  • Scott B.

    Great craft beer selection, with 16 options on tap. As far as food, wife and I had the grouper sandwich, which was the fresh catch that day. Probably the best grouper I've ever had, and I'm one picky son of a bitch. Great, knowledgeable server, great food, and great beer. Truly a hidden gem- hopefully it doesn't get too well known anytime soon.

  • Kaylin B.

    FWIW, l've only drank at The Other End, even if the food does look awesome. Beautiful patio views of the harbor. Check. Laid back, locals-friendly atmosphere. Check. Dog-Friendly. Check. Around a dozen taps with local and national craft brews. Check. Decent enough vino for a beer joint. Check. Boat Parking. Done.

  • Kevin H.

    Fantastic atmosphere. Watched the sun set over the docks and saw dolphins while drinking some fantastic draft beer. All seating is outside so weather plays a role. Most of the seating is covered though. Food was phenomenal. Had the "awesome burger" and it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. Loved everything about this place!

  • Markeisia V.

    I highly recommend. Everything about this place was perfect. The bar overlooking the water, the service, the food everything was great. I highly recommend taking a visit to the other end if you are visiting or if you live in the Florida Destin area.

  • Bob D.

    This place is great, 5 plus stars all day. The atmosphere the food the service are all unbelievable. Really hard to believe a food truck can put out such great food my hat goes off to the chef and the bartender who took the orders and served the food. We ordered the duck spring rolls which were so good, I could eat these all day. Duck confit is not the easiest dish to prefer and they know what they are doing. The blue cheese burger we order was probably the best I have ever had. Everything about it was spot on, the meat was full of flavor and cooked to perfection, the bun was toasted and soft and the blue cheese was not some cheap crumbles. The blue cheese complimented the meat did not mask.also the duck fat fries were something to note as well. The only negative would be that everything on the menu looks and sounds so good that it's tough to decide! But luckily the server was very tentative and helped with making can tell the staff takes pride in this place, which is nice to see these days. I also orderd the local ipa which was perfect. I do not often order an ipa on such a hot day since it was local and I love craft beer I had to get. What a great choice. I have much experience in the restaurant/food truck and cooking world and for this place I would not change one thing. I'm am from out of town but can assure you I will be back whenever I'm in the destin area. Next time I'll try brunch and would love to get a flight to sample all of the great beers on tap. Great work guys! Your talent and commitment shows, for the one that owns this joint you should be proud of what you have going..... and if you want one suggestion?... Open one in Cincinnati so I can be a regular !

  • Greg A.

    Wow!! What a wonderful experience! This place is a true find in the ever so popular Destin, FL. Great beer selection. Food was very good, I especially enjoyed the Bavarian pretzel, sounds crazy but this was the best pretzel I've ever had.....a must try. Burger was big and juicy and unfortunately over cooked. On the bright side however the burger was very flavorful and I still polished it off. Duck fat fries were cooked to perfection. Wife said the blackened red snapper was to die for. We will definitely be back when we're in Destin. Nice place.

  • Ivy X.

    They hvae duck sandwitch,this suprised me,but the tessty is very yammy!With cool weezy ,i dont want to left.

  • Bryan F.

    Hidden gem we came across on Yelp! This place will truly make you feel like a king and queen with the view and the attentive service. They have great craft beer selection on tap and the food is amazing!!! It's a must if you want to go where the locals hang out, definitely recommend it. We'll we back!

  • Patrick G.

    Compared to everything else in this town, The Other End offers an experience that others should try to replicate. No touristy, mass produced, over priced, plates and cocktails here. They offer uniquely delicious bar food with some rare beers on draft and in bottles. The list of beers is quite extensive. The place is a small outdoor garden with some tables and a bar overlooking the bay. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and you can tell they love their jobs. They were more than willing to sit and chat with customers about menu items and beer selections. In terms of dining experiences, the staff knew how to enhance this feature for their guests. On top of the great atmosphere and friendly staff, the food and drink were top notch. I went with the blue cheese burger ($14). The beef was salty and juicy and was served on a buttery toasted bun. The french fries were also very good. Much better than standard fries at most restaurants. They were hot and crispy with the skins still on. The burger was the perfect pairing with their beer. My favorite was the Kentucky Bourbon Ale ($6 for a pint). I am used to having bourbon dark beers like stouts or porters but this ale was exceptional. It was the perfect accompanying drink for their burger. Overall, I would highly recommend The Other End to any 20-something year old beer drinker who loves a laid back atmosphere without a crowd. The experience is like no other in the area and I hope this pub/camper van experiences great success in the future.

  • Mark B.

    Some folks we met when we were in town took us here for the first time on Memorial day weekend. The beer selection is fantastic as is the fiew. Most of the selection I had not seen in Destin except maybe Mellow Mushroom. The folks that work here are very friendly as well. I wish the kitchen stayed open a little later, but maybe I should try to eat dinner before 11:00 PM.

  • Allie P.

