Firehouse Subs

5900 Kingstowne Towne Center,Ste 120
Kingstowne, 22315
Firehouse is our new Go To Sub place. They do not assemble as fast as other sub joints, however they are hot and fresh. The Steak and Cheese, Spicy Meatball, Italian and the Beef Biscuit are all great. Combos run around $10 and include drink and chips.
I came here one day after a doctors appointment with my bestie and immediately fell in love. My girl got the turkey bacon ranch on wheat and I got the light Italian on wheat. We sat inside and ate. They give you a number and call your name when your food is ready. What can I say about my sandwich? The bread was fresh and soft. The meat was perfectly sliced and proportioned. Even though the sandwich was under 500 calories, it was full of flavor and left me wanting more. My friends' sandwich looked delicious and she said it was. I will definitely come back here again!
I am a Hoagie Master. I certified Sub-murai. I can tell you how a hoagie, a submarine, a zep, a grinder and a hero sandwich differ. Even if you are a huge Harry Potter fan and you call it a baguette, I can tell you why. Now more importantly, I can tell you where to go to get a really good Cheesesteak. Do not call it a steak and cheese near me or I'll probably throw you on the grill and smother you with fried onions.....with. *sigh* Now with that being said, Firehouse Subs in Kingstowne makes a decent sub. "Decent, well why the 4 stars Mr. Aaron?", you say. Well, I can comparing them to the rest of the Firehouse Subs on Planet Earth. They are also being compared to Jimmy Johns and Jerry's Subs and Pizza. If you have Sub or sandwich in your name, you are being held to my standards and will go head to head with Firehouse Subs. "What are your standards Mr. Aaron?" Glad you asked. I go by three criteria. Taste, Texture, Time. I call it the Three T's. Or TT's for short. Now I want you to grasp the TT's concept. Grasp them firmly. If the sandwich has great taste, and texture...but it took to much's not a good sandwich. If there I get it quick, and it tastes good, yet falls apart...then it's not a good sandwich. If it holds its structural integrity, didn't take long to get and tastes bad...then it's not a good sandwich and you probably got it from a vending machine. Sandwich is from the latin words Sandus, which means I am in a hurry, and Vicimus meaning throw it between some bread. Firehouse knew this. I was greeted with "Salve mi amici, est tu esurio?" I knew then that we were on the same page. I was hungry and they were my friends now. The sandwich was dine in, and it arrived promptly. It held together.....and it tasted great. The TT's were being devoured and I wanted a nap. "Wow Aaron. That is very informative and entertaining. You are quite good looking too" Thank you and yes....I am. Thanks Firehouse subs. You are Pompei to other sub places who are sub par. *pun intended* or as we say in the hood "intentionale iocus"

(703) 822-9400

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Red Hot & Blue

6482 Landsdowne Centre
Kingstowne, 22315
Giving it three stars - food is okay for a chain restaurant and is consistent with other Red Hot and Blues. Ordered pulled pork, potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans for takeout. Service was fast - however - checkout lady was a little bit confused about my specific order. No worries... We figured it out... Pork was well flavored and reasonably moist. Baked beans were very good with a slightly sweet flavor. Potato salad and coleslaw both very good. Recommend coming here if you are in the neighborhood and need a barbecue fix. If you are a barbecue connoisseur there are better choices in the Washington metropolitan area.
I came here for lunch one day with 4 other folks. They have good affordable lunch specials. I ordered the dry ribs with coleslaw and baked beans. The coleslaw was pretty blah and the baked beans tasted like every other baked beans dish I've ever had but I enjoyed the ribs! I got a lot of them for the lunch special and I enjoyed trying all the sauces on them. I would go back, it's just not the best BBQ I've ever had.
I should have known better. Why would someone who doesn't eat pork, go to a place that mainly serves pork bbq. I was excited though because they had pulled chicken (which I really like). I ordered a Hurricane drink but was told they didn't have oj. Weird but ok. I ordered a Bahama Mama. Guess what? Still no oj so they couldn't make it. I got grumpy and asked for water. Next I was planning for cheese fries but was swayed by the waiter to try their new burnt ends. It was the end pieces of the brisket. What I was expecting and what I got was not the same thing. I didn't care for them. My meal arrived and honestly it was just ehh. Not too flavorful unless you drowned everything in sauce. I don't know if that is typical of bbq places or not. The wait staff were nice but I don't think I will be returning again.

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