Benton Lee Steak House

138 Benton Powell Rd
Uvalda, 30473
My husband took me to Benton Lee's because he remembered it as being AWESOME. We went 8/17/13. The place was not over run, walked in got a table very quickly. Eventually a server came by the table and asked if we wanted something to drink.. we ordered two beer's and waited forever. When she finally came back, she brought them .. unopened and just set them on the table and was about to walk off and we asked for an appetizer . Thought the gator tail sounded amazing..a long while later,there were two empty bottles on our table and she brought out a plate with a paper towel on it.. and 10 chunks of gator... I have chewing gum that did not stay chewy that long! I ended up giving up on trying to eat it! We finally asked for a six pack because we saw our waitress so infrequently. When our steaks came out they were HUGE.. looked great.that is the only good thing I can say.. they were chewy, tough.. no flavor.. I did not ask for a to go box.. I would not even take that home to my dogs! When I got up to go to the restroom, my husband got up to pay the bill and being a good husband.. he got me the t-shirt I asked for when I walked in.. $109.00 later we walked out still hungry.. with a $20.00 cleaning rag because I will not wear that shirt in public.. I will not advertise for them any more than possible! But amusingly enough they do have a face book page and when I posted a nicer version of this on their page... the owner chose to block me and delete my post.. never offered any apology for the miserable experience.. If you are thinking of going to Benton Lee's for food any time soon.. your hard earned money will be better spent at McDonalds!
Biggest steak I've ever had in my life and was very tender. The plate was literally about 12 x 24 inches and the steak was about 12x 12 inches. Down home get your own drink and sit down and eat your steak place. Definitely would go again. Locals told me about it for years and I finally tried it. When you are near Vidalia, GA you must stop in.
my first trip and will not go back. steaks are big but that is where it ends. Poor service, received cold and undercooked steak (ordered medium), sent it back, got another smaller steak back that was overcooked and full of gristle. Told waiter about it with no help. Told owner about it with no help, no discount, no apology. unbelievable. Our friends had froglegs that were very dry. Other friends say this is a real hit and miss steak place. We wont be back, overpriced, poor service, poor quality.

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