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  • Liz S.

    It was jam packed at noon. Lots of business pants in here! People clearly like this place. I ordered a gyro combo. The salad was exceptional and gyro was delicious. Best tzatziki I've ever had. Dill!!! Seating was limited and it took about ten or twelve min to get food during the rush. Five stars after a return visit for consistency points.

  • Fred C.

    Much better with the new owners! Stop going when it was Gyro Express. The steak is tender, favorful. moist! Fresh salads! Hopefully they will maintain a godd consistantcy!!!

  • Carlos H.

    So I just had the best experience from an amazing restaurant. Great customer service too because I wasn't sure how the lamb would taste and the awesome cooks gave me a little box to try. I really believe this is the best chicken souvlaki I have ever had and I will come back very soon!!!

  • Michael B.

    Noticed the new sign a few weeks ago and thought I would try it out based on the reviews. Told them it was my first time and Arkid recommended the FireFighter gyro. Wow! So good, the peppers and onions mixed perfectly with the amazing tzatziki sauce. Will definitely be going back to try the chicken souvlaki next!

  • Laurie F.

    King Gyro is the bomb! Gyros, salads and desserts are so tasty! Very clean relaxing friendly place!

  • Davin N.

    I have loved falafel pitas as long as I can remember & wanted a simple familiar dish. Thinking a falafel might me light lunch fair I stopped in with my 3 daughters. I ordered the falafel pita combo & chose a Greek salad instead of fries. My older daughters ordered the kids hot dog & chicken strips. When the food was finished the servings were quite large. Full size hot dog & 3 large piping hot chicken strips for the kids. Both came with a reasonable serving of crinkle cut fries. The Greek salad was large enough to make a light meal out of by itself. Lots of dark green lettuces, cucumber slices, & too few tomatoes. Topped with Feta crumbles & a bit too much dressing (definitely ordering light on the dressing or on the side next time) and a single un-pitted black olive (it deserved friends). The falafel was stuffed with some unexpected ingredients including herbed & roasted broccoli, sugar snap peas, & onions. I prefer green falafel to the fresh fried red variety they serve with a distinctly Indian flavor but it was very well made. I most missed Tahini sauce which I usually order extra but doesn't appear on their version of falafel at all probably because it wouldn't complement the veggies as well. Overall we all will return to try more of their bargain priced menu.

  • trisha y.

    If you like good gyros then King Gyros will not disappoint! I tried the #1 and I asked for fries-which were made fresh to order! The food, staff, and chicago atmosphere all ties into a great lunch or dinner spot. Not to be confused with Gyros King, because this is the ONLY gyros spot in Arizona that I'll go to from now on :)

  • Harvey S.

    It's good value for the money and the flavored in the gyro are very good. I'll go back again.

  • Ja'Crispy F.

    Amazing gyros! The employees are all very friendly. I had a gyro with the French fries and then also ordered one to go for a co-worker back at the office. They waited until I was almost done with my gyro before bringing out the to go order so that my co-worker would have a warm gyro when I got back. The fries are kind of bland, next time I'll get the Greek salad as my side option. I'm going to have a hard time now when I'm in this area deciding between this place and the famous cheesesteak place in the same complex.

  • Dana C.

    Totally impressed with the food here...everything we ate was wonderful. I honestly can say the best gyro I've ever had. More than recommend this for a quick and delicious meal.

  • Jonathan H.

    This place is amazing, I love the staff, the chef always cooks my meat to perfection, their salads are great also. I love getting the beef souvlaki pita with side Greek salad. The cashier is always helpful and full of suggestions. Their food turnaround is pretty good and the place is always clean.

  • Dorene T.

    Service is terrific. Food was delicious. They definitely give you a healthy portion. Great prices with lots of choices on menu.

  • Roseann K.

    Have to go along with most of the other reviews, hands down best gyro ever!! The meat was so flavorful & tender, amazing sauce and a great pita. Also staff is very friendly. Loved the Chicago memorabilia reminds me of home. Go there hungry!!

  • Alison T.

    Currently eating as I swipe this on my phone and I understand the 5 star rating. The place is very clean, and inviting. It has a hip, city feel to it unlike other gyro places that are in need of an update. I feel like I'm back in Cali or Seattle. Prices are pretty on point so not much to say there. The staff is very friendly and easy going. So the food... The gyro is really wonderful!! The tzatziki sauce is fantastic. Layered under the shaved meat is onions and sliced tomato. Really delicious. However, my only criticism are the fries. They're very much an after thought. No seasoning, thick starchy pieces of potato. So 4 stars. Next time I'll just have the sandwich alone or try one of their salads. Other than the fries this was an excellent experience. I'd definitely be back. Oooh and they have styrofoam cups! Back to 5 stars! I'm aware they suck for the environment but name another material that keeps your drink cold for literally hours in our Arizona heat. ...Yeah exactly.

  • K J.

    If you're a Gyro junkie like me, then give this place a try. They have the best bang for the buck Greek food in the east valley now. I like the new wrappers they have now, that keep things somewhat contained while you eat the big pita.

