Geraldi’s Italian Eating Place Menu

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Diabetics at Whataburger

Diabetics need to be a bit cautious while dining at Whataburger. Almost every burger is rich in sodium content and it is highly recommended to keep your burger cravings in control while dining at Whataburger. However, you can always satisfy your cravings for a burger by choosing Whataburger Jr. or other non-burger items from the menu.

Foods to Avoid at Whataburger for Diabetics:

A diabetic should resist from ordering any extra meat-based burger such as Double Meat Whataburger or Triple Meat Whataburger to limit the sodium intake and calories. Most burgers except the Whataburger Jr. are high in sodium and hence should be avoided.

If you are a diabetic, you should also avoid Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich and Whataburger Patty Melt at Whataburger. Chicken Fajita Taco is also off-limits for diabetics. You must also avoid Breakfast Platter and Pancake Platter from the menu. Pancakes and Cinnamon Roll from the breakfast menu are also off-limits for diabetics.

Food Suggestions for Diabetics at Whataburger

Double Meat Whataburger Jr.®

Nutritional Facts: 420 calories, 20g (Tans. Fat 1g & Sat. Fat 6g), 700mg sodium, 37g carbs, 6g sugar, 2g fiber, 23g Protein

Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit

Nutritional Facts: 350 calories, 22g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 12g), 730mg sodium, 31g carbs, 0g sugar, 2g fiber, 8g Protein

Biscuit with Bacon

Nutritional Facts: 360 calories, 22g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 10g), 790mg sodium, 32g carbs, 2g sugar, 1g fiber, 8g Protein

Hash Brown Sticks

Nutritional Facts: 190 calories, 11g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 2g), 500mg sodium, 21g carbs, 0g sugar, 2g fiber, 2g Protein

Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken

Nutritional Facts: 290 calories, 12g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 7g), 770mg sodium, 12g carbs, 4g sugar, 6g fiber, 34g Protein

Taquito with Sausage, No Cheese

Nutritional Facts: 380 calories, 23g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 8g), 480mg sodium, 28g carbs, 1g sugar, 1g fiber, 16g Protein

Apple Slices

Nutritional Facts: 30 calories, 0g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 0g), 0mg sodium, 7g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 0g Protein

High Blood Pressure at Whataburger

High sodium intake can be lethal for people suffering from high blood pressure. If you're someone with high blood pressure and dining at Whataburger, then you got to be careful. Most burgers and sandwiches at Whataburger contain high sodium which can spike your blood pressure levels.

Foods to Avoid at Whataburger for High Blood Pressure

Skip the Double Meat Whataburger and Triple Meat Whataburger at the restaurant if you don't intend to shoot your blood pressure levels. Avoid all types of Bacon and Cheeseburgers at Whataburger as these items are high in sodium. You must avoid Chicken Fajita Taco at Whataburger as it is too high in sodium as well. Skip the Pancakes Platter and Pancakes from the breakfast menu to control your sodium intake. Cinnamon Roll and Grilled Cheese are also the best to avoid at Whataburger for its high sodium content.

Food Suggestions for High Blood Pressure at Whataburger

Whataburger Jr.®

Nutritional Facts: 310 calories, 11g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 4g), 580mg sodium, 37g carbs, 6g sugar, 2g fiber, 14g Protein

Biscuit Sandwich

Nutritional Facts: 400 calories, 24g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 10g), 680mg sodium, 32g carbs, 2g sugar, 1g fiber, 12g Protein

Hash Brown Sticks

Nutritional Facts: 190 calories, 11g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 2g), 500mg sodium, 21g carbs, 0g sugar, 2g fiber, 2g Protein

French Fries

Nutritional Facts: 420 calories, 21g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 3g), 260mg sodium, 52g carbs, 1g sugar, 4g fiber, 5g Protein

Hot Lemon Pie

Nutritional Facts: 320 calories, 16g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 5g), 230mg sodium, 41g carbs, 12g sugar, 3g fiber, 4g Protein

Apple Slices

Nutritional Facts: 30 calories, 0g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 0g), 0mg sodium, 7g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 0g Protein

Sorry, We are updating this restaurant blood pressure menu details.

High Cholesterol at Whataburger

Calorie intake is the main concern for people with high cholesterol while dining at a fast-food restaurant like Whataburger. Well, you can always try the Lighter & Smaller options from the menu to cut down your fat intake. Opting for grilled sandwich or burgers are preferred compared to double meat or triple meat cheesy burgers which contain high cholesterol.

Foods to Avoid at Whataburger for High Cholesterol

Cut down on your meat intake to control your high cholesterol. You must skip Double Meat Whataburger and Triple Meat Whataburger at all costs. You should also avoid Avocado Bacon Burger and Monterey Melt as both these burgers contain a high amount of fat. Sweat & Spicy Bacon Burger will add extra 1080 calories in your diet so skip that as well. Whatacatch Dinner may sound tempting but the famous fish sandwich is also full of calories and unhealthy fat. Lastly, avoid French Fries and Onion Rings at Whataburger if you are already ordering a burger or any other heavy meal.

Food Suggestions to Maintain Cholesterol Level at Whataburger

Whatachick'n® Sandwich

Nutritional Facts: 600 calories, 26g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 10g), 890mg sodium, 57g carbs, 11g sugar, 4g fiber, 33g Protein

Breakfast On A Bun®

Nutritional Facts: 350 calories, 15g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 6g), 910mg sodium, 34g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 18g Protein

Egg Sandwich

Nutritional Facts: 310 calories, 12g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 5g), 740mg sodium, 34g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 15g Protein


Nutritional Facts: 300 calories, 11g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 3g), 570mg sodium, 34g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 14g Protein

Hot Apple Pie

Nutritional Facts: 270 calories, 14g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 5g), 260mg sodium, 34g carbs, 7g sugar, 2g fiber, 33g Protein

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Nutritional Facts: 230 calories, 11g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 6g), 180mg sodium, 31g carbs, 18g sugar, 1g fiber, 2g Protein

Double Meat Whataburger Jr.®

Nutritional Facts: 420 calories, 20g (Tans. Fat 1g & Sat. Fat 6g), 700mg sodium, 37g carbs, 6g sugar, 2g fiber, 23g Protein

Apple Slices

Nutritional Facts: 30 calories, 0g (Tans. Fat 0g & Sat. Fat 0g), 0mg sodium, 7g carbs, 5g sugar, 1g fiber, 0g Protein

Sorry, We are updating this restaurant cholesterol menu details.

