Thai Phooket II

915 Rivergate Pkwy
Goodletsville, 37115
Score one for Yelp again... 2000 total miles on our trip and this was one of the 2 gems we found. Off the road to this stand alone place and it was full for lunch... a variety of people too. The food here has serious flavor... my only complaint was that hot pepper is not added during cooking, but after. Food was fresh and tasty... reasonable prices and didn't take super long for a lunch crowd. don't let the outside food ya, it's better inside. I had the Tom Kha and Chicken Laab while he had some Pad Thai and house soup. We both left satisfied and thought it was a great find!
Consistency. That's what I like about this place. Have been coming here for a few months now, and the food has the same consistency. My wife and I really enjoy the Summer Rolls. It's one of our favorite. But there is no way you can beat the lunch combo! Price and amount is perfect. Only make sure you order ahead, the lunch hour rush can be intense. However worth the wait. I have tried most of the menu substituting for tofu.
Interior is... uniquely decorated lol. But good prices and good food.

(615) 420-6357


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