E Z Wok

1133 W Jefferson St
Shorewood, 60404
Read reviews on Yelp, dragged my coworkers there for our weekly lunch outing. General consensus: Good food, good price. Details... They have a lunch special that comes with your choice of entree, pork fried rice (a step up from the usual plain egg fried rice) and a good sized egg-roll, all for around $6. This in itself is a pretty good bargain, and the upgrade of pork-fried rice over egg-fried rice is a nice touch. Half of our group had the lunch specials, the others ordered individual helpings of fried rice. Everyone who had the lunches were happy with their orders, the only complaint being that if you want the Tso's chicken to be "spicy", you need to tell them. Not just "regular" spicy, make it extra spicy. Only downside is that they only have 3 tables for dining in, and the decor is plain white drywall (this is what cost them a star). Not a good date location, but definitely great for take-out. tl;dr: Quality chinese food, low prices, best for take-out over dine-in.
I usually go for their chicken fried rice & beef with black bean and garlic sauce. You get a good amount of beef steak slices with it as well. While the place might look small and unnoticeable, don't expect to be the only patrons there. The inside is pretty much no thrills with 4 tables with no decorations. Beware ordering here on Friday & Saturday evenings since I don't think its a place that's well prepared for dealing with a lot of orders in a small time frame. We were told that our order, on a Friday night, would be done in 30 minutes but, ended up being 90 minutes.
BEST chinese food in the suburbs. Have tried dozens of places and the food and people are awesome here. GREAT prices and always fresh food.

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Mark’s On 59

714 Cottage St
Shorewood, 60431
This place has great food, good staff, is clean, etc. I set up a yelp account basically just to complain that they charge 50 cents for a little water cup that probably costs a nickel. I have been going there for years. I don't drink bottled water as a rule and 50 cents for a dinky cup for some water is ridiculous. This rant makes me feel like an old curmudgeon but what the hell, charge a nickel or a dime, cover your expenses, no need to make a %2000 markup on a cup. You aren't really helping you revenue that much, just pissing people off.
I absolutely love this place. The Italian Beef sandwiches (or samiches, depending on where you are originate) are absolutely fantastic. The fries are great and there is plenty of seating inside for roughly 20 people Try this place. Enjoy!
Well, we were trying to decide where to go for lunch. By friend recommended a place we've eaten numerous times and I almost agreed. Instead I did a Yelp search nearby and found Mark's on 59. The reviews are good and when I suggested it my buddy was excited about it because he'd eaten there before and loved it. Done, Yelp expanding horizons daily!! Like so many places in Joliet/Plainfield/Shorewood areas Marks looks pretty scary from the outside. It is in a little strip mall attached to a really sketchy liquor store. Once you walk inside you immediately realize that you can't judge a place by its outward appearance. When you walk in you turn left and order at the kitchen window. The kitchen looks well maintained and extremely clean, good start. The entire restaurant looks custom decorated. I would be willing to bet that the owner has some contractor skills because the tiling, the fish tank and even the bar in the back look like they were done very meticulously. Only an owner puts that kind of time and effort into that work. Now, I read on Yelp that the Shrimp basket was the way to go and my friend echoed the sentiment. So when ordering at the window we each got a bowl of beef barley soup then split a 2# shrimp basket and a 1 pound smelt basket. I am a giant soup snob. This beef barley soup was far and away the best I have ever had. A++++ Huge hunks of beef and only a mild/moderate amount of barley. Usually it is the other way around (barley is cheaper than beef!) Shrimp Basket. A+ You may think, and I have always thought that a shrimp is a shrimp is a shrimp. I will now tell you that you are wrong. These shrimp were HUGE (like four bites huge), perfectly breaded, and tasted amazingly fresh. I can honestly say that Marks has re-set the bar for breaded shrimp, all others will be compared to these giant tasty scrimps! Smelt basket. B+ Smelt in general freak most people out due to the fact that you are consuming the entire fish. These were some of the better fried smelt that I've had. The taste was something along the lines of fresh pillowy fish-flavored dough sticks. I enjoyed them, but I have had really fresh fried smelt and these were certainly frozen (kind of an unfair comparison). I will order them again, they just werent the perfect consistency for an excellent grade. So, all in all, Marks will be my go to when I am craving beef barley soup or fresh fried shrimp. That's a pretty amazing culinary change for me in one sitting!! Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!!

