The Rocket Gifts, Candy & Novelties

23147 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48084
What a pleasant surprise! We stopped in on a whim and we were amazed by the incredible variety of products The Rocket has to offer. There are household items, novelty gifts, toys, jewelry, clothes, candy...literally something for everyone. The woman behind the counter was also very friendly and helpful. This will absolutely become our go-to-place for birthdays and holidays. We walked out with a Dr. Seuss book, an authentic Japanese cake eraser and an air powered bow and arrow toy. I am now regretting not purchasing one of the several Michigan T-shirts that I fell in love with. For some reason, retail stores seem to struggle in Ferndale. I sure hope this is not the case for this outstanding new store.
Face it, some days you just need a little funk in your life. And for days like that, the Rocket's got you covered. We've all been there. Driving that repetitious drive down Woodward, staring of into space, jamming out to some Taylor Swift. Seeing store front after store front of the same, typical chain shops and restaurants just gets so boring. But then you see it. Like a mirage in the dessert, you see the bright colors popping out of the window and the aura of excitement that call out to you, then you make it into the Rocket. The Rocket ain't your everyday same ol' same ol' kinda of shop. Oh, no. Where else can you buy a funky unicorn head to wear to your best friend's dinner party at the same time as 5 pounds of different sour patch kids to get you through the snowy drive? I've stopped in a few times and the staff is really top notch. You get a mix of friendly faces and help when you need it, but not that awful overbearingness that too often comes in gift shops. The Rocket's the type of place that you can swing into a million times and always find something new and cool to look at or pick up. From tshirts, to candy to kids gifts and just some plain weird stuff, they've got you covered. Take it from me. break up the monotony of your Woodward driving and swing into the Rocket for some good laughs and some cool stuff. Oh and get some chocolate-covered swedish fish for me, you won't regret it. Seriously.
I went in for the "Make Your Own Easter Basket" promo, my kid loved her pickle flavored chapstick and stained glass coloring book! It's definitely going to be my one stop shop for every birthday favor, stocking stuffer, and Easter basket from now on. And they have some super fun stuff for the adults too, like Duff Energy Drinks and Nostalgia candy, organized by decade. They gift wrapped my basket beautifully and the layout is great too! Do not go here if you're in a hurry though, there is a LOT of stuff to look at.

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Schramm’s Mead

327 W 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, 48220
Let me just say that Debbie is so sweet and so knowledgable about their products. She can tell you all about their process, where they source their ingredients, and more. We went in for a tasting and their meads are a few of the best I've tasted. I'm no wine expert or mead expert, but the word full bodied comes to mind when I taste their mead. From the moment it hits your tongue to even after you've put your cup down. It was a great taste and a lovely lovely after taste that keeps me smacking my mouth. Keep in mind meads are usually sweet in nature and similar to a dessert wine. So if that is what you like, this place is right up your alley. They also have a small selection of food to eat while enjoying your mead. My husband was in love with their pretzel pulled pork slider. The texture of the pretzel bun was perfect and the sauce that came with it was just a great balance of flavor. They also have board game night here every first Wednesday of the month so if you wanted an excuse to come here (not that you really need one) come then.
Nice location with a great outdoor seating area. Came in with a large group to try mead for the first time. We all shared 2 flights and 1 mixed drink. The mead is super super sweet. Tasty but super sweet. Would be great mixed in a drink or in beer not alone. Loved the ginger mead and raspberry both had great flavor. Service was also great super nice people.
Stopped in while hopping around town with my girlfriend just to check it out plus she likes mead. Was warmly greeted as we walked in and engaged quite friendly. The building seemed more like a Saunders ice cream parlor than a place that makes honey induced alcohol. But we took a seat at the bar and the menu was pretty intriguing. I ordered the ginger mead which had Detroit's own Vernors included and it was gulpable! I could have slammed it and ordered another as the ginger really eased the general honey sweetness of the mead. Overall it was a pleasant experience and would recommend to anyone looking for a change of pace and some good homegrown mead.

