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Visit below restaurant in Metairie for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Metairie for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Ciji J.

    I ordered what I thought was supposed to be shrimp fried rice and lo mein and I got the exact opposite. The rice wasn't prepared well at all, it lacked flavor and was not appealing. The lo mein was full of oil and the shrimp had a funny taste I will never eat here again!

  • Jes H.

    Good solid Chinese food! Great crab Rangoon. Good service. Our favorite local take out!

  • Donna A.

    The food we ordered was just ok & nothing memorable. I was expecting a lot more according to the reviews.

  • Alan G.

    Very greasy food. The flavor was completely lost since it was mostly grease. I had high hopes as I had heard it was great take out but I was very disappointed with the lack of flavor and the amount of grease. Crab rangoons were mostly cream cheese!

  • Jennifer B.

    This has kind of become my go-to takeout Chinese place, mostly due to its proximity to my place of employment. However, it helps that they have some cheap lunch deals. You get an entree of choice, with pork fried rice, and either soup or a can of soda for less than $5 plus tax. Great! It's typical fast-serve takeout Chinese, but it does have other places beat due to the lunch special and the great service. The woman that is there during lunch each day is so nice! Note: the chopsticks are not sitting out with the sauces, fortune cookies, and plastic utensils - you have to ask for them.

  • Mitchell W.

    Fast cheap easy and good. If only they delivered!!!

  • Christopher G.

    Have been extremely satisfied with this restaurant since relocating from Savannah, GA. I have not tried another Chinese take out restaurant in the area since finding this one due to me being extremely satisfied with the taste and portions of the food, cleanliness of the wait/sit down area, and the hospitality and expeditiousness of the staff. I order the Orange Chicken with white rice along with an order of Crab Rangoon every time I go and always have leftovers the next day for lunch or dinner.

  • Laila T.

    I am shocked that this restaurant has any good reviews. The vegetable Lo Mein I ordered for lunch today tasted and smelled like cigarette smoke. Maybe it was a one-time, freak incident, but there are so many Chinese restaurants in the area that offer the same items for similar prices. Why would I take the chance? Red Apple is delicious and MUCH cheaper.

  • Dana P.

    If you are in Metairie and are looking for really good Chinese take-out, then this is the place! They have a large menu to choose from with many great combination plate options. I recommend their crab rangoons, wonton soup, sesame chicken, chicken lo mein and egg foo yung. I also like that they have a big box of fortune cookies sitting out and you can take however many you want. Not like some places, where they can be stingy and you have to pay extra for 1 more. ***Make sure to look for the coupons on the front of their take-out menu and get some free stuff with your order! I always call ahead and get my order to go. So, I don't know what it's like eating there.

  • Gabe R.

    This place feels like a run of the mill Chinese take out place. I mean it has all the cliched aspects of one. Neon sign in a strip mall -check. Cheesy Chinese decorum with turquoise lined chairs - check. Crappy candy dispenser with proceeds going to cure unknown disease -check. BUT upon closer review this place is much more. The food is cheap like but the quality is not. The food is fast but cooked to order so you can taste the freshness. Also someone at the counter always speaks English to where you can actually comminicate. Simple requests like chicken not fried or white meat only is done without hesitation. Not to mention their eggrolls are waaay better than any other place of this caliper. My go to place fro Chinese take out.

  • Tamia G.

    Such a CLEAN Chinese carryout! It smells like fresh food as soon as you walk in. The staff is nice and helpful. There are coupons on the front of the menu, which you can use right along with the order you place. There is seating for about 20 people. I ate General Tso's shrimp, which was fresh and flavorful. It wasn't overly greasy, like so many others in the area. I recommend this place over most other carry-outs in New Orleans.

  • David L.

    The Best Gen Tso in town!

  • Glenda C.

    Food, cleanliness, and customer service: FOOD: This place used to be sooo good...back in 2010 and 2011. I moved far away for a couple of years then returned a few months ago. I've eaten here twice in 2013 and both times it's not been good at all. Tried the general's chicken and sesame chicken and it's just sub par...nothing like it used to be. Actually, the second time I ate it was today and my stomach is still hurting 4 hours later. :/ CLEANLINESS: The absolute cleanest kitchen in a to-go place I've ever seen. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Very friendly and accommodating...A+.

  • Anna N.

    This place has great food. It is legit because the people that own the store are really Chinese. I always get the lo mien and it always tastes great. They also give a great portion for the price. If I'm craving Chinese food, I go here.

  • Ashley M.

    Good fast-food Chinese! The staff are always very nice, always get my order right, and are very quick. Prices are decent too

  • Bert S.