  • Marisa K.

    First time here and not disappointed at all. I had the spicy Geraldi and my boyfriend had the meatball hero, we were both left very full and happy with not only the sandwiches but also the friendly and helpful staff. Also the sandwiches are pretty huge, a half was perfect for me and a full for him. Definitely plan on coming back!

  • Tom M.

    After being told how great there food is behind the counter. I received what I had hoped would be a reach back home to New York. Unfortunately i got a frozen chicken patty on some great bread with some OK sauce and cheese on it. To bad to cause I told me kid how good this word because it smelled like the shops back east.

  • t d.

    Haven't been here for a while and I am kicking myself when I think about all of the mediocre sandwiches I ate instead. Damn this place is good!

  • Rob C.

    I love this sandwich shop. Great food , great service. The spicy is my go to with the roast beef as my back up. The bread is always FRESH as are the rest of the makings. Vary filling go hungry. The hot sandwiches Are really good to , the torpedo is SO good.

  • Claudio M.

    The rating here is going off the pizza. I can't speak to the sandwiches or pastas. But the pizza is very mediocre. It tastes like a fancy frozen pizza. I hate to be that harsh but the crust had nothing special about it and the sauce tasted like it came straight out of a can. Sorry.

  • Sarnz E.

    The green salad was awful! I would be embarrassed to have that salad on the menu. Shredded iceberg, a few tiny SLIVERS of tomato and topped with mozzarella...That's it! The veggie pizza was boring and lacked flavor. I will skip this place next time I'm hankerin for pizza. :/

  • Dichael M.

    Good stuff but they never ever have any dough so you can't ever order a pizza. Kinda weird. Won't be going back again.

  • Frank J.

    I've been eating here for decades. Used to go to the one at the old Cedar Hills Mall until they moved. John is from New York City so he knows what good Italian is supposed to taste like. I like the mild sub.... very tasty and very filling. The meatballs are killer! Never had their pizza so I can't comment on them. A little on the pricey side but worth it to me in terms of taste and a generous sized sub.

  • Chris J.

    Simple Place. Excellent Food & Service. A must when in the Portland area. I had the half of spicy. The full would have been to much!

  • Jeff M.

    Old school restaurant! Order at the counter and enjoy at a table or take out. We ordered the spicy Italian and were rewarded with a large flavorful trip to flavor town. Lots of quality meats and shredded lettuce on an Italian sub roll. Bread has a great chew but easy to eat. This is a great find. The pizza looks fantastic but we were there for the subs.

  • Michael W.

    Modest little Hero shop. But ginormous taste!! I had the Chicago with Italian Sausage. Perfect melt. Great bread. Well done. My daughter had the spicy cold, and was a lovely bunch of cold cuts!

  • Ellie M.

    I'm Italian and my family is from the East Coast so I've spent years looking for great Italian places here in Portland with not much luck. This place is no exception. The chicken parm sandwich I had was disgusting. The sauce was bland and the "cutlet" was a previously frozen chicken patty. The cheese was good and I did love the bread it was on. My boyfriend ordered the sausage and peppers sandwich, his was actually pretty good. The cold subs looked great and to be fair I will be back to try one.

  • Stephanie H.

    Hello Meatball Sub Heaven! I have tried various items pizzas, spaghetti, lasagna and various subs and there all amazing and made with so much love! Yet the meatball sub isn't any joke its amazing and it will change your life and worth every bite! Service is great and it is a family owned business. Hands down best subs I have ever tasted made with love and care and tastes the same each time. My husband was blown away by the chicken parmesan. Thank you for always blessing my tastebuds and showing the Blazer Games!

  • Sara D.

    This is by far our favorite sandwich place!! They also have amazing pizza and bread! This is a great family run restaurant that makes you feel like part of the family. We live out of town now but find ourselves making the drive for Giraldis! Don't miss out on this great lunch/dinner spot!

  • Joe M.

    This is the best meatball sub on the west side of Portland. The meatballs are 1.5" in diameter. Now here is where this place gets it right, and so many imitators get it wrong. They still pack them into the bread. You still get like 6 of them. And they melt the cheese and toast the bread just so the edges of the Italian loaf have a nice browned crust to them. This meatball sub has been the bright spot in many of a dark day.

  • Saba A.

    Great solid Italian food and an amazing staff. You get very personalized service and fresh food. Their sandwiches are very good as is their salads. They customize anything to your desire. This place is higher quality than your average sandwich shop but cost is reasonable.

  • Bryon L.

    Messed up my first pizza (didn't say how) but compensated me $5 for the extra wait. Okay, im not in any rush. Waited and watched some basketball on the big screen. Overall nice interior. Standard Pizza place feel. Wood tables, singles and group seating. Finally got my pizza after about 15min and took it home (ordered to go). VERY DISAPPOINTED. The pizza was undercooked and still "raw" in the center. Dough was chewy, and the centers were separating when pulling the slices out. Crust was good on the edges and it has potential. Ill Gove it one more chance. Glisan & 60th is too far. I was comparing to UFO Pizza on Glisan - makes own sauce & dough.

  • Jonathan M.

    I love this place! Its got a great feel to it, and the food is excellent. So far I've had the meatball sub, and the pesto veggie sub. Both were outstanding! I think their best feature is the bread. Its crispy and flaky on the outside, while soft and fluffy on the inside. Its makes for an awesome sandwich. You must try it!

  • Matthew S.

    I used to come here years ago before I moved out of the state. I've recently moved back and had to come. This place is a cornerstone of the beaverton community. The food is amazing, I haven't had anything I don't like. It's been family owned for sooooo long, which is amazing, it's still owned by the same family and the quality is as excellent as I remembered from over 8 years ago. I'll be back again and again.

  • Paula M.