(248) 439-5000

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New York Bagel Baking Co

23316 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
THESE are bagels. Not Einstein Bros. Not Brueggers. My husband grew up on really good, authentic, New Jersey bagels, and these are the only ones he will consider eating. They are perfect: a nice, crusty exterior and a soft interior with lots of spongy goodness. The homemade cream cheese is good, too, although my husband says it's too whipped for his taste. I think that the texture is perfect to spread over warm bagels. Everything is relatively inexpensive, and the parking lot is certainly easy to manage. This is a great place!
I don't eat bagels much, maybe a couple of times a year, but I can't go anywhere but here. It's a staple from my childhood, and they are seriously the best bagels around. Do yourself a favor and get 2 (I recommend a salt and an egg bagel). Damn, now I want to go there.
Word on the street this is a bagel institution. Behind the large yellow awning awaits hot, fresh bagels of all the varieties you would find at an Einstein, with fresh squeezed orange juice from Westborn, cream cheese and other goodies ready to pick up and go. We stopped early Sunday morning for quick to go breakfast, on the way to the airport. I had lox, capers, tomato and lite cream cheese on an everything bagel. The SO had a breakfast sandwich (egg, ham and cheese). It all happened so fast that I can only remember that I want to go back. And next time I won't ask them to toast the bagel. I think the bagels are so fresh that they don't need extra crunch.

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Hilton Road Café

3150 Hilton Rd
Ferndale, 48220
We are looking to find a regular Sunday brunch place to go early in the am (7-8ish) to teach the kid how to eat and act in a restaurant, but with low stakes (i.e. not a lot of people, quick meal and food she would like). Today was not a good day to explore some closer to home options as the Dream Cruise shut everything down around us in Ferndale (Mae's, The Emory). Hilton Road Cafe was open, so here we went. Cute little hole in the wall, and like the other reviews, very very small. 2-3 booths, 3 or 4 little two person tables and maybe 4-6 chairs at a counter. Now there are 3 4 person tables outside, which really helps. Lot's of specials, which is great, and a pretty full breakfast menu, with all the fixins you could want. NO substitutions for anything however. We ordered a Greek omelette, pancakes, toast, scrambled eggs and hash browns. The omelette was great with fresh food, cooked perfectly, hard to go wrong with eggs and toast - the pancakes were really good, and hash browns cooked to perfection (we ask always for burnt hash browns because we don't like em mushy, if you say burn em, they usually bring em out perfect for us which is crunchy and dark brown on the outside, and not mushy on the inside). Good coffee - a kids menu that is also a coloring book and a bucket of crayons that kept our little one occupied. Food came out fast and hot. Like really fast. The only reason I gave 3 instead of 4 stars is because I think its a little pricey for what we had particularly and for breakfast in general.
Hilton rd cafe was the first restaurant I went to in Ferndale. Their sandwiches are amazing. Pretty small inside so not the best for larger groups but their carry out seemed to move quickly. Cant go wrong with anything off the menu.
Super fresh and delicious food. Great veg options.

(248) 548-0008


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The Fly Trap

22950 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
Cheap steak sandwich was soggy, falling apart and the meat was cut in chewy strips? Why? This was the third time I've ordered it because the first two times were so good! Never had it like that before! Fries were really limp with more oil than usual... Mac & cheese had no flavor and seemed like it sat under a heat lamp awhile because the sauce was broke! Only crisp item although also cold were the sides of bacon! Since my first visit in 2013 as a diner in the restaurant, food quality definitely has been inconsistent and slowly getting poorer in about 10 visits over the last year! I always get carry out between 1pm & 3pm, today closer to 3pm while it was dead with only 2 customers dining and if that's during shift change or the actual cooks have changed, it definitely shows because today I would ask for all of my money back $29 except tip because the food really sucked! I'll probably give them another chance as a dine in customer to redeem themselves, I don't know, maybe carry out is not the way to go.
The only reason I knew to check this place out is because of Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives. What the restaurant doesn't have to spend on overhead (a small restaurant), they spend on the food. I love the decor, it really fits the kind of food they serve, unique dishes you can't find in other places. I had the Oreo shake and the Cheapsteak sandwich. The Oreo shake was ginormous, much bigger than you standard soda fountain shops. The Cheapsteak sandwich exceeded my expectations and then some. You can tell the meat was fresh and of high quality, not to mention it sits on top of a mound of fries. I finished half the sandwich and half the fries, and surprisingly, the sandwich reheated quite well. One complaint about the restaurant, the hours. Since I live about 40 minutes away, the only time I have available to make that trip is during the weekends. I'm sure they're doing just fine financially if they can close at 5pm. But seriously, who does that?! They can make so much more money if they opened til at least 7 or 8, because that's a great place to go to before hitting the bars. Despite all that, Fly Trap is awesome.
I've always heard people talking about how amazing The Fly Trap is, but I've never had to chance to experience it until recently. Now I understand why I've heard about it so much. The food is just amazing. I never thought I could love a BLT so much until I tried the B.L.A.T (a BLT with avacado). Their menu is filled with fun quirky dishes, and the restaurant itself is very cool and unique in style. The employees are always friendly and have no problem making the customer feel welcomed and taken care of. One thing to note: if you have a group of more than 4 people, this is probably not the place to go. It is extremely small inside. Last time I ate inside, there was a group of 10 kids in front of us, and they had to wait for 3 tables to open up. That caused us to wait for about 30 minutes before being seated, and luckily we managed to squeeze in the door...the poor people behind us were stuck out in the cold. Now I prefer to do carry out, and the food is always ready within 10-15 minutes. Even their carry out packaging is amazing, and it keeps the food warm.

