Lenore’s Nifty 50’s Cafe

817 Clearwater Largo Rd S
Largo, 33770
Home of the Famous Midwest Pork Tenderloin sandwich. This sandwich is just as good as the ones I grew up with in Indiana. Small restaurant with plenty of seating and good service.

(727) 581-7962

American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch

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Burger King

13790 Walsingham Rd
Largo, 33774
This burger King has improved a lot since the last time I was in there. The store is very clean. Their staff is very friendly and their managers go out the way to get your order a fast and quickly. I will be happy to come back to this burger king any chance I get. I recommend it to everybody.

(727) 596-6160

Fast Food

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Jersey Mike’s Subs

13100 Seminole Blvd,Unit 103
Largo, 33778
Can I just say why the hell haven't I tried this place before? Best subs EVER. Not only from a chain but even from the independent shops. I always order roast beef and they actually cut the roast beef fresh. Who does that anymore?? The roast beef is immaculate. No fat whatsoever, unlike Jimmy John's and Subway. It's also slightly rare (which I love) and very, very tasty. The potato chips (kettle) are awesome and they have a rewards program, which every business should have, if they're smart. I really can't find one single fault with Jersey Mike's. Very easy five stars.
Real personal staff. Place is always clean and since new there is good traffic through, but they get food out quick. They make some of the best cheese steaks around. I recommend you try this place.
Checked out this new sub shop across from Largo Mall. Ok I usually do not like hot subs but their buffalo chicken cheese steak is awesome! They also have outside seating, which is super nice. Will be back.

(727) 240-1805

Fast Food, Delis, Sandwiches

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Quench Lounge

13284 66th St N
Largo, 33773
Visited here when I was on spring break. IT WAS SO FUN! Great atmosphere and music. The time I was there they had 2 for 1 drinks until 9pm which was an AWESOME deal. The bartender was super friendly and the drag show was way better than we expected. If Im ever back in the area Ill be heading back to Quench. Did I mention that the guys there were exceptionally good looking?

(727) 754-5900

Gay Bars, Dance Clubs

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Dublin House Pub

477 Seminole Blvd
Largo, 33770
After moving to the Largo area several months back I was looking for a bar to take me in and make me feel at home - not judge me for the pack of cigs I was about to smoke in one sitting. For the loud obnoxious music I was about to play for all to hear. Or even for those 9 Alabama Slammers I was about to consume. Within a few minutes of walking in the door, I knew I had found my new "home". The bartenders really understand their patrons here and go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied. I spend 1/4 of my weekly paycheck here and I ain't ashamed!

(727) 584-4685


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Curium Authentic Greek Restaurant

7177 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, 33771
Was searching Yelp for greek nearby and took a chance on this place having only 1 yelp review at the time, and I'm glad I did! Got the hummus as an appetizer served with warm pita bread and the lamb gyro as the entree. The hummus was delish, and the gyro was even better. You can tell from the owners that this really is authentic greek cuisine. The gyro was full of lamb meat, and tzatziki sauce, with the meat perfectly seasoned almost in a steak chunks. This isn't the typical thin shaved lamb you find in lower grade gyros. Very good, if you love Greek food you will love this place. They have just opened about a week ago so this gem needs explored. I asked them for the flaming goat cheese which I don't think was on the menu but the owner said he could it in next week! Awesome service.
I stumbled upon this AMAZING spot while working in town. With my job I'm always traveling and eating out so I wanted to try something different. I've always enjoyed Greek food and this place made me fall in love with it all over again. This place is super authentic and the food is made fresh.
I will not downgrade yet as this place just opened. But a few things just make this place just ok. The atmosphere suggests this place to be just a takeout restaurant with no appealing atmosphere. The owners are a very nice Greek family. The lamb that I had was over salted but the owner seemed to think it was fine. I had not mentioned this to him as I did not want to burst his bubble when he was praising his food. The salad was good. Overall I think I will try the chicken next time. Which is usually my go to.Worwhile giving this place a shot.

(727) 303-3813


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10500 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, 33771
My mother and I both filled our cups to the brim with goodies and flavors and the total came to less then $8 for both! Love this place for some froyo!
I was craving so froyo and saw this Yogurtland was nearby. I have always had positive experiences at this chain. I was a bit disappointed in my visit today because they had very limited fruit choices. There was only strawberry or strawberry lemonade. Not sure if that is typical for this location. Everything else here was spot on. I decided to go for a heavier option of cupcake batter/red velvet cake twist with tapioca on top.
I had fun creating my yogurt work of art with all the varieties of toppings. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop. I like the different flavor yogurts. It's self serve so you are in control of how much or little you want of each flavor. Just remember that you pay by the weight of your yogurt and toppings in your cup. The store was clean and the cashier was friendly. I'll go again if I'm nearby.

