Mamajoes Italian Grill

5076 N Hwy 87
Strawberry, 85544
A bit pricey, and it looks like their best item to order here is their pizza (Almost everyone ordering food here ordered it. I guess we should have taken a hint from them!). I started out with the homemade clam chowder, and had the spaghetti and meatballs. The clam chowder was delicious. It was flavorful, with lots of tender clams and potatoes. I wasn't as impressed with the actual entree. It was a very large portion, but in general the sauce was a bit one dimensional and the meatballs, while large, weren't very flavorful nor tender. Service was great and they were very friendly here. Dessert was very disappointing. The slice of cheesecake we had tasted like they had cooked a whole block of cream cheese on top of graham cracker crust with no other flavoring. If I'm in the area again, I'd definitely try a pizza, but probably none of the other entrees.
We came here to celebrate my birthday. I have to be honest - I wish I could have picked somewhere else better. Their service is great and I know they really tried. However, the food is quite awful and overpriced. The only thing I can think of was because they are probably the only Italian restaurant in town with no other competition to be better. I ordered a prime rib (medium rare) and it was so burn up on the outside...I simply couldn't finish it. The side order, spaghetti, tasted like it was soak in ketchup sauce. All of my companies could not finish their meals. We ordered Tiramisu and cheese cake to go. The Tiramisu was average but the cheese cake was so awful they threw it away after the first bite. If you are in town, I will not suggest anyone to come here.
Definitely not the best Italian food I've had before. The portions are huge, yes, but the food is bland. I feel like I ate 4000 calories and didn't enjoy more than 100 of them. We had some garlic bread and fried appetizers, with the one good dish being the zucchini. I then had a salad (unremarkable) and the alfredo with shrimp. The shrimp was tasteless, which is disappointing and pretty uncommon, and I started feeling nauseated after a few bites of the alfredo. I finished up with a huge slice of cheesecake. The restaurant seems to prefer quantity to quality, which might be preferable if you have huge families to feed, but I'd much rather have a smaller portion of something delicious. After the meal, I proceeded to develop food poisoning, so that might also be coloring my memory. Then again, there's a sit-down restaurant in Pine, so that's a pretty major thing. I probably would return since there aren't many options in the area, but I would try entirely different things on the menu next time. Maybe I just hit on a bad night.

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