(248) 399-5150

Diners, Breakfast & Brunch

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Tony’s Sports Bar

23500 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
Great cheap beer and chill atmosphere where you can reflect upon or forget about the day. Great bar tenders. Awesome bar burger and chili. Plus they are increasing their micro brew inventory which is always a plus.
Great local bar. The food is bar food but tasty. They have pepper jack bites which are a favorite of mine. The prices are super low as well. They have beer specials where you can get a 22 oz of MI Craft beer for 5$. The burger was a good standard bar burger. Side and app portions are large enough to share with 2-4 people. They have lots of TVs for watching sports as well and the other guests are nice even if they are not rooting for your team.
This place is not near 9 mile with all the other bars. But I heard, on yelp of course, they had good burgers. So I decided to try it out. I was impressed, with the food. We ordered burgers. My friend added bacon. The burgers were well seasoned and the bacon was piled high. Enough for 2 burgers. I was shocked. We only one order of seasoned fries. It was plenty for 2 maybe 3 people. We came for happy hour so our burgers were only $4- 50 cents extra for bacon. The decor was a divey with a jukebox, old school video games. You could tell that the locals were there & they love it here. Bar staff was great & came back to check on us often. It's a great place to go and chill with friends. Drinks were a good price. I shall return!

(248) 545-2920

Sports Bars

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Anita’s Kitchen

22651 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
I love Ferndale but do not love Anita's. I went with my brother one afternoon and it was not very busy. I was surprised at how slow the service was! The food was bad, not very flavorful, and the pita was dry and rubbery. I wanted to love this place but it was just plain bad. Nice decor though, but with so few people in it, it looked stark and cold. I do not know why the service was so slow with no one else there. Perhaps they were on the patio and the waitress was new? A lot of people love it so this must have been an off day. I'll try it again and get back to you.
Everything you order here will be amazing, fresh and well prepared. If this is your first time here, I suggest getting a combo platter and sampling everything. Their lamb and kaftas are tender and excellently done. They have a great vegetarian platter as well :)
I love the food. There's so many ME food places in Detroit and Anita's in Troy was some of the best. The Ferndale location continues the tradition. Very fresh, perfectly seasoned, healthy meals. I have one gripe. The pita in the plastic bag. Come on! Give us fresh bread and skip the stupid bags. Fantastic lentil soup, perfect chicken shwarma, fresh hummous..... everything perfect but the waiter could have been attentive. Better waiter and fresh bread.....five stars!

