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Visit below restaurant in Oviedo for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Oviedo for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Tara B.

    Came here for dinner on a rainy night with a group of 8. I ordered Fuji flames sushi as a starter, delicious! It was spicy and so good. It was a good portion and fair price, it left me full after that. I also ordered the steak hibachi, which came with hibachi rice, steak, veggies and white sauce. Large portion as well. The restaurant itself is small, but nice. The owner is also nice and staff was helpful.

  • Eric P.

    Sometimes I want hibachi without all the excitement of live teppanyaki. I mean, it's cool that you can throw your knife like a boomerang in front of my face while you juggle flaming rolls of radioactive sushi, and I'm sure your pop cultural jokes will put a smile on my face albeit being slightly dated. And for an event like someone's birthday, that's especially good fun. But sometimes I'm just looking to get bloated on steak or chicken in peace. That's where a place like Tokyo Tapas comes into play. It's a simple, straightforward place that specializes in hibachi and sushi. I've had both there, and I think their hibachi is the better of the two. The sushi isn't bad, but I just think you can get better sushi elsewhere for around the same price. I'd compare their hibachi to Kyoto Sushi by UCF. Similar portion, quality, and price point. From the times that I've gone, I don't remember the service being particularly exceptional. But it wasn't bad, either. It got the job done. The decor in there has a nice, slightly rustic feel to it. It's got a better vibe than Kyoto Sushi/Hibachi, which sort of seems like the inside of a Japanese McDonalds somehow. I wouldn't trek too far to come out to Tokyo Tapas. But if you're looking for this kind of food in the area, it's a solid choice worth trying.

  • Hopper C.

    Amazing! This is by far my fav place to eat in Orlando. Normally, you go to a restaurant and you have your one fav thing but the other stuff is just ok. I love everything I get here. My fav meal is the steak with hibachi rice and ginger salad, with half/half tea. If I was ever in prison, this would be the last meal I would get. The price is reasonable, the quality and seasoning are on point. This is where I came for my birthday bc I truly love it here! Staff are quick, friendly & talented! Parking is easy and the space is small & intimate.

  • T F.

    Never disappointed with this place. The food is always delicious and they have great service. Love the chicken hibachi dinner.

  • Boo P.

    I love this place! I go there for lunch at least 2 to 3 times a week. My grandfather can't have salt so they accommodate his needs. The hibachi chicken is tender, moist and delicious. You can have grilled vegetables or rice or noodles and they offer dumplings and spring rolls with the lunch special. The green tea is great and you can also add a flavor to have it sweetened as little or as much as you desire. The California roll is excellent because they use the good crabmeat and it has a wonderful flavor. I also like the edamame, and I have greatly enjoyed the Angus steak hibachi entrée as well. Tokyo tapas is in a strip mall where the Publix is located. The inside is decorated nicely with a modern flair, and the prices are excellent for what you get and the quality of food is superior. All of those combinations is a winning recipe in my book! I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner. They are closed on Monday, and they still offer lunch specials on weekends which is nice for the pocketbook.

  • Gary H.

    My new favorite place in oviedo. Been coming back and every time is awesome. Service, food and atmosphere.

  • Derrick M.

    Great food at a reasonable price!! My kids love this place. Kids eat free on Sunday. The rock & ronin roll is awesome.

  • Michael D.

    Have been coming to this great place for a year or so now and always Amazing food every time ! Incredible friendly and fun staff ! Always accommodating for my large parties. Hesitating putting this out there because may make it to hard for me to get a table.

  • Ananda L.

    I really enjoyed the experience here. Very relax and the food was excellent. It felt like a combination of latin and japanese explosion. I wont recommend the dynamite shrimp tacos for the price. My recommendation for one: Sashimi ceviche, spiced edamame and the tea with jasmine. My friend had the hibashi and she liked it a lot.

  • Anna H.

    Follow up after the check in. Great meal, the four of us ordered about 8 plates, 2 bottles of cold unfiltered Saki. Nothing to find fault with. Order at the counter get you number and the food will be delivered. Nice decor crisp and modern. Much like Pei Wei moderate priced, good food, great for pre movie or late night date.

  • Rochelle M.

