12169 S Williams St
Dunnellon, 34432
Excellent food Mary was a wonderful server my pecan crusted grouper was Excellent Small friendly environment My service dog was well received. Great selections on the menu Maybe a little out of the way traveling south on hwy 19 However if you want a good meal not a fast food or chain Well worth the detour. I will return
Not sure why I hadn't been to Carmela's in Dunnellon sooner, but I WILL be back. Very satisfying meal, good service. Yep.
Excellent town gem. The food and service is great !!!! Whatever you get I guarantee you your getting your expectations fulfilled!!!! Ask for the eggplant parmigiana...... No brainer!!!!! thumbs up !!!!!

(352) 465-1818

Salad, Soup

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The Pizza Joint

7973 County Rd 488
Dunnellon, 34433
What it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in down home friendliness. Everyone of the staff was sincerely interested in making sure we were satisfied with our food. It's byob and you can by it next door at the Citgo. They totally don't mind you storing in their cooler(probably bc a good portion of the patrons forget theirs when they leave, as we did) It's a real trip to flavor town. Brings your cash bc they don't take plastic. Grab a coupon book by the register when you order, you can BOGO.
It is a bit of a kneejerk reaction to want to turn around in the parking lot - after all, let's recall the pizza you normally associate with a gas station. At worst, microwaved 7-11 slices. At best, a lukewarm Godfather's or Papa John's pie. I originally recommended The Pizza Joint to our group based of off reviews, and I had second through fifth thoughts as we walked through the parking lot. As soon as we got inside and took a look at the oven, my worries were alleviated. It isn't the best wood-fired pizza place, but it is still damn good. And there is NOTHING like this in Citrus County. We were staying in Crystal River and had no problem driving to Dunnellon to get this pizza. If everyone in your party is settled on pizza, don't think about it, just come out and get the best pizza available.
Best pizza in the free world. The owner is there most days and cooks the pizzas himself. Don't let the outside worry you. It's small but very clean. Our first time we were driving by with our windows down and smelled the pizza. Have been dozens of times and never unhappy. Cash only.

(352) 564-1300

Pizza, Italian

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Bently’s Restaurant

11920 N Florida Ave
Dunnellon, 34434
My husband, mother and myself went for a late lunch today. As always the waiter was extremely friendly and accommodating giving us the table we preferred. The choices on the 6.00 lunch special were delectable. I chose the sweet potato soup with 1/2 grilled cheese, tomato, bacon on rye. Their half sandwich is more than most restaurants whole. It came quickly, drinks were refilled without asking The sweet potato soup was beyond fabulous. I only wish I could watch the chef make it. My husband and mother enjoyed their entrees also. We ended with a choice of desserts that made our pupils get larger. We will go back again, even though we drive 45 minutes to get there.
We had a fabulous 85th birthday dinner for my dad tonight. Alec our waiter was really very attentive, and helped accommodate food allergies of one of our party. Crime brûlée was a miss - no crusty top and very eggy and my prime rib was a tad over cooked but otherwise a great meal.
Nice place to go after church. Fairly plain. Eggs Benedict... small with no potatoes. Should have had potatoes. Lox and bagel was tastey.

(352) 465-5810

American (New)

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Penn Station Deli & Grill

20583 W Pennsylvania Ave
Dunnellon, 34431
As good as it gets. Wonderful roast pork and house made Piccadillo..amazing flavors. The garlic knots will make your lips sing. Be sure to get an extra order of the sweet Plantains. Fantastic flan w a wonderful caramelized sugar sauce too. This place is not to be missed!
After a beautiful drift dive, we were rather hungry and stopped in to grab lunch. It was delicious. The plantains were cooked to perfection. Rice and beans needed no extra seasoning. Cilantro chicken outstanding. In our party we had a brunch selection of eggs and chorizo, Cuban sandwich, cilantro chicken, and marinated beef. Everyone was well pleased. This restaurant also has a cool back room playing good Cuban music and a slide show with Pictures of Cuba. Although, I didn't have time (or room) for an ice cream cone on the way out, the whole experience was wonderful.
We ordered our food to go, the restaurant was very clean when we picked up our food, employees where was nice and warm taste great, the fries where not as good as i thought they would be, we had the mult vinager. Just a bit soggy..sandwiches where good though, i would definitely give them another try...prices where very good..