(248) 548-0680

Middle Eastern

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Om Cafe

23136 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
If you are vegan than you will love this place. I have take Non vegans here as well who were surprised that they liked it so much. The food is fresh and always a good selection. Atmosphere is casual artisty with paintings on the walls from local artists. Love om cafe! Yay!
Ummm, it's ok. I support anything vegan or vegetarian oriented but I just find this place to be very typical. I don't crave it and yes I do love alcohol with my vegan food, sorry! I make very similar things on my own, so I don't see the point in paying these prices for this kind of food. I adore the concept but I do feel for this decade it needs a bit of reworking now that more health conscious people are on board.
First time here. Had a vegan black bean jalapeño soup. It was pretty spicy but good. Also tried smothered tempeh with mashed potatoes and lightly steamed kale. That was absolutely delicious. The garlic and dill gave it a very nice flavor. Chocolate coconut cake sounded too tempting to resist. Loved it. The service was superb. Definitely will be back

(248) 548-1941

Vegan, Vegetarian

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One-Eyed Betty’s

175 W Troy St
Ferndale, 48220
One Eyed Betty's should just go ahead and change their name to HEAVEN. I don't know how they managed to fit so much delicious stuff under one roof, but kudos to them on their accomplishment. Came here for the first time on 2/8/12 For my husbands birthday. Received pretty good service in spite of it being their first week and our party being rather large in size. Tried: Smoked oyster appetizer: A very unique way to do oysters. I must say, I like it. Beautifully presented on a bed of rock salt BLT: Thick cut bacon, awesome aioli, and a side of the onion rings the size of my head. Flanders' Roast Salad: I ordered this because I was trying to be healthy. I wasn't expecting much, but I was blown away by how much flavor was in this simple dish. The vegetables were so well seasoned and the goat cheese was a perfect complement. I especially liked how it got kind of "melty" from the warm vegetables. Mmmmm. I don't think I need to mention the beer here. The selection is plentiful and we knew it would be good. many of our favorites on tap and plenty of new ones to discover. I wanted to get one more visit under my belt before I wrote my review and I had the chance to give OEBs a second try yesterday. My husband and I went for brunch and once again, we were not disappointed. We each started with a Bloody Mary, which was, I swear, one of the best I've ever had. I was floored when I studied the bartender only to see that she was using nothing but Zing Zang mix and vodka, which is precisely what we use at home. I guess this is a testament to the saying that everything tastes better when someone else makes it. We were a little bummed that our drinks didn't come with the sidecar of beer that was mentioned on their FB page. We remedied this by each ordering a full pint of beer : ) I had the poor man's breakfast with poached eggs and it was outstanding. The perfect cure for a hangover. It was like no breakfast I'd ever had. Even the black beans, which can sometimes be blah, were really. really good. The portion was huge (I took half home) and the price was reasonable at $7. Husband had the Sweaty Betty and was equally pleased with his selection. We loved the laid back vibe of the place on Sunday morning, and the music they were playing made our brunch really enjoyable. We could not be happier about welcoming One Eyed Betty's to Ferndale. She fits in like she's been here forever. As long as they can maintain the high quality and good service we have experienced thus far (and the place isn't overrun by d-bags) we'll continue to come back again and again.
Would have given more stars as food was decent, menu and beer selection rocked, but, please for the love of god, TURN THE AMPS OFF WITH LIVE MUSIC!!! venue is WAY TOO LOUD!!!
Cool place and had a good burger!

(248) 808-6633

Bars, American (New)

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22828 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, 48220
Very unique resturant, in a good way. Spiciest jalopenos i've ever had.
This place is incredible! My cousin took me here randomly cuz she loves the hot dogs. I assumed it would be a restaurant that favorited only hotdogs but their menu happened to be a variety if great and simple food. I found their tacos to be heavenly. Small but delicate and very intricate w flavours. On top of that, it's all sooo very cheap and affordable. I was blown away! They also had a large variety of drinks. I ordered one of their special drinks and it was very strong -- BUT I would rather have a strong drink than one with very little liquor. The only negative thing I have to say is that the lights are very dim. I understand the mellow and chill vibe that they are trying to give, but I prefer being able to see my food! Other than that, LOVE this place!
The drinks here are amazing! They have no draft but if you love cocktails this is your place. They have a hot bloody mary that is to die for. The Food was amazing! and cheap. They have small tacos and bacon wrapped hot dogs. We got here late on a Wednesday night and there was about a 30 min wait. This place is worth the wait trust me. The service is a bit slow however might have just been that it was busy. The tacos are great I had chorizo and potato one which was great and a sweet potato one also great! The hot dogs are full of flavor. Cannot wait to go back.

(248) 850-8060

Bars, Mexican

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