    Wow wow wow! Best burger in Destin, hands down. Great atmosphere, menu selection, bottomless mimosas for brunch. Just can't ask for much more.

  • Mike H.

    Great place to relax and unwind. Good beer selection and great food. The service was also great with the staff making us feel welcome. The live music and harbor view were added bonuses. Parking is challenging your first trip there. The hamburger was outstanding.

  • Angie H.

    Amazing. Food excellent! Fantastic ambience. Highly recommend. We will def be back. Music by Blake Brock was awesome

  • Natalie G.

    This place is amazing! I went there with friends Saturday night for dinner, and we had so much fun! We sat outside at a picnic table, and there was a great musician playing about half the time we were there. Our waitress was very helpful when it came to the beer selection, and was just great overall. I got a burger, which I finished (not too big, but big enough!), and everybody enjoyed what they ordered. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, not too busy or crowded, and very chill. Highly recommend!

  • David J.

    Nice view, great people, and 1 of this best burgers I've ever had. Awesome place. I would recommend to anyone.

  • Calily B.

    The Other End of the spectrum when it comes to what this place offers compared to other establishments in Destin. 16 good, solid beers on tap as well as varied selection of bottle beers. This place is probably the only place in Destin where you'll be able to find Avery's Maharaja on tap (except for maybe the Craft Bar). I wish they had several more Florida brews on tap. Tip: get rid of the Founders and add Cigar City to your taps. The beers here were about $1 less than the Craft Bar down "the other end" of Hwy 98. The bar is hard to find if you're just driving by. It's behind a kayak rental place. You can park behind the kayak rental place or next door. The service was prompt, although the guys next to us felt like the bartenders were a tad bit slow, but they've only been open a few weeks, so I suspect service will improve over time. Everything is outdoors, which is great if the weather is cooperating! Grab yourself a beer, settle in underneath their tarp and enjoy the harbor view... life won't suck.

  • Cam F.

    Great atmosphere with good friendly service. Huge range of beers. The food menu was excellent, decided on the the Bratwurst and sauerkraut which was delicious. The view of the harbor was beautiful. Excellent Live music 6PM to 9PM. This will be a regular spot for us during our future visits.

  • Aria C.

    The atmosphere was fantastic, and the live music by Blake Brock was amazing. The burger was delicious, especially with the Belgium fries. We got the fried pickles as an appetizer. There weren't many pickles but it was really good for what we got. Finally, I tried two flights of beers (on recommendation of the server) and I loved trying all the different beers. I didn't have one that I didn't like. I highly, highly recommend this place for the food and good vibes.

  • Julie R.

    We loved The Other End! Our favorite dinner spot on this trip to Destin. We plan to make it a regular stop every time we visit Destin. Great view, good service, terrific entertainment and delicious burgers! The Awesome Burger and loaded fries were OMG good! Beer selection was terrific as well. Only suggestion ....the appetizer fried pickles needs to be a bit bigger...was a really small serving.

  • Sara M.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. great staff great music. Amazing menu for food and beer. Will definitely be back.

  • Amy Z.

    100% love this place. Chill spot right on the harbor. Lots of great craft beers, good food (I had pretzel with beer cheese, but will be trying more as I go back). The staff is great. It's super relaxed. First time I was there they had a great singer jamming out too. It's the cutest place in the area IMHO.

  • Chelsea T.

    Awesome Burger!!! I'd venture to say the best I've ever had. Also the loaded duck fries are amazing. Great beer selection.

  • Jeremy F.

    The loaded fries are crazy good. The burger comes on a sweet bun, and cooked perfectly.

  • Dylan G.

    Went with no wait at dinner time. Had one of the best burgers and tried some new beer! Great atmosphere!

  • Meade T.

    Great place with a view and craft beer! Very small and intimate seating area, but is able to accommodate groups of 10 or below because of the picnic table seating. The staff is very friendly and attentive and even gives you free koozies with bottled beer purchase! The food is gastropub type grub, but overall a great experience for watching sunset and drinking some good beer.

  • Andy C.

    If you are in or near Destin and are into craft beer this is a must-visit. Clay and Frank know and love beer. Great atmosphere, great tenders of bar and great beer!

  • Chelsea N.

    This is a legit craft beer spot on the water. The charcuterie plate is awesome! My only complaint is that I watched one of the female bartenders pour a beer straight into the glass without turning the glass or trying to prevent head on the beer numerous times... as some one who has poured draft beers numerous times, I felt bad seeing that much beer wasted, especially craft beer! Either way check this place out & if Frank is working, ask for him because he'll tell you what's up!

  • Tim G.

    Best hamburger I've ever had in my life. Our server Frank helped guide us though the many beers they have on hand. We watched the sunset over the bay. I will be going back

  • J R.

    Awesome location (but VERY limited parking). Great craft beer selection and food menu was a lot better than I expected. I wish I found this place before my last night in Destin!

  • Chelsie S.

