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  • Spencer J.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not actually eat here. I walked in and was immediately turned off. We were asked to wait for a table even though 2 were available (the five minutes of wait time gave me time to look around and realize that, at least for me, this place just wasn't right). It smelled stale, it had very low and claustrophobic ceilings, the decor was circa 1952, the service looked very slow and over the top syrupy, and finally no offense, but the average clientele age looked to be about 78 years old. Like I said I didn't eat here and this place could be great if you enjoy that type of setting, but I ended up walking out.

  • Lola W.

    This is a great place for breakfast. My husband and I have been here many times and have never been disappointed. There stuffed French toast is absolutely delicious and a very large portion. Coffee is very good and all the servers are very friendly. They also have outdoor eating which is a plus for us.

  • Carrie D.

    Great breakfast, delicious eggs benedict. Friendly. Good service. Indoor and outdoor seating accommodations. Cute, bright interior decor

  • Judy R.

    Wow this place makes better homemade buttermilk pancakes than me! And the frittata my hubbie ordered was the fluffiest with fresh veggies - asparagus and avocado etc. coffee is a local roast and delicious too. Waitress was a gem- very informative and frequent with that good coffee . Love the decor- all around a fun and yummy place to start the day - oh ya, gonna come back and try the lunch soon. This cook is terrific!

  • Lady K.

    Alright, I've said it before and I will say it again, a restaurants experience has a lot to do with who your server is. I have been here about 10 times; I have had great times and not so great times. I keep coming back because I really do like the food and the outside porch is my favorite! The house is cute and decorated well. I have taken multiple guests here and had a variety of reactions. My mother in law hated the place because is took 1 hour to get food, my younger friends loved the place and went back 3 times in 1 trip, my other friend who is a mother of 4 hated it because the moment she paid we were asked to leave because people were waiting and she had just spent almost $100. Most recently, I did not have a great experience. Let's just say I spent $13 on 2 glasses of OJ (not even fresh, like Tropicana or some crap like that, HELLO were in FLORIDA!) and 1 pancake. It was super busy and I had already paid, so I couldn't be bothered to make a fuss, seeing as it would have taken an extra half hour and I had been there almost 2 hours with the wait. What I do not like about this place is that every single thing you want to change is $1.50. Doesn't matter what it is. In my case, I wanted ONE pancake instead of meat, which cost me an extra $7. How in the world flour and water is more than a dead animal, I'll never know. They also advertise Mimosa's but when you order one, apparently they do not have a liquor license, disappointing for sure. What I do like about this place,the food is not greasy, great home fries and coffee and as I said before, the outside porch is great. It is over priced like crazy, but the food is good. The end!

  • Katie L.

    Very good food. I got the eggs Benedict and goat and blueberry stuffed French toast. Service was great coffee was $2.10 which I thought was more expensive then usual.

  • Sean F.

    best breakfast i ever had very friendly staff clean place you cant go wrong

  • Miguel H.

    Grateful to end our vacation with a wonderful and delicious breakfast. You get more than you pay for and the service was amazing. Will definitely make it a vacation stop next time.

  • Jules D.

    I wasn't super impressed. Reminds me of the "free breakfast" you would get at a hotel. Food was mediocre. Service was okay. The waitress we had was nice. The table behind us had a misunderstanding about their "split plate charge". I didn't see it anywhere on the menu. But the guy threw a fit and the manager came over and basically said that's the way it is. I was surprised since I used to work in food service and the customer is obviously always right. Then right after the waitress went to her next table and got a mini massage from the customer and her colleague. Then when they got up, they went outside and the waitress was on a break and they both proceeded to massage her back and head at the same time. It wasn't the weirdest thing I've seen growing up in the Southwest, but kind of inappropriate in a place you eat at. My advice is spend the extra 15 minutes and drive to Another Broken Egg. It's a chain but it's amazing.

  • R W.

    Hands-down, the best quiche I've ever had in my life. Great coffee too! Lovely, friendly service makes this a favorite.

  • Novel D.

    This quickly became our Saturday breakfast spot! It's such a cute like restaurant that treats everyone like they are family. You must get the uncle Harry's Breakfast. So much food you can't finish it! Wonderful prices and a down home feel.

  • Kara K.

    I was super disappointed in my whole experience at Nokomis Breakfast House. I am in town visiting my parents and they had seen the rave reviews from Judi Gallagher's show and wanted to try the place out. We arrived a bit before 11 and got the shrimp and grits and the special omelette (salmon, cream cheese, capers, and dill sauce). The food took an extraordinarily long time to come out, during which we had to ask for refills on coffee. When the food did come out, my omelette was missing both the sauce and capers. They added the sauce, but informed me they were out of capers. The food was only ok, and definitely not worth the price. The owner flitted around the restaurant, seeming to cause more chaos then help. She brought our food out and didn't even notice my omelette had no sauce and is the one who recommended the omelette but forgot they were out if capers.

