Kamehameha Shopping Center,1620 N School St
Kalihi, 96817
I didn't even realize this location existed until I went to the GNC a couple of doors down. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try out their ice cream (though I have my eyes on the green tea for the next time I'm around) but ordered an ice cream cake for a birthday. The woman who'd helped me initially was very helpful and understanding when I was browsing through their cake selection book and wanted to make a few changes to one of their cake options. I was also able to use a coupon from their birthday club membership that definately saved me a few dollars. Picking up the order was also a breeze and the cake itself was beautifully decorated and delicious. The birthday girl loved it!
One of the best Baskin Robbins I've been to. The workers are well trained, courteous and give perfect scoops. Because the place is kept new and clean it is inviting. This is the kind of quality that has kept BR in business after all these years.
A simple but "sweet" review: we stopped in for a treat after eating lunch at Panda Express in the Kamehameha Shopping Center. I went in to redeem my birthday coupon for a free scoop of ice cream. The girl at the counter was very sweet, had a welcoming smile, offered us samples, took my order, offered a cone or cup, took my phone to verify the coupon and asked if we'd like anything else. Since that was all we were getting, she wished us a 'good day' as we left. I was so happy with my ice cream choice...Trick Oreo Treat. it had pieces of favorite candies...Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Oreo cookies, inside the ice cream. Yummy! to register for a free birthday scoop, just go onto their website! We'll be back.

(808) 847-3131

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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