(352) 465-1212

Cuban, American (Traditional)

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Simply Seafood

12149 S Williams St,Ste G1
Dunnellon, 34432
My family and I went to this restaurant tonight for my birthday and all I can say is, you need to try it. And honestly, I hesitate to even say it because I'd love to keep this gem to myself but for the benefit of the owners, they deserve all the business Dunnellon has. The food is superb - we had lobster bisque, salads, white fish dip, blue crab, shrimp scampi, shrimp ala vodka, rosemary salmon and a crab cake. I'll start backwards, the crab cake was the best I've ever had and I've been to New England, Hawaii and several Caribbean islands where the food *should* be this good. These people know their way around a crab. Okay, next up is the scampi - excellent! The shrimp weren't overcooked or rubbery, it wasn't too garlicky and the pasta was al dente. My husband said the shrimp ala vodka was fantastic too. I tasted it and have to agree. My mom had the salmon and it was cooked well and not too rosemary-y (this place is so good, I've started making up words!). The owners are lovely. So lovely, in fact, you almost forget they're New Yorkers ;) John and Deborah treat you like you're sitting in their dining room. We talked to them like they were old friends. It's a small place so make sure you make a reservation. And if you can hang out and talk to the owners. And, the chef. He's a masterful cook and pleasant guy who will cook pretty much anything you ask for (if you give him some notice). I highly recommend this hidden gem!
I have been waiting to see this restaurant to pop up on yelp to write a review. We went about a month ago. Only a couple of tables and a bar with a few stools but we had no problem to get a table. I ordered the special that was seafood piccata. It had mussels clams and shrimp over angel hair pasta. It was delicious and so fresh as it should be since they own the fresh seafood next door. I had to take half of it home it was such a big portion. We also ordered the blackened swordfish that came with a side of fresh green beans. Excellent. We were afraid it might be to spicy but it wasn't. It had just the right amount of seasoning. She also brought us a taste of her oyster soup. Also good. When we were getting ready to leave she also informed us if there is something you would like that is not on the menu just ask and they will make it for you. When your done go next door and buy some fresh fish dip sold in containers that the owner makes herself. You will not be disappointed
We tried their lobster bisque and New England clam chowder while at a Christmas street fair. Both were tasty, but we enjoyed the clam chowder more. It was chunky with big pieces of clams and it wasn't too creamy. The lobster bisque on the other had no chunks and was very creamy. $5 for a bowl of chowder and $6 for a bowl of the bisque. The staff was friendly and they had a guy dressed up as a lobster. Can't say no to that!

(352) 465-7887

Seafood, Seafood Markets

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Pavarotti’s Pizza & Restaurant

11352 N Williams St
Dunnellon, 34432
A tale of two experiences at this, overall, nice place. Located at the Rainbow strip mall in what appears to be a the quiet town of Dunnellon, this Italian eatery is a classic example of your mom-and-pop place. The decor is simple and functional and the place Ella delicious walking in from the street. My wife absolutely loved the place - from the waitress, to her salad, and then her dinner of ravioli, she was thoroughly impressed. Me, however, I walked away a little wanting for service. The food was really good, I had their "small" calzone (which is s large at other places I've been too) and enjoyed it immensely. I just had wanted just a little better table service. In the end I split the difference and gave them a well deserved four-stars.
This is normally one of my favorite places to go. The waitresses are very nice and accommodating. As a jersey girl it's hard to find pizza that is good around here and they are one of the few good ones. I was there for lunch and ordered a large pie half plain and half with toppings. The cook made a full pizza with toppings and because I don't eat meat this wasn't ok. Instead of admitting his mistake he blamed the waitress and put cheese slices off a pre-made pie in. He wasn't willing to make us a new pie correctly. To top it off he made our poor waitress come and take half of the pizza that he made wrong from us. At this point steam mine as well be coming out of my ears. The cook was very unprofessional and rude and for that I won't be back. Someone who I believe is the manager came over with our check and apologized and brought us the rest of the pizza the cook wanted back but the entire situation was not handled correctly. I grew up in my father's restaurant for 16 years and you shouldn't EVER punish the customers for your mistakes.
Have to give it a 5. Nestled in dunnellon Florida... Aka middle of not much, but the food was outstanding. Nice pasta selection including wheat. Great sauce and Calamari. If you're in the vicinity a definite to visit. On task with some of the quality restaurants in NYC for Italian.

(352) 522-0025


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Gaetano’s Subs

11943 Williams St
Dunnellon, 34432
Family run by nice people. Straight forward unsophisticated (but very good) food. Weird entrance off Williams st but that's just informational. The smile you'll get from Tina when you walk in will make it all worth while! Enjoy!
They give you a lot of meat on thier sandwich. Unfortunately the bread appears to be from Sysco or someone. Not fresh baked for sure. The young girl that works the front is very nice. Beware the owner, she doesn't want to hear anything but good things. I once mention how hard it is to get in the parking lot and got a ear full. We go about once every six months or so after that.
Love this little place. We eat there at least once a week..Homemade food NOT prepackaged stuff from Cisco foods.