    I have loved Geraldi's since I went to school in Portland 13 years ago, now that I live in Salem Or. I go every time I'm in the Portland area even though I have to have a root canal on Monday I will still be picking up my chicken prom. sandwich full size for as soon as I can eat. you guys are the number one sandwich place to me. Thank you Paula mcneely.

  • Bryttney H.

    Crave this on a rainy day. Very much a comfort food to me. I recommend ordering to go, very small. My favorite is chicken parmeroni.

  • Jerry O.

    This is definitely one of my favorite establishments in the Portland area, and I usually frequent it a couple times a week. I've been coming here for about two years, and have never been disappointed. I usually order sandwiches, because every time, I'm just as blown away as the first time I tried one. I switch off between the Torpedo and NY Meatball Hero the most (I like hot sandwiches, and the bread is always cooked flawlessly), but sometimes also get the Spicy Geraldi or Pesto Veggie when I want a cold one. They are all amazing, as are the potato salad and garden salad (with Italian dressing). Without any doubt, I can say Geraldi's makes the best sandwiches I've ever had! Anyone who eats food hear can quickly figure out these guys use high quality ingredients (the meatballs and the beef in the Torpedo are tender and packed with deliciousness), and take pride in that as well as the cleanliness of the restaurant, and good, friendly treatment of their customers. It is a family-owned business, so it's no wonder they are able to maintain such high standards. I don't usually write reviews because I'm sort of lazy, but it would be a disservice to not write one for these guys. Come in and try them out, or you'll miss out on a true gem!

  • Marty S.

    Awesome, awesome awesome!! I knew this place was the real deal as soon as I walked in. If you've ever been inside a great sandwich shop, you know what I mean. No nonsense and the place smelled amazing. I ordered a half chicken parm and half Italian beef w/ sausage. These are two hard to find sandwiches around here although they are everywhere on the east coast. They DID NOT disappoint!! Terrific bread, juicy, tasty. Just a great all round sandwich! Good job!!! BTW... I didn't try it but the spaghetti actually looked like spaghetti should look. Rich, red, zesty and delicious looking meatballs. The pizza looked awesome too. I'll be back to try em all, these guys know what they are doing.

  • Shea H.

    The service was pretty good...and that's where it ends, my friends. Extremely basic-tasting foods Bland marinara sauce Horrible...just horrible salad Overcooked, limp lasagna noodles Okay italian bread but it was sopping with some sort of fake, yellow crud (I'm pretty sure it was not butter). In other news, there are plenty of places to sit within the restaurant. And there are about 5-7 parking spots in front of the establishment. They prefer cash but will accept cc's.

  • Rebecca C.

    The 3 stars is for the meatball sub. I'd give the pizza 2 stars, probably comparable to Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. The sub is great, definitely a solid choice. The pizza had no flavor, the sauce could not stand up to the cheese, which was very disappointing. I was hoping for something better. I've tried it twice now, and for the money (it's $20 for a pie) definitely not worth it.

  • Taylor H.

    I love geraldis ! I have come here for so long now and leave happy every time. They have so many options to chose from for it being a small little deli. Great sandwiches and pasta salad, and everything is super fresh. They just remodeled as well so the deli got a nice little face lift. I love this place. Definitely a must stop and try spot for lunch or dinner.

  • Dean R.

    The Chicago Beef sandwich Rocks! I was only in town for one night and was staying at the Shilo Inn next door. The Yelp reviews previously posted intrigued me enough that I thought it was worth a try as I really didn't feel like getting back in the car to get a bite to eat after driving all day. Having lived in Chicago, I questioned mentally whether they could pull off a true Chicago Beef sandwich. The staff assured me that they mastered it. I was game. They did! No lie. Thin slices of beef that were flavored perfectly. The toasted bun, peppers, and au jus brought back all the right memories of the sandwich I devoured regularly in Chicago. If I'm back in town, I will definitely return to try other sandwiches that they recommended along with the beef, though it may be hard to turn down this killer Chicago Beef sandwich again. My only disappointment was that they don't sell beer. That would have put the meal over the top.

  • Trent M.

    I love this place for the Italian subs. Second visit and it was just as good as the last time! Might have to try the pizza next time.

  • John O.

    My search for the best meatball sandwich has hit a new high. Over 50 years ago, I had a great one at a long since closed establishment. Since then, my declining memory has magnified its greatness. I have compared all meatball sandwiches since to that memory. None has been able to come close - until now. Geraldi's is perfection. The meatballs are tasty and tender. The marinara is wonderful. The bread is toasted to a just-right crispness. There is just the right amount of cheese. It could not be better. Thank you Giraldi, for this experience before I died.

  • Chris T.

    I would give this place 3 stars actually, but I think it's because of the bias that I obtained by getting my hopes too high. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but after having lived in NYC, SF and Portland, my standard for sandwiches is very high, and after reading some of the other reviews, I expected marvelous things from this sandwich shop. I had the Chicago Beef and to honest, I've had better. They should probably get some giardiniera if they want to do it properly. I saw a turkey sandwich being made and it looked it pretty great. After I got my sandwich, I regretted not ordering the turkey instead. However, it did not look impressive enough to go driving all the way to Beaverton for. If this place is near you, I recommend it. I don't recommend doing what I did and driving out there from Portland.

  • Russ R.

    Chicken parmigiana sandwich- a good test for an Italian restaurant. My expectation is a chicken breast sandwich with good bread, sauce and cheese. I received - with much hype from cashier- a conglomeration of chicken parts sandwich with sauce and cheese. Terrible. Ridiculously high reviews are curious.

  • Cassandra C.

    Italian sandwiches and Pizza. We came just to try the sandwiches. Yelp loves Geraldi's and they have the yelp stickers on their restaurant windows to prove it. A very casual feel and laid back employees building sandwiches behind the small counter. We tried the Spicy Geraldi and the Chicken Parmesan Hero. The bread is a thick chewy french bread. It worked beautifully with the sandwiches. The Spicy Geraldi was put together well with some really tasty ham. I would rather pick up this sub then settle for Jimmy Johns. The Chicken Parmesan was delicious! The chicken was piping hot and loaded with flavor. It was saucy with seasoned marinara and loaded with creamy mozzarella. I could really taste the herbs and spices. The bread was slightly toasted. The whole sandwich came together so well, I will be sure to order it in the future whenever I pass through Beaverton. It is worth trying Geraldi's if you are craving NY style Italian Deli sandwiches. I highly doubt you will regret it.

