Bogus Creek Cafe

114 Spring
Stockholm, 54769
My friend had been here before and had a good experience so I tried it based on her recommendation. My experience was poor, to say the least. The good - service was O.K. and the home made ice tea was great. BUT that was it. I had a taco salad (probably a mistake because very few do a good one). The shell was completely inedible. The only good thing about it was the portion was so small that you didn't have to eat a lot. Limited menu. Over priced for what you get. Would defiantly avoid this.
Stopped in Stockholm, WI on our way along the river and spotted this quaint little cafe and had to stop in for some lunch! Most of these small towns have your class Bar & Grill, so I was glad to see something a bit fresher! We sat on their patio, which is draped with Weeping Willows (my fave!) and it was so relaxing. Service was a little slow, but it seemed like it was a one woman show, so I understood. The menu is tiny- its just posted on a board outside. Maybe 6 options, including breakfast. I settled on a wrap with a cup of soup. All the ingredients were super fresh and VERY beautifully arranged. Prices were a bit higher than I expected- I think my wrap and side was $13. Across the way they also have a small bakery, so next time I plan to pop in there!
The good years for this cafe are long gone, the deck is getting very weathered and is starting to show some rot, in other words way past its prime, the vegetation (flowers) are in need of some "TLC" and maybe some fresh planting. The service was subpar and waitress was clueless as to the menu, the plates were to come with a soup of choice and a side, when asked what the sides were she said what ever they want to put on the plate,'I guess they don't understand the concept of choices for what one is going to eat, most people want to choose their side dishes. Now for the price, apparently they don't like to price each dish so all breakfasts are $12.75 and lunches are 13.75, there terrible looking dry nachos are the same price as a mediocre ham sandwich and nothing was worth the money, a better and cheaper meal could be bought from a gas station, if your taste buds are numb and you have a pocketful of money go ahead, but never again for me.

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