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Portillo’s Hot Dogs

1155 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60404
Great location. Large seating area with a Drive-Thru. Very Clean. Have not had Portillo's in a few years...so I came ready to eat. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures. I had the Italian Beef Dipped. It was huge, in fact there was so much meat I had to take some off! Very filling. Other stand outs were the Chili Dog, Onion Rings, and Chocolate Cake. This location had plenty of friendly and helpful workers.
Kinda sub-par Portillo's experience! My beef was made incorrectly (I paid for the peppers - where were they?) and kid 1 thought her burger sucked enough that she insisted that I try a bite to see how tasteless it really was. The wait for food didn't match the line at all and it was freezing in the place. So...why did I still give them four stars? Mainly because I love their Italian Beef sandwiches! If you've never been to a Portillo's location, this is what you need to order: beef with hot and sweet. If you want it messy, add "dipped" to your order. Holy crap...would you guys please just hurry up and open a location in STL already?!?
Authentic original chicago style food! Visit whenever I can. Will satisfy your needs and memories

(815) 609-1400

Hot Dogs, Salad, Burgers

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Maciano’s Pizza & Pastaria

850 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60431
We were in the Chicago area for a funeral, and stopped for dinner. We'd frequent this place for the stuffed pie if we lived here! The crust is flaky, and most importantly, for a 16 inch pie, cooked perfectly. The middle is perfect and so are the edges-passing a significant test for a stuffed pie. Can't stand doughy middles, period! The toppings are great and the sauce a bit on the sweet side. The pizza is a 5, the service is a 3. Small place, servers seemed busy-but they should always stop at a their tables for a quick "everything ok?" We had to ask for drink refills and the check. We would definitely return for the pizza if we have a chance.
This review is based on a one time experience. We ordered takeout - the 12" Neapolitan, Chicago crust, with added onions. The pizza was ready on time, as they told us, and the staff was friendly both over the phone and on site. Though, we were extremely disappointed with our pizza. In my opinion, the ratio of crust to everything else should not be 9 to 1. I have included an image to allow for other Yelpers to judge for themselves. Please take a look. In addition, the only things we could taste (aside from crust) were the pepperoncini (expectedly) and the sauce. The cheese, pepperoni and onion flavors just did not come through as they seemed to have used less than the bare minimum of each. I'm I wrong here? Is this perhaps a case of mistaken expectations? I'm giving them a star for customer service and because the sauce actually tasted very good. If I ever have the chance to eat again at Maciano's (I'm not from the area) I will update this review.
So I've finally revisited Maciano's ..... And I have to say I liked it a lot better this time. The waiter was on top of his game, and the pizza was awesome!! This time my boyfriend and I went for a thin crust sausage pizza. Very nice crispy crust! We also tried the inferno wings- those things were hotter than a son of a b*tch!! I liked em though. Looking back I know I looked dumb eating those wings because my nose was running! #Mess The leftover pizza also reheated very week the next day!! Just as awesome as when we dined in! Good job Maciano's!! We will definitely be back!

(815) 773-0800

Pizza, Italian

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Casa Maya

805 W Jefferson St,Ste H
Shorewood, 60404
Cash Maya has always been a favorite place for my family and I. We used to go basically every week. The food is reasonably priced and some days during the week have 1/2 priced margaritas. If you go on those days, you are most likely going to wait a little bit. If you love Mexican food, you should go here.
The Mole Ranchero was very tasty. The tortilla chips were a bit soft and chewy, but the salsa was above average. The guacamole was OUT OF THIS WORLD great! I would go just for that! The place was fairly clean and good for groups with small children. My wife got a chicken taco salad and said it was OK. My son gobbled up his kid's plate which had a chicken enchilada with beans and rice. No real complaints here, but nothing super amazing either. I would go back again as the prices were decent.
Menu has a lot of dishes and so far tried the Bistek Mexicana, Tacos and Chicken Enchiladas. I enjoyed all of them. Especially the Enchiladas. Very clean and very friendly staff.