  • David F.

    Yes yes yes, so much yes. Geraldi's has the finest cold cut in the Portland area (in my opinion of course, but I'm pretty sure I'm right). I nearly always go with the Spicy Geraldi (add jalapeños & pepperoncinis!). That said I have also enjoyed the Chicago Beef Hero, and New York Meatball Hero. The ingredients always taste very fresh -- for example, the tomatoes crunch as opposed to dissolving. The bread is divine, the outside being flaky and the inside very soft. Big helpings of cured meats are sure to leave you filled, and delighted. The gents working there are class acts, and super friendly regardless of how hot it is, or how crowded they are. The restaurant is comfortable, and clean. The *only* thing that would make Geraldi's better is if they imported giardiniera from Chicago. That said, I basically think every restaurant should, haha. I'm pretty much always in a perpetual state of "I'll be going back soon," with them!

  • Brian I.

    I seem to recall a Geraldi's in NW Portland somewhere... at some point? This is drawing from a memory at a former employer over a decade ago, so I might be wrong. HOWEVER, I do recall them raving about Geraldi's, yet I never tried it. A few weeks ago, I was thumbing through Yelp looking for a (fast) hot sandwich option that was not your standard Subway/Quizno's fare. Recently a friend had returned from Hood River and I was overwhelmingly jealous that they'd made a trip to New York City sub shop (seriously, check them out if you're in Hood River, Bend, Redmond or... Jackson Hole, WY). My Yelp searching led me to Geraldi's. I've driven by Geraldi's hundreds of times, noticed it once or twice and thought... "that's quaint", but never actually patronized the joint. Well, I stopped by a few weeks ago. It's at the intersection of Walker and Canyon roads. Parking is minimal, so be warned. The shop was small-ish, clean and like other reviews indicate the guys are helpful and friendly. I got a whole chicken parm sandwich, to go. Impression of the sandwich: very good, but a few things kept it from being perfect. There was plenty of mozzarella cheese, which is ordinarily freaking fantastic, but IMO, there was just a little too much. It was gooey and oozing out the sides with each bite, and kinda dominated the whole experience. The chicken, while quite good, would have benefited from being crispier (more crispy?). I feel pretty certain that this had something to do with my 20 minute drive home, and I bet it's better consumed on site. Lastly, the marinara was fairly plain. Otherwise - dang good sandwich, at an entirely reasonable price. I've got multiple other sandwiches earmarked to try, including the chicago beef hero, new york meatball hero and the (cold) spicy Geraldi. Can't wait!

  • Bryon C.

    This is the best sandwich place in Portland. I've lived in LA and NYC and this is the only place in town that can rival places in those mega cities. The owner is very friendly, as well as the employees. I recommend the mild Geraldi or the meatball sub as it seems to be the only place in Portland that knows how to make a proper meatball sub.

  • Jered L.

    Hands down the best Italian food in the metro area. The guys who work here are a ten. They're friendly and make every dish with an amazing amount of detail and care. The sandwiches are the best I have ever had. From the meatball to the spicy geraldi (hot), all of the sandwiches on the menu are outstanding. There is a reason people come to this age old establishment quality food and quality people. It makes me laugh that of all of the reviews for this Washington county Mecca, there are only two people who have an issue with this place. Clearly they are taste bud deficient. Listen to the masses. Geraldi's is hands down the best Italian / sandwich restaurant in the area.

  • Shauna M.

    Always consistently delicious!!! NY Meatball and Pesto Veggie are amazing on the toasted sub rolls! Friendly and fast customer service, love this place!

  • Lydia T.

    I haven't been here in awhile but craving a pesto veggie sandwich today. This is my all time favorite sandwich place. They are the friendliest staff and although I haven't been here in awhile they recognized me and knew exactly what sandwich I wanted to order! If you haven't been here it's an absolutely great find - so addicting.

  • Brittany D.

    LOVE just about every thing on the menu! You really can't go wrong! The dough is fresh made as well as the lasagna and meat balls! Quality food for a reasonable price. One of my favorite spots for a quick lunch or grabbing a pizza for dinner!

  • Jamie A.

    This place rocks! Best meatball sub I've had in P-town. Reminded me of back home on the east coast. Go try it... Amazing!

  • Heidi P.

    I've been ordering Geraldi's pizza for a few years now and have always been impressed. Always hot and fresh, tasty ingredients, handmade pies. We usually order take out because we live close and it's hot and ready when they say. Their Italian sausage is really good, The Vegetarian pizza has peperocinis and it gives a little kick of spice. I'll be back!

  • Ian G.

    Great subs, and pretty tasty pizza too! This place has been here forever and seems to get better every time I go! Their sandwiches are to die for. You definitely won't regret it either. Reasonably priced too!

  • Evan C.

    Best pizza in Beaverton? I have no doubts. Best sandwiches in Beaverton? This is a closer battle, but they are open later than Beaverton Sub Station, so they've certainly got my business for dinner. This place is a classic for me, and I've recently rediscovered my love for it. If you haven't tried it, go try it. If you've been in before, I shouldn't need to tell you, but it's still damn tasty.

  • Rei L.

    This place is hands down the best sandwich and Italian place in all of Portland and surrounding areas! I've been going there for years and have never been let down. I like just the (not so) plain turkey sub but I also know that the meatball sub is top knotch! The owner is awesome and so is everyone who works there. All made to order. I highly recommend it!

  • Regina C.

    This is my go to sub place in Beaverton. Freshly sliced Italian meats, toasted subs made to order, fresh mozzarella- this place can't be beat on on taste. It's not fast food fast but there isn't much of a wait even when the place is full. The guys behind the counter are always friendly and kind. This place is not fancy- it's about the food. I love supporting a local place that serves pretty authentic NY style subs and pizza. I always leave with a smile on my face and a full stomach. Five stars for: -quality of food, taste, consistency -price point and portion sizes -menu variety; hot and cold, meat and veggie subs -customer service and speed -cleanliness and space to dine in

  • Melvin T.

