Buffalo Wild Wings

124 Dettro Dr
Matoon, 61938
Hit or miss with the service but bdubs is bdubs so still delicious. Asian zing and blazin on the boneless with a cold beer - 3 stars
Awful service. We ordered 5 beers, two of them delivered were the wrong beer. Now for apps!....or not? Ordered two apps and received neither because the waitress said "the computer system screwed up." Yeah, I don't think so. Food took almost a half hour to get out. Wings were fine, they were on par from what I had before. I was shocked at the absentminded service. Table next to us was full of garbage when we arrived, and remained piled with garbage when we left an hour later. Not hygenic.
While the service has maintained an average score despite two different carryout orders missing a burger... I can't say the same for the quality of the food. Bout to slide to a two.

(217) 258-9464

Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Sports Bars

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