    Went with some friends on a Friday evening (around 7 ish) and wow, was it packed! The ambiance is very cool- like a mod Asian fusion type thing. There are nice paintings on the wall and the seating area is small and intimate. It is an order at the counter and sit down type of restaurant, and I ordered the edamame, blue crab mofongo and a philly roll. It was so delicious! They had a special on the edamame that night, I think it was about 2 dollars. The mofongo is hearty and rich and a little bit spicy. I also liked the philly roll. The staff were all friendly, and the owner was even nice enough to come out and talk to us! It was very busy that night and they seemed to be stretched pretty thin but our waitress (didn't catch her name, was a young Japanese girl though) was attentive and polite. My husband got the steak hibachi and it came with a LOT. It has cubes of steak, veggies, and hibachi rice. Overall great experience and will be going back soon!

  • Kristi H.

    Great no frills local sushi. I like the grilled chicken hibachi. Although it's not on the menu, we often order sashimi. The seaweed salad is great and you get a huge portion for the price.

  • Ana W.

    I love the food here! I love that on Fridays its $2 seven spice edamame and their Marco pollo sushi roll! this place is so good!

  • Randy M.

    We tried four items: sweet chili rub tofu; sashimi ceviche; avocado salmon tartar; and sumo slapper roll. The orders arrived quickly, and were delicious. I recommend either the sashimi ceviche or avocado salmon tartar but not both at the same time as they are pretty similar. We will be back.

  • Kay Y.

    "On the road again...." to LUNCH! Well well well - today's spot for lunch was Tokyo Tapas. It its located near the end of a plaza with lots of parking spaces available! We went in right after these two people but the rest of the restaurant seem empty and in my head I was doing the happy dance (Yee-Haw -no wait!). The restaurant is hip and contemporary with dark tiles and eclectic colorful art work on the wall. The menu can be either be read from the huge chalk board against the wall or you can peruse the menu by the counter. It is a order at the counter and sit down kind of place. Our order was: Hibachi Steak Lunch ($8.95) and an half order of wings in sweet glaze ($5.95). Unfortunately, they informed me they were all out of wings but I was able to order something else, we decided on Seared Tuna ($9.95) and I was glad to pay the difference, but they generously said "Don't worry about" and again I was doing the happy dance (Yee-haw!!). :)) Hibachi Steak Lunch (w/salad, hibachi rice, &2 pieces of cali and gyoza) - The hibachi rice was delicious! I can tell they used short grain rice and the rice was cooked perfectly before it was fried. It wasn't lumped together and I think I tasted some butter too. YUM! Steak was in big pieces, probably sirloin, not super tender but was tasty. The Cali roll was better than your average grocery story roll and gyoza was normal. Seared Tuna - The citrus ponzu was a little over powering with the spices they mixed in with it. It tasted like a chili powder but it could most likely be the Japanese Red Pepper (shichimi togarashi) mixed with the ponzu. I still liked it though. Tuna it self was okay fresh. I rank it 3.5. It really would have been a 3.7, close to a 4 if they were faster! I got there around 12:12 but didn't leave until 12:50. On top of that we ate quick, compared to the two people that was still chatting that came before us, we had to chomp away. The person taking the order and checking on the patrons was super friendly! He was lovely. This is definitely a better version of Kyoto Sushi and Grill that's on University Dr. I will try again later and hopefully it will be more speedy. I have hopes for you Tokyo Tapas!

  • Alex I.

    DELICIOUS! Local spot not far from home or work, nice people working and plenty of Saki.

  • Jason S.

    The food here was pretty good but the wait was simply unacceptable. I am not speaking about the wait to be seated, I am speaking of the wait for them to cook the food. It took so long that we ended up asking them to box it to go. Good food, but not worth the wait.

  • Melissa Y.

    Had lunch here this week with my husband, after hearing great things about the quality of food preparation, not to mention taste! Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! We had three sushi rolls (ordered two but went back up for a third because it was so good): California, Mexican Madness, and Philly. The Mexican Madness sushi roll was a party in the mouth! The ginger salad, which came with the speciality roll as a lunch special, was equally divine. Hubby who is not a salad lover had to fight with me for the last few bites. If you are looking for a fast-casual, affordable lunch spot where quality and taste meet, this is your place! There was almost no wait, tables were clean, and we had regular refills of our water. I will be going back soon, and often!

