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Visit below restaurant in Oviedo for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Oviedo for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Candice E.

    Great place! Definitely check it out. Full liquor bar and a wine area where you can try different types of wine.

  • Edith C.

    Oviedo needs a place like this but the problem I had was the portions were very small. The guy sitting next to me at the bar ordered scallops and I swear they smelled horrible, not sure how he could eat them... Servers were friendly and place looks great. Just not impressed with the menu or portions. Cheese platter looked like they walked over to publix and opened the package and put on a board. Don't waste your money on it!

  • Shannon H.

    Heard great things but got to experience first hand today for lunch. We were a party of eight. We all loved our food. The waitress was thorough and the decor and atmosphere were perfect. One of the owners came to check on us and was very sincere and pleasant . I will definitely return.

  • Anjum K.

    Recently tried DeVine in Oviedo. It's located where Medici used to be. DeVine has a classy old world charm as you enter. It's fairly small, but this lends itself to a more intimate dining experience. The service was prompt and our waitress was extremely knowledgeable. She thought me about sediment in beer, after I ordered a La Fin Du Monde. The food was impeccable. We ordered Mac & Cheese, Roasted Chicken, and fried potatoes. I tend to shy away from chicken dishes because I find them boring. The roasted chicken at Devine was amazing. Crispy and bursting with flavor on the outside, and tender on the inside. Will definitely be going back.

  • Maisa K.

    This is a jewel!!! Fantastic wine selection! Try the Wente Charles Wetmore. A full bodied Cabernet with a hint of oak. Very smooth after it opens up. The "Olives etc" is an unexpected combination of olives, almonds, artichoke hearts and pickled shishito peppers. The Pork Rib Eye blew my mind with juicy slices of pork with bacon stewed black eyes peas. It had enough kick but not too much. Just perfect. The scallops were combined with corn. Very smooth and tasty. This place is a MUST TRY!!!!!!

  • Tammy B.

    Thanks Alex and Amy for recommending DeVine. We've been multiple times and have enjoyed every visit, even during the one that my brioche french bread with brie showed up without brie. Service is friendly, and on most occasions, on top of it. You don't have a designated server, so you may be asked the same question several times. Prices are on the higher side, however I never leave feeling ripped off or unsatisfied. Food is delicious, and their house cabernet is yummy. Daily happy hour 3-6 P.M. Thanks DeVine for opening up and serving tasty food in Oviedo.

  • Ms Fabulous Jay R.

    I am so happy we stumbled upon this place. In the heart of the city of Oviedo, there lies this true jewel. They have a variety of wine you can try with a one card that is only $3, and you add how much money you would like to add. It is tapa style for food. Please try the macaroni and cheese, it will truly melt in your mouth!!!!! The caprese salad as well as the steak was very tasty. It is a smaller place, has live music, but the Customer service is superior. Even the manager walks around, and is very involved and informative. You can tell their goal is to make sure you leave with a smile. Absolutely love this place.

  • Alex D.

    Tucked in the Alafaya Woods Publix shopping center this place is a gem for Oviedo. A local seasonal menu and affordable drink prices warrants the 5 stars. DeVine has that casual vibe with a touch of class. If you are wine drinker and wish to use the dispenser you buy your DeVine card for a one time $3 charge and load it up with $$. Then enjoy an extensive selection from whites to reds with 3 price points. A sip, 1/2 glass, and full glass will make for a great night. I have yet to have a bad meal. If ever in Oviedo pop inside to be pleasantly surprised from the owners checking up on each guest's experience to the super friendly attentive staff.

  • Ellie P.

    Absolutely wonderful restaurant! I live in the Oviedo area and usually have to drive 30 minutes to Winter Park (Park Ave) to find high quality restaurants. Ever since Devine opened, I can stay local! I have been there three times in the past month and have enjoyed every single thing I've tried. They serve their plates "tapas" style, which is fun! The beet salad is my personal favorite (such a unique taste). They also have a very cheap happy hour - their house pinot noir is delightful. Each time I have dined, the staff has been extremely friendly and one of the owners has stopped by to ask how we were enjoying our meals. I would 100% recommend this new restaurant to anyone curious to try it.

  • Denise L.

    This place is a yuppie/ hipster dream! Great locally sourced beer, wine and food. The foodie in you will appreciate the delicious unique dishes. Try the rabbit regout and the goat cheese. Everything is served tapas style so you can taste and enjoy several made from scratch delights. This was a great find for my husband and me.

  • Melissa O.

