Honey Creek Inn

8000 Cannonsburg Rd NE
Cannonsburg, 49317
Best Olive Burger I have had in GR - to date. Their burgers are fantastic in general - and great "chips". Some might scoff at the price of the burger (around $10) - but I'm telling you - its filling (1/3 pound) and has all the taste. Its simply worth it. Small bar / restaurant in a small town - but has a great vibe and extremely welcoming / warm business owner and staff. It is just a really fantastic place. Cannonsburg is just a cool little village and this is certainly worth a drive outside of GR to try - at least once. But for me - it is a place I routinely go back to. Highly recommend.
I visited this place many years ago, but couldn't recall too much about it. I just went again with my wife and a couple of friends. It was a lot busier than I remember - and much louder. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, and so hung out at the bar. My wife and I stood there waiting to be noticed by the bartender. When he did notice us and asked for our order, an older guy behind the bar came over and dismissively told him another couple had been there first (they snagged chairs before we did, but we had actually been at the bar waiting longer than them. We just didn't shove other folks out of the way to sit down as they had...) Other than the not-so-friendly old guy behind the bar, the service was decent. The beer selection was so-so. The real selling point of this place is the food. Even after the off-putting encounter at the bar, I have to admit the food was better than I expected. The house-made tater tots with artichoke dip were outstanding - not greasy like so many other places. We also got the "Pub Pickle", which was actually a pickle, accompanied by Swiss cheese and prosciutto and wrapped in a fried egg roll. Excellent! One of my friends got the pulled pork and another got the biscuits and gravy special - both were delicious (they had large portions and knowing my stomach is much like they black hole of Cygnus X-1, offered me a portion each.) I got the olive burger for myself and found it to to be very good as well. Bar: no where to wait if seats taken, meager selection Service: decent, except for the rude, old guy and the wait time for seating and food Food: really good. I'll try coming back at a less busy time to reassess the experience
Went here for the first time last Saturday night. I had the Coby steak and my wife had the London broil salad. Oh my god, what a great meal we had. My steak was one of the best tasting steaks I have ever had. My wife was just nuts about the London broil. We will definitely be back. I have got to try the bluegill basket.

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