Barb’s Kolache

22354 W 66th St
Shawnee, 66226
Barb's is my favorite place for breakfast close to home. I bring my coffee and iPad and enjoy a few delicious kolache's. My fav is the Jalapeño Sausage & Cheese and the wife loves their cinnamon rolls. I also recommend her Bierocks and dinner rolls. If you are going to put in a large order of kolache's (more than 6) then I would highly recommend calling ahead (if possible a day ahead) to let Barb know. She is a small shop, so keep that in mind. Barb has also done a few cakes for us over the years and they have all been fantastic.
If you're wanting 2 for $1 cheap doughnuts this is not your place. If you want a super-tasty, homemade, fresh and delic not-so-sweet kolache, this is your place!! My grandmother was Czech and made these from scratch...this is as close as I've found in a restaurant setting. (We make them fresh at home.)
Barb is SOO sweet! Genuine and incredibly motherly, you can't help but want to go back to support a family owned business. I came in around 12:40pm and she immediately welcomed me when I asked her what she recommended. I wanted some meat! I'm not really a pastry kinda girl so I opted for the bacon and cheese rolls. The rolls were SO soft and she even took the time to warm them up for me! Apparently, pastries here are a hot commodity. Check out their website beforehand and if you call ahead, they'll save a specific flavor for you. I LOVE AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Super cheap roll was $1.79, plus tax. Take note, they close at 1pm.

(913) 422-8300


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Kolache Factory

13103 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, 66216
Buns filled with savory pocket filled with amazing awesomeness! You must go! You must eat! You must worship! The sausage and gravy is like if god and the devil teamed up and made the greatest breakfast food ever, ever.
Love picking up my order of fresh, delicious Kolaches to bring to work in the morning. Such an assortment of flavors and ingredients! All baked in a soft, pillowy dough. I always get great service and they always ask if I want my Kolaches warmed up before I take them, which I always think is a nice touch. I was able to order them online and pick them up the next morning. Definitely a great place to have in Shawnee for breakfast and lunch.
My husband just polished off 3 Kolaches. He keeps saying he's glad we don't live closer. They are light & fluffy and run the gamut between sweet and savory.

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Four Seasons Pizza & Pasta

7820 Quivira Rd
Shawnee, 66216
I am not a regular correspondent on Yelp (or any social media for that matter) ( get off my lawn!!!) but really want to give this restaurant a bump. Four Season's pizza is among the very best in the KC metro. The crust is perfection itself, not overly thick but yet not paper thin...very reminiscent of the finest you would find in New York. The toppings are of the highest quality and generous; the sauce is sublime. The medium size is nearly the size as many large pies from other pizzerias. Were Four Season's located in Crossroads or Mission or the 135th Street corridors there would be lines around the block and two hour waits for carry out for these piazzas . But alas, the lonely strip mall at 78th and Quivera is not the most inviting location and I fear that this may be an deterrent to some. Overcome any geographic apprehensions and try this pizza!!!
I enjoyed the pizza slice, side salad, and drink lunch special ($6.95). The side salad included my choice of three toppings, and choice of dressing. My "everything counts" pizza slice was ready in about five minutes. It had plenty of toppings, plenty of flavor, and a delicious thin crust, without being greasy. The service was friendly, and the dining area was clean. Nicely done!
This place serves high quality, authentic food. Pizza is delicious- crust is hand tossed and wood-fired, giving it a nice crisp and chew. We also tried a pizza roll that was delicious. Desserts are great too.

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Planet Sub

7409 Quivira Rd
Shawnee, 66216
We really like going to eat at Planet Sub...especially for the price. They only serve Whole Wheat bread that they bake daily. The sandwiches usually come out very quickly. After you buy nine 6" subs, your tenth sub is free. However, we did have one visit where the sandwiches for half our group didn't come out for 20 minutes. I approached the counter, they quickly rectified the situation and gave me 3 free sandwich coupons! Frugal Total for Two: Planet BBQ 6" sub for $3.99 (12" only $6.99 !) Yello 6" sub $4.49 2 Chips @ $1.19 each ~$11.50 after tax
Some nice variety of sandwiches. I like their style over there.
YES! I wasn't a sub person until I came here, but they changed my mind! The Crab Californian (Surimi crab, cream cheese, sprouts, tomatoes, salsa & guac) is the best sub they have! The bread is out of this world! They aren't your typical sub shop, they have some uniquely wonderful subs, served both hot and cold, plus salads, wraps, and sides. Tons of vegetarian & vegan options. They even serve breakfast! You will not be disappointed!

(913) 248-9955

Vegetarian, Sandwiches

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22030 W 66th St
Shawnee, 66226
Tacos good, manager bad. Walked in at 2:30, manager was on the phone and I was invisible. I was leaving when a minion took my order, manager was put out, as he was in front of the register and had to move out of the way. Hot sauce bottles empty and encrusted with dried sauce. Tacos here are ok, Taco Bell and Taco Bueno are pretty similar in taste and quality to these. Manager needs to manage here.
Fish tacos are the bomb!!! Everyone in there is super friendly too. If you have a membership to Snap Fitness down the road, show your ID card and you'll get 10% off!!! Made me love Twisted even more when we found out that tip!!
Quick easy and delicious! Mahi tacos are incredibly nice. Potato salad is better than most. Everything is served with a bit more sophistication than we expected. Younger staff is friendly too.