    My niece loves Italian food and she wanted our family to all enjoy a meal together (as is our family tradition of kiddie birthdays). Together, we are a party of 11. To feed a party of 11 at any Italian restaurant would require a small fortune. I scoured yelp. I was on a mission to find a $ Italian joint with decent reviews. I found Geraldi's. The 11 of us were glad we did. They have huge sandwiches at a great price; not designer hoagies or "authentic" buzzword meats, but just some hearty, big friggin' sandwiches. These huge sandwiches run $7 for a 9" large. A 6" is available for $6, but you might as well upsize for a dollar more. I had a Chicago beef sandwich with Italian sausage. It was served a generous portion of sliced beef, melty cheese, and an italian sausage link. This was comfort food between bread. My wife and I split this monster and still couldn't finish it. The pasta plates are only $8 or less. Nothing earth shattering here. It was generic tomato sauce (Something you'd pay $12 for at Macaroni grill). My young niece loved it, since all kids love lasagna. It is a good value plate. Maybe, normally, I would give this place 3 stars, but the service gives it the extra star. We rolled in 11 deep. The employee let us join tables together. This is normally quick food, counter service: first order in, first order out. However, the guy working treated us like a sit-down restaurant. He came to our table took all of our orders. He and the other cook, then tried to time all our food (as best they could) so all our food came at the table at the same time. A very nice touch. Thanks to the guys at Geraldi's on 1/23/12, for making my niece's birthday dinner a great and memorable occasion. I think we've found her go-to-restaurant for her birthday dinners. Great value and great service.

  • Jane R.

    Driving by, this place just looks like it would have delicious Italian subs, and it didn't disappoint today for lunch. The NY meatball hero is fabulous - lots of tender meatballs stuffed into a fresh Italian hoagie roll and just enough cheese. A touch more sauce might have made it even better. Everything is cooked to order and comes out piping hot. I definitely want to go back and try the Italian hoagie, pizza and lasagna. But it will be hard to pass up another meatball sub.

  • Rhonda S.

    The best part was definitely the service. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive and the food came out fast. I had butternut squash ravioli and my daughter had spaghetti; they were both good. The garlic bread was great! They had an Italian grenache which was good and reasonably priced.

  • Lindsay B.

    I enjoyed a Meatball sandwich from Geraldi's for the second time today. This is The Best Meatball sub I have ever had. Geraldi's sits in an unassuming spot on Canyon nestled among strip clubs and car dealerships. I lived less than a mile from here for years and always wondered, but never went in...until I learned from a coworker that her teenage kids beg to eat here at least weekly. I had to try it! I am not really a meatball sub fan like some others are, but I crave this meatball sub! The bread is crispy to perfection, dusted with authentic italian seasonings and holds up nicely to the giant homemade meatballs and oozing mozzarella and tomato sauce. Did I mention it's only $6! That's for the 6" size, I think you'd have to be a big burly man to eat a 9", but that's only a dollar why not. The parking is little tight here, especially at lunch time, but I got in and out with no hassle.

  • Lisa S.

    Delicious authentic Italian sandwiches and yummy pizza too! See my pizza photo: half "Barile" , half pepperoni / pineapple. Order the "Barile". You'll thank me later.

  • Adam And Eve K.

    Thank you Yelpers! This place has amazing Sammy's! Had the meatball and the Italian sausage. Both were amazing! Especially the sausage. Moist, juicy, cheesy tasty goodness!!!!! Decent prices, large sandwiches. Perfect lunch!!!!!

  • Troy D.

    Love this place!!! Sandwiches are so good, the bread is the best. This is a must try if your in the area. We will even travel for it to go for lunch. I have also ordered a pizza and it didn't disappoint either. Very good establishment ran by good folks.

  • Kirsten H.

    Haven't had their pizza but they are by far the best sub sandwiches I've ever had! My go to is the spicy Italian but I know that the meatball and the chicken parmesan sandwiches are also very very good. This restaurant is a little out of the way for me but whenever I'm in the area I definitely stop for a sandwich. Very friendly service.

  • Pavan S.

    Amazing service for a small place. I was craving a meatball sub and received an Italian sausage sandwich. While trying to clear it up, I realized that indeed I said sausage out loud while ordering. I offered to eat what I ordered but they insisted on giving me the meatball. That's above and beyond! And yes. The meatball hit the spot. The mozzarella actually stole the show though.

  • Pamela M.

    One of my favorite take-out dinner spots. One of you yelp reviewers got me hooked on the Barile Pizza. Which is a spaghetti pizza. I know, I know! Sounds ridiculous. It's a must try and have again and again. I always get the Spicy Geraldi it is good as it is, have them add a few banana peppers on there for a bit of zing. Love it! And my husband is hooked on the Chicken Geraldi. We have honestly never had a bad meal or bad dinning experience here.

  • Mike M.

    Wow! Delicious food!! Everything on the menu sounded good to me, but Joe recommended the NY Meatball Hero, so I ordered it to go. I just now bit into it and it's so good I wish I had bought two of them. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go back soon! The interior of the restaurant is well taken care of and could easily be arranged for groups. Everything was clean and the overall feel of the place is very inviting. Add in the friendly staff (it's a family business) and you've got a winning combination. I'm looking forward to future visits.

  • Paige V.

    Had the dankest Italian sausage sandwich (the Italian Sausage Hero) there yesterday. My husband got the turkey pesto, which was also great. We noticed right away that it actually tasted fresh. Honestly, we weren't expecting a whole lot, but were crunched for time and needed something quick and near home. First time there, and I'm sure we'll be back. My only complaint was that my sandwich needed some crunch---soft sausage, soft onions and peppers, soft bread---but the flavor was there! Really excellent.

  • Jennifer H.

    Unassuming location but the food was pretty good. They were friendly and quick which is always a plus!

  • Emily B.

