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Visit below restaurant in Navarre for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Navarre for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Georgiana S.

    The onion rings smell and taste like they fell right out of onion ring heaven. I think about them every time I pass by tops. My co workers are always getting tops burgers and rings.... I am alway so jealous until they share:)

  • Leyte D.

    Very affordable fresh burgers! I've had the cheese fries and they are yumm, too. I love the bacon cheeseburger! So. Good. Customer service in the drive through is..meh.

  • Marie H.

    Surprisingly a good burger at a great price, its definitely a great 2nd choice compared to five guys in this area! Very reasonable price items. Fast service and fresh & hot fries. Overall a great small burger joint!

  • Mike M.

    I have lived here 3 years before finally trying this place and I kick myself in the ass for not trying sooner. They have a great bacon cheeseburger! Small little place but, I really enjoyed it!

  • Corey W.

    I've seen this place packed and saw great reviews on yelp and so on and so forth. Came in with my mom and both got the double bacon cheese burger with fries and onion rings. Onion rings were okay. Fries needed salt on them, hot fries is a plus for me and they were hot and fresh. Burger was greasy and moist and tasty, which I love. Overall a hell of a burger place to go to. Cheap and great food.

  • DeeAnn L.

    They do great Old School double cheeseburgers. They're a mess, aren't great burgers supposed to be? Not only do they do great burgers, their beer battered chicken sandwiches are good too. Corn dogs, and chili dogs are also good. The fries are awesome and usually found in the bottom of the brown paper bag Top's food is served in. Last time I was there, I was told you can also buy tee-shirts and hats from there. Tops is an old time 'local' fave. The cherry coke and their lemonade's are also soemthing you won't want to miss. It's just like getting the old school fountain cokes with the cherry syrup and the tiny cubes of 'crunch ice'.

  • Cram K.

    Great burger! I limit myself because I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack after I eat one. Gotta love the greasy brown bag.

  • Marisa F.

    Tops has some of the best burgers in the panhandle. If you're craving comfort food, Tops has it! My usual order includes a cheese burger and a chili cheese dog. Not the most diet friendly food but you got to live a little. Quick and friendly service. Always keeps me coming back for more. Their prices are less then Mc Donalds and the food taste way better!

  • Jaime G.

    Surprisingly a good burger at a great price comes out of here. Not as good as the place down the road, but you also don't pay the price for that either. We found a delicious substitution for Five Guys (closest one is in FWB or Pensacola). I get the double bacon hamburger, husband likes the double cheeseburger, and daughter likes the single bacon hamburger with extra pickles. Got the corn dog once for the kid and it was soggy. The fries were soggy, almost like they were boiled instead of fried. Not a deal breaker. We don't need fries. The onion rings are legit but you don't get but 5 of them in an order. Staff is always friendly so that's a plus. The drive up window is convenient but it's a bit slow since they aren't like super fast food. No big deal. To see the FULL menu, you need to go inside! There are a lot more options listed on their menu boards. I tried posting pics but they came out really small on here.

  • Cheryl F.

    Best burgers and fries for $4.50! Nice juicy tasty burger- real potato (as in fat and long) fries. I don't know how they put out something this delicious in a drive-thru, but it's better than great every time!

  • Heidi L.

    This is right by the house. They are tucked inside gas stations. Hamburgers/cheeseburgers or greasy good when your looking for that fix. The pickle spears with the fill ranch are awesome!

  • Victor T.

    The best place to get a cheeseburger and fries in the state. The slaw dogs are fantastic. Great people and inexpensive.

  • B.J. B.

    Cheap and good. Like five guys but half the price. Don't know if Fox News is what I want to he watching in a burger joint but it was muted so it worked out.

  • Sonja L.

    Delicious burger all the way, lots of fries and a big drink for $5! You can hardly find that anywhere. These burgers are way better than the big fast food chains. I read comparisons to Five Guys -- the prices here are far far better! A guilty pleasure.

  • Larry T.

    Arguably the best hamburger in the area, especially considering price. The menu is basic hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, tots, chili, i.e., everything that's bad for the diet and waistline, but sooo good. They do have some specialty burgers if you're one of those type that go for more exotic toppings. The fresh grilled meat with the standard toppings compared very favorably to Five Guys but at a third less cost and attitude. Also, the fries come in a reasonable amount and price vice the pound of fries you get at Five Guys. Everything is cooked fresh and the kitchen is small, so be prepared to wait at the busy times. Last time through the drive up took 15 minutes but the wait was worth it. They also take phone ahead orders.

  • Shane F.

    Got to say this place doesn't look good from the outside it is attached to a gas station. The burgers are VERY good also greasy but they tasty and the tots are also good. This is a cheap place to grab a bite to eat. Also bring CASH because they charge if you use a card

  • Jeff O.

    The burgers are good as well as the tots. They just need to stop charging people to use a debit card.

  • John R.

    Great place to grab a priced right greasy burger and fries, part of service station with Church's Chicken also. The burgers are good and and around $2. They put everything into a brown paper bag that is guarantied to have a grease spot in it before you can get home. Small dining in area if needed.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No

Tops Choice Hamburgers of Navarre

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