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Crispy Waffle

564 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60404
One of our local faves. Food and service is always great!!
I visit this place at least once a month and I always order the pesto chicken & mozzarella panini because it's amazing! I also get waffle fries & soup, which comes with a pretty big portion. I never complain because I leave there satisfied. The seating, sometimes, is a bit of a hassle. Since they're not open throughout the day, mornings can be a little congested. Other than that, great place breakfast or lunch!
I've eaten here twice a year apart and both experiences were AWESOME. The service was great , our server kept our coffee mugs filled and was a great conversationalist . We had a table of 6 and each and everyone of us was pleased with our meal. I ordered the cheesecake french toast and it was so good I will dream of it. I can't wait to eat here again on my next visit back to see my family in Illinois .

(815) 744-0356

Breakfast & Brunch, Belgian

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930 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60404
I love this place!! Every time I visit this TCBY, no matter who is working, they are always so nice, greeting me with a warm smile. :-) The flavors change all the time, except for a couple of standards like, vanilla, chocolate, and white chocolate mousse. I always find something I like. The toppings bar has candy, fruit, chocolate, and a bunch of other fun stuff. It's a fun treat for both kids and adults. I bought a "frozen yogurt turtle pie" (or whatever it's properly called) for a dinner party I was hosting. It was a big hit! And don't forget to get and use a rewards card. Points rack up quickly. I love getting a few dollars off my purchase! One of the coolest things about the Shorewood TCBY is that I see they support Pink Heals Joliet, which is my favorite local charity. I like supporting businesses who support the people who live in the community. Both TCBY Shorewood and Pink Heals Joliet do that.
Great frozen yogurt with good toppings. The staff keep all of the toppings fully loaded. I just wish it wasn't so pricy.
Fat kids paradise!!!! I finally made it in this place after driving by for so long. I'm glad that I did!! It has been years since I've been in a Tcby, and this one is totally different. When I say it's been years I'm talking at least 15. Anyway the place has a bunch of different machines with two flavors per machine. They have two sorbet flavors. I didn't pay much attention to the sorbet because I wanted the froyo!! I love the fact that they allow you to try each flavor if you'd like! Because there were really only like two flavors I actually dug. The one thing I did not like is that they don't have a tart selection. I like the tartness of a yogurt, and I seem to only be able to find that at Red Mango. The other flavors had this "low calorie" taste that I just was not feeling. I did like the Oreo flavor. I tried a birthday cake one which was not good. There are also a bunch of toppings to choose from, but I don't particularly use them because it takes away from the yogurt. But, if that's your thing then you will be happy. There is only one size cup. I was looking for a small size, and I wanted was a small one. You have to be careful because you can fill your cup, and put toppings in it, BUT Tcby charges by weight so you will pay the price! I tried not to fill my cup halfway and my total was almost 6 bucks!! I will go back for the Oreo froyo!!

(815) 577-8229

Do-It-Yourself Food, Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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631 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60404
Clean bathrooms and an extra star because they're open 24 hours even on Xmas day! I've stopped here fairly often driving from Bloomington to Chicago on Monday mornings. Sometimes, even to eat or drink! ;-) A couple of times over the years I've even taken a quick nap in the parking lot. They also have a double drive thru to get people through quickly.
The last two times I've been here. First time i order a chicken wrap. They tell me the wait is 7 minutes so i order a different snack wrap. Then proceed to wait 7 minutes for the car in front of me to get their food. So might have well ordered what I wanted. Next visit. A Friday night. We order some food on the way home and they say cash only. We ask for a handwritten receipt and after already paying. The manager comes to the window and asks for more money. We questioned her and she claimed to do the math wrong. We asked for a refund and they wanted their change back (that they gave us) before giving us our refund. Will not return unless this shady practice is sorted out. This is one of the largest companies in the world and even the 7-11 clerk asked about the cash only at this McDonald's when we went there so apparently other customers have brought it up as well.
Shakes! All time fav MC D. while visiting the good ole' pville. Although there are 5 million other Mc Donalds this location is friendly, patient, and quick.

