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Visit below restaurant in Clinton for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Megan B.

    We found this place on a whim and love it! We've had take-out and dine in, and have never gone wrong. We absolutely love the stuffed mushrooms, and the wine recommendations have always been superb. Highly recommend if you're a pasta fan ;)

  • Colin W.

    Pan seared Salmon like no other. Greatest Italian food in the entire area hands down.

  • ED M.

    Ordered the calamari and the chicken florentine. The calamari was good but unfortunately the chicken was completely tasteless and the entire thing tasted like it came from the frozen aisle. I couldn't narrow down if the frozen taste came from the spinach, chicken or tasteless wine cream sauce. The service was great. Very helpful and friendly. I'm not sure how I feel about the decor. It was more of a romantic setting.

  • Jasmine T.

    Let me first say that I've only have Mama Stella's for carryout and it is truly the tastiest authentic Italian food I've ever had. EVER! I decided to try it out on a whim one day because I was really cravingy something tomato-y and savory. It was super easy to call in an order on my way home from work and arrive to pick up my steaming hot and fresh meal. They have the most amazing pasta! It is cooked to perfection...and that sauce! Their bolognese is delicious. Its the kind of sauce that makes you want to take a piece of bread and shamefully scrape the sides of the plate! I know this from I'm a huge fan of the Fettucine alla Bologna. Its a pasta dish pairing Alfredo and a tomato based, meat sauce. I love it so much that I hate to share. However if I had to, the portions are more than plentiful...I also got bread and a salad with my meal at no extra charge (that may just be for dinner though). My mother was a big fan of the Melenzane (egg plant) Parmigiana. She said it was excellent and she's a very harsh critic! Simply put two entrees, four slices of toasted Italian bread and two side salads cost me a little under $25.00. That's cheaper than most chain restaurants with their frozen and pre-packaged food! My family of four was able to have good sized portions from it! It is such a great value and is so satisfying that I can't wait to go back! Definitely good, home-cooking at a restaurant! P.S. Mama Stella's may look a little dated in terms of the color scheme and a few decorations but everything is soooooo clean! I love that!

  • Char S.

    Two words to describe this place--cute and cozy. My friend and I met here and the service was extrememly great. I ordered the lasagna, he had the chicken alfredo. My food was great. His food was a bit bland, too saucy, and it had none of the cilantor and other herbs you would expect in it. We sent it back, and the waiter was very open and understanding about it. He order the chicken parmesean and it was delicious. I would definitely come back here.

  • Ellis D.

    Mama Stellas is a real Italian Restaurant and it is cosy and friendly. They have specials made by the cook each and every day. It's like a big suprise. They will even make food to order if you have a taste for something special that is not on the menu. If you like Italian then this is your place Give it a try it has my highest recommendation

  • Thomas L.

    Just get the crab soup. Everything else is secondary. I can't remember the name of the entree I had but it was disappointing. There was breaded chicken in a white sauce with mushrooms and noodles similar to spaghetti and I had to add salt to make it edible. And I never add salt to anything. I would've been happier with a bigger bowl of crab soup, a salad and the bread that came with it. For real, just get the crab soup! And the soup was served hot as hell! Which isn't a problem, but I'm greedy and burned my tongue trying to eat it. CRAB SOUP!

  • Tamyka M.

    Ok, I haven't Yelped in a WHILE but I decided to sign in just so I can share my experience with this restaurant. We went last night, the kitchen closes at 9:30 on Sundays and we got there at about 8pm. It wasn't crowded at all and we were seated immediately. The host/ waiter/bartender Griff was welcoming and hilarious. The food was amazing, the house vinaigrette was to die for!! They had a range of specials and my partner had the blackened rockfish and I had the ravioli. The rockfish was AMAZING! Seriously I ate at least 1/4th of his dish in addition to mine. I want to go back just for that fish. The ravioli was PERFECT! I switched the white spinach cream sauce for a standard red marinara sauce because I don't like white sauces and it was soooo good. The ravioli were big and stuffed with this amazing cheese. They left the fresh parmesan at the table for us to put on our food. They make everything made to order so it was hot, fresh and delicious. We decided to get dessert and Griff shared with us some items that actually weren't on the menu. We both order the peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce and it was honestly the best dessert I have had in at least the past ten years. We took wages on how much the bill would be for the two of us-I thought in the $80s he thought the $60s. Between us we had two soft drinks, two salads, two huge entrees and two desserts and the bill was less than $55! We have paid more for less at other Italian chain restaurants. Honestly, there is NO WAY I am going back to ANY Italian food chain restaurant. The food there let me know I have seriously been getting crap other places. The cost was similar to the chain restaurants but the quality was 1000% better. We have already decided to return to the place.

