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  • Jaime T.

    Found this pasta on sale at the Fountain Hills Farmers Market (Thursdays, October- April). Wow! Hands down best pasta I've ever tasted, literally a meal unto itself. We boiled some water, 3 minutes later we drained and ate it plain. Really *really* good. (They're not kidding about cooking time so don't over cook!) A true local, natural product. Costs a lot more that tasteless grocery store pasta, but can't compare them as this is really a completely different product. Well worth it.

  • Alyssa J.

    Found this gem at roadrunner park farmers market, I'm hooked!! I stay away from pastas because I only love it when slathered with heavy pasta sauce but I indulged in the mushroom linguini and WOW that was the best pasta dish I have made at home! Olive oil and pasta and it's bursting with flavor, so simple and so tasty. I bought the habanero flavor as well and I can't wait to try that one next!! I don't think I'll ever buy any other pasta.

  • Rani P.

    I finished a delicious lunch at India Garden and was browsing their charming store searching for a souvenir when a saw Decio Pasta packages and was intrigued. Handmade, vegetable purees, and clearly a local favorite. I got a package of the Garlic & Chive Fettuccine as a gift for myself and was on my way. After a full day of traveling back to the east coast, it was midnight and I couldn't wait another day to try the pasta. It EXCEEDED expectations- amazing flavor, texture, and you can tell in one bite the high quality of this pasta- delicious! Obviously pricier than a box you can grab at the grocery store, but why waste the calories? I have to order online to get my fix- but it is well worth the time and money. Lucky find!

  • AJ H.

    Actually got introduced to these products when a vendor came into my workplace, just LOVED both the Wild Mushroom pasta and the Habanero! Little pricey but I will continue to pick some up every now and then.

  • Heather C.

    So much for my commitment to consume fewer carbs. I think this pasta could single-handedly kill the already dying Atkins industry. I first tried Decio pasta at an event at the Botanical Gardens, and was happy to find them again at Old Town Farmers Market. This pasta is air-dried and cooks in half the time of ordinary dried pasta, and it's unbelievably flavorful. With varieties from Artichoke hearts to Wild Mushroom, you can get your veggies out of the way. Well, not really, but it's as close as I get most days. The first time I tried a sample, I asked what was in it and couldn't believe it was only a little of the cooking water and a tablespoon or two of butter. While the directions (which I never bothered to read) do recommend you rinse this pasta, I never did and never needed to. But I did find I should have done so with the lemon pepper. I'm not sure why this was so much starchier than my favored spinach, basil, and garlic, but it was definitely too sticky. At $6 a package (4 for $20 at the markets), this is one of the best inexpensive meals you can find that doesn't end in "berto." And who can't boil water?

  • Kristen S.

    Picked up four delicious varieties at the tucson 4th Ave street fair. Made the cilantro chili pasta with sauted shrimp in a garlic butter sauce....squeezed fresh lime juice on top when plated. Simply amazing!

  • Amy B.

    I discovered this today at my local Farmer's Market and I am now addicted. I don't think I can ever go back to store pasta. They had samples of the spinach basil garlic pasta and it was delicious. When we asked what sauce they used, I was shocked to hear just butter and a pinch of salt - all of the flavor came from the pasta itself!

  • Brighid B.

    You don't need my review. the cult following speaks for itself. I am happy to feature your amazing pastas in my business. Merci*

  • Sprinkles M.

    Love this pasta. Made some of the Spinach Basil Garlic Linguini with some sauteed mushrooms & garlic in some Thai garlic olive oil. Added some cooked shrimp & asparagus to the dish...Yum-O! Purchased this pasta at a local farmer's market when I was in Phoenix. 1st turned onto it when it was at a local arts festival in Henderson, NV.

  • Amanda B.

    Let it be known: I love Decio Pasta and you will too. The first time I picked up a pack was at the Phoenix Public Market a couple of years ago and I've constantly been returning for more. Follow the instructions on the package to the minute; you may doubt the times, but if you ignore them, the pasta will become mush. As long as you adhere to the directions, this stuff is heavenly. Spinach Basil Garlic Fettuccine? Saffron Linguine? You can't go wrong here. Toss with olive oil and perhaps a mild cheese, and you're golden.

  • Tony B.

    I am on run of local reviews here and I want to end it on my all time favorite food: pasta. I discovered this local gem at the Phoenix Farmer's Market about a month ago and have enjoyed it ever since. I love to cook pasta dishes and have been known to try my hand at making pasta with varying degrees of success. Well, these guys make me look pathetic. Their pasta is dried and cooks up in a scant 2-4 minutes. The variety of flavors is outrageous: spinach, mushroom, garlic, roasted tomato, and so on. These pastas are what I would call stand-alones. You literally need to add nothing to eat for consumption. Maybe some nice local olive oil ( mad props to Queen Creek Olive Mill! ) and some shavings of parm and you are golden...I would almost chug the remaining pasta water if it wasn't so damn hot! Love the pasta and love the fact that it's local people! Go local!!!!

  • Tracy P.

    I bought some of their pasta last weekend and am in love! I am hooked on the basil spinach, just a little salt and pepper and good olive oil. So good! I highly recommend them.


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Decio Pasta

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