(352) 465-9103

Italian, Pizza

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Swampy’s Bar & Grill

19773 E Pennsylvania Ave
Dunnellon, 34432
My wife and I went with 4 other couples and had a great time. I ordered the special of white fish and shrimp blackened with fries and it was outstanding. Our server Cacindra was our server and she did a great job. We were seated promptly and our order was placed and delivered quickly even though they were very busy. Can't wait to go back.
FAIL TONIGHT ALL THE WAY!!!!! from the service to the fact that people all around got to eat well before us.... My young daughter. I was livid. The young kid server was a punk on top of it......... I am going to call management tomorrow because this was intentional BS. THIS was not busy tonight.... You had enough staff.... Counted three to four....
Have eaten here twice first time really good second time some of the people we were with didnt like their food i tried it and it was blah but their po-boys and their gator bites are really good nice atmosphere right on the beautiful rainbow river

(352) 547-4777

American (Traditional), Bars

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Don Pepe Mexican Restaurant

20744 W Pennsylvania Ave
Dunnellon, 34431
Authentically good in taste, price and portion. The cup size containing the lemonade was outrageous, you can probably share the drink with another person if both drink sparingly. The salsa was flavorful and hot, with fresh chips that accentuate the boldness of the salsa. The menu is long, but don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to decide what you want as the servers take their time in coming back for orders. I ordered #7, enchiladas with rice and beans (with choice of either chicken or beef), hubsie - #2, with tacos, chalupas, & burrito (caution: they only give you beef) mother & father in law- carne asada & 2 enchiladas combination #? & #24 (respectively). I enjoyed my enchiladas, but would've preferred either less beef or more flavor to the ground beef inside the enchiladas. The rice and beans were amazing, period. Mother in law shared some carne asadas, and they were very flavorful - it was served on a skillet, with what seemed like grilled onions and green peppers, with rice, beans, and tortillas on the side. I did dock off some points on behalf of the enchiladas' ground beef, the fact that there was no huevos rancheros on the menu (my favorite dish), and the wait time. But all in all, it was very filling and would definitely come back again, given the opportunity. Word of caution, they close at 2 p.m., so be there on time, or you WILL be left out cold, hungry, and lonely on the porch as you drool watching other patrons (who arrived earlier than 2 p.m.), enjoy their hearty and delicious meals.
My family & my self had a wonderful dinner the other night. Food was great, everyone was on the ball, did not wait for anything. If you like traditional Mexican food this is the place.
I'm going to have to call BS on the "I'm from CA and know good Mexican food" review. (Plus the restaurant is in MARION county, NOT Citrus) This place is DISGUSTING! Dirty and the food is TERRIBLE. I'm not from CA but I eat out 170+ nights a year and this place is TERRIBLE. Ordered the Guac appetizer (no flavor) ordered fried ice cream (terrible) and taquitos (greasy and bad)

(352) 465-8445


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Loafers Restaurant

20049 E Pennsylvania Ave
Dunnellon, 34432
I have been here twice now. Both times we had the same experience. The only good thing about it is the portion sizes are huge! However both times our food was cold and the service was extremely slow. I'm talking over an hour for our main meals and thirty means for salads. We won't be back.
We saw a sign that said "Smoked Prime Rib" and thought we'd give it a try and were not dissapointed! Three out of four of us tried the smoked prime rib and thought it was delicious! I'd never had prime rib prepared that way. It was definitely different than roasted prime rib. It had a great smoky flavor, and was definitely juicy and tender, as expected with a prime rib. The mashed potatoes were chunky and delicious. We had pulled pork nachos as an appetizer, which were great as well. Definitely check this place out if you're in Dunnellon!
Decided to try this place because I had a groupon. There was not enough savings because the food was not worth it. The steak and prime rib came out over rare when ordered medium rare. Potatoes came with gravy after ordering without gravy. The meatloaf was bland and not eaten. The wings are very good. The blueberry pie is okay not as good as made out to be. The chef and manager did not come to discuss the meals being made wrong and a lot of food being sent back. If this is the best they have in Dunellon, I feel bad for this area. I was here years ago when the place was Mackeys. It was much better then. I would not come back here again.

(352) 450-5623

American (New), Barbeque

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