  • Lawrence H.

    It wasn't terrible but it also wasn't memorable. I don't know if I'd call it authentic Italian but I've never been to Italy so I don't know. It isn't Olive Garden so I guess if that is your definition of authentic then yeah, you're right, it is "authentic". We might go back for the Monday dinner special but other than that we won't be dining here again.

  • M S.


  • Megs T.

    This little neighborhood Italian is cheesy! But in a delightful and nostalgic way! It's located in a strip mall and decked out in Christmas lights and had a very jovial, live accordion player as you walked in the door. Very old school-feeling like a kinda cluttered grandmas dining room? But still somehow charming and ambiance-filled! I ordered food off of a limited menu as I was dining with a wedding rehearsal party--so i can't speak to the scope of food offered here... But the three things I ate were actually, quite pleasing: 1.the bread and butter: simple and good 2.the house salad= AMAZING house dressing A+!!! 3. Chicken "Angelica" (I think)--chicken breast in a creamy white sauce with mushrooms=extremely tasty Cannot give 4th star because service was realllllly slow: 1 server for about 30 people which is ridiculous..Took like 25 minutes for everyone to receive iced tea or soda--and no bread or anything else on the table for at least 30 minutes... However the food was tasty enough that I will go back and give second shot on service end. Look forward to going back one night and checking out in depth.

  • Mary C.

    Food was real good and the prices were great. Big portions, good staff. Decor out dated, but it didn't effect the food.

  • Stephanie M.

    This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants, food tastes really authentic and everything is made to order. Dinner always arrives nice and hot and consistent. We love their house salad with their house dressing, made in house, has an awesome flavor! Love the cannelloni, lasagna, triple pasta, clams linguini, spaghetti with meat sauce and any of the veal dishes. Sometimes they have cream of crab soup it's the best I've ever had and I highly recommend it. Live music on some weekend nights too. Speed of service complaints from some other people seem odd to me it's always plenty fast for us. This little place is a solid go to restaurant, never been disappointed here.

  • Justin S.

    I grew up eating food provided by my Italian mother and grandmother. The meals I sampled at Mama Stella's Ristorante Italiano were as close to that home cooking as I've ever gotten anywhere outside a relatives dinning room. The restaurant is pretty hokey inside, in the words of my girlfriend, "It looks like an old person's restaurant." The chairs are comfy. The space is nice. The tables are far enough apart. Everything is very clean. It's all fine by me, I've never really cared for the trendy. The menu is inexpensive. The entrees cost what I'm happily willing to pay, and considering I can make most of this stuff myself, that's not very much. I had homemade pasta for about $10. The dishes are all clearly house-made and relatively simple. Tomatoes, cream, ricotta, a bit of veal here and there... man, I know I'm not being too thorough in my explanation, but thinking about the food is distracting me. I need to get back there again. Do you know how long it takes to make good homemade stuffed pastas? It's a pain in the butt. Anyway, for a quality home-cooked style Italian dinner, Mama Stella's Ristorante Italiano is a great stop. I'll be back for sure. It's worth the trip.

  • Jen B.

    Nothing spectacular to write could stay home and save the money by making your own and do visit is more than enough.

  • Ebony H.

    My experience was not good at all. I ordered 3 meals to go...the Scaloppine Alla Mama Stella (veal) was tough and had a weird wasn't good at all. I also ordered the Fettucini Alfredo and it had entirely too much nutmeg in the sauce for my liking! And the Scampi Gamberi (shrimp) we hated that one also! The house salad and bread and butter are the best things we got from that place.

  • Dan M.