  • Nada P.

    Awesome friendly staff, great lunch recommendation from the staff. Rice was on point, sauces were very tasty and made in house. Would definitely recommend!

  • Poorva N.

    Casual, cost effective & awesome sushi, hibachi plates & a friendly staff. I'm yet to try the street tacos & bravas but already biased to think they'll be great! Keep up the yumminess guys:) So glad u r in Oviedo!

  • Tim H.

    Fantastic lunch at a great deal. Love the chicken combo with hibachi rice. Great service. Quick. High quality ingredients. Keep it up!

  • Fa P.

    great hang out place, has taste for every palate, amazing food, awesome service. I love the habachi rice. They don't use cheap rice to make their fried rice. These chefs treat their rice with respect and it tastes amazing! I could eat their rice every freaking love Yojimbo roll. It is to die for!

  • Melissa C.

    So, so happy to have stumbled upon Tokyo Tapas here in Oveido! We tried lunch (take out) today which consisted of the chicken combination plate, steak combination plate, and shrimp tempura sushi roll. First off, the combo plates are huge and a GREAT deal for the price. You get hibachi chicken (or steak), choice of rice (hibachi style or white), 2 gyozas, 1/2 California Roll, and a ginger green salad. All components were in one take out box except the salad. It filled an entire container on its own. The protein in both dishes was flavorful and moist. The hibachi rice was full of fried rice ingredients (egg, peas, etc) and the gyoza were crisp but not greasy. I could have done without the California roll but I've never really liked them. The salad had a sweet ginger dressing but they added little bits of chorizo. Hello! What a pleasant surprise! The shrimp tempura roll was really great. This is my son's favorite and he demolished 2 rolls for lunch. in between mouthfuls he said it was one of the best he's had. The young lady answering the phone today was very courteous and when the food wasn't ready when my son showed up they kept apologizing. Their menu is unique and diverse. Their Promise is refreshing and a welcome idea. I hope they stick around for a long, long time!

  • Robert W.

    We have enjoyed this restaurant several times over the past few months. The edamame is terrific, almost on par with Roy's, yet much cheaper. The Cali Crunch roll is delicious as well. Happy hours offer great deals so try and get there before 5 pm.

  • Mandi K.

    My husband was recommended this place, and we were eager to try it. Today was our first visit, and we will definitely will be back for more. We went at lunch time, pretty early and were the only people there, and that we loved. The place is small, intimate and a far cry from the over done Sushi Pop, which is too much for such a small town like Oviedo. The staff were great, very eager and helpful, something that is hard to find anywhere in Central Florida. (I am a native) We had the potatoes for an appetizer and they were delicious. We then had the street tacos but with tofu instead of a meat, and then we had the tempura tofu with the hibachi rice and vegetables, and it was divine. Please check this place out and tell all your friends and family. I would love for this place to be around for quite some time.

  • Cathy F.

    This is, hands down, my favorite restaurant in Oviedo!! The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, the service is great!! I eat here at least once, sometimes twice a week and I've never had a bad experience....awesome place!!!

  • Arthur T.

    I went there with my son after finding it on Yelp. Was disappointed that it was in a strip mall. Thought it was going to be a stand alone building. You order at counter, then the food is brought to your table. I ordered the hibachi chicken with hibachi rice. It came with two egg rolls and two other things that looked like egg rolls. It was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. My son had the Angus steak w/noodles also with egg rolls and the other things. Also delicious. Great food...good quality and good quantity. Will definitely go again. Good price as well.

  • Jamie J.

    The only reason I would go back is for the sushi. We had a Rock & Ronin w/o the tuna tartare. I was great.. then we had the hibachi chicken and that was a no bueno! It tasted like bourbon chicken from the mall. The rice and noodles had no taste to it. It's a Japanese fusion restaurant so the concept was new to me. Plus I'm pretty new to the area. It's Panera meets American Japanese concept..The menu is on the wall (plus a more detailed menu by the register). You order and they give you a number for your table so a server brings it to you.. I like the concept but I don't like their Entrée food.. Good sushi & white sauce deserves a 2nd some point

  • Peter H.

