China King

1113 7th Ave
Marion, 52302
You know how when you're 250 miles from home attending a 3 day business meeting and on day 2 you are tired of the men you work with so you pretend you are not feeling well and excuse yourself while the group goes off to their "I-know-we-just spent-the-last-11-hours-talking-about-work-but-lets-do-some-more-while-we-eat" dinner and you sneak out to get chinese? Well, China King is the place you go to!! It was fast, fresh, cheap,and very yummy. I had, and don't you dare judge me, a quart of shrimp lo-mein and a pint of chicken friend rice and an egg roll. All of them were really good. China King cured what ailed me. I need this place to be in my neighborhood.
I have been here for lunch many times. I'm not a fan of buffets so I order off the menu. Whatever I order is always fresh and plentiful and delicious. As others have mentioned the ambience is nothing fancy but it's good food so I don't mind.
To be fair, we did not eat here. This is a review of the service. I heard such great reviews from Yelpers, thought I would try the place out. We went at lunch time and the place was full. We waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. We saw one Asian lady busily doing "something". She gave us eye contact but did not show us a table or assist us in any way. Perhaps because we are Asian, she thought we were the "help". I have no idea but I do know terrible service when I experience it. We left after idiotically waiting for 15 minutes by the door. Not returning. So far, the best Chinese food I have had in CR is Hyvee. That says a lot.

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Buffets, Chinese

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Yen Ching

505 7th Ave
Marion, 52302
I love this place! The food is delicious, I've never ordered anything I didn't love and the customer service is top notch! We have ordered from here several times using the delivery option each time, which always makes out to our house in less than 15 min. On one rare occasion we had the wrong entree delivered to us, we called and they immediately delivered the correct entree. The next day we got a phone call from the manager apologizing to us and credited us free entree to our account (after already fixing our problem). Tonight we ordered again and used our free credit, when the delivery man got to our house (10 min after the order was placed) he apologized again for the mix up from weeks ago. They really know how to take care of their customers and we will be loyal customers for a very long time!
I think ownership has changed and they have either changed or eliminated the meals that were so good in past years. I had never had Cashew Chicken that tasted better than what they served before the ownership changed. I may try it one more time, but otherwise, I think the place may not be worth going back... very disappointed with the changes
It appears Yen Ching's has changed ownership after 34 years. New smaller menu and new recipes. I tried their Kung Pao chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken. Both ok, but I will miss the food and the owners I've come to know over these past 34 years.

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