  • Garo P.

    As natives of Chicagoland we are always looking for that chi town flavor. This place nailed it. Finally a real Kronos Chicago style gyro. Clean and friendly place. Best gyro I have had anywhere in Arizona, and I've been here for 8 years.

  • Sal M.

    You get a huge portion of food for your $. The 9.50 gyro plate gets you a ton of meat, pita, hummus, tzatziki sauce, and salad and drink. I'm so full. Staff is super friendly and restaurant is very clean. Will be back many times.

  • Shannon B.

    AMAZING!!! Not only is the food tasty and fresh but for the price, you get a lot of food. The staff is very friendly and go above and beyond. I've had the chicken shawarma with both the hummus and the tabouli. I dare say it's better than Pita Jungle!

  • Andrew L.

    I was in town in Tempe for business and somebody recommended I must try kings gyros. I'm glad I took their advice because I wound up here 2 days out of the 3 days I was visiting. When I spoke with the manager Arkid (nice guy, ask for what he recommends and he'll take care of you), I let him know this was truly some of the best food I tasted in my life. The quality of the meat, sauces, seasonings, are truly top notch and you can't go wrong with whatever you choose. Wide variety of menu and the interior is nicely decorated with a Chicago style theme, even better since that's my home town! Next time I'm in Arizona, the first stop I'm making is kings gyros!

  • Shawn S.

    I have been going to their Phoenix location for the last decade, and I'm so excited there is now a King Gyros on the East side of town! This is simply the best Mediterranean food there is. The quality of their meats, indigents, and spices are what really makes this place amazing. Not to mention the sauce (you could literally eat it with anything on the menu). Same family owned atmosphere like the original with a modern twist. The customer service is always excellent time after time. The owner always remembers my orders, making my experience that much better. Everyone in the Tempe area needs to try this place asap, you will become a returning customer in no time. Can't say enough great things about King Gyros, the food really speaks for itself.

  • Ronson S.

    I was in Arizona this passed week and thought I'd give this king gyros a try since the other location was beyond great. Same amazing satisfaction and quality. This has to be my favorite restaurant when I'm on vacation.

  • Mike S.

    I own a carpet cleaning business and I do a lot of work around the Tempe area. One thing that excites me about going to tempe is stopping by King Gyros. The food is very delicious. The service is wonderful. I highly recommend this place. You'll be very satisfied.

  • Julian M.

    Wow!!! One hell of a chef they have. The best food in Arizona, Ive only tried a few things on the menu so far but I loved everything I got. I live 45 minutes away and I'll make the drive to eat here a lot more. I'd also like to add that they have great customer service.

  • George K.

    Wow, my prayers have been answered! When I visit Arizona I usually reside in Tempe, and would have to go all the way to Phoenix to have the best gyros in town. Now that they opened ANOTHER King Gyros in Tempe, my trips to Arizona are gonna be a lot better. The food is truly one of a kind and hopefully they open many more!

  • mike m.

    Best gyro I've ever had! The meat was tender, flavorful and a generous portion. The tzatziki sauce was delicious. Not runny like most places. The prices were good too. Under $9 for a gyro, fries and drink. Not bad for a fresh hot meal. I only interacted with the cashier. He was pleasant. There is a full view of the kitchen an it seemed everyone was working well together. I love watching the meat carver being the carnivore I am. I'll be back to taste more of the menu selections. So much to choose from.

  • Jamie E.

    Oh man! So great. Can I give them 6 stars?? Friendly staff, casual atmosphere, incredibly delicious food, and fair prices. I got a chicken plate & my bf had the firehouse gyro. The plate came with a big greek salad, humus, pita, veggies and a drink. Tons of food. I couldn't even finish it with my bf's help so I happily packed my leftovers into a doggy-bag for later. We were making plans to come back before we even finished our meal!


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    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Greek Cuisine

Greek food is a fine melody of the finest pressed olive oil, fresh fermented bread, colorful vegetables, juicy meat, sea food all cooked in spices and fresh rosemary. The people from Greek were great scholars who aimed to excel in everything they do. The results are quite visible in their food as they are the inventors of olive oil which is beneficial to health. Greeks also made different type of wines from the best quality of grapes fermented in controlled environment.

Today, you can find hundreds of restaurants offering authentic Greek food or popularly termed as Mediterranean cuisine in New York city alone. People wait in line to taste the exotic Greek dishes like saganaki, taramasalata, souvlaki, loukoumades, spanakopita, moussaka, and many more. One thing which most people like about these authentic Greek dishes is abundant use of lemon juice, olive oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt. A smart mix of few ingredients can virtually take you on the pebble streets of beautiful city of Greece.

For those who don't have time to enjoy fine dining should try tasting the famous souvlaki with pita which is type of meat dish, also a trademark Greek fast food. For those who are vegetarian, or vegan can try different versions of Greek Salad. So, if you wish to enjoy a hearty yet healthy meal that tastes divine then try dining at the best Greek restaurant in your city. Greek cuisine not only tastes good but also help maintain your body in a natural way through healthy diet.

Gyros Express

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