    Great Japanese place, bit different then the normal Japanese style. This is a walk up counter service, great concept. They bring your food to you after ordering, great traditional meals with outstanding sushi.. Only draw back is if you want to re order a drink or additional food, you'll have to stand in line again. They don't have much in the way of children portions, however splitting a meal with a little one works. Great little place for a date night.

  • Melody J.

    Ive bin to countless hibachi resturants this place is a great little tucked away cafe very clean amazing hibachi tastes like chicken and steak was right of the BBq comes with rice, 2 sushi roll peices and 2 dumplings (never seen come with hibachi meal before) ... So I Loved this place !

  • John H.

    I LOVE this place but my last meal was one of the worse things I've ever eaten. We ordered at around 2:55 not knowing that they closed at 3 (the girl on the phone made her annoyance with me very clear). And when we got home and started eating our hibachi chicken it was bland and undercooked. The rice was obviously old and was mushy. And in my salad was a large piece of plasic. This place is good but consistency is not their strength

  • Michelle C.

    To be fair I didn't have a good start. They ran out of rice and had to wait a long while for dinner. I will say the management made it more than right ..... and for this I will definitely come back Hibachi chicken was good and my family had sushi and they said it was great

  • Emily M.

    I love how well executed Tokyo Tapas is. Their system of ordering is very efficient, and their staff works quickly. The interior of the restaurant is contemporary, I'm a big fan. I ordered both sushi and hibachi, and enjoyed them both, although they're not outstanding. My boyfriend, however, raved over his roll - the Marco Pollo. My tuna roll was average with a little too much rice. However, the price was on point for it. I was amazed by their water cups- hermetically sealed but with ice inside. Anyway, Tokyo Tapas is a solid restaurant. I'd go back.

  • Ken M.

    Not too many great places to eat around Oviedo, so was pleasantly surprised to find this place. Sushi is decent, more in the vein of specialty rolls than solid nigiri. Hibachi rice and steak/chicken just what you'd expect if you were at one of those hibachi chains, without the show. Not bad for the price, had great service on first visit, most recent visit included really poor service, including waitress who snapped she wasn't done cleaning the table at a seat yourself place.

  • Suge W.

    I was pleasantly surprised with Tapas, food portions are great , fresh fish/ingredients etc, and they run great specials throughout the week. Pricing on the other hand other than specials could be worked on.. The limited selection of beer/sake are definitely overpriced and the midday closing/reopening is a bit inconvenient although not uncommon. The only big gripe I have is the unfriendly staff that I have dealt with (wouldn't be fair to say all), the 10+ times I've dined in and countless others I've ordered out there has been a few that it was painfully obvious they would rather be anywhere else but there working, zero smiles or customer service, that being said Tapas has a lot of potential and with a few tweaks it could really shine.

  • Meghan M.

    I decided I finally needed to write a review for this place as I sit here staring at the "people love us on yelp" sign in their window. This place is great if you go on a weekday when nobody is there. The food is good, however, the service is VERY slow if there are more than four full tables. As I write this I've been waiting for 37 minutes for two chicken hibachi meals and two glasses of water. I've only seen them serve one table during that time, however they've filled several take out orders. The lesson I've learned tonight is to never go to Tokyo Tapas if it's over half full. Update, we received our meals after 40 minutes. There usual teriyaki sauce isn't on the noodles. We'll suffer through it because we don't want to wait another 40 minutes.

  • Jessica D.

    The food is good, but I found a hair on my salad, told the blond guy at the register in low voice to not make a scene and he said OK and didn't even apologize. I feel like if you find a hair...all bets are out, too bad because it was becoming my favorite joint in Oviedo!

  • Velda R.

    My son loves the California rolls!! High Quality food and great prices!!! Great Customer service!!

  • Jason H.

    A great, casual Japanese/Latin fusion restaurant. Don't let the strip mall location fool you. While the menu can be a little limited (there was no nigiri), everything we ordered was well-prepared and tasty. We ordered a mixture of the tapa plates, sushi rolls, and hibachi entrees. Even though everything came out at different times, we never seemed to be waiting for anything. The service is attentive without being pushy and the prices are very competitive for the quality of the food served. We will definitely visit again.