    Wow! My mom & I turned in here to do a u turn and decided to stop ! This place is delicious! Omg! The Italian sausage is amazing ! Very tender , and I could taste the anise in it ! Lasagna was so good and garlic bread! Fast service ! And great selection of drinks ! Big yummy cookies too!

  • Sherry M.

    Decided to go here because of the reviews and it was walking distance from our hotel. Probably would have given them 4 stars except they over charged us and got our order wrong. We wanted the combo except without onions and mushrooms. So I told the guy we wanted to build our own because it was cheaper that way. The guy didn't understand this and had trouble comprehending what we wanted-and made it seem like this was my fault. Then he charged us for the combo price. Pizza was similar to papa johns quality. Ok but I won't be back. I don't need to give my business to someone who will treat me rudely, over charge me, get my order wrong, and give me pizza that I could have got elsewhere for half the price (large combo was $26).

  • Katy B.

    Everything is amazing. I've only gone through a handful of their sammiches... All to DIE for. And omg, GET A PIZZA!!! With Canadian bacon (which is basically freshly sliced ham-- which they slice there!!!!), pineapple and BAMB jalapeños on that shizz to spice it up!! OMG AMAZEBALLS!!

  • Samantha P.

    My favorite casual Italian food spot in the Portland metro area. Huge fan of the Spicy and the Pesto - veggie subs.

  • Kevin W.

    Great subs, great pizza, great service. I get custom subs on the regular. Don't be afraid to order off the menu, just ask. Family owned.

  • B And J N.

    Outstanding service and wonderful food! The portions are huge, and the sandwiches have so much flavor. The staff is very personable and it's so comfortable being in there. I wish I could give 6 stars ;)

  • Al M.

    Their marinara sauce is sweet. Very sweet. 'Makes a meatball sub taste sweet' sweet. Not good. The food is really high-quality for the type of place that it is, but I can't get over the sweet sub!

  • Yaer D.

    I've had several dishes here.. I live down the street so I find myself wanting it more and more as I drive by it daily. If I had 2 stomachs I would eat there twice as much, or if I could store food in my mouth like a chipmunk I would do that, but not nuts, sandwiches. They have reaaaally good pizza too, and little calzones. They have made me some custom toasted ham n cheese sandwiches too, that was the best! So I do recommend the place, staff is great too!

  • John M.

    Visiting from out of town and would always rather support a local place than a chain. Had the "Spicy Geraldi", although not very spicy at all it was still fresh and plentiful. For just a dollar more go for the whole, it's worth it. Got a drink, chips and a sandwich for under $10 and left with a full stomach. They need to work on their customer service a tad, not very helpfull.

  • Beth M.

    Tried the Geraldi's Torpedo and was shocked to find the beef and au jus had no flavor whatsoever! Luckily I had added jalapenos...that along with the extremely thin slices of pepperoni were the only bits of flavor that I had. Bread was great, but otherwise not enticing for a stop in the future.

  • Chris R.

    Checked this place out after reading about the meatball sub. I'm glad I did. The guy at the register was really helpful, and told me about how everything is made from scratch in house. He also told me about how when he makes his meatball subs, he cuts the meatballs up, so it's easier to eat, and so it's evenly spread throughout. After he realized my excitement in that idea he offered to make it that way for me. The sub was huge for 9 inches. Because the Subway footlongs are so popular, you get an idea in your head about how big a footlong sub is, but you forget about the width. This is a big sub , and it's about the same price as Quiznos. The sauce was tangier than I'm used to, which was a fun change of pace. The meatballs were tasty, and the slicing so they were evenly distributed worked well. The cheese and bread were wonderful--especially the cheese. Holy Lord is that cheese tasty. Reasons I'll be returning: Amount of food Price Taste Service I might try a different sub next time, or maybe a pizza. From the photos, they all look so good. UPDATE: I've since been back twice, and it gets even better with each trip. I tried the Italian sausage sub, which might even be better than the meatball, which seems crazy, but it might be true. Also, the pizza is fantastic. I got half pepperoni half sausage so I could try both. Unsurprisingly, they're both delicious. Best pizza I've had in the area!

  • C K.

    I love this place! I've come here over a span of several years now, and the sandwiches here are always solid choices for lunch. I've never had their pasta, but it's definitely on my "hit list". I came during lunch one day and there were a few people waiting in line, but these guys are pros with speed of service as long as YOU know to keep your orders simple or pre-planned. It's just really good food here.

  • Liz G.

    This review is long overdue as my check-in here was several months ago. Anyway, let's start this off with me informing you that I do not like sandwiches. Just not my thing. That said, the sandwich I had here was delicious. I found Geraldi's using Yelp (thank you, everyone) looking for a place to grab a bite to eat when I was outside of my usual familiar areas. I was starving and didn't mind that the food options were a bit outside of what I might usually order - I went for it and I'm so glad I did. Now I only wish I had one closer to home so that I could visit more often. In addition to amazing sandwiches, the staff were quite friendly and helpful when asked what they recommended trying. If I'm in this area again, I'll surely be back.

  • Heather D.

    This place delivers a solid italian hoagie. I loved it! The bread was perfect and reminded me of every summer picnic I ever attended as a kid growing up in New Jersey. Hoagies were a way of life. Fundraisers were hoagie sales and life was good. Life is good with one of Geraldi's hoagies, too. Grab one for the road and picnic wherever you please. They are filling, but that won't keep you from wanting another one later...

  • Jonah H.

    Great simple but tasty sandwich. Got the 'Spicy Geraldi' and it hit the spot. Soft hoagie, crunchy lettuce, zesty onions, smoky and spicy meats, and some fancy sauce.

  • Esteban C.

    I've been here a handful of times and never ordered the same sandwich. Each one was fantastic. This is a cozy local shop with really friendly service and fantastic sandwiches. I try to stop by whenever I can.

  • Peter T.