    Overall a good experience. The decor is a bit dated, but it seems to fit in with the style of a quaint Italian-American restaurant. The menu has the usual suspects. I ordered one of the specials, salmon sauteed in butter, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. It was served with a side of linguine with a buttery tomato sauce and a side of fresh vegetables. The large piece of salmon was perfectly cooked, and the sauce allowed the flavors of the salmon to come through. Vegetables and linguine were similarly well cooked. My wife had Linguine alla Bologna. Basic linguine served with a tomato meat sauce. Tasted as expected. For dessert we split a cannoli. The cream filling was a bit thicker than I am accustomed to, but was tasty. There were literally 3 chocolate chips in the filling...why bother? One is sufficient to share after a full meal, and we even left a few bites of filling left over. We also had an order of garlic bread ($2) and two cappuccunos ($4.50 each). My wife ordered a caesar salad instead of the house salad that accompanies the meal. I had an iced tea, and my wife stuck with water. Our total bill was $55. Service was pretty good, but our waitress got slammed when a group of 15 sat in our section. Parking became a mess as we were leaving due to a kids dance class going on a few doors down.

  • K S.

    My boyfriend and I plan to return to Mama Stella's on a Monday night for their great deal. We went on a Saturday night and didn't have a wait at all. It is in a little strip of shops off a main road and looks a little 'down home' inside. The food was delicious! We both liked what we ordered. He had their greek lasagna which had cinnamon and some other sweet spice that made it heavenly. Unfortunately that is not a regular menu item - only offered at special times. I had stuffed shells, or manicotti, which was good, too. The Monday night deal comes with a bottle of wine so we definitely will be back. Service was great. The large waiter was the one that recommended the greek lasagna to us and also chatted with us about the restaurant and our date night. We sat in a window seat and will request that area next time, too. We definitely recommend this place for a romantic date. It does look a little outdated inside, but the food and 'old world' atmosphere is worth the trip.

  • Aaron W.

    went last night for New Year's. First and last time. The service was just as bad as the food. My wife had a stomach ache all night. The kids pizza was horrible. The bread was stale. The only good thing was the cheese cake, which I am sure it is store bought.

  • Sybil C.

    Not fancy but Great Food and Great Service. The food is authentic and very fresh. I love Italian. This is Italian. I agree with Justin S. the place is hokey inside, but it has a personality. Very clean. I like sitting in this alcove area near the windows. They also know which wines to serve with the food. There is another one way down Indian Head Highway that is run by the same family. If you blink you will miss it (near a very popular liquor store and crab house). It is less hokey, but the food is consistent with the one in Clinton, MD. Service is a little less reliable, but ok.

  • Cecil B.

    What a great restaurant great place to have Italian food and the best places in the area.

  • Opal B.

    Great home cooked Italian food! Bryan the manager is awesome. I needed catering for a small office party I was giving and although they don't normally cater, they hooked me up with a great deal of food for a very reasonable price. All of the office loved the food. Everyone kept asking me about where the food came from. I will def order from them again.

  • Patrick B.

    My wife and went there last night, all I can say is excellent!!!! Food was beyond just good, and the service was top notch. If you haven't gone then your really missing out, we will be back

  • Raymond C.

    Been here several times with family and friends. Food, wine, and service has always been TOP Notch!!

  • Molly P.

    OK we wanted to love this place because of the reviews and it's proximity to the air force base, unfortunately, there were some issues. The food is decent... That's about the best I can say about it. My boyfriends chicken parm was lovely but the pasta it came with was bland and the sauce tasted like it was out of a jar. I had the ravioli and I would not order it again. The spinach sauce was just heavy cream and creamed spinach and was not very flavorful. The decor... Dear lord don't come here if you are looking for something up to date. It looks and feels like grandmas house. The only other people there were a group of 80ish year olds and they seemed thrilled with the decor. It also seems like it could use a serious cleaning. The fake plants I sat next to were quite dusty. The waiter was funny and attentive (I think his name was Griff) but honestly took his jokes a bit far sometimes. I'm all for friendly funny waiters but my boyfriend didn't appreciate him hitting on me in front of him even as a joke.

  • Dennis B.

    Best service anywhere! Eggplant parm is my go to dish here. Prepared perfectly every time. Salads are always cold and the bleu cheese dressing is homemade.

  • Marcus M.

    Walking into this place, I was initially turned off. It's old, gawdy, and reminds me of every grand mamas house I have ever been in. I was greeted by our server Griff, who was very accommodating, and professional. He brought out some bread that could have been warmer, but I think it was supposed to be room temperature. I ordered a chicken parmesan, with a side of Alfredo noodles. They were both cooked very well, and were hot, the food came out fast too. This place definitely serves real authentic Italian food. No olive garden b.s here.

  • Brett M.

    I've been twice now and both times I was thoroughly impressed! This place is a diamond in the rough!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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Mama Stella’s Ristorante Italiano

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