Cabbage Key Inc

PO Box 200
Pineland, 33945
Where else can you grab a pretty kick ass burger and beer in a really cool old-Florida house with Dollar Bills on the wall, a real, Genuine, Florida-Cracker Bartender with more stories than Mother Goose, and walk/hike around a shell mound island with an observation tower that gives you an amazing view of Pine Island Sound and the Palm Trees and everything else we love about the West Coast of Florida? All of this after a scenic 45 minute boat ride just to get there? Cabbage Key is an institution, and for very good reason. This is Old Florida living at its best, and we are lucky to be able to catch a small glimpse of that lifestyle. A good mix of Locals and Tourists (though you'll find the locals mainly at the bar) a locally-flavored menu, scenic wooden buildings and hiking trails filled with native flora, and a good dose of Florida History all await you. I sound like a Tourist Magazine now, so I'll stop. Suffice to say it's well worth the trip, and then some.
See check in Mediocrity rules the dinibg room and staff, but they do it with a smile on their faces, Stepford vibe notwithstanding
We drove up with the boat and saw this place from the water. It's beautiful and very unique. Ordered a little bit of everything. The salmon and the burger were the favorites! They are great for large groups and the staff was really friendly. Plenty of space to park the boat and staff to help you park and dock it.

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