Kickapoo Corners Family Restaurant & Gifts

607 S US Hwy 61
Readstown, 54652
This place was good. My hamburger was decent. Fries were good. Good price. But if only there weren't flies flying all over the place...
I don't know what happened that there are poor reviews. This place has fresh, awesome food. I like that it's not a chain and is locally-owned. We always have a great meal and wonderful service. We have taken out-of-town guests there several times and they've always enjoyed it too. I've also taken groups there for meetings as the back room works well for a working lunch. I highly recommend it. :)
I call B.S. on the calling B.S.! This place is horrible! They charge way to much for portions that would be more at home out of a vending machine! I orderd the Wisconsin Steak Melt, and it comes with your choice of fries or coleslaw. My girlfriend ordered the Salmon Wrap and it came with nothing but good luck! The coleslaw came out first and not with my food, so that means it came out of a big jug that came from some distributor somewhere. Even KFC slaw is fresher and better tasting than this stuff. The Steak sandwich was more like the end of a steak sandwhich. Some dry meat and cheese on a roll. Folks in Philly would just laugh at it and throw it back! It tasted ok and that was a surprise. My girls wrap was the size of half a bean and cheese burrito and tasted rather bland. So, feeling like I had barely ate, I ordered the fries so we could snack on them. They came out looking so burnt that a friend of ours at the table asked if we had ordered sweet potato fries! And they where very shiny from all the oil they cooked them in! I tasted one and it tasted like old burnt oil! When I brought them to the attention of our waitress, she promptly told me that they where a new fry they had just started serving. Really? Burnt fries are new to you? When I told her that they where burnt and not just different, she got a bit stiff about it and insisted they where supposed to be like that. So, one of our friends told her if that was true, she should eat one herself, only then did she take them back. Our friends ordered Chef Salads that where mostly iceberg lettuce and very little of anything else. Our total came out to almost $25 bucks for that! So do yourself a favor if you are in that neck of the woods, and it is the woods, to just go down toViroqua to the Viking Inn and have a nice meal at a reasonable price! And to the person calling B.S., you should really drive out of town more often!

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American (Traditional), Seafood, Italian

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Kickapoo Inn

827 W Kickapoo St
Readstown, 54652
Great Wisconsin value! You can eat like a king and not break the bank and it's quality food! Definitely order the battered cheese curds and the Friday night fish fry is also solid. No beers on draft which is annoying. It's pure WI atmosphere and style, so if you're not use to that you might be a bit shocked and let's face it you're probably in the wrong valley! Go Kickapoo!
We were there over an hour to get our food. Several tables that arrived after us got their food before us. The fried cheese curds were huge and the breading had slid off which turned them into enormous chunks of melted cheese. I just want to reiterate, these were HUGE chunks of cheese with little breading. My olive hamburger was covered with a ton of canned chopped black and green olives. I like olives but it never occurred to me the olives would be right out of a can and have no additional preparation.
So, they are very proud of the fact that their food is "home made," but that doesn't mean it's great. Had a fish fry lunch and the batter was great, but the au gratin potatoes were BLAND!. They made their blue cheese salad dressing and that was good, with big chunks of cheese, but on the watery side. Tartar sauce has virtually no pickle relish; just mayo, I think. Apple pie crust was underdone and lacked flavor; some salt in the dough and a higher temp oven would have helped. The pie filling looked like canned stuff. As usual, the food in Southwest Wisconsin is awful, except for the Viroqua Food Coop.

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