    Took a friend from out of town for Sunday brunch and we were very satisfied. The server was very sweet, attentive & knowledgeable with the menu. She served us a refreshing Rosemary water (my first) and I like it. Per her recommendation, we ordered French Toast. The French toast was different from other places as it comes with a scoop of ice cream, you can order it without the ice cream though. It really was one of the yummiest french toasts I've had! The serving was slightly large and we could of shared it. The pork belly Mac & cheese was yummy too (removed the egg option). We also enjoyed a delicious pineapple mimosa and hands down the best. This was my second time at Devines.. UFirst time was dinner and now Brunch. I've enjoyed both times and would recommend it to anyone wanting to support local business.

  • Amber L.

    Second visit last night. First time was for ladies night but brought my husband with me this time. Love the wine varieties and the inventive menu. Didn't care for the octopus but everything else was delicious! Location is great and the atmosphere feels warm yet trendy. Definitely will be back!

  • Kathy M.

    I live downtown but work on the east-side, so i always struggle to find a restaurant that ins't part of a chain restaurant for a nicer dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at the interior since it is in one of our Florida strip malls. The food we ordered was good, especially my goat cheese fondue... but i do love anything goat cheese related! I will definitely add this to my list when i need a place near work!

  • Ameera A.

    This place was pretty darn awesome. We were greeted nicely by the waiter Jeff and speaking of Jeff his drinks were amaze balls. He made my husband and I a mango spice margaritas and they were to die for. In addition, our plates were delish. I had the scallops with cream corn (DELICIOUS) and my husband got the chicken... Yummmmy. We will be back and so awesome to have a cool rustic restaurant by my house

  • Bob K.

    Wasn't disappointed in over all experience.. Atmosphere was fine and food good..not tapas but shareable dishes.

  • Bonnie R.

    We had a really great time here. Please, give this place a try, especially if you live in Oviedo! First off, we went on a Monday evening. Apparently, they have great drink specials every Monday night so the place was bustling! All night on Monday evenings they have $3 martinis (a deal) and sangria specials till 6pm. I got a Cosmo and my husband got a white Sangria. We both enjoyed our drinks; the white sangria was very refreshing and great on a hot evening in the summer. We split an order of the fonduta (spelling?) which was melted asiago and another type of cheese that I can't remember with chopped fennel in there also, served with grilled bread. We thoroughly enjoyed this and was fine for splitting with 2 drinks. The service was great and the servers couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. As a couple living in Oviedo, we were surprised to see something like this place open up in our neighborhood. Typically, what we find in our city is tons of chain restaurants and BBQ joints. DeVine's is upscale (without having to dress upscale) and an all around pleasant change. We also love that we don't have to drive in to Winter Park to have a really nice evening out, especially so since we live in the subdivision behind this strip center. We will absolutely go there again!

  • BC C.

    Don't waste your time. Horrible and disorganized service, long wait time for drinks then food and food was cold with little adherence to menu description. Table for 4... Got 2 orders out after long wait then the next 2 more than 10 minutes later.

  • Rick V.

    We arrived for an after dinner drink, and wanted to sit at the bar. 3 chairs were leaned against the bar and we were told we couldn't sit there because a group of people were out smoking. We sat at a table, ordered a drink, finished the drink, got the bill, paid the bill, and left. Guess who never showed back up? The people not sitting in the seats we wanted to use. My wife wanted to take a picture of the empty seats and the man who told us we couldn't sit there got in the shot and said, "why don't you let me get in the picture." Rude staff, and a bad beer selection. I hope the smoker's not sitting at your bar are good customer's.

  • Karen S.

    First time there for a work party. They were very accommodating getting us all seated and just in time for happy hour. The wine bar was great to sample all the wines. The appetizers were very good as well. It was a fun atmosphere and everyone had a great time.

  • Elle L.

    I heard about DeVine from a friend of mine and decided to check it out. Their atmosphere is a little sexy, a little industrial, a little swanky. My friend and I sat at the bar because the restaurant was full - probably a good sign! I read about the chef and the menu before I went and was excited about the kale, mac and cheese, and potatoes. The mac and cheese was, I kid you not, some of the best I've had in a restaurant in a long time. The kale was incredible too! We ended up getting the roast chicken (the ginger chimichurri is yum!) and it was better than I expected. Because let's face it - chicken can be boring. Will return for the mac and cheese!

  • Peter P.