  • Claire D.

    Great place to stop for breakfast! We are under a gorgeous tree on their shady back porch! The fruit was fresh and my eggs were perfect! The coffee was spot on, too. Highly recommended!

  • Krissy M.

    THIS BRUNCH IS SUPER DUPER!!! I loved the fantastic decorations, nice service and tasty options! Each one of my family members ordered something different and I definitely took a bite of each :)

  • Christine B.

    Such a quaint breakfast nook with all the homey touches... Generous portions, welcoming attentive service... Can't wait to go back

  • Veronica C.

    Great place for breakfast! Homey and comfortable. Great service. Great food. You can even eat healthy here or partake in all the other good stuff like biscuits and gravy or pancakes and waffles. It's cute and in an old house. Nice patio outside with seating. I would definitely come here often if I lived here. It's like going to grandma's house and getting a nice home cooked meal.

  • Adam L.

    First time here, age 27, eating breakfast. Quaint little place. Service is fast and polite. Food is decent. Nothing to brag about. Parents had to send pancakes back because they were slightly undercooked (doughy) but I thought they were fine. They liked the newly cooked ones though. Had a nice big 3 egg omelette, but the ingredients were not blended in with the eggs. They were placed in between and egg folded over, but still tasted good and I'm full. Potatoes were a little flavorless, fiance said they were dry. Decorations and paint and lighting need a little touching up, and the ceiling vents could use a cleaning. Light music in the background.

  • Diane M.

    We went to this little out of the way restaurant twice in two days...guess that tells you how much we enjoyed it. When you walk in you know the experience is going to be fun. The tables have crisp white linen (under glass) and colorful napkins that match the Florida colored chairs (Aqua, Lime Green, Orange, etc). We were seated immediately and had time to look around and read the extensive and imaginative menu. I had the raisin bread french toast special and my husband had a western omelet. The omelet was big and fluffy and stuffed with sauteed onions and peppers. My french toast was very tasty too. My husband isn't keen on potatoes with the skin on so he said he would have them hold the potatoes next time...but that's a personal preference. We went back today and tried the pancakes. They were very flavorful (I had the cranberry walnut, hubby had plain) but I prefer my pancakes a little thinner...again, personal preference. Flavor was very good. We will be back because there are so many items that I would like to try including the Eggs Benedict and Benedict with corned beef hash. The lunch items look good too. I can't help but wondering when I read some of the negative reviews who went about the same time we did. People said it smelled stale and that they hated the cheery decor...really! That's OK, go back home and leave this jewel for us locals to enjoy.

  • Chris R.

    Really good food, only thing I didn't like was the grits tasted watery and were in a tiny bowl. Pancakes were good as were the potatoes. Prices are a little high but you pay for the beautiful decor.

  • Rob M.

    Horrible Horrible Horrible - I walked in and waited to get a Seat, 15 minutes later a Lady came out of the Kitchen door, which was right at the Front Door and said, "it will be another 10 Minutes", even thou I see 3 Tables Open, She said there is Only One Waitress on and she cannot over work her or she would Quit. So I lefted and went to a another place that does not over work their employees.

  • David W. G.

    Cute. Small. Good. Pretty much sums it up. Small outdoor deck under a tree, and inside, two rooms hold a few tables, but fast service. The hash was just right. And eggs cooked correctly. Omelets large and fluffy. Biscuits, grilled, are awesome. Gravy good, but not the best. I'll be back.

  • Val H.

    Love this place. The biscuits are special, and melt in your mouth. The bacon and sausage are slightly above average quality and consistently good. The omelets are made with real eggs and fluffy. Pancakes are light and tasty. Coffee is good! Sausage gravy tastes like grandmas!

  • Jim S.

    We had a really enjoyable breakfast. The food was excellent, especially the banana and pecan pancakes and the oatmeal, service was very good, the place was clean and cheery. We've gone here several times and the food and service are consistently very good!!

  • paula t.

    Real Sweet place! Colors of Bermuda ~ The BEST 'Island Pancakes'! Full of Macadamia nuts, coconut, a slice of pineapple on top, real maple syrup~!Home~made buttermilk batter~ The Breakfast House has a Wonderful Tea~Room feel~ Good variety and nice kids menu too~ Friendly, nice staff ~We went our first time on Mother's Day and was a pleasure~ Enjoy!

  • Jill C.

    We LOVED our breakfast here!! We're hoping to come to breakfast here for the rest of our stay :). We were at the restaurant a little later in the a.m., got seated immediately, service was excellent.

  • Anthony J.