    When the sign on the door says "25 years in business" (and hopefully it isn't left over from the last guy), well, that's a pretty good sign. I've been in here before, had an Italian beef 'hero' (they called it "Chicago beef") which was pretty good, as I recall. I didn't ask them then, or today, if they made the roast in-house or purchased it. It's not Vienna's product, which I usually prefer. Odd tho, when I was here before, I didn't notice that they served pizza, and probably the reason was last time I was focused on getting a sandwich, or the fact it's not on their printed menus, and/or, there is a very small sign offering it, and/or, everybody local already knows this. Or some combination of the above. Somebody has said "you should try Geraldi's pizza," so I thought I would spend a leisurely afternoon alone there, munching a pie, reading the paper, at least that was my intent, but my intent was stabbed in the back by a domestic crisis of minuscule proportions. So I told them to box up the pie for consumption in BurgerDogBoy's testing lab, er, man cave, so he could eat, pout, smoke, and do the Sunday crossword simulaneously. Multi-tasking, as it were. I noticed they had a standard two deck gas oven against the back wall (but didn't notice if it was Blodgett or Baker's Pride, so I knew what I was approximately in for in the finished product. I ordered sausage, pepperoni, and double cheese, very hard to find a pie place that offers green olives around here, one of my favorite toppings, especially the marinated green Silicians from Roma, the pizza suppliers. (or whomever distributes the standard in this category). I didn't watch assembly, so I have no idea if they roll the crusts on the spot, or what the other ingredients shape up like, tho I have a few clues from popping the cherry on the take home box. The sausage was bulk, hand-pulled in chunks, which I always prefer. It has a little kick to it. The pepperoni slices are larger than, say Hormel's product of pizza, and it has a distinctive pepperoni flavor. No cupping or charring, either, so it's a lean product. Real cheese produces the "stretch" when you lift a slice from the box, and also assures the toppings stay in place during the "lift." The sauce was a bit sweeter than my personal preference, but not enough to put me off the pie. It also could have been cooked a little longer, for my taste, but that was not a distraction either. The crust is neither thin nor thick, has some crisp and char on the edges, but the balance of it is doughy-chewy. If I lived closer, this would be a regular stop for me, especially if I could persuade them to stock the olives. On's scale of 1-8 slices, I give Geraldi's a solid 7. And that says a lot, coming from me!

  • Rob Y.

    I've been eating at Giraldi's for twenty years. I've never had a bad sandwich or piece of pizza. The staff is friendly even during the lunch rush. The bread is superb and the sandwiches are a great value. Highly recommended.

  • Carly S.

    If you're looking for the best food in a family run restaurant, this is the place. The food is excellent and fresh, nice cozy atmosphere and Joe is wonderful ! Highly recommend.

  • Andy S.

    When I miss N.Y. I come here. The sausage hero is awesome. Excellent warm N.Y. Service.

  • Kimmie S.

    This review is for their pizza not their sandwiches. Today was the first time eating here. My initial impression is this is a small local place with a friendly atmosphere. The employees were very courteous and friendly. The pizza menu seemed simple and straight forward. When we got the pizza home I was a little disappointed, although the pizza looked beautiful the flavor fell a little short for the price. The pizza was just ok.

  • Eloise H.

    Spicy Geraldi and the (not on the menu) Antipasto salad...pure perfection! Have been a fan of Geraldi's for (can't believe I am dating myself here) 20+ years. I have no idea if ownership has ever changed in that time frame, the food has consistently been excellent! Years ago worked at the Birkenstock store on Bvtn-Hillsdale and someone actually came in and dropped off one of their menu's, we decided to try it and Geraldi's quickly made its way to the top of our lunch venues. Fast forward 20 years, life happens, not in the immediate area anymore so we aren't able to hit up Geraldi's like we did years we plan and anticipate our Spicy Geraldi, it is a destination of choice not convenience by the entire family! Joe is amazing and, get this, called and asked about a 4' long and how much pre-order time they needed and Joe said he could have it ready ASAP!

  • Lauretta H.

    Kerstin and Melinda have been so stuck on the sub's, we forgot to try the pizza! We finally shook off the Chicken Geraldi Sub fog (yes, it's that good) to order a sausage, green pepper and black olive pizza. We moaned and groaned through a large pie. It was heaven. Total New York style, taste, texture, the whole bit. Their sauce is perfect, both for pizza and their pasta. Fresh tomato flavor without any bitter after taste. The cheese on the pizza is no cheapo brand. Thick, nutty, buttery. The sausage is sliced and has a delicious, homemade flavor. I love the family history of Geraldi's (nostalgia geek) and grandson Joseph knows how to throw down some true New York Italian food. BONUS: great flat screens mounted in dining area to watch the game while you get down.

  • James S.

    Not bad at all, just very generic. Not Italian in any way. No sopressatta. No capicola. No prosciutto. No specialty Italian cheeses. Just basic ingredients like you'd find at any other shop. Although I was thrown off by the name, the sandwich tasted good. Not nearly as good as Beaverton Sub Station, but good.

  • Reney O.

    Every now and again I want a manwich. No, I don't mean the brand-name sloppy joe sauce, I mean I want a manly sandwich: loads of juicy, thick, meat and a variety of other stuff in between two slices of bread, dripping with deliciously fatty sauce. Hell yeah, that IS Geraldi's! The ultimate manwich to get here has got to be their Meatball Hero! The meatballs are gargantuan and just exploding with Italian seasoning, not to mention that marinara sauce that just gushes out with every bite hahaha. Sloppy sloppy me, but seriously with all that meat and sauce, eating great sandwiches like that 'prim and proper' is just a sin. I tried to be a liiiittle daintier and eat their chicken sandwich once, hahahaha. It was still deliciously man-sized. When I make a list of places that I'd go to to satisfy my dead-animal cravings, Geraldi's is at the top of my list. Service-wise, these guys are great. Home-boies that are more than happy to help you figure out what you should eat (cause i always have a hard time deciding). No complaints there. And I like the simple seating, you need a lot of elbow room to eat these bad boys. Oh and they're well supplied with napkins! Quite a perk for me.

  • Jenn W.

    Their lasagna is to DIE for! Good atmosphere, cheap and friendly. I love their food.

  • Tim L.

    I got the footlong NY meatball sub. The sandwich was tasty, but just a plain. Fair prices and good service. I recommend it.

  • Courtney D.