    Other's have covered most. Love: The menu changes fairly regularly. Lots of variety that you can't get in the area. The food is priced OK. The alcohol is priced OK, especially happy hours. Service is attentive. Hot, scantily-clad women in men's room - Boing!. Finally someone who knows how to cook scallops! Open at 3, very cool and great for an early day off. The roast chicken is amazing. Flatbreads are good. Food not overly-salted (except a few) - rare in restaurants. Meh: Some items need improvement - Shishito peppers are too mature (woody), pick them at 2/3 that size; Most beef dishes are way too heavy, using some sort of tallow so we get sick-full - that makes us leave unhappy; Scallops could be fresher - I know they say "just came in", but handling from the time they're pulled up has to be perfect with this animal, there's a warm stage in there somewhere and it puts a fishy taste in the meat (usually on the boat or processing dock). Not to knock them too much, I am spoiled from dining in Boston, these are the best in the area for sure. Too noisy, consider putting more sound absorbing surfaces up high, like covered rockwool pads. The open-server plan is nice because it allows for more efficient coverage; however, they need some better training on the method - servers need better situational awareness. Be aware of where other servers are and which tables were recently visited by them. We get bombarded with "how is everything?" way too often and it interrupts conversations. I think with this generation of kids though, asking them to pay attention to anything more than their cell phone is a chore, so I commend the management for even trying. Don't like: Scallop's brine is too salty. I know it's to preserve them, but the salt is about 3X too high, it ruins the beautiful effort to cook them perfectly. Servers need better training in beer characters and styles. "Mmm, good choice!" and "Yum, my favorite!" are meaningless when is comes to beer and wine, everyone has their own preferences, so understanding character differences between styles is important. If someone asks if the Saison sweet or dry and how heavy is the spice, there should be an informed answer with comparisons to others. Coming back to some food being too heavy here - it's restaurant 101 to load the fat up for happy customers, but take it easy on some of those dishes. Charcuterie is weak - The servers state some items are from Italy, suggesting that makes them great. Great for Oviedo, yes; but just OK for cured foods. The best produce in France, Germany, and Italy stays in their high end restaurants, it doesn't get piped through Sysco. The quality and diversity of these can be improved and also sourced from with the US (or even Florida) very well. Need some sharper/funkier cheeses and more exotic meats. Head to Madison, WI and check out Forequarter for an eye-opening lesson in besting European platters. Four stars overall, but 5 given because of the balls of working with an Oviedo demographic (80% hicks, 10% immigrants, 5% yuppies, 5% A-holes like me).

  • Dean G.

    We just moved into the Oviedo area and we were anxiously awaiting the grand opening of this eatery. We were NOT disappointed. From the ambiance to the service to the music food and the crowd it looks like it will be a great success. I loved the skirt steak and the pork bellies were delicious. She loved the wine options and almost 3 hours later we left quite happy looking forward to the next time here. I am a big fan of live music and loved the musician. Great place to meet new friends and neighbors and hope to meet many more there. Great time had!

  • Alex I.

    Great place for a HOT date!

  • Shane O.

    Food was prepared very well and it is meant to be shared tapas style. The portions were a little small for the price and considering the sharing aspect, but it's a very friendly atmosphere with great service. Definitely a good spot for date night.

  • Shannon J.

    Love this place. Winter Park atmosphere on the east side of town. Great little wine bar that is pour by the spout. They had Monday Martini's which were $3 all night. The food was great and I loved the beet salad and the short rib snack. We highly recommend it.

  • Eric A.

    The food was great. The wine and craft beer selection was excellent. The atmosphere was unexpectedly higher end. This restaurant is great for an adult night out. We will definitely be back.

  • Colleen D.

    We recently went to Devine and we sat at the bar. The bartender was really nice and told us about the menu and happy hour. We ordered the roasted beat salad and it was excellent. The only issue we had was with the wines by the glass; good selection, however, very expensive for a 1,3,5oz pours. My advice..go for happy hour, get the hh wine, or even a bottle would be better than the by the glass prices.

  • Poorva N.

    Finally an amazing Wine Bar in Oviedo! An excellent though concise menu of food along with an impressive list of craft beers & drinks. Our grp tried the Cheese Platter, Shishito peppers, Roasted Garlic, Ricotta & Tomato confit with grilled Bread , Roasted Chicken Salad sandwiches & Mushroom FlatBreads, all were better than our expectations & the portion size is very good too. Service was fantastic & Both the Sangrias & Promotional Champagne were so fine:) We'll be regulars here at this rate!

  • Chaz B.

    Great food, atmosphere and service. So glad Devine decided to come to Oviedo. We don't have to drive to winter park anymore!

  • Randy B.