    Fabulous. Beyond Fabulous. A real find for us. We visit Casey Key (off Nokomis) every year, but never in the Summer. Were bummed to find out usual breakfast place (Anita's) was closed until the season. The manager at our lodgings recommended this place which we hesitatingly tried. I was not prepared for anything this chic and sophisticated literally in the middle of nowhere. The manager, Jim, greeted us at the door. The place is small; no more than 15 or 20 tables. Decorated in all white except for vintage dining chairs painted in vivid colors. The food was superb. I had a Grouper Reuben served piping hot. The grouper was perfectly grilled, succulent and moist. DW is a Benedict junkie; she has the Applewood Smoked Bacon Benedict. She raved about it and the fact that it was real freshly made Hollandaise rather than the mix stuff many restaurants serve. We're both coffee snobs and thought the coffee was excellent. Prices were on the low end of moderate with our meals costing $12.95 & $10.95 respectively. Amy, our server was terrific. Her service was so good, we asked if she was an owner. We now have a new breakfast place for our yearly visits.

  • Roving F.

    Really enjoyed that breakfast. Just had bacon and eggs... Very fresh and tasty.. I love a good breakfast.

  • Gina W.

    Save money, time and heartburn by making breakfast at home. Really bad, dirty, claustrophobic interior-not enjoyable. The coffee was bad too, kind of a huge flaw for breakfast!

  • Jane S.

    We've been to this restaurant three times over the past six weeks. We find it charming. Colorful and fun with bright pastel colors for tables, chairs and napkins. If weather cooperates, eating outside on the deck under the trees is especially pleasant. The food is very tasty. I especially enjoyed their crepes with filling of turkey, spinach and tomatoes with delicious sauce. Sometimes it's crowded and if you, like me, hate waiting in lines, try to go at an off time. The only criticism I have is that the outside deck needs to be regularly and thoroughly washed down. Around the doorknob is especially grimy. Otherwise a delightful place.

  • Colin M.

    I had high hopes going to to this newly-opened breakfast (and lunch) house. My hopes were dashed in terms of ambiance and the food. We went there on a Sunday morning and expected to wait, which we did for about 25 minutes. There is no place to sit while you wait, and you end up standing on a ramp that barely has enough room for other people to pass through. Suggestion - get some benches. My dining companions and I all ordered something different, so there was a variety of food. To be fair, my 5 other companions enjoyed their food, some a little more than others, but I was disappointed in mine. I noted that one of the selections on the menu was sausage gravy and biscuits, with potatoes. When I added up the items ala carte, they actually totaled about .50 less than the menu item. When the gravy came, it was in a small cup, and the biscuits were dry and small. The gravy was actually cold. I mentioned this to the server who promptly took it back to the kitchen and zapped it, because when it came back just 30 seconds later, the outside of the gravy was hot, but the middle was somewhat cool still. I mixed it up and the result was a slightly hot gravy. The gravy had small pieces of sausage, and far too little of them. The potatoes were good with peppers and onions in them, but they could have been so much better had they been hot. Plus, there were only about 10 pieces. When you can actually eye-estimate the number of potatoes, that usually means there are too few. My companions said they would come back, but if I return, it will not be for the sausage gravy and biscuits.

  • Maryjo F.

    Great variety breakfast, lunch & atmosphere. Coconut pineapple pancakes, quiches, etc. not a "chain" restaurant. Bright & lively, outdoor seating.

  • Eileen O.

    What a find--a lovely colorful place with great food, great service, great presentation and reasonable prices! Went to the Breakfast House on Sat for lunch/breakfast. We each ordered different meals. All 4 of us were happy and full. Will surely go back again next time we are in the Venice area. BTW the the spinach and fruit salad was AWESOME? The grits had a hint of garlic and the maple syrup tasted like the real thing.,

  • Geoffrey B.

    A cute little house along US 41 in Nokomis just north of the 681 overpass. Inside the place is actually quite large, compared to the little cottage it appears to be. There is a beautiful outside seating on a porch under an oak tree. The food is excellent! A diverse menu for breakfast and lunch. I had the Eggs Benedict Florentine. It was served hot, with spinach, turkey, poached eggs and a creamy hollandaise with a side of great slow cooked grits. Happy friendly servers.

  • Jeff W.

    2 years ago, this place got 5 stars, today(after a several month absence) it gets 2. The staff was friendly, the place was clean, but both our breakfasts were horrible. I had the eggs Benedict and the Hollandaise sauce was cold and had a nasty congealed like texture, like gritty sour creme. My wife's eggs were not cooked right and were closer to raw than cooked. Our breakfast potatoes were not made that day and were very dried out and actually they were served room temperature. For this pleasure, we had a breakfast bill of well over $20 and we left a decent tip. Furthermore, we were the first customers in the place and had to wait over 15 minutes to get our breakfast. I hope they were only having a bad day and they do not have serious quality issues because the place across the street is gaining on them.

  • Elizabeth P.

    Our breakfast here was about average. We are always visiting family in the area so it was nice to go to a place we don't normally eat at. However like I said our food was just generic. We do hope to go back though and try different things, maybe something that will make for a higher recommendation.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Nokomis Breakfast House

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