    Best spicy Italian sub in town OK, no more spicy Italian sandwiches from Subway! Wow, they have this sandwich called the "Spicy Geraldi" and boy does it rock! It's got a great mix of meats and cheeses piled up with the usual fixings, plus dripping with a kicking Italian dressing, which totally makes it. You can tell the sub itself is very fresh, but unlike Subway, it has some true grit flavor to it. People say it's like an authentic New York Sub -- not sure what that means because never had one, but I can tell you that's it simply tastes awesome. If you love Italian and meatball subs, definitely check out this place. Tip: This is a family-run restaurant, which means quality with a lot of pride. It shows! They also serve great pizza, but try the subs first.

  • Dave K.

    Every neighborhood needs a place like this. I hope you have one like this. Do you know of a place that recedes into the backgroung of urban boulevard chaos? A little worn around the edges? Nondescript? Been there forever? DEPENDABLE? INEXPENSIVE? GOOD? Well, you are lucky. And I am lucky because I have Geraldi's. Yes, it's over by the strip-joint and across from the glaring lights of a car dealer. A place like this has to be somewhere. So next time you get to the end of Walker Road, do not turn onto Canyon. Go straight ahead, park it and fill your tummy with some comforting neighborhood food. Do you foodies have to have the renowned meatball sand at "Garden State" (which, mind you, has received NATIONAL recognition)? I think it is better at Geraldi's! Why? Better bread. An overabundance of thick marinara redolent with basil, mozarella that strings six-inches from your mouth and meatballs that could be from New York. AND IT IS PRICED RIGHT! Chicken Parmesan Hero is OMG delicious. The cutlet is fried crispy, but not tough and that same marinara and mozarella dance with decadence on your palate. How 'bout a cold sub, mild or spicy? Ummmm. It's that bread that does it. Chewy and crusty and perfectly sized for my big hands. No pretentious little placards announcing how the bread is handmade by "artisans" and sourced with "local organic ingredients". I get tired of reading that snobby shit. Just give me good bread and make a good sandwich and don't charge me an arm and a leg and I will come back! The spaghetti and lasagna are what you would expect from a ma and pa joint in little Italy. Nothing fancy. It just tastes exactly how you want it to taste. The pizza here is solid and priced well-under $20. I don't need it with chanterelles gathered in the rainforest of the coast range nor truffle oil nor arugula. Just give me a pepperoni pie and call it a night. Trends come and go with the wind. But when you have a place that has been there for decades and is always consistent and is always there to comfort you and does not rape your wallet -- well, what do you do? You sit down and eat, damnit!

  • Layla P.

    I've been eating at the various Geraldis locations for the last 15 (..?) years and have found them to be consistent and good for a cheap lunch and big sandwich. Try the Pesto Veggie - hot or cold it is awesome if you like pesto and artichokes. I have a few buddies who are die hard New Yorkers and they swear by the meatball sub - sure it's not new york, but it's damn good.

  • Johnny G.

    A sign over the front details the offerings inside: The Italian Lunch Place. Upon closer inspection, the sign is aged and weathered. Suffering through countless Northwest winters, battered and faded from the years. Not one single rain drop aged the sign, not one degree of temperature warped it; it was the accumulation, the unrelenting deluge till one day if that sign could get up, rub its eyes, and look in the mirror, it might not recognize itself. The faces behind the counter tell a similar story. The long faced sandwich cutter, who glances at the younger bustier cashier, and can't help catch the glint of her left ring finger. Which seems to make her face grow longer as she turns to cut another sandwich, her own barren fingers forced into view. The young man filling another soda. He returns them to the counter, and stares listlessly out the front windows at the traffic bustling along the street. The owner is taking another order. Forcing a smile. Jotting the order in cryptic single letters even though the monotony has carved a wordless language onto his face. The long faced woman knows the order before he even hands it to her. The walls are adorned with cheap art prints of old European city streets. Probably purchased from some starving artist expo at the local Ramada Inn. Sitting under them are a man and a woman. Sales associates from the Chrysler dealership up the road. They discuss last nights television sitcoms, that new asshole manager Todd, and their mutual spouses. Least of all their spouses. Two delivery men are at the counter ordering; trying hard not to stare at the cashier's cleavage. Three young engineers are sitting waiting for their sandwiches. Glancing at the clock every few minutes. The long faced woman calls their order and they retrieve them, one of them always sure to take a count of meatballs in the sub. The woman looks at him, her long face saying, "fuck you, all six are there, just like last week."

  • JG H.

    I came from St. Louis where there are great little joints like this all over town. Here in PDX you've got this place and another over near Hippo Hardware that sells Italian Beef. If it weren't for Geraldi's I would probably get homesick much more often. They have great tasting cold and hot sandwiches on real Italian bread, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I can't say enough about the bread, other sandwich places just can't cut it. They also have good utility pizza, as Anthony Bourdain calls it. The kind you pick up on the go around NYC. The Lasagna is also pretty darn good. Everything is good, simple and cheap.

  • Crystal S.

    I know that when (and often it is) I walk in here that i will be welcomed with good looking friendly faces. I have been coming to Geraldi's for now 4 years... Never to be disappointed. I either order the FABULOUS spaghetti and garlic bread or my favorite... Turkey and Salami TOASTED of course with a readily available side of Chalula :). The ratio of meat and ingredients to bread is what does it for me(although the bread is always amazing and soft). I am a particular eater and i know that when i come to Geraldi's that i WILL NOT leave unsatisfied. Oh and if you have a craving for pizza then you have another thing coming....HUGE and packed with mouth watering toppings is what you will get... 10 stars for me Thank you.

  • Camilo F.

    Awesome restaurant! GREAT food. Closest thing to a hole in the wall, comfort, Italian food, establishment, this side of the Mississippi! Good service, awesome selection! I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants a good ole Italian hoagie, slice of Pizza or heck, some hot, yummy lasagna. Def. coming back soon.

  • Rebecca R.

    Simple Italian food. There is nothing fancy about this place. The food is good and portions are big so the value is there. If we are in the area, we will definitely go back.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes


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Geraldi’s Italian Eating Place

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