Pisgah Fish Camp

140 New Hendersonville Hwy
Transylvania, 28768
Went with a few friends who live in Brevard. I was not really a fan. I ordered the fried Flounder and wasn't thrilled with the taste, the tartar sauce was too warm for my taste and my wife got the shrimp which she didn't like too much, and we must have gotten the bad waitress because she kept forgetting things we ordered. And the price wasn't that great either. I wouldn't go again.
When my Dad said he wanted to go to the 'Fish Camp" for lunch....I thought...."I've been to Brevard before....what is a Fish Camp"? Well I found out. It's a cool little hole in the wall type place just outside Brevard. This review is for Friday, Oct 2nd, 2009 So we went in, myself, my Dad, and my step-Mom. I looked at the inside and thought "Oh no! It's the Chelsea Soldiers Home cafeteria!" That would be the Chelsea Soldiers Home in Chelsea, MA. Where my Dad worked for over 40 years. Anyways, I had expected "the worst"....cause occasionally my Dad isn't shopping for "taste" on his restaurant picks. What a surprise for me! Had the Grilled Scallops, which came with green beans and hush puppies, and added a salad from their small, but very fresh and good salad bar. The scallops were good. Not Legal Sea Food good, but they were done to a golden brown on each side and the green beans, nice. The salad also helped out. I was good with the choice. It's not Legal Sea Food....but the prices aren't with Legal either. We may have spent $14 ea. I'd definitely go back to see if they can do it again.
Great food, decent prices, so-so service. I have visited this location twice. On both visits I was happy with the food, price, and atmosphere. The service was lacking though.

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