    Great find in Oviedo open only five days. Outstanding small plates made from locally sourced ingredients. Our favorites were a duck confit flatbread and pork belly skewers served with a hoisin like sauce. We'll definitely be returning!

  • Mike D.

    This place is AWESOME! Plates are made to share, kinda tapas style (but not spanish), local ingredients and menu changes daily. Awesome drinks and staff is great as well. Really nice to have something like this in the area. Tried almost everything on the menu and there was not one thing I did not REALLY like. Check this gem out!

  • Jesse J.

    Fantastic Oviedo gem. Finally a place in Oviedo that's actually locally owned and the attention to detail shows. Obviously wine is the centerpiece, but fear not the beer tap list is thought out and well executed. This folds over into the plates, a small plate sampling (tapas style) that lends itself to small groups who actually want to talk to each other while enjoying good food and drinks together. a great place to grab a drink and have a fantastic night out while remaining close to home (though I would clearly make the trip if not a local). Oviedo has been waiting for a place that is truly DeVine

  • James L.

    Fabulous. The servers are well trained, very helpful and seem to truly enjoy themselves. We got there early enough to enjoy happy hour ( 3-6 pm) and had the house Cabernet which was quite nice and an excellent value. The owners ,or at least the one we met, was friendly and gracious. The food is unbelievable and the best part of the experience. It is served tapas style and the portions are a great size for sharing. We had the Caprese salad, flat iron steak, duck confit flat bread, scallops, and finished up with bread pudding. The salad was great, made with cherry tomatoes and pastachio pesto. The steak was perfection. The scallops put the divine in De vine wine. The flat bread was good but compared to the rest I'll have to pass the next time. The blueberry bread pudding was very good.

  • Jessica M.

    Great stuff! We got the chicken flatbread, olives etc., and the short rib marmalade. Everything was very filling and delicious. We also tried out the wine dispensers. You pay $3 for a card that you can load as many times as you want for as much as you want. It was an overall fun and yummy experience :)

  • Boo P.

    I am giving this place three stars only because I don't drink wine and the crowd that this establishment caters to is not my scene. Food was good. Not kid friendly. $8 for a Mac and Cheese!

  • Stef L.

    I absolutely LOVE this place!!! The atmosphere is sexy, but warm and comfortable. Great date spot or a great place to meet up with friends! The staff is outstanding, they will go out of their way to make the experience one you'll want to come back for! The food is tapas style and just to die for! My favs are the Seared Scallops (not fishy at all & seasoned perfectly) & the Duck Fat Potatoes..these are a must have! I love the concept of wine dispensers its such a cool idea! So fun and you can sample as many wines as you would like...or stick to your old regular, glass after glass! FINALLY a sophisticated spot in Oviedo!

  • Roberto V.

    Several months after opening and these guys are still going strong. Unfortunately, it's all too often that places open and quickly go down hill. Well, similar to a fine wine, DeVine keeps getting better with age. I have returned several times since my first visit, and even set up my parents to go for their recent anniversary dinner. The menu is fresh and follows the seasons. The staff and service is top notch. If you haven't been yet, you're missing out.

  • Jonathan R.

    Devine is exactly what the Oviedo area was in need of. This establishment provides everything in one fantastic atmosphere & ambience; delicious food, great wine selection, a full bar, and knowledgeable and welcoming staff. Perfect place for a date night.

  • Scott S.

    I live Downtown but work in Oviedo and would put this place up against any restaurant in DT or Park Ave. Went there with a date last week and we were both very impressed with the selection of wine and the amazing food. We shared a few plates, our favorites being the grilled skirt steak, the pork belly skewers and the creamy kale. There was also a nice upstairs loft/lounge area where we could enjoy a few after dinner drinks. Service was also fantastic. I will definitely be back (probably with a different date)!

  • Stephanie S.

    Finally something different and unique in the Orlando-Oviedo area! I came here with a group of my girlfriends for a girls night out. We were tired of the same old bars and restaurants so we were all excited to try this place out. The beautiful decor and rustic atmosphere captured our attention as soon as we walked in. The hostess greeted us and explained the unique concept of the restaurant. She told us about the self-serve wine machines and being a group of girls we were sold on this idea right away! Basically you purchase a charge card with the amount of your liking to use on the wine dispensers. They have a unique wine selection that you can then use your card on to create your own personal wine tasting. Such a cool idea! The food was delicious as well. They created a menu of shareable dishes that added to the interactive experience. Overall it was a successful girls night out. We will be back soon!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :3:00 pm - 11:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Late Night
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Live, Background
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Wed, Thu, Fri
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

DeVine Wine and Grill

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