(727) 754-7854

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Anthony’s Deli Warehouse

1435 Clearwater Largo Rd N
Largo, 33770
This is not a sit down place - this is an old school take-out only New York style deli. Ya come in, ya order your meat and cheese and get the hell out! Love these guys! They're loud and hilarious and sweet, every last one of 'em. Sandwiches are HUGE (I mean really huge) and sides are all made in house. In addition to their regular sandwich menu, every day you go in you'll find something different in the deli case...pizza, lasagna, spinach & feta pie, beans & greens (hello!), fish, chicken..who knows? It's all delicious and prepared with supah love and pride by this family owned operation. They also have a small selection of Italian and Greek pantry items which are fun to check out while you wait for your sandwich prepared to order. They also have pastries, desserts, and frozen gnocchi. The place is crazy, I'm tellin' ya! Homemade ricotta, homemade feta, homemade mozzarella, I kid you not. FUGGEDABOUTIT!
I was curious enough about their subs to stop in and give them a try. There's another Italian deli in Largo that serves subs as well, and it's one of my favorite places, so I was hoping Anthony's Deli Warehouse would be just as good. I was a bit disappointed in the size and number of deli selections that they offer. I decided to grab a loaf of bread, and I also ordered a sub. I ordered their signature Big A. The meat and vegetables tasted fresh, it was pretty tasty, but I've had better subs locally. There is no sit down area, so you have to get the subs to go, which is a bit of a disappointment. I'd like to see them add a few tables and stock up on some more deli items. Would I eat their subs again? Yes, if someone brought them to me, but I will not be making a special trip to get one.
I just love Italian men with a variety of meats and cheeses to sample! Very nice selection of FRESH sandwiches, pasta dishes and the meatballs! Fresh sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, etc. This will be one of my stops while shopping for the necessities of home. Next will try the beef and cannolis :)

(727) 581-4400

Delis, Greek, Italian

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Chantilly Cakes

13533 65th St
Largo, 33771
I don't know how their Safety Harbor location was, but their Largo office is in an industrial part of town that would've been almost impossible for me to find if it weren't for my handy Garmin. This baker was one on the list of approved bakers for my standard wedding cake included in my catering package by Amici's Catered Cuisine. Unlike other place we went to whose storefront consisted of pink and lace Southern-belle nightmare, the office of Chantilly Cakes was professional and tasteful that offered tasteful and elegant cake designs. One thing I noticed about this and all other cake bakers I visited - what's with the seashell decor? Is it really a big thing around here? It's so tacky it makes no sense. Of all places on their list, this place by far offered the best-tasting cake with the ability to help me conceptualize its design. My husband specifically wanted an amaretto cake, and with their amaretto and almond cakes, we were sold. Their cakes were light, fluffly and smooth tasting and full of flavor. We decided on a two-layered cake with one layer of raspberry swirl an done layer of almond cake with a raspberry mousse filling. Our top tier cake was both almond and amaretto cake with an amaretto cream filling. This yummy cake encased in a buttercream frosting the scented that portion of our reception room with its buttery-sweet aroma. If my guests weren't drooling over our dinner buffet, they were definitely going gaga over our cake.
I don't throw five stars very ofter but this place is great and here's why: I got a coupon for a FREE cake when I got the standard "welcome to the neighborhood" envelope. I called and placed my order, she gave me two cake, 1 filling and 1 frosting options for my FREE cake. I picked it up on Saturday morning after having to call for directions (the location is kinda janky) and ate a small piece. It was wonderful! The vanilla filling in the middler was phenominal. I'm willing to say there was nutmeg in there, which I think is awesome. If I ever need a cake for an event, I will toatlly order from here.
I called them on Friday afternoon for a Wedding Cake we needed for Monday. My wife gave the details and come Monday morning we had the PICTURE PERFECT Wedding Cake. Very rich and tasty. The great thing about the cake was, this place isn't even open on Monday's, but despite there busy delivery schedule, she told me I could pick it up at 10:00 a.m. Just a very accomodating company and I fully recommend them. We had the red Velvet and it was amazing. Location is in the cut, but what do I care lol, I found it without getting lost. They even showed off our cake on their FaceBook page and shouted out me and my wife for our wedding. Great company, fresh ingredients, no preservatives. Do yourself a favor and get a real Wedding Cake at Chantilly Cakes. I found out about them at LivingSocial.com and they will be running another special soon, if unsure, give that a try, but I would have no questions about going back w/o a LS or Groupon. Only pricey if you don't factor in the personalization and the fresh ingredients. Worth every penny if you ask me.

(727) 530-0300


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Adriano’s Rosie’s Cafe

2745 E Bay Dr
Largo, 33771
Cute old timey feel. Went for breakfast. Huns had an omelette. It was huge and loaded with goodies. I had biscuits and gravy- also huge portion. Lost of gravy. I'd go again, I'd even order the same thing again! Waitress was nice- also had my coffe full. Owners were present too- I like that. Seem really invested on their restaurant, that's something to be proud of.
Our family has followed Rosie from the old place down on East Bay to this location. The servers are great, friendly and the huge portions of food come out quick! The SOUP IS THE BEST! When I feel bad, I send husband to get SOUP! My favorites are breakfast, the pot roast, rueben and more. I like my fries crispy and they always do it for me, all requests are honored. Prices? Oh my, so cheap for what you get! Come hungry, eat well, it tastes good and they are friendly. You will even see the regulars.
Great food.... Fantastic service! Rosie is the best. My husband and I go at least 3 times a week or more. She makes breakfast, lunch or dinner. Always fresh food and tastes like homemade. Love this place.

(727) 584-8850

American (Traditional), Greek

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