Pita Pit

3841 SW Archer Rd,Unit F
Gainsville, 32607
Great! Really friendly workers and great quality. Very efficient. We were there late and they locked the door as we were still eating but reassured us that there was no rush which we really appreciated.
I just tried this place for the first time, and am very satisfied customer! They have an app you can download for online ordering, and I decided to give it a try. The app features the entire menu, and you can customize your selection to your liking. They have tons of toppings and sauces you can add to any Pita, and even items like hummus and avocado are free of charge. Between their different Pita sandwich options and all of the toppings/sauces/spreads, the creations you can make are limitless! My order was prepared correctly and on time- it was ready within 10-15 min of placing my order. However, using the app, it seemed as though you can only pay with credit card. In order to use cash, you may have to forego the app and call in your order the old fashioned way. Overall, a great experience and a delicious sandwich. I will definitely return!
Had an urge for a gyro today, so yelped the closest one with good ratings! Ordered the gyro combo, can't go wrong on the chips since their shipped in, but the gyro sandwich was big when the server brought it to the table. I was thinking this is a huge gyro! But the 1st 3-4 bites I am thinking where's the meat, did I actually order a gyro. Finally found some meat in there, lots of filler in the sandwich very little meat like normal gyros have. Actually it was a wrapped sandwich. It was tasty but not a lot of meat. The end of the sandwich probably the last inch, the meat disappeared like in the beginning. So kinda disappointed with this gyro, have had better. Bathroom was clean, the tables some had crumbs on them. Staff was friendly & clean. Lots of easy parking.

(352) 692-4460


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