(913) 441-0444

American (New), Mexican

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Aunt Jean’s

11210 Johnson Dr
Shawnee, 66203
I brought my five year old. Lots to choose from! I had grapefruit sorbet & hazelnut ice cream. My daughter had the celebration cake. Cute, comfy, local, affordable.
My husband and I went after Old Shawnee Days and I had 1 scoop of coconut in a waffle cone. It was ok, flavor was good. I'd rather had black cherry but 3 bins were empy in the case. I do understand it was probably busy since the fair was near by but at least remove the emptys or make extra for the extra business. My husband wanted a strawberry malt, they were out of strawberry, so my husband mixed it with vanilla...the malt power or whatever they put in it made it taste gritty. Looks cool and quaint inside but for the price of mediocre I don't think I will be returning.
I love Aunt Jean's! I am biased because I know the family who runs it, but I can guarantee gelato lovers will adore this place. Free tastes are the best, and you need to try some of the crazy flavors - for example, I've tried green tea and pickle flavored gelatos there. My favorite, though, is their classic: celebration cake.

(913) 268-0550

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Coffee & Tea

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El Pulgarcito

5921 Merriam Dr
Shawnee, 66203
I will give them one more try, but sorry KC, these are not pupusas. They completely lacked any flavor, the curtido also had no flavor, nor did the sauce. I just spent over $40 on a bunch of crap. I have had pupusas at every pupuseria in KC and none have lived up to what they should be.
BEWARE, THE PORTIONS ARE HUGE! El Pugarcito is one of those rare restaurants that doesn't look like much on the outside but serves up some authentic ethnic cuisine that will make you want to come back for more. The location is a bit out of the way and could be hard to find if you don't own a GPS. But nevertheless, don't let that deter you from trying this place. El Salvador's cuisine is very similar to many other central American cuisine. A staple of beans and rice and lots of grilled meat (chicken, pork, beef) with a little bit of salad on the side. However, the catch is El Salvador also has pupusas, a kind of fried tortilla filled with various meats, cheeses and vegetables. It's delicious and a MUST if you go to any El Salvadorian restaurant. Please steer clear of the Mexican stuff on the menu. Not saying that it's not worth a try, but why come to an El Salvadorian restaurant if you want Mexican? The soups are also a specialty and will surely warm you up on a cold, chilly winter night. Kansas City has tons of Mexican joints but only a dearth of El Salvadorian ones. You can count them with one hand. If you're into Latin cuisine and want something a little different, come to El Pulgarcito. You won't regret it. And please, remember, their portions are huge. Two pupusas and a tamale makes a meal for a grown man.
I travel to El Salvador a lot. I love pupusas and El Pulgarcito makes the best I've ever tasted. I ate some there and got some to take with me when I left for breakfast in the morning. Highly recommended. If you read my reviews, I don't give that recommendation out very much.

(913) 384-3887

Latin American

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Caseys General Store

20810 Johnson Dr
Shawnee, 66218
Very nice and fairly new Casey's. Fast service in the store itself and excellent pizza. Ideal location for this area - makes it really convenient to get to for us (we live just a half mile away).
Casey's is one of my favorite convenience stores for the following reasons: 1.) Free air 2.) A super clean store including the bathrooms 3.) PIZZA This store, like many others, exhibits these fine qualities. It's kind of all by itself in the boonies just west of the West Johnson Drive Sports Complex, but it looks like it's doing fine. Regarding the pizza, it's as solid as some of the chains you see advertising on your TV. You can buy by the slice or by the pie. Neither choice is a wrong answer. Welcome to KC Casey's... now if you can only make it to Midtown.
Slow to help the counter if they're not already back there. One older gentleman makes bad jokes, and comes off kinda rude. They must be understaffed because every time I'm I there I hear someone complaining about working too much. Pizza is better by the slice. Convenient location, but with QT down the road, service could improve for sure.

(913) 441-1559

Pizza, Breakfast & Brunch

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Grand Wok

15810 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, 66217
Located on a little strip mall next to a Target this place is worth visiting. I paid $9 for a lunch special Kung Pao shrimp with a H&S soup and egg roll and a coke. Everything was delicious and everyone was super friendly. I'll definitely stop by when I'm in the area again.
I used to go there frequently. Overall, the food is good, and the prices are low. I've stopped going there, however, as some of the staff have a tendency to be curt and rude with their customers. Even a simple order without modifications - your basic transaction in a restaurant - oftentimes elicited an eye roll. It seems their customers are more of a hassle to them than a basic necessity for the health of their business. So, I've taken the hint and stopped going there.
This place is pretty good. The price/portion ratio is excellent! The ambiance is a little interesting, because it's got a fast food/ fine dining vibe and it's pretty small. The food is fresh and flavorful and is served quickly. Not a bad place all in all!

(913) 268-8668


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Firehouse Subs

6415 Quivira Rd
Shawnee, 66216
I always enjoy my sandwiches here. They are just your average sandwich. Nothing too special. I'm not big on chips as a side but whatever, it's just a sandwich shop right? I've had their chili in the winter. It's really good. It can be a meal on it's own. I also like that they finally got an under 500 cal menu. About time!!! 3 stars because there are definitely better sandwich places around here and this place is kind of pricey.
Great food....horrible service. Even if you order online don't expect your food to be ready and if it is they won't figure out it's yours for 20 min poor communication.
Oh my god. Best subs I have ever had ! I came here twice in a week. And both times I had the brisket and cheddar sub on wheat with mayo and BBQ sauce. And both times it was amazing !!! I can't explain how good it was. The meat was so juicy and tender. BBQ sauce was perfect and the melted cheese !!!! I just they had one in saint Louis where I live. If you want a good sandwich definitely go here !!! Plus they donate a portion of their proceeds to the fire department so that's always nice. You will. It regret this place !!!!

(913) 631-0033

Delis, Fast Food, Sandwiches

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