  • Catherine C.

    Japanese and Latin American fusion fantastic food. Simply amazing dishes with unique twists. Worth the almost 40 min drive for us... It's that good. Nice staff, fresh sushi and amazing mofongo!!??!? Plantains and sushi doesn't sound right together but it is sooooo right!!! You must try this place.

  • Rebecca G.

    Their food is DELICIOUS and their prices are amazing. Just moved here from South Florida and am already becoming a regular. Seriously my favorite place. Their hibachi chicken combination is my favorite! So yummy and the staff is always polite!

  • Jason S.

    I live nearby so my roommates, friends, and I often hit this place up. It is amazing, and everyone we've introduced this place to agrees! The staff is great and friendly, the hibachi is delicious, and the sushi is amazing. The pricier sushi rolls are what you should judge this restaurant by, and every roll is extremely good. Their tapas menu has pretty tasty items as well like the tacos and gyozas, but the sushi is their best delicacy. The only problem is one roll isn't that filling and while it's not expensive, ordering multiple rolls can add up to be pricier than you intended. Overall with our close proximity to this restaurant it is a definite favorite of ours and we often go almost once a week!

  • Amber S.

    I have to start by saying WOW! I work in the plaza and frequent this place for lunch. The owners of this place are really personable guys, and are hands on personally in the kitchen, which I LOVE that. I can't say anything but great things about this place, the food is fantastic and bursting with flavor! The atmosphere is wonderful, and my food always comes out pretty quickly. The hibachi is delicious, I love the lunch special. And the sushi is to die for! After eating here I have a hard time getting my sushi fix anywhere else. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  • Tom D.

    I recently took my wife here for a lunch date and couldn't be happier to gamble on this place as a first time visit. We both had the Ginger salad which was excellent, the Cali roll and Marco Polo roll- of which both were awesome! I have to say the food is as good or even better than sushi pop which felt like it drained my wallet. Overall Tokyo Tapas- Awesome food + great atmosphere + great price = we'll be back! Definitely a hidden gem in Oviedo!

  • Denise S.

    So glad there is another place to eat in Oviedo! It's quick casual, but great food. The hibachi rice and noodles are delicious. It's how it would taste at a teppanyaki table without the high price and show. The food is served on restaurant pizza pans. Haven't tried the sushi, but will be back to do so. The service is great and they are going to be a full service restaurant in the near future. They are currently an order at the counter and run the food out. Highly recommend.

  • Nikki A.

    My husband and I have tried practically everything on the menu. Their lunch special is a great value for a lot of food! Everything that we have tried has been delicious. We like the design and set up of the location, they have taken care of all of the details, even down to the way you place your order. The only downside to me is the fact that they close in the middle of the day for a few hours. I understand its so that they can have a break and prep for their lunch shift, however, I almost always miss out because I usually have free time between 2:15-4. SO happy they are here, they are miles ahead of any other restaurant that I've tried since moving to FL from NYC. Favortie dishes: Yoyojimbo Hibachi Chicken or Steak Sweet Flames Chicken Bites Sweet Flames Chicken Wings

  • Laura G.

    i LOVE this place! you can do no wrong here!

  • Royce B.

    Everyone should eat at the Tokyo Tapas in Oviedo! Great place and great food.

  • Georgie W.

    Great food! Nice to have this kind of place in Oviedo. The look and menu are both modern and delicious. Only thing not giving it 5 stars is that the ordering system is a little awkward. Either groups congregating at counter to get a menu, or awkwardly looking over people eating to the chalk board on the wall.

  • Rob H.

    Excellent quality food and very friendly service. The rice is outstanding and helps to elevate everything it is served with from the rolls to the hibatchi dishes. Try their Street Tacos too. My only complaint, and its very minor, is the layout of the space. Counter area is a little crowded and can be tough to order at, but again that's minor. For the price this place is as good as it gets.

  • Sarah S.

    I have had sushi in many big cities, so it's weird to think that this is the best sushi I've ever had!! The sashimi ceviche is incredible too. The prices are really cheap too!!


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Opening Hours

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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Hipster
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

Tokyo Tapas

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