(815) 725-4580

Fast Food, Burgers

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RQ Barbecue

643-645 Brook Forest Ave
Shorewood, 60404
Tried it tonight with a friend & we both were amazed at the taste & quality. The owner offered us samples & listened to our requests. He picked a half slab of ribs for my friend that wasn't too fatty. I thought this was some sort of chain based on the well thought out menu & decor. Got home & see via the Internet that it's a private ownership. Great food, please please patronize this place, & keep them going. I'll be ordering burnt ends catering for work soon!
Moved to Shorewood decided it was time to give this place a try. Tried ordering from the online menu which was quite confusing. Went in and ordered from the even more confusing menu board. We chose the pulled pork sandwich and burnt ends. I declined sauce on pork because I wanted to try a few different sauces to see how they tasted. Which leads me to my first disappointment. They had their sauces in the containers with a pump. First one I tried the mustard - EMPTY. if your going to offer the sauce like that you should keep it full. Did they refill it? Nope. Just gave me a 1\2 full cup. The pork tasted like a boiled pork roast that they pulled apart. No taste of being in a smoker whatsoever. Best part about that was the nicely toasted bun. Burnt ends. I think they had been sitting around for a while- was more shredded than cubed. Had 1 cube. Whole mess was swimming in a pool of grease. The dogs enjoyed it. It wasn't fit for human consumption. Sauces bland. No kick or taste. Cole slaw bland. Mac and cheese very bland. The questions I asked where answered with I don't know and blank stares. I think they where tired and ready to call it a day. Save your money and go elsewhere. NOT a good BBQ place whatsoever.
The worker at the drive-thru window recommended their brisket sandwich. Ordered it with sauce and pickles. Got home to eat it--no sauce and no pickles. Meat was too much for the thin bottom of the bun. Tasted more like a pot roast platter than good brisket. Called to suggest they pay a bit more attention to an order that someone is going to eat elsewhere and the guy offered to replace it, but that doesn't make sense because there's a reason I used the drive-thru in the first place! Too many other places to try before I go back.

(815) 725-2824


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Cutting Edge Catering & Events

904 Cottage St
Shorewood, 60404
My company gets this place to bring food in all the time. Breakfast gets people sick. Chicken is under cooked and set someone to the hospital! Stay far away from them. Don't say I didn't warn you
The other reviews I have read basically have the same premise as mine. Below average customer service but good food. My husband and I were just married this past June. We decided to go with CEC because the would work with us incase my husbands return date from deployment got moved. My uncle is also friends with the company's owner so we figured what could go wrong. I met with Chad a few times. Nice guy. Sort of. Kept me updated on what was going on. I sent over instructions to him the day before with pictures. I was there to help set up too just incase, but everything was fine. I had to move some chairs around, but that wasn't a big deal. The food was delicious. My husband loved it. Bar was nice. Service was decent. My main complaint is that I never got any of the left over cake. We spent over $300+ dollars of the cake and NEVER GOT THE REST. We had enough for our guests to have more than two slices and we never saw any. This is very upsetting to me because of how expensive the cake was. My family was looking forward to the left overs. And I even had the largest layer made special for my husband. We won't be using CEC for another event because of this.
The food at my wedding was great so I want to update my rating from a 1 to a 3. (No thanks to Chad.) Chad is rude. They are the caterers for my wedding venue and he refuses to answer my questions. He keeps referring me to Michelle who never answers my calls or emails. Haven't tried their food yet, so I'll re-post when I do, but for now, these people are jerks!

(872) 999-2473

Caterers, Venues & Event Spaces

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