    Awesome selection of rare beers on draft. We have been frequenting this place since they opened last fall and they have some good stuff on tap, including some St. Bernadus Belgian beers. There are around 15 or so taps, and there's always something new and exciting when we go. The food here is really good too. The burgers are a must-try as well as their beer cheese duck confit fries.

  • Jim M.

    If you're looking for a low key outdoor spot to enjoy a great selection of beers in Destin, this is the place! Very cool ambiance relaxing by the boats, great appies and cool folks. The night we went was quite chilly but the patio heaters and Clay's beer selections kept us warm. Live music from Matt was great. We had come from the other great beer bar in Destin (The Craft Bar) that night. I'd say I like the people and setting of the Other End much better. Craft Bar does have a better beer selection (but feels a bit more like a sports bar than gastropub), but both will satisfy your craft beer cravings.

  • Fred K.

    Don't miss this place...outstanding!!! You never know when you will meet people of your own tribe...

  • K S.

    Saw this place on our way out to dinner somewhere else in town and decided to check it out after our meal. Saw the good reviews on Yelp and stopped in for a brew. This place is a nice little retreat on the Harbor that gives a little reprieve from all the fratty, touristy-choked spots in Destin & FWB. Of course, I suppose that depends on when you go. Two friends and I went around 9:30 on a Saturday night, and it was only us, a couple, and another group or two trickled in the entire hour or so we were there. The girl that helped serve us told us they had been packed the night before until their closing (midnight). For me, the placid quiet was nice - I don't often hang out in Destin because I don't enjoy drunk tourists spilling their Bud Light on me. This place is cute and nice for cool nights, and it's completely open-air and outside. There was music playing off a small speaker that sounded like Pandora or Spotify that played stuff like The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys. It wasn't too loud and I could actually have a conversation with someone without saying "What?!?" They didn't have any tap selections when we went, because someone had apparently "broken in" to serve themselves after they closed Friday night, and ended up breaking the draft...thing. In any case, the guy who I assume is the owner (co-owner?) helped me decide on the Terrapin Liquid Bliss, which is a peanut butter-chocolate flavored stout, and holy crap, does it live up to its name. It was excellent drinking, and reasonably priced at $5. Both the male and female servers were friendly and gave everyone good service. Enjoyed this little spot, and we'll have to come back for some food and another drink once the draft beer is up and running again. There are just a couple things I don't like: The parking lot is a nightmare. Although it's kind of a multi-use lot (The Kayak Experience operates here, and maybe something else?), it's a really poorly-designed U-shape lot with one combined exit/entrance. I can only imagine what kind of traffic would be here on a busy night for them. The menu doesn't seem to have a whole lot for vegetarians, but then, what menu in the Southeast U.S. does? The food I saw come out looked really delicious though, so I'll have to get some fries or something next time I go. All in all, nice little place and a welcome change for the bar scene here.

  • Jennifer B.

    Absolutely amazing! Great beer & wine selection, gorgeous atmosphere and views and very friendly staff. Spring rolls were delicious and the Appalachian burger was the best burger I've ever had. We will be returning.

  • Christian D.

    Best little spot in Destin! Just some out door tables and a bar. Right on the water looking out over the boat docks. Fantastic location and view of the bay. Now, Frank was amazing. We gave him the type of beer flavors we liked and he came back with a perfect match. The burgers.... ohhh the burgers. Perfectly cooked. I had the blue burger and it was honestly the best blue cheese burger I have had in a long time. The loaded fries with the duck. Really tasty. The duck spring rolls were also fantastic. My kids had the amazing burger and the mushroom. Judging by the smiles and empty plates I would call it a win. Live music, beer and burgers. Loved it.

  • Kieran O.

    Perfect, in every way..atmosphere, location, service, wine, eats, come here to exhale...or inhale. Wine was served at perfect temperature...OMG...spoiled beyond belief...

  • Jimmy W.

    Great food and great beer. I had the Awesome burger with thick-cut bacon. Delicious. The girlfriend had a Colorado burger. I was way too stuffed to try hers, but she assured me it was excellent. Both came with fries. The beer list was impressive. I'm always happy to see some doppelbocks and quads, and they did not disappoint. The bartender seemed to know his beer as well. It's setup outside next to a food truck, but everything is covered. We went at night and the temperature was quite comfortable, but it's probably better they open later in the day. You can't beat the view. This is probably my new favorite spot when I'm looking for a beer.

  • Kat C.

    Local favorite! Great burgers (try the honey goat cheese), wide section of beers and wonderful atmosphere. There's live music from Tuesday to Friday starting at seven, football on Saturday and the Walking Dead on Sunday. In the winter, they have heaters and soon a tent. In the summer, they have a great view and a cool breeze from the bay. Truly my favorite spot to relax with friends, enjoy music, the weather and awesome beer.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :5:00 pm - 12:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Accepts Bitcoin : No
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Live
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Mon, Fri, Sat
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : No



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The Other End

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