Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge

25039 Tame Fish Lake Rd
Deerwood, 56444
A wonderful family owned and operated resort on beautiful Bay Lake. We enjoy the bar over looking the lake quite frequently, but there is so much more. Ruttgers has a great spa and decent shopping. The kids love summertime Bingo. Our favorite event of the year is Octoberfest... A must!
As good as it gets. Wonderful accommodations, terrific service, golf, fishing, tennis, swimming. Family owned and operated for over 100 years. Love this place!!
They don't build 'em like this anymore. We were nearby for a corporate team building event and stayed the evening at Ruttgers resort. I love on the East Coast and it is tough to get as far away from it all as you are when you are at Ruttgers while still having a full service resort. First of all, our villa was amazing. It boasted a beautiful patio with a lake view, a full sized kitchen that you could cook a feast in, a full sized living room with comfortable furniture and a flat screen tv mounted above the fireplace. The bathroom was modern with a whirlpool tub and walk-in shower. The drawback (and the reason for four stars) was that it only had 1 bedroom with 2 twin beds. The bedroom was unusually small when compared to the size of the rest of the villa. On top of that, the bed may have been the most uncomfortable bed I have slept on in 20 years. It reminded me of the comfort level I felt on the cots I slept on when I went to summer camp as a teenagers. A shaky frame, soft mattress, and only 1 super soft, flimsy pillow. Bring extra if you stay here. Our meals were served in a large lodge with even more views of the lake. The servers were eager teenagers just starting out their summer season and reminded me of how I imagine family owned resorts were back in the 50's and 60's - maybe like on Dirty Dancing, but hopefully without all the other drama they showed in the movie. The food was not great, but it was certainly edible and the setting and service made up for it. For breakfast, they offer a buffet. In the evening, we had a campfire in one of the large fire rings they offer right near the lake. The ring had plenty of seating, wood and the s'mores we cooked were delicious. However, the most amazing thing for this city slicker was just how black the night time sky was. Where I live, the sky never gets beyond a dark gray, but here, sitting on the edge of the lake, the sky was pitch black and I saw stars I have never seen before. Ahhhhh, how wonderful - go for this alone. The staff was laid back and we had plenty of freedom to gather on the patios and bring drinks down to the fire pit. Although we barely saw anyone else in the resort, everyone we did see was friendly and nice. There are lots of old pictures hanging around the resort, which are fun to explore. Five generations of the Ruttgers family have operated this resort since 1898, which is pretty cool when you think about it. While we did not get to explore a lot of the other activities available, like the golf course, I really liked what I did see. If you are looking for a place to get away from the city, but still be really comfortable, check out Ruttgers Bay resort - you will be happy you did.

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Lonesome Pine Restaurant and Bar

13726 Katrine Dr
Deerwood, 56444
My kids love the Chicken Wild Rice soup. Wife and I usually go for Crab Legs, Prime Rib or Pizza. Bonus---they hand muddle the Brandy Old Fashioned!
Great northern Minnesota supper club! Excellent food - great service. I guess you can get to it by boat, but it's not right on the lake. If you are in the Bay Lake area this place is a must!
They are a step up from your typical Lake area bar and tavern! Good mix of beers on tap, and it is hilarious when someone "blows the keg" and gets their tee shirt stating that fact. The owner is super friendly and mingles with the guests. Had the rachel sandwich and it was very good. 5 HD TVs in the bar area so good place to catch a game.

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Deerstand Sports Bar & Grill

24188 Mohs St
Deerwood, 56444
With two reviews already, one five and one two star, I guess I'm the tie breaker, haha. Here's my take. There are limited options in the area, and it is a resort area and they can get busy and they don't staff up or down much because it's a pretty small place and they are going to do their best. So expect to wait if it's busy and meal time. On the bright side, plenty of parking, friendly servers, great food, strong drinks. So take your time and enjoy! Shawn's tip - surprisingly diverse selection of brews on tap!
Good service and good food. I had the French Dip, and the kids tried the shrimp basket and fish & chips.
Flavorless food and absent service. They only allow you one trip to the salad bar, and nothing is labeled, bad for food sensitivities. I have a severe shellfish allergy and a dairy sensitivity (can eat a little). I ordered linguine with garlic sauce, onions and peppers. What I got was CREAM sauce with a garlic clove run through it, with a few tiny overcooked peppers and onions. After 15 minutes of no wait staff coming near us, she eventually came for our plates. Mine was mostly full (I maybe choked down a third). I explained that the sauce was a problem, that I wasn't expecting a cream sauce, but a garlic sauce. She didn't get that it was the dairy and not the garlic that was the issue. She made no attempt to rectify the situation, charging us full price for our meal. DH's French dip was decent with good fries.

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