The Greasy Spoon Cafe

Hwy 101
Langlois, 97450
I've driven by the Greasy Spoon Cafe for years, but never when it was open. Today I got lucky; the open sign was hanging in the window. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and it was better than I expected. (Hmm, I'm not even sure what I was expecting.) A warm, soft bun with a thin but large enough patty topped with two slices of cheese, fresh onion, tomato, and crispy lettuce. After the couple at the next table raved about their milkshake I wished I would have ordered one, but I'll be driving past here soon enough to try one, and maybe some pie too. I give it 5 stars, but don't confuse the rating with some yuppie San Francisco burger bistro. The name of the place says it all. And for $6.50 including a soft drink what do you want? The best part is the sign on the menu board that reads, "This isn't Burger King. You don't get it your way. You take it my way or you don't get the son of a bitch." Ha! Inexpensive food and a priceless sign. A winning combo for this greasy spoon.
My boyfriend and I were road tripping down the Oregon coast and happened upon this gem, unpolished as it were. We felt like we literally walked into this woman's kitchen and asked for breakfast. The food was awesome, and the banter from a group of locals didn't hurt either. It's a humble, no frills backwoods kinda place. If ambiance doesn't matter much to you and you're passing through, you must stop here. Also, they DO take credit cards!
We stumbled upon the greasy spoon while driving one day and decided we need to eat. The place is small and at first we got a feeling that they weren't very friendly. However, that changed quickly. The server was attentive and friendly, and she was the only one. The cook didn't have brown gravy ready and didn't really want to make it, but made it anyway for my husband. She made sure that we enjoyed our food, many times. He got the chicken fried steak and I had the biscuits and gravy. Everything was great and portions were just right.

(541) 348-2514

Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

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