    One time I went here to pick up an order for a group of friends who came over. When I walked in there was a very Very VERY high man waiting at the counter to pick up his food. VVVHM: Yo, this place is the bomb, innit? Me: Yeah man, you ever had the cold noodles with peanut sauce? VVVHM: Wait, what do you mean cold? Me: Like refrigerated. VVVHM: No man, that's amazing though, like, THEY refrigerate them? Me: Yeah, they're actually free if you order $25 or more worth of stuff. I got some. VVVHM: (Whispers) You ever try the ribs? Me: No. VVVHM: Oh shit! Oh shit YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE MOTHERFUCKERS! Me: Okay. VVVHM: Every Friday night I eat these ribs. Like, these specific ribs. Me: Well, I love ribs, but usually I like them smoked. VVVHM: I smoked! These ribs are the best I ever had. His order comes out, he immediately digs into his bag, pulls out a rib and hands it to me. VVVHM: I want to watch you eat this. I want to see the look on your face. Me: *chomp chomp chomp* DAMN! These are some tasty ribs! What is that? Ginger? VVHM: They got ginger. They got ALL KINDS of spices on these motherfuckers! Me: I'm ordering some. At this point the very Very VERY high man hugs me. Seriously though, the ribs and cold noodles are amazing. Everything is at least alright except the General Tso's chicken which is way too sweet for my tastes. This place is dirt cheap and the to go containers are reusable.

  • Jeff C.

    My mom introduced me to this place and it's become my favorite place in the area. Cheap, they have a sesame chicken I really enjoy, and you can reuse the carry out containers. (Of which I've pretty much started a collection.) The menu is huge and while there isn't much seating it can't be beaten for takeout and I haven't been disappointed yet. If you're in the Metrys and want Chinese check it out.

  • Kurt L.

    I got two sweet & sour chicken meals with shrimp fried rice. Crab Rangoon, and an order of wonton soup. The first thing I noticed after driving 2 miles and around 7-8 minutes is that the Rangoon's were folded like flowers and were really good. Pulling the containers out of the bag was hotter than Starbucks. It was super hot!, but the food was good. I think the chicken, wonton, and rice was the same supplier as the Red Apple. Oh, did I forget the cabbage rolls ?? 2&1/2" long. If there was a blind taste test you couldn't tell the difference. Depends upon your location.

  • Carr F.

    Good portions, good food. Grandma loved the sesame chicken. Small eat-in area. In a strip mall. Clean place. Will be back next time I visit grandma.

  • Henry W.

    Yelp did it again. First time in this area, tired, needed good food. Never would have found or tried this place without Yelp. Ditto to all preveious good comments. One of the best Egg Foo Youngs ever. Highly recommend!

  • Trey C.

    My favorite Chinese restaurant. I usually eat there once a week. I'm always trying something random off the menu, and I've never been disappointed. My favorites: General Tso - The best I've ever had. Crab rangoon - Great, unless the wrappers dried out before cooking Cold noodle with sesame sauce - Noodles with tahini, chili oil, and green onions Shrimp in chili sauce Szechuan dumpling with hot oil - Fried dumplings with a sticky, slightly sweet sauce on the side Fried dumplings - Comes with a fantastic ginger soy sauce.

  • Matt N.

    Just a little hole in the wall at a Metairie strip mall but the food is O SO GOOD! Not a great place to dine in as it is very small but for Chinese take out it is the best in this part of Jefferson Parish. The selection is vast and the food is cooked very quickly. I would dine in at other Chinese restaurants in the area if their food was as good as this. By the way, the portions are huge especially when you consider the low cost.

  • betsy b.

    This is a really great little place in a strip mall by Mike Miley Park.(David Dr. and W. Metairie ) The service is quick, the prices are cheap, the portions huge, the taste is pretty good and the place is CLEAN! It is the standard Chinese restaurant fare, but your sauces are served on the side. Eggrolls are fresh and crisp, pick up your own fortune cookies on the way out! The real bonus is the containers that they serve takeout in-No cruddy styrofoam here! They are re-useable microwave containers, and they are huge! Perfect for leftovers-yours and theirs! TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT! (mainly a take-out place-6 or 8 tables at most).

  • Quynh D.

    Best Chinese takeout in the surrounding area. Cheap - to the point. You get your fix without cratering your wallet. The crab rangoons are delicious. Lo mein is delicious. Sesame chicken is on point. Everything you crave for is delicious and best of all, cheap. Can't go wrong with Chinese food.

  • Stephanie W.

    This place is great because you basically watch them make everything in front of you. It is yummy and the portions are huge. You could definitely share one combo with 2 people easily! Steamed wontons are a must!

  • Sahsa O.

    I tried little kitchen before and liked it. but something has changed. the guy at the counter has bad customer service. seriously everybodyyyyyyyy has a long day and does not need this nonsense from you guys. if he cant learn manners then send him to the back. the food was good. try the food, it really isn't bad at all. but its not worth me being annoyed everyday if that idiot stays there.

  • Caroline A.

    Visited this little place while on a business trip, decided to check it out based on other reviews. So glad I did! Food is fabulous and the service is awesome, you won't regret it.

  • Tahnee B.

    Very good takeout Chinese. My husband and I used to live close by and order often. They have fantastic crab Rangoon And I've tried several of their entrees and their all good.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:30 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

Little Chinese Kitchen

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